Report: 49ers considering RB Leonard Fournette with No. 2 pick


Tell me if you buy this.

The San Francisco 49ers are “seriously considering” drafting LSU running back Leonard Fournette with the No. 2 pick, according to Tony Pauline.

“The new front office wants a bigger back to run the offense,” Pauline writes, “and they’re ready to give up on Carlos Hyde, who has had his struggles staying healthy since being drafted by the franchise in 2014.”

Four questions for you:

  1. Do you think the Niners are trying to get a team to trade up with them for Fournette?
  2. Do you think Fournette would be a good pick for the 49ers?
  3. Do you think Fournette would fit Kyle Shanahan’s outside zone running scheme?
  4. How many wins do you think Fournette would add to the 49ers in 2017?

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  1. 1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. Not Sure

    4. Two

    Fournette is the type of RB that you can build an offense around. I think he’s better than Zeke Elliot was coming out of college, and we saw the impact he had on the Cowboys. Fournette is a guy that would take a huge load off a young QB’s shoulder and would make our play action game DEADLY.

    I understand that the draft is deep at RB, and that is true. But we gotta stop pretending that there’s not a DRAMATIC drop-off after Fournette. There’s some decent talent to be had, but it’s not even close to Fournette’s talent level.

    If we take Lynch and Shanahan at their words, and they’re saying they’re going to take the “best player available”, and not pick based on needs……….. Then it’s very likely that Fournette has to be near the top of their board, just as he is with every other team most likely.

    Having said that, I think they’d still like to trade down ONLY if they get a solid offer that nets them a 2nd + more, or a future 1st. If they have to stay pat at #2, I think Fournette is very much in play.

    1. NO, YES, YES, 6!

      1. One thing all of the can do that Fournette can’t and would NEED TO in a Shanahan offense……Contribute in the passing game. Only 1 rec td in his college career.

    2. Wow, I’m dumbfounded people would consider this! RBs are NEVER worth a high draft pick, nor big salary cap money, sans the next coming of Barry Sanders. RBs are all about your system….the QB, Oline, etc.. Why in the world would a sane person suggest this?

      1. I see Fournette more like an Eric Dickerson. If that’s true, you have to grab a game changer like that!

    3. Dan,
      Are you an LSU alumnus?

      “But we gotta stop pretending that there’s not a DRAMATIC drop-off after Fournette. There’s some decent talent to be had, but it’s not even close to Fournette’s talent level.”

      Have you heard of a guy named Dalvin Cook?

    4. Let me get this right.
      Hyde’s injury history is a concern of such magnitude he needs to be replaced.
      Fournette has chronic ankle injuries that make him miss games and will eventually need surgery, but that’s not a concern.
      Is that right?

    5. 1. No
      2. No
      3. Most definitely not
      4. 0 (zero), as in big fat zero wins. Would probably cost us in losses.

      From what I’ve seen, read, and heard about this prima donna, Fournette is Trent Richardson 2.0. He has no vision beyond the line of scrimmage and will merely pound into the line rather than decide on the run which blocking holes he should take. In Shanahan’s complex offense, Fournette will need to be a sharper knife in the drawer. Won’t happen. Fournette is more likely to be a first year bust than he would be first round pick by the 49ers. The 49ers drafting him just aint going to happen.

    6. I agree with you 100% from day one he gives us a power running game. He would open up everyone on offense

  2. Well, he is one of the Top-3 players. He’s not elite like Garrett (the only elite in this draft) like you’d like at the #2 spot, but he’s a top-flight blue-chipper. And as long as they have the #2 pick, he’s a reasonable choice (along with Trubisky and Thomas).

    Certainly a lot better pick than many of those floated out by people.

    1. I would venture to say that Fournette is elite. The only reason it’s not a slam dunk at 2 is because people don’t believe a RB should be picked that high, because you can find productive RBs later in the draft. But if you’re just judging on talent, and not by draft value, I would say that Fournette is an elite talent and better than anyone else besides Garrett.

      The only arguments against that is “Shanahan can get production out of mid-tier RBs”. Or “you can find good value later in the draft”. Both of those statements are true. But we can’t pretend that the drop-off from Fournette to a 3rd or 4th round RB won’t be DRAMATIC.

      1. I agree with you Dan and would love to have Fournette, there is one problem with the guy and that’s he is unproven as a pass receiver coming out of the backfield. He did not do much of that in college. Other then that he is the second best player in the draft…I doubt we draft him though.

        1. Hopefully they got a better sense of how good his hands are at his pro-day, combine, and other pre-draft activities.

          I’d love to trade down and get more picks personally. But I don’t understand how some posters here act like they would be furious if we picked Fournette at #2. I think he’s a pro-bowler from day 1, and is possibly the best RB to come out since Adrian Peterson.

          He’s the type of guy that is going to make your OL better, your QB better, and your WRs better. Any time you can get a player that is going to make everyone around him better, it’s an easy choice. If we were able to get a QB and some WRs to pair with him, the offense would be scary.

        2. You’re right about that. Cook is a great receiver and seems more of a fit for Shanahan’s offense. Any time he gets the ball, he can go all the way, Even on a check-down that looks like there is nothing there, he can juke and break into the open.

      2. Elliot’s a better receiver. Elliot’s a better broken-field runner. Elliot has better vision and and is smarter about when to take on tacklers vs to make that one last cut that gets him an extra yard or two.

        1. elliots slower. fournette is great beacause the second he steps on the nfl field he has a higher top speed than 99% of the rest of the nfl.

    2. Here’s a running back that is injury prone. Here’s a running back that is not known for catching passes out of the back field. What does Shannon backs do? They are all great receivers. They’re trying to get Jacksonville an the Panthers too trade up as both teams are really high on him..

          1. Well, was Fournette bad, or just not used that way?
            An older SF regime took two backs out of Nebraska who weren’t asked to catch and they turned out to be excellent receivers; Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.
            Hasn’t and can’t are different.
            There is such thing as can’t.
            There was one Raider halfback, I’ve blessedly forgotten his name, he might have been from Oklahoma or Ok State, and that guy couldn’t catch a cold. Not when he arrived, not ever. His attempts looked like a guy defending himself against an angry Great Horned Owl. He was a middlin’ running back, but couldn’t even be trusted on a screen pass.

    3. Fournette isn’t elite?

      Um …….I’m pretty sure a “generational talent” is considered “elite” at his position. The question isn’t about Fournette’s talent level, IMO, it’s whether the position itself, is as highly valued as it once was?

  3. Ha, I just posted that on the last thread. Good questions, Grant. I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

    1. Fournette is generating his own stock by being compared to Bo Jackson & Adrian Peterson. Perhaps the 49ers want to sell high, or maybe they’re serious buyers who aim to predominantly travel by ground this year instead of by air until they get their pilot next year, Captain Kirk.

    2. If Fournette is the generational talent that some experts are touting, then he’d have no better chance of expressing it than in a Shanny offense.

    3. Initially I didn’t, but after watching him more, I think he would flourish. He’s obviously more comfortable with a gap scheme, but that’s only because that’s what he’s been used to. He’ll still have a fullback in front of him, and he’ll learn to read east/west.

    4. By adding Fournette, and having a modicum of a passing attack, I’d guess they could get to 8 wins. That’s if they figure out how to stop the run defensively.

    Taking Fournette would surprise me given the Shanny track record of value on the position, and the success he’s been able to achieve with lesser talent. Other than that, I think it would show their genuine belief that Fournette is that generational talent, and gives them the best chance to win immediately until they sort through getting their future field general….

    1. I’m sorry, but there is no way in he!! he’s another Bo Jackson or Adrian Peterson. He’s not even Ezekiel Elliot (whom I can’t stand because I can’t stand Ohio State AND the Cowboys) who is the best back to the NFL since Peterson. Rather, he’s more of a Gurley. A good back. One that can be a bell cow. One that won’t let you down.

      But he’s no AP or Bo Jackson.

      1. I’m sorry, but there is no way in he!! he’s another Bo Jackson or Adrian Peterson.

        Bo was much faster. Adrian Peterson is a much better comparison. His talent won’t be what holds him back. It’s how much he has inside, and health that will ultimately determine his legacy….

    2. Who ever is putting out these guesstimates could be running a scam. It just increases the value of the #2 pick for someone that has to have a running back or a defensive end. It is once again buy the rumor and sell the news. If you were looking to trade down wouldn’t all of this make sense to you? You let slip just what top talent you might be interested in and some really needy club might give the store away to get your #2 pick.

  4. 1- I think they got no traction on hyping Thomas because he’s a tweener every front office knows it and while useful will be limited in his impact so no one is wowed by him and rushing to pick him up. Trading down for him has not been successful so they are shopping for a new strategy.

    2- it’s not a bad pick. I think it’s better than Thomas and picking a safety is not necessary since as Moses said we have plenty. We need a rusher and at 2 we won’t get what we want. Might as well get a good player.

    3- Not sure how he will fit but he could learn and adapt. He is athletic enough.

    4- two he will only win two games but then he may also cost two as a rookie. Madden rules.

  5. 1. Yes but that might not have anything to do with whether or not their interest in Fournette is legitimate

    2. Given the team needs and the players available at #2 I don’t think Fournette would be the best use of the pick. With that said he’d probably be a huge boon to the offense. Not just in rushing yardage but in taking pressure off the QB.

    3. Absolutely

    4. The upgrade to the offense will likely be offset by the lack of addressing the defense with a top prospect. Maybe 1 or 2 wins at most unless they get lucky and find a real defensive stud in the second or third round.

  6. Yes – Yes – They’ll make it work – 3 wins extra . . . Fournette is the only true elite offensive on the board. He would be our actual replacement for Frank Gore for years to come. Hyde could be retained for another year, but after his solidly productive last season should garner a third round draft pick. This draft is deep in defensive talent, another third rounder could be gold. However, if they can trade down for a batch of 1st, 3nd and 3rd rounders I still think they should go that way. But if Lynch/Shanny pulled the trigger on this awesome RB I would be smiling ear to ear.

  7. Fournett ran a 4.5 forty at 240 lbs. That is elite speed for that size. Then he slimmed down 12 pounds for his pro day and caught passes to show his receiving skills.

    1. Fournett could be leveraged at the number 2 pick for several draft choices. Jax and Carolina really like him.

    2. With Hyde’s injury history, Fournett could be good insurance.

    3. KS should formulate his offense to utilize the players properly. Play to their strengths. With Joos coosh at FB, he will do well in any system that does not make him dance in the backfield. They should line him up in the power I and let him choose the hole to run through.

    4. If they draft him, my dream of retaining Frank Gore will be smashed, but Fournett may be a game changer, so they may win more than 6 games.

  8. Interesting point from Michael Lombardi:
    “@mlombardiNFL- The Niners mantra all offseason has been:”no more leaks” therefore highly doubtful their alleged favorite is their favorite”

  9. 1. It could be a bluff, i’ve been calling for a trade back for a while now. In fact earlier this morn I predicted a trade with Cleve with Cleve using the pick to draft Fournette.
    2. He is a great player and I would be happy with the pick.
    3.Shanahan said any great back would fit his system
    4. idk but who ever we have at QB this year and next will be very productive with Fournette/Hyde behind them.

    1. You’re the one who always reminds us that it starts in the trenches. So, I think I’m more inclined to get the OL right before spending major draft capital on a RB.

      1. Cubus,
        I dont think they will use a top 12 pick for an O lineman but if they stock pile picks in the first 3 Rd’s I believe they will draft O line.

        1. In my first mock which I posted today in the previous thread, I have the team selecting Cam Robinson with pick 34. I just don’t see a near term replacement for Staley unless we take one this year in the draft.

      2. I’m normally in agreement with building the oline first. But taking a lineman in the first 20 would be a mistake. It’s a weak year for linemen and the best oneselection don’t fit Shanahan scheme…
        As coach said look for mid to late line picks. I just hope Joshua fits our scheme otherwise that was a wasted pick.

  10. To Grant’s questions:
    1/ Yes, probably. ”Tis the season.
    2/ Yes, sure. BPA candidate, what’s not to like?
    3/. Possibly, but only if Shanny does. If they pick him, then it’s Yes.
    4/. Insufficient data (too many other variables) for me to make that call.

    To the ‘Does it walk like a duck?’ Question:
    Ask yourself, since this report is characterized as a leak, how many leaks have come out of Lynchahan so far?

    1. While I agree with you that the SOP for the new group is no leaks, that’s often far harder to establish/maintain when a fair number of people are involved over a fairly lengthy time period. Before it was just primarily Jed and Paraag that were able to keep the Lynch hiring a secret. FA came pretty soon after that.

      Also, it’s possible that the new FO doesn’t mind leaks as long as they are the ones putting them out there.

      1. How good would Elliott have been last year without that great OL and the surprisingly capable Prescott?

        1. Elliot is, literally, the first back to come out of college without a skill or talent weakness in over a decade. Great vision. Great intensity. Great balance. Was the run-after-contact back in college when in college. He was an excellent blocker (run and pass). Excellent receiver who actually has a feel for being a receiver.

          I think he succeeds anywhere.

          1. My post wasn’t intended to denigrate Elliott. I thought Elliott was better than Hyde when he was backing him up at OSU. My point was that without a good OL, virtually no back will be successful. Priority in my mind is to get the OL right first.

        2. I think he is vastly overrated. Especially when McFadden was a 1000 yard back behind that line last year.

  11. It could be that the team is gauging the interest of others for a trade back, that is what they are supposed to do, but in looking at the Mock Drafts, Fournette is a good place to begin, the groupings in each Round are better if the team takes him at Number two, that is they end up with better selections in the other rounds as well, not just BPA, but also selecting for need.

    Very much like how the Board plays out when they select Fournette.

    1. Also, it doesn’t seem like they would need to move Hyde. With Fournette, Hyde, Juszczyk, and a change of pace back they would be set for a few years. Not sure about year one for a number of reasons but over the course of his contract Fournette would surely contribute to more wins.

  12. 1. Yes, they are trying to trade down to 4 (Jags) or 8 (Panthers). I would take #8 and #40 from the Panthers for #2 even though that is significantly less than the draft value chart says they should get. So many players come into play at #8.

    2. I wouldn’t hate it, it would be exciting no doubt. But every time I hear about how he could be Adrian Peterson, I think what the heck has AP ever done for the Vikings? Nothing when it comes to winning. Fournette is very similar. A star RB hasn’t won many Super Bowls recently.

    3. NO, absolutely not. His weaknesses are the specific strengths that an outside zone back has to have. He has no patience, doesn’t see the secondary hole, and runs almost exclusively where the play is designed, often running up the backs of his offensive lineman if the hole isn’t there. Furthermore, he has shown zero effort in college of being willing to pick up blitzers or chip DEs. He is a significantly more flawed back than Zeke, albeit more explosive in a straight line.

    4. It depends if he can adapt to a new scheme. Shanahan has already said he is going to run outside zone, period. That’s what he runs. The specific reason he gave for having no interest in Kaep is that he didn’t fit the offense he wants to run. If Fournette can’t run outside zone, which is somewhat likely as patience and vision usually can’t be taught in RBs, this pick could be a big miss. If Shanahan is willing to change his scheme to mostly power runs, unlikely, Fournette can maybe get them 2 or 3 more wins if healthy.

    1. While I agree with some of what you say… the outside zone not being his ideal scheme fit as he doesn’t read the zone well… I can’t agree with everything.
      The comparison to zeke is a little flawed. They are very close in overall skill kevels, and when 5 NFL execs were polled, 3 preferred Leonard.
      As to the outside zone… this actually makes the signing of Juszczyk even more important. In the beginning Arrian Foster was not very good at this either. Houston was able to mask this early on with hown they used the FB. Basically they set the scheme up so the rb only had to read the Fullbacks block, make their cut, and go. I expect the nines would do the same.

  13. 1) Yes.

    2) No. They already have a big back in Hyde, and there has been no talk of trading him.

    3) No.

    4) Maybe one.

  14. New trade back scenario.

    Niners trade back with Jax, giving up the Number 2 pick so they can draft Fournett.
    Niners receive the pick numbers 4, 35, and 68, which balances out perfectly on the TVC.

    Niners make another modest trade back with the Chargers, who think that both the Jets and Titans both want safeties. Chargers leapfrog those 2 teams to get the best safety in the draft. The Niners trade away pick number 4, but get pick numbers 7, 71 and 113. It comes within 3 points of balancing out perfectly.

    Niners would end up with pick numbers 7, 34, 35, 66, 68, 71, 109, 113 and 146. 9 picks in the first 4 rounds. For trading back 5 slots, the Niners would reap a bevy of picks.

    1. why would Jacksonville do this trade? If they are trading for Fournette, it doesn’t seem the 49ers are in love with him if they are willing to make a trade back. Then they only have to worry about Chicago who seems like there is no chance they take a RB. Makes no sense.

      Furthermore, RB is so devalued right now, I can’t see any team essentially using a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick on a single RB.

      1. Because the Panthers and Cleveland may leapfrog over them to poach Fournett ahead of them.

      2. I am just using the trade value chart, that every other team at least consults.

        Just depends on how much they want a player. Fournett may be a game changer.

        In many mocks, Adams has been selected by the Jets, who may pass over a QB because the Pats got Cook, so they desperately need secondary help. Titans also have many times been mocked with a safety, because that is a weakness on the team.

        Weddle left LAC, so they need a safety.

    2. Shut up already with your pot smoking delusional trades! Geez!
      Seb thinks NFL trades are like kids trading hockey cards.

    3. Yeah, I wish we could get TVC value on a trade back. I am good with getting ripped off to move back out of pick #2. And then we can try for TVC trades after that.

      1. Nope. Do not start at a disadvantage. Classic negotiation tactic.

        Offer fair value, and maybe sweeten the deal by adding a lower pick or even a player or 2.

        That number 2 pick does have value, especially since Garret is pretty much locked at one.

  15. 1.) Yes.
    2.) No.
    3.) Not ideal. McCaffrey is a much better fit.
    4.) Invalid question. It’s a team sport.

  16. 1.) A big yes to this, would be disadvantageous not to.
    2.) Yes
    3.) Not sure if he’d be perfect, but seems talented enough to learn
    4.) If he stays healthy, 1 extra win. We don’t have the Cowboys O-Line or comparable QB.

  17. I don’t buy it. They are trying to drum up trade interest. They want extra picks.

    I don’t see Fournette as being the type of RB Shanahan really wants so bad that high. He’s a power back. Why take a power back for a ZBS at #2? Sure, I think he can be good in the system – he’s a very good RB so I am sure he would make it work – but so could a lot of other RBs.

    How many wins would he add? Not many if any more than a healthy Hyde imo.

    1. I think that’s the rub Scooter. You’re spot on!

      How much better Fournette’s makes Kyle’s 49ers really depends on whether Hyde can stay healthy as the featured RB. And so far, Hyde hasn’t proven himself capable of staying healthy while carrying the load.

      1) Yes
      2) Yes
      3) Yes
      4) It’s hard to calculate considering all factors, including QB. If I had to guess, I’d say no more than 2, maybe 3 tops.

  18. I think it’s more important for us to stop the run right now. Rueben foster next to bowman would be A good step in the right direction.A day one starter. And future pro bowler.

  19. Yes, I think they’re trying to set up a trade down, with Fournette the bait.

    Fournette would definitely add to the W’s, especially with El Guapo still “not cutting as I’d like” and undependable even if he does return to form. But there are other ways to slice it, other players at #2 who could have a similar impact on the team.

    I love the trade down but not too far down scenario. Even a few slots down gets us extra shots at good players. I would love to see Christian McCaffrey as a 49er. He’s an awesome runner himself, and more versatile than Fournette.

    If they are unable to engineer a trade down on righteous terms, I’d like to see them use the #2 on Jamal Adams. We’d have twin monster LSU safeties as the core of our defense. As Shanny says, “it all starts with the safeties and the cornerbacks.”

  20. 1. Yes
    2. No, he’s one dimensional.
    3. Not really, but he would have some success.
    4. Zero.

  21. Yes, no, no, zero.

    Not a fan of spending any type of 1st round pick (let alone the second overall) on a running back. If the Niners want a RB, go get Joe Williams from Utah in the 4th.

    1. #80
      I always like WR’s and TE’s with basketball back rounds. Here are a couple more TE sleepers.
      Cethan Cutler Neb. and Darrell Daniels Wash.

      1. Me too. Owens, Moss, and Graham come to mind. All of them were great at catching jump balls.

    1. Thanks Diesel, great link. From that link.

      “I swear this guy has some of the most embarrassing lack-of-effort plays that I’ve ever seen.”

      “After my first watch of Thomas’ tape, about three games in, I texted a friend of mine and said that either Thomas’ hands are small or he has a very weak handshake because whether it was missing sacks because the quarterback would break free of his clutches or missing tackles on running backs who did the same.”

      “Wouldn’t you know it, his hands measured in at 9 and 3/8 inches. For context, that would have placed him in the bottom 10 of the 59 defensive linemen at the combine.”

    2. That’s what I see in him. I don’t think he is what everyone else sees in him.

      1. Yeah, I was fooled by the Bowl game and the Combine for a while. But now I’m back to seeing him as a #10 to #20 pick, which is where he was before all the national hype started.

        My favorite qoute from Diesel’s link.


        1. Exactly where he should be #80. Very good player but people have made him out to be this trasnformational player. With his challenges he may have some dolifficulty transitioning into the NFL imho. He may be one of those guys who shine in the combine but fades.

      1. Thanks for posting that article. White foresaw how an NFL team would use him in a 4-3. Whereas all of us amateurs assumed he would be a 3 tech, White believed he would be better at Defensive End, which is where Buckner said yesterday that he was told he would primarily play.

        “At that height, I’m not sure I would want him playing the run full-time as a three-technique in a 4-3 either because I would worry teams would just double him all game and he might not be able to anchor down as I discussed earlier.
        If a 4-3 team is going to draft him, they should try to use him like Michael Bennett (yes, another comparison) letting him play the run at strong side defensive end then allowing him to pass rush from the inside where he could wreck shop. Buckner and Bennett don’t have the same kind of playing style, which is fine. Bennett relies a little more on his quickness and athleticism. Buckner is more of a power guy, but they can still get the same kind of results in similar roles in a 4-3 defense. “

        1. Yeah, that was interesting. Which may go a long way to explaining why Buckner said he is being looked at as the big end and some 3T. Perhaps Armstead will be used as the 3T in base instead. Though I expect there may be similar issues.

  22. Fournette would be the second coming of beastmode. I would love him. But we have more important positions to fill. We can get a running back later. QB, WR, and defence should come before a running back, unless RB Corey Davis somehow is still available (noit likely). I would rather they take one of three top WR’s before a RB

      1. I was not sorry to see Skuta go, and thought he was not worth a 20 mil contract.

        However, if they could pick him up cheaply, he is way better than Bellore.or Willhoite, and would provide good competition.

        1. You have a hard time letting things go I see? You want to bring back players that either can’t play, are aging or are overrated. You must be a hoarder!

  23. Only thing I can say abut this post is that Hyde is injury prone so considering the back from LSU is not a bad idea.

  24. I try not to speculate on who they will pick and where. But think about this: If they want Cousins, what better way to seal the deal than to draft Fournette and Ross (somehow), and improve the oline?

    1. Fournette isn’t the only player rumored to be valued in a trade up with the 49ers. King Solomon was linked along with Fournette in a trade involving the Panthers, and Thomas has also been linked to the Jaguars if the 49ers take a pass….

    1. I’d happily swap 2 for the Jags 4+35. Heck, I might even got for 2 for their 4+68 and a 2018 3rd.

    1. Seb we get it. You like Solomon. We’ve heard it daily. I don’t think its necessary to move it to a trial!

      1. Prime, my latest draft choice is trading back and selecting Hooker. Adams would be the next choice because the defense cannot work without a special safety. If both of those are gone, maybe Foster or Peppers.

        However, if the draft unfolds and King Solomon lands in their lap, they should run to the podium. Still, he may go 3rd with Chicago.

        1. The scouts love the fact that King Solomon is only 20 years old. He’s being compared to Aaron Donald, and has plenty of room before he hits his ceiling….

  25. Over the next 2 weeks, u might hear the 9er’s linked to any and all of the ‘top’ picks. They will try to drum up business to get as much for that pick as possible. This has turned into a tremendous opportunity for the club. There is no sure fire #2 pick, there is no QB worth the 2nd pick, and it is said to be a very deep draft. Hopefully, this team will not have to worry about having this high of a pick again for a long time. As long as they do not get greedy as to what they want for compensation, they (Lynch?) should b able to get one good trade down or maybe 2 small ones. An Xtra one or two second rounders, maybe an extra mid-late pick, and something next year. In free agency, they signed a lot of part time starters and reserves. Only a small group of the signed free agents will be here longer than 2 seasons. Trading down in this draft should fill in some quality starters for now and down the road.

    1. ‘Tis the season. However, in 2015 Armstead was also the unanimous pick, and it received its share of ridicule as well right up until draft day. I firmly believe King Solomon will be the pick barring a trade….

      1. Oh yeah? Well I’m here to tell you……!…
        …..uh, nothin’. I’ve only narrowed it down to about a sixpack @#2, and haven’t got the first clue who actually might be a trade partner and get the draft roulette wheel spinning; if anybody. I’m not concerned with lack of a deal yet, as they often happen on the clock.

    1. Why would they be interested in Sharpe? He’s very much a phone booth, power blocking scheme guy. Strange.

        1. Either Shanahan genuinely is thinking of shifting to more of a power based scheme or this is an elaborate smokescreen to make teams think Fournette might really be their target.

          1. Quite honestly, Scooter. The 49ers line’s strength is power so it wouldn’t take that much smoke;>)

            1. Both Zuttah and Beadles are ZBS guys. Staley can do either. Wouldn’t really say the strength is power anymore. Those days are gone.

              1. Garnett and Brown are power. Zuttah benched 35 reps as a prospect so he has plenty of power to his game….

          2. In 2016 Baltimore has been mixing up its scheme between that zone-stretch, some gap scheme and tight zone, Yanda said.

            “I feel like the run game changes every year. It’s not always going to be exactly the same,” Yanda said. “We’re definitely throwing a few wrinkles in there, not just all zone.”

              1. Interesting, he’s sure as hell strong as an ox. Oh well. That’s one position group that needs continuity and time to gel like no other. He might be developing a new hybrid running scheme….

      1. Most of Shanahan’s running plays are outside zone, so I’m guessing anyone they are looking at is being viewed as a candidate to play in that type of blocking system.

        1. How much smoke do they expect they’ll need to blow then to convince teams that Fournette is indeed a consideration?

          1. Good question and it appears they are really trying to make it appear like a legit option, but everyone knows what blocking system they are going to run.

            1. It could also be something Fournette’s people have thrown out there or somebody just trying to create draft scenarios. At this point there is so much BS flying around it’s hard to believe anything you read or hear.

              1. Exactly! Just like the rumor that the Browns may pass on Garrett. That’s just to get interest from other teams for a trade up to get Trubisky at #1. It doesn’t hurt to keep ’em guessing.

      1. Yep. Their evaluation of Ward as the single high safety will have a huge bearing on their draft plans.

              1. Phase 1 started yesterday, but players won’t get on the field until Phase 2 which starts May 1.

              2. Grant, can’t players be on the field during the voluntary mini camp on April 25 -27?

              3. Thanks, Razor. I was under the impression that coaches could be on the field during mini camp as it is actually not part of Phase 1 since it must follow Phase 1 activities.

              4. I think May 1-4 is Phase 2 where coaches are permitted on the field with players.

        1. Maybe, just maybe they decide to retain him at corner now that Brock has been sacked. Maybe they’re weighing scenarios between what type of talent will be available at the corner and free safety position at the top of the second round….

          1. Certainly possible. Though I still think Ward’s best spot is FS. Baker actually reminds me a fair bit of Ward.

            1. I’ve said from the beginning FS is Wards most natural position, and where he should’ve been playing 2 years ago….

            2. I think Ward was best in the NCB role at NI which is what he was initially drafted to do here. I’m not sure he is suited to play the single high safety role, but we’ll find out if they don’t draft anybody.

              1. Thanks for the inside info Grant. He does appear most comfortable in that role from what I’ve seen. It’s a testament to him that he was capable of playing outside as well after not having done it in College. He can probably adapt and play a passable SHS, but I think he might be better served moving back inside and the team drafting a true ball hawk…like…well you know ;)

              2. Desmond King? That’s who you meant, right? ;-)

                I say that in jest, but to be honest, if they keep Ward at CB I think King could be a good option at SHS. He isn’t the speedster Thomas is, but he plays very smart. Obviously concerns in that he would be a CB being converted to safety, but he strikes me as a guy that could make that transition pretty easily.

    1. This guy is going to be a beast..If we could somehow trade tha Jags 2 for 4 and recive 35..We could possibly have Fournette,Cunningham and Budah after 3 picks!….winning

  26. “The Alabama linebacker will have company in Indy. Washington wide receiver John Ross, Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis, UCLA defensive end Takkarist McKinley, Michigan tight end Jake Butt and Wisconsin tackle Ryan Ramczyk are also due for check-ups. Washington cornerback Sidney Jones will send in scans of the Achilles injury he suffered at his pro day workout.”

    This day could shape the first two rounds of the draft.

      1. The dude would really hate Perris Island. Nothing but lines and hurry up and wait. Can’t you just imagine him jacking up a Drill Instructor?
        “Yo! Sargint Dude! Can we speed dis up?!?”


        1. He would have been the guy that moved when going through the automated innoculation line, and got his arm tore up….

  27. I don’t think the Niners have any intention of drafting LF second overall. The leaks are either made up or have been put out there by the team to try and entice someone to move up imo. As good as Fournette is, this system has made stars out of a lot of late round picks and even UDFA. I would not take a RB before day 3 personally. Just my two cents.

    1. The likelihood that this regime begins their rebuild with players that possess less than stellar character backgrounds are very low. Maybe in the 6/7 round range, but Mixon is expected to be taken in the 2nd round….

      1. some have a past. Kid kept his nose clean because he loves football. Gotta a hunch you won’t hear of that from him again.

  28. 1. Yes. It’s smart to play to the drafts strengths, and Fournette is the only player in the draft mentioned as a once in a generation type (Generation= 33 years as defined by Ancient Greeks).

    2. Yes.
    3. With a solid offensive line, yes (Walsh asked Roger Craig to lose his fullback weight after blocking for Wendell Tyler to become a solid NFL tailback–Fournette could do the same).
    4. 5

    Side Note: Bruce Arians stated that “Deshone Kizer was the only college QB who was NFL ready” at the NFL Owners Meeting to force the 49ers to rethink their draft board.
    It was a smart move by a smart man…Grant stated he thought the 49ers would draft Kizer.

    Now the 49ers have to worry about those comments and whether they need to trade back into the 1st Rd to get him….The chatter is all over the place…Just look at this quote from Cards Wire:

    The Cardinals don’t need a quarterback to step in as a rookie. This is not a sign Kizer is going to be their pick in the first round, although it certainly could happen.

    So the mind games are gaining momentum 2 weeks before the draft and the 49ers returned the favor with a mind game of their own—Fournette at # 2….So refreshing to have Bill Walshs’ front office style back after the befuddled Baalke !!!

    1. So, after the mind games and the dust has settled, the 49ers still need help at pass rush and WR.

      WR could be had in the mid rounds. RB, the same.

      The 49ers need help at so many positions that bluffing about Fournette is one way of acquiring them.

  29. That would explain the attitude and maturity questions that the 49ers leaked out the other day about Kizer. I wonder if the 49ers are involved in the recent hit jobs against Garrett….

    1. All we can say for certain is we have Grant’s column about the 49ers interest in Fournette and Arians comments about Kizer.

      Purpose is behind those comments. Arians is not a stupid coach.

      1. Razor,

        I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s nice to have a front office that doesn’t just in their ‘War Room’ bunker w/o knowledge of draft poker. Baalke was in over his head in using the media this way. He thought the media was his enemy and the press reported how he refused most interviews and kept them as far away as possible
        Bill Walsh used the media as a draft tool. Shanahan and Lynch are using textbook Bill Walsh here.

  30. Niners don’t need to draft a QB until next year. They need to fix the defense once and for all. OL is still spotty. There are plenty of serviceable running backs to be had for a lot less jingle. They sure as hell don’t need a first-round runner.

    I could sell my Harleys and most of my guitar collection and buy a swell Porsche but don’t need or want that car. Same deal. Don’t lust for something you don’t need when (in my case) your herringbone needs a reset and the Lester needs new frets.

    Niners need to look at what is truly important in the first of a four to six year recycle and draft accordingly. If the can go 6-10 this year with hard play and the inevitable Fups, that’s a good start.

    And I need to retube the ancient 4X10 Bassman because Kendall and I are putting the band back together!

  31. Cal’s Kari Vanderbilt ran a 4.1 40, is 191 Lbs and loves to hit, could be a 3rd round addition enabling them to pass on LSU’s Adams.

    1. Awuzie is another Buffalo I like, but like I was saying the other day, Griffin is a better tackler than Witherspoon, and has the physicality they’re looking for at the positon. He was guilty of missing a tackle just once every 13.3 attempted last season, and he’s got speed….

    1. So should the team just wait and see what happens or should they start talking up Trubisky as the #2 pick to see if the Browns will trade #12 and whatever else is fair for the 49ers #2. I don’t see how it hurts to start talking up Trubisky. After all he was just in for a visit so now’s the time to start leaking out how enamored KS is with him and blah, blah, blah.

      1. #80 sorry, my Schefter post below was meant to compliment what you linked to.

        Its lying season, but its feeling like the trade-up value of pick 2 is heating up.

    2. “Cleveland has not made up its mind at No. 1, per source. Split opinions. Some like Myles Garrett, some like Mitchell Trubisky. We will see.” – Adam Schefter

      “Just had an NFL exec tell me, “Don’t be surprised if Myles Garrett isn’t the No. 1 pick.” Exec convinced a QB is in discussion at No. 1.” – Adam Schefter

      Music to my ears.

      1. Garett’s head might be too large for his talent. The guy thinks he is Reggie White and hasn’t played a down in the NFL.

          1. Yeah… Every position has its basic performance profile. So when people make claims about beating Rice who was the greatest performance outlier in NFL history… I’m always skeptical.

            Defensive line… They’re a lot like running backs. Very quick development, a solid plateau where you get about seven years of their best production then, by year eight, the war in the trenches has taken such a toll on their bodies that, with few exceptions, they hit a steep decline. By year 10, most defensive linemen are just shells of themselves even if the fans and talking heads refuse to acknowledge it.

            So to think a DE is going to somehow out Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice… That’s laughable.

      2. I’ll take all reports with a grain of salt, unless I hear it from Michael Silver. He’s almost a quasi spokesperson for Hue Jackson.

        Could also merely mean the Browns haven’t formally set their board. Will do so at a certain date.

        That said, any buzz the hints at Trubisky not falling very far in the draft increases the value of pick 2, whether its the Browns or another club.

        Bears, 3, Unproven QB
        Jets 6, Needs New QB
        Chargers, 7, Older QB
        Saints, 11, Older QB
        Browns, 12, Needs New QB
        Cards, 13, Older QB
        Skins, 1,650, No QB under long term contract

        1. Browns are fishing for a trade down too. I think they like acquiring picks more than using them.

        2. I think Hue is going to go for it. He is not like KS with his 6 year contact and Jed saying that he will be patient.

          Hue will want to win right away, so getting the first and second picks may bring enough talent to his team to win games.

          Maybe Hue will think that with Fournett at 2, he can just let Osweiler hand off to him and win.

      1. Career SEC

        – Derek Barnett: 29 sacks, 42 TFLs
        – Myles Garrett: 12 sacks, 22 TFLs

          1. Gonna be interesting comparing their NFL careers if Barnett ever develops a spin move. I get the feeling Barnett ingratiated his teammates to a greater degree than Garrett. Just a hunch;>)

            1. Myles Garrett is cocky and his motor runs hot and cold. I highly doubt he has good leadership qualities. However, he is without a doubt a game changing talent.

              As Brodie said below, I’d be happy with either drafting him if he is there, or using him as trade bait for a nice haul of picks and taking one of the many other good looking pass rush prospects available later on.

        1. Garrett keeps saying weird, egotistical stuff to the media. Does he want to get passed over at pick 1? Might command a better 2nd contract if he was on a better team. Or more endorsement money in another (warmer) city.

          I’m more excited about Garrett working as trade back bait if he fell. But if no “Godfather” trade offers came, I’d run the ticket to the podium.

          1. Look, he’s a super talented player. So the benefits of the double standard protects him. I think that if a video surfaced of him eating kittens, it’d be excused as an ‘alternative lifestyle’ and you’d be attacked as being ‘judgemental.’

          2. The braggadocio is coming from a talented young man on the verge of a financial shower that also is ego stroking. It is over the top. It is premature, but it’s little more than a mosquito buzzing I think to be so self-promoting. BUT there was one thing yesterday. Garrett was making the rounds at ESPN appearing on various segments for interviews. He got called into one but backed out at the last second when he found out that Booger McFarland was an interviewer.
            He got all pouty because McFarland on his radio show has had some criticisms of the players in that college program. Said he didn’t want to deal with the negativity.
            He has the right as an individual to participate or not, but he misses the point of his agent sending him to Bristol; it’s work, it’s an interview, its brand building. If you’re good, face your critics. Prove them wrong.
            Avoidance behavior is not what I’m looking for in a big, tough, offense -wrecking force who has set his sights on being the best of all time. It seems deva-ish and punk-ish to me. A slightly bigger red flag than all the bragging.

              1. I kind of like deva one of the Hindu gods better. Seems more appropriate than an operatic self important person.

  32. Are we forgetting that we have a QB tandem of Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley?
    We need the future QB to be drafted this year so that he can learn and develop. Waiting till next year for a better draft class and or Cousins means says you are ok being mediocre another year and not addressing the most important position in football.
    Go ahead and take a safety and DL or corner or RB at #2. Those positions and type of talent can be found in rounds 3-7. With the #2 pick you get first chance to take the best QB. There is a franchise QB at #2 because you just hired the best offensive mind in football who has proven he can develop QB’s.
    I guarantee Goff will be 100% better next year as will Wentz. That year of watching and playing is tremendously beneficial.
    My point is waiting to address the most crucial position in the game when you have the first opportunity to do it, is a poor strategy.

    1. No, the best offensive mind in football admitted he cannot take a SB QB and make him better. Does not want to even try.

      Wasting valuable draft capital on a QB when Cousins is waiting to reunite with KS is a poor strategy, especially considering how dire the need is to improve the defense.

      Getting one of those First round DBs or a pass rusher like King Solomon will lay the foundation for years to come.

      Trubisky has just as good a chance to be a bust than be a success. Even more so because he had such little time starting.

      1. Say the guy who suggested players should fall to the turf to avoid injury.
        When I hear comments like that and see you try and piece together a football idea, I think this guy has probably run into a chainsaw one too many times!

        1. Guess what? they do that for QBs. I just want RBs to do what Emmitt Smith said. Get down on the ground as soon as possible.

          Instead, Hyde blustered that he would struggle for every inch, which led to him being held up and budgeoned. He tends to lose the ball in those situations. It is no coincidence that he has been injured during the past 2 seasons.

          1. Ask Jim Brown what he thinks of that theory?
            You might get a mouthful of chiclets.

            You want to change the game but unfortunately this game won’t change to powder puff ideas you present.

            1. Considering how the NFL is finally acknowledging the dangers of concussions, they should try to make the game safer.

              You, being of the troglodyte mentality, just want more blood and gore.

              Who cares for the common player, according to you, he is just a piece of meat.

              1. All they have to do is improve the equipment and penalize the unsuspecting hits and players that are vulnerable.
                This is what they have been doing.

                But you are asking players now to be be meek. Let up and be cautious. That alone will lead to more injuries.
                Have you ever played football? Safe does not work.

              2. Yes, you want to condemn players like Dwight Clark to sacrifice their bodies for the team.

                Your macho bravado sounds cool, but just results in more bodies.

              3. Seb-skov…………..

                Can’t have it both ways. You obviously love this game with everything that’s involved-one of them being collisions, often at high speed. All the players know this going in.

                My point? they are not victims. Everybody who takes chances is not a victim.

          2. Seb,

            Is it possible you could learn to capitalize your letters. That really bothers me following a question mark.

    2. A rookie QB is not going to stop this team from being mediocre. Likely won’t see the field this year. Taking a QB for the sake of taking a QB is not good draft strategy. If a QB is truly the BPA at #2, then fine take him, but reaching for a guy who is likely rated much lower is not going to help this team improve the talent level.

      1. This isn’t a BPA draft for the 49ers. They have specific needs and the most glaring is QB, WR and a pass rusher.

        You have the opportunity to take the best QB in this draft at #2. You take him and let him go the route Aaron Rogers did. Sit and learn and learn some more.
        In 2 years when the team is a playoff contender, he will be ready to lead.

        1. Next season, Cousins will be available without having to pay any compensation.

          Also, next season, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Jake Browning, Luke Falk, Josh Allen and Mason Rodolph will be available in the draft.

          Niners will draft BPA, because they have filled all the holes in free agency, so they can go for depth, rather than reaching for a flawed QB.

          Glad to see you predicting the playoffs. I will reserve judgement until after the draft. If Lynch manages to hit a grand slam, I will be more optimistic.

          1. Well if you believe Trubisky to be flawed and Kaepernick to not be, then I guarantee the 49ers will get it right.
            Everything you’ve ever predicted has turned up wrong. Remember?

            February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
            KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

            1. So you are saying that KS is not competent enough to make a SB QB better?

              I predicted 3 players who would be chosen last year. How many did you predict? Zero?

              1. Nobody made Grossman better, which (I think but am too lazy to confirm) includes the Shanahans while he was a Redskin. He’s got the same exact 0-1 Superbowl record…

                Eli Manning, who is one of the most mediocre QBs in the NFL (has lead the league with 20+ INTs 3x and his lifetime rating is below average for the ERA in which he played) has won two. Mark Rypian won one for the Redskins.

                McMahon got carried to the Superbowl by Walter Peyton and the Bears defense. He was all ‘exciting’ like Kaepernick as a QB. But he was fundamentally mediocre and clear case of ‘right place, right time.’

                Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms’ backup, won a Superbowl. He wasn’t the worst to ever win a Superbowl. But he fairly ‘meh.’

                Jim Plunkett won two, despite a mediocre career where he managed just 164 touchdowns while throwing more interceptions, 198. He also had just a .500 winning percentage as a starter, going 72-72. Hardly a great or even ‘winning’ QB. In fact, if it weren’t for Pastorini sucking so badly then getting hurt, he’d never gotten off the bench. But, like other mediocre QBs, he was carried there — Marcus Allen on the ground and a stud defense that had the likes of Ted Hendricks and Howie Long in their peaks.

                Meanwhile HOFers like Fouts and Moon never got there.

                The fact is your point about ‘Super Bowl’ QBs is laughably stupid. Many bad QBs have made it to the Superbowl. Some have even won.

                Yet many outstanding QBs never got a shot.

              2. Sure, football is a team sport, and all the planets have to align.

                However, maybe you forgot how Kaep ran for 181 yards in a playoff game. he then spotted the Falcons 17 points and came roaring back to win another playoff game on the road.

                Then in the SB, he was way down and came storming back to come within 5 yards of winning it all.

                Yes, there are the Dilfers who were fortunate to have his defense win, but that should not take away Kaep’s accomplishments, especially for making it to a SB after starting only 10 games.

                Then we have the last 2 seasons where he did did not have a supporting cast and looked terrible at times because he had no O line or receivers to throw to. Like I will say it again, it is a team sport, and they have to be hitting on all cylinders.

                Last season, even Joe Montana could not win with that defense which gave up 200 yards rushing to third string RBs.

                It is also laughably stupid to assume that declaring a QB who made it to a SB and almost won it could never get back with the proper supporting cast and a coaching staff that does not call a time out just before he strolls into the end zone.

              3. A SB QB, or a participating SB who blew it at the end? You keep forgetting the small details of his short NFL tenure in the big moments?

                Crunch time, Kap laid eggs.

              4. Blame everyone else right Seb. Never hold anyone or anything accountable unless it meets your crooked agenda.
                Was it the factory workers fault you had chainsaw issues? Grow up!

              5. Blame everyone else when all you do is blame only one person?

                How quaint.You are special.

              6. I am not blaming anyone. The proof is all right there in front of us. Why you keep denying the facts?

              7. Kap never grew as a QB. He is where he belongs-unemployed. And no, I don’t hate him… least in the way the dictionary defines that word.
                But I sure as H don’t want him as a 9er QB, that true.

        2. I disagree Prime. This is a BPA draft for the 49ers. They have needs everywhere and one of the least talented rosters in the league. This is not a quick fix situation and with 6 year deals, Lynch and Shanahan won’t be treating it as such. Reaching for lesser talent is not how you build the foundation of a contender for the future.

          1. Of the top QBs take over the past two drafts, he’s got the same QB scout rating ( as Wentz & Goff and higher than Mariota and trailing just Winston. So, relative to the most recent drafts, he’s tied for the second best QB prospect over the past three years.

            And as an absolute rating Trubisky comes in Top-10 (tied for 7th with Lattimore, Cook, & Howard). He’s also ahead of many players people here have wanted the 49ers to take, including Foster & Williams.

            And since QBs are, generally speaking, over-drafted to relative worth, #2 is a (relative to position) BPA slot for Trubisky.

            Also, there’s no such thing as ‘BPA.’ It’s BPA-relative-to-team-needs. If you’re the Cowboys and you Ezekiel Elliot, you don’t’ draft Dalvin Cook if he falls to you because he’s a 6.5 and the CB you desperately need is 6.4…

            So there’s nothing, when looked at the full context, to assert that Trubisky would be a bad selection. He would be a perfectly sound selection when all draft/need factors are considered.

            1. There is no such thing as BPA?

              Wonder why teams talk about drafting the BPA instead of reaching for a need pick, while passing on the BPA.

              Methinks you are hoisted upon your own petard.

          2. I disagree Rocket. The 49ers have a very young roster but also have some very good pieces. They are probably 2-3 years away from contending again.

            They did very well to address the defense via free agency and are not as bad as they played last year. There is still a couple holes at ILB,OLB which can be addressed in the later part of the draft.

            But the most glaring need is at QB and WR and both of those should be addressed day one of the draft. It would not be a reach to take the best QB at #2 overall because one he would be the best QB in the draft and, two, the 49ers specifically hired Kyle Shanahan to develop the most important position in the game.

            I say this is not a BPA draft for the 49ers because in a rebuild like the 49ers are doing, its being addressed via free agency and the draft. They have like I mentioned done well to address certain positions so there is not a glaring need as there is at QB. Why would they not select their QB of the future in round one, let him sit and learn and in 2 years when Hoyer and Barkley are done, they have a guy ready to step in?

            I don’t think Trubisky is a reach at #2 because he is the most accurate QB in the draft. That’s the one quality you cannot teach or develop. He lacks experience but he wont be needed to play immediately.

            1. The most ‘accurate’ player in the draft threw 2 interceptions on his biggest stage, one for a pick six.

              1. 30 TD’s, 6 INT’s. Id say the body of work speaks for itself if you want to talk about accuracy.

              2. Watson threw 36 for 56, 420 yards, 64%, 3 TDs no Ints, for a 145 rating.

                I would say he is more accurate.

              3. Prime, like you declaring that they should only reach for need picks?

                Even Lynch has mentioned selecting the BPA, so you are directly contradicting his strategy.

              4. Prime, that game was against a defensive juggernaut, and won a national championship.

                In Trubisky’s biggest game of his life, he threw 2 interceptions, one that went for a pick six.

              5. Seb if you are gonna mention what Lynch has said to back your claim, show it. Otherwise it all sounds like it usually does with you, BS.

                Now if you want to compare Watson to Trubisky and say one is better than the other, that’s fine. I’m not gonna spend all day on here arguing whos better. That’s up to the team. My point is, we need to draft a QB and preferably the best one in the first round. To me that’s Trubisky. Watson just reminds of the guy we had here before. A one trick pony, you know who right?

            2. We won’t find common ground on the expectations for the draft obviously, but I do agree that Trubisky is the best QB in this class as I’ve said previously. What I don’t agree with is forcing the issue if you don’t believe he is the top player available at that pick. When you go against your board rankings it devalues all the work your personnel and scouting people have done and sets you up for failure. I understand a team like GB not drafting a QB even if he’s #1 on their board, but for a team like the 49ers that has a myriad of needs (we disagree on the current state of the roster as well it appears) It’s paramount that they take the BPA imo.

              Now having said all that if Trubisky is ranked that high on their board, they should take him, but it is a huge gamble to use a pick that high on a QB with 13 career starts. Some positions you can make the call based on a small sample size but QB is not one of them imo.

              At the end of the day I will roll with whatever they decide and have confidence they can get the most out of whoever they take. Unlike the previous two Coaching staffs, I trust this one to make the right decisions and develop players correctly.

    3. Primetime, it’s an even worse strategy for a rebuilding team to go all in with the #2 pick on a QB unless they see him as can’t miss. How many Elway’s and Peyton Mannings come along? More QB’s picked early in the 1st round are busts than those who succeed. Look at the Browns. They’ve been picking QB busts for decades and it just sets the whole franchise back. (Well, that’s not all they do to suck!). If KS isn’t sold on a QB at #2 or even if the 49ers trade back for one, then he’ll pass. JL and KS have the time to do this right. They can always draft one later and develop them. We may have a shot at Cousins next year but it will be a much more talented and deeper QB class in 2018. Meanwhile, the 49ers need to build the whole team up. We should take BPA and draft for value.

    4. Prime,

      We’ll see what they do. Reaching for a QB, if that’s such a thing, could work but we will never know how their board is set.

      For now I’m comfortable with a year or two of Hoyer. Let Lynch/Shanahan pick “their guy” whenever that might be and do exactly what you said regarding grooming for the future.

      Two of the best QB’s in the history of the game weren’t even drafted in the first two rounds.

      1. I’m not totally sure what reaching for a QB means because they have hired the best guy to work and develop QB’s. And he has a track record of doing it.

        Now I am not saying he is a miracle worker but when you look at who else is available at #2, those position groups are not as dire as QB and WR. Now I am all for trading down but the 49ers need to walk away from rounds 1 and 2 with a QB and WR and maybe RB for the next 5-7 years.
        Taking a safety, another DL makes no sense to me unless its Garret who now seems to think he is the greatest thing when he has not even played a down in the NFL.

        1. Wrong. The Niners addressed their WR needs in free agency. That was smart because those FAs are battle tested and battle hardened, while rookie WRs tend to get injured if they are thrown into the starting lineup.

          Rookie WRs would do best if they can sit, study hard, and work out so they can get stronger to be able to take the hits.

            1. Maybe they should study the 2011 NFCC Game between the Niners and the Giants. Those receivers caught the ball and fell to the ground before the Niner DBs could hit them.

              Smart move. They won that game, by not risking getting hit and fumbling.

              1. Seb

                This new brand of football you want them to play, a glorified touch football game…….I mean, who would advocate that?? Prime has it right; tackle appropriately and always look for ways to improve the eqpt. And that is what they are doing.
                This “everybody is a victim” nonsense comes straight off the college campus-you know, where the modern snowflakes go.

              2. Saw, the reason why Brady has been able to achieve as much as he has is because if he played when Joe played, he would have lasted just as long as Joe. Joe was bludgeoned with a rip to his jaw that knocked him out in that Giants playoff game.

                Now it has become a glorified touch football league, and I for one am happy because players like Steve Young and Troy Aikmen who were victims of CTE, will be some of the last QBs to retire due to concussive blows. Both played with concussive like symptoms and could have died due to a blow to a concussed player.

                I will go a step further. The league should cancel one preseason game, and use that extra week to schedule Thursday night football games with 10 days rest between games. This could be accomplished by scheduling 2 games within 3 weeks, and eliminate all games with only 3 days rest.

              3. Saw you are wasting your time trying to articulate the game of football to Seb.
                He just doesn’t get it.

              4. Seb the game is as violent today as it was back then.
                The difference is teams now value offensive linemen more as we’ve seen organizations spend high draft picks and tons of money to protect the QB’s.
                Also equipment is ten times better and the rules have made players more aware to not hit anyone who is unsuspecting.

                The NFL has not become “glorified touch football”
                It’s just gotten wiser to prevent the violence that comes with playing football. That will never change.
                Asking players to let up is the most ridiculous thing in the world. It’s like asking a tree trimmer to use a butter knife.

        2. Prime,

          “they have hired the best guy to work and develop QB’s. And he has a track record of doing it.”

          Agree, which is why I’m fine with Hoyer right now and not worried about them needing to jump for a QB at 2.

          If they feel he’s the best guy I’m good with it though. Hope that makes sense.

          1. Yes it does. I’m just not a believer in waiting till next year to take a QB or later in the draft when the opportunity to take a guy who seems to have all the things you want is there at #2. To me, accuracy is a big deal.
            The people who work in the business are not convinced of any of the QB’s in this years draft because they believe there are better options and value at other positons.
            I disagree with this perspective because to me, this is not a BPA draft for the 49ers.

            1. Prime,

              You’ve probably said this before but I haven’t been around much lately. Which QB are you taking at #2? Trubisky?

              1. I’d take Trubisky at #2 then try and and trade back into the 1st for Cory Davis. This would be the best day in my life if that happened.

      2. Exactly. Will wonders never cease. I actually agree with you.

        When all the pundits declare that this is a weak draft class for QBs, reaching would be select a QB at 2 when he is rated 12.

        Maybe the best strategy is to pick the BPA to rebuild the defense, and wait until the third round to select the QB.

        Niners did that in 1981, and had pretty good success.

    1. Those are pretty bold comments to make when you haven’t played a down against real professionals.
      I like the confidence but he might be a little too over the top so soon.

      1. Yeah, his attitude concerns me a bit. If he falls to us fine, but I don’t want the team to trade up for him.

  33. I don’t buy it for a minute. Fournette’s not Shanahan’s type of RB. Look at the teams he was OC for…he’s never had a big back like that. Why? He prefers slashers and guys who have elite hands and know how to run good routes. It’s nothing more than a rumor…but it could actually work in the Niner’s favor. You know there are some teams like Carolina and possibly others who would want Fournette, but are leery he’d still be on the board when they pick. If they make Lynch a good offer, he’d be foolish not to take it and get more high picks.

  34. “49ers HC Kyle Shanahan and QB coach Rich Scangarillo flew to Chapel Hill, NC, last Thursday to work out Mitchell Trubisky, per league source” – Schefter

        1. No, Brodie I didn’t mean it that way. That tweet from Schefter was from ten or so minutes ago when I responded to your post. I thought maybe there was some new insight that he was trying to convey. The only thing I got from his post was that they worked him out at NC. My apologies if my response came off as snarky.

          1. Cubus – NP. Its the perils of functioning in the World Wide Echo Chamber. Old info is often repackaged as new.

            PFT picked up the Schefter tweet too. I take any quarterback buzz as good news. Its not that I’m gaga over Garrett. He’s arguably the best athlete at a need spot, but his public comments have me concerned.

            Mainly Garrett at 2 would give the Niners a great choice. Draft a talented edge rusher, or trade equal or better than chart. The talent in round 2 is great this year. Perfect time to rebuild a team.

  35. 1: Maybe
    2: Yes
    3: Yes
    4: 3

    If our draft team rates him as a generational prospect than they will select him even when so called experts call it to soon to select a RB at the nr2 spot or that history says otherwise.

  36. Grant Cohn:
    “ACCORDING TO TONY PAULINE,” “The new front office wants a bigger back to run the offense, and they’re ready to give up on Carlos Hyde.” 49ers considering RB Leonard Fournette with No. 2 pick!

    ** 2017 NFL Draft Big Boards: Comparing Rankings from Top National Experts: Who Was the Most Accurate NFL Draft Expert This Year?
    1. Reginald Brooks – Fantasy Football………Score = 50
    2. Jason Boris – Times News…………………..Score = 50
    3. Mike Mayock – NFL Network……………….Score = 49
    4. Brian Philpot – The Football Hub………….Score = 47
    5. Brad Clark – NFL’s Future……………………Score = 46

    ** Note: Bleacher Report’s writers did not participate in the The Huddle Report’s grading. Had they entered, Michael Schottey’s final mock draft would have ranked 91st overall. Matt Miller would have been ranked 109th overall.
    Top 100 boards are graded strictly based on the number of players who are selected within the top 100 picks of the draft.

    Tony Paulin Pauline………Score…..???
    Believe nothing you hear and 1/2 of what you see!

    1. The new front office wants a bigger back to run the offense….

      The only part of Fournette that is bigger than Hyde is his height, and that is only by an inch.

    2. Interesting, but I don’t really care about who is accurate with their mock drafts as much as I care about who accurately projects good pros. This tell’s me more about who’s in the know in terms of what teams will do, than it does about who is actually good at evaluating talent.

  37. Posted this scenario some weeks ago…

    If I were the Browns and I decided on Trubisky…

    1) I’d trade 12+33+2018 2nd for Niners pick 2
    2) Pick Trubisky first overall
    3) Trade pick 2 (Garrett) for far more than 12+33+2018 2nd

    Its likely they already have offers for Garrett at pick 1. They’d already know if they can get more than 12+33+2018 2nd for him.

    1. I think you may be smarter than the Browns’ FO, but even if they pulled off your imaginative double swap…….they’ll still be subject to who they choose…….
      Stay tuned.

      1. I think its lying season and the Browns will take Garrett.

        I’m a pessimist, but a hopeful pessimist. I want the 49ers to trade back. I love the choices in the 2nd round.

      2. BT – In the unlikely event the Browns prefer Trubisky over Garrett, they have some choices.

        – Trade down one spot with the 49ers.
        – Take Trubisky at 1.
        – Make risky move trading back more than one spot, hoping Trubisky falls to them.
        – Buy pick 2 low, take Trubisky at 1, sell pick 2 high.

        It’s a safe move for the Browns. They already fielded offers Garrett. They know exactly what his market is.


    “The workout also included Webb’s favorite receiver from 2016, Chad Hansen, who caught 92 passes for 1,249 and 11 touchdowns.”

    “None of the headliners from Cal or Stanford, including Cardinal defensive lineman Solomon Thomas and running back Christian McCaffrey, is expected to take part in Wednesday’s “local” pro day in Santa Clara.”

    “Two highly rated cornerbacks, Colorado’s Chidobe Awuzie and Washington’s Kevin King are expected to be on hand, although they may not participate.”

    We’re looking at Kevin King!

  39. I would hate to see a team that could not Stop the run burn a top draft pick on a RB. It’s easier to find RB’s than DL’s. Plus, Hyde picked it up later in the season. Maybe with real coaching and a team with purpose, we see the full potential. Give Carlos one more year.

  40. Why I ignore the TV talking heads, beyond the fact they genereally speak in cliches and platitudes and get it wrong in more cases than they get it right:

    This is an updated QB ranking from one of them.

    1. Deshaun Watson, Clemson
    2. Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina
    3. Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech
    4. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
    5. Davis Webb, California

    Rise: Watson (2), Trubisky (3), Mahomes (4)
    Fall: Kizer (1)

    Kizer dropped from #1 to #4. Watson doesn’t have a first round grade by significant number of teams if the ‘anonymous GM’ reports coming out of some of the press are true and the nicest thing anyone has said about him (from the NFL side) is that he might sneak into Round 1 like Teddy Bridgewater did.

    And ol’ Charley Casserly ripped him left-and-right on this week for all his flaws (inaccurate, poor decision making) and also reported that a poll of 10 GMs he took had him low-1, high-2.

  41. my fear is that if we pick a RB with pick#2, he will be high mileage ie worn out by the time we’re a contender again.

    we had the luxury of one of the greastest, and long-lived RBs with Frank Gore. most good even great rbs dont last nearly that long. Walsh and Johnson turned their franchises around in 3 years – about as fast as you can possibly ask. Assuming Shanahan et al arent destined for Hall of Fame careers, and you start adding extra years of high pounding to any rb chosen.

    this team has so many holes, its essentially nothing but holes. rb seems like a real waste for round 1. having said that, as long as the pick is not being handled by Mike Nolan, i’m ok with whatever they decide.

    1. Peak performance level for backs (as a population) is at age 26. You can expect an elite back, barring significant injury, to be effective for seven to nine years. Then you have to play it by ear.

      It’s well within reason to believe that with good coaching, drafting and acquisition/retention the 49res could be playoff contenders when the back hits his peak.

    1. Good, being a coach’s son, I think he will pick up the system quick, and being in 2 different teams during college, but still being the captain of those teams show leadership.

  42. If Cleveland is dithering on Garrett, maybe the Niners should offer their first and fourth round picks to move one spot.

    Garrett would fill a huge need, AND he is the BPA.

  43. I’d be very suspicious of any GM taking Trubiscuit No. 1 overall after starting just one season at North Carolina. Has it ever even happened?

  44. “Do you think the Niners are trying to get a team to trade up with them for Fournette?”

    “Do you think Fournette would be a good pick for the 49ers?”
    I vacillate about this. Yesterday I looked at Fournette’s youtube. Obviously, if given a hole, he is gone. But he also seeks contact, which at the next level, would be a big flaw. On the other hand, I watch Cook and see the same home-run threat but also a guy who is proven in a zone scheme and pass-catching, and tends to avoid contact. In my view, Cook’s probably a better choice if not for character concerns. In the eyes of some, though, they aren’t major. See this:
    The RB likely to go in round 1 without character issues is, of course, McCaffrey, who is made for zone, can catch, and can return.

    “Do you think Fournette would fit Kyle Shanahan’s outside zone running scheme?”

    “How many wins do you think Fournette would add to the 49ers in 2017?”

    1. Unfortunately for fans of McCaffrey (and I have made no secret of being a member of that group) chances are, sans a trade ,slim he is our choice. However consensus is this a deep RB draft George. He is not the biggest or fastest back this year but I mentioned Kareem Hunt in my second mock.Something about him just intrigues me rather like one of my favorite modern era niners Frank Gore -a natural feel for the game which transcends pure measurement .Just saw some mention of him in 49er Webzone.I like!

  45. Michael Silver indicated he doesn’t buy the idea Hue wants a quarterback at pick 1. Schefter is a good source, but Silver has the inside track on the Browns.

    1. As he is the only player worthy of a trade up… if I am the niners spreading this rumor everywhere.

  46. I think you are missing an important question

    #5 What would the 49ers do with Carlos Hyde is Fourtnette is drafted? Cut/Trade?

    1. Maybe Brian Kelly should go back to High School. He never passes on an opportunity to throw his QB under the bus.

        1. Nah, I’d take Fournette knowing I now possess the best back in the division. Mr. Hyde gets us that comp pick along with Reid next year….

          1. We’ll get that comp pick no matter what. I think the interest in Fournette is trying to find a trade, but I totally believe they want to move on from Hyde.

            1. I think the interest in Fournette is trying to find a trade.

              I can think of other players they’d have an easier time convincing teams of their interest in order to produce a trade offer….

              1. They’re doing that too with Trubisky. I doubt anyone would trade up for Foster, so that interest is real.

              2. It’s not a deep OL class. There wouldn’t be many options if we only considered zone blockers.

              3. “How do you account for their interest in power blocking offensive lineman?”

                They have also looked at ZBS OL.

              4. How do you account for their interest in power blocking offensive lineman?

                As was mentioned, this is not a deep class of OL and they likely are trying to project what the capabilities are for some to transition to the zone. There should be zero doubt that Shanahan is going to run a ZBS. It’s been in place everywhere he’s been and the system of choice for the two key influences on his Coaching career. There may be times they go power in short yardage for example, but the running game will be outside zone.

              5. “Didn’t Shanny say looking for players who fit your scheme is overrated?”

                Yes he did. Do you really think Shanny and Turner are going to abandon the ZBS that has been their bread and butter for decades for Fournette?

              6. How much do you believe that though?

                Not sure. We’ve seen him tweak his offense for players, most notably RGTurd. I guess maybe I’d view it as a half truth….

              7. A half truth sounds about right to me. Good players are good players in pretty much any scheme. I think that is what he was getting at.

        1. I think between Reid and Tartt the SS position is covered to where you can take a dip later from a deep pool….

          Marcus Williams, S, Utah who is good enough to go round one could actually still be on the board at the top of the round 3….

          1. If you feel Reid and Tartt have SS covered, then why go SS in the 3rd? Saleh and Shanny have stressed stopping the run. Reid’s tackling ability continues to decline and Tartt takes himself out of plays with poor angles.

            1. Reid will be gone after playing on a contract year, and if there, Williams would be one of the best players available. He’d be ready to compete for a starting role in 2018….

            2. When there was first talk about Ward moving to FS, I think it was Maiocco that also reported the team thought Tartt might be suited to the SS role. Might. Not very confidence inspiring. And no mention of Reid. At the time I found that very strange, and think it is probably an even worse sign of their confidence in Reid. Saleh may say he is an in the box safety now, and in this D he is absolutely right that is his better fit, but that doesn’t mean they believe he is a good fit.

              1. Could be the case Scooter, but they may also view them as a bridge to develop a player for a year similar to the quarterback position….

              2. Certainly. But can say the same for any position. For example, Lynch and Brooks can be the stop gap edge rushers while a later round guy develops. If they don’t feel confident that Reid or Tartt are the long term answer then taking Adams at #2 is definitely a possibility.

          2. I think between Reid and Tartt the SS position is covered to where you can take a dip later from a deep pool….

            That is the how I see it as well Razor.

    1. He looks just like Armstead did last year. It’s crazy what a year in a NFL strength and conditioning program will do for a player with a strong work ethic….

    1. Kenny Potter, QB, SJSU is a player I have a keen interest in, having been a big fan of his brother, Harry…;>)

  47. This is all a smoke screen and deception. They are not going to draft a RB with the number 2 pick, provided they use that pick and not trade back. If they use the pick, it will be a defensive player, Thomas or Lattimore, or even Garrett now that there are rumors that Cleveland is going to pass on him.

  48. Lynch said the 49ers have an asking price & a contingency plan for a trade down scenario. SF created their own trade value chart – Kevin Jones

    Willingness to trade down not new. The fact that they have their trade value chart set with established asking price is interesting. Likely means they’ve valued the pick(s) likely taken at pick 2.

    Baalke said some years back each team customizes its own trade chart. And teams try to figure out how other teams setup their respective charts as well.

    1. I’m willing to wager they created it from your recent musing on trade value;>)

      1. They did. In fact, Lynch was so impressed with my praise of the AJ Jenkins pick he wants me to help finalize his bog board.

    2. GM John Lynch said he’s received calls expressing interest in No. 2 pick: “We’re open for business.” – Branch

      Music to my ears. I’m loving the talent in round 2.

          1. Cassie:

            I guess I’m surprised your still on the blog. Figured you’d be hooking lines for the old man. I’m expecting Leah to show up any day now.

            1. Nope. Staying in Nor Cal. Leah’s plan is to get past Thanksgiving and assess where the 9ers are…at that point she may jump in.

              1. LOL. Glad to hear you’ll be sticking around. Leah sounds like a pretty bright, perceptive girl. I still find this hilarious:

                “I think the toughest one — I haven’t told this yet to the media — all my kids took it really well,” Lynch said. “They were shocked but they took it really well. My 9 year old started bawling, and she’s not that girl. She’s the one that was always happy. And she was crying, and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Are you afraid? Is there some nervous anxiety about moving?’ And she said, ‘No daddy,’ and she was sobbing. And I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘The 49ers are horrible.’ So, I said, ‘Well, I think that’s why they hired your daddy.'”

              2. Yeah Cubus. That instantly became Niner Heritage stuff!
                Almost cathartic, in that: ‘Well, there’s bottom, LOL, nowhere to go but up from here!’
                ; >)

        1. Makes total sense. Its the hot QB that’s the draw at the top of the draft.

        2. Yeah, that’s the issue, to get the big haul of picks it usually needs to be a QB being chased. Hard to see that happening this year.

  49. Kevin Jones‏Verified account @Mr_KevinJones · 2h2 hours ago

    Steve Young is here at the 49ers facility chatting with Kyle Shanahan. John Lynch said there would be an open door policy with alumni

    Very Nice to Hear

  50. By: Chris Biderman | 60 minutes ago

    49ers general manager John Lynch said Wednesday he’s received calls from other teams regarding a trade involving the second-overall pick in the NFL draft later this month.

    “As I’ve said, we’re open for business. We’ll listen to anything,” Lynch said. “But I’ve always said you don’t like being 2-14, but you like having the second pick because I think it puts in the driver’s seat. A lot of options at your disposal and we’ll explore every single one.”

    1. * The 49ers have a slew of needs and might be best off acquiring as many picks as possible to remake a downtrodden roster after finishing 7-25 the last two seasons. There doesn’t appear to be a sure-fire franchise quarterback expected to go with a top-five selection

  51. 49ers waive former third-round pick
    This is a portion of a syndicated post. Read the original at CSN Bay Area RSS Feed or scroll down the Extra Point.

    The 49ers on Wednesday waived center Marcus Martin, a third-round pick in 2014, the club announced.

    Martin started all eight games in which he appeared as…

    Extra Point:
    Martin should never have beend rafted. He wasn’t in to football, and it showed on the field. No loss here. Time to move on.

    1. *Just an example of a wasted 3rd round pick. New front office, new talent evaluators.
      Really don’t see this happening much more.

      1. I see it happening until football is never played again. It’s the way it’s always been. Tom Cousineau could have been one of the greatest LBs in pro football history. But he didn’t have that grit or dedication.

        The Eagles drafted a fireman. The guy, a first round OG with the talent to be dominant, was moonlighting as a fireman. He didn’t put in the effort in the weight room or in film study and was eventually waived.

        And so it goes. GM after GM. Coach after coach. Failure after failure.

    2. Hindsight is 20/20 and ‘no heart’ players happens to everyone. Walsh had Reggie McGrew, Earl Cooper AND Terrance Flagler — all Round 1 picks! Donahue with Kwame Harris and a couple of others. McCloughan with Glen Coffee. Harbaugh with Johnathon Martin. Baalke had Martin.

      1. Donahoue drafted MCgrew…Walsh was on his last legs battling cancer as an old man, and only agreed to come back, if an interim GM –Donahue was hired.

        Tired and just wanting to rest, Walsh agreed to come out of retirement.

        As for Cooper, he scored the 1st touchdown vs. the Bengals in their first SuperBowl and was converted to a Fullback/TE.

        Get back to me in 40 years when you’re working with cancer at 80 years old vs. a young GM in Baalke….How many SuperBowls did Baalke win with McCloughan’s draft picks by the way ?

  52. Ryan Sakamoto: “I still think Jimmy Ward’s natural position is free safety.

    Below are some tweets I put out months ago in regards as to why Reid should be a strong safety and teammate DB Jimmie Ward moving to free-safety. I even asked then DC Coach O’Neil why not give Ward a shot at free-safety, and O’Neil said he was a ‘corner,’ (see tweets below).

    “You talk about Jimmie Ward being out. Is there any thought about moving him to free safety–the position he played in college ? He played strong safety and even played in the slot. So, cerebrally, he gets the defensive scheme, why not try to use him in the back end of the defense so you can cover up the defensive deficiencies you have on the outside so where he has the range to cover ”

    Oneil : I think Ward is a corner in our system.

    Sakamoto: I always felt Eric Reid was better suited for strong safety (in the box) and asked Robert Saleh if he would be making the switch.

    Saleh: “Yeah, Reid is going to be more of a box safety, for sure.”

  53. CBS Sports on Fournette:
    Projected round: First round rating: 6.8, No. 1 RB
    CBS Sports rating: No. 1 RB, No. 9 overall
    40 time: 4.51

    “Fournette’s package of skills makes him a nightmare for second level defenders once he gets downhill, lowering his pads and barreling through bodies like a hot knife through butter.

  54. * Anyone who has seen Fournette play knows the rare type of ability he has. Running backs with his potential don’t come around too often, and there’s certainly a chance he could wind up being the best player to come out of this draft. If all the reports about the 49ers being enamored with Fournette at No. 2 are true, it’s easy to see why, especially considering Carlos Hyde’s injury history (although Fournette has one of his own) as well as the fact he’s in the final year of his deal.

  55. I dont get why people around here arent bigger on Fournette,he might be the best player in this draft.
    I just feel pash rush specialists are so hard to find that the position is drafted so highly,where as running backs historically can be found in later rounds..
    Fournette is not just some ok runningback he is a generational talent that could easily make us a problem for defences..

    1. Diesel,

      At the end of the day, your top 5 talent should be an impact player

      1. As a DE, able to destroy a tackle
      2. If he’s a guard, a true bulldozer.
      3. And no question marks, ie, history of injury or character concerns.

      Fournette Checks all the boxes.

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