Raiders mock draft

I’ve done a few 49ers mock drafts recently, so I figure I’ll do a Raiders mock draft, too. If you don’t want to read a Raiders mock draft, please click here.

Round 1, pick No. 14: Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State

This defense needs fast players, and it needs an inside linebacker. Lee is one of the fastest inside linebackers in this draft.

Round 2, pick No. 44: Jonathan Bullard, DT, Florida

You knew the Raiders wanted an interior defensive lineman when they tried to sign Malik Jackson about a month ago. Bullard is similar to Jackson.

Round 3, pick No. 75: Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford

The Raiders have two terrific guards in Gabe Jackson and Kelechi Osemele, but the tackles aren’t good enough. Kyle Murphy would be an upgrade on the right side.

Round 4, pick No. 114: Jayron Kearse, SS, Clemson

Defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. is recreating the Seahawks’ defensive backfield. He already has the tall, lanky cornerbacks (Sean Smith and David Amerson), and the super-fast free safety (Reggie Nelson). But, Norton doesn’t have the extra-large strong safety, the Kam-Chancellor-type of safety, the eighth-man in the box. That’s Kearse. He’s 6-4, 217 pounds and he runs a 4.54.

Round 5, pick No. 143: Daniel Braverman, WR, Western Michigan

The Raiders need a slot receiver to complement Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree on the outside. Braverman is one of the best slot receivers in the draft.

Round 5, pick No. 154: Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford

Who will play quarterback if Derek Carr gets injured? Matt McGloin? The Raiders need a backup who can win games. Kevin Hogan is smart and mobile, and he played in pro-style offense at Stanford. He could play for the Raiders right away if he had to.

Round 6, pick No. 194: Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama

The Raiders need a No. 2 back who can carry the running game if Latavius Murray gets injured. Kenyan Drake is a 210-pound back who ran a 4.31 at his Pro Day.

Round 7, pick No. 234: Anthony Brown, CB, Purdue

Another corner couldn’t hurt. Anthony Brown is 5-11 and he ran a 4.33 at the Combine.

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    1. Drake will be gone in the 3rd round, but Keith Marshall might be available in the 6th, and he ran a 4.31 forty. He would be speedy enough for a Al/Mark Davis team.

    1. Can’t say I was much of a fan of him as a player, but this certainly makes him almost impossible to draft.

      1. I had Oakman down in a mock, and the next day read that he had charges pending….Dang, just my luck.

  1. Raiders will draft a Safety in round two. Either Von Bell or Karl Joseph would be my guess. I also think they’ll take a RB earlier than round 6.

    1. Karl Joseph will get picked in Round 1, and Vonn Bell isn’t the box safety the Raiders are looking for.

      1. Joseph’s injury will keep him out of round 1 imo. I think Vonn Bell could play any role that is asked of him.

    2. Rocket, I agree. Instead of Bullard, they should take Vonn Bell. They already got Jackson, so Bullard is not a big need, but they need a safety.

  2. The Raiders won’t wait that long to take a RB, and Drake won’t last until the sixth round.

  3. Niners and Broncos have a trade in place for Kaep if Niners draft a QB.. According to Mark dominick x GM..

    1. Yeah, based on the reports he is basing that purely on Kaep meeting with the Broncos, not on what he has heard. Its simply pure speculation on his part.

      1. Got cha thanks scooter. I think you have been right. I’m thinking he is gone now.. No one coming out squashing the rumors. I think Niners want to keep everyone guessing about the QB position. So they can get there guy..

        1. Yeah, if they really wanted to keep Kaep they wouldn’t let him seek a trade. And keeping him around has the potential to create too big a distraction for the team. After what happened the past two years they need to get rid of all the distractions, and try and start afresh. Because of that I just don’t see Kaep sticking around.

          And I think it is highly likely the 49ers take a QB in round 1 this year, even though I’m not that big a fan of the QBs available in consideration of where they are likely to be taken.

          1. And now there seems to be a number of tweets/reports that the 9ers are looking to trade all the way up to #1. Normally, I would laugh at such reports, but Jed made it clear that Baalke needed to hit it out of the park on draft day. It’s amazing the amount of disinformation that is disseminated prior to the draft. I don’t follow the NBA or MLB drafts but is it the same?

            1. Nothing but hot air. Baalke needs to hit it out of the park during the draft, but he would literally cripple if not further set back the team if he paid the king’s ransom in order to trade up to the top pick.

          2. I think they get the deal done before the draft, because once the draft is over, the Broncos will only have 2017 draft picks to give up for Kaep.

    1. Made the prediction in the early part of the season that that they were the first team I saw as capable of beating the season record of my Bulls.

    2. Hammer,
      Yes Sir! Kudos to the best team in California – and soon to be coming back to San Francisco. I remember them winning their first championship in 1975 playing at of all places; the Cow Palace.
      Speaking of the old Cow Palace, it’s amazing that the ol’ lady has outlasted Kezar (original stadium) and Candlestick Park.

    1. Dang, I wanted Curry to get the trifecta. He got 400 three point shots, averaged over 30 points this season, but I wanted him to get 13 threes last game, for ANOTHER record.

      1. That helps us BIG TIME!!!!! Stupid Rams giving up what they did.. Here comes Buckner, Jack, Bosa, or Ramsey!!! F Yaaa

        1. Rams did us a favor, but I hope they still trade back and get more picks in the sweet spot of the draft. Maybe with the Raiders if Ramsey is still available. If the Niners get their first and second for the Niner first, it may help both teams.

    1. Yep my fading fantasy of somehow drafting Goff has now completely gone up in smoke. What will really suck is if he’s the Rams pick and I have to watch him kick our ass for the next few years.

      1. Don’t fear, the Rams no longer have the draft capital to give him a supporting cast. Its up to Goff and Gurley.

  4. Of the teams now drafting ahead of the Niners, three have needs at QB (Rams, Browns, Cowboys). I just don’t see Baalke taking the 4th best QB at the 7th spot.

    Baring another trade I now expect Baalke to draft Deforest Buckner or Myles Jack with the 7th pick. I really want Buckner but I am afraid San Diego or Baltimore will nab him before our spot.

  5. Hmm, I thought the Rams would have traded a first and second to the Ravens for the 6th pick, but they gave up the house for number one.
    Rams also gave up their first and third next year, so they did a RGIII in reverse.
    With Mariota and Murray, and 6 picks in the first 76, they could legitimately challenge for their division next season.

    1. In reality though it doesn’t really happen. Even teams in the #1 spot signing their pick has waned as teams like to keep their options open to the last second as well as the league is trying to preserve the anticipation and excitement of not know before hand who the picks are going to be.

      Also, even though it’s incredibly unlikely, the team picking first can still at any time cancel a contract before they’ve picked their player on draft day. Let’s say the Rams are working on a deal with Wentz but he gets in a major accident and loses an arm.(i know it’s awful but just for arguments sake) Clearly even the Rams aren’t still going to sign him at that point and would choose someone else. If a team behind them had negotiated a deal it would be moot if the #1 team now wants that player for themselves. I know this is unlikely but it’s for reasons similar to this poor example that you don’t see the #2 and #3 teams trying to work deals with their favorite picks before the draft.

  6. When Snead is out of a job it wont be hard to look back and decipher where it went wrong.

    1. Or we could be looking back at this being the point where the Rams got their franchise QB and joined the Cards and Seahawks in kicking the Niners ass for the next few years. They are giving up a lot to take that gamble but if it pays off, their fortunes could turn around quickly.

      I know you don’t like this QB class CFC, but the league obviously feels differently. There are very good QB’s in this draft and the top two picks will likely be QB’s.

      1. This move changed the fortunes of the Niners. Now a blue chip defender falls right into the lap of the Niners. Niners will strike on a QB by moving up into the end of the first.

      2. Are 1 bedroom apartments in S.F. really worth 3k a month? Nope that’s just where the market is at the moment. Are Wentz and Goff worth first round picks? Nope that’s just where the market is at the moment.

        1. It’s always about supply and demand in regards to QB’s, but QB’s don’t go 1-2 at the top of a draft unless they are viewed as franchise caliber players. A team certainly doesn’t trade a boatload of picks to take somebody who isn’t a franchise player in their estimation. To suggest they aren’t worth first round picks…well that’s your prerogative. I’ll leave it at that.

          1. You would think a team like the Rams would see how stupid it was for the skins to make that trade for RG3 who was rated better then both of these prospects coming out. This is a massive mistake by the Rams.

            1. Well, since it weakens the Rams losing their first and third next year, I am glad.
              However, Goff with that Rams defense might keep the Niners in the NFC west cellar.

            2. RAW,

              Teams don’t and shouldn’t look at another teams experience with a different player when making a decision. Every player is different, situations are different and there are numerous examples showing different results. The Skins made the playoffs with a rookie QB that year and nobody was questioning the trade. If RGIII doesn’t suffer the knee injury in the playoffs who knows? Both of these QB’s are better pocket QB’s than RGIII was as well. He was picked based on his incredible physical talent. The two at the top of this draft will be picked based on their ability to play from the pocket first and foremost.

              1. Rocket, you bring up great points. I just believe we all knew that Goff was a reach for us to get him. We don’t have the roster to mortgage our next 2 drafts for. In my opinion if the Niners can land one of the better defenders in the draft at 7, it’s a massive move. Our defense is young and better then people are suggesting. We have some up in comers that have a bright future. If we can add a Jack or Buckner or Bosa.,we suddenly have potentially a top 10 D for the future. Then we can target a QB if not this year but next year… We are 2 years out from making some noise. We need patience now. We can not miss on pick 7…

              2. RAW,

                No argument with what you said here. I wouldn’t have given up what the Rams did for the very reason you stated, but in the Rams case, I think it could work out very well for them.

                I’m not sure Bosa or Buckner makes our defense top ten, in fact I highly doubt either will have that kind of impact. That’s why I would rather trade down if it winds up that way.

              3. Rocket, ya I have some hesitation with Bosa too but man his tape is dominant. He was projected to go one overall for like 2 years. It could be too tempting. He reminds me of J Smith. Obviously not his level yet but could be. That high motor and strength. Maybe I’m off. Buckner paired with Armstead could be a potent combo. Two guys with that size who collapse the pocket would make everyone better around them. Jack is the no brainer pick if there.. God I hope he falls.

              4. I hope you’re right if Bosa or Buckner does happen to be the pick. I just don’t see them as big impact players. Neither one of them looks like a great pass rusher, and while JS was extremely valuable to this team, I don’t think there are many guys as unselfish and willing to give up their body the way he did to make others look better.

                Jack would be great, but I can’t see anyway he falls to us.

              5. Rocket, you would think with all our picks Balke attempts to trade back into the first for a QB righ? If so it would be either cook or Paxon.. I would lean towards lynch cause of that mobility. What’s your take on that?

              1. I saw it but it doesn’t really change your stance from being based on speculation and faith. The Redskins took a similar chance and now that player is on another team, that’s reality.

              2. The draft is nothing but speculation and hope. One example that didn’t work out is simply one that didn’t work out. Teams didn’t stop taking QB’s at the top of the draft because RGIII failed in Washington. It’s all about how a team feels about a particular player and the impact he can have on their team. The Rams have a good defense, a great running game but no QB. They feel one of these guys is the missing piece. We’ll see if they are right.

              3. Well to be fair my argument is fallacious; Correlation proves causation I believe is the correct term.

              4. There just isn’t enough data to make a definitive judgement is what it comes down too. You don’t see this situation arise very often because the team picking first overall usually is a team looking for a QB. To me the better comparison is how often do QB’s taken at the top of the draft work out, because no matter what the Rams have given up, the bottom line is they are taking a QB #1 overall.

      3. There is nothing obvious about it rocket. Teams need QBs, and so they draft them.

        Same thing happened in 2011. Look how that worked out for most of the teams that took a QB early.

        1. Sorry Scooter but the Rams aren’t trading up and giving a bunch of picks because they need a QB. They are trading up because they believe there is a Franchise QB they can draft first overall.

          I’ve been saying for weeks that this draft class of QB’s is much better than you think and this move bears that out. We are likely going to see Wentz-Goff go 1-2, a major trade up to get one at #1 and some draft analysts saying the top two QB’s in this draft are as good or better than Winston and Mariota were last year. That doesn’t even take into account the probability of 1-2 more QB’s going in the first round and more in the second and third. This is without a doubt one of the best QB classes in many years. What more do you need to convince you?

          1. They are trading up because they believe it is the only way to draft a QB that might become a franchise caliber QB. That is not an endorsement of the QB class. It’s a reflection of their thoughts on the QB class after the top guys. It also isn’t saying they believe Goff or Wentz are incredible talents, just that they know they need a starting calibre QB and the only way to get one is to move up to the top of the draft.

            1. Scooter,

              You are reaching my friend. There is no way you trade that many picks and move up to the top of the draft unless you have decided the guy you want is a Franchise player. That is not only an endorsement but an all in bet that the kid they draft will be great.

              If all they wanted was a starting caliber QB then they would have kept the picks and drafted somebody else.

              I don’t know for sure how the rest of the class is viewed, but it sure looks like the view is favorable from all the comments from GM and personnel sources that have been published. We’ll see on draft day, but there are probably going to be at least 3 taken in the first and possibly 2-3 more on day two. Last year there was 3 taken total in 2 days.

              1. If the Rams believed they could get a goos starting calibre QB without moving up to #1 there is no way they give up the picks they did. No chance. None.

                They clearly really like one of the top 2 QBs. That is indeed obvious. But it does not mean this is a great QB class. Not by a longshot. Nor does it mean they believe one of the top 2 QBs is definitely going to be great. Just that they believe one of the top 2 QBs will be a long term starter at the most important position on the team, at a position they desperately need a starting player at.

              2. If the Rams believed they could get a goos starting calibre QB without moving up to #1 there is no way they give up the picks they did. No chance. None.

                There is no way you give up that many premium picks unless you believe you can land a potential super star. There are starting caliber QB’s available in trade and in the draft after the top two. They are betting that one of Goff or Wentz is going to be a great QB. That is the only way you give up that kind of compensation.

                They clearly really like one of the top 2 QBs. That is indeed obvious. But it does not mean this is a great QB class. Not by a longshot.

                We are talking about the potential of this class of QB’s and how they are viewed Scooter. There is no way to know how good they will be until they play, but a move like this suggests at least one at the top is viewed as a difference maker.

                Nor does it mean they believe one of the top 2 QBs is definitely going to be great. Just that they believe one of the top 2 QBs will be a long term starter at the most important position on the team, at a position they desperately need a starting player at.

                You don’t make a deal like this in the hopes you land a starting caliber QB. If all they wanted was a starting caliber QB they could have traded for Mike Glennon. With what they have given up, they are going all in on what they feel is a potential franchise QB. Whether they are right is another story, but that is the only reason you part with that much draft capital.

              3. I must have missed when Glennon became a good starting calibre QB.

                I think our difference of opinion here comes down to what we define as a franchise calibre QB vs a good starting calibre QB. To me a franchise calibre QB is one of the very best QBs in the NFL. A good starting calibre QB is someone like Andy Dalton. Which if the Rams draft Goff is exactly what I think they are getting.

                Yes, the Rams have gone all in on a QB they believe will be their long term starter and a good QB, with potential to be a franchise calibre QB (or one of the greats). Those are hard to find, so I won’t ridicule them for what they gave up to get one. Even if I do think it was a mistake.

                But equally I don’t believe they make this trade if they even for a second thought one of the QBs after Goff and Wentz would be a good long term starter for them.

              4. Well I see what you’re saying, but I disagree with the notion that a team would give up this much to go up and draft somebody they hope will be good. I don’t think this has anything to do with who is available and when. It’s about a player they have targeted and felt they had to have. This is just way too big of an investment to make without truly believing you are about to draft a franchise QB.

                I believe a franchise QB is a player you can build your team around, who is consistently in the top ten every season and who is the reason you win and not the reason you lose. How many of those there are is left to personal opinion, but I think these QB’s, Goff especially, can reach that level and the Rams do too otherwise they wouldn’t have mortgaged this and next years draft to move up.

              5. I also like Glennon. I think he’ll get a shot at some point and has already shown he can play in this league.

              6. Fair enough. To me it shows the Rams clearly believe one of Goff or Wentz is going to develop into their long term solution at QB. Exactly what a team that has been struggling to find a long term solution at QB for the better part of the past decade would do.

              7. Glennon has shown he can start and not be a disgrace. But he has yet to show he is a good starting QB.

              8. Fair enough. To me it shows the Rams clearly believe one of Goff or Wentz is going to develop into their long term solution at QB. Exactly what a team that has been struggling to find a long term solution at QB for the better part of the past decade would do.

                Sorry Scooter but I have to disagree with this last statement too. The Rams thought they had their long term solution with Bradford up until a year ago. This is another reason why I think it’s obvious they are enamored with one of the top two guys and not just looking for a good long term starter. They invested heavily in Bradford and got burned. To do it again 6 years later and give up what they did shows me they are convinced they have targeted a franchise QB.

              9. Wow you are marking hard today;)

                Glennon’s rookie year was very impressive imo. He only got 6 games in year two when McCown got hurt, but that first year he played really well I thought.

              10. I think it just shows the Rams know they have been struggling badly to find a good QB for a long time, and acknowledge the QB play has been a big reason they have lagged behind the rest of the NFC West. They are desperate.

              11. In support of your belief the Rams only make this trade if they believe one of the top QBs will be great, this from Mike Mayock:

                “There is no doubt in my mind, if you make a move like this, you make the move anticipating a quarterback that can become Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning,” Mayock said Thursday on NFL Network. “You don’t make the trade unless you think he can be one of those guys, and Carson Wentz has the upside to be one of those guys.”

  7. I wonder where Tunsil will go now that the Titans are no longer in the 1st spot. Just about every mock draft had the Titans taking Tunsil. Anyone think Tunsil drops in the Niners lap at #7.

    1. I think he goes to SD. Which means that Ramsey may fall to the Niners, although the Ravens have DB needs, too.

    2. My guess is the top 6 picks will now go like this:

      Rams – Wentz or Goff
      Browns – Wentz or Goff
      Chargers – Tunsil
      Cowboys – Ramsey
      Jags – Jack
      Ravens – Buckner

      That leaves Bosa as the next best option but I’m not sure he fits the Niner defense very well and I’m also concerned that Bosa has maxed out as far as how good he can be. I’ve heard a few commentators suggest this and I see that possibility.

      If this is how it plays out, I think a trade down is the best option if somebody wants Bosa or to jump ahead of the Eagles for Elliot or a QB.

      1. I am wondering if the Browns do not consider Tunsil since they lost 2 FA linemen.
        They have RGIII and could draft another QB later on like Lynch or Cook.

      2. That’s probably pretty darn close. I would say that Bosa goes to one of the 4-6 teams most likely pushing Buckner down.

        1. Same. Buckner is the player I thought would fall to 7 in my mock and I’ll stick with that. But there has been some rumblings that teams didn’t like the way Bosa interviewed, and that he may not have much upside. He could fall.

  8. Trade Joe Staley and Anthony Davis(if he reinstates) to the Chargers to swap picks with them. Grab Tunsil!!

    1. Or actually; Staley and Bethea to swap picks. That would probably work great for both sides. Neither are in the 49ers long term plans at this point. The 49ers already have their replacement for Bethea and swapping places with the Chargers would give them their replacement for Staley. Plus it fills two key needs for the Chargers.

      Would have to be a draft day trade to make sure that either the Browns don’t take Tunsil or trade to someone that does.

      1. Seems kind of risky to start a rookie at the LT position, which for a RH QB is probably the most important OL position. Given the uncertainties already surrounding our OL, Joe has been the one constant.

        1. Tunsil by most appearances is a safe bet to not be a total train wreck as a rookie even on the left side. Sure it’s a risk but if the it means upgrading and securing the second most important position on the offense then I believe it to be the best move for the team in the long term. Joe has been great and I love the guy but anyone can see his best days are behind him at this point. Sell high.

          1. Joe also mentioned yesterday that he doesn’t like hearing the term “rebuilding” since that takes time and he doesn’t have much time left. So he might very well welcome a trade to a playoff contending team.

  9. Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 55s55 seconds ago
    Had a number of evaluators tell me there’s not a big difference b/w the 20th pick and the 50th pick this year. Titans at 15, 33, 43 and 45.
    This and a few other reasons are what are making this the hardest year yet to come up with a mock draft. No real delineation between players this year among their positions.

      1. I beg to differ. This draft may have slow WRs and no franchise QBs, but defensively, it is deep, especially along the line.
        One pundit said there are starters all the way up to the 4th round, although the best value is from 18 to 55.

          1. Agree in regard to depth. Not as many difference makers at QB, but I like the depth, especially between rounds 2-5.

  10. I must say over all I am not a huge fan of this draft. It has some Good Dline prospects but few top shelf pass rushers, which are what is hard to find in this league. This draft doesn’t have a Leornard Williams,Von MIller, JJ Watt type prospect… its deep but doesn’t have the top end play makers.
    From a Difference maker perspective, I think Ramsey,Tunsil and Jack are about it. I would take Bosa if he drops as I believe he projects as a solid, effort pass rusher similar to Chris Long and I think that’s about the best we can hope for where we are slotted in the draft.

    1. I agree. Its a defensive oriented draft, but mostly inside guys. Lots of draft guys are calling this a “middle class draft.” Good value round two. The Titans really cleaned up. Now they have picks 15, 34, 44, 46 in rounds 1-2.

      There are “potential” and “traits” guys that are gifted, but could also wind up being Kentwans. I really like Chris Jones if we don’t get Buckner, but some say he’s a loafer risk.

  11. Does anyone think with the Rams trading up this increases our chance of moving back in the draft? Unless it’s Buckner I think we move back

  12. I’m glad the Rams were dumb enough to give up that many picks and not the 49ers.

  13. Nice to have a little vindication for predicting the Titans would likely trade down months ago. I just hope they don’t get Goff.

  14. Hahaha. Well that didn’t take long;

    975TheFanatic ‎@975TheFanatic
    “I already hear there’s problems in the building between Chip & Baalke” – @BaldyNFL

    1. Very interesting. Goff is 21. Wentz is 23. It would be nice see a chart based on their most recent 16-20 games.

  15. Trade back scenario if two things happen
    1) Baalke isn’t wild about who falls to 7.
    2) Titans love Stanley.

    I’m getting mixed reviews on Stanley. Some think he’s almost the equal to Tunsil. Others have doubts about motivation and core strength.

    What we do know…
    – Titans really need an OT
    – Many consider Stanley an excellent prospect well worth a 7
    – Titans have 2nd rounders 34, 44, 46. (chart shows moving 15 up to 7 costs a 45)

    1. So Baalke trades Joe Staley and possibly our first for a lot of the picks the Titans just acquired from the Rams?

    2. Interesting Brodie.I know I should be more thrilled at the idea of Bosa (as some project now) at seven but something not fully surfaced causes me to question that pick. A trade down for an extra 2nd does appeal contingent on who is there at 7.

  16. I have a couple of questions for everyone. What if the Rams traded up not to draft a QB but prehaps Myles Jack? How much do you think such a scenario could impact what the 49ers will do at the seventh spot?

    1. Not seeing giving up 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds for a middle linebacker. Even a great one.

      My hope is the Titans pick the QB the 49ers are not targeting.

  17. Tim Kawakami @TKawakami:

    “This blockbuster trade between the Rams and Titans, is the direct result of Jed York and Trent Baalke’s leaks, backstabbing and desire to finish in last place”

    1. I’m probably slow, but I fail to see how those are related. Either way, mortgaging the franchise for one player hasn’t worked too well historically. Look it up.

    2. If this is a true tweet… then Tim can kiss what little journalistic integrity out the window…
      We all know he has some personal grudge against niner management, but seriously?

      Next he will be saying the 49ers are responsible for deflating Brady’s footballs and that they leaked the info to the NFL.

      Seriously, did Jed stain his daughters blue dress or something?

      1. “Edit”

        If this is a true tweet… then Tim can kiss what little journalistic integrity (he has) out the window…

    3. Kawakami sounds a lot like Seb there. Scary.

      You know the NFL’s view of the 49ers merits much of what he’s saying, but nobody wants to lose in this league. That’s stupid. FA’s aren’t crazy about coming here right now, veterans jumped ship. We’re messed up right now hoping Kelly and Baalke can get things moving again.

          1. Tim K stirs up a lot of anger in many fans, so I’m not surprised. He loves it although I’m guessing he would not be happy with someone pretending to be him.

      1. Hey!, I will not connect Jed backstabbing Kaep to this move. Think TK is just showing his animus against Jed and the FO.

  18. What if we offer one of our three 5th round picks for Nick Foles? He loves the Chip Kelly offense…of course, he may not like Chip Kelly now since Kelly traded him.

      1. Because he is a better fit for Kelly’s system than either Kaepernick or Gabbert. But I don’t know if Kelly feels that way per say, just food for thought.

        1. Not sure Kelly thinks so, but hey anything’s possible. I think Kelly’s system made Foles. Without Kelly’s system he’s a mid 50% completion rate guy last year. Both CK and BG without Kelly’s system are better than that. I think Kelly believes both BG and CK have a better chance of playing well in his system than Foles.

  19. The Tennessee Titans just became a very intriguing trade partner. The titans have 6 draft picks in the top 76 of this draft and, if I am Trent Baalke, I’m putting the Titans GM Jon Robinson at the front of my Rolodex!

    The Titans desperately need an OT to protect their prize possession, and if he gets past SD at #3, there is a distinct possibility that this years top OT prospect, LAREMY TUNSIL, is on the board when the 49ers are on the clock in round one.

    Also, the 49ers 3-time All-Pro, LT JOE STALEY, recently expressed some frustration with the idea of the 49ers being in the process of rebuilding.

    The 49ers could perhaps trade their 7th pick to Tennessee, or they could draft the athletic Tunsil (who would be a fantastic fit for Chip Kelly) and then trade Joe Staley to the Titans.

    OK guys, 2 questions:

    1) Should the 49ers consider a trade with Tennessee, who are suddenly loaded with draft picks?

    2) If so, how much should they ask for either their pick at #7, or Joe Staley?

    1. The Titans now have incredible flexibility in the draft. I definitely think they are a team that is worth exploring potential trade options with. At 15 they will likely miss out on one of the truly elite prospects this year, so they may indeed want to trade back up.

    2. But I don’t see why they would want to trade for a LT on the wrong side of 30. They have a young QB, and I expect they will want to surround him with young talent he can grow with. Trading back up to take Ronnie Stanley would make sense for them.

    3. The answer to the first question is yes. The second question is two-fold, so it’s technically three questions you have asked. The first part of the second question is the 49ers would probably only garner the 15th pick and another second round pick with a third pick probably making a deal too rich for the Tiatans to make. The second part of the question is a non-starter because there is no logical reason to trade your best player on the OL unless you have an equal or better replacement.

      1. MWD, I should have asked the question more clearly. I could see an opportunity for a trade during round 1. The 49ers could have a deal in place for Staley to Tennessee, predicated on drafting Tunsil @7. The 49ers get an elite LT of the future, and Tennessee get’s a proven All-Pro LT who brings a wealth of experience, which the Titans could use up front this season. Joe Staley goes to a team that has a chance to get into the postseason as soon as 2017, IMO, thanks to a very soft division.

      1. Watched it on HBO because it was the only thing on and decided to give it a chance. Unfortunately it’s something that I can’t undo.

        1. Horrible, horrible movie. I saw it HBO based on Jack Hammer’s recommendation. I’ve never asked gif those two hours of my life back, until now. Give me back those two hours, Jack!

    1. Fine, as long as we don’t have a travel game to the east coast for a 10am game liked last year when we had to player the Steelers on a short week.

  20. Murderers Row. Did York kicks the NFL scheduler in the nutz or something? Seriously.

    Week 1, vs. Los Angeles, Sept. 12

    Week 2, at Carolina, Sept. 18 (short week 10am game. Re-run of Pittsburgh last season.

    Week 3, at Seattle, Sept. 25

    Week 4, vs. Dallas, Oct. 2

    Week 5, vs. Arizona, Oct. 6

    Week 6, at Buffalo, Oct. 16

    Week 7, vs. Tampa Bay, Oct. 23

    Week 8, BYE

    Week 9, vs. Saints, Nov. 6

    Week 10, at Arizona, Nov. 13

    Week 11, vs. New England, Nov. 20

    Week 12, at Miami, Nov. 27

    Week 13, at Chicago, Dec. 4

    Week 14, vs. New York Jets, Dec. 11

    Week 15, at Atlanta, Dec. 18

    Week 16, at Los Angeles, Dec. 24

    Week 17, vs. Seattle, Jan. 1

    1. Branch – For second straight year 49ers will play East Coast game in Week 2 after playing MNF opener vs. team that’s had 9 days rest.

      1. Ah. All but 2 games are set every year. The whole toughest schedule thing means very little at this point. So much changes from year to year in this league.

        1. Agree. What the NFL can control is the order and times of the games. They could have avoided walloping the 49ers with an absurd travel situation… a 7:20pm game, then a 10am game on six days rest across the country?

          The 49ers were expected to be a throw-away team in the spring of 2011, when they had them traveling to Baltimore for the Thanksgiving game. Same last year going to Pittsburgh. I’m expecting a similar train wreck again week 2.

  21. Big splash for the Rams. It’ll add intrigue to a team that’s moving to a big market. They’ll put guys around their young stars and be good when they open their new stadium. Kind of like she the Cowboys got Emmit, Irvin and then Aikman. Maybe corner is the most important position now considering the throwing QB’s in our division. Palmer, the midget and Wentz/Geoff can all sling it.

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