Report: 49ers cut Torrey Smith

The San Francisco 49ers have released their highest-paid wide receiver, Torrey Smith, according to Steve Smith, the former All-Pro wide receiver.

This is another good move by the 49ers’ new front office. Torrey Smith was a speed receiver who slowed down after the 49ers signed him to a $40-million contract in 2015. Funny how that often happens to receivers who get paid big bucks.

Smith’s release indicates the 49ers most likely will draft a wide receiver during the first-three rounds of the upcoming draft. Which receiver do you think the Niners will draft?

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    1. This line from the article you posted in the previous thread seems important.

      “However, the 49ers currently have no quarterbacks signed for the 2017 season, a situation free-agent receivers are closely monitoring.

      Read more here:

      If I were a FA WR, I’d be wondering too what the 49ers are going to do at QB. Does this mean that we will get an announcement from the team about a QB signing first or at least that would be ShanaLynch’s intent?

    2. Razor
      I like Zay Jones, but why draft him with pick #34 when he’ll be there at #66, or later? Do you think he’ll move up that far, from the 3rd round?
      Penn State’s Chris Goodwin, also in 3rd round, had a good combine with similar numbers.

      1. Yea, I think he moved up with his combine. Godwin might not be there in the 3rd either with his combine. He might go later in the 2nd….

  1. I believe that Smith’s release indicates the team will sign 1 or 2 FA’s more than drafting 1 in the first 3 rd’s.

    1. I’m with you, OC. They may already have someone in place. It’s not like Smith is a terrible receiver.

      1. I really like Henderson too, I’d love to see that pick in the 4th round if he’s still there.

      1. Boldin was a gift horse that fell into our laps because of the Harbaugh-Harbaugh connection. Very little credit to Baalke there.

    2. I agree. I won’t be surprised if they go after both Britt and Pryor. I’d prefer Pryor over Jeffrey — one has plateaued and the other’s ascending.

    3. I agree OC. The only way we draft a WR early is if Ross or Davis falls to the 2nd round and that isn’t likely.

      I think we will sign Garçon or Jeffrey, I think the interest in Pryor is real, Britt too.

      IIf I had to guess I would say they sign Garçon and Pryor.

  2. Looks like the only route on Tory’s tree, the 70 yd bomb, finds a new home, perhaps with Tyrod Taylor.

    The Niners are definitely sending a resounding open competition message to the players.

    1. Good point, Tom. The only people who know they have a real job are the people they’ve signed within the last few weeks.

      1. Other than Kerley, I suspect that every other receiver on the current roster is history, including Patton.

        1. They have to keep some, don’t you think? What do you need, at least six?

          Btw, where in the Andes are you, 49er, and how’d you get there?

          1. In the central Andes of Colombia, George, in the coffee growing highlands. I’ve been living in a remote and picturesque town with a lot of history for awhile now. How did I get here? Hah, it’s quite a romantic adventure . . .

    2. It wasn’t competition. Matt Maiocco reported the 49ers tried to trade him because he wasn’t a system fit for Shanahan.

      As for his performance. If, in your two years, you have two of the worst deep ball accuracy QB in the NFL throwing you deep routes (which suffer for completion rate) and get just 111 targets (about what any #2 WR gets in a year) for your career…

      Yeah… You’re stats are going to take a hit.

      Still, if you look at those 111 targets as a single year. He performed exactly as expected and to the value of his contract. Problem was, the 49ers took two years to do it…

  3. Smith’s release may explain the timing of the Pryor interest. I’m predicting a quick signing of Pryor possible as early as tomorrow,

    1. From an article I just read:
      Pryor is a freak athlete at just under 6’5” and 232 pounds and running a 4.38-second 40-yard dash.

        1. I’m not saying he’s Julio, before anyone comments. I’m just sipping the Cool Aid, not drinking it.

          1. I find the Pryor love…. Odd… Not stupid… Just… Odd… Never mind the NCAA baggage (which I have mixed feelings about), this is his career:

            2011 Drafted by Raiders (QB)
            2014 Traded to Seattle (QB)
            2014 Waived by Seattle
            2015 Signed by Chiefs (QB)
            2015 Cut by Chiefs
            2015 Signed by Bengals (QB)
            2015 Waived by Bengals
            2015 Signed by Browns (QB)
            2015 Cut by Browns
            2016 Signed by Browns (WR)

            Started as a QB. Failed as a QB. Converted to WR last year. Tremendous athlete. A real roll of the dice though. Not the kind of guy I’d rely on to build my team.

            OTOH, we’ve got a lot of money… And now we not only have no QBs, but we have only one decent WR (Kerley).

            1. I’ve gotten excited assuming he’s a guy they want. As I said, just sipping the Cool Aid. Maybe he’s got a great future ahead of him, maybe not. But thanks again for leading me through the wilderness, Moses, with your recounting of his NFL history. He’s certainly made the rounds.

            2. To bad they didn’t sign him last year. They would have had nothing to lose. He had nothing but upside and it wasn’t like they would have had to cut anyone that was any good. I personally thought he would have been a viable risk. With all the risks Trent always took he sure missed out on this one. But then Pryor worked out so it is not surprise that Trent passed on him.

    2. As Barrows mentioned in his article – FAs are likely to wait to see who the 49ers have at QB. If you were a WR FA, wouldn’t you want to know? If the WRs don’t wait, it might be because the 49ers offered a contract they couldn’t refuse; which means they might be overpaying.

      1. That’s a valid point, Cubus, but I also think the 49er FO has made it more than clear that they’re after a quality QB, possibly even more than one. And right, money talks loud and clear . . .

        1. Yeah and as I’ve said before, Lynch has a lot of charisma and that alone can get people involved in a new “venture” that has more risk than they are accustomed to (whether it be a sports team or startup company).

    3. OldCoach:

      New 49ers general manager John Lynch will begin rebuilding the team’s downtrodden roster starting at the NFL’s free-agent signing period (( March 9 )). San Francisco, with a slew of needs and some $80 million in cap space, could be among the more active teams in free agency.
      We’re taking a look at impending free agents San Francisco could target at the start of the league year. Here, we’ll look at adding an intriguing receiver.
      Terrelle Pryor, WR, Cleveland Browns

  4. Walter Football updated it’s Mock–Still sticking with Johnathan Allen:

    The 49ers badly need a quarterback, but I don’t see Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch liking any of the 2017 NFL Draft’s signal-callers enough to be the No. 2 pick. I think Shanahan and Lynch will go with a safer player for the first pick of their regime. With the 49ers going to a 4-3, Allen could be their three-technique with DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead as their defensive ends. San Francisco had the worst rushing defense in the NFL in 2016, plus gave up the most points of any team in the league. Allen will help stop that

    1. Penn’s Chris Godwin’s stock rose. Niners could trade down and take a flyer on him

      1. East Carolina’s Zay Jones would be my top pick if 49ers choose a receiver.

        Looks exactly like jerry Rice.

        Great if they could get Jones and Carlos Henderson in the same draft.

        1. I would love to see that combo — Z Jones and C Henderson scooped in this draft, man, what a coup that would be!

        2. They thought JJ Stokes looked like Jerry Rice as well. There was only one Rice. Often the second Ugly Duckling turns out to just be another ugly duck.

        1. Old Coach, I think Z Jones in the second and C Henderson in the 4th . . .

  5. Well this is a big surprise to me. I thought he would be good in Shanahan’s offense.

    My guess is they go hard for DeSean Jackson to replace Smith, as well as one of the big body WRs.

    1. I’m going to be a bit cynical here for a minute, Scooter. This cleaning house by Shanahan and Lynch is not only an indictment of Baalke but also makes it easier for ShanaLynch to justify additional years needed to build up the roster (thus buying them extra time).

      1. I think its more likely they just didn’t see him as a fit. Surprises me though, because Shanahan’s offense usually has a guy that threatens deep.

        DJax, Stills, Ginn… wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers show interest in them. Jeffery can also threaten deep, but isn’t really a speed guy. Pryor has some wheels but isn’t really a polished downfield threat.

        Of course in the draft there is John Ross.

        1. I’m not saying that my post was the only reason T. Smith was let go; I’m talking about all players that have been or will be let go. Since Shanahan and Lynch got six-year deals, it would seem odd if they kept most of the players from the previous regime, wouldn’t it? While you could blame coaching how could you then blame the previous GM.

          1. Yeah, all I am saying is I doubt it is about buying them time. They know they have time. And they also have a lot of salary cap space to start rebuilding the roster from day 1.

            Basically they can afford to let go of anyone they don’t see as a fit, and this actually expedites the turn around, not delays it or buys time.

            1. Well, I’ll just add one thing. Maybe the reason they got six years (which raised more than just a few eyebrows in the industry) was because they convinced Jed that the roster needed a complete overhaul.

              1. Yes, I am sure one of the reasons for insisting on such long deals was they both knew this team needed a lot of work.

            2. For Torrey very unexpected but still allows him the full extent of the FA period for his own search

        2. Nope. It was fit according to Maiocco. Smith’s not really a complete WR. He’s a vertical/clearing-decoy kind of guy. Shanahan runs a version of the WCO which requires complete WRs.

      2. I’m going to be blunt. He was released because he was not a systems fit per Matt Maiocco. Has nothing to do with Baalke and people need to just get over it and move on.

        Smith’s production issues were a problem of QBing and lack of opportunity., He got 111 targets his whole 49er career thanks to our two Captain Lock-On & Throw Short QBs. Add in both Chyrst and Kelly pretty much eschewed the long-game…

        Anyway, the guy averaged 17.5 yards a reception, had a solid catch-rate considering his (a) depth of target and (b) that neither one of our QBs could hit the broadside of a barn, never mind a WR zooming down the sideline.

        He had just 5 drops (4.5%) which is a good number for a #2 ‘deep ball’ WR. He brought in 7 TDs which, once again, for the lack of targets, a solid number.

        I don’t see Smith failing the 49ers, I see the 49ers (especially the coaches and QBs) failing Smith.

        1. Lets not forget that the short throws were a necessity because the O- line could not give the QB’s enough time consistently to incorporate a deep game.

    1. Coach,

      I’m thinking trade down with Carolina, acquire an additional 2nd Rd., and 3rd Rd pick, then picking Jones in the 2nd to 3rd Rd. area.

      With his combine performance, a team could fall in love with him.

      At the end of the day, we know Shanahan has a syst. that works. Now it’s about filling the system with playmakers, whenever and wherever you find them.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, they are creating cap space for Cousins. If Jeremy Kerley outperforms you and you are making 10 times the money he is, you probably should be cut. We need receivers who can run the entire route tree anyway and who can produce consistently no matter who the QB is. Torrey had his moments, but he’s not worth what we were paying him.

  7. No one helped themselves more at the Combine than Temple’s Haason Reddick: He dominated the Senior Bowl, then somehow was even better at the combine. Reddick blazed a 4.52 40 with a 1.59 10-yard split. He leapt an 11-1 broad jump and a 36.5-inch vertical to go along with posting an excellent 3-cone time of 7.01. Reddick did not disappoint in the drills, displaying great athleticism throughout the afternoon.

    1. Geep,

      At # 2, so many choices. Jones has the build, but faster 40 than Anquan Boldin !

      1. TomD
        yes, I agree with “so many choices.” After the 9th we should get a
        better idea of F/A(s) that will be signed….and should help clarify the
        position needs in the draft.

  8. Mindi Bach‏Verified account @MBachCSN · 11m11 minutes ago

    #NFL Current cap room for 2017: 1. Browns $103.6M 2. #49ers $90.6M 3. Jags $67.7M 4. Bucs $66.2 5. Titans $61.5M…. 9. #Raiders $43.05M

    1. Fan’s,

      1. John Lynch stated: “pay attention next week.”
      2. Let Kap walk, saving cap money.
      3. Release Tory Smith, moments before the FA Frenzy begins, saving $ 10 mil.

      Something’s about to happen….???

    1. He’s almost certainly a goner. Too much fresh talent in that draft at WR and some prime FA’s coming on the market, and we got the Monopoly Money to play.

      1. Like the article said above. Kyle was not impressed with the 49er’s WR’s. Ellington will probably be gone too. I like that they’re evaluating and at least making changes. They’re not giving guys another shot.

  9. cubus,

    Maybe this tweet has something to do with his release:

    Quinton Patton‏Verified account

    4 years strong Cashvillian bout to come out of me

      1. I think QP is okay as a 4 or a 5 but how much do you pay an occasional player? Not that much in light of the talent flooding the market and upcoming draft.

  10. Shanahan not impressed with 49ers’ receivers

    Comcast SportsNet Bay Area-Mar 3, 2017

    The team’s top two receivers from last year – Jeremy Kerley and Quinton Patton – are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents. Kerley led the …

    1. They signed Kerley. Nothing with Patton. I’m guessing he’s a goner. Which is fine by me. He can take Ellington and they can take a camera crew and do one of those Hope/Crosby road-buddies movies. (Only with even less talent.)

      1. Patton and Ellington have been quite disappointing, but that’s to be expected with Balke’s incompetence at evaluating and drafting WRs.

  11. San Francisco 49ers‏Verified account @49ers · 7h7 hours ago

     More

    Kyle Shanahan sat down w/ @melissastark & @SteveMariucci to discuss his 1st months on the job, free agency & more

  12. Good I’m glad Smith is gone. Call me bitter but I never wanted anyone off the team that beat us in the SB.

    Does anyone believe Ahmad Brooks, even with his reduced 2017 $4.45M salary, will NOT be cut? Or does he still have trade value?

    1. I believe Ahmad Brooks has a reasonable chance to be here for 2017, but it’s not a sure thing. I won’t be surprised if he is cut.

          1. Oh, great, another manifestation of a troll. Do not know why you get upset over a post, but it really says more about you than it does about me.

            Ballard may want to get rid of a Grigson move, and I still think Frank Gore can play. I also want him to retire as a Niner.

            It would also rectify a Baalke blunder.

            I could see their reasoning for cutting Torrey with his salary, but I want the Niners to get something for players they are going to be moving on from, instead of releasing them for nothing.

            Bethea used to be a Colt and Grigson let him go. Ballard may want to get his leadership and rectify a Grigson blunder.

            1. It’s a STUPID IDEA. Teams aren’t going trade for your trash. GMs are not as dumb as you!

              And Gore is so worn out that it’s pathetic. 3.7 YPC in 2015. 3.9 in 2016. He’s just place holder on the Colts team until they can fix all the problems caused by their horrible FA decisions — Art Jones, Todd Herremans. Trent Cole, Nate Irvings, Patrick Robinson and Andre Johnson.

              The problem for the Colts was the GM was like a fan — signing over-the-hill stars and one-hit wonders for big contracts. Only, unlike fans like you, he eventually got fired.

              Bottom-line is Grigson, the man who ran the Colts into the ground, managed his roster like your typical Blogger/Reporter/Talking Head/Fan would do it. So while Baalke may have been in the other extreme (let too much talent depart because he wouldn’t pay them and then wouldn’t sign replacements), but your way is no better and also runs a team into the ground.

              Gore is done. Gore has been done for quite some time. Gore was done when Baalke correctly let him go. He’s only getting yards because Indy had no choice after the charlie-foxtrot of all those bad signings of a GM you seem to want to emulate.

              1. Bah, Grigson was a hot head and a fool, with grandiose estimates of his self worth, just like Baalke.

                Posters on this blog are mature, and would not descend into immature tantrums….um wait a sec.

                SOME posters on this site are mature, and would treat others with respect, unlike Baalke and Grigson, who treated players like they were a piece of meat.

                Gore is not done, and he was not done when Baalke insulted him by not even offering him a contract. Gore managed thousand yard seasons, and this last season was a testament to his grit, because with Luck out, they ignored the QB and focused on stopping FG. With no O line and a porous defense, they did not do well.

                I certainly have not advocated obtaining a slough of older veterans, because that rarely works. I do, however, do see the need to have some veteran leadership, especially if the team is young. The only 2 other older players I have advocated obtaining are Glen Dorsey to provide continuity and a veteran leader, and Demarcus Ware who would help the pass rush, and he would be able to help teach the younger players how he gets to the QB. He also has some of that Super Bowl Mojo.

                3 older veterans is not over paying and overstocking the roster with worn out senior citizens.

                Colts have their problems and injuries played a big part in the cascading problems, but I am not advocating emulating Grigson, because I consider him another Baalke. However, Baalke would not pay for talent, and the team was bereft of talent, while Grigson spent a bundle, but they wore down, and he made as poor choices as Baalke.

                Comparing Grigson to posters is an insult to many posters.

              2. Seb likes retreads. Kelly, Tomsula, Kap, etc.
                All things that were tried and ran their course.
                Seb has zero clue how this league works.

            2. Seb- Think!!!! The Niners are in a rebuilding mode. By the time they are going to be contenders Gore will be using a walker. I for one liked many of you posts, but this one was just plain nonsensical.

              1. Gore is no spring chicken and his production decreased last season. Still, I would want him for his leadership alone.

                When rebuilding, a team should not be solely rookies. There should be a balance, with the older players providing experience and leadership.

                Gore may not be the bell cow, but he could work well with Hyde, to keep each other rested.

                Sentimentally, I want Frank Gore to retire as a Niner, but more importantly, I think he can help the team. Frank Gore is one of the better blockers in the league, and he ran crisp routes and rarely dropped balls caught in the flat. KS should be able to use him in his system.

                Now that Bethea is gone, guess that deal may not work, but the Niners should establish a pool of players, and allow the Colts to select any 3 for Frank Gore. I propose this because I hope the Niners keep all their picks, and even add more, so giving up a draft pick for FG may be too expensive.

                Lynch would prove to me that he really wants to win, and obtaining Frank Gore would be a big step in regaining that winning culture, because for years, Frank Gore was the heart and soul of the Niner offense.

              2. Sentimental reasoning is what’s made you the clown you are on this blog.
                Seb, does crow really taste like garbage?

              3. Prime, no, that is being a fan of the team. You are the clown when you try to diss me for being a fan of a future Hall of Famer. Many posters and fans of this team like Frank Gore.

                Guess you hate him.

  14. Lynch and Shanahan aren’t wasting any time… I like Torrey but he is rather one dimensional.

  15. Victor bolden from Oregon state in the later rounds
    Check out his highlight tape dude is electric

  16. Interesting. Guess they had enough WRs, and he was too expensive.

    Kerley, Ellington Smelter and 2 FA WRs like Cordarrelle Patterson, Kenny Britt, Kenny Stills and Kendall Wright, along with a third or 4th round WR like Cooper Kupp, Zay Jones, Chris Godwin, Josh Malone and Ju Ju.

    If they accomplished that, they would improve the WR squad.

        1. Stop already with the Kaep hate. If that were true then there would not be a WR overhaul happening. They new front office is doing what they said they would do. Study film and decide which players can help the team. Every position grouping effects the efficiency of the others on the field with them. This is why they stated they will not make any judgements until they had spent time studying film. Every player was going to be evaluated. With the WR’s it is simple. Do they run clean routes, get open and hang on to catchable passes. Smith failed on two of the three.

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