Which QB will the 49ers draft?

How early will the 49ers take a quarterback in the upcoming draft, and which QB will the Niners pick? The earlier the Niners draft a QB, the less leverage Colin Kaepernick will have in his contract -extension negotiations, if and when the Niners decide to start negotiating again.

The 49ers have stopped negotiating a contract extension with Kaepernick for the time being, according to NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport. Those negotiations were not going well before the Niners put them on hold, Rapoport also reported.

Will the 49ers draft a quarterback as early as Round 2? Will the 49ers draft Tom Savage? He played at the University of Pittsburgh for head coach Paul Chryst — brother of Geep Chryst, who is the 49ers’ QB coach.

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  1. Is there precedence for a team with our current past level of success to draft a QB in the 2nd round? Maybe when Rogers was selected by GB but that was to replace a 62 year old Brett Favre.

  2. I’ve been saying the same thing for months now [well before CK’s latest problem] If the 9ers have’nt signed CK by draft day they will draft a QB in the 3rd rd Mettenberger. If CK is signed i think they will draft Jeff Matthews in the 6th or 7th rd.

  3. I don’t expect SF to go QB in Rds 1 or 2, but I won’t rule it out completely if TB/JH think a QB has fallen far enough to be BPA at that spot. Really, how much confidence do they have in Gabbert? Some obviously, so my hunch is they’d wait for Day#3 to draft a QB.
    {shrug}, Qien sabe?

    1. I like Logan Thomas as well. He could be an X-factor type player that could play several positions.
      I’m not really crazy about him as a long term factor as QB, but he could present other options because of his size and speed.

      Savage makes sense because of the Chryst connection. But I don’t know that we already have the same type QB in Gabbert.
      Jimmy Garoppolo would be a nice fit imo. He plays with a maturity level and has good athletic qualities and seems to make good decisions.

    2. Logan Thomas is the guy that I have the 49ers targeting too.

      He’s pretty Raw but has a lot of potential with his physical tools.

    3. Sorry, but though Logan’s physical tools may appeal to you when wearing shorts, his game in pads and game situations reminds me too much of Jim Druckenmiller and Todd Blackledge. I pass on him.

    1. I agree… we have too many other roster building moves to make here. We are on the cusp of handing the division over to Seattle and fall back to mediocre. Niners a flash in the pan… I’m being realistic.

      I think we need to draft 2 WRs early. Don’t assume Crabs is staying and Patton is a legit started. Also don’t assume our project RB Latimore will not re-injure himself. I would take a project RB over a QB.

      1. shawnrhod,
        I must disagree that the 49ers will fall in mediocrity. The only way we become a mid-level team is if the team implodes from within.

        I don’t like the off-field antics from some of our players which could become a locker room distraction, but I feel that we still have the ability to be a SB contending team for years to come.

        I don’t view (the troubled) Aldon Smith as a core player for us because we were able to win without him last season when he missed 6 games. Bowman will likely be missed more so than Smith was.

        But the pluses outweigh the negatives imo because I believe that CK will be much improved from last season, Crabtree will play a full year and will be a dominant combo with Boldin.
        Also, I see us making a concerted effort to get more production from our number 3 WR spot (it’s a must).

        F.Gore will get his carries, but Hunter, Lattimore (if healthy) and a possible drafted RB will provide some relief.
        We should also consider the fact that we will have a healthy Bruce Miller back for a full season as well.

        Sorry shawnrhod, but imo we are far from becoming a mediocre team.

        1. You HOPE they will get a number 3 WR more involved. But what makes you think they will? They refused to do so all last season… What will be the difference this season? All of a sudden after 3 years JH is gonna magically become “un-stubborn” and make the right decisions? Ok sure. This team is headed for middle-of-the-pack status very very quickly.

          1. Pokerjohn,
            One of the reasons they had a hard time finding a 3 WR could have had a lot to do with them trying to find a number 2 WR after Crabtree went down.

            1. Sure we will be competitive next year, but 2-3 years from now is not looking good.

              1. No WR #1 or #2. Crabtree I hope has a monster year in 2014. He needs it, we need it, but then he is out. What do we do then??? Boldin is Boldin… he should be a #3

              2. Latimore has 2 bad legs. Gore has worn down at the end of the year. Hunter is a good back up. James is a disappointment (him of offense, not sure)…but let’s take it a step further. Are we really going to grind out running the ball against the defenses in our division???

              3. CK play needs to improve!!!

              4. Offensive play calling

              5. Pass defense… consistent pass rush and CB play is a huge concern. I hope we can take this opportunity to build depth.

              1. SF was inches from a trip to the Superbowl last year. A poor throw cost SF an opportunity to hoist yet another trophy.
                SF has the deepest roster in football. Also they have more draft selections than any other team in football and a new OC. This team looks dominant and ready to compete for another ten years. A complete melt down in management would have to take place to reflect a demise.

  4. Even if the 49ers draft Tom Savage or some other prospect in the 2nd or 3rd round, they won’t gain much leverage regarding contract negotiations with Colin Kaepernick. CK is a proven QB, playoff experience, and a rising star in the NFL. The team will pay him his fair share. That’s a non-issue.

    1. I agree Nick. The Niners have no leverage regardless of whether they draft a QB or not. Kap would get multiple 20 mill per season offers if he makes it to FA and everybody knows it including the Niners, which is why they want to sign him this year.

      1. A voice of reason. Agree with you Rocket. I also think that Niners will draft a qb in the 3rd which takes savage off the board for them.
        Savage will go in the 2nd round imo. Grant I mentioned Savage WEEKS ago. You shot it down. Why the change of heart?

        1. Not a change of heart. I’m not a fan of him, but he seems to have a lot of buzz because he’s big and he throws hard and he can move a little bit.

    1. Yes, I agree but which positions?

      At 30th they’ll be able to take a top notch D lineman or perhaps even have a shot at Kony Ealy.

    2. “The first 3 rounds will be heavily focused on defense. Mark it down.”

      + 2 WRs

  5. Kaepernick is a star Grant. It doesn’t matter if the 49ers took (2) QB’s in the draft–there is no leverage gained. We didn’t gain leverage by trading for Gabbert either. If we don’t sign him long term there will be a slew of other teams that will be happy to pay him. So take your next BJ Daniels if you want in the 6th or 7th round and fill out the roster.

  6. Nick

    I know and respect your allegiance to CK….still, he is not a proven QB…too many holes in his game

    1. Oregon,
      You’re right, he needs to continue to improve his game, but I’d rather have CK than an unknown/unproven QB drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round.

      1. Nick,

        It amazes me that some people feel that a QB will drop out of the sky to become better than CK in the near future.

        An argument could be made that Payton Manning might be considered the best QB over the last 5 seasons and we saw what happened against Seattle in the SB.

        Hey, but maybe some here can find a QB draft pick that is better than Colin and Payton.

    2. Do you all realize if we draft a QB with the intentions of him becoming a starter because we don’t want to pay Kaep, we’re looking at going back to the early Alex Smith days. Just drafting QB’s for the heck of it. Kaep might not be proven but I’m taking him over anyone in this draft. Let’s trade Kaep for Alex if that’s the case. We are too far along to risk it all with a brand new QB

    3. Just not proven to you. The Niners want him and so would 20 other teams if given the chance. Get over it. He’s our franchise Qb. No matter how many times Lowell insults him.

    1. Barr is pretty overrated as a pass rusher, highly athletic but needs a lot more work than a guy you’d want to trade up into the top half of the first round for.

        1. I hate to agree with Greg Cosell, but yes, I prefer Attaochu to Ford. He’s not as polished, but I think he’ll be the better pro. Attaochu will win his fair share of battles as a young player through initial quickness alone, and I think as he develops his game and pass rush repertoire he could be an excellent OLB in the 3-4/ DE in the 4-man front. Three year starter with the school record in sacks yet he’s still only 21…

    2. Barr is still learning the position and will need time to develop much like the kid from Oregon that Miami took last year. I could see him falling on draft day based on that info, and would have no problem if the Niners took him at 30.

      1. The NFL loves pass rushers, and Barr has a lot of athletic talent to interest teams. I’d be pretty surprised if he made it past the teens.

    3. Shhh! Grant is sleeping. He’s turned in his few sentences for the next two-three days, and now it’s lights out.

  7. I don’t think the we’ll take a QB before the 4th, and likely not until the 5th round. The 49ers love Colin Kaepernick. You can’t say he’s not a proven QB, because he’s won at the NFL level and has won in the playoffs. Granted, he hasn’t won a super bowl, but neither has any QB coming out in this year’s draft. CK has beaten some really good teams, so he’ll be the 49ers starting QB next year regardless of if and who they draft at QB.

    No leverage, CK is a winner (not a super bowl winner) but he’s way ahead of any potential rookie, regardless of any holes in his skill set at this point.

  8. Fales will be gone by the sixth round, and the team has, at this point, no sixth round pick, so, Fales in the fifth round. With the offense having the great supporting cast it should have this season, there could be a radical shift in play calling to 1/1, 1/2, looking more for someone who can see the progressions, not leave the pocket, and knock a bird off a wire, with the 2/1 and 2/2 sets after a lead. Quite likely the team feels that can also be Gabbert. Never be surprised, Kaepernick really needs to turn it up or he could bring a first round draft pick (or two) from somewhere, and there is always the Franchise Tag if he can acquire better field vision. Can’t help but notice that Brady, Rivers, others are in the $13 m per year range, and wondering if that’s where the team has drawn it’s line in the sand.

  9. I kinda like Aaron Murray from Georgia. He has a quick release that reminds me of Marino. I only saw him play twice. He looked great the first time, and soso the second time. He broke all of Stafford’s records at Georgia.

  10. Love to be a fly on the wall when Balke tries to leverage Kap’s agent with, “We drafted so-and-so in the fifth round and we have Gabbert, so we’re offering $2M/yr. less. Take it or leave it”

    Really got to divorce the love/hate for Kap from the upcoming draft. The two have nothing in common.

  11. Grant, I thought Harbaugh was Kap’s agent and a 20M per year contract was a done deal already. What’s this about the sides being far apart before the incident?

    As several others have stated, nothing the 49ers do as far as adding other QBs to their roster changes the negotiations with Kap. And contrary to what you and several others here have implied, the negotiations are far from a slam dunk.

  12. I believe that if the 9ers draft a QB early [rd1-3] its more about CK’s potential legal problems or just the fact that they do’nt want him at the money he is asking. Its not about leverage its about replacing him.

    1. I have seen no evidence of them wanting to replace him Coach, and in fact everyone involved has agreed they want to resign him before TC and York says he deserves to be one of the highest paid QB’s in the league.

      The only people against resigning him now are some fans which is fine, but the reality is he is viewed as an upper echelon QB who is still ascending by the team and they want him signed long term.

    2. I also realize you said “if” Coach, so I’m just basing my response on the idea that they may not want him; not that you said they didn’t.

  13. They will draft Arron Murray 5th round another Russell Wilson. He is the real steal of this QB prospects in this draft.

  14. I hope they don’t draft Savage, and I don’t think they will as he will headscratchingly go too high for them to consider. I’m guessing either Fales or Thomas in the 5th or Connor Shaw in the 6th – 7th.

  15. If the 49ers are serious about putting pressure on Kaepernick they’ll draft a QB early. If they aren’t, they’ll take one late or not at all. At this point I’m not sure which way they are leaning, but my gut says late or not at all.

  16. We’ll take a QB somewhere between #100 & #170.

    First choice: Garoppolo
    Second choice: Thomas

  17. I agree with NIck in the sense that Map needs to work on his game……granted he had flashed talent and ability running outside the pocket and shows a very strong, yet inaccurate arm and his decision making and pocket awareness needs to improve…. I am a 49er fan to the heart….but let’s stop acting as fans like KAP has arrived. I am concerned based on his off the field actions , about his desire to get better…he seems a little too brash and overconfident, yet he looked like the same quarterback who had not shown any improvement in his game..,.locking in on only one receiver and not surveying the whole field….say what you want Alex smith doesn’t make those bad throws in the end zone against Baltimore or even Seattle….he would have thrown the ball away and lived for another down. I like Map…but let’s be real to win the super bowl he will have to DRASTICALLY improve

    1. I don’t believe anyone has said he’s arrived and is a finished product. What he has done is rank in the top ten QB’s and take his team to a SB and NFCCG in a year and a half as a starter. What that tells me is he’s good enough to win right now without any improvement. With improvement, he gives us an edge over most teams we’ll face in the league.

      Most successful QB’s in this league are brash and confident (I don’t agree that Kap is overconfident), and Kap has a right to be this way with his record. There isn’t a player in the league who works harder than he does either. He is back training a week after the SB.

      I also disagree with your assertion he’ll have to drastically improve to win a SB. He came within 5 yards of doing it in his 10th career start, with a defense that wasn’t playing too well at the time. He’s capable of winning a SB right now if he gets the support from the running game and defense that Russell Wilson did last year in Seattle. However I think he will start to become a bigger reason why the Niners win and won’t have to count as much on those areas because he will continue to improve the more he plays. He’s only started 29 games. Just keep that in mind.

    2. Kenton,
      I don’t believe fans here have ever said that CK has arrived. Even the most ardent Kaep supporters have said that CK has work to do to improve his game.

      I have followed CK since his days at Pittman High in Turlock and was extremely happy when the 49ers drafted him. I also felt that he would be a 2-4 yr project under Harbaugh’ tutelage before having a shot as a starter.

      But evidently he’s what Harbaugh wants as his QB now and in the foreseeable future.
      CK get’s my support for many reasons that I have stated over the course of the past season. I know he has much work ahead in order to become an elite QB.
      But I also remind myself that he’s only been a starter for less than two seasons, which I believe many of his detractors conveniently forget.

      1. I understand that CK is a 2 year starter and he is very young and I do believe I said I like CK for us…but that doesn’t excuse the fact that basically the same exact play in the red zone to crabtree in the NFC championship last year was very similar to the one to crab in the Superbowl……and also understand if you are the type of fan that does not understand windows of opportunity in the NFL , the ridiculous comment that CK does not need to improve shows me the level of fan you are….you should want CK to be the best he can….some of you fans get real annoyed when a fellow fan critiques the team we all have our opinions…just realize the RAMS, CARDINALS and of course the SeAhawks are getting better as well….CK not needing to improve was a foolish statement.

        1. Kenton,

          If you’re going to respond at least take the time to read carefully what you are responding too. Nowhere did I say Kap didn’t need to improve. I said we can win with him now without improvement, and we can, because guess what? We have. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to improve, because he does, but his natural ability is so good he’s winning now without knowing how to play in the pocket effectively.

          My point was if he does improve he’ll get into Brady, Rodgers, Manning territory where he’ll be a huge factor in winning games instead of just being a part along with the defense and running game.

          There are too many people on here who expect greatness from a guy who has only started for a year and a half. It’s completely unreasonable and undermines what he has accomplished.

  18. I think the Niners should draft a QB on day2/early day 3. He doesn’t need to be an immediate starter, but a great backup and potential solid (not elite) QB. Reason – the QB go-round for QB2/QB3 has to stop. The QB has to be able to step in and run the team if Kap gets hurt, realistically. Also Baalke can spin a 3-5 rounder into a second rounder in a few years easily to a QB desperate team. There is no leverage with the Kap negotiations, it’s just smart planning. Don’t get a scrub, get a player who needs coaching and can sit in the room and learn for a couple of years.
    In terms of Kap, if the agent wants high dollar, give it to him, just no high guarantees. Team friendly is low base with incentives, which I’m sure is a sticking point. Go base, plus bonuses and incentives, and low guaranteed. I’d be fine if they made the salary guaranteed on a per year basis.

  19. This is my somewhat of a dream scenario for the draft. If they can get a top tier corner at 30, such as Roby or Fuller or Dennard, then go for it but if they are gone I woud hope for a trade back for early 2nd and 3rd round picks. So they would have three 2nd round picks and 4 thirds. I would then like to use 2 third round picks to move up into the 2nd round. They will now have 4 2nd round picks and still have 2 thirds including the comp pick that can’t be traded. Use that first 2nd round pick on Jimmie Ward, the future starter next to Reid and the slot corner this year. With the 3 picks in the 2nd I would want one on a corner, either Phillip Gaines or Jaylen Watkins, one of these guys will be the starter next year with Brock and either could play the slot too. Another 2nd rounder on Allen Robinson or Donte Moncrief (if they are feeling daring they could use both picks on these guys). Robinson seems like an immediate impact guy that mirror Crabtree. Moncrief has the elite athleticism but could use some great coaching and work on the jugs machine. With the final second round pick I would go with Domic Easley. He could be redshirted and him and Tank will be the future at the Dline. It’s not like a DE would play much this year.

    While I’m at it, with their 2 thirds I would take that Olineman that just tore his ACL and save him for next year too. Then pick a QB with comp pick. I don’t care who.

    What do you all say about this?

    1. Jimmie Ward is a guy that has fallen off the radar of pretty much all those that comment on this site, but you make a valid point about his ability to play as the nickel back in the slot. He’s got the size, speed and agility to play as a CB if desired, and I think he’d be good as the slot CB and eventual starter at SS.

      I’m also a big fan of Allen Robinson, and I believe Easley will be the best DL in this draft if he can stay injury free (I rate him ahead of Clowney, but only because he has a superior work ethic from whay I have read). If they could get those guys in the 2nd that would be great value. Not so high on Moncrief.

      Gaines and Watkins I think are decent prospects but 2nd is too high for them. If they get Ward to play the slot then they don’t need to reach for a CB.

      Brandon Thomas in the 3rd or 4th makes sense to me as well.

      1. The only reason Ward was even being mentioned was because everyone got it in their bonnet that he’d just switch positions, like it’s that easy. Rather then take a player who’s been playing and practicing at that position we’ll take someone who’s body type isn’t ideal for one place and hope that he works out at another, which happens to be a harder more skill required position so I’m sure it’ll work out glowingly.

        If your #1 argument for a player is that he can switch positions you’re probably looking at the wrong guy for the job.

        1. Um, pardon? Jimmie Ward played SS in college and he was getting a lot of attention because we needed a safety to replace Whitner. No position change needed.

          He played extensively in the slot in college as well, so coming in and playing as the slot CB is very conceivable. Not a whole lot of imagination required.

          Were you thinking of a different player?

          1. I’ve liked Ward all along, still do, but he’ll go between 20-45, and I don’t see SF drafting a Safety that high this year. I’ve seen him mocked to Rams, Bears, Cowboys and Packers in the 1st.

            1. Yeah, me too. He’s my favourite safety in the draft.

              But as dude suggested, he’s got extensive experience playing in the slot, and was very good in that role in college. He’s very good in coverage. If they drafted him he’d compete for the nickel or dime role for a year or two, then take over from Bethea at SS down the road.

              1. As I said, good outside the box thinking that could be part of a broader backup plan if the board goes bad for the 49ers….

              2. If the top 4 CBs (Dennard, Gilbert, Fuller and Roby) and top WRs are all off the board he’s a better option than taking Verrett in my opinion.

    2. Way to think outside the box with respect to Ward. I’m not as high on Robinson as Scooter, but I’m on board with Easley. Scooter is right about Gaines/Watkins. Thomas would make sense as well…..

  20. The way I see it is that if the 49ers draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round, it won’t be an attempt to try to get leverage in negotiations. When you draft a QB that high it means that you have plans to hopefully make him the eventual starter (see Kaepernick). If there were any leverage gained, it would be to force Kaepernick to play well while still under contract so he remains a contender for top QB money from another team. I don’t forsee them doing this, but if they do draft a QB that early, the negotiations will remain on hold because even if the high draft pick isn’t ready to start the following season, they still have the franchise tag to work with.

  21. Draft 5 QB’s this draft! Since Harbaugh knows QB’s and can transform them, draft five QB’s this May-one in the fourth, fifth, sixth and two in the seventh. Hopefully, you can get five of these; Tom Savage, David Fales, Tajh Boyd, Aaron Murray, Logan Thomas and Brett Smith. Harbaugh keeps one or two of the best and GM trades the others for future picks because of the coaching and mentoring and teams that need them in the fall. These picks in rounds 4-7 are not likely to make the roster, but these QB’s could pay dividends.

  22. Sorry, but there are no franchise QBs in this draft, and if the Niners wait until the 3rd round or later to take a QB, they are selecting a developmental pick for whom there is no high ceiling of expectations. If that player were to pan out as a solid #2 QB, that would be a bonus for the Niners. Fales will be available in rounds 3 & 4 and the kid from the Ivies will be sitting there with his Wonderlic score of 42.

        1. Definitely Seattle, but that could change because the Niners probably will draft a QB.

        2. Jack

          Seattle by as many lengths as Secretariat….If we can get over the love affairs, face the fact that we don’t have a quality starting QB. There are still some ‘decent’ #2’s and 3’s, but we NEED to draft a quality QB; 3rd round or sooner…

          1. Oregon,

            Kap is a quality starter. His rating, wins and the teams deep march in the playoffs the past two years clearly show that. He has room to get better, but there is no way you can say he’s not a quality starter.

  23. “I get a lot of Vincent Jackson comparisons, and that’s a great comparison,” Mike Evans said. “But I think Brandon Marshall. He’s vicious after the catch. A big, physical guy, can go up and get it, blocks real well. So I’ve modeled my game after him since high school.”


    Marshall and Evans are flankers.

  24. Get real!
    Kaep gets his extension and MAYBE they take a QB late.
    Round 2???
    No friggin way that happens!

  25. Just say no to Logan Thomas. He is a guy who is all measurables and little talent.
    I cannot believe the 9ers will take a QB before late 3rd at the earliest.
    I would love Mettenberger if he were available that late, but I doubt he will be. Aaron Murray might be, though, and he’s a gamer.

    1. Just say no:

      1. Logan Thomas
      2. A.J. McCarron
      3. Aaron Murray
      4. Tom Savage
      5. Garrett Gilbert
      6. Tajh Boyd
      7. Connor Shaw
      8. Casey Paschall

  26. I think the Niners can move back into the top of 2, plus another pick. Draft Shazier, who is a Willis/Bowman clone and can play inside or outside, move up into the middle of 2, get a CB like Roby or Watkins, and stay at the back of 2 to pick up Robinson, or whoever drops.

  27. A.J. McCarron 3rd rd comp pick reads def can scramble; suprise KAP what cha think

  28. Kap has a superb 4-2 record as a starter in playoffs. It’s all about the playoffs.
    Here’s a list of good QB’s with worse won-loss playoff records than Kap.

    Peyton Manning 11-12
    Aaron Rodgers 5-4
    Drew Brees 6-5
    Phillip Rivers 4-5
    Andrew Luck 1-2
    Tony Romo 1-3
    Matt Ryan 1-4

    Niners are set at QB for the next 10 years….No need to draft QB in first 4 rounds at this time. Pay the man……He’ll mature as a person in the near future……..Stud QB’s are hard to find.

      1. MWD, Coffee – Much respect to both if you but I think you’ll be singing a different tune about our QB next February.
        There’s greater praise for Kap from outside of this blog than inside here……That’s troubling. Hope there’s no agenda.

        1. I’ll be happy if he shows more maturity during the off-seasons, becomes a better decision maker and game manager, learns to get past his first read, gets a better feel for oncoming pressure in and out of the pocket, lessens the senseless throws, and (most importantly) learns how to finish Crab. The Super Bowl is very important, but I want to see Kaep take the next step in his development.

          1. Fair enough……I’m sold on Kap but If it takes winning Super Bowl for you and Coffee, I understand.
            As HoferFan67 used to say “TBD” :-)

            1. Actually I said that the Super Bowl was very important but that I want to see Kaep take the next step in his development.

        2. MWD, Coffee – Much respect to both if you but I think you’ll be singing a different tune about our QB next February.
          There’s greater praise for Kap from outside of this blog than inside here……That’s troubling. Hope there’s no agenda.

          -Arthur Fonzarelli 1974

      2. He’s finished his season in the SB and NFCCG in his first two seasons as a starter. There are few in this league who can come anywhere close to that. Your expectations are unreasonable Mid. Most teams in this league would give anything to have a QB lead them to this kind of record in a season and a half as a starter.

        You are putting too much emphasis on fundamentals and ignoring the results imo. He has a lot of improving to do, but he’s led them to the brink of a Championship and a win in Seattle in the NFCCG. Cut the guy some slack and stop holding him up to an unreasonable standard that no other QB in this league is held up to, never mind one with 29 career starts.

    1. He lost the Superbowl Crab, he committed the ultimate sin. Being undefeated in trips to the Superbowl was the one thing that kept us different from the other “legendary” Superbowl teams. So what if Pittsburgh had one more, we were undefeated in the Superbowl, were.

      How did he make it up to us, how did he overcome committing the ultimate 49er crime? He played no better then the year before and then handed the SuperBowl to our division rivals by essentially making the same mistake he’d made in his egregious loss.

      Pay him? Pay him with a size 15 up his ass maybe? Pay him with a shoestring opportunity to keep his job and a stud third round QB prospect to let him know just how thin of a rope he’s hanging by. Maybe, just maybe if he wins two or three Superbowls I’ll be willing to forgive him for what he’s done, but he has a hell of a long way to go.

      1. Jeez..somebody sounds like a scorned lover..If all u take from that superbowl and the nfc championship game is” That It’s all Kap’s fault” you definitely are blinded by hate cfc

      2. CFC,

        You are usually one of the best contributors on here but that is one of the worst posts I’ve ever read from you or anyone else for that matter. You are blaming him for the SB loss? You won’t forgive him until he wins multiple SB’s? Please tell me you were drinking and got carried away.

      1. Your question is what will the 49ers do? Are you predicting they will take Fales?

      2. I don’t think there is any worry of him going in the third or fourth round unless the Raiders are willing to spend that high of a pick. Fales is one of the least talked about QB prospects.

        1. Fales will be drafted in the 5th round at the earliest. More likely he will be a 6th or 7th round pick.

      3. If it’s who we want them to draft then my choices are Mettenberger who will be gone by the rounds I’ve suggest we’ll draft a QB in which leaves B. Smith as choice #2 and J.Mathews as #3

  29. If Garropolo is still available when they have their third pick at 61 they will take him there.

    Here are my dream picks (staying where they are at)

    If they get any of these guys I am happy…am I way off??

    Kony Ealy -DE with the 30th pick
    Martivas Bryant -WR with the 56th pick
    Garropolo-QB with the 61st
    McGill – CB with the 77th pick
    Jean-Baptiste – CB with the 94th
    Andre Williams- RB with the 100th
    Jarvis Landry-WR with the 129th
    Ahmad Dixon – SS with the 170th

    1. I’ve no idea how close or far off you are, but (and no offense intended) your idea of a dream is my idea of a nightmare…

    2. 49erJohn,

      There are some names on your list that I really like. I just don’t think that most of them won’t be around after the number 77 pick.

      In some of my mocks I have M.Bryant (but not that early), Ahmad Dixon (I think you drafted him too late), Andre Williams (is my sleeper pick in my 3 mocks) and Garoppolo was also chosen in one of my early mocks.

      The players (you mocked) aren’t bad, I’m just not sure about the number at which you picked them. Also, I don’t think Byrant goes before Landry, but stranger things have happened on draft day.

  30. I agree with you Crab! Kaep’s playoff record is impressive, and playoff record IS what matters most. Sure, one of his losses was the Superbowl, but it was what, his 10th start? The Niners lost that game as a team, and as far as the Title game vs Seattle? We wouldn’t even have been in position to win that game without Kaep’s play. He WAS the entire offense that day. Yes, intensely disappointing and frustrating ending play. But I firmly believe Kaep’s our single best hope of getting to and winning the Super Bowl, this year or next, and again before he’s done. Not everyone that reads this blog is a Kaep hater. It just seems the fashionable or trendy thing to do around here of late. I for one, think that sucks.
    Go Kaep and GO NINERS!

    1. Bar None,

      Well said and Crabs you too.

      Some people just can’t separate the player from the game or vice versa. Some look at the player through scorn due to Alex Smith being forced to move on, or by the clothes he wears or the way he conducts interviews. They will focus on footwork and reads while ignoring the fact the guy is winning more than pretty much any other QB in the league in a short time as a starter. It’s unreasonable, biased, unobjective and whatever other terms you want to use.

      It’s always been this way with some Niner fans and their QB’s. Steve Young was despised by many fans until he won a SB. Garcia was hated even though he was winning with a lousy team. Smith was derided even though his situation would have forced lesser players out of the game completely. I just shake my head and throw my hands up because it never stops.

  31. Wow! You gotta love this guy!

    NaVorro Bowman Attends Day 1 of 49ers Workouts

    Posted 16 hours ago
    Taylor Price Senior Reporter 49ers.com @TaylorPrice49

    NaVorro Bowman continues on his road to recovery.

    The San Francisco 49ers All-Pro linebacker has been rehabbing his surgically-repaired left knee and decided to join his teammates on Monday for the start of the team’s voluntary offseason strength and conditioning program.

    Bowman, who suffered a torn ACL in the team’s NFC Championship game loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 19, only took part in upper-body weight lifting during the opening workouts.

    Even so, Bowman joined fellow starting linebacker Patrick Willis in the weight-room portion of the training session led by the 49ers strength and conditioning staff.

    READ: Bowman Upbeat about Knee Recovery

    Earlier this offseason, Jim Harbaugh said that Bowman is expected to be ready by the middle-to-late stages of the 2014 regular season.

    “I’m not really thinking about practice or anything,” Bowman recently told the San Jose Mercury News. “I’m happy to be walking and happy to be able to play again.”

    On the same day Bowman worked out at team headquarters, the 49ers also announced that third-year linebacker Michael Wilhoite signed his exlcusive rights tender. Wilhoite will compete with second-year linebacker Nick Moody to start next to Willis.

    1. I love that man….as much as any man could love another man.

      I really hope he’s ready to go for the start of the season, even though I know its a stretch. I like Wilhoite, but with Aldon likely to be out as well, its going to be a tough stretch. And even when Bow does come back in Midseason he’s bound to have a lot of rust to shake off.

      Also I’m not so sold on Moody, great athlete, not so great instincts.

  32. Pryor to Seattle. Man, there’s a saga behind all that.
    1st off, I read Oak wanted to move him because he wanted to be a starter. He isn’t going to start in Seattle, nor would he in SF. Where would he be a 50-50 to start? Thats a little weird.
    But what about the road to that trade. Seattle overpays for Flynn, who gets beat out by Wilson. Oakland overdrafts Pryor and overpays Seattle for Flynn. Oakland then gets underpaid for Flynn, and now gets Dollar Store payback for Pryor.
    I don’t actually hate the RayDuhs, but I get a stiff neck from shaking my head at them so often. When Al passed I thought maybe……oh, never mind.

  33. It is laughable to think there is a quarterback in this draft that will give the 49ers leverage with Kaepernick. Maybe one of them that goes in the first round might but from there on it is a two or 3 year project you would be drafting, at best. The 49ers don’t have that kind of time. Better to pay Kaepernick what he wants and keep bring in someone eases projects as backups. Don’t waist the pick.

    1. I love Kaep, but I’m having a hard time
      swallowing the amount he’s asking for.
      I think there will be a medium that both parties could agree on when it’s all said and done.

      1. Really? Is Jed going to run out of money?
        Since our musings here are about what a GM thinks about, I understand the interest in salaries and Cap space but I think we fans dwell too much on it. It doesn’t matter what we think. The team and the agent wrestle to establish the market price. They will settle.
        Who cares what the opening lines are, who starts negotiating with their bottom line? $20M too much? $18M? $15M? I do understand the danger of the Flacco situation, but let’s let those folks work it out. As fans we’re just wandering in the dark in these discussions.

      2. I’d rather pay Kap $17-$20 million now, than let Wilson reset the bar and we are paying him $22-$25 mil. There are no QB’s in the NFL right now, that will come available, and help us win a superbowl. There’s also no QB’s in college ready to take on the stingiest defensive conference in the NFL. Let make this deal happen

  34. We could draft Bortles Manziel AND Bridgewater, and it wouldn’t affect our “leverage” with Kaepernick one bit.

      1. Coffee, your wrong! CK is going to get paid regardless who they bring in. NO ONE has Kaeps ability in this class. If you think for a second the niners are going to draft someone to put pressure on kaep your a fool. You might as well call him the 100 million dollar man because its coming.

        1. CK=Elite Do you think his play last year merits 20 mill a year or are the 9ers paying him on potential growth?

          1. I think he is a top 8 QB right now. I think he will be a top 5 QB for the next 8-10 years. The reality of the situation is that guys like cutler, Ryan, romo, stafford cannot be paid more then kaep because there not at his class.. I believe if it weren’t for him against the pack we lose. He played great against the panthers on the road.. Played really well for 3 quarters against seatle.. Kept us in the game and gave us a chance. He played a bad fourth quarter no doubt. Take a look how bad arguably the best QB ever played against seatle on a neutral field. Kaep is going to be special.. I believe he is worth 18-20 mil a year because of the inflated prices that the above mentioned QBs make..

      2. CFC,

        No he’s not. He’s right on the money. The Niners gain no leverage because Kap and his agent know there will be a list of suitors lining up to offer him 20 mill+ in FA. The Niners are well within their rights to let him play out his deal and draft another QB, but it won’t affect Kap at all because he will have endless opportunities in FA.

        1. If the 49ers use a high pick on a QB that turns out to be good enough to start then how much leverage to sign a $20M dollar deal will Kaepernick have with other teams when he’s sat on the bench for a year being outplayed by a rookie?

          1. C of C you stopped making sense months ago. Your posts are not even football opinions they are just straight hate for #7.
            For your own sanity Find another team so you can enjoy watching again cause #7 is our franchise guy.

          2. There isn’t a rookie in this draft that could come in and relegate Kap to a spot on the bench. Kap has already put together a resume worthy of the money he will eventually be paid; either here or elsewhere.

            1. If it was so cut and dry Rocket why hasn’t it already been done. If it’s so obvious that the team loves Kaepernick and sees him as their future then what possible reason is there to not have a deal done already? If it wasn’t possible for the team to gain leverage by drafting a QB why would the team be waiting until after training camp or longer to sign Kaepernick to his deal, if it all?

              Don’t speak with certainty about things you are only guessing about.

              1. CFC,

                We are all guessing with anything we say on here, that is understood. My reasoning comes from what the team has said. York, Baalke and Harbaugh, have all come out publically and said Kap is their guy and they want to sign him long term. York even went so far as to say Kap deserves to be one of the highest paid QB’s in the league.

                Again, this is not rumor. This is public record from all three parties when they didn’t have to say anything about it. They have all said they want to get it done before TC if possible, not after.

                Now why it isn’t done is a complex question because there could be a number of reasons. The first and most obvious is that they don’t get the majority of their cap room until June 1st when the savings on Rogers gets added to the cap giving them about 10-11 mill to work with instead of the approx. 4 mill they have right now.

                The second reason is likely to be the ongoing investigation in Miami. I would think they want to get that resolved before going any further to be sure there will be no surprises revealed.

                As to the leverage situation, I am more than confident in predicting the team will not gain leverage on Kap no matter where they take a QB. The reason is no rookie QB is going to come in here, learn this offense and perform better than the guy who has led them to a SB and NFCCG in two years. I’m also pretty certain that Harbaugh would rather go on holiday with Lowell and Grant than take a SB contending team into the season with a rookie at QB. Am I 100% sure of that? No, but I’m 99% certain it won’t happen.

                The second reason is that there are a number of teams that will line up to sign Kap if he reaches FA without a franchise designation. It is so hard to find QB’s in this league and there is no way a guy with Kap’s record and age is going to go into FA and not get a 20+mill dollar per year deal from somebody. It’s ludicrous to suggest otherwise knowing what we do about this league and how it operates.

                The only possible positive the Niners have in their favor is the fact they know Kap likely doesn’t want to risk playing out his deal for fear of injury. That is the only ace in the hole they have and that disappears if they don’t sign him this year. I don’t see any way Kap doesn’t resign by sometime this summer unless there is a revelation in the Miami investigation that paints him a bad light, or he decides to gamble and wait until he becomes a FA to cash in big.

              2. What gets said publicly and the eventual reality are often pretty far apart in this business. I’d rather not spend the time copy and pasting things said by those three that were undone by what the team ultimately did with those players. Maybe they mean those words, maybe they don’t. They’re far more inclined to say things for the value of perception then worry about whether or not they’re entirely true.

                As far as the June 1st date to gain cap room, OK that sounds completely legitimate to me. If they strike a deal shortly there after then I’ll come eat my crow like I always do.

                I’m not inclined to think the investigation is holding them up unless there are details we are unaware of that paint an uglier picture then what we currently have. No way of knowing on this one so could I guess it could be possible.

                When it comes to leverage we’re again at the mercy of not knowing what’s going on inside their heads. If as you said it’s totally a given that he’ll receive $20M dollars from other teams then what reason for hesitation is there on the teams part? The most likely explanation would be that they don’t feel he’s worth that much, at least not to them. If the 49ers make it clear to camp K that they aren’t going to pay $20M dollars then they can back that up by using a relatively high draft pick on a prospect QB. This definitely fires a shot across their bow and says, we’re serious about this no $20M thing. If you hold your line we’re prepared to go with this kid. Whether that’s true or not who knows but that’s how using a high pick on a QB will give the team leverage in the conversation.

                You are assuming that Kaepernick is willing to walk to a lesser team to get that $20M I’m not sure you should assume that.

              3. CFC,

                This isn’t an example of Harbaugh hyperbole in talking up one of his players. All three levels of the Niner hierarchy have come out and said Kap is their guy and set a time of when they want a deal done. There is nothing to be gained from not being honest about that, and even less reason to go public with it if you aren’t sincere. If you aren’t sure you want to resign somebody, you don’t say anything. The Niners have made their feelings known clearly and concisely at all levels. There is no reading between the lines needed here.

                Negotiations take time, especially when you are talking about the kind of numbers that will be involved in this deal. The two sides met at the combine to start the process and the Niners were probably given he parameters of what Kap is looking for. The fact that they came out and said all of the things about wanting him resigned after getting that info should tell you they understand the money it’s going to take and are willing to work on a deal. York came out and said Kap deserves to be one of the highest paid QB’s in the league. How does that give you any reason to believe they don’t want him or don’t believe he’s worth big money?

                Again, leverage can only be gained when one side has a distinct advantage over the other. In this case the leverage is with Kap because he knows already there are numerous teams that would sign him for what he wants and he is at worst guaranteed 18 mill or more with a Franchise tag. The only thing in the Niners favor is the injury situation I detailed earlier and the fact Kap is set to make a little over 1 mill this season. There is room for negotiation when a player is looking at playing on a salary that is far below what he deserves and the fact his career could be over at any time due to injury. If he completes the season healthy and goes to FA, the Niners have nothing but a Franchise tag which is not a good alternative for them.

              4. Neither is going to convince the other so lets just stop trying. I’ll agree to disagree with you on this one.

        1. The relevance lies in the competition against Kaepernick through training camp, and Harbaughs’ description of how the competitors fared. It’s more about fun instead of giving it great thought…

          1. Got it. For a moment there I thought you seriously believed that extreme physical fitness was high on the list of important QB skills.

            1. I wouldn’t belittle the trait Claude. Ask TO about his quarterback in the Super Bowl…..

              1. I’m aware that McNabb threw up in the Super Bowl. I don’t think it was because he was out of shape physically. Do you?

              2. I don’t have the expertise in the field that you do Doctor Balls, but when your winded to the extent you’re puking, either you’re not in peak physical conditioning or you’re having a panic attack. Training all year around coupled with training camp, should prepare your mind and body for any situation on the field. I have yet to see Kaepernick doubled over and calling timeout, because he’s winded after a good bit of galloping on the plains…..

              3. Choking between the ears for a youngster in the NFL is no surprise, however, choking physically for whatever reason is inexcusable….

              4. Sounds as if Team Hammer/Balls don’t appreciate the fact they have the best athlete at the quarterback position, and the discipline required to maintain it….

              5. I don’t have the expertise in the field that you do Doctor Balls, but when your winded to the extent you’re puking, either you’re not in peak physical conditioning or you’re having a panic attack.

                You crack me up. Your modesty with regard to medical knowledge is revealed as b/s when, in the same sentence, you offer your diagnosis of McNabb’s vomiting.

                Why do you place so much importance on having the best athlete at QB? Wouldn’t it be more important to have the best QB. Do you think there’s a correlation between the two?

              6. Officer Balls:

                I feel that as fast and as athletic as today’s brand of football has become, athleticism is the first and most crucial factor when recruiting a quarterback.

                Laughter is the best medicine, and I’m satisfied I could provide you with a prescription….

            2. … athleticism is the first and most crucial factor when recruiting a quarterback.

              I respectfully disagree. The better QBs are still the QBs who play better from the pocke, and I believe the increasing speed of the game has only sharpened the need for that skillset. QBs need to diagnose complex defenses (both pre-snap and as the play develops), make good decisions and throw the ball accurately at the right time. Athleticism doesn’t help very much in those areas.

              Don’t get me wrong; supreme athleticism can be an asset. I just don’t think it’s a requirement for greatness.

              My hope is that Kaepernick improves in the areas I mentioned to the point that his pocket skills rival his athleticism.

              1. Peyton Manning didn’t fare as well as the athletic quarterback did against the champions…..I have no problem with you and Hammers’ opinion of Kaepernick. What I don’t appreciate is the lack of respect and contempt for his physical prowess…..

              2. Just because I don’t value Kaepernick’s athleticism as much as you doesn’t mean I lack respect for it or hold it in contempt. I can simultaneously recognize the value of his athleticism and believe that it is less important than other QB skills without being inconsistent. And while I may make fun of the fanboy tendency to get googly-eyed over Kaepernick and/or his physical prowess, that’s directed at the fanboys, not at Kaepernick.

                Also, I’m not sure that Jack and I share an identical opinion on Kaepernick. I can’t speak for him, but Jack seems to be more pessimistic than I am.

              3. “What I don’t appreciate is the lack of respect and contempt for his physical prowess…..”

                I’m sure that Kaepernick appreciates your support.

              4. I’m sure that Kaepernick is greatly touched by your respect for his physical prowess.

              5. I could care less, but apparently it’s an insiders joke to you. I respect a good work ethic and the inherent abilities that contribute to 49er victories…..

              6. Claude,

                The reason I don’t get excited about Kaepernick’s physical conditioning is that is part of his job. The QB should always be the one leading the way. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s Jeff Garcia was always out front during the conditioning tests, just as Steve Young did before him.

              7. Support, touched and excited are all your cute little descriptions to try and diminish the respect he deserves. He’s the best conditioned athlete at the position in the NFL imo…..

              8. LOL, He’s a professional athlete. It’s his job to wake up every morning and work his a$$ off to be in the best shape possible.

              9. Yep, just so happens God gifted him with the physical traits that when coupled with working his ass off, give him the opportunity to be the best….

              10. Harbaugh tends to roll out his quarterbacks so that he only has to deal with reading half of the field. Doing so simplifies the play for the quarterback and also buys him extra time in the process. That’s why the athletic ability of the quarterback is important because they like to maximize his abilities…..

  35. When you look at this years QB draft class it doesn’t take much knowledge to understand that there is not a viable QB that could start day one regardless of when they are picked. When you look at the QBs in the NFL for quality you find out that not many are really that much better then CK. I do not believe CK is worth 20 million a year unless it was heavily incentive based and to include character incentives. However due to the pay structure of overpaid QBs, and the availability of QBs, its just not conducive to a reasonable contract. Therefore CK will be paid and unfortunately other good key players will not be signed due to the constraints of the cap. CK has all the physical tools to be a super star but I wonder about his mindset.

    1. Since the 49ers have Kaepernick under contract at a reasonable price for one more season, the best move would be to draft a QB this year and develop him so he would be ready to take over in 2015 if the 49ers can’t agree to an extension with Kaepernick.

      1. Yep, and even if everything works out with Kaepernick you have a long term backup who could eventually be used as trade bait.

      2. It’s fine to draft a QB, but taking one in the first two rounds would be stupid if you believe Kap is your long term future which the team does. Keep drafting the talent around him to make him and your team better.

        1. It is one thing to believe he will be, another to be able to agree to a long term contract that suits both parties. It would be prudent to draft another QB if one they liked was available when they pick, in any round.

          Heck, if the QBs don’t go early this year but the top WRs, CBs and OLBs are gone by #30 (and they can’t trade up), I wouldn’t be against drafting a QB in the first round. BPA at a high value position makes sense when you don’t have many glaring needs and a bucket load of picks.

          1. Scooter,

            No way they draft a QB in the first round if they plan on keeping Kap. You can’t waste a first round pick on a player that may never see the field.

            1. If the value is there, I would be surprised but not shocked if they took a QB at #30. For example, Teddy Bridgewater at #30 would be pretty good value, and would give the 49ers the leeway to not have to overpay for Kaep.

      3. Grant,
        Is there a particular QB in this years draft that would be able to get us to the championship game and possibly the SB in year 2015?

        The only ‘wild-card’ QB among this years QB group that would likely give us a chance to make the playoffs in two years would be Manziel, imo.
        The offense would not need a major overhaul to fit Manziel’ playing style.

      4. That would be a slap in the face. Push him too hard and he’ll end up in Arizona looking for revenge.

  36. Aaron Murray in the 4th if available or David Fales in the 5th. Although , im not sure if thats what i want them to do or if that’s what i think they will do.

  37. I don’t see the 9er’s drafting a QB in the first two rounds, but I do see them taking one…which one? who knows? A QB that will pay attention to the play clock, call time out late in the game when you have two available, and not look for Michael Crabtree all the time for starters….

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