Ravens @ Rams live stream

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson warms up before an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Monday, Nov. 25, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

This is the live stream for the Week 12 Monday night game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Rams. Ryan Sakamoto and I will announce the game live on the HotMic App.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app in the App Store using invite code COHN10 and sync our call to your television. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch the stream below. It’s about 10 seconds behind the television feed.

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  1. So Roman’s Game Plans for Kap ‘were garbage’’ because Kap couldn’t get through his reads.
    Lamar Jackson studies his craft and improves as a pocket passer and now Roman is a genius.
    Why can’t Johnny read? Blame f-ing Johnny!
    Big demo tryout: check.
    Job offers: o.oo none zilch zip nada

  2. Too bad Roman tried to make Kaep deliver the ball from the pocket.
    This is why I like mobile QBs. Roman is finally playing to Jackson’s strengths, instead of forcing him to be only a pocket passer.

    1. Jackson can deliver an accurate ball……………he studies in the film room………………cares about his mechanics…………………works on those aspects of his game that need it.

      Kap? No.

  3. Send
    Not remotely accurate. Kap could not read defenses and could not throw a receiver open. He would not the the pass where the receiver would be, he would wait until they were open. There was plenty of movement, just poor decision making.
    I would also note 4/5 TD throws tonight were from the pocket.

    Ravens look scary good and Rams look pathetic bad.

  4. When Kaep was on his 10 game streak to get to the SB, Kaep read the defenses well.
    Remember the drek WRs?
    In the 2013 season, Kaep was 12-4, but Baalke traded away Niner players to the Colts and Saints, future opponents, and the intel helped defeat the Niners. That prevented the Niners from having home field advantage. Kaep was one pass away from returning to the SB.
    Then Baalke dismantled a SB team.

  5. I think Ravens are the toughest testvof the year by far. I don’t even think they’re going to the superbowl, but they’re piping hot right now. I never pick against my team, but it’s going to be real tough out there. Niners win that and boy oh boy are we in business.

  6. The Niners wide nine does not play well against the Ravens run up the middle offense.

    Saleh is going to have to dial up some stuff they haven’t seen.

    Ravens haven’t faced a TE like Kittle.

    He’s the key.

    Going to be a classic.

    I like the Niners.

  7. The Ravens offense is definitely going to be a tough assignment for the 49ers D. They’re good and can beat you multiple ways. Most worrying is that their run game is very strong with multiple threats, and the 49ers D has been inconsistent in their success defending the run. As good as the 49ers D is I think it will be more a case of limiting the damage than dominating the Ravens. The key for the 49ers will be getting their own offense going, and I think on D it will be about getting a few key stops and/ or turnovers.

    1. True that Scooter…this is a tough one…..Harbaugh always has tough running teams that slay on defense…lets hope we get some killer licks on LJackson and slow him down…..he needs to take some lumps and hits

    1. ScooterMcG

      Just for drill, it depends on who we’d trade….we’ve still got some tradeable ‘dead wood’ on our roster who could be attractive to some other teams…. i’d still like to see us pick up Jordan Matthews as insurance for Sanders rib recovery…other than that, No, scooter…’would have really hurt us next draft….

      1. Well, just for drill, the Jags were unlikely to be interested in trading for any of the “deadwood” on the 49ers and it was always unreasonable to think they would. It was going to cost a lot of draft capital, just like it cost the Rams. And boy, so much for Ramsey being the type of talent that could single-handedly transform a D.

    1. Nah….He comp 75% passes, 5 td’s, 140 qbr, ran for 95 yards and didn’t even play the 4th quarter….no, not a game manager. Lamar Jackson is on fire…Ravens can beat N.E. and will probably be in the SB. If SF beats them next week which I’m not sure they can, they will win the rest and probably be in the SB vs the Ravens.

    2. Far from a game manager: Lamar Jackson continued a quarterback season the likes of which we’ve never seen before. In this game alone, Jackson became the first player in NFL history with: 3,000 passing yards and 1,500 rushing yards in his first two seasons; 50 rushing yards and four passing touchdowns in consecutive games; and Five passing touchdowns in his Monday Night Football debut.

      The Ravens scored touchdowns on each of their first six drives. They successfully converted all three of their fourth-down tries. They were six of seven in the red zone, and three-for-three in goal-to-go situations. Jackson threw those five touchdown passes on just 20 attempts. The Ravens racked up 480 total yards to the Rams’ 221 and ran 74 plays to the Rams’ 48. If you want to know how complete this domination was, consider this: Per NextGen Stats, the Ravens ran right at Aaron Donald 13 times, gaining 87 yards and scoring a touchdown. Yes, they double-teamed him a ton, but Donald’s used to that.

      1. What Pot said…

        blockquote>Pot…Kettle says:
        November 26, 2019 at 2:42 pm</blockquote

        Rollotomasi was being sarcastic…

        1. That’s fine Rollo was being sarcasstic…..greg and edwin I guess are stating some facts about lamar jackson being far from a manager…no big deal, calm down.

  8. I’d imagine the Ravens won’t be bothered by coming off a short week–and travelling back to the east coast (getting in early Tuesday morning).

  9. Ravens will be a tough game…..LJackson is faster than Wilson and Murray yikes..

    Any Harbaugh team will be tough on Defense and tough on runnng the ball…..this will not be an ez game and perhaps a loss….who knows?

    Rubber is meeting the road….

    One thing though, the running type of QB’s typically don’t last in the NFL … as we saw last night LJackson took some licks when he runs….If he keeps getting hit he will eventually get injured, this happens to every single runnng QB in the NFL period. He may be MVP this year then hurt and out the next.

    1. “Ravens will be a tough game…….this will not be an ez game and perhaps a loss….who knows?”

      Groundbreaking analysis.

      “Rubber is meeting the road”

      This is like one of Seb’s 24-23 predictions.

    2. Monty will be the first one in here – unless renas beats him to it – forecasting gloom and doom and hating on Garoppolo etc. if the Niners lose this game. The 49ers aren’t going to be favored in this game and every tangible/intangible is against them from the start time to playing the best running QB in the game, but it won’t matter to these knuckleheads. It’s going to be the end of times in their minds for sure.

  10. Wow. The Rams opened up a giant can of Quit in that Ravens game. Anyone still wishing the 49ers hired Sean McVay over Kyle Shanahan? What an absolute freaking embarrassment. Even when the 49ers were at their lowest over the past few years under Shanny, I don’t think the team ever quit like you saw the Rams quit last night. I absolutely love it.

    1. The Rams front office has built a huge pile of cow dung by making moves that make sense only on Madden.

      I kept hearing how Jalen Ramsey was a difference maker that the 49ers should go after.

    2. Kind of unfair to blame McVay for Kroenke and Snead’s decisions to go all in on trades and FA signings for essentially short-term veteran rentals.
      When they started the process in 2017, conventional wisdom pointed to the ticking time bomb in future years based on loss of draft picks. Considering the kind of pressure-sensitive pocket QB that is Goff, the Rams are not going to contend until they can rebuild the O line to protect the QB.

  11. We need to have our DE crash Action Jackson on every RPO, whether he has the ball or not. Keep outside containment and be ready inside to slam the door on Ingram….

    1. Yes…make them pass..not run and pass just pass and stop the run game….they play tough up front…..this will be a tough game…

    2. That guy is so quick in small spaces that he seems to be hard to crash. Ravens O line is very good. Roman will probably try to soften the Niners inside with a heavy dose of Ingram like he did against the Ram, and try to loosen outside containment by drawing in the LBs. The front seven will need to show a lot of discipline.

    3. I know it’s not the same level of football but I know at the high school level and I’ve heard college coaches talk about this as well… Against a team that runs QB read plays where the QB is a running threat, the QB should be on the ground at the end of every play, whether he has the football or not. When a team relies on fakes, the entire purpose of the play is to deceive the defense as to who has the ball. The NFL basically makes it impossible to touch the QB nowadays but I’d put Jackson on his butt on every single running play. Take the penalties and make Jackson fear getting hit every play. I recall a playoff game my son played in high school. The opposing QB was a dominant athlete. Went to a Power 5 school and has done really well. They ran the spread offense with the QB keeping the ball most of the time. He was basically the entire offense. On the first play from scrimmage QB handed the ball off up the middle and faked like he was running off the edge kind of going half speed not expecting anything. Our OLB absolutely decleated him. QB was trying to fake the LBers into thinking he had the ball and pulling them out wide with him to open the middle. When you carry out a run fake you are a live target. It was a Totally legal hit but they called unnecessary roughness. Our LBer knew he didn’t have the ball but the game plan was to hit this QB on every fake. Penalty was totally worth it. Kid checked out in the 2nd quarter and did not run hard the entire game. If you want to beat the Ravens, Jackson needs to be on the ground every chance you get.

        1. Ravens offense looks great right now but Jackson is definitely taking hits. He took 2 or 3 pretty good shots last night. Harbaugh and Roman are getting tons of credit for engineering an offense that utilizes Jackson’s skills but they are unquestionably taking years off this kids career. This type of offense is not sustainable in the NFL because the QB takes too many hits. Ravens might even win a Superbowl with Jackson but he will have a 5 year career if the Ravens stick with this offense over the long haul.

        2. What Houston is saying makes sense. I think one of the issues is that secondaries have to play zone in order to keep eyes on Jackson. Zone defense in the secondary seems easier to pick apart than man-to-man as long as the QB is capable, which Jackson is.

          I’m concerned that if Saleh insists on playing Wide 9 during most of the game, there will be large channels up the middle for Jackson and even Ingram. As I understand it, the Wide 9 is meant to counter the pass-heavy offenses seen mostly in the NFL. Baltimore is not such an offense, so I would think Saleh/KS need to adjust.

      1. That’s what the league did with Kaep when he was running the RPO.

        League changed the rules accordingly because of this.

        Hit Jackson as often as Possible.

  12. Maiocco: “Garoppolo’s 100.6 passer rating is on pace to be the best mark for a 49ers quarterback who started 10 or more games since Steve Young’s 101.1 in 1998.”

  13. How can the Niners beat the Ravens?
    JG must engineer several long drives, culminating in a TD instead of a field goal. Play keep away from Jackson. He cannot score, standing on the side line. Yes, the Ravens defense is stout, but the Niners have the speed to beat them. Goff made several throws against them, but had no running game. The Niners must establish a running game, by lining up Mostert or Wilson deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam before selecting the weakness in the line. Coleman runs too linear, and does not see the holes. Use him in other ways, like swing passes. Juice can lead the way.
    On defense, the Niners should study the Ravens/Chargers game in the postseason last year. Lynn employed 6 DBs, so Jackson was stymied. Put Tartt at LB, and Sherman at SS, with Witherspoon and Moseley at CB.
    The Niners need to contain Jackson in the pocket, and collapse it. Saleh should dial up some exotic blitzes up the middle, so if Jackson climbs the pocket, he will be met by a blitzer. Contain Jackson, and shut down their running game.
    Roman will cook up some clever offensive plays, but if the Niner defense can play sound fundamental football, and play fast, they can stop Jackson. Bosa needs to set the edge, and not go crashing inside, unless another player does a stunt outside. He also needs to keep his feet, and stay balanced.
    Yes, the Ravens are a hot team, but they lost to the Chiefs and Browns, so they are not invincible. However, their last game kinda made them look like a juggernaut, but the Niner defense is way better than the Rams defense.
    On those read option plays, the DE should fake going after the RB, then swerve at the last moment, and smack Jackson.
    If JG can make some long sustained drives, it will allow the Niner defense to rest. The Niner defense held the vaunted Packer offense to a one for fifteen record on third downs. I hope they can do the same to the Ravens.

  14. This time last year we were already discussing next year draft or whether or not we should tank the rest of the season. Also Grant was floating the idea of Mullens competing for starting qb in 2019.

    This is a good year! What a joy.

    1. It has been a good year – for everybody but Cohn and his sheep – who have been wrong on just about everything. How this guy has any credibility with anyone is beyond me. Worst observations and opinions on anything football related I’ve ever seen.

  15. Will be interesting to see if the heavy rains forecast for the Baltimore area Sunday impact the Ravens offense–conditions similar to the Redskins game. Same goes for the 9ers offense.

  16. I love the Ravens….oops I mean I hate the Ravens. I have been rooting for the Ravens quite a bit lately or what I really mean is I have been rooting for my money. The last 3 weeks betting on Balt. has been like stealing money. Those games along with taking Ariz. and the points Vs. the 9ers and a couple of college parlays ( go Mich.) have resulted in me having my most lucrative year in about 10. I’m also leading a $2000.00 dollar pool by 3 games with 3 weeks to go, its going to be a very nice Christmas. By the way i’m staying away from the 9ers game this week.

    1. Congratulations. Very, very nice. I’m embarrassed to say I actually took the Rams plus the points last night. Home dog in a must win against a team traveling across country just seemed like a good opportunity. Fortunately, I didn’t wager my normal amount so the loss wasn’t too big. I’ve had a very good year as well. Made enough in 1 weekend to buy my wife a new living room set. Life is good.

      1. Cwool,
        Its too big of a game for me to bet on. I will be nervous enough just worrying about the out come little own having money riding on it. If the 9ers weren’t my team I believe it would take 7.5 to get me to play the 9ers.

  17. Really looking forward to Sunday.

    Based on pretty much everything I read and hear the 49ers should just save their bodies/money, just skip the trip to Baltimore and get ready for the Saints.

    Not gonna take anything earth shattering to win this game. Gotta stay balanced, hold onto the ball on offense and limit the Ravens to field goals.

    This is gonna be a tight one.

    1. That’s how I see it. I think the 49ers will need to get a few key defensive stops and the offense will need to have another good game. Nothing really ground breaking tbh – when you play good teams that is often what you need!

      Should be a cracking game. Really looking forward to it.

      1. Yup I agree….that team has been piping hot since they beat the hawks, but they can be beaten and they’ve had some close ugly games before that hawks game as well. Hopefully we can cool this team off some.

      1. That will favour the D’s. Also favours the running game, which unfortunately is probably better for the Ravens than 49ers.

    2. Stop their running game, specifically Ingram and force Jackson to play inside the pocket. That’s the way I’d game plan this game.
      Baltimore can be beat if we limit the explosive plays, stop the run, and no turnovers.

    3. 49ers will have a chance to win every game they play due to the talent and Coaching they have. This one is going to be difficult with the way the Ravens are playing and it being in their building with an early start, but you can never count out a team that is playing as well as the Niners are on both sides of the ball. They have to hold up against the run and contain Jackson enough to stop the big gains with his legs. If they can do that and force him to beat them throwing from the pocket, they’ll have a good chance to win this game. If they get bulldozed with simple off tackle power runs like the Rams did last night, they won’t.

              1. I’m not too confident at this point. I think for the team to win, they will have to punish Jackson when he runs and Jimmy will need to absolutely minimize turnovers. I agree with Razor that the defensive ends need to take away the option for Jackson to keep the ball on a zone read/read option. Make him hand it off and take our chances with Ingram going up the middle. I think Jimmy G can minimize turnovers if the score is close (i.e. he can afford to take the sack or throw it away). But if we get behind, he’ll start slinging it and the Raven’s D will probably pick him at least once.

                At this point, I’m hoping it is a competitive game.

              2. SF had problems with Murray and Wilson. L. Jackson is even worse and he’ll be a bigger nightmare!!…….It will be competitive for sure and I’m a huge SF fan but I think SF loses by 7-10 points. Ravens at the moment is just a bit more stronger in all areas, plus it’s at their home. Maybe SF meets them again in the SB, hopefully Hurd and Dee Ford are back then. With them in a nuetral site, it woud be a great SB.

    1. Perhaps Jimmy could try different gloves while throwing icy-cold, slippery darts… Flickin’ the ol’ wrist.

  18. Helping explain Skule’s performance against the Packers on Sunday night (from The Athletic):

    “Then, Brunskill took his answer in a different direction, and — along the way — shed some valuable insight into how this 49ers’ offensive line has been able to stay afloat, even with all the time its regulars have missed and all the complications those absences have created.

    “I want to commend Justin Skule,” Brunskill said. “Because not a lot of people see him on a daily basis, and he’s not trying to show how tough he is or anything. But he has a bruise from his hip down to his knee. We were sitting in meetings and Coach could see his bruise from across the room — he said, ‘Dang, Justin.’ It’s the gnarliest bruise I’ve ever seen. It looks painful.

    “But he wanted to go out there and fight today. He’s had the hot hand, playing on that left side. But he had a couple bad looks that didn’t go his way, and he was limping before he went into the game. The fact he was able to go out there at such a young age, and compose himself — and keep communicating with me on the sideline even when things weren’t well, I have to commend him for that. A lot of people don’t know that story.”

    Brunskill knew that Skule, whom the 49ers selected in the sixth round of the NFL Draft in April, would likely face his share of criticism after the 49ers’ rough offensive start. But he made it a point to emphasize that Skule’s demeanor didn’t waver through Sunday’s struggles.

    “Communication” is the operative word here. That’s what 49ers left guard Laken Tomlinson emphasized about the game, saying that both Skule and Brunskill maintained a consistently productive dialogue on the sideline throughout — even after the switch.”

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