Report: 49ers expected to sign LB Malcolm Smith

After reportedly reaching agreements with four offensive free agents since the legal tampering period began on Tuesday, the 49ers seem to have reached an agreement with their first defensive free agent — linebacker Malcolm Smith.

Smith is a serviceable 27-year-old linebacker who started 30 games for the Raiders the past two seasons. He spent the first-four seasons of his career as a backup outside linebacker for the Seahawks where he played under 49ers’ current defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh.

Smith most likely will start for the 49ers at weakside linebacker — the linebacker who lines up closest to the line of scrimmage — although he also can play middle linebacker if NaVorro Bowman still is rehabbing his torn Achilles tendon when the season begins.

What do you think of this signing? And do you think the 49ers will sign anyone else? If so, whom?

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  1. Don’t think much of it considering he was ranked 77th out of 83 backers(PFF), struggled to get off blocks, and is a total liability in coverage….

    1. I’m wondering Grant???

      Is John Lynch that good or was Trent Baalke really just that bad?

      1. Lol. Neither. It’s complex, not simplistic, but I’ll try to make short. In 2011, Baalke had plenty of cap space and this was his first FA as GM:

        QB Alex Smith (2x pro-bowler under Reid)
        WR Braylon Edwards (one time pro-bowl WR)
        C Jonathan Goodwin (former pro-bowler and very good starter)
        ILB Larry Grant (decent back-up)
        CB Carlos Rogers (pro-bowler for 49ers)
        SS Donte Whitner (pro-bowler for 49ers)
        K David Akers (all pro for 49ers)
        Blake Costanzo (elite special teamer)

        Lynch & Shanahan haven’t come close to this, what they’ve given us is:

        1. Pick up an older #2 (quality) WR who has never been to a single pro-bowl.
        2. Pick up a back-up QB.
        3. Pick up a #4 (suspect) WR with lots of speed, but poor hands.
        4. Pick up a low-quality starting DT.
        5. Pick up a high-quality nickle back.
        6. Pick up a so-so linebacker who probably isn’t as good as Hodges they’re letting walk.
        7. Pick up a pro-bowl FB who would probably be average (at best) if wasn’t for the fact they’re now rare and have been phased out on many teams.

        So, while I appreciate they’re moving forward and signing FAs to reasonable contracts (except maybe the FB, but we’ll see), I’m not jumping on the over-the-top love fest and pretending they’re masters of the universe right now. Not when all they’ve done is to make a bunch of safe, necessary, hole-filling signings to start the roster building.

        And if you want to get into post-2011 finger pointing, remember, he had a Superbowl/NFC Championship level team full of high-quality vets and well performing young players with few weaknesses. He was also, because of all the talent acquired/developed/resigned, and their high salaries,close to the cap in 2014 & 2015.

        It wasn’t until 2016, when he had cap-space AND a poor-roster did he fail to act appropriately to roster needs and available cap space in FA. Why, I don’t know. I suspect. But I don’t know.

        So, yeah, Baalke’s made his share of mistakes and was fired for them. And I have no problem with that because it’s how the NFL works — you win or you get fired. We started losing. He was fired. End of story. The rest is middle-school drama.

        1. My thinking on why 2016 wasn’t a big f/a haul for SF is because of a few factors, but mostly Baalke didn’t want to spend big money on average talent, only to have better talent in 2017 but not being able to spend on them since he already committed to the guy the prior year. Hard to imagine he thought he would be gone, so no point in signing a f/a just to sign a f/a.

          Also, and people seem to ignore this fact, but the 2015 49ers were hit with a huge loss in talent. Willis retired, very unexpected. Borland reitred, extremely unexpected. J Smith retired, expected but still guy wasn’t going to be easy to replace. A Davis retired, extremely unexpected and did so at such a late time they couldn’t resign Iupati. Lost Iupati in f/a. Aldon was lost becuase of his continued issues. McDonald had his issues. Not to mention loses of Gore and Crabtree. Had Willis, Boreland and Davis not retired and Aldon/McDonald kept their noses clean, that 2015 team would have been a lot better (8 wins easy?).

          Its like going to the store to buy groceries only to come home and find the stuff you already had in your fridge had instantaneously gone bad.

          Not removing blame from Baalke, but easy to see how this team got so bad so quickly. Doubt any team has had that much unforeseen turnover.

          1. Baalke’s primary failings were three-fold:
            1. Lousy communication skills — little willingness or ability to communicate about player needs or profile with coaches.
            2. Inability to get the big picture — in fact inability to get the picture outside of defense backfield. He clearly had no feel for offense, especially on skill positions. Heck, even the resident armchair GMs on this board can scan the FA list and select a vet or two on offense to shore up positions. Basically, he was a DB scout of this depths as a GM.
            3. His biggest failing: arrogance and insecurity that prevented him from expanding the front office team to get supplementary expertise, esp. on offense.

            It was not a question if he’d fail as a GM — it was how quickly he would fail.

    2. Agree 100%. Smith is ok. Upgrade over existing LB group but this isn’t the end of what the 49ers need to do at LB. Major overhaul is required and I don’t think they can count on Bowman for even a backup role considering his injury history.

  2. They already exceeded all of my expectations in one day! John Lynch has already improved the 49ers in one day then Trent Baalke did the last 3 years!!!! Unbelievable!!!

      1. Yeah only time will tell but atleast Lynch is making an effort to improve the team as best as he can on a 2-14 roster. Baalke wouldn’t have signed a ball boy before free agency which really starts tomorrow

        1. That’s revisionist bull****.

          In 2011 there was need and cap-space. And his FA foray was far better than this.

          In 2012-2014 few needs as we had a championship roster and half these guys signed by Lynch & Shanahan would be, at best, back-ups.

          2015 over-the-cap and couldn’t, especially after all those retirements accelerated bonuses into the cap. Lets face it, when you have no cap room, you can’t sign FAs.

          2016 was his great failing. Like 2011 he had roster needs and plenty of cap. Yet he didn’t do it. So we went 2-14 and he was fired.

          So crucify the man for what he did, or failed to do, when he did (or failed to do) it. Not what you pretend he did or didn’t do.

    1. Baalke’s strategy was to build through the draft and treated free agency as an afterthought. When he did sign FAs, he waited until the dust settled. Sometimes that works, other times you lose out. Baalke lost more than he won in that regard.

      1. Ya. I think Baalke had a strategy with FA where he didn’t want to overpay. That works pretty well if you’re great in the draft. Baalke wasn’t great in the draft. The one thing Baalke did is leave tons of cap space so Lynch has the luxury of paying FA’s. Signing these guys is only a small piece of what the 49ers need to do. They really need to draft well beginning this year.

  3. I think Smith is a roster hole plug so they can go into the draft without having to “reach” for a linebacker. A roster hole plug can be a very good player, or someone “that will do for now.”

    As long as you don’t go into the draft needy, which also makes you more predictable and teams can trade ahead of you to secure draft crushes. Basically spend a little cap capital to buy alot of draft flexibility.

    – The 49ers are trying to sign Terrell McClain, but there’s fierce competition, including Seattle.

    – The 49ers could sign another veteran quarterback as a backup between now and camp.

    – The 49ers might not be done at receiver.

    – I like Kevin Zeitler, but he will be expensive. Many say he’s not a good for for ZBS.

    The one I’m hoping for most is Terrell McClain.

      1. Better then Bellore and that safety we had playing LB(Don’t know his name) last year smh

        1. The Raiders did seem to get out schemed defensively, so maybe there’s some cause for optimism. Yea, instead of our own garbage, we’ve got some of the Raiders…;>)

          1. Funny thing is he lead the Raiders defense in tackles with 123 in 2015 and had 103 this past season. I guess I’m a little more positive about this signing after a season of watching Bellore getting run over and missing tackles and our entire defense giving up record breaking numbers in the most embarrassing ways possible

            1. He’ll compete with Ray Ray at the WILL, I would imagine. Solid signing, certainly adds needed depth, and who knows, maybe he’ll find that special Super Bowl MVP magic a little more often!

            2. The Truth

              Good post… some skeptics on here don’t bother to see the positive side of anything that they didn’t ‘discover’….Yeah, I liked and cheered for Bellore, but you’re correct…he had a lot of cleat-marks on the front of his jersey. Malcom Smith is a baller…

  4. Meh. But they have a roster to fill out and a Brinks truck to partially empty….

  5. If he is going to play the on ball LB role then its a good signing, in so far as they don’t currently have anyone on the roster for that spot of any note. Though I can’t say I think Smith is a particularly good player. But hey, given what they had, he’s definitely an upgrade!

    Yes, they will sign other players. At a minimum another 1T and a another QB. And I still think they will sign a centre. Other potential positions they may add are another WR and a CB.

    1. What ever happened to Ian Williams? I tried scouring the internet for him, but nothing. I guess his ankle was just too broken to make a comeback.

  6. I want to know what you think Grant (about Smith and the other three signings). Can you do a post summarizing your opinions on this initial wave of free agency. Always find your take interesting and well thought out. Cheers

    1. Even Grant is overwhelmed by this Shanalynch flurry. He will have his contrarian take very soon….

  7. I’m almost certain KS/JL don’t see themselves as “set” for linebacker. Smith “will do for now.” Its a strategic move.

    There’s is the possibility he’s a better system fit than with the Raiders. That could jack up his productivity. KS/JL talk alot about having very specific ideas and roles for their players. They just don’t collect talent because its talent.

    1. Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears….

    1. Nothing. We still need more lb’s and right now Brooks is probably our best one as sad as that may sound.

  8. I wish to thank John Lynch for keeping his word, and actually signing Free Agents. While I wish there were more defensive signings, I also realize that they may take longer.

    Already. John Lynch has been light years better than Baalke, and I am amazed that players are actually wanting to come here.

    While painful, the loss of players was to be expected. Glad they are adding new players, and sounds like they are filling holes in the roster.

    Garcon was pricey, but I am glad he overpaid a little because it showed how serious he was to improve the team.

    Glad Smith is signed. I think he will help the run defense.

      1. Hmm, maybe Lynch was smart to leave that door open for him to return, even with the Hoyer signing.

        Probably will have to take a pay cut, and play on a-prove it contract.

        1. You are hopeless. Even TomD rectified his behaviour, posting some good post. You’re just meaningless bla bla, mixed with stupid ideas like packaging no perceived players for a done Gore. Which, let’s be clear, everyone here loved. We loved Rice too, but that time is over. Reality check, that’s what you need. Or in a less polite way, please shut your f**k up and read people who have sound knowledge of football, something you could only dream of…

              1. View

                HAH! You should talk about alter egos…you who goes about accusing others to make you feel smart….NOT HARDLY…~!

          1. Hmm, so you think you can say that Frank Gore is done, then say that trading for him with modest proposals is so far beyond reality that I have no football knowledge?

            If FG is so done as you say, it should be easy to pick him up, and just proposing not overpaying for him just means that my proposal is reasonable.

            Since you claim to know football, how many correct Niner picks did you select in last year’s mock draft? No other poster on this site claimed 3 like I did. You sound like another phantom troll account made to hurl insults at me.

            I also counseled against picking ACL players, but I guess you agreed with Baalke when he chose Redmond.

            I do not claim to be an expert, just a die hard faithful Niner fan. This is a blog site, not a coach’s meeting room.

            I want Frank Gore because I think he will provide leadership, something sorely lacking the last 2 years. Maybe you do not consider leadership important, but I do.

  9. Skins miss out on Barry Church. Could they want Reid. Will Snyder get his head out of his own azz?

  10. It appears to be an upgrade at the LB position.
    The talent level of the Niners has been improved in the last few weeks and the offensive players are a better fit for KS’s offense.
    Allows the Niners to draft based on BPA instead of need. The draft should increase the talent level substantially.
    There is hope, which has been missing for the last few years.

  11. Apologies in advance if this is old news… Mike Silver (retweet of 120 Sports that quoted him) “Reportedly Kirk Cousins wants “no part” of Washington. Wants to play for 49ers.”

    He clearly wants out. Wonder if he wants out enough to hold out of training camp will June? Their fan base must be livid. They thought they were getting Cousins back, or at the very worst a haul of draft picks that included the #2 overall. Now they have a porta-potty fire that fell into a burning dumpster that leaked into the drinking supply.

        1. Comment of the day. Thanks Jed. Lone live the kinger thing….. Doh!

  12. Not saying they will be bad, but we have two Raider linebacker rejects pegged to start. I think the 49ers will draft a linebacker. Just a hunch.

  13. Sadly, he’ll come in being the 3rd best linebacker we have behind Bowman and Armstrong. If this signing means we cut Whilhoite then I’m going to love it.

  14. Rated below Hodges, Armstrong, and Wilhoite. Lots of tackles though…

    Like to see Zach Brown, really free up the Draft.

    Can’t see Poe coming here for one year, fruitless for everyone.

    It is like Christmas after GM Baalke’s FA non forays…

  15. Realistically, Reid and Ward are both FS material, not SS. So who plays SS. Tartt hasn’t shown much. The safeties are a big part of the cover 3 “Seattle” D that we will be employing. The Bethea cut, Hoyer signing, and mediocre combine from Allen seem to point towards a safety at 2, though personally I think the CBs flashed the most upside. But, maybe Adams is Kenny Vaccaro 2.0?

    1. I had hoped for Tony Jefferson as the new SS, but with his signing in Baltimore I am now thinking we will have to draft Adams.

  16. From Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff

    Where Kyle Jusczyk lined up on offense in 2016:
    HB 51% (mostly pass plays)
    FB 32%
    Slot 8%
    Wide 7%
    TE 3%
    Also played on all ST units

    1. Good find Scooter. We got our receiving back and lead blocker all in one player. This offense is starting to take shape.

      1. Sure hope they go back to the WCO roots.

        Maybe they should channel Roger Craig and Tom Rathman, and use Juszczyk like Walsh did with them.

    1. Either guy would be a massive upgrade for the DL. Mitchell could then be the rotational player at 1T.

          1. Who? Schaub went back to Atl. We’ll definitively draft a QB, but I think we’ll carry three QBs.

              1. I give up too. No need, Hoyer will be the backup to Cousins eventually. Our drafted QB would likely see the field before Hoyer’s backup would.

    1. That’s a shocker there, but I’ve never heard of Russini or the extent of her accuracy.

  17. Maybe Baalke will go to Washington to follow McClougans footsteps again.

    As for Smith he’s a good fit for the system on D we’re trying to implement

    1. I’ll be surprised if Brooks isn’t a member of the 46 on game days barring injury. People have been trying to get rid of him for the last 2 years….

      1. We’ll have Armstrong and Smith. I think those two are a lock. We might draft another OLB early in the draft. It could come down to Brooks and Lynch on the final cut day.

  18. John Hendrix @JohnJHendrix
    I’m told the #Titans offered the #Saints the No. 18 overall pick for Brandin Cooks, and it was turned down, per source.

    1. Wow. Turning down 32 was one thing; 18 as well?
      I don’t think moly HC will give up #2.

    2. Seems odd that they would have re-signed Brees to a one year deal if they were intent on trading one of his favorite targets.

      I also just noticed that Cooks is a local boy, Stockton CA.

  19. Adams or Hooker? Check out these gifs of Adams.

    “Adams reminds me a lot of Eric Berry, who was the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year last season. I don’t think he’s quite as fast as Berry was coming out of college, but he plays the game the same way. His combination of physicality, instincts and energy is very enticing. I love his aggression and passion for the game. He is one of the top defensive players in the country, and he will be a household name by the end of the upcoming season.”

    “They know there is some rawness to Hooker’s game after being only a 1-year starter. He hasn’t seen some route combinations yet that he will in the NFL, and he has room to improve his tackling, but his raw talent is undeniable.”

  20. I think this is a good fa pick up. He will be key in showing the younger players the sea chicken scheme we will be running. Does anyone see Reid getting bounced out? He has been such a disappointment. He is still overrated. I hear tartt and ward are good scheme fits but nothing on Reid. I would like to see us get something for Reid and he can take his knees else wheres.

    1. Personally I think he should go the route of changing positions to WR like Terrell Pryor did. He has unique speed & length. Problem is he may have lost too much weight. Maybe some team could use him as a Slash type player. I think someone like AZ with a creative coach will grab him though.

  21. So the 49ers are planning to hand the job of kicking to Nick Rose or will they bring in a competitor?

    1. On a 1-2 year deal no for sure. The more depth the better.

      Like the mix of Lynch & Shanny being aggressive and Prague working front loaded short term deals.

    2. Barwin is A.Lynch 2.0 he’s had two decent seasons in the league and the last one was in 2014 and the other one was 2011. His production has dropped the past two seasons from 7 sacks in 2015 to just 5 last year. The Eagles cut him for a reason.

  22. So far so good. Lynch and Shanahan are making solid moves. Yeah, you don’t build a team through FA as many say but this roster had so many holes this at least gives us a chance to be competitive on offense. Also a good sign of the new regime that we’re able to attract FAs unlike recent years (thanks Baalke). Really looking forward to the draft!!

  23. “A reminder for free agency: teams pay for traits, not past production. All about what is ahead for a player.” – Field Yates

    I agree to an extent. I do think past production is a factor (of course) but traits are a big factor. Some FAs are brought in to do very specific things.

  24. Well I knew we have to overpay for talent but some of these signings are quite high. It will be interesting to see how the final contracts break down and what the guaranteed money is. Often these contracts have a ton on the back end which the player will never see. However, Garcon’s appears to be front loaded and Hoyer is only on the books for 2 years. The fullback’s contract appears exceptionally high just based upon positional value.

    1. Guarantee once the details come out they will be team friendly deals. Prague is still in control of the numbers. Anything over 2 years will not affect future salary cap and will allow the team to cut without much damage. Similar to Kap and T. Smith deals. They looked like big numbers at first so the agents could crow, but not in reality.

  25. Already established 49ers not pursuing Cousins – further proof: Hoyer can make $9M/yr there with reasonable, attainable incentives…La Canfora

    1. Trevor Siemian or Tom Savage next to compete pending where Romo goes? Then Peterman or Kelly as young upstart.

    2. Further proof that the door isn’t closed; the word “can” instead of “will.”

    3. They guaranteed him $5M a year to be the back up and the ability to make $9M if they can’t get Cousins and have to use him as the starter. I’m not super pro-Cousins but this signing means nothing in terms of whether Cousins is coming this year or next.

  26. The Bears are their own worst nightmare. Count on that team being .500 and under for the next 3 years or so.

    1. SportsCenter‏Verified account @SportsCenter 3m3 minutes ago
      Eagles will sign former 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith to a 3-year, $15M deal, sources tell @AdamSchefter.

      1. Just goes to show that the Niners do have talent, but did not utilize it properly. Torrey Smith is talented and the speed in which he got signed proves it.

        Wish him well.

  27. He can blame the offense for having poor production but his new contract speaks volumes. He earned $16M in just two seasons with the 49ers. At 28 he’s taking a $3m a year pay cut.

    1. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk 3m3 minutes ago
      Kirk Cousins asks for a trade, per @mortreport

      1. He can get on his knees and say pretty please, but as long as Snyder is carrying his sack of Shanny bricks, it’s not going to happen….

        1. This announcement didn’t change the dynamic other than Cousins’ agent is taking it public to rile the fans and add a few more straws to the camel’s back. If Snyder keeps Cousins, he and his fans will be in for one excruciatingly long season. This is Mr You Like That?, and he’ll have a lot of podium time to take veiled passive aggressive shots at his boss week after week after week.
          Snyder could help his image, his FO, coaches and players by accepting the inevitable, but he might not do so. Or, in his misery, he may make the trade after TC to mess with Kirk and SF. The world is watching.

          1. It’s an important move because it now clears publicly that this isn’t just about a contract. Kirk is putting pressure on the organization to make a move because now if they try to sign him they’re signing a disgruntled player that doesn’t want to be there.

              1. Well we’d have to have him to kiss him goodbye and I think LaCanforra is being grossly premature in his conviction that paying Hoyer $6m a year means he’s the now the definitive starter.

      2. I agree with CFC. Making it known publicly he wants out removes any gray area as far as the relationship between Cousins and the team. By not signing the tag, Cousins can show up the week before the start of the season and still get paid the entire amount as well. I’m guessing watching his receivers leave without the team putting much effort into keeping them was the last straw.

        The Skins are now in a position where they have a disgruntled QB who wants out, and know they can’t keep him beyond this year without giving him the transition tag and agreeing to the kind of deal they have been unwilling to give him to this point.

        Little Danny is backed into a corner now.

    2. Niners should offer a stale bag of peanuts for him. Maybe they can get him for free.

  28. Snyder aint doing KS any favors, so he will probably trade Cousins to the Jets for one of their D linemen. Richardson or Wilkerson.

    Best he could do under the fire sale circumstances.

    1. Cousins can nix any sign-n-trade by refusing to sign extension. No team will give up picks for a one-year-rental on his 2nd franchise tag.

      1. No team will give up picks for a one-year-rental on his 2nd franchise tag.
        Pretty sure the 49ers can feel confident that he’ll sign a long term deal with them.

      2. Yeah, Brodie, that’s been clear to all but a select few for a few weeks now. Cousins or his agent made that specific statement. Most of us read that, but some were preparing for somebody’s triumphant return as starter and maybe didn’t notice.

    2. They can’t trade him anywhere without Cousin’s approval. Cousin’s is still very much in play for the 49ers, despite reports to the contrary. No, Kap is not sliding back in the rear door, put the delusional notion to bed.

  29. I think a potential LB that’s flying under the radar is Anthony Walker Jr. Maybe he’s there in the 4th round, which would be an extreme value….

    1. Like him a lot Razor-Walker LB,Samuel RB/WR,Engram TE/WR,Switzer WR/Slot all favs this year

      1. Walker is a guy no one is talking about, but one McCloughan is probably sipping….

        1. Walker is a tough one. Doesn’t seem to have the flexibility to play Leo and is too tight to cover TE’s as a Sam, although that could end up being his best fit. I can’t find a 10 yard split number on him. Seems like he’s a bit light to be a Mike as it’s suggested his current weight is a bit heavy for him.

          1. “and is too tight to cover TE’s as a Sam”

            There’s one of those definitive statements that I pick on others for saying. He appears to be a little tight for handling coverage duties on NFL TE’s.

  30. Joe Staley‏Verified account @jstaley74 1m1 minute ago
    Any free agents considering the @49ers just know that it is in the 70s today and excitement around the franchise is high. Be a part of it!

  31. Jason La Canfora ✔ @JasonLaCanfora
    49ers indicated strongly to Hoyer he’s the guy for 17 and no trade for Cousins this year. Words are cheap but they recruited him as starter

    1. He’s the same guy saying the same thing but the numbers don’t match. They guaranteed him $10M with an avg salary of $6M a year. He has to become a starter for the contract to exceed those numbers which still max out at $9m a year. That’s the contract you offer when you might have to use the guy as the starter but are hoping to only use him as the back up. Glennon’s $15m a year is the bar for the low end of what starting NFL QB’s get paid. $6m a year is back up money, $9m a year is back up money with a little extra in case you’re forced to start him for a year.

      1. Hoyer probably is counting on the fact that he will do well with the KS system, and this is his best spot to win a starting job.

        That KC/Texans game will haunt him

    2. I am sure they also said that there would be a fair competition, and are not handing him the starting job.

    3. Uh-Huh. This from the guy who tripled down on the Denise To Fire Jed scoop.
      I think I’ll just watch and see.

    4. Razor,
      “Words are cheap” I agree but i don’t think this front office wants to get the reputation of one that will out ans out lie to agents and players so I think you are correct no Cousins this year.

  32. Adam Caplan ✔ @caplannfl
    When finalized today, Hoyer’s deal w/SF expected to be: 2 yrs, $12m w/ upside to $18m, (2,500 yrds passing, 20 TDs each season), $10m gtd.
    10:48 AM – 9 Mar 2017

    1. 20 TD’s each season! He started 11 games in 2015 and threw 19, the most he’s ever thrown.

      The numbers are only proving what I repeating again. This is back up contract that gives them the option to use him as the starter if they can’t get Cousins. He’ll make 5-6M as the back up and if he has to starter more then about 10 or so games he’ll make $9m in 2017. Hardly NFL starting QB salary given the Glennon contract.

    2. Tyrod’s restructured deal pays him $14.5M in 2017 and $16m next year. $14.5-15 million a year is the new floor for starting NFL QB salaries. LaCanforra is smoking grass if he’s certain that Hoyer’s 6-9M a year means he’s the starter now.

  33. “Washington signing DT Terrell McClain. 4 yr deal north of $21M” – Rapoport

    Oh well, you can’t win them all.

  34. Whoever signs Martellus Bennett is really going to be disappointed.

  35. The sweet spot of this draft looks like picks #28-75. Should trade everything we have to move into that range. :)

      1. Seb as I sit here with a cup of Joe, and wonder. Why have we not seen a QB needy team reach out to as you put it” SB QB who ran for 180 plus yards in a playoff game”.

        Isn’t it odd that no one wants old wind up? Hmmm.

        A storm is coming remember?

        1. Good God man, when are you going to let it rest? FFS, seriously? Are you going to derail another post with your neurotic need to banter with him?

          1. It’s free agency frenzy. It’s important to talk about who’s out there.
            If you don’t like it CFC, go become a Titans fan. Oh wait, your Dad talked you off the ledge!

            1. Nope, I’m a Titans fan Dad talked me from walking away from the 49ers but what you’re doing is hardly talking about FA and you know it so just give it a rest already because everybody is f’n sick of reading it. You’re acting like a child that just can’t keep his hands to himself in the backseat.

              1. Getting back to football, while looking at the top draft prospects, there are players in the 90s that seem very talented. Chad hansen, Derek Rivers, Ju Ju, Tomlinson, Witherspoon, Ryan Anderson and Darboh.

                Chris Wormley is 76, Godwin is 80, Josh Jones is 87 and Pat Elflein, the number 2 center, is 89.

        2. Prime, believe it or not, there could be interest, but they do not want to tip their hand.

          For many teams, the QB situation needs to be worked out, and it will do them no good to be broadcasting their intentions.

          Teams who may be interested in Kaep include- Niners, Cleveland, Texans, Jets, Denver, Rams, Cards, Bears and Washington. The Steelers, Saints, Bengals, Jax, Miami, KC may be looking for new QBs if their old ones do not return.

          1. Yup, sounds about right. For a SB QB who’s so great I can see teams wanting to methodically assess.
            Get serious!

        1. I just used some of the horse to hold my kids project together. Waiting for him to dry.

    1. CFC – I’m a big fan of identifying sweet spots, or what some call “value groups.” They change from year to year. Pick 34 usually has really good value.

      1. I consider the ‘sweet spot’ as the area in which those players will be able to help the team immediately, and could even start.

        This is a deep draft, and even the TEs have a ton of speed.

        7 DBs may be selected in the first round, and even more surprising, 4 RBs.

    2. CFC – Draft and trade dialogue would be ten times more relevant if people never used the words “round” or “rounder.”

      Pick 2 is not a typical “first rounder”, and pick 34 isn’t a typical “second rounder” and so on.

      1. Yes and your point comes even more so into play when you consider that most teams don’t have 32 players graded to each “round.” For example it’s common for teams to have 15 or less players graded out as first round caliber picks.

  36. Kirk Cousins appealed personally to owner Dan Snyder for a trade but was basically told not to get his hopes up, per sources. – Chris Mortensen

    Apologies if this is old news. Was away from computer for a while.

    Snyder is operating out of anger and spite. RG3 was “his guy.” Cousins is/was “Shanahan’s guy” that turned out better than his guy. He dislikes Cousins, but won’t trade him either. He hurts his team just to hit back at Shanny/Shanny Jr./Cousins.

    Man, things will be awkward in DC this year.

    1. Report: Redskins rejected Kirk Cousins deal for 3 years, $19.5 million per year last offseason.

      1. There’s a lot to be said about that. A GM who makes a big mistake in the most important position on the team and fails to secure a QB who, currently, is the #10 rated QB (rating wise) in the history of the NFL…

        It’s not fouling up and not resigning Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But it’s a huge mistake none-the-less.

    2. Snyder let 2 of Cousins’ main weapons walk.

      Desean Jackson is going to the Bucs, and Garcon is going to the Niners. No wonder Cousins wants to leave.

  37. 703-726-7133 hotline to Redskins Executive Office if anyone is so inclined to try and talk Snyder into setting that sack of Shanny bricks down;>)

  38. In the Under scheme the WILL is the one that makes all the tackles. the defense tries to funnel ball carriers to him.

    1. You know he is doing that so to refine his skills and get another shot at the NFL.

      So give the man some credit. Instead sitting around throwing tantrums about how unfair it’s all been, he’s trying. Probably won’t succeed, but he’s trying.

  39. I think when it does eventually happen, Cousins signs a 5 year $130m contract. With $60M guaranteed.

  40. Fallon Smith C.‏Verified account @FallonSmithCSN 2m
    Per source, the #49ers plan to sign former Bear TE Logan Paulsen, one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL #NFLFreeAgency
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  41. “49ers plan to sign former Bear TE Logan Paulsen, one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL” – Fallon Smith CSN via Maiocco

    Anyone know much about him? Can he catch at all? Training camp body that can fog a mirror?

    1. His name is Logan Paulsen. His name is Logan Paulsen. His name is Logan Paulsen.


      He’s a run blocking TE. Likely comes out on pass plays or stays in to block.

      1. Yarp. Safe to bet that 90% of the things I say are allusions to movie or television shows.

    2. QB, FB, WR, TE already versed in Shanahan’s offense. They will need all the head starts they can get.

    1. Except they signed a completely different TE.Logan Paulsen. Another fringe-player signing that’ll be more valuable for rebuilding the roster depth and taking a specialty role than anything else.

      In short, he ain’t no Brent Jones with his 82 receptions in six years…


    And interesting development. KNBR is leaking reports that the 49ers have strongly indicated to Hoyer he’s the starting QB for 2017.

    My take? This leak is intended to send notice to the Redskins that the Niners already have their next starting QB in place for 2017, no longer have a pressing need to make a deal for Cousins, and in fact, plan to start Brian Hoyer while they groom a replacement. Hoyer’s deal, which is reportedly two years and around $6 million per season, would be easy to justify as a backup QB, if Cousins indeed lands in Santa Clara. Especially when you consider Hoyer as a valuable “poker chip” while the 49ers continue to call Daniel Snyder’s bluff.

    1. Well, good, because Snyder turned down Cousin’s request for a trade. Snyder HATES Shanahan who, on the way out, ripped Snyder and put a lot of blame for the Washington mess in Snyder’s lap.

      At this point I think Snyder would rather cut of his nose than trade Cousins.

  43. Fallon Smith C. @FallonSmithCSN

    Per source, the #49ers plan to sign former Bear TE LOGAN PAULSEN, one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL #NFLFreeAgency.

    Yet another offensive player, the drastic roster overhaul continues.

  44. Who’s on Grants Prediction Scorecard watch?

    Curious as to what has actually been accurate as of yet…

      1. Unless that magic street you live on is telling you things about Tannehill the rest of us haven’t heard I don’t see that one going down.

      1. As long as he signs sometime before, or perhaps as late as, Labor Day he’ll toll the entire FA year. Other than that, I really don’t know what to expect. He may sign and work hard because he thinks that’s an advantage. He may sit out to minimize risk because he thinks that’s an advantage.

  45. Time for a new thread Grant. The posts are starting to go in different spots.

  46. LB Malcolm Smith’s deal a strong one: Five years, $26.5 million with $13m guaranteed, source says. (Up from his $3.5 per year w/ Oak.) – Garafolo

    I’m surprised. Reminds me of what I posted earlier… “A reminder for free agency: teams pay for traits, not past production. All about what is ahead for a player.” – Field Yates

    1. Smith will be the new ILB or WILL; I am leaning towards the latter of the two.

  47. Rotoworld says Alshon is leaning towards the Eagles. Thought the Giants had wrapped him up. If he goes to Philly they’ve committed to getting Wentz some better targets.

    1. Other then discussions on moving their own players I haven’t seen any connections to FA safeties yet that I can remember.

      They’re either leaning towards someone early in the draft or think they can work with what they have for another season.

      1. …think they can work with what they have for another season.

        Barrows reinforced that notion, along with Maiocco.

        1. Could be. Or they could be leaving the door open for Grizzly Adams. If that were the case, they wouldn’t want to tip their draft hand.

  48. Mike Silver thinks Cousins could wind up with the Jets.

    Cousins can kill any trade longer than a one-year-rental by refusing a new contract. But what if the Jets the are so desperate they will pay $24m for a one year with no expected contract extension?

    Cousins wins – He gets his $24m guaranteed, and won’t have to play for a man that despises him. Will be free agent in 2018.

    Synder wins – Saves face. Gets a symbolic day three pick from the Jets. Deprives 49ers of a trade down partner from pick 2.

    Jets win – They have a competent quarterback for a whole dang year, hit a better QB draft in 2018.

    1. Didn’t the Jets learn their lesson when they played place holder to Brett Favre for a season?

  49. I am pleased that all of the free agent signings to date have been ballers. The rooster is being strengthened and holes filled by solid players. Every one of them loves the game and loves to play. I think that this is the overriding criteria as they begin to overhaul the roster. They want to change the atmosphere and expectations of the team. We won’t be there for a few years, but we will be competitive even this year. Also, we will be free to draft the best player available, which every team says they do, but don’t often accomplish.

    This instance on getting good players who love the game and are good teammates is the main reason that they will not even consider singning Cutler. Jay is an amazing arm, who is a horrible teammate and worse leader. Sorry Grant, no way they will consider signing him.

  50. this may have been talked about earlier. All this talk about an enforcer at SS, what about ray ray…former safety??

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