Raiders sign Aldon Smith to one-year deal

Former 49ers’ All-Pro outside linebacker Aldon Smith has signed a one-year deal with the Oakland Raiders, according to Jason Cole.

The Niners released Smith on August 7 after he was charged with hit and run, DUI and vandalism. Smith allegedly hit a parked car and left without leaving a note. And when he finally returned, he was intoxicated.

The NFL has not yet decided whether to suspend Smith. For now, he is eligible to play Week 1 for the Raiders.

Do you think the Niners made a mistake? Should they have kept Smith, or did they do the right thing cutting him?

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  1. Do I think the miners made a mistake? Yess.. It’s not like he’s getting kicked out the leauge. He was gonna play in the NFL. Every teams fanbase kicked him when he was down, even the gay ass raider fans. Now all of a sudden, he’s god to them. But that’s the way the leauge works. Become an idiot on one team, but as soon as the other picks you up, its all honky Dory. Give e a F N break

    1. Oh and grant why even ask this question? Guys like you and kawakami killed the miners for keeping him. Now he’s on another team. Guess you guys can say the 49ers were dumb to act before the leauge punished him

    2. That +1800 for the Raiders to win the division looks AMAZING NOW!!!!!

      No, I don’t think SF made a mistake. It could be the move that saved this young man’s life. That is bigger than SF, football, and the NFL.

      1. In my opinion, the move that could have saved his life was a man in Trent balkee showing Aldon and the world that he has support off the field. Not just on the field. Balkee was a friend a father figure and a brother to him. That should have rung bells to know life is bigger than football. Get my life together and get rich blessing the guys that’s always been in my corner, since day one. But oh well. That should have saved his life. Not releasing him to play on another team. That just shows, aside from being a killer, rapist, or child molester, u will always get another chance. Its also a life cop out

        1. So instead of releasing him and giving him a wake up call that he needs to get his life together, while also staying in touch and trying to get him help. They should have kept him on their payroll and gave him the message you can mess up as many times as you want, because you still getting’ paid.

          Who’s enabling? A father that continues to support his son and provide money for his drug abuse. Or a father that has given his son chance after chance but chooses to kick him out and not support his abuse any longer?

          1. That’s the point Leo…. No team in the NFL is perfect. We got rid a problem, somebody else picked up our problem. Now no matter how the father didn’t enable him, someone else is. So instead of keeping family in-house to help cure ills (I.e suspend him for however long) while helping him and keeping an eye on him, another team enables him. For better or worse. The sad part, public opinion says we are horrible organization for holding on to him to long, but now since he’s apart of another organization its all well and good

            1. With that said if he was released because of public opinion, PR, jeds class commeny, or anything media related then we did the wrong thing. But if we were just tired of his BULLSH**, then good riddance. Grow up, man the F up and good luck in life

  2. Just like the Raiders to get our throw aways. Get ready for the suspension from the league now. If no suspension they’re going to have two great linebackers over their.

  3. from a PR standpoint, it was the right thing to do.

    from a purely football standpoint, it wasn’t…as Aldon obviously still has some skills and has been an elite pass rusher.

    from a PR standpoint it may not be fair but the Niners would look “classless” for holding on to Aldon and the Raiders look like they’re offering him a 2nd chance at redemption (when in reality the Niners have offered him 3-4 chances). Also, Aldon’s signing plays into the old 70’s Raiders mystique of having talented renegades and rejects on their team.

    1. I’m confused by what you wrote; “from a purely football standpoint, it wasn’t (the right thing to do)…as Aldon obviously still has some skills and has been an elite pass rusher.”
      That reads like A has skills, but it was a bad thing to do. Or are you as confused as your writing has left me??

  4. Well, if you’re like me, you have plenty of Raider fan family and friends who have practically delighted in Aldon’s issues, and loved to bash the ‘Niners over them.

    It should be entertaining now to see how quickly they can reverse course.

  5. Aldon Smith is the definition of burn me once shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me. There’s no shame in doing the right thing, and I think the 49ers did the right thing by holding their nose and taking out the trash….

    1. You don’t need to have a team of choir boys, in fact you don’t want a team of choir boys, but guys that can’t stay out of trouble are a distraction you are often better without. No matter how talented they are. There are plenty of talented players that come without that sort of baggage.

  6. Aldon Smith is a knuckle head. Sounded like Trent was ready to make him a very rich man, depending how this season went. Could you imagine if he would’ve gotten in trouble AFTER signing a mega-extension?

    It was going to happen sooner or later. Just glad that he screwed up before he got paid rather than after.

  7. Hmm. All Done has signed for 1 year, but the NFL will suspend him for 1 year.
    Sounds like a typical Raider move.

  8. He needed to go. We cant be holding our breathe all year wondering if this is the night he wrecks his car , gets DUI, shows up at airport with gun …. who know what else. How can the coaches game plan without be able to rely on this turkey to stay out of trouble.

    Our D played pretty well last year without him. His contribution upon returning was decent , but not spectacular . We still have a top 10 if not top 5 front 7 and our secondary is younger and faster than last year.

    WE GOOD!!

    1. where did you get the idea the Niners have a top 5 or even top 10 front 7?

      the Niners were something like 28th in yards allowed last season. 21st in sacks. 10th in scoring. and all that was WITH Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Patrick Willis.

      the only notable player the Niners have on the front 7 is Navrro Bowman returning from an injury (though he did look good in the preseason).

      1. Willis missed a big chunk of last year. Dorsey, Dial are just as good as if not better than aging smith and macdonald. I must admit I am a little concerned about ILB pass coverage.

        we will see.

        1. Front seven in a 3 – 4 defense = three down lineman and four linebackers. So, what is the point of informing AFP that Bowman is a line backer?

            1. Hence the designation line “backer”. However, that distinction is without effect with respect to your comment and AFP’s response to it.

              Your comment did not reference the defensive line – it referenced the front seven. AFP, who in my estimation, has a better understanding of NFL defenses than anyone else who posts here, responded with respect to the front seven, not the line, as that was what your wrote. So, again, In a 4 -3, the front seven are the two ends, the nose tackle, the two OLBs and the two ILBs. Bowman is an ILB. He is part of the front seven. If you meant to reference only the line, you should have written that.

          1. I guess I was mistakenly thinking they were only referring to linemen like Cowboy, Ray and Alldone. My bad

            1. Seb

              For all your proclaimed expertise on the 49ers, you are manifestly clueless. Aldon has never been designated as a lineman — as Cowboy and McDonald were — but rather as a linebacker, like Bowman.

              Please be better informed before you start spouting off at the more knowledgeable guys on this forum.

              Thank you.

              1. The 3-4 is confusing because they have 5 players on the line, but 2 of them are LBs. I must admit I did not read the post carefully, and just saw top 5 and assumed they were talking about defensive line men. There is a distinction between line backers and linemen, but it is a grey area. Other posters have taken me to task talking about Tomsula coaching Aldon. They said that Tomsula is the D line coach, but Aldon is a line backer and not under his purview.
                Its alright, I have been wrong many times, and will be wrong again. That will not make me stop commenting on this site, because we all have made mistakes. I do respect many posters on this site and like the knowledge and insight they bring. I hope they will tolerate my posts because I just do them to try to help the Niners get better, and unlike the haters, try to at least confine my remarks to reality.

              2. Seb…AGAIN, you’re wrong, its not confusing.

                In a 3-4 they have 3 down-lineman and 4 linebackers…you can usually tell the difference in that the down-lineman are…down, typically in a 3 or 4 point stance (not sure if the 4 pt stance has been officially phased out of football). The linebackers are standing up, in a 2 point stance. In a 4-3 system, its the same with the 4 lineman down in 3 or 4 pt stances, and the two OLBs on the corners in 2 pt stance, or playing off or on a TE depending on the defense called. And yes, there are occasions where the dline don’t actually get down, much like what the 49ers did to Peyton/Colts in 2010 as a way to confuse him and minimalize his constant checks he would do.

                Its not confusing at all…its actually pretty simple if you have a basic knowledge of the game of football. Not sure if you grew up watching football, have paid attention to high school (played even), college, or pro, but this isn’t hard stuff here…

                And ITS OKAY if you don’t know, just don’t talk out of your butt and talk down to others.

              3. Seb,

                I like how you roll. Keep up the good words and maybe we can all learn a little about rolling with the punches lol

              4. I am sorry for thinking they were talking about the 5 down line men. I made a mistake. I am human. I see now they were talking about the front 7. I hope you all realize that I try to be respectful and give praise when due. I think many posters on this site are very football knowledgeable and provide keen insights and different perspectives.
                I hate this format and wonder why an edit feature is impossible.
                What I really want to know is what other posters on this site are thinking about how to help the Niners succeed. I wonder what keys they are emphasizing and who will help them win.
                Projecting doom and gloom is par for the course because of the off season from hell, but I am optimistic.

            1. Seb (or the Wizzard of Oz) just got
              decloaked by the great E…Enjoy your day Seb and for future advice, stay away from football technical talk.

      2. Not arguing the top 10 ranking, but…

        Willis played less than 50% of last year’s games.
        And Glen Dorsey is also coming back.

        So from last year they lost Ray McDonald, an aging Justin Smith, half Willis and half Borland.
        And this year they get Bowman back, Dorsey back, a more experienced Dial (and Carradine, and Lynch), a first round pick in Armstead and a third round pick in Harold.

        I don’t think it’s that far fetched to say that this year’s front seven is at the same level as last year’s.

      3. Keep in mind after week 13 our D, like the rest of the team, gave up. If you review the stats for Weeks 1-12 our D was exceptional with the exception of the Denver game.

    1. Oh goody. the Niners know who is the weak link.
      However, they probably just want him for intel.
      Wish the Niners had returned the favor.

    2. Where’s Mary and that article claiming that the Seahawks have undoubtly the best roster in the NFL?

      If they have the best roster and will carry FOUR players that could not make the Niners 53 (Tukuafu, BJ, Dobbs and Moody), what does that say about the depth of the Niners roster?

    3. Moody will be strictly a STs player for them if he sticks on the roster at all. Not surprised Seattle picked him up, but still can’t figure out why the Niners cut him. If anything he was a valuable core STs player for us.

        1. Yep but I would have kept Moody over Skov. I realize Skov and Moody were playing different positions but Skov didn’t impress me at all, and isn’t as good on ST’s as Moody was. Water under the bridge now.

          1. Moody seemed to get beat in coverage in the Texans game. The camera work in those pre season games was so wide angle it was hard to tell what was going on. I don’t know that I ever got a good feel for Skov playing. What do you think of some posters and writers theorizing that Tartt made Moody expendable? And that Skov was better against the run so they would use him situationally if Wilhoite or Bowman went down?

      1. A 4-3 D might suit Moody better anyway. I imagine they’ll have him playing in Malcolm Smith’s old role as a SAM backer when Irvin comes off the field, to provide some coverage ability to that role.

  9. Grant, sometimes you make me flat out furious! Its obvious to many and many others, you don’t treat this blog as real journalism.

    You had no problem taking a firm position against the way the 49ers handled Aldon Smith. If I recall correctly, you were very opinionated on this subject, to the point of sounding a bit arrogant, and righteous. Now, all of the sudden, when Aldon Smith is no longer a member of the 49ers, you don’t feel the need to take a position on Aldon Smith and the Raiders decision to sign him. You even go as far as to frame it with the notion that the 49ers may have even made a mistake by cutting Aldon?

    You owe your readers an explanation. What has changed? Is Aldon Smith’s record of poor decision making no longer a reason for an NFL team to act in a responsible way, and hold Aldon accountable for his actions by making him prove to the league that he understands his transgressions, that he is an alcoholic, and that he needs to get professional help with his sickness?

    Talk about double standards! Grrrrr!

    1. Who cares, he’s not gonna contribute. It’s not like we got rid of Aaron Lynch and he went to seattle

  10. Imo, not a mistake. It’s too bad, a shame it came to that, but the team did the right thing. When they cut him JimT said he hoped that Aldon would land somewhere and continue his career. That structure in his life may be helpful for self-disciplin. My sense is that Jack Del Rio and Ken Norton Jr. will be positive influences but not offer too much slack in terms of behavior.
    Good luck Aldon, one day at a time.

  11. Yeah this signing makes no sense. He will be suspended a year at least, you just signed him for a year. I’m mean it may take the league until week 2, at the latest 4, to get it settled. Is he really worth it for a few games.

    And its not like they’re contenders. analyst are idiots. Especially Bucky, “Mack and Smith could be the best 1-2 combo in the league”, yeah for like 2 games. Then he’s gone. This is not like the Hardy signing at all, it is the exact opposite. Hardy will be back after 4 weeks to play for a contender. Aldon will be out after 4 weeks after playing for a bottom-feeder team.

    Just sounds dumb.

    1. That being said, I’m glad Hawks didn’t get him. Plus it keeps him in the bay for when we re-sign him next year.

    2. Leo,

      It’s low risk potential high reward for the Raiders. There is likely no guaranteed money in the contract, and they don’t pay him while he’s suspended. What they’ve done is set themselves up to have him late in the year if they are knocking on the door of the playoffs. Not likely but stranger things have happened.

      As far as Grant’s question, the Niners had to release him. They gave him multiple chances and he couldn’t stay out of trouble so he had to go. There has to be a consistency for player discipline even regarding the top players.

    3. Maybe not Ken Norton, Jr. is the Raider’s Linebacker Cordinator (formerally a Seahawk coach) and I doubt if he’ll put up with any crap.

        1. Short & sweet he want wants about $4M moved into 2016, I think. I hope the team doesn’t give in to him or Bennett will be knocking at the door next and then Sherman and Thomas.

          Long story short if Sherman or Thomas were missing it would be a greater loss. Life goes on and once he starts missing those $250,000/week he may reconsider.

          I read where Lynch might not play b/c of the Kam situation; that would indicate a much larger problem.

          1. When a player dons the shirt of another player to show his support for that player staying away from and hurting the team in a contract dispute, that is a sign the players are starting to think they are bigger than the team. The Seahawks aren’t far away from unravelling. Will it happen this season?

            1. Yep – greed and jeaousy! Don’t even ask my opinion on the Ciara thing. By all accounts he’s getting married soon. We are not CA — This is the PNW. sigh.

            2. Scooter,

              Was it only Lynch wearing a Chancellor shirt? If so, I would not put much stock in it as a sign that the team may be close to unraveling. I think everyone in the organization just accepts Lynch will be Lynch. If it was more players, I think there might be some grounds for thinking things could start going sideways.

              1. I thought about my previous post and I retract what I said. People have been predicting the Seahawk’s demise since 2012 and we are still going strong. We are resilient. Thanks Pete and John. # GoHawks ;)

              2. I too have thought about my previous post, and I think this is their last season at the top of the NFC. Too many big contracts to keep everyone beyond this year. And a lot of big egos. Happens to every team built around a bunch of stars after a while, and they’ve had a good run.

                I’m not predicting a precipitous fall next year necessarily, but other teams will start overtaking them. And it could happen this year.

              3. Mary, you incredible dunderhead, the Seahawks have about $90M tied up in eight players! To think they can keep rolling along, with no consequences is both stupid and arrogant (i.e., very Seahawk-like).

      1. Scooter: I’m not sure what to expect. I think PC/JS contracts are up in 2016 so will they sign an extension? Both Pete’s 2 sons work for the org. There’s been talk of Tom Cable taking over the HC job when Pete retires. So that will be interesting. Aside from those things I see the Seahawks drafting and traing and developing as they have been. Obviously once you pay a QB you need to have long range goals.

        1. If Cable takes over at some point, there better not be anyone on the staff that he does’t want. He has a very short fuse as a head coach.

    4. If the NFL is taking a wait-and-see approach with Ahmad Brooks and his misdemeanor, why wouldn’t they do the same with Smith?

      1. Grant I apologize if you already posted this but I’m curious what you think of the Raiders signing A. Smith.

      2. They may, but it is Aldon’s second offense under the personal conduct policy, and summary process is available. I do not think it will be used here, but it could be.

        1. It could go either way to be honest. It will greatly depend on the OL and quality of the team’s depth.

            1. Unknowns yes, but there are chips on shoulders that must be cashed in. Unknown intangibles can be powerful….

              1. I don’t disagree that it could go either way, but I have a suspicion it won’t be that bad….

    1. He doesn’t really say anything that hasn’t already been stated ad nauseam on here by the non kool-aid chuggers. His write up has the depth and insight of someone who’s knowledge of the team comes from an hours worth of google searches. This would be more appropriate for USA today that’s reaching out to a broad general audience then one that’s intimately familiar with the team.

  12. Howie Long insinuated on nfl radio this morning that the incident isn’t what it was made out to be and that he either wouldn’t be charged or the charges won’t dui related.
    Maybe he won’t even be suspended.


    Do you think there is anything to the kap/aldon rumors and that might have played into his release at all?

    1. The commissioner’s office can suspend a player under the conduct policy absent conviction. The language of the policy is that on a first instance of alleged misconduct, “generally” the commissioner’s office will wait for a final adjudication on criminal charges. However, the commissioner does not have to wait if the NFL’s own investigation determines whether the conduct is subject to discipline. Further, if the alleged conduct is not the first instance of discipline under the player conduct policy, the policy gives the commissioner discretion to summarily suspend a player. The policy does not specify that the current misconduct must be the same as the prior misconduct that resulted in discipline under the policy.

      So, even in the absence of a DUI (it is a tricky area of DUI law when constructive control of the vehicle is alleged (as in the police report) rather than direct observation of control of the vehicle , so let’s assume for the sake of argument the DUI charges are dropped), the commissioner could still suspend Smith for the hit and run even before the matter is adjudicated.

      And to preempt the expected “but didn’t the Brady case show he can’t suspend a player” comments, the rationale used in the Brady case is not largely applicable to discipline under the player conduct policy as players are on notice of the offending conduct and the possible punishment. The ruling could impact a suspension before final criminal adjudication in a first instance, although I think it is unlikely that it would, but not of a second instance of misconduct as the plain language of the policy provides for summary process.

  13. I thnik it was the right move. I thinks it’s case where some people might be holding on to what Aldon Smith WAS and not what he IS currently. Because currently, he hasn’t been anywhere near the dominating presence he was two (almost three) years ago. The reality is he hasn’t played in all 16 games or had double digit sacks since 2012. Sure the 49ers could have kept him around and banked (yet again) on his ability to stay reliable. But the real question is which Aldon are you going to get? Is the first two years or the last two? It’s hard to put a plan together defensively if one of your best players cant be trusted.

    If Oakland wants to take on that headache, then more power to them. And good luck to Aldon. I hope he can finally realize that he has yet another opportunity in from of him and hopefully he can get his life together. He’s got to finally show me something though because right now I’m skeptical about his ability to stay out of trouble.

  14. Tough question.

    From the moral perspective, I’d say yes. Ideally I’d like for them to have someone of his caliber keep out of trouble, but he keeps finding himself in poor situations. Reality is grim at times.

    From a football strategy perspective I would say it’s tough to lose a talent like that. Even if he ends up getting his life on track, it’s impossible to say he would have been able to had he stayed on the Niners. If reports regarding his and Kaep’s relationship hold any merit, then the locker room situation might have been tough to control. So from a moral standpoint, it still could have been the right choice given the alternative presented to them at the time.

  15. In the end does it matter what we think the GM and Ownership should have done? Its done. I think like in TJ Ward’s case here in Denver, he hadn’t heard from the league in like 18 months and out of now where last week he gets slapped with a one game suspension for something he didn’t even get prosecuted on and did community service for. So I think Aldon could have played a bit while they decide what to do with him, but in the end he’s been given a lot of opportunities to grow up and TB could help him help himself.

    I think the ownership right now is very interested in cleaning up the 49ers image over many other things.

  16. No loyalty to the Niners for all they did to him? Was he not suppose to get help, get sober, get better? You are telling that’s all been accomplished? Aldon, bad move bro….

    1. Loyalty has nothing to do with Aldon’s situation. He was going to be a free agent in 2016 if he had not been cut by the 49ers, and he will be a free agent in 2016 under his new contract. He may or may not play this year, but he will have an organization supporting him. Being unemployed is not one of the criteria for curing alcoholism.

      Many people are characterizing Aldon’s situation as a moral or maturity issue when it’s an addiction that many people are never able to recover from. The 49ers have taken the position that helping Aldon with his addiction is the best path. Some of the “Faithful” see Alden as an easy target for pot shots — no pun intended.

  17. Matt Keller ✔ @MattKellerABC7
    #Breaking- Santa Clara County DA files 3 misdemeanor charges against #AldonSmith.
    DUI w/prior, hit & run w/property damage & vandalism.

    1. It’s interesting to me, being completely ignorant of the law, why hit & run with property damage needs to be amplified with vandalism for the same accident. Would the vandalism refer to the damage done when Aldon banged the other car with his car door as he got out?

      1. Yes, the vandalism charge is for damage sustained to the other vehicle due to Smith’s alleged actions subsequent to the property damage component of the alleged hit run. Only damage incident to him operating the vehicle is include in the alleged hit and run property damage. Opening a door, if that is what caused subsequent damage, is not included in the operation of the vehicle.

              1. I wouldn’t have been locked out if anyone else had been home. With help from my neighbor, I was able to get our spare key.

  18. Goodell’s nine game suspension of Aldon Smith said loud and clear proactive team suspensions won’t be factored in final NFL suspensions. The same goes for any self corrective steps by the player (like voluntary rehab).

    This virtually forces Smith to play as many games as possible before discipline takes affect.

    Not saying its right. I’m just pointing out the math (or lack thereof) of Goodell’s approach.

    1. Many teams freely acknowledge discipline double standards. Rex Ryan was recently asked if talented players more got 2nd and 3rd changes than less talented players. He indicated matter of factly, “of course they do.” (not exact quote)

      There were no repercussions to Ryan’s statement.

      Little Jed painted himself into a corner with his “Winning With Class” statement… with a little help from hysterical national media that seemed to juxtapose Ray Rice and Ray McDonald.

      There was no way the 49ers could have retained Aldon Smith. Little Jed, Goodell, the Raven’s management, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald and the lizard brained media that couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell the two Rays apart… and finally Aldon Himself fired Aldon Smith.

      All Baalke could do was the paperwork.

      This doesn’t mean I think he should get off lightly for another DUI. He could have killed someone. Kids play in parking areas for gawds sake. I hope civil authority comes down hard on Aldon.

      I also hope at some point our country stops its dangerous clamoring for private entities to act as civil authorities. Democracy is in enough danger as it is.

      1. Was he definitely drunk when he hit the car in the parking lot, or was he drunk when he came back?

        1. I don’t know for sure. Leaving the scene’s a bad sign.

          How much time lapsed between the crash and his return to the scene? It takes a while for alcohol to take affect. He could have been drinking prior to the crash, but not yet properly drunk until he returned to the scene.

          The Raiders would be smart to put a no driving clause in his contract. Have a Lincoln hire car follow him everywhere.

        2. to add… All signs point to Aldon driving drunk, but If he wasn’t drunk and the DA is wrong, that changes everything (of course).

          1. Yes and no. The other charges are still likely misconduct under the player personal conduct policy. Further, they are also likely probation violations. And a probation revocation hearing is at the discretion of the court and can be held on its own motion. I would not be surprised if the court waited until after the matter is resolved, but I also would not be surprised if it was held sooner. Further, the standard of proof at a revocation hearing is preponderance, not beyond a reasonable doubt, so his probation could be revoked if it is more likely than not that he committed the offenses as charged.

            1. I’ve witnessed a Probation Violation hearing; 11/12 the Judge said “Uh-huh, Da Joint.” Oh of course not literally, but effectively. Not one of those 12 was represented by counsel.

        3. Grant,

          The issue for the finder of fact is whether the state can establish that impairment and control were concurrent. They should have an easy time establishing constructive control. It will be establishing his level of impairment while he had control that will be difficult. The time between the incident and his return and his BAC at the time of his return are key. It may also be helpful if the neighbor witnessed Smith’s behavior immediately after the incident. State of inebriation is an area in which lay witness opinion testimony is admissible. It is important to note that while a BAC measurement over the allowable limit is evidence of per se impairment, BAC evidence is not necessary to establish impairment.

        4. Grant

          There’s no way to know. Also, there’s an indication that they didn’t get any BAC on him at all, as he is charged with refusing a chemical test. Therefore, they may not be able to get him on a DUI, but his conduct of refusing to submit to the test will indicate dishonesty on his part, as such a requirement is an agreed condition of being a licensed driver in California. Therefore, Aldon might escape the DUI under the law, simply because the evidence lacks BAC, but his character is suspect, and that will probably impact his NFL punishment negatively.

        5. That’s a possible tactic. It’s like having an accident and waiting for the cops in a bar. In Aldon’s case his legal probation may take precedence anyway.

  19. Wow…just wow…How does Trent Baalke still have a job (and used to like the guy)? The smart thing would’ve been a team imposed suspension. That way you maintain all of his rights. Or even (since we already do some underhanded stuff)…force him to “retire” until he gets better.

    Once you start making decisions based on “faux principles” your entire system begins to fall apart.

    1. NinersRoc: Simply put unreliable players are a liability and hurt your team. That ‘s why CBs B. Brownier & Walter Thurmond were cut for repeated PED suspensions = missed games. We couldn’t count on them. Lucky for them they seem to have recaptured their lives.

      I think I read where Bruce Irvin had been tested 9 times this year.

  20. This not a complex equation or as difficult as mining for helium 6. This is going to be a situation where Aldon Smith will be Aldon Smith. I am sure with his rehab background he understands my comment. Best of luck Aldon.

  21. About Aldon – Its not jut an addiction thing. He clearly has a behavioral disorder or mental illness. Cab and Uber fares are minuscule compared to what the DUIs will eventually cost.

    I;m not sure about this, but I think the NFL has an anonymous free ride program for players that have been out drinking. No one (not even the team) knows about the rides. All Aldon had to do was dial a number, call a cab, call in sick with the trots… what ever.

    I hope he pays for endangering people with his drunk driving. I also hope he straightens his stuff out, and has a great career (not with the NFC West).

    1. Brodie I imagine that Smith did’nt use any of the ride options you listed because he is on league and legal probation and if he used those options it would be like him saying hey everybody i’m drinking again.

  22. Of course the 49ers made a mistake. Their motivation was to save money, not to do the right thing.

    Reggie McKenzie may be a better GM than Baalke. Who would’ve thought that a couple of years ago ?

    1. I guess signing Torrey Smith to 40 mil was trying to save money. I guess a 3-13 year qualifys for better GM work then a guy who help build a team that made 2 consecutive NFC championship games and a SB appearance. Stay under your rock dude. Fans like yourself are a disgrace to fellow niner fans.

      1. What flavor is the cool aid today? The Torrey Smith signing has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. The reality of keeping Aldon on the roster, paying the $9m, and risking not having him play due to a looming suspension was too much to handle for the money hungry Yorks. That’s the point I was making.

        We’ll soon find out how good Baalke is post Harbaugh. We know that before Harbaugh, he was a loser. Most likely, he’ll revert back to his pre-JH performance … which is not saying much.

        1. Ya your right before haurbaugh he was the top scout for mccloughn.. Keeping talking out your arse! By far one of the best talent evaluators in the game today. Come Monday night you will see the players that he has drafted rise to the occasion.

          1. By the way Haurbaugh is 0-1 at Michigan.. I’m sure he could use your support this year cause it will be a long year for him.

            1. You could make better points if you left Harbaugh out of any 49er discussion. Actually Harbaugh’s team was a road underdog and would have lost even if they didn’t lose their quarterback. Utah is a strong program.

    2. Who thinks that now? Not me. Simplistic conspiracy theories are usually weak. Not a money deal in my opinion.

        1. Nick- I was referring to the idea that Aldon was cut over money, and to the oft-repeated overriding notion that the Yorks are tightwads whose greed is their top priority. Some on here suggested that the Harbaugh fire and Tomsula hire was about money. I suspect that they are no more or less greedy than any owners.

          1. Anyone who buys a NFL franchise with “earned” money is bound to put money far ahead of every other value until it’s time to acquire trophies.

  23. I don’t know for sure that Aldon is addicted to alcohol, or whether its just other deep seated issues, but whatever it is he can’t seem to stop himself from drinking. Sounds like an addiction to me. And while I’m not an addict, and never have been addicted to a substance, one thing I do know about addiction from my doctor friends is that people typically need to hit rock bottom before they address their addiction.

    Continually providing the 49ers organisation’s support, and keeping Aldon on the books despite his off-field issues, would have been providing him an ongoing lifeline and prevented him from truly reaching rock bottom. It was in the best interests of the 49ers to let him go, but more importantly it was in the best interests of Aldon.

    While I am in some ways glad to see Aldon given a chance by the Raiders, and can’t really fault the Raiders for making a purely football decision, for the most part I think both Aldon and the Raiders are doing Aldon a disservice by getting back into football so quickly. I find it hard to believe he has turned himself around in a couple of months. While I sincerely hope he stays sober, the chances are he won’t until he has to.

    1. Agree.

      While its easy to come down hard on Baalke, there are variables beyond a managers control. Otherwise know as shinola happens. There is only so much research on the private life of a 20 year old a scout can do.

    2. You can party all you want as long as you produce and don’t get into trouble. I give you the Gronkster….

      1. Some people can, some can’t. I know people that starting getting knockered at 6pm every day for decades that didn’t miss a day of work.

        And then there are the Aldon’s of the world.

        1. Others go on semi regular prolong binders followed by periods of remorse. That seems to be what Aldon has been doing. Eventually the binders become much longer and the remorse not so much.

    3. Scooter
      In terms of what’s good for Aldon, I too have mixed feelings about him playing again this soon. The sense of failure probably should have been allowed to marinate for a bit, to be absorbed. The other side of that is that having a daily purpose, a routine and schedule involving others is a way of distracting from unhealthy desires. Having a responsibility to other people and meeting their expectations can help keep one on track.
      Once again, I have no clue how the NFL will react, if or when they’ll react, and isn’t that weird?

        1. Good question. Things were set up pretty well for him to succeed when he failed. I love how the RayDuhs fans say that he’ll have a support group now… he didn’t before.
          His new team mates are I’m sure welcoming him in. But behind their eyes they have to be wondering how available he will be due to the NFL, sentencing (although misdemeanors, the repeat infraction…..), and self control.
          TBD. It was last time too, to a negative result. Reset.

      1. Brotha, I believe when it comes to rehabilitation, having something to distract you from the root of the problem is exactly what they don’t recommend. As that is what drugs/ alcohol are in the first place. Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong, but that is my understanding.

  24. They did not have a choice. Sad, but true. Media would have beat them beyond recognition. Just hope this does not come back to bite us like Haley.

  25. BTW, I read a lot of posts knocking GC for asking this question. It’s a fair question and will probably be a question asked years down the road. Did we do the right thing. Again, I would say we had no choice due to our current predicament, but it is painful, very painful.

  26. MWD, here’s my team:

    Bradford QB
    Bridgewater QB
    Hyde RB
    Matthews RB
    Gurley RB
    Blue RB
    Sanders WR
    Johnson WR
    Allen WR
    Bryant WR
    Floyd WR
    Ertz TE
    Thomas TE
    Rams Defense
    Dawson Kicker

        1. Oh yes. Our youngest tore his ACL and three of the replacements in that knee. His surgeon has done 49ers, including Roger Craig, and the Sharks. Luckily he wasn’t looking forward to a professional career in soccer. He stopped playing soccer after the first operation. He was very creative with the second through the fourth ACL.

    1. Razor, I don’t see a first or second round pick in there. It is a 36 team league, and you picked last?

  27. “Do you think the Niners made a mistake? Should they have kept Smith, or did they do the right thing cutting him?”
    I’m almost shocked by the question. I pretty much assumed that all the Bay Area beat writers by default just assigned all moves made by the team to be selfish and self serving in nature. You should therefore assume that the team made the move thinking it was the best thing for them. If they made the best move for the team then they did the right thing, right?

  28. This is my take and prediction.
    The raiders are renting him until his suspension. And he will get a year within 3 weeks now that he’s signed.
    He will be a free agent next year or after his year is up, and he will be a 49er again.
    I consider this a friendly prom date with the raiders. His heart and a$$ belong in SF.
    And that’s where he will be for a long time. You heard it here first

    1. Actually I’ve heard it several time already. Also it’s been right here since the signing was mad public.

    2. Surprisingly, word is Aldon has no interest in returning to the 49ers. That’s regardless with what happens with the Raiders. I agree with you here, I thought he belonged in SF too, but apparently its over.

      By the way the 49ers were right to cut him, and at least he didn’t sign with Seattle . LOL I have no idea why the Raiders signed him, but I know why Aldon did. He lives in the Bay Area, didn’t want to move, and the Raiders are giving him 3 million even if he does nothing for them.

      1. No one is going to join a new team on a one year contract, and voice plans to return to the old one in free agency — even in private.

  29. Grant (& Everyone)

    Have we been completely hoodwinked into perceiving this Aldon Smith scenario as far more minuscule than it really is?!

    This is one of the biggest gaffes in the history of NFL personnel management. Why is nobody taking the 49ers to task for letting him get away? This guy was averaging a sack per game for 43 games. Imagine, if he plays 12 years at 16 sacks per season, he retires with 192 sacks. If he plays as many games as Reggie White, he has 34 more career sacks.

    Take a look at a picture of Aldon Smith in a Raiders uniform, from today at practice. The guy is an absolute monster, and he will never, EVER wear red and gold again. That’s on Jed, Trent, and Jim Harbaugh, not to mention Goodell’s inexplicable approach to league discipline. But really, it’s on Jed. Jed will be remembered as the guy who let Aldon Smith get away. What a travesty!!!

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