Reggie Smith tears meniscus

According to Matt Barrows, Reggie Smith tore the meniscus in one of his knees and he will miss a couple of weeks, but it shouldn’t be a serious, long-term injury.

Clearly, this is a big reason the Niners resigned Dashon Goldson. Here are my two questions for you:

Question 1: If Smith hadn’t hurt his knee, would Baalke have resigned Goldson anyway? I say yes. Baalke got him for cheap, and both Goldson and Smith should be healthy for the start of the regular season. Goldson adds depth – he’s not just a replacement.

Question 2: Does this increase the chances that Taylor Mays stays with the team? I say no. The Niners seem to hold him in the same esteem they hold Curtis Taylor, which is a low esteem. Those two were the 3rd-string safeties on Saturday’s practice. C.J. Spillman played with the second team, and he seems to have a better shot to make team than Mays or Taylor. I’ll monitor the safety tandems in today’s practice for any depth-chart developments.


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