Report: 49ers to fire Jim Tomsula

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who cites a league source, the San Francisco 49ers will  keep general manager Trent Baalke and fire head coach Jim Tomsula at the end of this season.

What do you think of this potential move by the 49ers?

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  1. Just read that too. Wonder if it’s going to happen Monday or as soon as the game is over Jed comes on the field and fires him in front of the huge 5,000 fans in attendance followed by a win one for the gipper speech filled with promises that NO NFC west banner, or NFC title banner will be tolerated. Only Suoerbowls. With a glorious speech on how Baalke is the backbone of his “glorious” franchise. It’s a start, but seriously after all of the turmoil. Who would want to work for Baalke?

      1. As long as he is there they won’t higher anybody equal or bigger than him,so expect another mediocre coaching hire.

      2. Now we know. Baalke is the leaker, because Tomsula would not leak before his last game that he would be fired.
        Just like the leaks about JH, the leaks about Kaep studying 5 times less than Gabbert, the Cutting of Hayne on the bus. Baalke is a slimeball with no class.

          1. Tomsula is not devious enough to backstab. He has more class. Baalke was the one who cut Hayne on the bus. That is his MO.

              1. Stop calling him Dumbsula. He’s a decent guy who did his best. Calling him a back stabber just shows YOUR ignorance.

              2. Don’t you mean FATSULA the backstabbing little rat? He better be gone tomorrow. To win that game and FUDGE up our draft like this TICKS me off big time! I want Tomsula gone. I want the team sold. I want the 49ers moved to LA!

    1. How about Trent Balke coach/gm?. He’s already had experience coaching them. Get rid of 1 salary. May be Jed takes over like co/gm. A match made in heaven

    2. Coming down on Monday, and after what he did in costing us the draft, I hope Tomsula is fIRED! I wanted Goff drafted. Now we got 2 QBs eager to kick our a##. thanks Tomsula!

    3. Baalke has never had a productive draft. Getting a decent player here and there doesnt cut it. WHERE ARE THE PLAYMAKERS?????????????????

  2. There’s going to be a fair number of teams looking for new HCs. Let’s face it, the 49ers are about as appealing an organization to work for as the Browns. While I’m glad it looks like Tomsula will be removed, I’m not expecting a splash hire. Probably Mangini will be promoted or Holmgren. If it’s Holmgren, I’m hoping he can use his network to bring in a good OC.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Can they hire quality coaches and who’d want to work here? If they pay enough ambitious candidates would potentially jump at the opportunity

      1. Holmgren is too old. We need new blood with a mind for offense. Too many other good candidates to consider before settling on Holmgren.

        1. Holmgren should be the GM. Baalke has to go. I do not give Baalke a pass over any of this dumpster fire. Baalke is the slimeball who leaked.

          1. Baalke SHOULD be fired. Here comes another ho-hum draft. Holmgren was never effective as a G.M., but hes a great coach. He was hired and trained by Walsh. Head Coaches are hired for their brains, not their athleticism.

  3. 49ers job still has appeal, Balke is a respected football guy. He wouldn’t have hired Tomsula or fired Harbaugh had Yorks feelings not been hurt. Balke and Harbaugh had issues but ad men they knew how to work through them for the betterment of the team. York is a child

    1. From what I have read
      Baalke may not carry as much blame as York. York instigated the Harbaugh firing and Baalke was the peace maker Baalke wanted to bring in Gase but the Yorks nixed that.

    2. I do not respect a GM who leaks that his HC will be fired just before his last game.
      Baalke is the rat slimeball.

    1. As long as Baalke is there………………………….Doomed. In a place where there is no hope. Just watch this draft.

  4. I’d like to see Baalke go as well, but this is at least a start. Tomsula looked list and over-matched most of the time out there. The guy is a great position coach, but has no business being a head coach. Holm grenade is the way to go. Let’s see how much power Baalke is willing to give up though.

    1. I think your auto correct was on the money with “Holm Grenade”. I think that hire might blow up in 49ers faces.

      Someone on here keeps noting that there are other 60-something HC’s in the NFL who are successful. There’s a difference between Belichick, Carroll, Coughlin and Arians, and Mike Holmgren: they’ve all remained in coaching. Holmgren hasn’t coached in seven years. Hiring a HC that has taken that long of a break from coaching doesn’t sound like the best idea, IMO.

      If Holmgren was hired, he’d have to hire heavy weight coordinators, because it’s hard to imagine someone his age just coming back into coaching having the energy for day to day grind. Keep in mind the 49ers is the only job he wants. This may mean he’s not really all in on coaching, but just likes the idea of capping his career off with being the conquering hero in his home town. If it doesn’t work out, no real harm done, considering how bad the 49ers are at this point.

      Maybe the die is already cast and York has an agreement with Holmgren to take over and Holmgren is the new leaker.

  5. They both need to go. Tomsula and Balke. I have a feeling some good coaches are going to be available. We definitely need an offense-strong Head Coach. (Prior off coordinator experience)

  6. Niners Nation is reporting a confirmation of PFT’s report:

    Jason Cole ✔ @JasonColeBR
    Confirming PFT report that Jim Tomsula likely out with #49ers

  7. Tomasula looks like he’s in over his head and the job is too big for him. Remember this was Jed York hire. Baalke recruited Adam Gase only to have the York’s man crush with Tomasula overrule him. Mike Shanahan wanted the job only to shunned. And, Mike Holmgren wanted it too. In my conspiracy theory mind, Eric Mangini has been the next HC in waiting. He’s from the Belichek and Parcell’s coaching tree. We know Baalke’s affinity to that line. Look for Pep Hamilton to be pursued heavily as OC now that Indy fired him.

  8. If the rumor is true….Thanks coach…they gave you pitchforks to battle cannons. The future will judge you more kindly than the bloggers….

      1. Baalke did not give him a chance. Undermined him at every chance. Forced Pears and Devey on Tomsula. Forced Boone to play RG. Cut Hayne on the team bus, and refused to elevate him, instead relying on crappola couch potatoes.Did not spend 13 mil to improve the team. Used analytics to draft ACL players which has blown up in his face.
        Now the rat leaks that Tomsula will be fired just before he plays the last game of the season.
        JT should be the Niner HC next season just because of that low class backstab.

      2. Wilson 73

        It’s not so much of what I see in Tomsula other than the uphill fight he’s had to wage against all odds of cut-rate free agents, unscheduled retirements, injuries, lack of support from front office personnel, and the unrealistic expectations to bring all of that together in a winning program of ‘red-shirt’ draftees. I just don’t like the general meanness of the “Fan Base”. How well would Bill Walsh have done in the age of internet and the constant chipping from people who really don’t understand the game ?….

        1. There was measurable improvement with Walsh every year. You could clearly see it on the field. Tomsula never should have been given that job in the first place. Walsh would make game adjustments and outstanding game plans. Tomsula didnt know how to.

      1. Seb: Yes, he did. He knew what he signed up for when JH was let go.

        He witnessed the undermining of JH at the hands of Baalke and York, and that went on for two years.

        Tomsula knew what Baalke and York are capable of….there is no limit to their idiocy.

  9. My dad told our Minnesota realtor last night to hold on the bait shop deal. Looks like we may be staying for a awhile. Don’t blame me!

  10. Hope Jimmy T stays on as an extremely well paid D-Line coach. Unlikely. He does have a huge guaranteed contract. He won’t be hurting for money.

  11. Gase has been discussed. Last year’s hot name Chudzinski seems to have cooled.

    Gase + Goth works for me.

    1. I had hopes that we might get Payton last year – however naive those hopes were at the time. If the Yorks are willing to pay Payton the $8 million or so he’ll command, that could go a long way towards changing the perception that the Yorks are cheap.

    2. Payton is a tough one. You can’t argue how the Saints turned around when he came to the team but you also can’t argue that it’s been 6 going on 7 years now since his lone SuperBowl appearance. The team has struggled to find consistency since that big win.

      I wouldn’t be upset if they hired him but there are probably better choices.

  12. This would be a wise decision, if Baalke got his wish before with Gase we would not be in such a mess so good that Jed is seeing his mistake, now we need a legit HC and we are next year back in playoff hunt

  13. Tomsula is vested and his kids will graduate from the same high school- his first priority. Coach is a great family man first. If Coach is separated I wish him and his family the best.

    1. Separating ‘coach’ suggests cleaving him into parts. I’d rather see him released from his contract…

    2. He is owed about $10 million, so he does not have to work another day in his life and still afford too have his kids at Private school in San Jose.

  14. I bet the Niners go after an offensive minded HC, like Sean Payton or maybe even Adam Gase or Josh McDaniels. That coach will get the most out of Gabbert while Baalke drafts a young QB to groom. Mangini may stay, as they will say it was discipline — which is the essence of coaching — and not lack of talent that doomed the Defense.

    If they get Payton, it might have been worth suffering through Tomsula to get an SB winning coach. Or they could have kept Harbaugh but whatever.

    The right coach makes this team competitive. We thought this team had no talent until Harbaugh got everyone to play with a chip.

    1. Anyone hired to be the next HC would be a fool to keep any current coaches on staff.
      Management cannot dictate who the assistant coaches are. This is why Adam Gase was not hired. They forced Tomsula on him.

  15. I dont think they would make Mangini HC cuz Tomsula was also promoted from inside and see how negativity had since come around our organisation,definititely they need a big gun as HC

  16. I’ll let you know what I think after they hire a new coach. Firing the butcher is only the first step. Can they identify a good coach? Are they strong enough not to be intimidated by excellence in other people? Can the actually entice a good coach to sign on? All yet to be seen.

    Getting rid of the dud and his staff is a necessary first step. It better be true.

  17. They want a teacher thats for sure ,Harbaugh was to hard according to our FO so they promoted but who is to soft, so now they definitely go for a consensus in character between Harbs and Tomsula.

  18. I’ve been a fan since the 60’s. If they fire the butcher and then after a national search make an internal hire I will be done with this team.

    1. I was thinking just a minute ago… they will conduct a national search for a “big fish”, then at the last minute promote Mangini.

  19. Coaching wish list

    Definitely Keep (if possible)

    RATHMAN – Running Backs
    FOERSTER- Offensive Line
    SPARANO – Tight Ends
    HENRY – Wide Receivers
    TARVER – Senior Defensive Assistant/Linebackers

    Consider Keeping Depending on who the new HC likes

    MANGINI – Defensive Coordinator
    McGAUGHEY JR. – Special Teams Coordinator
    LOGAN – Quarterbacks
    CURRY- Wide Receivers
    LEWIS – Secondary
    FRANKLIN – Defensive Assistant

    1. I don’t think the 49ers should follow a mindless purging with another one 12 months later.

      It was dumb to fire Fangio and Solari. I think it would be unwise to have a similar purge. If a particular coach is good, why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

  20. A new HC should take his own staff Brodie2
    IMO there is to much quantity on this staff and we need more quality and a drastic change of offensive system

    1. Sometimes. Gase wanted Fagio to stay as DC, with Tomsula remaining as D-line coach with a pay raise.

      I have no expectations my list will remain intact. Only 1-4 will stay.

    1. Shaw has a tenure at Stanford. Why would he destroy his career and get fired next season for slimeballs like Baalke?

  21. As I’ve already mentioned you can’t justify only firing one of them. This move if true only further illustrates that ownership simply doesn’t know what it’s doing. The team has no talent, it has lousy coaches but yet you’re going to keep the guy responsible for most of it and fire the guy who was only doing what he was basically told to do?

    Bad ownership.

    1. Reports indicated York was the one who qualified the Gase hiring with Jimmy Tom as his DC. If true, then Baalke is not responsible for that mistake. Baalke is adept at defensive talent, while his weakness is offensive. Bringing in a strong offensive minded HC would seem to make sense if he is indeed retained….

      1. There is no was that suggests that Jed hired Tomsula at Baalke’s protest.

        So he was part of the decision to fire Harbaugh and he was part of the decision to hire Tomsula and he’s all of the reason why the team has such a dearth of talent.

          1. I Google:

            According to an NFL source, Gase and Baalke did indeed come very close to an agreement for Gase to replace Harbaugh, down to the details of his prospective coaching staff, and Gase understood that his choices for the coordinator spots were approved.

            Tomsula’s name was not involved in the discussions with Gase about the defensive coordinator slot, I was told.

            Then, the next morning, after Baalke flew back to the Bay Area, things changed: Gase, the source says, was informed that he could only have the job if he made Tomsula his defensive coordinator.

            1. That’s nothing new and it doesn’t address anything that I spoke to so way are you posting it?

              1. Baalke had a great hire in place only to have York force a coordinator of his choice on Gase.
                By keeping Baalke, it tells me York is going to stay out of his way now and not dictate football personnel moves on the staff.

            2. According to an NFL source, Gase and Baalke did indeed come very close to an agreement for Gase to replace Harbaugh, down to the details of his prospective coaching staff, and Gase understood that his choices for the coordinator spots were approved.

              Tomsula’s name was not involved in the discussions with Gase about the defensive coordinator slot, I was told.

              Then, the next morning, after Baalke flew back to the Bay Area, things changed: Gase, the source says, was informed that he could only have the job if he made Tomsula his defensive coordinator.

              York is the stooge and Jimmy Tom was the rat. Have a nice day….

              1. Razor that’s exactly what happened. The deal was basically done. Then York piped up and dead deal.

              2. Again, where is the report that says Baalke had a problem with any of it? Where is the report that says the decision was made despite Baalke wanting to do something else, there isn’t a single printed word out there that says Baalke had any problem with that decision.

              3. We’re supposed to believe that these reports come from sources that indeed have this level of knowledge of the situation but yet they would omit the part that says that Baalke was pissed about that sudden change? Unlikely.

              4. York is Baalkes’ boss. You do not throw your boss under the bus if you want to remain employed. The timeline of events strongly suggests York made this decision on his own….

              5. Unless the reports are coming from Baalke how would he be throwing his boss under the bus? If someone is close enough to the situation to know these events unfolded like this then they would obviously know that Baalke wasn’t happy and that would have come out also.

              6. CFC, you may need a statement from Baalke saying he was against the move. I do not. What GM would have a deal in place with Gase and then overnight qualify it with a proviso out of left field? Why would he do that? Why would anyone do that without York as their last name?

              7. Who’s going to leak information that clearly puts York in a bad light by making it sound like he would do a 180 like you’re suggesting but then withhold the part that says Baalke was upset about it. Most G.M.’s wouldn’t tolerate ownership making a move like that and would leave or at the very least make it clear to anyone that would make a report like you’re going off of that he’s not happy about it.

                The fact that you are clearly looking over this obvious fact shows that you are only seeing what you want to see in the situation.

              8. Just so you understand this stooge, Baalke is mostly responsible for the deterioration of this roster, but Tomsula was the Yorks’ hire and Baalke went along with it because he likes pleasing the Yorks. Besides, Baalke knows where all the bodies are buried. When and if he’s eventually sacked, then you’ll get the insular information in his memoirs. Until then, I think I can amicably agree to disagree with you, while at the same time refraining from calling you a disparaging name….

              9. Oh please, don’t start with the butt-hurt act. Calling you a Stooge is hardly a disparaging remark at this point. Given the animosity over the seasons it was almost a term of endearment. Hell the fact that we’re even responding to each other is progress.

              10. If you desire progress within a conversation with another individual you’ve experienced animosity with, it’s best you don’t call them a stooge or any other name you deem innocent enough. That’s just a fact….

              11. Wrong, Razor. Baalke is the leaker. Tomsula would not leak before the last game that he was going to be fired. Baalke with Marathe leaked that Kaep studied 5 times less than Gabbert. Baalke was the one who cut Hayne on the bus. Baalke is the slimeball who has leaked all along, even the JH rumors.

              12. Funny, that’s the same argument my teenagers use when they have nothing more to add to the conversation….

              13. Baalke had an overnight interview with Gase in Denver. Then Gase flew to Santa Clara the next day and interviewed again. Gase flew back to Denver the next day and the deal was nixed. Why?
                Jed York had a stipulation on the hire that was Tomsula as DC and Gase wanted Fangio.
                Of course there will never be any evidence of this but the timeline says it all.

  22. I agree with you Coffee but at least they do a move, its better than 1more wasted year with this peewee staff

  23. We don’t raise division championship banners, we don’t raise NFC Championship banners. We raise Super Bowl banners. And whenever we don’t deliver that, I hope that you will hold me directly responsible and accountable for it. – Jed York

    Dear Little-Jed. The 49ers have not won a super bowl without a Bill Walsh coached quarterback. Put the ego away and hire a top football exec, sign checks, then get out of the way.

  24. So Baalke also has blame in hiring Tomsula, firing Harbaugh and horrible drafts. How is his job safe? Were Jed and Paraag the ones responsible for this mess? They fired the coach, hired Ron Jeremy and started the downfall?? All it takes is one more move Jed!!! One more!!! Do it!!!

  25. Even though JT was under qualified to begin with, he isn’t the root of why the Niners are sorry. The roster is the byproduct of Baalke’s failed draft after failed draft. Harbaugh’s roster was primarily the work of Scott McCloughan whom the Niners mysteriously fired because of personal problems (see a pattern here?) and Scott went up to Seattle and built a monster up there.

    The fish rots from the head down and as long as Jed and Baalke are at the top, everything below them will stink to high heaven.

  26. Whichever team moves to L.A. has to pay a $550 million ‘relocation’ fee. I’ve seen some nasty franchise fee’s over my time but holy cow does that take the cake!

  27. Washington ahead of Dallas by 14 already. Looks like two teams interested in QBs will be drafting ahead of the 49ers.

    1. Would be rather awkward to have the ex (fired) HC revert to a position coach on the same squad. Could set up all kinds of bad, unintended consequences…unless the HC was very, very strong and tolerated no BS.

  28. This might actually be the most brilliant move The Dork has made. By creating uncertainty on the coaching staff a loss today is all but guaranteed! Jockying for draft day is more important right now!

        1. It’s something to consider, but Baalke, for all his faults, has done a decent job with acquiring defensive talent. Perhaps the two working together could yield a team that is very good on both offense and defense.

          1. Exactly. Baalke needs a strong offensive minded HC to succeed. Not a DL coach. Not a DC. Not a LB. A proven offensive mind….

    1. As the blog GM, I would give them the 2nd Round pick and replace it with a trade down involving the Texans….

  29. The reason I want a complete house cleaning, including Rathman whom I love, is that Jed gets enamored of coaches on the staff and then they convince him of their ability, e.g. Singletary, Tomsulsa. It would be far better to hire a strong coach who brings in a staff who is loyal to him and then Jed can keep a safe distance. Or at the very least it will be difficult for Jed to undermine the healthy functioning of the staff, something I am convinced he does, either intentionally or unintentionally.

    I really would love to have a new GM, but that is not going to happen. I am concerned that Baalke will have trouble hiring a strong coach. Not many of the good ones will put up with his meddling in practices. The good news is that this is Baalkes last shot. I hope he delivers. To be honest I am not hopeful.

  30. Holmgren – Yes. Would he work for Baalke?

    Gase – Yes. Dallas is behind 21-0. It looks like two quarterback hungry teams will draft ahead of the 49ers. My dream combo Goff+Gase will probably not come true, but I like the way Gase succeeded with three vastly different quarterback styles/offenses.

    Peyton – No. The way he blitzed in the first 2011 preseason game was classless. And how quickly we forget bounty-gate. Oh, and the Saints will want draft picks.

    Kelly – No.

    Shanahan – Mixed. He was on the top of my lit for years and years. I loved Shanahan.
    But a Denver fan I know predicted he’d ruin RG3, and exactly how. He said Shanahan turned sour the last few years at Denver and isn’t the same coach he was.

    Shaw – Mixed. I like the guy. Offense way too conservative.

    Jackson – Mixed. Developed effective offenses, but can be a power hungry maniac.

    1. Holmgren – Yes. Would he work for Baalke?
      At this point Holmgren seems like he would say whatever it takes to get the job but he would immediately start to try and get Baalke out of there. Holmgren is a control freak and to have someone else picking his players isn’t how he operates. Trent is not oblivious to this and would never endorse Holmgren.

      However according to Razor what will go down is that Baalke will have a deal in place with someone only to be called home in the last second and told to hire someone completely different. You know ’cause that’s how it works in the NFL.

  31. I have a question regarding the “league source” that Florio and Cole cite. I don’t understand why someone at the league level would know something about whether or not Tomsula will be fired. Is the FO required to provide that kind of information to the league office? Or is it just Jed potentially talking with someone at the league office.

    1. Is the FO required to provide that kind of information to the league office?
      Just think of it as a heads up. I’m sure the league would prefer to know before the reporters start calling for a comment that one of their teams is about to dump it’s head coach.

  32. Honestly, I won’t believe it until it happens. But even if Tomsula is relieved of his duties (which was only a matter of time) the question is, will the FO pay top dollar for the type of headcoach this team desperately needs?

    And another question I would pose is who in upper management would leak out the FO plans to dismiss JT.

    Just a couple of weeks ago the reports were that the team was going with Jimmy T for at least one more season. Why the sudden change?
    This is only my unofficial sleuth thought process; the FO may have already made a verbal agreement with a high profile coach that would be named the new headcoach after the Tomsula firing.

    The best scenario going forward: Hire a high profile headcoach. S.Payton or C.Kelly.
    Worse case scenario: Elevate a current asst. coach such as Mangini or Sparano to be headcoach.

    1. “Just a couple of weeks ago the reports were that the team was going with Jimmy T for at least one more season. Why the sudden change?”

      There was no sudden change. This is how the FO works with it’s leaks. Prior to 2014 they were all in that Harbaugh was their coach. False. Prior to 2015 they were all in that Kaepernick would lead them to the promised land. False. A few weeks ago Guido leaks that Tomsula is safe. False.

      Listen to what they say because the guy they are propping up is being set up as the next fall guy.

    1. I was thinking Washington would be a lame duck team with motivation to rest its starters vs a division rival. Looking like two teams interested in quarterbacks will be drafting ahead of the 49ers.

      1. There are rumblings that San Diego could be in the QB market in the first also. Could be as many as 3 teams looking for a QB before us.

  33. It’s scary but Detroit seems to be doing things correctly. They fired the G.M. first and left the coach to be the decision for the next one. Why because outside of head coach to his players the coach to G.M. relationship is the most important in terms of success for the team. The coach and G.M. need to share a brain when it comes to philosophy and vision. No G.M. is going to sign off on a head coach that he doesn’t feel like he can have a strong relationship with. Doesn’t always work that way in the end however it’s far more important that the teams general manager approves of the coach then if the owner does.

    Outside of hiring his general manager and giving his approval to the head coach selection the only job an owner has is to sign the checks and keep the lights on.

      1. There you go CFC, your assessment if validated by the one you’ve used to mock an opposing view when he agrees with it….

        1. Baalke is the slimeball who leaks that Tomsula would be fired before he coaches the last game of the season. Tomsula is not the rat.

          1. Sad? No, it’s called opinionated speculation and when it’s in your camp, you’re ready to march to the beat of a different tune….

              1. I think it has more to do with me using your words against you, and your inability to defend the indefensible….

    1. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall
      over at the Baalke household, right about now ?

      S-o-o .. Cassie ..
      What is being said around
      the dinner table, these days ?

  34. Another leak by Marathe/Baalke. Jed does not have a clue.
    Jed should stop deluding himself and become accountable by resigning.
    Baalke and his meddling will just continue this rain wreck.
    If Jed follows Baalke’s advice, he deserves to have 4 win teams as long as Baalke is around.
    Now we all know, Baalke was the leaker, not Tomsula.

  35. Michael Silver
    ✔ ‎@MikeSilver
    Among those who have reached out to express interest in a potential 49ers opening: Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan. Others to come…
    9:40 AM – 3 Jan 2016

    This is an interesting statement from M.Silver because is almost paints a timeline of the inner workings of the 49ers FO in choosing their next headcoach.

    1. Two weeks ago there were reports the team would give Tomsula one more year.
    2. A week ago the Eagles fired Chip Kelly.
    3. Chip Kelly (according to Silver) shows interest in the 49ers (if in fact Tomsula is out) headcoach job.
    4. Suddenly on Jan 3rd, the 49ers are leaking reports that Tomsula will be fired.

    I know that Silver also mentioned M.Shanahan in his report, but Kelly makes more since because he could immediately ignite the 49ers porous offense.
    Also, Kelly has made it clear that unlike his tenure at Philly, he only wants to concentrate on being a headcoach – which is something that may pique Baalke’ interest.

    1. That would take a big leap of faith on Gase’s part as well as a big career risk. Gase HC and Manning QC, lol!

    2. Just a few hours ago you couldn’t see many positives in this leak. What changed your mind so suddenly – a few mimosas? :)

  36. Jed York has not yet made up his mind about the Faith of Tomsula according to a source of nfl network on barrows 49 blog

      1. It’s just sad that the mind of a “stooge” can sometimes think like the great and all knowing mind of CFC! : > )

  37. I do not agree that Baalke is responsible for the deterioration of the roster.

    He cannot be blamed for:
    Aldon Smith be a drunk
    Bowman’s knee injury
    Borland retiring out of the blue
    Anthony Davis taking a sabatical year

    He made some personel mistakes, for sure. Like every GM does.
    I’d even argue he made fewer mistakes than most.

    But those are all Baalke’s picks and if they were still playing at his best, the roster would be in a decent shape. At least on the defensive side.

    1. It’s just a damn shame you have to have an offense in this league. Who said points come out of the passing game?

      1. LOL.
        But the offense would still be better than the one he inherited in 2010.
        So no deterioration there too.

        I just hope they hire a good offensive HC and use his knowledge to upgrade on the offensive side.

    2. Baalke had a huge argument with JH just after the SB. JH then was the target of rumors. Tomsula did not cut Hayne on the team bus. Baalke did. Marathe was accused of leaking dirt about Kaeps’ study habits. Marathe is gone. Marathe is not here, but now Tomsula will be fired rumors happen before his last game of the season. Baalke is the only one left to leak. Baalke has been the rat all along.
      Tomsula is a good guy. He does not deserve to be shamed in such a mean spirited and classless manner. I thought Jed wanted the Niner organization to act with class. If Tomsula is fired, Jed will have succeeded to make the Niners to be the laughingstock of the league. They will have sunk so low, others are pitying them.
      While i love the Niners, I hope they never win another game as long as Jed is leading them, if these rumors are true.
      Baalke is the rat, and has been the rat all along. Jed should ask- With friends like these, who needs enemies?

      1. I do not think that Tomsula is a good guy. IMHO, Tomusla undermined both Nolan and Harbaugh. He wanted the job and he got the job. I think he is a butt kisser and a conniver. What goes around comes around. I do think that Baalke should go, he is part of the problem, but we are stuck with him.

        1. Tomsula did not have a huge argument with JH just after the SB.
          Mike Nolan fired himself, he did not need Tomsula to tell Jed that 2-14 seasons suck.

        2. Leo

          Where did you get your information ? How did JT undermine Nolan and Harbaugh….that he is a butt kisser and a conniver..? That is called slander….Do you have any proof of any of this ?

    3. Allen,
      The biggest issue with Baalke are his drafts from 2012-2014. There has only been marginal value from these draft years. And his free agent signings have not been productive with the exception of perhaps Boldin.

      Regarding his drafts, Baalke had many draft picks to work with in some of those draft years and could have packaged some picks to move up to possibly target some specific needs on the team. Instead he chose to keep the glut of picks that in turn never became productive.

      When you take a closer look at the players that made the team respectable you’ll see that it was made up of players that were here before Baalke.

      But to be fair, the BayAreaSportsGuy gives a nice breakdown of Baalke’ tenure.
      Here is his article:

      “Teams are carried by their coaches and best players. Baalke obviously did a fine job locking down Harbaugh, but whose players did Harbaugh coach? Baalke’s or McCloughan’s? I went through the top 10 players in terms of Annual Value (Pro-Football Reference’s flawed yet interesting rating system) and top 12 in Pro Football Focus grades (I added a couple more spots because PFF loves kickers and punters), then looked at all of the team’s Pro Bowl (also flawed) and All-Pro players. I placed “*” next to players brought in by Baalke.

      2011 AV
      1.J. Smith: 19
      2.N. Bowman: 18*
      3.P. Willis: 16
      4.J. Staley: 13
      5.C. Rogers: 12*
      6.Alex Smith: 12
      7.F. Gore: 10
      8.M. Crabtree: 9
      9.D. Goldson: 9
      10.R. McDonald: 9

      2011 PFF
      1.J. Smith: 39.2
      2.D. Akers: 38.7*
      3.A. Lee: 35.9
      4.Aldon Smith: 35.5*
      5.N. Bowman: 29*
      6.R. McDonald: 23.6
      7.P. Willis: 23.3
      8.Alex Smith: 19.2
      9.M. Iupati: 15.9*
      10.C. Rogers: 12.2*
      11.D. Whitner: 11.8*
      12.V. Davis: 7.0

      2011 Pro Bowl
      F. Gore
      J. Staley
      J. Smith
      P. Willis
      C. Rogers*
      D. Goldson
      D. Akers*
      A. Lee

      2011 First-Team All-Pro
      J. Smith
      N. Bowman*
      P. Willis
      D. Akers*
      A. Lee

      2011 Baalke Stars: 12-of-35 (34%)

      2012 AV
      1.Aldon Smith: 13*
      2.P. Willis: 13
      3.N. Bowman: 12*
      4.J. Smith: 12
      5.M. Crabtree: 11
      6.F. Gore: 11
      7.M. Iupati: 11*
      8.J. Staley: 11
      9.D. Goldson: 10
      10.C. Kaepernick: 10*

      2012 PFF
      1.J. Staley: 37.5
      2.D. Akers: 26.9*
      3.P. Willis: 26.7
      4.A. Lee: 26.1
      5.Aldon Smith: 23.3*
      6.A. Boone: 24.6
      7.M. Iupati: 22.5*
      8.M. Crabtree: 20.2
      9.A. Davis: 19*
      10.V. Davis: 15.9
      11.J. Goodwin: 15.5*
      12.N. Bowman: 14.7*

      2012 Pro Bowl
      Aldon Smith*
      P. Willis
      N. Bowman*
      J. Smith
      F. Gore
      M. Iupati*
      J. Staley
      D. Goldson
      D. Whitner*

      2012 First-Team All-Pro
      Aldon Smith*
      P. Willis
      N. Bowman*
      M. Iupati*
      D. Goldson

      2012 Baalke Stars: 17-of-36 (47%)

      2013 AV
      1.C. Kaepernick: 15*
      2.N. Bowman: 14*
      3.A. Boldin: 12*
      4.A. Brooks: 12
      5.J. Smith: 12
      6.J. Staley: 11
      7.P. Willis: 11
      8.A. Boone: 10
      9.V. Davis: 9
      10.F. Gore: 9
      11.E. Reid: 9*
      12.D. Whitner: 9*

      2013 PFF
      1.P. Dawson: 25.5*
      2.J. Staley: 24.4
      3.N. Bowman: 23.9*
      4.A. Smith: 23.4*
      5.P. Willis: 18.6
      6.A. Lee: 16.8
      7.A. Boldin: 15.5*
      8.V. Davis: 13.2
      9.D. Whitner: 12.1*
      10.F. Gore: 9.8
      11.T. Brock: 9.6*
      12.J. Goodwin: 9.0*

      2013 Pro Bowl
      N. Bowman*
      A. Brooks
      J. Smith
      J. Staley
      P. Willis
      V. Davis
      F. Gore
      E. Reid*
      D. Whitner*
      M. Iupati*

      2013 First-Team All-Pro
      N. Bowman*

      2013 Baalke Stars: 17-of-35 (49%)

      2014 AV

      N/A (not calculated yet)

      2014 PFF
      1.J. Staley: 22.2
      2.C. Borland: 20.8*
      3.Andy Lee: 18.4
      4.J. Smith: 16.6
      5.R. McDonald: 15.2
      6.A. Bethea: 12.2*
      7.M. Iupati: 11.2*
      8.C. Culliver: 8.5*
      9.A. Boldin: 6.6*
      10.B. Miller: 6.4*
      11.A. Boone: 6.2
      12.S. Johnson: 6.0*

      2014 Pro Bowl
      J. Staley
      M. Iupati*

      2014 First-Team All-Pro

      N/A (no one came close)

      2014 Baalke Stars: 8-of-14 (57%)


      Strengths: Great at maintaining defensive depth — linebackers and defensive backs in particular; active and generally effective deal-maker in a league where trades are supposedly rare; adept at playing the free agent market the right way — he avoids high-priced free agents (the kinds of players who usually bust) and generally has done a great job retaining the team’s own impact free agents; never gets into cap hell, although Paraag Marathe probably deserves come credit here.

      Weaknesses: Kyle Williams is the best WR he has ever drafted (seriously); Derek Carrier is the best TE he has ever acquired; he lucked out with Frank Gore because none of the other RBs he’s drafted have done much (jury still out on Hyde and Hunter); admitted several times this year that he despises communicating with the media (bummer, dude … it’s part of your job); couldn’t bridge a personality gap between his boss and a successful head coach; mostly unconcerned with “character” until recently (when the problem became too noticeable to ignore); more than half of the team’s best players were acquired by McCloughan in every year Baalke has been GM besides 2014”.

      Overall grade for Trent Baalke: B-
      as GM.

      Not too bad a grade until you look at Baalke’ 2011 and 2012 drafts.
      Of Baalke’ 2011 draft only 3 of the 10 players chosen are still on the team.
      1. Kaepernick
      2. Kilgore
      3. B.Miller

      Baalke’ 2012 draft.
      7 picks, not one is on the team. The 2012 draft was an epic whiff.
      I thought the BASG grade was very generous at best.

    1. Why on earth would you leave a great college job to come to work for the Yorks?

      The Niners’ coaching job is toxic. I would not want to be associated with them. There are plenty of other NFL jobs out there.

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