Prediction: The 49ers will defeat the Jets, analysis to the first decimal

The 49ers will beat the New York Jets 23-13 on Sunday.

Here’s how it will happen:

The Jets will get the ball first. Either they’ll win the toss and choose to receive the kickoff or the 49ers will win the toss and defer.

Tony Sparano, the Jets’ offensive coordinator, will call a Shonn-Green run up the middle on first down, and Green will gain one yard.

Sparano will call a short pass play on second and nine. Mark Sanchez will throw it behind the receiver – or over his head, or off his head – and the pass will be incomplete.

On third and nine Aldon Smith will sack Sanchez.

Then the Jets will punt, Alex Smith and Frank Gore will lead the Niners’ offense on a 12-play drive capped by a Vernon Davis touchdown catch and the Niners will never surrender the lead.

Kendall Hunter will have his best game of the season. He’ll rush 15 times for 80 yards.

Gore will be a big factor on the Niners’ first drive. Once the Niners get a 7-point lead, he’ll spend big chunks of the game on the sideline. The Niners don’t want to overuse him in the regular season because he’s old, he wore down at the end of last season and he’s critical to their Super Bowl chances.

Randy Moss will not catch a touchdown, but Vernon Davis will catch two.

Smith will complete 71.2 percent of his passes, and Sanchez will complete 45.7 percent.

I did these numbers to one decimal. Sorry, I can’t guarantee accuracy beyond that.

Just kidding. I did the best I could, which in the past hasn’t been so hot. What are your thoughts?

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