49ers reader mock draft 2016: 1.0

Who should the 49ers select if the 2016 draft were to play out like this?

1. Tennessee Titans: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
2. Cleveland Browns: Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State
3. San Diego Chargers: Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame
4. Baltimore Ravens: Joey Bosa, OLB, Ohio State
5. San Francisco 49ers: __________________________

Please explain your choice.

Here are some options in no particular order:

Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA. Three-down linebacker, although more of a 4-3 weakside linebacker than a traditional 3-4 inside linebacker. Excellent in pass coverage. Fast. Plays running back almost as well as he plays defense.  Suffered a knee injury and appeared in just three games in 2015.

Jaylon Smith, ILB, Notre Dame. Another three-down linebacker. Bigger and more powerful than Jack. Better pass rusher than Jack. Better fit in a traditional 3-4 defense than Jack.

Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida. Smart corner who tackles well and breaks up a lot of passes.

Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis. Big. Fast. Strong arm

Jared Goff, QB, Cal. Skinny. Very strong arm. Excellent in the pocket. Senses pressure and sidesteps rush while keeping eyes downfield.

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  1. If they can’t trade out of the top ten and Tunsil is already taken the safest and probably best choice is Jaylon Smith.

    I’m still not in love with his weight and that he bounced between inside and outside linebacker although many will see that as a positive. However, I see a guy who is a natural athlete with a true nose for the ball. He can play without thinking and appears to make the right choices more often then not. He’s fast and if he can add some weight without losing too much acceleration he has potential to be a really good ILB in the NFL. On top of all of that ILB has show to be a true need for the team. Non surprisingly the team as has struggled to replace Willis and Bowman although still great close up has lost the speed to be an every down linebacker.

  2. Niners need help on both lines. That should be their top priority. Tackles and guards, defensive tackles. Their first 3-4 picks should all be here. They need a Justin Smith/Bryant Young type presence on the D-Line, so if that’s there at 5 (or where ever), they should take it first. If not, take a top left tackle candidate.

    1. Mike…you nailed it. I’ve seen several early mocks and none have any OL going early. Its clearly the weakest link on the team…and must be addressed early and often in the draft. I’m hoping they re-sign Boone, who’s been our best OL this season. Staley’s showing significant signs of wear, so agree, they need to draft a LT to develop and maybe even start. Absolutely no guarantee AD will be back in 2016, so drafting some of the top OL talent is crucial. Hopefully, Brandon Thomas will be ready to take over one of the OG or OT positions.

      You’re right, the DL needs a leader, so signing a FA might help, as well as drafting a stud who can become a star. It’s been said often, but it bears repeating, it all starts up front. Both lines need beefing up, especially the OL. There are other needs, but both lines are the most pressing.

      1. If Ronnie Stanley and Tunsil are gone, SF is screwed. They will have to trade down. This is not a good QB class to take a QB in the top 15. CB is not our greatest need. The trade down with potentially St. Louis who would go after Paxton Lynch would net them St. Louis 11th pick in the 1st, and their pick in the 2nd where would get LOT Taylor Decker or DE Deforest Buckner in the 1st, followed by the best player available in the 2nd to fill the other need.

        On top of drafting one of those 2 guys, if they go OT in the draft, they should throw the book at Cordy Glenn (young LT, LG), resign Boone (LG, RG), sign Incognito (to toughen up Marcus Martin and Brandon Thomas), cut loose Pears, Devey.

        But if we had to pick at 5, Laquan Treadwell from Ole Miss to replace Boldin (I’m not sure why SF wouldn’t bring Boldin back but this management is retarded so it won’t surprise me).

      2. OL should be addressed in free agency. We have TONS of cap space to shop and there is a great class of FA offensive lineman hitting the market.

        Which means that we don’t NEED to go with OL in round 1 and can go either defensive line/linebacker or QB.

  3. In this scenario Jaylon Smith is the choice. Before this weekend it would have been Robert N. But now he is too risky.

    1. His character concerns made him too risky even before this weekend. This weekend only validated those concerns.

          1. Better athlete…based on what? Smith was/is the best linebacker in division 1. 6’3 vs 6’1 so he has the frame to put on more weight than Jack.

          2. Hmmm, if Baalke drafted Jack because he “is just a better athlete,” then he will be blasted by you later for drafting another player with a knee injury. Been there, done that. And, at 225 lbs., Jack is undersized like Eli Harold. Can you have the future LB corps undersized at two of the four positions? I prefer Jaylon Smith early and OT Shon Campbell in the second round.

      1. I agree. I think Jack is a stud and will be fantastic in the NFL. Taking injured players scares me though with all of Baalkes failures drafting them. I think Jaylon could provide more pass rush skills for the 49ers though. I would also take a look at trading back and picking WR Treadwell from Mississippi. Dude is gonna be really good

      2. Wow, seriously Grant. Jack is a great cover ILB. I might give him a slightly better grade in coverage than Smith, but Smith is a game changer, and better all around ILB.

        Do you really recommend Baalke take another player coming off a knee injury?

  4. Option 1 – Trade back for more picks. Pick up 1-2 o-lineman or d lineman.

    Option 2- Paxton Lynch. Got to see him play in person and he’s impressive. Not sure he’s worth the #5 pick so you’d have to see how you grade him. The guy has a major league arm and is a very good athlete. He does read defenses unlike some of the spread QB’s who take a snap and throw quick screens on most plays. Only concern is he’s very thin and lanky. Looks to me like the perfect size to easily get hurt in the NFL. For that reason alone I’d prolly stay away from a top 10 pick with this guy but I really do like him as a player.

    I would NEVER take an ILB that high in the draft. There are way too many serviceable guys at that position that you can get for a lot less expensive. A top 5 pick really should go to a stud o-lineman, QB, or an OLB who can rush the passer. You’re looking for a Khalil Mack and not a Bernardrick McKinney with a top 5 pick. I guess if there were a AJ Green, or Amari Cooper type talent you might go WR in the top 5.

      1. Sure if I knew I had a guy like Kuechly but even he didn’t go in the top 5. Obviously a great player so who wouldn’t want him? Are you saying one of these guys will be as good as Kuechly? Since the 2012 draft where Kuechly was selected #9 there has been one ILB taken in the first round in each draft.

        2015 – Stephone Anthony (NE) # 31
        2014 – CJ Mosley (Balt) #17
        2013 – Alec Ogletree (SL) #30

        Even the pro’s don’t rate ILB as a top 10 position most of the time.

        1. Are you saying one of these guys will be as good as Kuechly?
          Smith has a lot of the traits that Kuechly showed but I wouldn’t go so far to say they will have similar careers.

          I was more going after the general statement that you never take an ILB that high and while I agree it isn’t common I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t do it.

          1. Perhaps NEVER in all caps was a bit too strong. How about this? It is extremely unlikely in a Dumber and Dumber “so your saying there’s a chance” kinda way that I would select an ILB with a top 5 pick.

  5. I still like Goff. His talent and potential as a passer is undeniable. He’s worth whatever risk there is in drafting a QB early.

    Scared money don’t make money.

    1. SMH. What are the first two options on the list?

      Here are some options:

      1. Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA. Three-down linebacker, although more of a 4-3 weakside linebacker than a traditional 3-4 inside linebacker. Excellent in pass coverage. Fast. Plays running back almost as well as he plays defense. Suffered a knee injury and appeared in just three games in 2015.

      2. Jaylon Smith, ILB, Notre Dame. Another three-down linebacker. Bigger and more powerful than Jack. Better pass rusher than Jack. Better fit in a traditional 3-4 defense than Jack.

      3. Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida. Smart corner who tackles well and breaks up a lot of passes.

      4. Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis. Big. Fast. Strong arm

      5. Jared Goff, CB, Cal. Skinny. Very strong arm. Excellent in the pocket. Senses pressure and sidesteps rush while keeping eyes downfield.

        1. “gotta take a QB over an ILB.”

          Yet you list two LB’s and one QB as your options. You might not have meant that as a ranking but the first two names you put were ILB so clearly they were on your mind. Not a “gotta take a QB over an ILB” mindset if you ask me.

          1. What you expect me to catch that even after I copied and pasted it? Still a bit funny for a guy that doesn’t condone taking an ILB in the top ten to list two of them on his pick at #5 options list and then say “gotta take a QB over an ILB.” Then why put them on there if you’re just gonna respond with that.

              1. Im’ simply pointing out that you put two ILB’s on your list even though you don’t personally believe in drafting an ILB in the top ten. Then when someone suggests ILB you respond with a remark that suggests that an ILB really isn’t an option.

                Now tell me how I’m trying to tell you what your mindset is when all I’m doing is pointing out your contradictions.

              2. Who said I wouldn’t take an ILB in the top 10? I said the Niners should take a QB over an ILB. QB is a bigger need.

              3. Well then you are reversing a stance that you have been defending for quite some time.

              4. I remember it being more then just a personal belief that Kuechly was unworthy and that it extended to the position as a whole.

                With you deleting conversations you want to disappear and the 6 month memory of this blog I guess I don’t have anyway of backing that up.

              5. Grant,
                You were so dismissive of Kuechly and his abilities at the time that you started claiming you could run faster than him. I said he would be the DROY and a perennial Pro-Bowler. He’s much better than I thought he would be and I thought he would be great. “Us Cohn boys don’t play.” Gentlemen, get your stopwatches ready…

              6. I’ve contributed to this blog for years with many different journalists, I don’t need to lurk. You ripped Kuechly because you didn’t watch him in college. He’s the best MLB in the game.

    2. Agreed. To pass on Goff if he’s there at #5 would be a big mistake. A pick that high has to be a high impact position like QB, Pass rusher or LT imo. Both Smith and Jack look like they will be good players at the NFL level but no way I’m taking an ILB, especially a 3-4 ILB, that high in the draft.

      1. There is nothing more impactful on a franchise in the pit than letting them damage a QB from the top five players in the draft. Or top six, or top seven or so on.

    3. Goff…best Accuracy poise.pocket presence ..good arm…Franchise QB in the making..don’t mention spread offense..Derek Carr Aaron Rodgers
      We can address OL in the second and 3rd rounds where we have 2 picks

      1. From what I have read, is that Goff is a QB with the Cal Bears, and that
        they don’t run an NFL style of football, and can be a problem for
        most teams. For that reason I wouldn’t take Goff at all. The problem is that there are not any real good QB’S that are coming up in the draft this coming

        1. Baalke seems like the kinda guy who you need to do a 3 round mock draft to find a guy who he might take with the #5 pick.

            1. True. But that doesn’t really tell me much, besides Baalke is a bargain shopper. Plus, I wonder how much he deferred to Harbaugh on QB matters. I hear differing opinions on this.

              I just don’t have enough of a sample size to have a strong opinion on what Baalke likes in a QB.

          1. Baakle has no clue when it comes to a QB, and I read that Harbaugh
            is the one that wanted Kap and got him, and that was the only one
            that JH was aloud to really have a say so in the draft. I don’t think that Baakle knows jack about offense, so he is not the Gm that is needed.
            They need someone who understands both sides of the ball, like

        2. Baalke seems like the type of guy that would draft a 6’8″ coming off of an ACL tear. I honestly believe that Baalke only uses these injured pick teases as part of some convoluted plan to stay employed. Seems to be working.

        3. Baalke likes big guys for their position. I’d guess he’d take Lynch if both were available. (Walsh coveted nimble feet in the pocket).

            1. Good point. We all know about “I gained a whopping 3 lbs in the off season” AJ Jenkins. At least we know who’s not doing steroids.

              I think Ellington was a failed experiment at trying to create a durable blue collar version of Tavon Austin or Percy Harvin. So far Ellington seems just as fragile, but not as explosive.

              Smelter’s a step in the right direction. At least Baalke had the sense to trade for Boldin.

              1. And Sign Torrey Smith.

                I’m not ready to call any of their receivers failed experiments. They need a QB. And an OC. And an OL. And a HC…

              2. With Boldin and T. Smith, I think Baalke has done a good job at bringing in FA WRs. Is it because he realizes he can’t draft them? I do think the AJ Jenkins selection shook his confidence in his team’s ability to identify WR talent.

    1. I can’t see Jack going that high in light of the knee injury. If anything I would guess Baalke would go for a Lineman if he didn’t take a QB.

  6. I would go with Emmanuel Ogbah,the DE from Okla St. We need OL but the top two are gone and 5 is high for a MLB. Besides,I honestly believe that Scooby Wright is a better fit if team is going to continue with the zone blitz scheme. Ogbah should be the pick for the fact that we need edge rushers as well.

            1. CfC, I think what he is saying is he sees Bosa as a DT (4-man front)/DE (3-man front) rather than than a DE (4-man front)/OLB (3-man front). I agree the 49ers may well look to try and bulk him up to play that position if they drafted him. But he’s been a pretty good DE in a 4-3 for the Buckeyes and so they could just as easily look to trim him down just a little and play DE/OLB.

              Really he should just be drafted by a 4-3 team.

              1. I’ve got to just start putting everything in italics because I just giving him a hard time on the DE distinction.

                I haven’t cared for Bosa as an option from the beginning. I think he’ll excel in a 4-3 but would be average at best in a 3-4 as an OLB.

  7. Myles Jack would provide some sorely missed athleticism inside for this team and leads me to think the transition could be seamless. Also, wasn’t Bowman an outside linebacker at Penn State?

  8. Grant I think there should be conversation about all the Cap space the niners will have leading up to the draft and fill allot of needs with proven veterans what is your take on that please advise

  9. I saw Tunsil in person playing against Myles Garrett from A&M. Garrett in my opinion is the best college pass rusher in the last decade. Tunsil shut him down. Tunsil is the real deal and if the 9ers could get him that would be amazing.

    1. If the 9ers suck again next year Garrett would be a nice get. Drafting at 5 this year most likely means Tunsil is out of reach.

      It’s fun to dream though.

    1. I only saw Goff play on TV once. Wasn’t impressed in the least so I agree with you. He didn’t really read defenses and he wasn’t all that accurate. Looks like he has a big arm so I guess thats what everyone sees in him. My impression is – Kyle Boller had a big arm too. The guys on the West Coast get to see him a lot more so I defer to their opinion on him.

      1. Which game did you watch Houston? If it was the Utah game I don’t blame you for being unimpressed, but that was not the norm for him. He is actually a very accurate passer and has tremendous pocket awareness. His problem is he takes too many chances either because he is overconfident in his ability to fit a ball in, or he knows he has to take risks in order for his team to have a chance to win. They are usually over matched talent wise in most games they play and the Oline especially is very poor.

        He is nothing like Kyle Bollar. Bollar was extremely inaccurate to the point his best completion percentage was 53. Goff has been above 60 every year he’s been there and was at 64 this year. Goff has the traits to be a franchise QB, but he needs a year to learn the pro game imo.

        1. If I remember correctly the stat sheet listed 5 interceptions for Goff, but at least two of those were on his receivers and a third could be argued as not his fault as well.

          1. I was at the Utah game. Goff was put at disadvantage–Utah DL was ripping the Cal OL with some regularity. Good schemes in Utah’s defensive backfield too.

      2. Houston9er..one game on tv and you’re making comparisons..Goff will be a stud..best accuracy in this class..good arm best feet and pocket awareness..watch games and tape before you throw these comments out there…

        1. Are you seriously telling someone not to post an opinion on a blog and giving guidelines around appropriate comment preparation technique? I watched a game. Goff sucked. His accuracy was bad. He made several bad reads. He was not good. He folded against a good opponent. I wouldn’t select him in the first round and maybe not the second. Deal with it Delta Bravo.

  10. I think it will take two first round picks to get Tunsil from whomever is drafting #1. This years and next. Certainly can’t see this team making that move.

    1. I think it will take two first round picks to get Tunsil from whomever is drafting #1. This years and next. Certainly can’t see this team making that move.

      Nope and they shouldn’t. That would be a really bad move.

    1. You weren’t on the blog during draft days, Jack, but bigNiner and I were yelling for Baalke to draft Collins with a late round pick. We pretty much got shouted down by the “character concerns” crowd, even though at the time he was only a person that the police wanted to talk to.

  11. IF we cannot trade down, I would take either QB. Both have very high upside but each comes with some risk. I think I would prefer Goff but I think both guys can be very good NFL QBs with the right COACHING.

    1. Well you are right, those QB’S would need some good coaching and the
      problem is that the niners don’t have any coaches that know how to teach
      a QB how to play the game.

  12. Jaylon Smith. He reminds me of Patrick Willis except he is faster and bigger. I like Jack but I think he is smaller than his listed size of 6’1 232 and although a great athlete he tends to run around blockers and is not a good pass rusher.

    Smith is just to good to pass on. Also has great intangibles. We will be lucky to get him.

      1. Listed size in College is a crap shoot until the combine. I think Jack is 6 or under, but that is just my observation. I like Jack very much, but I like Smith more.

        It is kind a sad that I’m getting excited about the draft and the season is ongoing.

  13. Hargreaves would be my pick at #5. DE Calhoun in the 2nd rd, OG Garnett in the 3rd, and QB Hogan in the 4th. C Boehm in the 4th

      1. I don’t see that bro….look at guys like Jason Verret, Ronald Darby, Brent Grimes all with similar statures who are all having success right now. He is shutdown corner….or even Jalen Ramsey but who can play outside and in the slot though I think he’ll better inside than outside but a solid player but they need a pure corner

  14. Sean Payton looks like the guy who holds up the golf course because he spends a few too many minutes with the girl at the beverage cart.

    1. I would love to have him as coach. That would be a fun team to watch.

      I love to watch boring football when we are winning. Boring football while losing is a slow death sentence.

  15. I’m an unabashed fan of Jaylon Smith’s game and he would be my choice. He’s one of the few guys in this draft I think are legitimate elite prospects. He’s a playmaker and exceptional athlete that can do everything you could ask of a LB well. I think he’d fit perfectly in Mangini’s D as a versatile LB that can be used in multiple roles, adding to the deceptiveness of the D.

    1. You know I’m with you Scooter,I have no trepidation about us drafting an ILB with Jaylon’s talent in the first. Bowman would benefit immensely ne the whole team would benefit with a LB who has been compared to Willis.

  16. There’s this notion that ILBs aren’t typically worth a top ten pick and for some not even a first round pick. Is that true for ILBs that play in a 3-4 as well as a 4-3? It seems that a true 3-4 defense relies very heavily on the ILBs to make plays.

    1. Generally no, you’re not going to see a guy who is pegged as a 4-3 ILB get top 10 consideration. However like any position, if there is a guy that is lights out special, most draft filters go out the window and you just get the guy on your team.

  17. I’ve been high on Goff all year as a future franchise QB. Still there is risk coming from that spread offense. I think he’ll go top 5 so we’d miss out on him.
    I still have hopes Gabbert can be a solid QB if we get a better offense around him.
    The pick has to be Jaylon Smith, ILB, Notre Dame. He’s an impact defensive player to replace Bowman. Bowman will replace Willis’s role. We need to hit FA hard to replace the impact player that left and the failed draft picks. Add Wilkerson and Irvin plus drafting Smith will improve the defense. I’d like to see Mack or/and Jeffrey on offense. None of this matters if we don’t get real coaches. I’m still ticked we don’t have Gase and Fangio.

  18. How many picks do we have in next years draft? Regardless 90% of them should have checkered pasts, borderline psychotic and eat breathe and live football. This football team needs attitude up the ying yang!

        1. 49ERS 2016 DRAFT PICKS
          1. First round: Own pick
          2. Second round: Own pick
          3. Third round: Own pick
          4. Fourth round: Own pick
          5. Fourth round: Projected compensatory selection*
          6. Fifth round: Own pick
          7. Fifth round: San Diego pick acquired from 2015 draft trade-back
          8. Fifth round: Projected compensatory selection*
          9. Sixth round: Own pick
          10. Sixth round: Dallas pick acquired from 2015 draft trade-back
          11. Sixth round: Projected compensatory selection*
          12. Seventh round: Own pick

            1. Leo,
              There will be a minimum of three ACL tears. The important thing to remember is that those picks represent excellent value on quality players that will be future cornerstones of the franchise!

              *runs off and throws up…

        2. Here is what SBNation has:

          49ers 2016 NFL Draft picks

          1. First round: Own pick
          2. Second round: Own pick
          3. Third round: Own pick
          4. Fourth round: Own pick
          5. Fourth round: Comp pick (Mike Iupati)
          6. Fifth round: Own pick
          7. Fifth round: San Diego Chargers (2015 draft-day trade)
          8. Fifth round: Comp pick (Perrish Cox)
          9. Sixth round: Dallas Cowboys (2015 draft-day trade)
          10. Sixth round: Denver Broncos (Vernon Davis trade)
          11. Sixth round: Comp pick (Dan Skuta)
          12. Sixth round: Comp pick (Frank Gore)

          1. 12 picks? Jeez. What’s the over/under on the actual number of good players Baalke will select? For me I think I would set it at 1. It’s the old blind squirrel finds a nut theory.

            1. He’ll pick some more safeties and turn them in to DB’s cause he really likes to do that and then trade some of the ones he’s already drafted for later round picks. Another 4th round RB. He’ll avoid big name skill players like TE’s and WR’s. I think we’ll end up with an OLB in the first 5 rounds. I think he’s going to stay with Bowman and Hodges at ILB. He’ll either trade back from the 5th position and gain some more picks or take an OL early. We’ll get a 2-4th QB and some help at DL. And a ton of developmental players from the lower end of the draft. He’ll bring in some old washed up veterans like Jacobs, Moss, Bush etc and make 1 or 2 FA signings like T Smith. And we’ll all be pissed a that he skipped all our draft crushes.

              1. OL
              2. QB or OLB
              3. QB or OLB
              5. DL
              6. TE
              7. OL
              8. WR
              9. DB/SS/FS to replace Bethea and back up Tartt
              10. DL

              I guess he’ll trade away at least 2 picks because there’s not enough room to bring in that many players.

  19. OFF TOPIC:


    I have a complaint. It is really a complaint to every media person who covers the the niners. We get a breaking story about a front office shake up. The President of the team is demoted, the owner denies (thru and office memo) that it was a demotion. Everyone opinions that is a demotion, but then we hear nothing. No follow up. No story. No one gets interviewed. Don’t you guys have any sources? Is there no information out there? Is the front office really that closed and isolated? If so, isn’t that a story itself? Sorry to rant. I’m just curious.

    Another story idea. How about visiting all those guys who retired last year. I bet a least some of them were influenced about their decision to retire based on what they thought might happen under a Tomsula regime.

    1. Think it through. It is a story about leaks. The leaker gets canned. If they report on it, their sources will dry up. No more leaks. No more sources. No more reason to have those reporters. Reporters retreat and put up blogs about Trump as a distraction.

  20. If the options were between Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack for that pick, to me it would Jaylon Smith every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Jack is a great athlete, great pursuit player, great coverage player, but not a good take-on LB and really should play WILL for a 4-3 team. But for mine Smith is in a different league compared to Jack, and is a perfect fit for a 3-4 team.

    1. Until he showed up on this list today I never once even considered Jack as an option. He’d never make it across the line of scrimmage as rushing LB in a 3-4. He’s a 4-3 OLB and now he’s going to be coming back from a knee injury.

    2. How is Smith in another league than Jack? They made almost the same number of solo tackles and tackles for loss as sophomores.

        1. He’s a better pass rusher, but Jack is a better athlete with better coverage skills who also can play running back.

              1. With Smith, I’ve been thinking about who is a good comparison in the NFL. I’ve said Jamie Collins in the past, and I still think that is a good comparison. I have also seen Willis, but I’m not as keen on that comparison.

                But I think another guy he resembles as a player is Daryl Washington, pre off field issues. He’s got that same length to him, that same fluidity, same ability to be disruptive in multiple ways. But he’s a bit bulkier and I think a bit better an athlete.

              2. Bowman isn’t a terrible comparison, but he’s not at that level. He’s aggressive, which is good (generally), and he has excellent speed and agility. But he doesn’t look like he’s as capable as Bowman in taking on OL (very much prefers to try and out-manoeuvre them) and he’s not as good a pass rusher.

                Maybe I was harsh saying Smith is in a different league, but to me its a pretty clear gap between Smith and Jack.

              3. Bowman wasn’t Bowman yet when he was drafted which is why he went in the 3rd round. Both of these guys are good athletes but it’s hard to say how high their ceiling is because LB’s are typically hard to forecast at the next level.

              4. Rocket, no player coming out of college is the player they ultimately become as a pro. And nobody knows how good any college player will ultimately become. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

                When I say I don’t think Jack is as good as Bowman, I am saying I don’t think he’ll develop to that level as an ILB. Bowman coming out of Penn State was superior to Jack as a pass rusher and take-on LB. I think if you want to give a comparison to an NFL player in terms of Jack’s ceiling it would be Lavonte David, and Jack is probably a better athlete. But both David and Jack should play the WILL in a 4-3.

                Regarding where Bowman was drafted, his draft status was considerably impacted by off the field stuff and durability concerns, as is well documented.

              5. Scooter,

                Bad day Scooter? Bowman wasn’t as highly regarded as you are remembering here and it wasn’t all due to off field issues and durability concerns. He was thought of as being too small and struggled disengaging from blockers.

                I think both of these guys are good prospects that are hard to distinguish. Very similar across the board and neither should be taken in the top 5 for what they will bring to the table as 3-4 ILB’s in this defense imo. If we are picking at #5 overall we have to get more than that.

              6. “Bobby Wagner probably is a better comp for Jack than David.”

                I actually had him written down to start with, but I think Wagner plays big, and is good at taking on blocks, while Jack plays smaller than he is.

              7. Rocket, no, not a bad day, and that came out more catty than intended, so apologies. I just meant I’d like to think you are aware I was already considering that in my comments.

                I disagree they are hard to distinguish, but that probably isn’t what you meant. I assume you mean they are hard to separate. But I also disagree with that, to be honest. Just my opinion, but I really do think Smith is a better prospect, and there is a gap between the two.

              8. Just kidding around with you Scooter. Not sure what happened with my typing but I meant to say it’s tough to distinguish between the two of them. They are very similar in size and weight and are athletic. I don’t see a gap between them personally.

              9. I agree with Scooter. The gap between Smith and Jack is significant. The 49ers will strike gold yet again by adding another special player out of Notre Dame….

  21. Not a very realistic draft selection board Grant. Cleveland is either going to draft a QB or pass rusher with their pick, maybe a LT if the their front office decides to trade Thomas. Also, there has been indicators that the Chargers are high on Goff and could be willing to trade Rivers since he is not fond of the team relocating to L.A. Baltimore is the wildcard here. They could either trade out of the fourth spot or take a pass to assist their aging defense. If they go that route, then I believe they pick Jaylon Smith. Based on this, I think the first four picks could look like this:

    1. Titans – OT Tunsil
    2. Chargers – QB Jared Goff
    3. Browns – DE Bosa
    4. Ravens – OLB Bosa

    Now judging from this, that would leave QB Lynch, CB Hargreaves, CB Ramsey, ILB Jack, and WR Treadwell as the best options available. I don’t believe the team should go after Lynch because he is too raw. Thr same applies to Jack, but the fact that he chose to declare early for the draft after being injured raises the question of whether he is truly committed to the game or more interested in a pay day. Now I’ve been saying that the team needs a true #1 CB because it has been a staple of past Mangini defenses, but I’d rather not take one this early. So that just leaves WR Treadwell, but I highly doubt Baalke will even make an effort at drafting a WR in the first two rounds, and frankly I wouldn’t want to take a WR here unless he was the next Megatron or OBJ. Thus I think the best option would be to trade out of the fifth spot and try to get some good compensation in return.

      1. That would be an interesting development. “The Ravens do not recognize the Browns selection of Bosa and take Bosa with their selection.”

        1. That one isn’t a mistake because I’ve seen him listed as projected to be a DE or OLB.

  22. Out of all the quarterbacks, Cook is the only one NFL ready. Goff, Lynch, Wentz are all going to need time to develop. That would be fine, IF the 49ers had a developer. They do not.

    1. Tennessee Titans: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
    2. Cleveland Browns: Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State
    3. San Diego Chargers: Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame
    4. Baltimore Ravens: Joey Bosa, OLB, Ohio State
    5. San Francisco 49ers: Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame (A once in a generation player)I’ve watched every game he’s played here in South Bend, and I can tell you he will be elite with a real defensive coordinator….

  23. If Tunsil and Stanley are gone perhaps they get their OT in the beginning of round 2 or end of round 1 in Jack Conklin.

      1. Wasn’t Staley a former Tight End? I’ve watched quite a bit of Spriggs, also a former TE, and I think he would have a better chance of being available in the second round. He could start at RT and be groomed to take over for Staley….

  24. I took Gabbert to task regarding the three times he ran out of bounds behind the LOS (3 sacks). Here is his response during his presser:

    “There were a couple that were screens, and when you throw it away on a screen, there’s lineman down field, that would have been a 10-15 yard penalty. I don’t know what the rule is, but it was one of those you either try to get to the marker the best I could, but it didn’t work out.”

  25. To be honest….my first choice would be Goff and I would go into season with Gabbert as the starter and sit and groom Goff like the last home grown talent was (I think we all know who that is) yeah, I know there are other needs elsewhere but there’s holes all over this roster but that’s a future you can build around….my second choice, which could change to my first is Vernon Heargraves (another home grown talent) CB (FLA) I think he can be a lock down corner who can fend his side with no help and those are VERY hard to find. Niners haven’t had a shutdown corner since Deion and he’ll fit well into the blitz heavy scheme Mangini likes to run cus he can play man which fits into any scheme. I think they’re picking too high to ILB they can get one in later rounds or Hodges could get better and i dont think Wilhoite is really that bad, I think the DL will be better next yr led by Armstead, Williams, and Dial. A lock down corner to go with thier safties will go along way cus now guys arent running downfield open and force the qb to hold the ball longer. I think thats biggest missing peice on the defense. ial

      1. As I stated the team has many holes and it’s not like they’re one piece away from a super bowl run….the Packers had Farve Still when they got Rodgers in the first round. They need building blocks for the future. Get a future franchise qb now (Goff) and groom him over the next couple yrs in the meantime build the rest of the roster so when he ready you already have a roster built around him to plug into…let Gabbert be the stop gap. e

  26. “Physically, he’s pretty good,” said one scout. “He can make all the throws and he’s got some strength to him and he can run. It’s all the other stuff with him. How much does he really like ball? How much is he going to work at it? He likes being a celebrity.”
    This is a quote from an article on NN.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m supporting Cook because I’m not a big fan necessarily but this is pretty much exactly what they said about Cam Newton.

    1. The problem is that the type of offense Cook needs is something that the 49ers aren’t even close to having.

  27. Question for the ones who want a qb with the number 1 pick.
    With Baalke selecting a qb 3 seasons ago.
    Where is he now? And what makes anyone think a qb pick will help this team with the horrible O-line? Have him sit and learn?
    Where’s BJ then?
    Il take a qb in the first round when a different GM and coaching staff pick him.
    Unless that changes they better move up with all of the late round picks and draft O-line, d-line and ILB first!
    And if you can’t they better damn well get a big name in Free agency.
    Qb with this front office????? No thanks!

      1. Don’t see a first round qb who will
        Light up the league in year one. We are not loaded with talent and even with Gabbert the qb position isn’t the worst part of the team.
        Two things I would never endorse from Baalke.
        1 qb pick
        2 wr pick

    1. I’d say pass on the 1st RF QB, go for OL and fill in some of our other needs first, draft one later, bring in a vet and keep watching the drafts till we find a good one.

    2. MD,

      I want them to draft Goff, not just any QB. There is concern over whether the right coaches will be in place to develop him, but at the end of the day you have to take the player you think is best. Imo, Goff is the best QB in the draft, fills a huge need and fulfills the impact player requirement for a pick that high. There is no guarantee any player picked is going to work out, so if I’m going to take a shot I’m aiming for the most important position on the team.

      1. What kept people from seeing Rogers for what he was back in that draft? I guess Goff could be the guy. Rogers and Brady were both slight of frame before the NFL.

    1. I’d take Rivers over Gabbert. Still need an OL upgrade and CS upgrade. But he could fill the gap till the right QB comes availalble.

  28. A little history from Matt M.

    1988, the Los Angeles Rams sacked Joe Montana eight times for 40 yards and Young was sacked once for five yards in the Rams’ 38-16 win

    16 points from the great Montana.
    I wonder how the firing squad would want him gone if that happened to him last Sunday.
    You get sacked 9 times and you’re not winning the game. Now imagine if they draft a qb and put him into this hell hole of an offense. Waste of a pick!

    1. Agree with that statement. I’m not sure yet whether I want the team to draft a QB (preferably Goff) in the first round or not. One thing I really like about Goff is that, despite the pressure he faced, in every game I watched he was cool as a cucumber.

      1. He makes it look natural. They don’t need to draft a QB in the first round but if Goff is available to them at 5, passing would be a missed opportunity.

    2. Teams that have at least a middle of the pack o-line and defense pick a qb at #1
      Teams that are awful in both pick a qb at #1 that surely will turn the franchise around for years to come.
      Don’t see one this year. So yeah taking a qb with the first pick this year will indeed set this team back a couple of years.

    3. People act like drafting a QB precludes improving the rest of the team.

      Yep, and/or the selection of an OL or LB is a safer pick.

  29. I was hoping to see Gabbert blossom after becoming the starter. This would have permitted me the option of going with Jaylon Smith.
    Jack is a great athlete and will have a very good NFL career, but Ja.Smith is a “turn-key” type player that could be inserted into the starting lineup in TC and just continue to grow at his position. I prefer Smith’ size over Jack when considering the physical play of the NFL as well.

    But if Lynch and Goff are still on the board its going to be difficult to pass on either of them especially if Gabbert falters in the next 3 games.

  30. I have never rooted for us to lose a game, just not in my DNA. However, if per chance we lose out the remainder of our games, where do you think our draft position will be?

    1. Leo,
      The Titans, Chargers, and Browns have three wins each. Lions and C-boys are tied with us with only four wins.
      But even if we run the table with losses and of course depending on what these other sadsacks do we could still be picking anywhere between 4-8.
      To close to call.

  31. Niners should trade back. There are about 50 top notch players in the draft. they should trade back to 20 to a team who wants to grab that last component that would help them get over the top. They should trade the 5th for their first and second round pick. That way, the Niners will have 3 choices in the first 52 picks.
    This way, they could draft a pass rusher, OT, and a QB in the first 2 rounds. Then going off the top 50 list, they could draft Leonard Floyd OLB, Jason Spriggs OT and Kevin Hogan QB with their first 3 picks.

    1. This is a good guess Seb. Several us based on Baalke’s pattern and love for turning picks into other picks are guessing that he’ll trade back to do exactly as you say, gain more high quality picks. Only draft day will tell. Baalke rarely does what people wish him to do.

      1. Actually, I hope Baalke, who has whiffed way too many times, will allow Tomsula more say in the Draft. Let Tomsula choose the first 3 picks, then let Ballke select the rest.
        I also hope Baalke, if he still is around, will bundle picks to a cellar dweller who needs bodies, and moves up in the second and third rounds.

        1. Seb I think Tomsula would be awful at talent scouting and selecting. He brought Pears to the team, he kept Devey in for way too long, Brown and Thomas are still on the bench. Your favorite player is on the PS. You really think he has what it takes to select our teams talent. I still don’t buy that Baalke is quaking in his boots because of JT.

          1. Darn, my reply was put elsewhere. I think that Tomsula, with the selection of 3 defensive players in the first 3 rounds, has more say than many think.

            1. True, he’s the head coach and if they’re not doing their job why’s he not doing to them what you think he did to Marathe?

              1. Nah it doesn’t add up Seb. He’s not fit to be the head coach if he can’t get his coaches and players to perform if he’s worried about their families. That’s there job to worry about their families by doing their job well enough to keep it.

              2. Remember there’s chatter out there that he didn’t get to chose his coordinators. Makes you wonder who’s really in charge?

              3. Wilson, I think that was his response when someone ripped the assistant coaches in a previous PC. The promises remark was just speculation on my part.
                Even though I originally wanted Fangio, I was happy with the Tomsula hire because I thought he would get them to play like the last game of the 2010 season when he took over for Singletary. After this year’s Viking game, I thought he was on the right track. But then the wheels fell off.
                Chryst is the OC of the leagues worst offense that has scored the least points in 30 years. he deserves SOME blame.

              4. Chryst and Logan are a joke. They deserve a ton of blame. I was very down on this whole CS from the beginning. It’s not something I am happy about being right on.

              5. Wilson:

                Some of my first posts on this blog last year were suggesting that Geep Chryst should replace Roman immediately as the OC (for all of the games after the loss to the Seachickens at Levis). You probably think I’m nuts. But here was my reasoning. No one was happy with Roman. Let’s see what Chryst could do. If we had known at the end of last year that Chryst is as bad as he has shown himself to be, then maybe he wouldn’t have been selected as OC for this year. Maybe they would have worked harder to get someone from outside the organization.

                Now I would like to see Logan take over the OC duties so that we can evaluate him. The season is basically over anyway, let’s see what we have so that intelligent decisions can be made during the offseason. If he is terrible, then maybe they’ll work harder at looking at an OC candidate from outside the organization.

              6. Actually, I too, was so down on Roman, I wanted Chryst to take over the OC job, but hindsight shows that all the offensive dysfunction was not Romans’ fault. Seeing that the offensive malaise has not only continued, it has deepened, and Chryst is the only constant, he should bear the brunt of the blame.

              7. I think we all got overly picky with Roman. He’s light years better than what we have now. I for one should not have complained as much. I think the play calling complications were on JH’s system. Kaep got a lot of blame too but I believe there were too many people involved in the play calling.

                Cubus-I wouldn’t call you crazy. Seems like if Logan had something to offer we’d see it in QB play or on the offense overall. I guess what could it hurt to try him out for the rest of the season except that it puts us behind in a search for real OC. JT doesn’t have either the power or the stomach to make a change.

              8. Wilson:

                How does trying Logan out for the rest of the year put us behind in the search for a real OC? I can’t imagine they would bring in an outside OC with only 3 games left, so I’m not following you.

                Yeah, in retrospect, Roman wasn’t as bad as this gong show. What is that they say “the evil that you know is better than the evil that you don’t know”.

              9. Cubus, after what Logan did to Kaep, I want him back behind the mike. He talks a good game, but when it comes to crunch time, it looks like he has drunk too much wine.

        2. Ha ha!! Tomsula draft? You should have seen him in the war room last spring (I was there). Dream on. He was nothing but chopped sentences, ‘you knows’, and ‘whoosh-booms’. Seriously. Staff had to take his tablet away midway through the second round.

    2. I’m hoping he actually trades up for once. He’s hoarded picks for years now. He had the luxury of a talented roster and coaching staff before. He doesn’t anymore.
      He has no game changer on the d-line or LB position.

  32. The 49ers definitely need to hire some consultants to evaluate the QBs (they don’t have good talent evaluators…obviously). If Goff or Lynch grade out, you definitely take the QB. If not and Jack compares to Wagner, then I would take him. As long as the 49ers follow a pretty typical scripted draft and not get cute by drafting medical red shirt players, they should be fine.

  33. I don’t feel solid about any of the quarterbacks, but here goes…

    5) Goff

    I’m leaning slightly towards Goff over Lynch. I actually think Lynch has the stronger arm, but Goff’s pocket footwork has me sold.

    I don’t have an idea about ILBs yet. I think its a good draft for them though. What about Scoobie Wright? Baalke has alot of faults, but he’s great at spotting 3-4 ILBs.

    Its a shame the NFL delayed the ability to trade compensatory picks till 2017. The 49ers might have only one (if Boone departs). It would have been nice to trade them back up into the first for a quality ILB like Wright… or O-Line.

    1. Baalke says he likes to draft two season’s ahead. I say he shocks the world and drafts his own replacement in the first.

      1. Scooby Wright is a local kid. Maybe they can extend him cheaply by paying him scooby snacks in his contract.

  34. I think Baalke will trade down to get a few extra picks which he will use to select a kicker in the 2nd round! Unless Paraaag gives him one of his soccer players………

  35. I like Goff, but it sure would be nice for Baalke to get back to selecting someone who can bring an immediate big time impact with the first round pick.

      1. Prime, so what does Baalke pick up in the draft and in FA?

        Seems like he’ll draft QB, TE, DL, OL, OLB and sign OL, QB, WR

        We also need a serviceable back up to Hyde.

        1. Yeah Wilson, all the above and then some. This team needs toughness and guys that will lay it all on the line up by 40 or down by 40. Too many soft and nice men on this roster.
          We’ve lost the attitude and edge when Harbaugh left.

          1. Yeah Wilson, all the above and then some. This team needs toughness and guys that will lay it all on the line up by 40 or down by 40. Too many soft and nice men on this roster.
            We’ve lost the attitude and edge when Harbaugh left.

            1. Prime example, Eric Reid. He was flying around and knocking people down when he first got here. Then after the injuries he changed his game and became cautious and played safe.

              1. 2-3 concussions will do that to you. He had a great hit on Luke Willson in one of the Seattle games this year. I think that’s coaching our players to play aggressive.

            1. Soft coaching and soft practices result in soft players. It’s been documented that practices are shorter, meetings shorter, less padded practices.
              Tomsula is running a day care not a professional football team!

              1. HAHA, I think of JT as more of a counselor/mentor rather than a coach. He doesn’t seem to be a motivator.

              2. Well, since the Niners drafted 3 defensive players this year and a defensive lineman with the first pick, Tomsula may already have a big say in the selection process.
                looking back at the last game, the OC and DC were mostly to blame. IMO

              3. That’s a huge leap Seb. Who do the coordinators report to? Why aren’t they being held accountable? Why do they still have jobs? Baalke generally picks defensive players high save for Kaep, Vance and Carlos. Other than Jenkins when did he last pick an offensive player in round 1?

              4. Well, we both can agree that Baalke has sucked picking offensive players lately, and has never drafted a good WR.

              5. True, Hyde is a good player. Other than that he’s weak. He often uses FA to pick up offensive players.

              6. I don’t think Hyde is a bell cow back. He needs to be part of a committee. We need a couple of other good backs to run with him. Especially if we’re going to run the ball. But that too lands on Baalke’s shoulders for adding Bush and Davis rather than getting another proven back.

              7. Um… Don’t forget the requirements of the collective bargaining agreement. This isn’t 1971.

              8. Heck, I want him starting now. Jed could be a hero down under if he commands his underlings to play Hayne.

    1. Quarterbacks and Offensive Tackles take time to develop. Situational pass rushers and running backs tend to show up early. MLBs too. Either you have a nose for the ball, or you don’t.

    2. I get that Jack, but immediate impact on a rebuilding team is not a necessity. What the goal should be is to build a team that can contend a few years down the road.

          1. Basically any position other than QB. Even the best available in the draft this year is considered a bit of a project. By that I mean have to sit and learn.

            1. There is rarely a QB that comes out of College ready to start at the NFL level. You have to take one knowing there is going to be a development period.

              I understand the logic in taking players that can contribute right away, but I think you have to take the player you believe will help you the most long term. The Niners need a QB, they could be in a position to take the #! prospect at that position and there really are no other players I can see who are must draft options. Jaylon Smith is a good football player as is Myles Jack, but they are 3-4 ILB’s in this defense. I think a top 5 pick is too high to invest on that spot.

              It could all be moot if Goff is gone anyway, but I think we have to look long range not only at what we have, but where we could be drafting in the future. We may not get a chance to take a QB this high again. There is also the fact most of the QB’s coming out in the future will have the same question marks as the ones available this year. College has become a spread offense passing league and teams will have to take QB’s knowing there will be an acclimation period.

              1. If a top OT is available he is more valuable than any QB for the team. Nothing else matters on offense if the line is as bad as what we’ve seen this year.

              2. I would dispute an OT being more valuable than a QB, but it is very important no doubt. If Tunsil is there I could live with that pick, but if he’s not, I don’t see a comparable Olineman to Goff’s value at QB. There is also the chance that AD comes back which would give us our OT’s back from two years ago, along with FA to bolster the OG slots if need be.

              3. There’s a lot that will happen prior to the draft, but right now a QB that won’t play for a year or two is not the biggest need.

              4. The draft shouldn’t be about need Jack. It should be about taking the best player, and in the top 5 it should be the best player at a core position imo.

              5. I agree with Rocket that the best player available should be taken. However, if there is a QB in this years draft within the top 5, the 49ers should take him. However, our offensive line is the worst in the league. But with so many picks and cap space, we should be able to address a lot of needs this offseason.

              6. Worded that poorly. I don’t disagree that it should be the best player. I just think that at #5 you get a guy who can start Day 1 unless the rest of the roster has already been retooled.

                This team needs day one impact guys.

                I would put the importance as:


              7. Either way Jack Hammer, BPA or need, the 49ers have an impossible task of remaking this roster. Sure with free agency and the draft a rebuild is no longer 3-4 years in the NFL. The only problem is where do they start?

              8. “The only problem is where do they start?”

                I answered that in the previous post.

                1) Offensive line
                2) Defensive line
                3) Linebacker

              9. I meant where do they start to plug holes, free agency or the draft at OLB, DL, ILB, OL? There are many quality free agents out there on both sides of the ball and there seems to be quite a few QB’s in the draft early and late that can be taken as 1 or 2 years away from starting.

              10. A good pass rush masks a lot of deficiencies in pass defense and in the 3-4 the linebackers must be able to make plays. Right now they have neither.

                I also think Gabbert is capable of putting together an Alex Smith 2011 type year if the other holes are fixed.

              11. The Niners seem to have two good young pass rushers in Lynch and Armstead. Can’t have too many pass rushers, but QB seems like a much bigger need.

              12. A young rookie quarterback has to have the right situation in order to succeed. Unfortunately, the 49ers cannot afford Mr. Goff that situation at this time….

              13. “The Niners seem to have two good young pass rushers”

                Only 3 teams have fewer sacks than the 49ers. Shameful

              14. Chryst will be fired eventually, and then Tomsula mid season 2016. Mangini will be retained for that eventuality and take over as interm. Not an ideal situation to put a skinny, spread offense quarterback into, especially in this division….

              15. A real offensive coordinator has a better chance of improving this offense than a rookie quarterback….

              16. A better OC will help for sure, but as Jack said, you need players and we need more on the offensive side than the defensive side.

              17. “Not as shameful as the Niners’ offense which ranks dead last in points and yards.”

                Which is why I have OL as the top area to fix. If they can get that group to be functional I think Gabbert could be Smith 2.0 which was pretty effective. The second piece to that puzzle is a D capable of top 5-8 in points allowed.

              18. Hammer is hitting it out of the park.
                This is not a qb driven league anymore. It’s a defensive league.
                Rodgers, no rings because of no defense. His one year he won his defense was lights out,
                Jack is right. This team is missing a lights out LB and DE.
                The o-line is a wreck NO QB is going to succeed behind this line.
                Wasted pick on qb with the first. Again I’ll bring up the young qb we have now and where is Daniels?

              19. Every Super-Bowl winning QB in my lifetime has been a Pro Bowler except for Joe Flacco, who was a first-round pick.

            2. What the mock?

              1) Jaylon Smith Weakside Linebacker Notre Dame
              2) Jason Spriggs RT IU
              3) Carl Lawson OLB/DE Auburn
              4) Nate Sudfeld QB IU

              1. I’m humbled to be mentioned among you two heavy weights, but is it just me, or is this a pretty easy draft to read?

      1. I don’t think we really realize how the loss of Aldon Smith has hurt this team. Outside of the off field incidents and the help of Cowboy, we basically have zero pass rush! What stings is that we used a very high draft pick not too long ago.

  36. I like goff a lot but I wouldn’t be opposed to them drafting Hargreaves in the first round and gettin Hogan in the second or third round that gives you a cornerstone at cornerback and a future franchise quarterback

  37. Oh, how I miss the Glory Years, when players drafted were expected to sit for a couple years to bulk up and learn the system. Now the Niners are confronted with drafting players to fill big holes in the lineup, and may be thrown into the starting lineup.
    Then there was the 86 draft with Trader Bill. That draft laid the cornerstone to the back to back seasons. I think he drafted 8 starters.

    1. I would have added Dial, Purcell, Bowman and Hodges, Williams to the stock down report before Reid seeing that they all blew their assignments for the RB to get to Reid’s level of defense. Those guys were awful. Didn’t Reid and Tartt have more tackles than those guys?

    2. It seems Tiller’s Travels have finally payed off and the proverbial light came on. Certainly we saw it flicker in the preseason.

      I’d love to see Buckner on the opposite side of a second year Armstead.

      I remember Johnson doing that to Reid and had the same thoughts.

      I like how you mentioned my Indiana OT Spriggs. I think they can get him at the top of the second round and insert him as the starting RT.

      Mangini is almost as bad as Chryst and he has more talent….

  38. 1. Titans – Tunsil
    2. Browns – Goff
    3. Chargers – Stanley
    4. Ravens – Hargreaves
    5. 49ers –

    This won’t change much for those taking Smith but for those that want Goff, who do you take once the Brownies have nabbed him. Bosa is also available for those that want a 4-3 end on the team.

        1. I think he’d trade down a few spots, pick up a second rounder and take Buckner. He’d be a much better fit than Bosa….

    1. Yeah, Smith or Bosa.

      I think Bosa is better off on a 4-3 team, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke took him and tried to make him the new Justin Smith. And to be honest, he’s probably got the ability to be a good 3-4 DE/ 3-tech DT. He’s very powerful, and since he doesn’t have that elite edge rusher explosive get off he may actually be better served bulking up a little and sliding in a bit.

        1. One massive difference between Bosa and Tank – Bosa already has fantastic technique to convert his power into leverage, shed blocks, and dominate an OL.

          1. True, but Spriggs isn’t the strongest offensive lineman, but his strength is pass pro, and I saw him handle Bosa. It looks like the 49ers are no longer a power running offense, so Spriggs would fit in nicely. If Baalke liked Armstead at 17, surely he’ll like Buckner at 12….

    2. I made it too easy with everyone taking Bosa so lets do it this way:

      1. Titans – Tunsil
      2. Browns – Goff
      3. Chargers – Stanley
      4. Ravens – Bosa
      5. 49ers –

      1. Ouch you took away my top 3 picks. Well if it falls like this and they can’t trade down they either have to take Lynch or one of the LB’s I guess. Shaq Lawson could be an option too. If I’m backed into a corner I’ll take Lynch.

          1. I have to laugh when I read comments about how an ILB isn’t that important and isn’t worth taking this high. How quickly we have forgotten what having Willis and Bowman in their prime brought to the team.

            In this passing league, a true 3-down ILB that is excellent in coverage, rushing the passer and against the run is well worth it. Especially if you can put a DL in front of them that is able to keep them relatively clean.

              1. I’d like to keep Williams as part of the equation as the NT, but ideally he’d play a little less in nickel/ dime. They need another starting calibre DT though, one that can play both the run and pass well.

                – Dorsey will be back, but coming off an injury and he was already looking a little worse for wear this year. If he comes back well then he can be a decent starter in the base D. But ideally you don’t have him as the starter in nickel/ dime.
                – Dial shows flashes, but really should be a backup/ rotational player, not a starter.
                – Armstead needs some big improvement against the run. I’m hoping he shows it and can be a quality starter in base and sub-packages next year.
                – Purcell has been getting mauled.
                – Tank has rightly been moved.

                Its why I am so keen on getting Wilkerson if he is available (big if). My ideal starting lineup next season would be Williams at NT, Wilkerson and a combo of Dorsey/ Armstead as the DEs in base. Then Wilkerson and Armstead as the DTs in nickel/ dime.

            1. One of the scouts in the article said just that Scooter. It’s not that the position is not important, it’s that with a top 5 pick you should be able to get a top flight prospect at a position that is a foundation for the team. QB, Pass rusher and OT are the positions you should be looking at with a top 5 pick imo because a pick that high is your opportunity to get the best at one of them.

              I hear you on Willis, but Willis was taken at #10 not in the top 5. So even a player thought of as highly as Willis was not a top 5 pick. There is an argument to be made that he should have been but then there aren’t many Willis caliber 3-4 ILB’s in the draft very often. Even the best 3-4 ILB’s don’t have the impact a pass rusher does on the defense.

              I don’t want it to seem like I would be upset if they took Smith, because if the draft board falls a certain way, he could possibly be the BPA and I’d be ok with that, but imo you have to take a shot at the impact positions when you have a pick this high.

              1. I think if you have a shot at a legit blue chip prospect at ILB that many believe is as close to can’t miss as you get in the draft, or a good but not great prospect at QB or pass rusher, and have a need at all 3 positions, you take the blue chip prospect.

              2. I don’t see Smith as a better caliber prospect than Goff and if it’s even remotely close, you take the QB imo. What it comes down to for me Scooter is that it’s much easier to find somebody who can play well as a 3-4 ILB than it is to find a QB. When you have the chance to take one of the top QB’s I think you do it.

              3. I keep wondering if we have a left tackle going forward. Is Joe Staley having temporary physical problems or is his problem chronic?

              4. “it’s much easier to find somebody who can play well as a 3-4 ILB than it is to find a QB.”

                The interesting part of that comment is that Baalke found a decent replacement at QB, but the replacement ILB’s have really struggled.

              5. Everybody’s struggled including the QB’s. Do you disagree that it’s easier to find a good ILB than a good QB Jack?

              6. Razor,

                You will forever be my brother in heavy metal, but you are blinded by the Golden Dome you live near my man.

              7. “I don’t see Smith as a better caliber prospect than Goff”.

                I think this is the heart of where we differ then. For mine Smith is a true blue chip prospect for his position, Goff is not.

                I do agree that if you have the two of them neck and neck, and you have a need at both ILB and QB, then sure, take Goff.

                However, I am also a big believer that it is much easier for a young QB to not only play well, but also develop, when they are backed up by a strong D, that keeps scores manageable rather than forcing a young QB to try and chase the game most weeks. I am definitely all for trying to fix the D and make it a top shelf unit again, even if it means the offense may still be below average for another year or two. But please note I am not suggesting the offense be ignored – there are obvious areas that need to be fixed (OL) to make that unit at least functional. I’m just saying I don’t think going all out to fix the offense while ignoring the D is a good strategy.

              8. And rocket, before you reply, yes, I realise you are not suggesting the D be ignored either.

              9. That’s fair Scooter. Like I said, I’m not against Jaylon Smith and he is a very good player, but to me you have to take the QB over the ILB when the pick is in that range. Agree to disagree.

              10. “Every draft expert I’ve read has Smith and Goff in the same tier of prospects.”

                Do they? Or do they just acknowledge that QBs tend to get over drafted, while ILBs get under drafted? I’ve seen them ranked around the same area consistently on draft Big Board’s, but most reports on Smith seem to be consistent that he is a top level prospect for the position regardless of year, while for Goff they are pretty consistent that they think he is the top or one of the top QB prospects this year, but not at the same level as some other years.

              11. That’s a consideration for a mock draft, not a big board. Goff isn’t ready-made like Luck was, but Goff has tremendous potential like Smith.

              12. Are you saying you don’t believe Big Board’s don’t take expected draft position into consideration? I disagree if you are.

      2. Vernon Hargreaves! I don’t know why you guys don’t see CB as a need especially a lockdown one…us niner fans should know that good coverage helps with pass rush. Pass rushers and LB’s come every year in the draft so at worse you can get one next yr

        1. Not to say it isn’t important but that”s just pumping the water out of the boat, if you haven’t fixed the hole it’s gonna keep filling up. Or in other words there are more pressing needs to use our #1 pick on.

      3. My guess is that there will be at least a couple teams that will be willing to give us a pick or two for the chance to grab either Lynch or Cook. After the combine who knows there could be a WR or CB who’s value has vaulted him up the ranks as well. could Hargreaves or Treadwell become trade worthy with a strong performance in Indy?

        With this scenario I would be in a full out blitz to give away that pick to the highest bidder. I don’t know if anyone is willing to jump far enough to garner a first round pick but we could ultimately see a 2nd or a pair of three’s for a pick at that spot.

        I think Jaylon Smith can be had in the 8-12 range and if we can pick up a 2nd or a couple of mid round picks and him that would be pretty OK with me.

        1. Zierlein is not a scout. He’s a football guy who has a radio show and does some writing. I’d think of him more like Todd McShay or Greg Cosell. In general, I think Zierlein is really, really good at his analysis.

    1. Not even close to an accurate assessment. Accuracy and vision are considered his best traits. Arm strength is not. I watched every Goff game since he was freshman. His pocket awareness is uncanny, footwork stellar, stands tall in pocket and delivers catchable accurate ball. When he did struggle for about for games he was getting getting pressure up middle that impacted his technique and footwork. Pretty much like every single qb out there. If you don’t have time, you will struggle (unfortunately even when krappernick had time he struggled)

  39. “The CEO isn’t trying to connect with fans via Twitter, he’s trying to fleece the fans and keep the sheep from realizing that the term “faithful” is a way of sucking their wallets dry when the product isn’t worth their time or money.”

    Grant, perhaps if you would aim most of your caustic remarks at deserving targets, Jed, Trent, Tom Shuler, and the Yorks generally, and not at players who have been grossly undermined by the foregoing, you’d come up with zingers like BASG.

  40. Grant tweet… This should be the #49ers draft board: 1. Laremy Tunsil 2. Ronnie Stanley 3. Jared Goff 4. Joey Bosa 5. Myles Jack 6. Jaylon Smith. 7. Ramsey 8. Hargreaves

    Where do you think the 49ers should put Paxton Lynch?

    1. That’s a good board but QB’s don’t always fit the same way. Meaning, the 49ers may have Tunsil ahead of Goff, but draft Goff because he represents the highest position value. That’s why QB’s blow up draft boards. If you think Goff or Lynch are franchise QB’s for the next 10 years, that’s who you take. Doesn’t matter what the board says at that point. Believe me, overall, TB had higher guys rated at other positions than Winston. Didn’t matter. They needed a qb. Got a good one and arrows pointed up.

    1. Using the Kawakami York to reality dictionary there are pieces that fit either scenario.

      Do we want a super competitive and impatient now owner who would certainly bring in a high powered NFL “brain” to run the football operation, or do we want a somewhat passive ownership to try to bring in the same kind of leadership?

      Choices, choices, choices. I can live with choices.

      1. Eddie was viciously criticized before he got Walsh. Jed just has blogs and social media to amplify the scathing criticism.
        Yorks are too prideful to cut and run after this setback. Changes will be made, but the ownership will stay the same.
        Jed was 5 yards from being a winner. He will not give up so easily.

    2. Plausable… Wrestle the 9ers from the Yorks, hire legitimate, proven professionals, and rebuild. Banners to fly over Levis???

      1. The defense ran around 300 million. Another 200 million or so was spent on the hosting the event in S.F. including the renovation costs of the piers.

          1. He’ll be dropping another 300 million on this next defense coming up in 2017 in Bermuda.

            Given the shiny new stadium the team wouldn’t sell for a dime under a billion dollars.

            1. With the stadium generating $100M a year in new income, I don’t think it would go for less than $2BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

              1. The Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise and they’re ‘only’ valued at 1.43 billion according to Forbes.

              2. Steve Balmer paid 2 Billion for the Clippers which was more than double their estimated value. Never underestimate the desire to own a professional sports franchise.

              3. More like $3B and up seems to be more like the market but that’s beyond my imagination grade.

  41. Larry Ellison seems like a douche, but I’m sure he would do anything and everything to bring an NFL championship back to the Bay. He hires the very best. He wouldn’t care about coaching salaries and he would instantly make this organization first class. I fear this is just a tease; it would be the best move the York’s ever made.

    1. It’s not a tease, it’s just speculation on the situation the Yorks find themselves in. Kawakami, who would like nothing better, doesn’t have a whisper of a tease that anything like it is in the current time frame. As he said, check in this time next year.

  42. Goff!!! A good QB covers up for a bad o line. He also makes average WR’s good and good ones great. The most influential position in professional sports. Goff is the answer and then bolster everything else.

    1. It’s a no brainier and any competent GM would tell you the same thing. If you don’t have a franchise QB and you think there is one there, you grab’em. Now, not all of them work out, so you have to be able to check every box and Goff does. May need to sit for year, but who cares. Whether we do or don’t draft a QB, we are going 6-10 next year. The team does not have elite talent in most spots. Baalke has done an abysmal job drafting the past four years and we have average to slightly above average players to show for it.

    2. No. A bad O line allows 9 sacks and makes the QB look bad, especially with no running game. A defense that allows 470 yards to the lowly Browns will not make any QB look good. Niners need so much help in other positions, Goff would just get the Alex treatment. He would be thrust into the starting lineup, and be chewed up and spit out.

    3. Is Joe Montana the greatest ever? I think so. Were there times when his OL almost got him killed? Yes. There were also times when the OL almost got Steve Young killed too – like the early part of the last Superbowl season when the OL was depleted by injury. Do you remember the Philadelphia, Kansas City, and the first half of the Detroit game that year?

  43. I’m still confused by all these geniuses running the draft here. Linemen and linebackers? I’m sorry, who’s playing QB for us next year?

    1. Gabbert and the Niners have proven to me that Kaep was not the the only problem.
      I do not know if he would want to come back after the treatment he has received, but Kaep with Gabbert as backup would be adequate to me, and they could draft a QB in the later rounds to develop.
      The Niners need O line help and a pass rush, or even the second coming of Joe Montana will not help.

  44. Kaepernick is traded to the browns for Manziel

    49ers and Browns will swap first round picks as part of the trade..

    With newly acquired Browns first round pick (probably 2 or 3 overall), 49ers will take Goff.

    Heard it here first…

    1. I do not think the Niners will relive the Aldon story. They may be dumb, but they would be ignoramuses if they acquire another drunk.

    2. Why would the Browns trade for an overpaid qb and get rid of their draft pick when there are qb’s available at that spot? It would probably go down as one of the worst trades ever

  45. I’d be comfortable if the 9ers traded down a few slots, but not out of the first 10-12 picks. I think they will rise to the 4th pick overall as the season closes. Pick up O and D linemen and a QB in first 4 rounds at least. Leverage that with a complete retooling of the coaching staff and front office leadership–perhaps Holmgren or equivalent as VP of football ops, a new GM, David Shaw as HC, etc.

      1. As someone on this board always says… Book it. My mom’s not all that up for the bait shop scene, but she can be convinced. I’ll be entering my 3rd year at Cal Poly so I’m set.

  46. The draft isn’t the only avenue to get some holes filled. I’d also like to see SF spend some money and lockup a longtime LB or DE or OL

    1. But if the FAs disappear like Dockett, Cook, Bush, Wright, Bishop, and play like Pears, the GM may need help assessing players.

      1. Or Seb he may need help getting the check book opened up so they can buy some talent. Could be that’s all they could afford. I don’t think Cook was a bad pick up. They had unproven DB’s at that point and he came cheaply. Bush was a bad pickup, Dockett? Both Bishop and Wheeler are playing for other teams now. Pears was supposed to be a backup for Davis. I think Bethea was a good pick up, Boldin as well, Gabbert for a back up was a decent pick up. Torrey Smith came at the wrong time when we can’t pass block how can you run long pass plays. I think Hodges will turn out to be a good player. He’s switching systems from a 4-3 to a 3-4 so I think he’ll catch up. He’s about 40/60 on FA’s success.

        1. I heard them say time and time again that they could not pay FAs money because they had to get under the salary cap. Lo and behold, the Niners are 13 mil under, so they are disingenuous and frugal.
          Baalke is so cheap, he will just lowball players so no one decent will want to come to the Niners. You may point out some of the successes and make excuses for some of the whiffs, but Baalke has not done a good job in all 3 phases of the game. With trades, FAs and the draft, he gave us this hot steaming pile. I am not impressed.

          1. Seb,

            I think a big chunk of that money under the cap is from cutting A Smith. Could be wrong, but that’s what I remember.

            1. They still had time since it was in the preseason.They very easily could have used that cap space, but Baalke was a miser,and wanted to save it.

              1. And don’t say Evan Mathis. It was clear he wanted to go to a team he thought had a good shot at a title.

          2. Seb, one of the key reasons the 49ers were $13 million under the cap was the late retirement of Davis and Aldon being sacked. Without those two roster moves, which happened after the 49ers could really spend that money to replace them, the 49ers are close to the cap.

            1. I wasn’t sure that you were right, so I looked up some numbers. It appears that you are right. Dead cap for AD is $3.37 million and for AS is $1.6 million.

              But here is what is really interesting:

              Active contracts: $75.7 million
              Injured Reserve: $31.7 million
              Dead Cap: $28.2 million

              44% of the 2015 salary cap is currently for players that make do not contribute playing time to the team.

              1. With Aldon’s cap number, you also need to keep in mind that if he’d been a 49er all season his final cap number would have been around $8.5 million, or something like that. They reworked his deal at the start of the year so it was progressive (and so they could cut him with no real ramifications if he stuffed up again). They didn’t have much room left under the cap if those two were still 49ers this year.

              2. Should read:

                44% of the 2015 salary cap is currently for players that do not contribute playing time to the team.

  47. I like them them all those players…problem is that we need too much on both sides of the ball. Maybe we should trade the pick for a couple of seconds or similar package and go for the high quantity/ quality route on the OL and/or the DL?

  48. A sale-in-the-planning logically would explain the move of Marathe, from his job as team president into a vaguely explained reassignment. The recent shuffle was labeled by some observers as a demotion, but that’s unlikely, considering the strong affection and respect John, Denise and Jed have for Marathe.

    There is media speculation that the move is partly because of friction between Marathe and players/agents in contract negotiations. However, the 49ers say Marathe will remain
    the team’s lead contract negotiator.

    A more logical explanation for Marathe being replaced as president by Al Guido — whose corporate credentials are not nearly as shiny as Marathe’s — is that Marathe now can jump into the hard, full-time labor of selling the team. An army of accountants and tax lawyers would be involved, and the Yorks need someone bright and trusted to ride herd on that army.

    1. I forbid you from raising my hopes. I found my self thinking for a few moments, “perhaps they will sell the team?” That is a very dangerous place to be for the peace of my mind.

      We are stuck with the Yorks.

  49. Leo,

    Keep Hope Alive!

    A sale to Ex-49ers Brent Jones and Steve Young’s billionaire friend, Larry Ellison would mean the Niner’s would have someone in-house familiar with Quarterbacking (Young) and WR drafting (receiving skills–Brent Jones) unafraid to draft a QB or WR high in round 1

  50. until the general manager and the entire coaching staff are gone it doesnt matter who we draft.the manager drafts mostly average talent and this coaching staff cant coach up or recognize the talent they have

    1. It caused a stir last night George, but you’re right it’s really just the musings of Scott Ostler. I don’t see the Yorks selling the team, not when they finally got their Stadium and the team is profitable.

      We can hope for option one, but that isn’t likely either.

      1. I’m not sure it matters, but I had an email exchange with Ostler in which he said, “Let’s just say that it’s somewhat more than just idle musing.”

        It’s not much better than the article being all in Ostler’s head, but it’s better than nothing.

          1. You seem to have just missed The Seb’s avatar. Checkout the “what am I doing here” eye brows on the “true” avatar.

  51. Offseason wish list:

    1. 49ers for sale rumors come to fruition.
    2. New ownership puts together top notch front office.
    3. Top notch front office hires top notch coach.
    4. Top notch coach scouts and selects a top notch QB*.
    5. Top notch QB leads team to SB wins and becomes a faithful legend for tea bagging a juked Richard Sherman on a QB bootleg.

    *Assuming top notch coach feels there is a top notch QB in this draft. I don’t care what type of team you out around Gabbert, he will never make anyone a better player. You have to have a good QB to have long term success. Invest in the position until you have an elite QB. Just because he might not be ready to start right away doesn’t mean he isn’t worth the investment. That being said, if this staff is retained I wouldn’t want them anywhere near a young QB prospect. They wouldn’t know what to do with him and they would likely be fired after his rookie year anyways, forcing him to learn his second offensive system in as many years. No thanks.

  52. Regarding Larry Ellison, I’ll throw in a little story. I have a friend who owned a house several years ago not far from Oracle in Redwood Shores. Nice house. He put it on the market for what they were getting at that time. Soon he got a knock on his door, and who was standing there but Ellison. He wanted to make an offer on the house. My friend knew he owned other houses on his street, so this was not a total surprise. Ellison walked in, looked around, and made an offer on the spot. But it was below-market. My friend was not desperate to sell so he said thanks but no, and Ellison left. A few days later my friend got an offer from a buyer willing to pay him what he wanted.

    1. I’ve read some reviews this morning and pretty much all say it’s on par with the original trilogy and a great movie on it’s own.

  53. My solution? Keep it in the family. Denise should appoint Nikki Debartolo as the CEO and let Jed be the President. Nikki will not be subject to the ridicule Jed is, because Niner fans are not so crass as to hurl epithets at a woman.
    Why Nikki? Even though she may be really astute, she does not have to have an iota of football sense. All she has to do is appoint the right people. She can span the generations and give Eddie some solace that the Niners will be run well, instead of this present farcical tragedy and trainwreck.
    Denise will be helping her niece to break the bastion of male macho intransigence by elevating a female into one of the pinnacles of sports. She could lead the way into righting an age old wrong, and talk about universal health care for the players, and especially the retired players. She could instigate new initiatives about writing legible definitions, or mandating replay reforms, or CTE protocols, or reforming the refs, or any other ideas that will help the game.
    It does not have to be Nikki. It could be any of the other children of Denise or Eddie who have a burning desire to win rings. I liked Nikki because I like her husband. I bet he would take a bullet for her. He also was a plumber, so I think he could help her fix the leaks.

  54. This is damning:

    “Pettine said #Browns came out wanting to fight vs. #49ers: “Wasn’t sure I sensed the same attitude from the other side”

    Tweet from Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot

      1. More self serving. My guys are still fighting and Tomsula’s guys have given up.

        If we win any of these last three games, this whole draft speculation will have to move further back in the draft. Who ever jinxed the Bears kicker had better stop it.

  55. You do your best to build an offense that next year’s 1st rounder (QB) can step into without getting destroyed. That starts with an OT if possible, but if the board falls as Grant suggests, you either trade back, or pick Treadwell. Then, you pick a OT in the second round as it’s a good class.

  56. If AD says he’s coming back in 2016, how much does this effect our draft?

    Maybe drafting a QB will make more sense at that point.

    1. I don’t think it impacts their offseason strategy much, but it does provide another option to help fix the OL.

    1. I have a suspicion that part of the reason they want to keep him down is so he doesn’t accrue enough games on the active roster so as to not be eligible for the PS again next year, in case they want to use that avenue again next season.

    2. Makes sense. Niners are losing on purpose. They do not want to win so they will get a better draft slot. Last game showed they are just going through the motions, with an uninspiring and lackluster performance. Holding back a potent weapon is proof that they have given up.

  57. If we were to win two more games these players could foreseeably be gone before we make our pick.


    Rather then line teams up, who would you take if you couldn’t trade down or up and the listed players were off the board.

    As to who else might have interest in Smith, I’d throw the Saints and the Dolphins into the mix, Houston maybe as well.

    1. If I couldn’t trade up or down, then DL such as Billings or Buckner would be strong considerations, or Nkemdiche if his recent issues are cleared as being one off stupidity. Myles Jack would also certainly be a strong consideration, as would Emmanuel Ogbah.

      I’d add Jalen Ramsey, but I’m struggling to see the 49ers taking another DB so early.

      Connor Cook would also need to be considered.

      Of those, my preference would be Buckner.

      1. I think Nkemdiche is lining up to be this years biggest bust. He underachieves and already had baggage and personality questions before this latest incident. He’s going to set a team back that uses a first round pick on him.

        1. Yeah I’m not too familiar with his background and issues other than his most recent one, so can’t comment on that. I don’t think he is an under achiever, I just don’t think he’s as good as he’s hyped to be. But he is a disruptive player that commands double teams at the collegiate level.

          I prefer Buckner to him though.

      1. Well he continues to be pegged as a 4-3 end but he’s got the build to play OLB. He might be similar to Harold in that he needs to build some upper body strength but if he’s got a decent time at the combine I don’t see why he couldn’t be considered by a 3-4 team. How high do you take a project like that. If he blazes at the combine he’ll probably get plucked by a 4-3 team first.

        1. I think he’ll be taken by a 3-4 team. A lot of 3-4 OLBs in the NFL were 4-3 DEs in college, and he seems to be a decent athlete. He also does have some experience playing as an OLB in Michigan State’s D. As a 4-3 DE I don’t think he has as much value, as he doesn’t appear to be a really quick twitch pass rusher, and he’s probably too light to keep playing LDE like he does for the Spartans (though I guess with his frame he could add some weight).

          How high do you take him? Good question. I like him as a player but he doesn’t look like a special talent. Probably second round?

    2. In the risky player department I’d take Oakman over Nkemdiche. Ogbah looks like a 4-3 end to me.

      I might consider a CB. At this point these names will sound like stretches but my Spring they wont be: Mackensie Alexander, Desmond King. Right now both are seen as anywhere from late firsts to possibly even third round but I think at least one of them is going to creep up into the mid first round consideration. If I had a gun to my head I’d say it was King that will likely jump up depending on how he runs in Indy.

    1. This isn’t the suggest of the sale but an article disucssing the likelihood, or not, of it happening.

      1. Truly.

        It will take mountains of embarrassment to cover up that sweet stream of money flowing into the back woods of Ohio.

      2. The “major reorganization” possibility is probably the most likely to happen. Like David Fucillo, I don’t know who the “football brain with power” at the top of the organization should be.

          1. John did or does own car dealerships. Joe is fronting a hotel deal. Beats me.

            John has said this, “I’m not interested in being a head coach. I’m not interested in being a general manager. I don’t have that kind of experience to be able to pick those players day in and day out and such.”

            Do you know if John picked his GM?

            I do wonder if Joe wants to put in the time to be in charge of football operations at the VP or P level.

            Given the Yorks attitude toward the Golden Years of Bill and Eddie, I’m not sure they would ask Joe.

            I would hope the guy would be astute in evaluating all levels of football talent.

            1. John is making $3M a year and is supposed to be worth $145M and has run several businesses.

              Joe’s net worth is supposed to be about $80M but he is probably unemployed.

              1. Looks like John changed his mind or realized that he was better than anyone he wanted for the GM job. On the job training I guess.

  58. 49ers must get rid of hot heads like Bolden who has single handedly caused the 49ers to lose games with personal penalties. Patton is another hot headed punk who must leave. The 49ers needs a coach not a daddy. But they do play like a bunch of out of control high school punks and acts like fools after the plays are over.
    49ers needs a pass rusher,a decent pass blocker,a cornerback who can defend against my grandpa.Brock not only can’t defend against the pass,he can’t tackle my grandma either.
    Blaine showed he can play. Get him a good left tackle and another guard to go with Boone and a top wide receiver in the draft and watch the new offensive minded coach turn this goofy team around. Don’t waste the first
    pick on a qb.

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