Quinton Dial: “Somebody’s got to pay for this work I’ve been putting in. Can’t wait.”

SANTA CLARA – Quinton Dial spoke in the 49ers’ auditorium Monday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: You’re running with the first-team defense this year. Is that a good opportunity for you?

DIAL: Yeah it’s a great opportunity. I don’t think it’s too much of a transition for me because starting with the last eight or nine games (last season) I’ve been running with the guys and I know what they expect from me. I just come to work every day and show them what I’ve got.

Q: Do you go back and look at a lot of the things that made Ray McDonald successful in that spot?

DIAL: Ray was on the left side. I’m on the right side.

Q: OK, then Justin Smith?

DIAL: I watch a lot of tape of Justin. The last two years I was with him I asked a lot of questions and worked with him on some stuff. All I can do is tell you what I’ve learned from him and try to put into my game.

Q: Did you deal with offseason surgery this year?

DIAL: Yeah, I just had a cleanup done on my knee.

Q: That’s all?

DIAL: Yeah.

Q: You feel fine?

DIAL: Yeah.

Q: You’re a little bit bigger than Justin and Ray were. Does that mean you play that position differently than they did?

DIAL: Everybody is different. I don’t play how Justin plays – I’m going to play how I play. I play blocks differently than Justin and Ray do. It’s just what I feel comfortable doing on a certain block, what my body can take.

Q: How has playing the zero technique and the four technique prepared you for this year?

DIAL: Playing D-line, it’s pretty much playing the same positions. Zero, four – you all see the same blocks. I think it’s helped me a lot getting ready for the season. I’m going to try to learn as much as I can going forward and see how it goes.

Q: Did you know DeAndrew White when you were at Alabama?

DIAL: Yeah, we played together.

Q: What was he like in those years and what do you see out of him now?

DIAL: He definitely has developed and learned to be a pro. I’m trying to work with him and teach him how to take care of his body, because it’s a long season.

Q: Did you know Jim Tomsula gave him the nickname “Alabama”?

DIAL: Yeah.

Q: Did you try doing that to you too when you were a rookie?

DIAL: No, he called me “The Alabama A–H—.”

Q: Is DeAndrew doing the same things now that you saw him doing early on at his career at Alabama before the knee injury?

DIAL: Yeah, he’s an awesome playmaker. He’s just got to stay healthy. That’s the biggest thing for him. If he can stay healthy, he’s going to be a great athlete and a great asset for us.

Q: Why did Tomsula give you that nickname?

DIAL: You’d have to ask him.

Q: You play with a mean streak, though. Is that part of your game?

DIAL: That’s just me, bro.

Q: What do you see out of Arik Armstead?

DIAL: He’s got some great weapons to him. I haven’t seen him go against the one group yet. I’ll give you a better judgement when he goes against those guys.

Q: How do you view the pads going on so? How does that motivate through the rest of camp?

DIAL: I can’t wait, man. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Doing all this offseason training, pushing weights, somebody’s got to pay for this work I’ve been putting in. Can’t wait.

Q: Is it hard to work technique when you’re not wearing pads?

DIAL: A little bit. Yeah, it is. I try to perfect my game and be a technician, and in order to do that you’ve got to get it down without pads. Then when you put the pads on it’s not much of a transition.

Q: Thanks, Q.

DIAL: See you guys. Let me know what (Tomsula) says when you ask him.

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  1. Well, there we have it, straight from the horses mouth, Dial is playing the RDE replacing Justin Smith. Dorsey is, ergo, playing the LDE in place of McDonald.

    Yesterday when they went nickel the first team unit was Dial and Tank. Grant, did Dial stay on the right side in nickel (with tank at LDT)? If he did it makes me think that when Dockett is full healthy then Tank may find himself a little out of the picture…

      1. Thanks. I’ve seen another report that said Dial and Tank were the starting DTs in nickel, with TJE rotating in. If Tank was on the right then that would suggest he’s more than just a place holder for Dockett, who played primarily on the left for the Cards.

          1. Yep, there is that. We won’t know anything for sure until Dockett starts getting some reps.

  2. If we stay healthy this defense is going to be tough. Our OL could be a problem but let’s cross r fingers…we should solid everywhere else.

  3. Where are the defensive ends lining up? Are they still bringing the ROLB up to the line as a 4th lineman?

  4. I read about “Quentin Dial” every season…but I cannot recall a game report? Does he play and/or made any plays? He must be pretty good I am thinking?

    1. Dial was drafted injured in 2013 and put in injured reserve. He was behind Smith and McDonald last year. This year will be his first chance to play a lot of snaps.

      1. Thats my point. Read about him. Just reading. What has he really done to justify all my reading time?

        1. He’s tied up two blockers so the ILBs can make a play. He filled in at NG last season, not a glamorous or stat position. No FF profile.

    1. He is in Chicago. Hope he does well, but with that roster….
      Bet Fangio misses the Niner defense.

  5. I think Mr. Tuna makes a good point about Dial and the low visibility ways he has contributed. Maximus needs to look a bit deeper here. Thanks brotha

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