Reality bites the 49ers. It looks like this is who they are

A familiar sight on Sunday. Jimmy Garoppolo about to be hit by Bobby Wagner. Wagner had two of Seattle’s three sacks. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson.

In a way maybe the loss to Seattle was for the best.

You know what would have happened if the 49ers had pulled off the upset and beaten the Seahawks. Irrational exuberance. We saw it after the back to back wins over the Rams and the Patriots.

Don’t sleep on the Niners, people said. They’re pulling it together. The playoffs are not out of reach.

Instead, they went to Seattle, where the Russell Wilsons methodically squeezed the life out of them. And yes, it was a bummer, as pointed out in postgame interviews, that the 49ers were not able to capitalize on two good defensive stands to start the game.

“The defense did such a good job early in the game,” Trent Williams said, “and we didn’t make them pay for good field position.”

But after that Seattle discovered that the 49ers line was treating their blitz’s as a completely new concept. And of course, Wilson just Wilson’d. Williams called the dazzling veteran one of the “magical quarterbacks.”

In short, San Francisco couldn’t move the ball, and they couldn’t stop the Seahawks. Experts say those two facts rarely result in victory.

Instead, they lost by ten. The silver lining is we may have finally — halfway through the 16-game season — figured out what this year’s version of the 49ers is. It is right there in the standings — 4-4. They’re a .500 team.

And I’d suggest that’s basically what they are going to be at the end of the year. They can beat struggling teams. Only one of the four teams they’ve defeated, the Rams, has a winning record, and the other three are a combined 4-19. And against good teams, they’re the ones who struggle. And lose.

The offensive line has been leaky. Jimmy Garopollo is injured and inconsistent. And once again the defense, in Fred Warner’s words, is “not getting off the field on third down.” Seattle converted 9-15 attempts.

It isn’t as if we don’t know the reasons. We know the team has a ton of injuries, but the TV graphic during the game was startling. Thirteen players on injured reserve (including some of their biggest stars), a total of 112 games missed.

And the beatdown goes on. It seems pretty obvious that Garoppolo’s ankle is going to be a factor for the foreseeable future, if not the season. George Kittle, the guy the team simply cannot lose, looked hobbled at the very least when he left the game and went to the locker room.

“It seems to happen over and over,” Kyle Juszczyk said. “Guys dropping.”

Kyle Shanahan has tried to compensate with smoke and mirrors. There is lots of smirking about his unsuccessful gadget plays in this game. I didn’t mind them. At least he’s trying. He just has to try with Trent Taylor instead of Deebo Samuel.

It is a league of big splash plays — see Metcalf, D.K. — and the 49ers are fresh out of guys who can make them.

This is not unprecedented of course. There have been whole studies of what happens to teams the year after they lose a Super Bowl. Except for the Patriots, nobody in the last ten years has made it back to the Super Bowl the season after an SB loss. A couple of teams lost in the Wild Cards and the 2016 Panthers went 6-10.

It happens. But nobody says you have to like it.

Presumably we’re supposed to get excited about the Nick Mullens Sequel: This Time It’s Personal. But right now quarterback for the 49ers doesn’t look right a great job. When it comes to preventing sacks, they are tied for 26th in the league, with only six teams giving up more.

Granted, Garopollo is not Baryshnikov back there, but some of those Seahawks were on him almost a soon as the ball arrived. At one point LB Bobby Wagner — the clear defensive star of the day — came up the middle untouched for one of his two sacks. That’s sub-optimal.

Mullens did move the team at the end of the game. And maybe this is the beginning of a Cinderella story for the ages. But remember, he was benched for C.J. Beathard in his start against the Eagles.

That game, a 25-20 loss, wasn’t pretty. Mullens was sacked four times. He threw for a touchdown, but also two interceptions, one of which was a bad decision in the red zone. Since he was inactive for the next game, it is safe to say Kyle Shanahan was not impressed. But Beathard was the inactive QB the next week, so that situation remains fluid.

Mullens was honest enough to admit that it stung to be declared inactive, but he is eager to get back out there. He says he has gotten a good perspective on his situation with some experience.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned,” he said, “is the NFL is tough, but it is all about what you do next.”

OK. Next is Thursday.

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    1. I think every Niner fan wished that was the case but it’s pretty clear that the body of work we’ve seen from Mullen’s, he isn’t the guy.

  1. Jimmy G out minimum 6 weeks.

    George Kittle out 8 weeks and season could be over for him.

    Time for a fire sale. Stock up on draft picks and we have a decent shot next year. Get rid of the dead weight.

    1. Good analysis Jack. Only thing is with Mullen’s, he hasn’t shown anything to say he is good enough to be a starter let alone a bridge QB.
      Who ever they get next year, they will have to be good enough to take a pretty good roster deep into the playoffs.
      Any ideas who that might be?

      1. They should draft a qb early to groom for a year, and I like Zach Wilson. I think they roll with Jimmy through 2021, and perhaps his stock goes back up and they can get their 2nd round pick back….

        1. Raz,
          I almost want to agree with that, but I’m caught up with the fact that when Jimmy played healthy, he took the team to the superbowl.

          I brought up the ideal a couple of weeks ago that the 49ers need to draft a pass-first QB with the athletic ability to run when necessary.

          At the moment the 3 QB’s on the roster are sitting ducks against a pass rush. What if we had a QB that could escape the pocket when it breaks down and give himself an extra 2-3 to find an open receiver.

          At the moment, it is as big challenge trying to beat a team with a good defensive pass-rusher(s).
          That said, I agree that we give Jimmy one more year, while a dual-threat QB is groomed.

          1. I’m not sure the 49ers have to go the full “duel threat QB” route. I’m not sure that’s what Kyle is looking for in a QB. If there is another Russell Wilson available anytime soon, well then sure, as Russ is actually a rarer, pass-first, duel threat QB, and those are hard to come by. I certainly think Kyle will be looking for some mobility in his next QB. Jimmy has never been much of a threat as a runner, but the 2017 version of Jimmy was sneaky in terms of his athleticism and mobility, and he was able to use his legs to navigate the pocket, make those off-schedule plays, and pick up the occasional yardage when those plays broke down. He was at least mobile enough to keep defenses honest. Nowadays, he seems skittish, plays like a statue, is unable to escape pressure, and also unable to settle his feet and and make accurate throws within the pocket on a consistent enough basis. He is sadly just a shell of his former, pre-ACL tear, self.

            I think Kyle’s ideal QB is something closer to the 2017 version of Garoppolo, only with a better grasp of the playbook, and the ability to make the right reads on a more consistent basis. Perhaps a slightly more mobile version of Kirk Cousins, with a bit stronger of an arm. Kyle doesn’t need a guy who likes to freelance because he can sling it all over the yard, nor does he need the next Kyler Murray, or Lamar Jackson. All Kyle needs is a QB with some athleticism, and who is able to play within his offense, make the right reads, and able to deliver the football on time and hit his receivers in stride. He doesn’t need a ridiculous amount of athleticism or a cannon of an arm.

            1. Triple A…
              Arm,Accuracy and Anticipation..
              Thats what Kyle needs at Qb..

              He doesn’t trust Jimmy G…
              Trying to take the ball out of his hands…before he throws a pick..
              Which he did……and he does
              This started in the playoffs.

              But all that 2019 preseason talk of Jimmy throwing all those picks in practice…were not hindsight..

              Kyle never wanted Jimmy…
              So he was in mourning like Lynch said…not gettin Cousins..

              I think Cousins would’ve given Kyle the arm…and the accuracy…he needs
              Not that i advocate him being here…but i understand..why..

            2. 49,
              I never said a “full” dual-threat QB. I did say athletic ability to run when necessary.
              And I base my theory on the fact that today’s defenses are crazy fast.

              You mentioned players like Murray, Russell and Lamar. Unless we make a magical deal for the rights to draft Fields from Ohio St, I doubt we find a QB who can provide their production.

              This dual-threat QB must have a pass-first mentality. The kid in Buffalo is a good example of the type of QB I’m touting.

              1. I hear you and agree with you on that AES. The more athletic the better I guess, as long as he is primarily a QB who wins from the pocket, with anticipation and accuracy.

            3. Mood:
              Reading those articles..
              I still stand by my statement…

              2014:..saying he’s a better prospect than Manziel isnt saying much…in a weak draft Qb class

              2017:.Lynch reached out…
              We couldnt have Brady then…we could’ve now…but
              Its more like okay we’ll give it a shot…
              What do u think kyle? Sure….

              2014 is not the same as 2018 til now…
              Its different when u get the guy in the building..

              He didnt play right away….
              He only went in because Beathard got injured….if he didnt? Who knows…that 5game magic doesnt happen..

              Kyle wanted Cousins here…not Jimmy..

              I think Kyle was swayed to take Jimmy….by Lynch and company

              1. I agree. If Kyle really wanted Jimmy, why would Lynch have talked about how despondent KS was when he learned Cousins wouldn’t be a 49er. Maybe the language should be: “Kyle wanted Kirk more than he wanted Jimmy”. It doesn’t seem that there is much doubt about that.

              2. That comment by Lynch was made in jest on KNBR to Mac and Murph. I heard it myself.
                Sure, Shanny would be fine having Cousins but the point I was making is that the statement “Kyle never wanted Jimmy” is not true.
                As an aside, I’ve seen nothing from Cousins that tells me he’s a superior QB to Jimmy G.

    2. What a load of crap. I feel dumber for having read it. JG isn t playing well so time to go…no mention that he was playing through an injury that usually sidelines a player for a month minimum and still won some games. Get rid of a QB with a .750 winning percentage and SB trip because he just doesn’t look good enough with a bum wheel. It’s like common sense evaporates around here after a loss.

      1. I agree. He was great those last games in 17 and played very good in 19 after a year off with an acl. This year he has been injured and is silky to evaluate his performance with out that recognition. It would not be easy to find a better QB. IT was a mistake to bring him back too soon. He hasn’t played well and now he’s out for 6 more weeks. When healthy I think he can be a very good QB.

        1. You people have bad memories. Do you not remember how many pick or potential picks Jimmy threw at the beginning of the Superbowl season? Kyle had to put the reigns on him. He said that the team is playing well enough so that Jimmy doesn’t have to take risks. If he is allowed a free hand he makes stupid decisions. Kyle does not trust him for good reason. He has far too many liabilities that any asset he might bring would compensate for.

          The dumbest thing the NIners can do is keep Jimmy next year as a bridge for the QB of the future. He will cost 25 mil and now is the time to get rid of him with minimal cap hit money. It will cost them 3 mil over two years. You guys possess no objectivity. The Niners would have been better off with either Smith or Kaepernick. The things that 49er fans criticized them for , Jimmy has a problem with as well without the advantages they other two brought to the table.

          Jimmy’s problems are not exclusive to his injury. Watch his games when he was healthy, he still had a problem with his footwork. He also had trouble reading defenses and seeing the entire field. Those alone with his lack of accuracy for anything longer than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. His throws were off last season as well. It was not his ankle that caused his overthrow in the SB.

          So now you guys are open to a mobile QB instead of a pure pocket passer. Took you a bit to figure the advantages that come with being able to escape a pass rush.

          1. I forgot to add. Mullins can clearly do as well as Jimmy for a lot less money. he is even more effective , but at least as good. He makes throws to the sideline and actually made a pass that traveled more than 20 yards in the air. He would make a much better transition QB . Certainly a much better role model in respect to work ethic for a rookie.

              1. The problem with that is no one wanted him in the offseason for a third round pick. The people whose money and jobs are on the line don’t think Mullen’s is a starter.

              2. Exactly. He’s not starter material. 32 teams passed on him at least 7 times. To say he’s as good as Jimmy is just hyperbole….

            1. Again, Ill ask, you remember the Philly game? A full week to prepare and he played like a deer in head lights. Everyone loves the back up but they forget why he actually is the back up.

      2. What a load of crap. I feel dumber for having read it.

        It’s good for a laugh, though, if you don’t take it seriously.
        Jimmy G clearly has not developed as much as we fans had hoped, but when healthy, he’s played very well. As I mentioned in CW’s previous blog post, this is a lost year for maturation of the team in his system. I would think that he will get a chance next season to prove himself when he’ll again be healthy..
        That said, I do not see Kyle hesitating to draft a QB in the early rounds if he thinks that rookie has what he’s looking for and can push Jimmy G.

        1. …but when healthy – reminds me of the old phrase: “Except for the ice burg how was the cruise?” I like Jimmy G and hope he succeeds but he’s approaching China Doll status I fear. And, as Jack clearly points out it seems as though fiscal matters are going to control the issue whether we like it or not. Will give us something to talk about if the evil genius Bellicheat gets Jimmy back and the Pats return to perennial domination.

          1. Those of you that love Jimmy ( I did once ) do so for the same reason you hated both Smith and Kaep. Your perspectives were colored by your initial takes and those were biased from the beginning.

            As a previous poster mentioned many other objective sources have all come to the same conclusions about Jimmy. I am sure Steve Young saw those flaws for some time but just held back out of loyalty to the franchise. If it were just one issue, it would make a difference. But he has multiple problems. One that is not even being mentioned is his character in respect to his effort on the field. If you doubt me, remember I pointed out a character flaw in Trent Baalke while most of you still thought he was a great GM.

      3. I’m good with what I wrote. There is evidence to back up every point that was made, and since the time that we published this there have been similar articles written by folks like Maiocco, along with Young’s take on ESPN and so on.

        1. It’s the obvious go to story because it’s juicy. You are basing most of your opinion on the way he’s looked playing through an injury. That is a severely flawed and not how how you make an important decision on the future of the position.

    3. Sorry, Jack, but for you to say they should move on from a SB QB, demonstrates your media bias, and the need to be provocative.
      JG does have a good win-loss record, and you dismiss that fact as irrelevant.
      The Niners chose JG over TB because of his long term prospects. I am glad JG is the franchise QB of the San Francisco 49ers. Bailing on him after a little adversity, is not a wise course of action.
      Sorry, but to me, this is just clickbait.

      1. Garoppolo has played 25 of the last 48 games for the 49ers, but sure, he’s the guy.

        Garoppolo hasn’t really played well at all in 2020 with the exception of one half against the Jets. He is immobile, has completely lost his mechanics, and doesn’t throw the ball well down the field. All of those things were on full display Sunday, and it’s why Seattle has no problem pressing everything short with their corners and linebackers.

        Garoppolo is not worth 25 million of what will be a 176 million cap next season.

        1. Are all those diminishing skills a result of a high ankle sprain or has he suddenly in one year become a terrible QB?
          Im just trying to understand the difference from is he injured or were those wins the last 2 years a product of a really good roster around him?
          That has to be a tough decision to make for any GM/Coach to make.

        2. Okay you don’t like Jimmy. That’s an easy call by emotional fans but who are you going to replace him with? Who out there is available that is better than Jimmy. If you’re the GM or coach are you risking your job that you can draft someone better? Jimmy has proven that when healthy he can lead a team to the super bowl after coming off an ACL.

          1. This isn’t a matter of liking Garoppolo or not. He’s not worth $25 million next season. The team currently has only 36 players under contract and about 17 million in space for 2021 after the Alexander trade yesterday. Mullens can do everything that we’ve seen from Garoppolo in 2020 for a fraction of the cost which will allow the team to add pieces at areas of need or bring back some expiring contract guys.

            1. That’s not true Jack. Mullen’s cannot do what Jimmy can do, otherwise Mullen’s would have been the starter.
              This isn’t about Mullen’s and Garopollo. This is about the QB Shanny needs to stop making excuses and get the job done.

            2. Maybe KS is not worth getting a contract extension. One could say he is an OC, masquerading as a HC.
              If they want a total rebuild, it starts at the top.
              JG is not too expensive. Starting SB QBs are as precious as rubies, and should be treasured, not thrown in the gutter.
              I will question the football acumen of any person who thinks Darnold is the answer. Is Mullens the answer? Wasn’t he benched a couple games ago? Mullens also threw a pass that the DB should have picked off.
              It is interesting to note that Grant rips JG for his footwork, then when Mullens threw flat footed, he ignored that. Yes, Mullens did OK last game, but Pete Carroll called off his dogs, and was content to let the Niners drive down the field to score, as long as the clock was moving. Shining during garbage time is not the same as starting the whole game.

    4. Pretty much Jack. The cap situation just makes it so hard to roll with JG next year if they aren’t firmly of the belief he is their guy long term.

            1. The bridge is not very good. Id suggest to Kyle he better find a better bridge.

              The thing about Mullens this Thursday is he wont have a full stable of healthy RB horses to beat GB. And that’s what GB can’t do, stop the run. So little Nicky is going to have to throw to win the game.

              1. Mullens didn’t have a full stable of running backs or Kittle when they hung 36 on the Giants.

                How did Brady do last night?

            2. Mullens may be able to run Kyle’s system better than Jimmy G in practice and when the game is moving at a manageable pace, as it does in garbage time. But for one thing, his brain does not seem to be able to process the information AND act on his ball release fast enough under pressure to accommodate post-snap movement. In that pick 6, he said he did see the defender lurking behind the lineman and he intended to throw over him. But the video shows him directly throwing to the defender. I don’t think he’s lying. By the time he realized that the defender was jumping the route, he was not able to adjust the throw’s velocity.

              By no means am I saying that Jimmy G does not make mistakes. He’s disappointed me in his lack of growth in reading defenses and calling out protection adjustments. But Mullens is not the answer even if he wins a 2-3 games while Jimmy G is recovering. He does not seem to me someone who can QB a team to the play-offs over a season.

              I don’t think Shanalynch are prepared to sacrifice a year to train a rookie QB.

              1. We are not implying that Mullins is the answer only that he is not worse than Jimmy. In fact watching them he seems to be better at running the offense. We are talking who would make a better transitional QB. Jimmy is not worth 25 mil. I would even go so far as to say he is not really worth close to half that.

                His change in playing style after he got his contract reveals to me that we would never see 2017 jimmy ever again. Someone posted on another site that trainers in S. Cal who have access say that Jimmy is afraid to get injured and is just riding out his contract and they will retire. His play seems to reinforce that perspective. He’s not setting his feet ( which has been his problem long before he was injured ) is because he does not want to get hit flatfooted in the act of passing.

                You want someone who loves the game and not just someone who is going through the motions. The injuries are just a convenient way to buy more time . The Niners seem to know that and that is why they are giving a high ankle sprain a min of 6 weeks. It is a way to justify keeping him on the bench while still giving the impression that it is for his play alone. Its a ploy to keep his trade value up while keeping him on the bench.

            3. Just the bridge until the rookie is ready. If they draft a QB in round 1 like I think they would if they get rid of JG then Shanahan won’t wait too long to put him in. When healthy the team around the QB is still good and we have seen the team can win a lot of games even with spotty QB play.

              If they take a QB high, then keeping JG just means they can’t keep/ sign a few other good players that would help the team and the rookie QB longer term.

              I’m really starting to think 2021 will be a mini-dump of some contracts to reload for 2022 (though still be highly competitive in 2021 barring a massive injury toll). The cap situation is just going to make a really hard run at the SB in 2021 too difficult.

          1. His take is much the same as the one’s in here. An unsubstantiated opinion that Shanahan might want to move on from the only QB he has won with and that the cap space may be more important than the player which makes no sense at all considering they won’t find a better option who will cost less.

          2. Yes, watched that ESPN clip twice. He may be right — he forgets more football every month than I will ever know :) However, I am looking at the data of available QBs, Jimmy G’s track record, and Kyle’s system needs in a QB and trying to come up with an informed opinion.

            1. What is the most concerning thing about Steve Young’s comments is that he thinks Kyle isnt able to run his full offense, which includes the down field explosive plays. That to me is what is holding this offense and what killed us in the SB.

              It would be nice if one of the Bay area reporters came out and asked Coach Shanahan if he hasnt been able to fully implement his entire vision of offense with the current personnel.
              Put him on the spot cause if he says yes then he isnt doing a very good job cause the offense is hit or miss and this year its been a lot of misses.

              1. Again, Young is correct.

                However, Kyle has had HoF caliber receivers (Andre Johnson, Julio Jones) catching passes deep. By the time he arrived at Atlanta, he had an experienced veteran as QB with established rapport with a HoF receiver.

                Who are these deep threats among the Niners who can catch these downfield passes? A few games by Goodwin when the rest of the team was struggling is all I can recall. Sanders’ arrival showed that Jimmy G could easily establish rapport with a competent #2 pass catcher. he’s had little chance to practice with the rookie this year.

                Shanalynch have failed to put an above-average receiver group around the QB. I don’t blame them because drafting is a numbers game. The fact that the most consistent receiver among the Niners over Kyle’s tenure has been Bourne who in his best day is a #3 receiver speaks volumes. The O line has been built around run blocking and shaky in pass pro at best. Good luck with developing a rookie QB with this support cast for the passing game.

              2. I remember some explosive plays last season, bombs to Kittle and Sanders off the top of my head. I don’t think JG is holding him back because if he was there is no way Shanahan would have stayed with the status quo for this season.

        1. They intentionally left out one QB. Colin Kaepernick.
          He would be better than all of those drek QBs with the exception of Dak, who has a compound leg fracture.
          Guess the blackballing is continuing.

          1. I have been someone who has defended Kaep against some of the unwarranted criticism he received by Niner fans. Yet you do not sit out this long and expect to come back. It is difficult enough not playing for one season let alone as long as he has been out. Kaep coming back will not happen. It would make no sense for any team.

  2. As much as I’ve wanted to love Jimmy G., I agree that it’s time to cut bait. While I still think he’s above average, he doesn’t seem to be able to consistently win the game(s) he needs to.

    1. He won 15 games last season and played well enough in the last one to have them in position to win the SB halfway through the 4th quarter. He won 3 games this season with a bum ankle on a team destroyed by injuries. What are these games he consistently doesn’t win that he should?

      1. What exactly did he do to win those games. Those games were won by other offensive players making plays. Mostly by the run game– think Mostert. He basically threw nothing but short passes. Your name is appropriate. You are a nonexpert.

        1. Go watch both Cards games, Saints game and Seattle game at the end of the season and come back and tell me how those games were won by others.

  3. In my 50 years of playing , coaching , and watching football I have never seen a more softer , injury prone team , this has been going on for years … I’m not in the building so I can’t say for sure , but it has to start with the culture . Pathetic !!

  4. This was suppose to be Garoppolo buy out year, it will be interesing off season, whether they keep him or not. Fan’s want to bash him, I am not so sure, the O -line is pretty bad. Wilson could of had a picnic yesterday with all of the time in the pocket. They traded Alexander to the Saints, and they need to get rid of Thomas, TrentTaylor,Pettis,Richburg, Sherman and Ford for starters. Mullens will probably be gone next season as I think this is last year of his contract.

  5. Here’s the deal guys and girls although I doubt any girls frequent the place anymore, they aren’t trading or dumping JG. Trading a QB who was top 5 in some key categories and took them to a SB not even a year ago would be stupid and shortsighted. Trading that same QB because he’s struggled with an injury and a revolving door of players would be insane. This team has suffered an unprecedented number of injuries to key players and are dealing with the regression that seems to happen to SB runner ups. The last they should do is start making franchise altering decisions while going through it.

    1. If the team was sold on JG after last season, why not extend him this past offseason? When the team was desperate to create cap space? It doesn’t make any sense unless they weren’t 100% sold on him, didn’t want to commit long term to him just yet, wanted to see more.

      And if they already weren’t 100% sold on him, what has he done this season to warrant keeping him next year in a year where they are going to be even more desperate for cap relief?

      1. Agreed Scooter,
        I remember having a discussion where I was baffled as to why they didn’t restructure Jimmy’s contract but rather chose to do so with Kwon and Richberg. It made no sense but now I think we are starting to see that Kyle didn’t/doesn’t fully trust him.

        1. Yep. I said during the offseason that whether JG gets extended/ restructured or not was a key indicator of how the FO felt about him. I was really surprised they didn’t restructure him. But now it is looking like a pretty wise move.

          1. Kyle has not been sold on Jimmy for some time now. He made comments after the early games in the Superbowl run season that pretty much expressed that. He said that Jimmy does not have to take risks because the team was in control of most of those games. It was because he was making to many boneheaded decisions that caused turnovers that in closer games might have resulted in losses.

            It is also obvious that he limits the offense to focus primarily on short passes to the middle of the field. Even when a player does get open Jimmy will hesitate to throw longer than 20 yards downfield. He doesn’t trust himself. His problem is his footwork not his injured leg. His footwork problem existed long before he even tore his ACL. They know this and were just hoping to get some value for him in a trade. The injury might help that cause because some team might believe that his play is because of an injury.

      2. Nobody knows what the front office is thinking in regards to cap strategy. What we do know is this was a SB contender entering the year that has dealt with an astronomical amount of injuries that has sabotaged their season. They are not going to dump a QB who is the only link to winning in the Shanahan era. It would be a terrible move that could take them from contender back to a 500 or worse team. They don’t have another QB on the roster who has shown they can win and you don’t turn a SB contender over to a rookie. That’s ludicrous. If they have a shot to get Rodgers talk to me, otherwise this echo chamber should be sealed because this theory makes no sense on any level.

        1. Nobody knows what the FO is thinking WRT cap management, but you know what they are thinking WRT their inconsistent QB?


          You don’t have a good answer against why they didn’t restructure JG that still fits your narrative.

            1. If he is willing to take a reasonably large pay cut then I can see him sticking around another year, but what do you then do in the draft? If you draft a guy high then JG knows he is just a stop gap anyway, and if you don’t you are just in the same position again the season after but without RFA rights to a low cost alternative in Mullens.

              1. Catch 49. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. What signal are you sending your team when Mullens is your starting QB for the year? I think you have a big boy conversation with Jimmy and let him know that his play is not commensurate with his salary. He can take a pay cut and bet on himself to make teams bullish again knowing we plan on drafting a QB high, or he could opt for a change of scenery….

              2. I don’t think you can learn this offense in a year or less.

                Not sure it’d be a good idea to put your rookie QB behind this offensive line either.

              3. I don’t see how Jimmy could cop an attitude like Rodgers when the Packers took their QB, especially if you were straight up with him beforehand….

              4. Having that big boy conversation with Jimmy and drafting a QB might be the fire that sparks him.
                An offseason where he devotes 100% to his conditioning, a pay cut and incentive laden contract, plus a rookie QB breathing down his neck is the only way I bring him back.
                It might be the best deal for everyone. Look, the players in the dressing room love Jimmy G. They follow his lead so with a championship roster ready to win and you add those stipulations to him coming back I think it’s the perfect storm

              5. “I don’t think you can learn this offense in a year or less.” –
                Jimmy looked better BEFORE he “learned” this offense.

          1. Nobody knows what the FO is thinking WRT cap management, but you know what they are thinking WRT their inconsistent QB?


            You don’t have a good answer against why they didn’t restructure JG that still fits your narrative

            Here’s my narrative Scooter McG, they didn’t restructure JG’s contract. They also didn’t draft a guy last year with two first round picks in hand. They didn’t bring in another QB at all for that matter. If you don’t have confidence in the QB who took you to the SB, I’m guessing you aren’t going all in with him again and using a 3rd round pick on a LT in the final year of his contract to protect him, which is exactly what the 49ers did. Seems to me like they believed they could win a SB with JG by the moves they made and didn’t make.

            The bottom line is they don’t have the money to bring in a guy like Rodgers or Ryan if they dump JG which would be the only way you’d even contemplate it. Your plan to dump him or trade him and go with Mullens and a rookie would be purposely setting this team back with a roster SB ready to gamble that you may get lucky and draft a suitable replacement. With all due respect that makes no sense on any level.

            And why would JG take a pay cut? He took the team to a SB and played through an injury with a team missing multiple starters due to injury, until it got reinjured. What exactly has he done to deserve a pay cut? His job is to win football games and he’s done that. I love Steve Young, but while he doesn’t see how JG comes back, I don’t see how he doesn’t. It wouldn’t make sense on any level to move on from a guy with his record for the unknown. This just reeks of overreaction to the belief that Shanahan doesn’t trust him because he ran the ball in the NFCCG while completely ignoring that JG threw the ball in the SB and had them in the lead with half the 4th quarter gone. Now because he’s struggled with a revolving door of players and a bad ankle he has to go? This is like bizarro world.

            1. Of course they didn’t draft a replacement for him last offseason. They hadn’t given up on him by any stretch. But they very clearly didn’t want to commit long term to him either. They weren’t sold on him and wanted to keep their options open.

              JG unfortunately has done nothing this year to persuade the FO in his favour. In fact, the opposite.

              1. Personally I would keep JG if it doesn’t prevent them from keeping a bunch of other guys, but also draft a QB. If JG then plays well next year then great, if not they already have their replacement.

                But I think cap issues being what they are it will be tough to keep JG and retain/ sign some guys at other key positions. So unless the team believes he is their future, which at this point I see little evidence they firmly believe this is the case, I think it will be Mullens and a high draft pick.

              2. That’s probably the consensus plan. I just want to remind everyone that Brian Hoyer was the result when the Niners thought they could win with a back up. Nick Mullen’s is a back up.

            2. Also, the fact they decided to try and run it back with JG this year does not mean the were sold on him long term. Just that they acknowledge he brings a lot of positives and thought (with continued growth) he was their best option THIS YEAR for a team that mostly returned or replaced the guys that took them to the SB last season. But again, they were not willing to commit long term to him despite restructuring his contract being by far the easiest approach to making cap room.

              Unfortunately he has not demonstrated growth this year, some due to factors out of his control, some due to his own decision making and ability.

              1. If you have questions about the QB position you don’t come back with the exact same depth chart. You look for another option in the event you decide to move on. You don’t leave yourself in the position of having to go with a rookie when you are a SB contender. You are suggesting they make the decision on JG based on how he looked playing through an injury. That right there is bad logic but you certainly don’t leave yourself having to hope you hit on a draft pick as your best option to make it worse.

              2. You are making this more complex than it is. They deliberately tried to run it back this year. JG was up and down last season but showed a lot of good qualities, and they almost won it last season with a very strong roster supporting him. The team clearly thought the roster was good enough to win it all last year and they had a few guys they needed to replace so the draft resources went there. As Shoup pointed out, after replacing some key losses, there was never going to be a QB worth drafting as a long term option. They still clearly believed JG could be their guy, and definitely was their best option in 2020 for winning the SB with another strong supporting cast.

                But they also clearly didn’t feel that confident about him long term. While they believed he could be the guy, they clearly still wanted to see more to commit long term. With such a need for creating cap space, if they truly believed in JG then he was by far and away the best and most logical guy to restructure/ extend to create cap space. Instead they kept him on essentially a series of one year deals. There is really only one good reason to do that – so you can move on from him fairly easily If you feel you have to!

                Now we are coming into a season next year where the team has a host of key players coming off contract, and a cap that is going to be reduced significantly. They will also need to extend Warner, likely at top LB $. JG will be taking up an extremely large % of their cap due to the cap shrinking. Do you genuinely believe the SB window is so clearly open if they lose a bunch of their top guys and can’t replace them with anyone decent? I don’t. I expect next year they will do a mini cap purge, try and re-sign the guys they want to keep long term, and start a reload for 2022. And of that involves clearing heaps of space by letting JG go then the supporting cast they put around a rookie QB will be all the better.

              3. Maybe someone with some details on Jimmy’s G contract can shed some light on how his release or restructuring can work. We have the best contract/salary cap guru in Praage so pretty sure the 49ers left themselves an out.

              4. Prime, their dead cap for release in 2021 prior to June 1st would be around $3 million and in 2022 around $1 million.

              5. I don’t mean it to sound complex because it really isn’t. Let’s move away from what the lack of restructure represents because we don’t know. We really don’t no matter how many lines you try to read through. They obviously thought enough of him to go all in and didn’t change the depth chart to reflect a concern that he may not be the guy. Let’s instead look at this from a best team you can put on the field stand point. If you cut or trade Garoppolo you have seriously downgraded your QB position to create 24 mill in cap room. OTC has the Niners with over 20 mill in cap room next season without cutting anybody further. They can cut Ford and Richburg and create another 10 mill which would bring them to 30. Who do they have that is a must sign that will cost a ton of money? Trent Williams and…? K’won Williams possibly but slot CB’s aren’t paid as much as boundry CB’s. They should be able to re-sign the guys they want and could wind up with some value on the open market because pretty much every other team in the league is in the same boat they are with the cap.

                Ultimately this is all speculation but doesn’t change the fact I disagree with your core point that this team should part with the only QB they’ve won with since Harbaugh and who is reasonably priced in the market based on what he’s done. I just can’t wrap my head around why any fan of this team would want to risk going back into the QB abyss because they are disappointed with how the QB looked while playing through an injury on a team decimated by injuries. It just doesn’t make any sense.

              6. At the end of the season the following guys are off contract:
                – Sherman
                – Verrett
                – Moseley
                – Tartt
                – Harris
                – K. Williams
                – T. Williams
                – Juszczyk
                – Thomas
                – Blair
                – Hyder
                – DJ Jones
                – Coleman
                – Bourne
                – Reed
                – Dwelley
                – Garland
                – Brunskill

                Most of those guys are starters or important backups/ role players, some of them key starters, and it isn’t even a full list. Almost the entire defensive backfield is off contract! That is a lot of guys they either need to re-sign or replace. If you then add Richburg and Ford as cuts, it is even more starters that need replacing.

                You also have Warner in the last year of his deal and they will want to work something out with him this offseason.

                Good luck doing that with your $30M.

                I really think people are not understanding how much of an issue the team is about to have this offseason.

              7. Scooter,
                That is a good way to showcase what this team is looking at… and the biggest obstacle Jimmy has at staying on this team. It is almost guaranteed that they will have to restructure his contract for him to stay.
                1. Corners are expensive… there are 24 cb’s in the NFL that make more than 10 mil per season… and 37 that make more than 5 mil. Given that this team doesn’t have a starting cb, nb, ss signed to next season… they are looking at at least 15 mil being allocated to the secondary.
                2. Edge Rushers, are even more expensive with Ford, Thomas, Blair and Hyder they will need to add a fair amount here. Even staying on the cheap side they are probably looking at close to 10 mil here.
                3. Then are positions like a starting quality LT which are necessary investments if you want to keep your qb healthy.

                To Scooters point. How you can address all of those for less than 30M let alone any other starter upgrades and necessary backups just to fill out a roster. And How much are you willing to downgrade the overall roster to do so?

              8. Does the $30 million number that you guys are discussing assume that the salary cap remains unchanged from 2020.

              9. Yeah I know the list and understand how the cap works which is why I clearly said who is a must sign that will cost a ton of money. The entire league is in the same boat as the 49ers. There will be market corrections to account for it. There are some that won’t be re-signed like Sherman most likely but most of the players on that list are not going to command big money in the open market. There will also be a number of FAs available at lower than normal costs. My guess is they will re-sign some of these guys to smal short term deals and for the guys they really want to keep will structure the same way they did Armsteads with more money backloaded.

                Cubus these numbers are based on worst case scenario of 175 mill. Chances are that it will not go that low.

            3. There is another reason they didn’t draft a qb… they had obvious weaknesses and didn’t have the picks.
              Lost Defo – replacement drafted
              Lost Sanders – replacement drafted
              Next draft pick was in round 5… where the likes of Jake Fromm, Jake Luton, and Cole McDonald were available.

              Now normally I’m a fan of drafting qb’s any time you have enough picks to do so… but this was not a case where they had the picks.

              1. QB is the most important thing to get right. If you don’t think you have the answer you draft one, sign one and put the DT and WR behind it on the importance scale.

  6. Shanahan failed to exploit a terrible secondary that was missing its best two players (S Jamal Adams and CB Shaquill Griffin). Instead of attacking through the air, Shanahan was engorged with his new pet RB project as he decided to feature a largely ineffective JaMycal Hasty. See, Kyle Shanahan loves being the genius. It’s what drives him to make the running game the focal point of his offense. When Shanahan trots out an undrafted player and makes him look like a star, the Shanahan ego takes a trip to the media buffet. Hence, Hasty’s workload: 12 carries for 29 yards against a defense that allows roughly 380 passing yards per game. Shanahan doesn’t want to simply win, he wants to win his way. Yet, his way, without the QB he’ll soon dump, has led to only 5 wins in 26 contests. Maybe Shanahan is the man the 49ers should be calling into question, for these very reasons.

    Not really surprised about the Kwon trade – we play better with 2 LB and NCB (5DBs) on the field….Greenlaw is a starter – we got lucky he his above average that is why Kwon was expendable….

    1. So, on one hand it’s Kyle’s fault that the 49ers can’t pass the ball consistently without turning in over, but on the other hand it’s also Kyle’s fault that the Seahawk’s were able to limit his injury riddled stable of running backs, led by a rookie BTW, because at least in part, they didn’t respect the Niners’ passing attack?

      Haha …. kind of circular logic there, oneniner. That’s a tough sell around the NFL, I’ll tell you that much. I am afraid you’re out on a limb on this one.

      1. Yes its Kshan fault not calling similar plays like he did last 2 games – the last 2 games he called plays that would limit QB mistakes……in this game he was forcing the run when we could have taken advantage of a terrible secondary…

        against the Rams we called plays to limit the Rams Dline,….jets sweeps forcing their weak linebacking core to make plays – we won

        against the Patriots we called plays to limit the NE DE’s who were good at setting the edges and took advantage of their LB’s by using swing passes – and once in a while ran specific out routes against their best DB – we won

        against the Seahawks we called plays to attack the strongest part of their defense the LB’s – and we lost – many times Bourne was opened in the game – we should have adjusted from the run first mentality and attacked their DB’s – I can’t even recall if we tested them one on one on the sidelines…

          1. Difference defense, different defensive scheme. No Deebo. No Mostert/Wilson. You don’t think Seattle studied our Ram’s game film?

            Scheming to cover up your weakness only get’s you so far. That’s why you need a QB who can win consistently downfield.

            1. cmon mehn…seattle’s defense is trash……it’s not like we don’t play them twice ever year –

              we stubbornly ran into their strength…..instead of attacking their weakness … if Sea DB’s were shutting us down, then you have a point – but they were not.

              it’s possible Jimmy’s leg prevented him from throwing deep …..Kshan should have known that and rested him for thursday night…or just do the same thing we did against the rams or pats …Kshan had a off night.

              Dude we ran the wildcat on the 2nd play of the game……wtf..,,that is elementary stuff above kshan genius…….you’re pretty much saying i am running the ball down your throat – why do that ? when we have been winning on the sidelines…..

              1. Did anyone notice how Bourne was wide open for a TD. Jimmy was looking right at him but chose to go short to Kittle that resulted in an interception. When players are open, JImmy often goes to a safer throw because he does not want to look bad. Jimmy’s game is bad on many different levels. If he did not have a big contract they would have benched him long ago.

                I suspect that Jimmy is getting that criticism from former 49ers because they have figured out that Jimmy is all about himself and is just riding out his contract as long as he can .

        1. I dong buy this logic.

          Kyle not have been great but he did call multiple shot plays to attack the secondary. I saw multiple plays where he had receivers running free on deeper routes, Jimmy just didn’t trust his arm to throw it there.
          Jeff Garcia even went off on him for not even giving those plays a shot saying if he’s too injured to make those throws then shouldn’t be in the game.
          Whatever the reason the QB didn’t go there but those plays were being called.

    2. Ridiculous. Now we are going to criticize what most believe is a top offensive mind. Why can’t you just accept the fact that the record setting injuries has done in this team this year. Sometimes the obvious is the correct answer.

    1. Young is correct. I remember when qb coach Rich Scangarello was here and he said, “Yeah, to play in this offense, you’re going to have to be able to push the ball down the field”.

      Shanny will need to find his guy, because Mullens ain’t that guy. Sorry, Randy. Jimmy will be reevaluated again this offseason, and the 49ers will have a tough decision to make. They’re at a crossroads so to speak….

      1. I don’t think they are at a crossroads. They are not going to gamble on a draft pick when they have a very good – not great QB already on the roster. What organization would do that?

        1. It’s amazing how quickly confidence fades and lunacy takes over huh Jerry? All these same people talking like this was a contender for the long term not too long ago are now seriously suggesting the team make moves that would kill their chances and put them back in the situation they were in during Shanahan’s first two seasons. Nothing like a loss to a hated rival to make people lose their minds. This is like the PD forum version of Jed after the Thanksgiving game.

      2. Did you see what Kyler Murray did against Seattle last week? He went 34/48 for 360 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 int. Draft a QB and move on. Jimmy’s time in SF is over.

        Here are a couple of intriguing QB prospects:
        Justin Fields, Ohio State
        Trey Lance, North Dakota State

        1. Seattle’s defense was giving up 370 yards passing per game on average. Only 1 QB prior to Jimmy was held to fewer than 300 yards passing.

        2. But…but… our own coffee for closers guy swore up and down Murray was going to be a bustapolooza. The point is, don’t count anyone in. Or out.

      3. If we haven’t seen Shanahan’s “real” or “true” expansive offense because of Jimmy G then yes, the 49ers need to move on.
        It’s true we don’t throw the ball down the field which has been a hinderance. There also seems to be an issue with trust between coach and QB.
        Whatever they decide, Shanny needs to find his guy or it will be him who leaves next.

          1. Yeah that’s what everyone said about Harbaugh. It’s about winning and if you ain’t winning, doesn’t matter who you are, your out!

              1. Don’t be so naive. Whose to say things don’t go sideways with Lynch and Shanny. Maybe with Jed as well.
                At the end of the day it’s about winning and egos always surface along the way.

      4. Razor there is more to this than just that.

        When you have Espn’s Mark Schlereth reporting that he spoke to Kyle and he is saying Jimmy is fine but when I spoke to Jimmy he is saying his ankle is still bothering him, you have a disconnect.
        It is one of the few questions I have with Kyle and I think part of it is due to the fact that his background was as a receiver rather than as a quarterback. He doesn’t understand the psyche of a qb and he tries to over manage them at times. I fully recognize I don’t know this and could be wrong, but it is a suspicion I have and I hope either I am wrong or that it is an area that Kyle grows in.

  7. OUT COACHED! That’s why the 49ers lost on Sunday. Go back and watch the film if you didn’t notice it live. Seattle brought pressure, mostly by blitzing. What did Shanahan do to counter that? Nothing effective, his QB paid for it, and the score board proves it.

    Shanahan gets credit for being a creative offensive mind. What he’s not known for is in-game adjustments. It’s time to call him out for his failures.

    1. I am and will be Kshan biggest fan – you are 100% right….

      it is the same thing over and over – when he gets success he blows it by over thinking it……from ATL superbowl – to
      SF superbowl – every fcking time – he blows it by doing something totally different from what got him the early success…….the arrogance that he has multiple ways to win instead of just going with the easy way to win is frustrating to watch…

      1. The only difference between a good play call..and a bad play call is……
        One of them
        Its bad when it doesnt work…but genius when it does..

        We run a Timing base offense…
        It can be disrupted
        But with a better qb…that can pass and keeps defenses on their heels..and respect our passing game..
        It can mitigate alot of those problems…

        We want to pass to set up the run…
        So until the passing game improves..
        It is what it is..
        Seattle dared us to beat them by the air…
        Garoppolo didnt answer the bell..

    2. As Steve Young said the other day, what blows him away the most about Kyle’s play call sheet is that every play Kyle calls has a built in answer against a blitz. Every single one. The problem is that it’s up to the Center and especially the QB to recognize the blitz, and where it’s coming from, and make the proper calls, reads, audibles and adjustments.

      1. Exactly. We have a weak interior o line and a gimpy QB. Criticizing the coach or the QB is just too easy. I guess that’s why so many fans do it.

      2. Every single play? Maybe he forgot that Wagner was on the field, because KS totally ignored him, and had no answer to him.
        Maybe KS should have made JG the Field General, so he could adjust to the blitz, instead of making JG line up on the side line, on a play that lost yardage.
        Believe it or not, it is the job of the O linemen to pass block, instead of acting like a turnstiles.

      3. And last night Steve Young basically repeated everything I’ve been trying to tell Scooter lately.

        Steve Young (11/2/20): It’s about the relationship between Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy. That’s what matters. They’ve (Kyle) created a system that Jimmy can be successful in. It’s not the system that Kyle wants to run.

        Bingo! By the way, Steve believes we’ve seen the last of Jimmy as the 49ers QB. Safe to say, Steve just sealed Jimmy’s fate!

        1. Here is another part of Steve Young’s quote last night: This looks like a disastrous year. It creates a focus on the one question that you had about the 49ers coming into this year — can we get to a place where Kyle Shanahan, this innovative offensive coordinator, one of the best head coaches in the league, can find a quarterback that he can trust and just be expansive with, rather than protect.

          What say you, Scooter?

          1. I agree with Young.

            If this was in reference to what we argued about last week, I think you misunderstood what I was arguing against. My point was that JG wasn’t the reason for the injuries. He didn’t get Deebo hurt. That type of play is part of Shanahan’s offense regardless of who the QB is, and is something that Deebo excels at. And a hamstring injury can happen running routes just as easily as carrying the ball.

            1. OK, then my bad.

              I thought you were arguing that Kyle’s game plan against the Rams and Patriots was indicative of his ultimate vision for his modern day offense. In that, all of those low-risk, short passes which are basically glorified handoffs, with a heavy dose of WR’s playing RB, very few of the naturally higher-risk passes on the route tree (be it – curls, dig routes, etc), and virtually no deep routes (be it – deep outs, post routes, go routes, etc) to speak of.

              I agree with you that most of the injuries we’ve seen this season have nothing to do with Kyle’s game plans.

              That said, I would still argue that using Deebo excessively as a RB, and asking one of the league’s most dangerous pass-catching TE’s (Kittle had only 5 receptions VS the Patriots, but was asked to run block 36 times) to run block 35-40 times a game, is going to take a serious physical toll on those valuable weapons (Kittle and Deebo are both now on IR), and might not be the most efficient way to use those talented pass catchers. And I would be willing to bet that Kyle’s game plans VS the Rams and Patriots had more to do with not taking the risk of asking his QB to make those higher risk (but more explosive) downfield throws, than it did in terms of being what Kyle ultimately wants to do as a play caller, which is exactly what Steve Young was clearly saying.

  8. What is going on today? Anything exciting. I heard the 49ers are having a garage sale today. Today seems like a good day to take out the trash and get rid of the junk. LOL.

  9. Why did they do blitzes up the middle? Maybe they exposed Grasu as the weak link. When DJ Reed blows past McGlinchey, it does not matter who the QB is, he will get bludgeoned.
    Fixing the O line should be a high priority in the draft. Thankfully, with the Kwon trade, the Niners have 9 total picks.
    I am glad KS took blame for his coaching, even though some will absolve him of all blame. He was schooled by Pete, who seemed to have all the right adjustments, and had a better game plan.

    1. Sebnynah, I just want to make sure you are aware that a game plan that works against one team, might not necessarily work against another. Also, you can devise a successful game plan that catches an opposing coach off guard, but because NFL defenses are always evolving and adjusting accordingly, you’re unlikely to catch the next coach on your schedule off guard after they’ve had an opportunity to study your game film.

      I just wanted to make that clear. Cheers.

      1. Every game, there is a game plan. That is nothing new.
        Every team is different, so you need different game plans. Assuming KS has a game plan, and thinks it fits every team, is not reality.
        How those game plans work is the crux of the matter. If it is successful, good, but when it is stymied, the HC must make adjustments. KS had no adjustment for Wagner blitzing up the middle.
        You are right, every team is evolving and adjusting as the season goes along, and it sure did not look like KS had done his home work. Glad KS admitted that.

  10. Listening to the KNBR podcasts, I have a feeling Jimmy is gone.
    Matty M saying he doesn’t think Jimmy is the qb for this team going forward and that Kyle would like his qb’s to take advantage of blitzes, push the ball down the field, and be decisive in his decision making, leads me to this conclusion. MM seems to be an insider, who gets inside info and lets out the info that the 49ers want let out. This is speculation on my part but it seems likely given what many of us suspect regarding Matty’s relationship with the team.

    1. I’ll believe it when I see it. They passed on Brady. Rodgers would cost an arm and a leg to get the Packers to do business with us. Matt Ryan? No way in hell. Same goes for Cap’n Kirk. I still believe they roll with Jimmy for another year until they get it figured out, but I’d be shocked if going into day 3 of the draft they haven’t selected one….

      1. Honestly, I would like to see more of Jimmy before making that decision.
        I just a feeling that this is going to happen because MM has always seemed like someone that reports what the niners want or voices their wishes… especially since going to CSN

        1. I’ve seen enough.

          The tipping point for me was Jimmy’s opening day performance against the Cardinals. Being that it was against a division foe, and coming off of the back of such a disappointing 4th quarter in Super Bowl LIV, I feel like it really set the tone for 2020. Even though Kyle found a way to protect Jimmy vs the Rams and Patriots, I’ve been very unhappy with what I’ve seen from Jimmy. Of course, it all came to a head against my most hated team, the Seattle Seahawks. Jimmy’s meek performance against Seattle contributed to what felt like was a bullying, schoolyard beatdown at the hands of the Seahawks, and that’s more than I can handle in this dumpster fire of a year that is 2020.

          In fact, if jimmy is the 49ers opening day QB in 2021, I’m afraid I am going to absolutely lose my fricken mind!!!!

            1. No one can answer that because there is no one available who is better. This is all about emotions and always blaming the QB. Fortunately Kyle and John use their brains to make decisions.

              1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t shelved any decision until after the season. I don’t like selling low, and buying high. They could have sold high and signed Brady. They didn’t. Like I said to Shoup, I think cooler heads prevail and JImmy takes a “haircut”, and we draft a QB early. If the Packers can take one with Aaron Eucking Rodgers there’s no reason why we can’t….

              2. They could have sold high and signed Brady.

                What a waste that would have been with this injury decimated team.

              3. BTW, cheers rib, on a wonderful first Wednesday of the month of November, in the year 2020! ᕕ༼✪ل͜✪༽ᕗ Go Blue!

            2. I’m guessing they will roll with Nick Mullens through the first 6 to 8 weeks, until they feel comfortable starting he new guy.


              a) they sign an experienced free agent QB
              b) they trade for a QB with some NFL experience
              c) Mullens absolutely falls flat on his face between now and the end of the season, in which case all bets are off, lol

          1. Man I don’t want to keep picking on you but you say so many strange things it’s hard not to. The tipping point was a game in which he threw 2 TD’s and no picks with a rating over a 100? He blew a couple of throws one being to Bourne in the end zone, but holy smokes dude he wasn’t the reason they lost and certainly didn’t play poorly enough to be a tipping point. That game was lost on a blocked punt and a Goal line stand by the Cards, not Garoppolo.

            It’s obvious you overreact based on the result and don’t really analyze what happened in the game very well. Prepare to lose your mind because Garoppolo ain’t goin’ anywhere.

        2. Shoup,
          Having known the pain and persistent discomfort of a high ankle sprain, I know that it is painful every time you plant your foot.

          Jimmy needs to rest as long as time permits to finally put this behind him.
          Also, although I’m as upset as the next person for Jimmy’ erratic play, I’m not ready to close the book on him. This is the the same guy that led us to the SB just 10 months ago.
          He’s earned the opportunity to get one more season on a healthy leg imho.

            1. Raz,
              Yes, whatever it takes.
              I mean, my wife was ready to put me in the dog house on Sunday after the game when I said Jimmy had to go! (lol)

              1. I just read where there was internal tension between those involved in the first evaluation of the original sprain….

    2. It’s not just Maiocco, although I do believe his comments are very revealing.

      Even more damning though, is what the 49ERS own Hall Of Fame Quarterback – Steve Young – stated last night on national TV broadcast: They’ve (Kyle) created a system that Jimmy can be successful in. It’s not the system that Kyle wants to run. Can we get to a place where Kyle Shanahan, this innovative offensive coordinator, one of the best head coaches in the league, can find a quarterback that he can trust and just be expansive with, rather than protect?

      Well said, Steve! The up-and-down Jimmy G. era has run it’s course. There is simply no putting the cat back into the bag on this one …. it’s time to turn the page!

      1. How many quarterbacks have gone to the Super Bowl coming off a torn ACL? How many quarterbacks play great after missing on 3 weeks due to a high ankle sprain? It’s time to get off this dump JG stupidity.

      2. 49,
        While I listen to S. Young, M. Garcia, Maiocco and the other football pundits, I have to admit that I don’t out much weight on their comments.
        These guys are paid to report and give their opinions on the outcome of games and individual players – its their job.

        I will (though it’s been a challenge) keep pulling for Jimmy until the two most important voices, Shanahan and Lynch, close the book on him.
        Just not ready to pull the trigger on SB QB.

    3. Yep, Matt M usually has a good idea of what the team is doing. If he is saying he thinks JG is done with the 49ers it is likely at least something they are debating strongly within the building.

      1. Me and Barrows are on the same page:

        Matt Barrows, 1hr ago in his Q&A:

        I think they’ll stick with the guy that guided them to a 13-3 record in 2019, but I will be the first to say I truly don’t know what the future holds.

      2. I have followed Maiocco since his days on this blog. He has been a even-keeled and competent beat writer for all these years and has been occasionally unfairly labeled a shill for the Niners by fans irate at his unwillingness to strongly criticize the ownership and FO during the down years.

        This season there’s been a change in his style. He has tried to shed his insider image — and not just by changing his podcast’s name from 49ers Insider to 49ers Talk. He unleashed an attack on Kyle and Saleh after the Philly loss with an intensity that made me sit up and take notice. Methinks he may be rebranding himself as a populist in line with out current political climate. It may have something to do with NBCSN ratings or soured relationship with Niners FO or something else.

        He recently made a couple of predictions about Niners personnel which proved to be wrong — I can’t quite recall what those predictions were. I wouldn’t attach too much importance to his views on Jimmy G and the Niners.

  11. I went to a Halloween party dressed as Ben Peterson. I had a friend dress like John Lynch and hand me blank checks all night. Then I had 14 other friends dress in 49ers gear wearing walking boots and using crutches following me around asking questions about my theories on dynamic warmups and stretching exercises meant to reduce injuries. Then at the end of the night I pulled out my PHD and all my injured 49er friends took turns p*ssing on it.

      1. Yeah, any reasonable fan knows Mullens is not the answer and is a backup. The problem is, this season, Jimmy is also playing like a backup. We know it is partially due to an injury, the problems are that even so his decision making has been questionable and more importantly he has a hard time staying on the field.
        Even if SF decides he is the answer going forward… they have to have a near starter quality backup behind him, because he has shown time and again that his body can’t hold up. Patriots, injured in second start. 49ers injured after 7 games, 1 complete season (yayy!), 1 healthy game, injury. Misses 2 weeks, (plays through injury, starts to get healthy), injured again.

  12. Some claimed it was a depleted roster that put a 33-6 beatdown on the Pats. They had good enough talent to win, so while the team was decimated with injuries, they had enough replacement talent to win.
    Now, with JH and Kittle out, the injury curse is in full effect, and one can claim this is a depleted team, since that is a good excuse for their last loss. There are just too many injuries, and the replacements were not talented enough to win.
    Yes, this sucks, but I am still a faithful fan. The Niners were poised to compete, but when only Tomlinson and McGlinchey are the only starters left from last season, they have a tough row to hoe. Why so many injuries? Maybe the pandemic had something to do with it. No OTAs, Mini Camp or preseason did not allow players to get into game shape. Players were desperate to play as hard as they could, because they did not know if the season would have a finish. Having the Niners play at the Meadowlands on that sticky field, exacerbated the injuries.
    Nowadays, players are bigger, stronger and faster, so those colliding bodies contributed to to the toll. Maybe the Niners should not ask their players to play with violence, since the injury list is a mile long.
    All this talk about JG is just wild speculation. JL and KS chose JG over Brady, so they should not be second guessing their decision. They have not expressed any desire to move on from JG; all the chatter is coming from fair weather fans and the talking heads. Dissing an injured player is poor sportsmanship, and Young may question why KS wants to protect JG, but we all see what happens when he does not protect him. The Seahawks dialed up some exotic blitzes, and they were so successful, pass rushers were untouched before they got to JG. Very few QBs will thrive behind such protection. Maybe McGlinchey should refrain from head butting Grasu, because he was playing like he was concussed, letting Wagner run right by him.
    I am glad they traded away Kwon, because he will help with the salary cap, but in these uncertain times, many players may be victims of a lowered salary cap. One thing is for certain. They should not cut or trade JG unless they have a superior replacement. No, they should not look at aging QBs, and rookies have just as good a chance to bust, than to succeed.
    If they are moving on from JG, which I think is unlikely and unwise to do, maybe they should consider Kaep. He is a SB QB with a rocket arm that can run like a gazelle. However, with the present supporting cast, even Steve Young in his prime would find it very hard to win.
    Yes, I was wrong about Kaep being signed Nov 4th. I was wrong, and fully admit it. However, I was right about another thing. Looks like Trump is going to steal another election. The blackballing will continue.

    1. Hey congrats, you prick! No seriously, congrats. I voted for Trump, but I’ll get over it and I’ll be satisfied with a Biden win.

      Just putting it out there I won’t be rioting in the streets screaming NOT MY PRESIDENT.

      Also, happy about how things are looking in the Senate and the House.

      Maybe with you guys winning the big pie and we possibly* keeping our control of the Senate and making inlays into the House discrepancy, we can all be satisfied and RETURN BACK TO SOME SANITY WHERE WE DON’T QUALIFY EACH OTHER’S WORTH BASED ON OUR POLITICAL VIEWS!!

      Cheers… and congrats once more. I think you guys pulled it out. What a finish!

      Now, back to the depressing state of football in Santa Clara..

        1. I wasn’t talking to you.

          Accept my congrats BruceLee, unless you two are one in the same.

          My congrats from the losing side of the presidential election. Which is way more than Ribico would have ever offered up going the other way.

          1. Just because I think it’s fair to make the point that DJT doesn’t have a monopoly on being the biggest bloviating-braggadocios-blowhard in the country, I’d like to point out that JB garnered more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of our great republic!


            And it’s almost time for a concession speech, although we all know DJT isn’t gracious enough to do the right thing by delivering a concession speech, so I’ve put one together for him using his own favorite catch phrases, and it goes something like this: “Believe me” … “Many people are sayng” … “He’s a great guy” … “It’s a beautiful thing” … “It really is incredible” … “We’re winning again, bigly” … … “The incredible men and women” … “Smart people” … “All of this winning, you’re going to get tired of winning” … “It’s a total disaster” … “Believe me” … “But nobody really knows”

            The end!

            1. “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking,”

              -Joe Biden

            2. I’d like to point out that JB garnered more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of our great republic!

              Gotta hand it to DJT. He’s in 3rd place, maybe make it #2 (Obama, 2008)

          2. Which is way more than Ribico would have ever offered up going the other way.

            I’m waiting for the official word before offering condolences. And also have a word with 384 (Razor) about a little wager we had going.

  13. He just came off a complete season man. He has shown a willingness to play through pain. The entire roster has been gutted by injuries. Kittle seems to get injured a lot too. You think it’s time to move on from him as well? It’s football for Pete’s sake. Injuries happen.

    1. Yea, like I expressed to OldCoach in regards to Kittle; his style of play isn’t conducive to staying healthy or a longish career. He’s like a double edged broad sword!

      1. I sure agree with that! That’s why I’d like to see the 49ers find a way to take some of these snaps away from Kittle, Partciularly on rushing downs. That’s what I was calling for after the Rams game, and again after Kittle was asked to run block on 36 snaps VS the Patriots. This has to be a priority going into 2021.

        I understand it makes it easier for Kyle to be deceptive with his play calling, but it’s not a critical component to a game plan, IMO, as long as you can establish it early, and you have another TE who is at least average in both areas, which I believe Dwelley can be. Average pass catching TE’s who excel at run blocking are not terribly hard to come by, and they tend to be fairly cheap. Kittle doesn’t have to be on the field every time the 49ers run the ball, even if he’s really good as a run blocker. Especially if you also have a former Pro-Bowl pass catching TE like Reed, and a run blocking specialist (perhaps that’s Woerner?).

  14. Tweet
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    Adam Schefter
    49ers shut down their facility one day before they’re scheduled to play the Packers.
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    Adam Schefter
    · 14m
    49ers have shut down their facility due to COVID test results, per source

    I hope the season lost attitude hasn’t eroded team discipline.

    1. I was thinking yesterday whether it could get any worse for the Niners. Apparently, it could get worse.
      It’s Kendrick Bourne.

      1. So with Bourne out, that leaves two wide outs – Aiyuk and Taylor? I hope Shannie is dusting off his tackle eligible playbook.

            1. ‘It is November 4th, after all.’ That is a dead give away.
              As my catfish says, Kaep is available, and if the Niners are moving on from JG, Kaep would be a good candidate for starting QB.
              I still like JG, and hope he stays a Niner, but maybe the Pats would offer a couple first round picks and a third round for JG. Then, maybe the Niners get an offer they cannot refuse. If Jamal Adams is worth 2 firsts and a third, JG is worth at least that much. That especially would be true, if JG manages to win a couple rings.
              KS determined that he did not want to coach Kaep, so he let him go. In his place, he put in Hoyer, so KS may not be the best QB talent evaluator in the league. KS also traded up for CJB.
              If JG does have surgery, JL should do his due diligence, and give Kaep a tryout. With all the players dropping like flies, Mullens and CJB may not last the season.
              Fortunately, if he does not steal another election, the biggest impediment to Kaep’s returning may be eliminated.

  15. Tony Pauline:

    It’s still early, but I’ve heard this: the 49ers still see Jimmy Garoppolo as their QB of the future, but they will likely address the position in the NFL Draft and will not pass up a good QB if there’s one staring them in the face. Think Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, for example.

      1. My choice, Zach Wilson has played himself into the 1st round and I don’t think they’d use theirs on one. I could see them moving up into round 3 by way of their 4th+5th for Mac Jones….

    1. Jalen Hurts? Really? I’m a huge Jalen Hurts fan. Local kid from these parts. Father was his high school coach. Mother taught at the same high school. Extremely high character family. Legendary High School player. High school coaches I know from North Shore still talk about how he almost single handedly beat North Shore in his senior year. North Shore is a perennial national powerhouse littered with D1 athletes many of whom make it to the NFL Players like DeAndrew White, Earl Mitchell, Andre Gurode, Cory Redding, etc all went through North Shore. Hurts beat them with a much inferior overall team. He’s the kind of kid the entire community follows and admires. Having said that, Jalen does not have the accuracy needed in an NFL QB. He is the anti-Shanahan QB. I would be absolutely shocked if Shanahan had any interest whatsoever in Jalen Hurts.

      1. He wasn’t saying they’d go after Jalen Hurts but speaking in terms of methodology, hence my theory of possibly moving up into the late 3rd round for a guy like, Mac Jones….

        1. I get it. Just an example. I think it’s a bad example. Shanny has his guys he likes. He’s not going to sign off on drafting someone just because they were a big name in college. It’s Shanny’s greatest strength and his greatest weakness. He gets enamored with guys and ignores every possible criticism. Think Pettis, Williams, Beathard, etc. IMO, for the 49ers roster to get to the same level of excellence Shanny embodies as a coach then John Lynch is going to need to exert more control over the roster and tell people NO when they want to draft guys like Ahkello Witherspoon or Solomon Thomas. Really for the 49ers to realize the full potential on the field that Shanahan can get to as a coach then John Lynch needs to up his game in the roster development department.

          1. I don’t like Mac Jones just because he played at Alabama. On the contrary, I like him in spite of playing there due to his deep ball(2nd in yards per attempt{13}), completion percentage(78%), release, pocket presence and ability to move defenders with his eyes while going through progressions….

    2. Hey Razor, I’ll see your Tony Pauline, and I’ll raise you a 49ERS Hall Of Fame quarterback in Steve Young! In fact, I’m going all in, and pushing all of my chips to the center in my belief that Jimmy G. will never suit up again for the San Francisco Forty Niners!

  16. 49,
    That’s a bold statement, but I respect your opinion.

    Let’s work on the premise that Jimmy is gone next year, who takes over for him?
    Which established QB’s do you think might be available for 2021 to replace Garoppolo?
    There are only two established QB’s that can quickly adapt to Shanahan’ scheme; Ryan and Cousins. But will they be available?

    Now, I’ll always respect Steve Young, but I don’t recall him saying who he would choose to replace Jimmy if and when the 49ers move on from him.
    It doesn’t (imo) make sense for the 49ers to let Jimmy walk without a viable replacement.

    1. Geez, this is taking the look of that strike season 49ers team. Will Shannie pull out the wishbone? Probably not, he’d need ball handlers to fill out the backfield.

      Asterisk season indeed.

    1. it is always hard………. I was at the game that cost us Clowney, discreetly rooting against us- people don’t get it…….. I want the team to win for the players on the field, but that win was certainly a BIG loss for the 49ers organization.

  17. Well, I wished the Niners did not have to play the Packers, because they had Covid, but now, it looks like the Niners are the team that is pandemic ridden.
    I sure wish they had instituted a hard bubble. Guess they did not take this Covid crisis seriously enough.
    I wonder if they can even play the game, if the Niners cannot field a full team.
    The football season coinciding with the second surge, was the perfect storm. Maybe they should isolate, and hold the playoffs within a hard bubble, like the NBA did.

    1. After going through all their scenarios I still think sticking with Jimmy while drafting a quarterback is the best course of action.

      1. Agree. Jimmy can be the modern day Steve Deberg. Unfortunately, there’s not a QB other than Trevor Lawrence who I think is a top 20 pick. I’m not really a Justin Fields or Trey Lance guy. I think they are going to get way over-drafted. I do like the BYU kid, Wilson?, but it scares me that he’s really played spotty for 2 years and now dominated some weak competition this year. I’m not a draft expert but I think ShanaLynch will draft a QB Shanny loves but its going to be outside the first round and all of us fans will be shaking our heads and murmuring WTF.

        1. I like Wilson as well just not confident in him already have shoulder surgery on his throwing arm.
          The Niners cannot afford to draft any players with a history of surgeries. Injuries are one thing, surgeries is another.
          Too bad these kids are not the modern day Frank Gore!

          1. So maybe the Jets draft Lawrence, the 49ers somehow get Sam Darnold. He sits behind Jimmy for a year learning the offense. Then takes over in 2 years. 49ers expend early picks bolstering the O-line. I really like Creed Humphrey at Center from Oklahoma. I understand there are guys who are evaluated ahead of Humphrey but damn that kid can play football. 49ers have used 2 guys at Center this year who would struggle to be PT squad players on almost every other team in the league. What KJ Wright did to Grassu in the Seahawks game was criminal. Fix the O-Line or it won’t matter who plays QB.

            1. Why not just draft our own guy? Sam Darnold is already damaged goods.
              Why can’t we once just draft a guy, develop him and he turns into a Joe Montana. Is that really too much to ask for fox sakes!

              1. Ha. Yeah. Ok, so you want Joe Montana instead of Steve Young who was also considered damaged goods until Bill Walsh transformed him into a HOF QB. Joe Montana reincarnate in the 3rd Round of the 2021 draft. Easy Peasy.

                Oh Oracle of Football Future, what is the name of the Joe Montana clone?

              2. Why not just draft our own guy? Sam Darnold is already damaged goods.

                Because Darnold can likely be had for a second round pick and he is likely better than any QB that will be available in the second round in 21.

          2. I’ve been watching Wilson all year long and I thought we might be able to get him in the 3rd round a couple weeks ago, but not anymore. He’s probably gonna go top ten from the most recent mock drafts I’ve been seeing.

      2. I agree Razoreater. That is pretty much what I have been trying to get across to those wanting to trade/cut JG since Sunday. You don’t go into next season without JG unless you have a better option and there really isn’t one available.

        1. I think it depends very much on two things:
          – How the FO perceives 2021 – do they still see this team as being a few plays away from a SB victory with so many players off contract and not a whole lot of cap space to play with?
          – Whether they think JG with a lesser supporting cast is still a better option than a high draft pick QB with a supporting cast similar to what JG has had (with the added bonus of being able to keep that supporting cast very strong for a few more years yet).

          Personally I think the team will ultimately come to the conclusion that the best long term strategy that also keeps the team competitive next year is to go with a rookie QB and keep a strong supporting cast around him.

          1. That is bad strategy which is why I don’t think they will do it. Moving on from the only QB you’ve won games with and went to the SB with to give you cap room should be a non starter. As I mentioned above, a number of their FA’s are not in position to command big money and the market is going to be depressed across the league. They can sign most of the guys they want to sign by releasing Ford and Richburg or even moving more money back a year or two when the league comes out of this and has new TV deals in hand. You accused me of making things too complex but really it is you who aren’t really thinking this through beyond this season. Overreacting a calling for Garoppolo to be traded or released and worrying about other players many who haven’t even played much this season is thinking with blinders on. You keep a QB who wins over everything and work out the rest based on the situation you face after the season.

            One other thing, when you say high draft pick what exactly do you think that is going to get them at QB? They aren’t getting Lawrence or Fields so that means you are looking at Lance who hasn’t played much and has been up and down and Wilson who also wasn’t high on the radar before this season. What exactly do expect to get at the position in this draft?

            1. I guess we will see, but I assure you I am not basing any of this on an overreaction to anything from JG this season. It is exactly what I was thinking before the season – that JG was pretty much on a “prove it” season. And that was before COVID really hit and we knew the likely implications on the cap in 2021 and beyond. You can say we should dismiss the not restructuring him because we don’t know why they didn’t, but to be perfectly frank there was no good reason not to restructure/ extend him if they fully believed he was their guy long term and were committed to him as such.

              WRT to the cap, also keep in mind that $5-$10M needs to be set aside for the rookies. And while they will be able to sign some guys on the relative cheap, and back load some deals, it is still a massive amount of starters and key backups they need to re-sign or replace. No getting around that. And not all of those guys will be able to be brought back on the cheap.

              As for rookie QB, they probably will miss out on Lawrence and Fields, that is true. It will in part come down to whether they really like any of the others. If they don’t, and they can’t move up for Lawrence or Fields, then sure, sticking with JG may be the only real option.

              1. I think the decision on JG ultimately rests with KS. I don’t think JL will have much to say. The questions are:

                1) Does KS feel constrained in his play calling with JG as his QB even after almost 3 years in the system?
                2) Does KS believe that Jimmy still has upside in improving on the “long” ball and reading defenses?

                Answers to these questions will, imo, lead to whether or not they unload Jimmy.

              2. Shannon Sharpe made a good point as well. What if Jimmy G doesn’t want to come back?
                Maybe he feels like Shanahan restricts his game. Or that he never wanted him in the first place so it’s better for him to move on.

                The Bears seem to be a good landing spot for him. His home town I believe.

              3. “Does KS feel constrained in his play calling with JG as his QB even after almost 3 years in the system?”

                Where do you think Mike Silver got the idea that the 49ers weren’t sold on Garoppolo prior to 2019?

              4. Jack:

                You mean he got that idea from KS?

                3 years seems to be a time frame that’s often thrown around for productivity of coaches and players. If that number holds water, JG is at that point. That’s one of the main reasons I’m no longer “bullish” on him.

              5. Well then a couple of questions for you, one why was he on a prove it season? He started 19 games last season, was top ten in most QB metrics and top 5 in some important ones, and went to a SB. What exactly did he have to prove after that and what did you see this season that puts you in the mindset that he has to go? Question 2 is how do you make a decision on his future when he was playing with an injury and the team overall was decimated by injury? In regards to the cap, again virtually every team in the league is going to be in the same boat as the 49ers are. There are only 6 teams with more than 40 mill in cap space so this is not going to be a situation where the 9ers can’t sign who they want and get a lot of role players for cheap deals. The market is going to be dead for most FA’s. As far as rookie QB goes, they will not be in position to get one of the top 2 and after that it’s a crapshoot with the remaining options so I don’t see anyway they follow your plan to go with a rookie and Mullens. It would be a terrible decision to part with a QB you know you can win with to gamble on a backup and a rookie.

              6. Does KS feel constrained in his play calling with JG as his QB even after almost 3 years in the system?”

                Where do you think Mike Silver got the idea that the 49ers weren’t sold on Garoppolo prior to 2019?

                Not sure where he got the idea but he sure changed his tune by the end of the season when he called Garoppolo the perfect QB to lead Shanahan’s offense.

        1. Dak may be an upgrade but he’s also a system QB coming from a different system and has been very good with superior talent around him (RB, receivers and O line). He’s also going to cost more than Jimmy G and ask for a long term contract. Not a likely scenario, IMO.

  18. For everyone’s information there is a game tonight. Its at Levi’s and its against the Packers game start is 5:20. Great chance for some unproven players to make their mark.

    1. Yes, great opportunity for soon-to-be free agents and players buried in the depth charts. Maybe Jordan Reed will play and wreak havoc among the Packer LBs. Maybe Kyle will unleash his anger at Pettine with that legendary sideline look and a devastating game plan. Maybe intead of Deebo taking the ball on jet sweeps, A River Runs With It?

        1. Thanks, Under.
          I am looking at this game with the kind of dread and resignation that I used to look at Chip Kelley’s games or going back much further to some from the early Nolan games. The talent level is so low this week at key positions. Let’s see if the coaches can squeeze out of this group.
          The other thing to look for is whether our left tackle will be Skooled by the Smith Brothers or will he hold is own after putting on some weight and gaining more experience with the system over the past12 months.

    2. With who is playing, I think it might be an embarrassing night for the Niners.
      Let’s not forget this is a revenge game for the Packers from last years NFCCG

      Niners 10

      1. The Niners are not even remotely the same team as last year, McGlinchey and Tomlinson are the only remaining starters from last years squad on offense.

        Niners don’t do well at home, got thoroughly beat up by a division rival, short week, reality setting in…yup doesn’t look good.

    1. (1) Packers, and no to the rest of the questions.
      I expect Dwelley to play every snap and a lot of Dwelley + Reed in 22 personnel in third and short/intermediate situations. It’s ball control or bust — mostly the latter :(

  19. Jimmy could be kept around as a “tutor” for a rookie QB – but, I don’t see why Mullens couldn’t be that person. If the team has decided that JG is not the answer and they get a reasonable offer for him, why not let Mullens be the tutor (assuming Mullens doesn’t suddenly make the jump to a franchise QB). After all, Mullens knows the offense as well if not better than JG (last year it was better than JG, but I’m assuming JG has caught up).

    I think this could be a good strategy if they pretty much decide that 2021 is a “reload” year.

    1. The decision on Jimmy will come down to whether or not they feel they can improve the position. I firmly believe he’ll be the starter next year. The difference with Garoppolo as the “tutor” is there’s a chance he has a hell of a year, similar to Alex Smith/Kaepernick/Mahomes and we can recoup our draft capital….

      1. Chance of a hell of a season versus substantial cap savings. Logical scenarios can be presented by us fans, but what we don’t know is how KS really views JG after almost 3 years in his system.

  20. Brooke Pryor
    Nov 4
    Chase Claypool says he has a friend on the 49ers who told him they still wear full pads on Thursdays, and the Steelers haven’t done that since training camp. He said it’s really helpful to have a coach who understands the wear and tear of the season on the body and helps players.

  21. Akhelo Witherspoon (inactive again)is the most useless POS next to Dante Pettis.
    Seriously we need to hire a consultant as to why we have China doll players!

    1. Mullens is a moron – all those months you sat on the bench – this what you have to show for it – his NFL career about to be over…..

    1. Remind me who in the hell it was that wanted to lose Jimmy, and roll with Mullens in 2021 cuz he can do everything Jimmy can….

      1. Mullen’s is awful! I said it after the Philly game. But a good stop gap? No way.

        We might need an entire new secondary as well. Verrett getting eating alive.

  22. I think we are too tough on the QB’s. In this game, Mullen’s has no protection and no one to throw to but he was never going to be a replacement for JG.

    1. JV offense and the defense is being seriously exposed two weeks in a row now that the 49ers are playing teams with good offenses. Green Bay is winning the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

  23. I’ll tell you what pisses me off. Bourne getting Covid and then knocking 3 other players out of the game. Very irresponsible.

      1. Skule: “Watch me not block this guy.”
        McGlinchey: “Hold my beer.” (Let’s two guys in, saved by helmet to helmet penalty).

  24. Yeah, this season looks done. We’ll, there’s always next year. Need players to be more durable though, this cannot keep happening.

  25. After the Int, Mullens has failed to regroup.
    Little disappointing to see Shanahan freeze-up by calling a vanilla game tonight.

    It’s looking more like the revenge tour will have to wait until 2021.

  26. Really Mullen’s? 4th and 1 quick snap!

    End this season now!

    All you Mullen’s backers, STFU about him being a good stop gap. He is worse than Brian Hoyer.

    1. No such luck. Two DBs left with injuries: Tartt toe and it was K’waun’s turn for the team’s weekly high ankle sprain.

  27. The fan reaction tonight is funny.
    – Teams that can’t pressure Aaron Rodgers are going to get lit up, that’s not unique to Saleh… it’s unique to the NFL.
    – Anyone who expected much out of Mullens in this game was delusional. He’s a backup, playing behind a backup oline, handing off to backup rbs, throwing to practice squad receivers.
    This means half the players won’t know the playbook very well and none of the players will have continuity. Next man up applies to losing a few players you can scheme around. Not to these kind of wholesale losses. Calm down and look for players who flash for next year.

    1. Finally an ally with my Kinlaw opinion. He just hasn’t caught my eye with any good/great plays. He is about equal to DJ Jones. I understand it takes DT’s a while to develop but explosiveness you either have it or you don’t and he hasn’t shown much yet.

  28. Well, that was painful.
    Niners just have been decimated with injuries.
    3 players on offense and 4 players on defense, started in the SB.
    The path to the playoffs just got a lot harder.

  29. I don’t care what Grant Cohn, Jack Hammer or Scooter say. I’ve seen enough of Nick Mullens. Let’s see what Beathard can do.

    1. Didn’t Joe Buck call for Beathard replacing Mullens during the second half?

      Based on practice, Kyle may think that Mullens gives them a better chance to get the ball to receivers with this porous O line than Beathard who’d just take a sack.

    2. What Scooter says? What have I said? I don’t want Mullens starting either, and I certainly don’t think he is better than JG. I have been very clear about that when the ridiculous calls of a QB controversy started earlier this year.

      But Mullens can be a short term stop gap until a rookie is ready next year. Hopefully the rookie would be ready week 1, albeit likely with an abridged version of Shanahan’s offense.

      1. I just don’t see Shanny’s offense being able to carry most of the water with Mullens or an abridged version with a rookie, and that’s what he’d need to do if the team wants to compete next year. Unless they find a stud pass rusher in the first round the defense won’t be capable. I not even counting on Bosa returning because you can’t draft that way….

        1. As I have said previously, I am thinking they will look at next year as something of a reload. With so many guys off contract and not a whole heap of cap space it is very unlikely they are going to be able to return as strong a roster as they have had the past two seasons. They will still want to be competitive, but they can be competitive with a rookie QB and a good supporting cast, which the cap space from JG would allow them to provide. The best way to develop a rookie QB is put him with a good coach and a good supporting cast. And that would put them in good stead for 2022.

          Whereas if they keep JG on his current contract, unless they decide to push a whole heap of cap hits to future years (which means they would basically be all in for 2021) they will need to let a bunch of guys leave and won’t be able to replace all of them with decent players right away. They would need to build up the strength of the roster again. If the plan is to draft a replacement for the future you are putting him in a position where the team around him won’t be as strong. The obvious benefit with this strategy is that it gives you one more chance to really see what you have in JG, and if he is what they hoped he was after 2017 then the team is likely better off in 2021 and doesn’t need to take a risk on missing on a high draft pick rookie QB. But really, unless JG shows he actually is everything they hoped he was after 2017, this strategy is more likely to end up in a worse outcome for the 49ers.

          The other alternative of course, which I alluded to earlier, is they could decide to go all in on 2021. Question though is – if they were to do that and say a guy like Ryan, Cousins or even Stafford became available, would Shanahan stick with JG or roll with a more established guy?

          There is also the potential that JG is willing to take a decent pay cut. If he is then that is the best option all round. Can still take a QB (high or otherwise), get to see what you have in JG for another year, and frees up space to keep/ sign players.

          1. Are you taking into consideration the contracts of Alexander, Ford, Richburg, Sherman and Tartt all coming off the books? I like the continuity of Jimmy, George, Mostert, Trent Williams, Deebo, and Aiyuk to give us a very good chance of competing in the division.

            1. They are about $20M under the projected cap for next year after the Alexander trade. Cutting Ford and Richburg gets them to around $30M under. All pending FAs don’t count towards the cap number for 2021, so yes, Sherman and Tartt (and all the other FAs) coming off the books is already accounted for.

              The number of spots that need to be replaced is significant.

              Jimmy, George, Mostert, Trent Williams, Deebo, and Aiyuk sounds nice to me too. But re-signing Williams will eat up some of that cap space. And then you have a big hole at centre that needs to be filled too after releasing Richburg, and with Garland a FA. As has been discussed on here a few times, the OL needs to be strengthened as it has been getting the 49ers QBs killed this year. You also will want a backup TE for when Kittle is out, a backup QB, and a 3rd WR with Bourne a FA. Also need some backup RBs. Some of that can be draft picks of course, but they also count against the cap.

              That is all before you address the D, which has almost the entire starting and backup secondary off contract and a lot of the DL outside of Bosa, Armstead and Kinlaw. You will also need some backup LBs.

              The 49ers are going to need to rely on some combination of (a) push a lot of money to later years, (b) dip in the bargain bin for a lot of replacements, (c) rely heavily on rookies as backups (and maybe some starters).

              1. The salary cap is projected to be about $25 million less in 2021 than in 2020. If that number is correct, there has to be a reduction in free agent costs – although the very top guys will still get a fair amount. Every team will be affected by this – some more than others.

              2. Scooter, Brunskill looked ok in pass pro at center last night. Seems they want to find out if they have a center on the roster between him and Shipley.

                James looked like he could be that 3rd wr if Hurd ends up not working out.

              3. Brunskill looked ok. Of course he is a FA too, albeit an EFA I believe so they can re-sign him on the cheap. Will still take a little more out of their cap. Question is, how confident would you be with Brunskill at centre next year? With “fixing” the OL from within when these guys haven’t played well?

                To me the OL is the main area they need to upgrade on offense, and shuffling the deck chairs seems more a strategy based on hope and prayer… and JG being able to make them look good.

              4. Cubus, yes, every team will be impacted by the reduction in cap space, and yes, FAs in 2021 are going to find it far more difficult to get paid big $. But starting calibre players will still get paid decent money. $30M (of which some needs to be set aside for rookies) will get eaten up pretty quickly if the 49ers have designs of returning some of their key FAs.

              5. Do you guys think Trent Williams is a lock to be resigned?
                I don’t think he is worth top LT money. And #69, the RT might be worse.
                Before anything, those 3 positions plus the Center position is gonna eat up a lot of money or a lot of high draft capital.

              6. Scooter, I concur that shuffling the deck chairs is an exercise in futility but I don’t think that’s what they’re doing now. I think Brunskill is being evaluated to see if he can instill confidence in the position by the end of the season.

                Prime, I do indeed think Williams is worth $20 million a year and a lock to be resigned, and McGlinchey is the best run blocking RT in football.

              7. If they can sort out the interior of the OL then Williams and McGlinchey are fine. I agree with razor that Williams is worth the money. They can probably work out a contract that keeps his 2021 cap hit under $10M. McGlinchey I would want to see add some weight back on. And they get Coleman back next year who can compete for the RT job.

                It is the interior that really needs fixing.

          2. I suspect the relationship between JG and KS will be the overriding factor. If they really want to keep JG, they can make it work despite the salary cap. If KS feels that JG will never be able to run “all” of his offense effectively, then creating cap space is a great excuse to unload him.

            People are saying there’s a market for JG. Which round(s) exactly? 3rd, 4th, 5th?

            1. Depends as well on whether a team is willing to trade for that salary. He would definitely have a market if he was released. But trade value? Not sure it would be that much.

      1. Jack, Mullen’s sucks. He can’t do what Jimmy G does. The stats might show otherwise but as a Niners fan who’s has seen what a good QB can do, it’s not Mullen’s.

        1. Is it on Mullens that a TE runs the route short of the sticks, or a receiver drops a touchdown , or drops a first down, or the left tackle is a complete turnstile for most of the game?

          Mullens definitely had his issues at times last night, but was far from alone in that.

          The result last night would have been the same with Garoppolo in there.

  30. The Kawakami Plan:

    Stick with Jimmy G in 2021.
    Sign Brissett when he most likely gets released next year.
    Draft Kellen Mond outta Texas A&M or Kyle Trask outta Florida.

    Essentially my plan, however outta the mid-round options like Mond, Trask, Mills, Newman, Ehlinger or Jones I personally think Shanny will like Jones best….

      1. Not a fan of Trask. Wilson is my realistic #1 quarterback if you’re willing to take him in the middle of round 1. If you want to wait until day 2, it’s probably Mac Jones for mine….

  31. BYU vs. Boise St. tonight. I highly encourage other draft nerds like myself to check out Zach Wilson if you haven’t already. Although he’s probably played himself out of our plans(you’d have to take him in the 1st round), it would be interesting to hear some of your evaluations from the game….

      1. I don’t think Shanny would do it. I think he’s more apt to target one in the next tier. Day 2 is when I’d expect him to dip his toe into the quarterback waters. Not to say he wouldn’t do it, but it would surprise me. Especially when you consider where his dad took Cousins, where he had Carr/Jimmy rated, where he took Beathard, his philosophy regarding today’s college quarterbacks, and ultimately given the fact it takes a year to learn the offense….

    1. UC,
      Under normal circumstances, I would say, NO!
      But these are far from normal circumstances.
      Desperate times, desperate measures.
      How’s that for cliches (lol).

        1. Seb,
          Please, not another Kaep regurgitation.
          Seems like everyone except you, realize that Keap was done before he left the game. His decline became precipitous in 2014.

          1. Things are changing, and I hope you do not think Kaep is inferior to CJB. There are plenty of drek QBs in the league. Just look at the Cowboys. Hard to get worse than Dalton, but those new shlubs are unwatchable.
            Josh Johnson over Kaep? Has Johnson started in a SB, and set playoff rushing records? Johnson is definitely a desperation move.
            I truly believe the biggest impediment to Kaep has been lifted.

            1. Johnson hasn’t thrown a ball since 2018. You wanna know the difference between the two? One wants to play and the other doesn’t.

              1. Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am 

                He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

                Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 

                November 4th.

    2. I’m impressed by the persistence of Johnson, a local player from Oakland. This is probably his third stint with the Niners (two under Harbaugh) and his 16th or 17th team over a dozen seasons.

    3. Josh Johnson?! Maybe the blog will see the return of that Jordan23 guy too (for noobs here, Johnson was the supposed team savior back in the Alex Smith blog wars. Jordan was particularly sold on him. Yeah I have a long memory).

  32. Here’s an excerpt from Sean Salisbury’s interview with Steve Berman in The Athletic that has to do with Jimmy G. Nothing new, but well phrased:

    “I believe Jimmy’s a good player. I believe they’re going to evaluate it and I’m not dead set on the fact that they’re gonna keep him around next year if they felt they had a better option. But I think it’s absurd that some people out there think he’s just a guy, or he’s a hack, or that what he did last year anybody could do. I don’t agree with that and I think he’s got a really good future.

    But I don’t think he’s a guy who can ad-lib his way to a Super Bowl. I think he’s a good structure guy. The 49ers have to weigh that as they go forward, because we know who they are. They want to play defense, they want to run the football. They want to be precise. I think they’d like to have the next level of, if we’re down for two or three games like this with injuries and if Jimmy was healthy, could he carry us through a tough part of the schedule? And I think that that’s the question that they’re going to evaluate in my mind this season. But I think he’s a good player. Put it this way, if they don’t want him there’ll be a couple teams standing in line to get him, I assure you that.”

    1. JG has shown he can be a pretty good starter in the NFL, so yes, if he became available he certainly would have a market.

      Going to be very interesting to see what happens.

  33. When Jimmy G. plays the Niners avg 29.7 points a game! and have an outstanding W-L record. Give me a QB that leads an offense to 30 points a game and surround him with a good D like the Niners had last year, you have a team capable of making the Super Bowl (like the team they had last year). When KC was facing a 3rd and 15 with 7:13 left in the game the Niners had a 20-10 lead and a 96.7 % chance of winning.

    When Jimmy G. is not playing, the Niners avg 19.7 points a game. But that is the main issue, he is proving to be injury prone.

    The Niners are in a tough position right now. Do they move on from Jimmy or give him one more shot next year with the Niners existing talented young receivers (Samuel, Aiyuk), Kittle, etc. and hope the defense is healthy.

    Tough decision.

  34. Shame on those that always whine about political takes on this site – with emotions high the blog has been mute on the elections – no arguing, no fighting, no calling names.

    I am just glad the nightmare of the past 4 yrs is almost over. I am not naïve to think that Trumpism (bigotry) has ended. But I am grateful that there are more Americans who are ready to push back against it. 74M strong.

  35. Chris Finke cut after Claypool’s comments on Niners’ Thursday padded practices. Shanalynch do not tolerate rat finks?

  36. The Niners with their very first pick should consider drafting a center, smart, athletic enough to hold the point of attack and to move up to the second layer. Its been a question mark way before KS and Lynch got here, its time to address it. Probably require trading down, way cheaper then drafting a DL or QB and with cap issues on the horizon…

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