Quick hit and run: A live film preview of the 49ers-Rams game

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey warms up before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Kyusung Gong)

Check out my YouTube live preview of the 49ers-Rams game.

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    1. I think Grant should be able to master his format soon, but the content is still riveting.
      I totally agree, put Bosa on Havenstein, and attack the edge Mathews is on.
      If Goff has time, he can be very effective. Saleh needs to send a player in his face, with a hand up to bat the ball.
      Thankfully, the Ram O line looks porous compared to the Niner O line, but not by much. JG needs to get the ball off quick. Maybe instead of keeping the RB in to block, have him swing out for a quick safety valve.
      I hope the Niners use a 2 TE set, to help the blocking. However, Dwelley should be used as a mismatch target, and be used as a receiver. Both Richie James and Jeff Wilson should be used more.

  1. Sounds like Brunskill will get an opportunity to take ownership of the RG position, leaving Mike no longer a Person of interest.

        1. Seb, how is it that your “catfish” managed to replicate your custom avatar? That’s very cunning in a deranged kind of way!

          1. Somehow, he hacked in. I put in my new avatar, and all of his past posts changed, too.
            He is just a troll, trying to stir up trouble. Thankfully, everyone knows I greatly respect Razor, and would never crudely insult him.

              1. My son showed how this site is easily compromised. I will stick to this pic, because changing it would not change anything.

              2. Thanks seb for finally admitting that you used your family as sockpuppets to bolster your standings.
                Are they proud of how you behave on this site?

            1. Actually besides being brilliant at spoofing you, he sounds like you, looks like you, talks like you, there’s only one person that could do that and that is YOU seb!

          2. It’s not custom. Just google “George Seifert” and it’s one of the first pics that comes up. Then save the picture, upload to Gravatar.com and voila. It’s simple.

            1. This would be correct if the previous posts, some made by the Catfish, didn’t automatically flip to the new avatar to moment Seb assigned it to his email.

              1. Incorrect. When you make a change at gravatar.com it automatically changes it for all comments, even past.

          3. Whomever the Catfish is, they know Seb’s email. Because this site doesn’t have any authentication steps, and is 100% site-side, an email is all that is required to post. Because Gravitar is linked to an email address, being able to use that avatar is simply a matter of using Seb’s email address. What Seb ought to do is change his email address, but without knowing how the Catfish got his email in the first place, I don’t know how much it will change.

            1. No. They don’t need to know his email.

              Just go to gmail, create a new email, set up a gravatar and away you go.

              This ain’t rocket science or some deep ID theft.

              It’s probably coming from a long time visitor to the site that is known for using multiple aliases and trolling.

  2. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t have a great feeling about this one… I could see Gurley and Brown going off against Saleh’s 21st ranked run D which also makes Goff less of a liability. Gotta block Aaron Donald as well or Jimmy could be staring out his ear hole a good part of the game. Will be a slug fest but here’s hoping for an injury free game and a Niners win.

    1. Agree. This game scares me. Playing a division opponent the second time in a year is always a challenge. Gurley is a shadow of his former self. Only averaging 3.9 ypr. Against the Cowboys he averaged 1.8 ypr. 49ers Defense should be able to neutralize Gurley. The guy who could wreck this game for the 49ers is Aaron Donald. We now have Garland and Brunskill starting on the interior o-line. Obviously Brunskill’s success at tackle is a reason for hope but it’s a whole different game up the middle. Whomever said the 49ers need to score early is exactly right. The Rams have proven this year that they will absolutely open a giant can of quit when things go bad. Need to hand them the can opener.

  3. After last week, and the injuries and tired D-line. I can’t muster up a prediction for this Jekyll and Hyde team of late.
    I’ll be throwing an annual Christmas party at my house this year, there will be some Rams fans in attendance.

    So I’m hoping for a fantastic night with a Niners win. So I’m not drinking my sorrows away in a time where I’m supposed to be merry.
    I don’t know who to pick in this one.
    All I can say is GO NINERS!

  4. I think the game will be much closer than what a lot of people think…….will be a one score game. The Niners have a slight edge on Offense…..with Zuerlein being questionable.

    Going with the Niners 31-28

  5. If Niners lose it may spiral out of control for the year…its a must win…..a depleted Niner defense yikes

    The hope is Kyle calls a good game unlike the last game

    1. « The hope is Kyle calls a good game unlike the last game »

      Yet if not for the best offensive player having the ball slip out of his hands without being touched they would have won.

    2. The Niners were also 3 inches from winning the game, but that provides little solace, and does not reduce the sting of this loss.

      1. exactly…….could say coulda woulda shoulda but they Kyle didn’t get it done period….should have put up more points last game…the offense looked off and only put up 22…bench Coleman throw the ball to Sanders…it was a bad game plan by Kyle

        1. The game plan by Shanahan was fine. His team was up by 9 in the 4th quarter for the second week in a row and shat the bed again.

          1. Finishing out games is on coach….I agree to disagree….throwing to Kittle 17 times (for a record who cares?) and Sanders twice is pathetic…poor plan…somewhere online I saw Sanders yelling at Wes Welker….can’t blame him

            1. You take what’s open. Are Falcons fans complaining about their best player being targeted 20 times?

              This is dumb.

              The team was up 9 and then on back to back possessions the defense gives up 145 yards and 14 points.

              That unit has failed now for 3 straight weeks in crucial situations.

              The one game the team did win was when the offense had the ball at the end.

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