Report: 49ers give NaVorro Bowman 7-year, $77-million contract

The San Francisco 49ers have given All Pro inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman a new contract worth $77 million over the next seven years, according to Pro Football Talk.

Here’s a statement from general manager Trent Baalke: “Over the last six years, NaVorro has become a cornerstone of our organization and securing his future in the Bay Area was a priority for us. The perseverance he displayed while overcoming adversity and returning to his All-Pro form provides a great example of what can be accomplished through hard work and self-belief.  This contract extension reaffirms our core philosophy of rewarding our own players and we are thrilled to know NaVorro will play his entire career with the 49ers.”

And here’s a statement from Bowman: “I want to thank Jed, the York family and Trent for giving me the opportunity to continue my career where my heart is. I appreciate the hard work that Drew and Paraag put in to getting this deal done. My teammates and coaches have meant so much to me throughout my career and I thank them for helping me become the player I am today. The support I’ve received from my family and friends throughout my life, especially through the adversity of the past few years, has meant so much to me. I can’t wait for the season to start and play in front of the best fans in the NFL.”

Bowman will be 35 years old seven years from now. Do you think he’ll play out the duration of this deal?

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      1. It’s already been stated, he had 3 years remaining and they added 4 more years for a total of 7. He currently has a 7 year deal.

        1. I think you’re taking issue with Grant’s title but it’s still not wrong. He had a 3 year deal and now he has a 7, so they gave him a 7 year deal.

          1. The $$$ isn’t correct though. The 4 new years total $44mil, but the previous contract didn’t call for $11mil per.

  1. For a team flush in cash they can’t possibly try and sell this as a cap move so what in holy feck is going on over there? 35 years old, still returning from a severe injury and they feel like they needed to guarantee the final 3 years of his contract and open up the possibility of him still playing when he’s nearly 40?

    Seriously, WTF?

    1. Sorry 28 years old, still returning from an injury…

      That 35 was stuck in my head from Grants post.

        1. You are still not getting this. He’s 28 years old and it’s a 7 year deal which makes him 35 if he plays out the deal not 32. Try and catch up would ya.

              1. Yea what’s your point? You’re still the one that made a big stink and called everyone else stupid when you’re the one that wasn’t getting it and now you’ve resulted to nothing but name calling.

                What’s that make you?

              2. CFC

                You are going to timeout for being miserable.


                You are going to timeout for being stupid.

      1. My guess without knowing the details is this. They give up more in guaranteed money for flexibility on the back end. Most likely Bowman will never see the last year or 2 of his contract.

  2. This is a great extension…being the leader of the defense, he should be the first one to lock up. I’m thinking Reid may be the next. It sets a great tone that says “we’re keeping our own corps guys”. Baalke took a lot of shots by not spending big bucks in FA…well, this is a big reason why that makes good sense.

    1. and if he has looked as good as they say, coolio………….. and extend the young guys early that deserve it- that said, who is it going to be?

  3. Can’t see any reason to not let Bowman play at least one more year before giving him this deal. I would probably have waited until the final year before extending him but next season would make a ton more sense then this one.

    1. It sounds like Bowman wanted it now, didn’t want to wait a year. Price was only going up, and Bowman’s leverage would only increase, if he is, as all are saying, rounding back into form as best ILB in the NFL (Kuechly). He gets guaranteed money (important as he has 1st hand knowledge of catastrophic injury), team gets a little bit of a discount, while also sending a strong message to current roster about what matters, and also upping the team’s ceiling on what it might be willing to pay FAs (up to Bowman’s salary).

  4. I don’t disagree with anything you said Coffee you are spot on. I think they want some positive press. I expect Reid to get extended next.

  5. Well, at least Baalke is doing something. He did retain veteran leadership. Hope Bow, with that knee, lasts that long.

  6. Odd move. I can only assume this deal provides a lot of money in first year (to eat up some of the huge amount of cap space this year), and lots of money in the last 2-3 years, which he is probably not going to be around to receive.

  7. All the numbers asside, THIS is the guy you want as the heart and soul of your team. He is the glue. This is an affirming message in the locker room and fan base.
    Since bidnez is bidnez, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a cap management ploy also. The teams are required to use some of their cap space, measured over a 3 year average. A team can squat on cap capacity only so long. This Bow deal may be a relief valve on some of those pressures near term, and the previously acknowledged liklihood of the deal not coming to term long term.

    1. The team also has to reestablish itself as a desirable place to play for (internal and external) free agents. This is a good start. If Kelly gets a year of player moral, FAs we might lose to other teams could join the 49ers.

  8. My guess is they front load the contract and spread the money over a longer term so the hit is not as severe and then they have money for the other guys they wish to resign. At the same time it builds good will with players who wish to stay or come as FA.

  9. Good for Bowman, we all know he had a devastating knee injury and has fought hard and mightily to return. I doubt very seriously he completes the deal. It was a deal to honor Bowman, eat up some cap, and like Brodie stated, to demonstrate to prospective FA’s that the Niners will take care of players if indeed they warrant it.

  10. From Maiocco on Twitter:

    “NaVorro Bowman’s pay raise to $11M average raises the bar to what the 49ers might feel is acceptable for bringing in new players.”

    Not sure exactly what this means. During FA I mentioned that I thought there might be issues if a highly compensated FA (think Wilkerson) joined a team with relatively low salaries. Many thought that it would not be a problem. But maybe this is the start of the 49ers raising some salaries in order to make it more palatable to bring in high-priced FAs next year. In every job I’ve ever been in, salary envy is a reality.

    I think Bow is a great player and really want him to finish his career as a 49er. However, by extending him 3 years early, the 49ers have lost an out if a player is disgruntled with their current salary and wants to hold out. In the past, it seemed almost an unwritten rule that a player wasn’t going to get extended prior to the last year or so of the existing contract (not sure if there is an exception or two to that, but I’m sure someone here will correct me). Now there is precedence for getting a revised deal done much earlier. There are other ways that the 49ers can handle such a situation, but an “easy” out seems to be gone.

    1. I read some details on Bowman’s contract prior to the extension and if I’m interpreting it correctly, this seems like it could be a compromise for both sides as much as it is extending Bowman.

      Apparently his old deal featured per game bonus’ that could have taken him well beyond 11 million per season. From PFT:

      Bowman previously was due to make $5.85 million in 2016 plus a per-game roster bonus of up to $750,000, $6.75 million in 2017 plus a per-game roster bonus of up to $750,000, and $8.7 million in 2018 plus a per-game roster bonus of up to $750,000.

      If Bowman started every game this season, that would have meant as much as 12 million in game bonus’ if he made 750 grand per. Not sure how that is structured, but it appears the two sides met in the middle. Bowman gives up the per game bonus’ for a larger guarantee, and the 49ers aren’t on the hook up to 18 mill for one healthy season.

  11. SF may become the go to destination because of this signing!

    Note on SF QB’s:

    There’s an old saying: To become the Champ, you must KO The Champ, not just match pass for pass…TomD

    From Peter Panacy:

    “Kap can’t just match Gabbert stride for stride, Kap must prove, beyond a shawdow of a doubt he is the clear cut option over the guy that took his starting job last year.”

    “Right now, the battle between Kap and Gabbert is even. That’s not such a good thing for Kap. So, his stock will fall until it rises…There isn’t any even stock here***Stock Down.

    According to CSN, Celek was asked if Gabbert is a natural leader. He answered by saying, “Absolutely.”

    Offensive lineman Zane Beadles, who joined the team this offseason, is also impressed.

    According to tight end Garrett Celek, Gabbert is “taking control” of the team.

    “He’s definitely taking control,” Celek said last week, per CSN Bay Area. “Whoever’s at quarterback needs to take control and be our leader out there. And he’s definitely doing that. He’s making good decisions on the field.

    And fans remember, it was Gabbert that gathered the team for Kelly to break in Kelly’s new playbook, like Alex Smith did for coach Harbaugh. And Driskel’s stock could rise as well…..TomD

    “He (Gabbert) carries himself very well in the locker room,” Beadles said. “He seems like a true professional. He’s always in there studying and he knows what we’re trying to accomplish and what he needs to do at the quarterback position. I’ve seen all good things from him.”

    1. Sounds to me like the team feels they would rather do battle with a true leader, Gabbert than Kap.

      However, the blogger who rhymes with _E_B claims Mr. Tzu knowledge. If he did, he would know these leadership quotes fit Kap who always know the enemy by film study while Kap does not know the enemy. EB should proclaim Gabbert the victor so he can get the lion’s share of snaps to begin our season sharply.

      Sun Tzu’s 31 Best Pieces Of Leadership Advice

      1.A leader leads by example, not by force

      8.Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. (ie, study film–don’t just listen with earphones)

      9.To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy. (ie, study film, don’t just listen with ear phones)

      1. TrollD, you seem to want to keep obsessing about me, and your infantile way of designating me without saying my name is truly pathetic.

        Then you try to sound smart, but just get it backwards. Feudian slip?

        Then you misquote Sun Tzu, to try to get your point across, but mess that up too.

        Now I get to use your quote against you saying that- to know your enemy, you must become your enemy.
        Obviously, you take that to heart and hate the Niners like an enemy. Thank you for defining yourself.

  12. Looks like Maiocco doesn’t agree with Grant. On PFT:

    “CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco reports Vance McDonald is having the “best offseason of his career” this year.

    Wednesday night, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s Grant Cohn pegged McDonald the No. 3 tight end on the team. But by most accounts, McDonald has been having a strong spring and summer. Blaine Gabbert and the TEs coach both praised him at OTAs. He’s in a fight with Garrett Celek and FB-turned-TE Bruce Miller for snaps. Celek is sure to have a role as a blocker. “

    1. I saw also at MM’s site quotes from Bethea saying the D scheme reminded him of Fangio’s. I know it’s Pollyanna Time right now, but that’s still good news IMO.

    2. OTAs, VM dropped too many balls.

      Glad to hear he is catching them in TC, but if he is still affected with a case of the dropsies in the preseason, there may be no cure.

  13. There is an article on NN that is discussing the lack of traditional audibles from Kelly’s system in the past. By traditional I mean the QB comes to the line reads the defense and then cancels the play called in the huddle and screams out an entirely different play. The fast paced nature of Kelly’s system doesn’t allow for that much time pre-snap. We’re very familiar with what can happen when you give the QB that ability but he isn’t very good/quick at reading the defense and you end up with a ton of delay of game penalties or wasted time outs.

    Kelly instead uses options within the play to give the QB a choice of where to go with the ball. Chip does say that there are times that two plays are called, a run and a pass and the QB has the choice of choosing the best option for that play. It’s not clear how often the double play choice is given. Grant has already touched on this subject before, based on how the defense is lined up the receiver will alter or completely change the route he runs on that play. The QB of course needs to not only see the same thing the receiver is but then also decide on the same route to switch to. Sometimes there might really only be one other choice of route that makes sense but it’s not uncommon for there to be multiple choices. We’ve all seen the play where the receiver cuts right but the QB throws left. That could be someone forgetting the play but it’s commonly when the option on that play didn’t work because the QB and the WR saw different things.

    The biggest problem with Kelly’s system in this regard is that the success of the different options on the play require that not only the QB knows the right play but that all the other receivers and/or running backs also are on the exact same page as the QB. With the traditional audible it’s all on the QB to read the defense and either stick with the play call are choose a better one. Only one brain involved there.

    I’m not poo pooing Kelly’s way it’s just a system that requires a tremendous amount of symbiosis between the players on that offense not to mention players that are not only physically gifted but pretty smart as well. Good thing its not only easy to find a bunch of those players but that we can rely on the talent of our GM to find them.

    One theme that appears to be becoming clear in Kelly’s system is that it really relies on having the best players at their position. Players that not only play fast but think fast. Yes this is of course required of all NFL players but many coaches have devised schemes to make up for the fact that you can’t field a team of 53 all stars.

    He’s seemingly putting all the work on them rather then coming up with a system that helps them out or takes the pressure off of the players. This is probably the crux of why we hear from so many disgruntled ex-Kelly players. He really forces them to do all the work.

    1. I wonder if the reason he does this is because it’s rare to find a QB in a college system who can make pre-snap reads. Also, as I understand it, his teams generally have a significantly higher number of practice snaps than the average team. This could potentially provide more time for QBs and WRs/TEs/RBs to get on the same page in the passing game. Since he was very successful at Oregon he has just continued on with this system in the NFL.

      1. I’m not sure Cubus but even so isn’t it still easier to focus on just trying to teach one player rather then getting 5 or 6 of them on the same page?

        1. Not sure, Coffee. Unless the offense plays spectacularly this season, I’m not sure we’ll be able to say much. It seems highly doubtful they could be worse than last year so we’ll probably be left guessing to some degree at the end of the season.

        2. I get your point CFC, but at this level of competition I don’t think you put it all on the QB, everybody has to be on the same page anyway. We’ve seen QBs wait for receivers to clear and they don’t move the chains. I think anticipation and throwing the receiver open require both to make the same reads given the speed of the game. Brees, Rogers, Brady make good decisions but they require predictable reads from their peeps.

          1. Plus they are paid a dollar or two to play you would expect them to be on the same page. In today’s game you have to be football smart, talent alone may not be enough.

    2. Excellent analysis, Coffee. I found an article describing what you just stated.

      Another Baalkeism is his favoritism of the running game (A Parcells trait) to the detriment of the passing game. With a no nothing GM (passing wise) putting together the roster your analysis does not bode well for our future.

      “To get that many snaps the system takes away huddles and the ability to audible.

    3. Good post CFC.

      It just confirms what we already should have known, and that is Chip is running a College offense in the NFL. It’s simple and fairly easy to learn and implement. The problems come with what you pointed out: the fact every player has to see the same things at the same time, and defenses quite often may know exactly what play is going to be run. Kelly relies on execution and winning the war of attrition, and for the most part he has been successful so far.

    4. Seems like the ‘option audible’ requires the QB’s and WR’s to be locked in the film room until they see the same thing together on every play they watch. Show a play, have them all write down what they think should happen and when every answer matches on every play you let them out of the room.

      1. Yes and unlike College, there is time for the players to do this religiously. Hopefully we have some motivated players.

      2. Isn’t the option audible just an option route? Most offenses do this.

        Its funny, Harbaugh was criticised for not using option routes. Now Kelly is criticised for using them.

              1. My misunderstanding then.

                I’m a fan of using option routes. It does put more on the plate of the QB and WR, but if the rules are kept pretty simple and obvious the chances for miscommunication should be limited.

              2. No biggie and It was easy to think that based upon what I wrote.

                I was mostly comparing the two systems in how they put different pressures on an offense and how the option system tends to require more of a group collaboration versus the traditional audible. It was also a subverted attempt to suggest that I don’t really think we have the right players or player chemistry for the ‘option audible.’

                The end part could be seen as a swipe at Kelly but again it really wasn’t intended as such.

      3. My understanding on option routes is the rules should be kept pretty clear cut and simple. Something like:
        – option 1 run an in breaking route. Run this route unless defender is playing inside leverage
        – If defender playing inside leverage, go to option 2 an out breaking route. Run this unless safety is coming down to support shallow out breaking route.
        – if safety coming down then run a deep route into the vacated space.

        That’s my understanding. Anyone got better insight into option routes?

  14. I hope Chip takes a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook, and script the first 15 plays.

    I also hopes he designs a system where the play is designated by the down and distance.

    Maybe every second down play should be the Zone Read Option, so the team can run up to the LOS and snap the ball quickly, thus preventing any substitutions, and forcing the defense to cover both the run or pass.

      1. Seb

        get real….if you truly are a Kaepernick fan, you can quit fooling yourself and read the tea leaves…Gabbert is the best man for the job. If Kaep is going to BECOME a starter again, it’s going to be with another team. Dallas and Denver are both heading into the season with what could best be described as “Scrap Iron” for backup QB’s, and should jump at the chance to get Kaep. When (not if) Romo gets injured, they have an NFL tested backup who can continue his career without the pressure that he has here. better to go out a hero in a strange town than be thought of as an albotross in your home ground….

        1. Oregon, maybe you did not know this, but Gabbert cannot seem to get the ball past the screens and arms of the defensive linemen.

          Kaep has not had that problem, and Kaep has made throws into tight windows with touch, so the Myths about Kaep being a remedial passer, are just delusional fallacies.

          Maybe you also did not realize this, but Chip, your hero, likes Kaep. I hope when Chip designates Kaep as the starter, you do not throw a fit.

          Gabbert, being a 5-27 QB who has never sniffed the playoffs, would be a good candidate to trade away, especially if Driskel can play decently enough to win the backup role. Gabbert would fit well under the Broncos salary cap, so he would be way preferable to Kaep.

        2. Also, I would hope that you, as a Niner fan, would not be looking to do Dallas any favors. Personally, I hate the Cowgirls, and would not lift a finger to help them.

          Yes, Romo may go down. Kaep also has shown how hard it is to throw with a bum shoulder. Maybe they should sign Tebow…..

      2. I didn’t know Kap played the elephant position? ;-) plus he hasn’t been to a pro-bowl, or won a Super Bowl so….

  15. Brian Billick pans Chips method to find the best QB, saying that it just dilutes the snaps needed to perfect the offense by the starting QB.

    Too bad there is no obvious starter. It would be good to have a designated starter, but when there is no clear cut winner, it would be disastrous to errantly designate the wrong QB, give him all the snaps, then realize he is the wrong choice. Then the correct choice will have gotten no snaps, and would be way behind.

    Chip is doing the right thing, and competition can help both QBs.

  16. So I’m pretty torn on the Preacher finale. The geek in me loved it and the entire season, the critic in me says not so much. Again, tough source material to translate to a broad audience and it’s still in its infancy so I’m gonna go with the geek in me for now and just look forward to next season.

    Mr. Robot is still fantastic. The twist this season was slightly more overt I felt then last years but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a let down. Still completely loving the show. In terms of the delivery of his lines Michael Cristofer is nothing short of an artist.

    1. I love Mr. Robot. Top notch writing and acting along with an evolving storyline that can go many different directions. The one thing I’m worried about is the series creator apparently doesn’t like the time constraints he’s under to produce a season, so we may see longer wait times between them.

      Preacher has some promise, but I thought it started stronger than it finished. It appears they are going to turn it into a serial type of show with the group moving on to other places and dealing with new characters each week. I could be wrong on that, but that is how the finale struck me. Overall I liked the show and will check it out next season, but I thought it could have been taken in a better direction than it ultimately went.

      1. It appears they are going to turn it into a serial type of show with the group moving on to other places and dealing with new characters each week.
        That is more inline with the story in the comic. The main critique of the first season especially from the hard core comic group was that it spent too much time in the single town setting up the main story which is Preacher going to different locations/cities looking for God.

        1. Got it. I never read the comics so had no idea where it was going. If you just sit back and turn the logic component off for an hour it’s fun. I don’t expect it to be a brain teasing experience every week.

          I hear ya on the Shyamalan concern. Hopefully he continues to develop the main storyline and back stories of the characters as we’ve seen so far this year.

      2. The one thing I’m worried about is the series creator apparently doesn’t like the time constraints he’s under to produce a season, so we may see longer wait times between them.
        Could be.

        The fear I have is that he’s going to get M. Night Shyamalan syndrome and every year he’ll feel compelled to come up with some ‘twist’ to the show to try and throw people off. It’ll become a distraction and when seasons start all the attention will be on how quickly can you figure this seasons twist out rather then paying attention to the overall story.

  17. *Kelly has an unusual scheme and imposes strict measureables (Ht. Weight, and speed) on player (intelligence) which limits the talent pool even further (Draftees available for syst.).

    *The versatile players he likes are often insufficient in other areas.

    *As time went on Kelly was unable to plug and play atheletes due to the stress his system imposes on them.

    *While college linebackers are often caught out of position by his spread offense, in the Pros their power and speed undercut the spread offense.

    *Kellys system runs players hard causing injury (see Philadelphia)

    *Kelly’s playbook relies on running a handful of plays by executing perfectly. Not everyone can execute perfectly all the time, and injuries effect execution.

    *Kelly’s system relies on sports science, execution, scheme, deception, versatility–an all or none proposition. If one area fails, the whole structure’s destroyed.
    *Now that the NFL has had 3 years to study, it doesn’t catch teams off guard now.

  18. I may not be thrilled with O’Neil, but I am less impressed with Modkins. After all, all he does is design bad plays that fail. Chip designs all the plays that work……

  19. Bradford seems to be as unrelenting as a troll I know. He keeps saying that Chip did not let him audible.

    Too bad Bradford, when running the Zone Read option, always handed off. That was about as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Since there was no threat of him running, it limited his options.

    I hope Chip will allow Kaep to become the field general, and run the offense with little or no input, because it is not needed, and watch Kaep march down the field to score TDs.

  20. Honey Badger stated that one of their goals was to keep Kaep in the pocket. Too bad the past Niner coaches were so incompetent, they were very obliging to the Cardinal schemes and game plans.

    Maybe Chip should not let them shape the Niners, and roll out Kaep a lot more. While on the move, Kaep can make throws like he did with Hamm, in TC.

  21. If one of Kelly’s 2013-2014 Eagle teams had this year’s 49er schedule (and crazy travel dates/times), what would their records be? I’m guessing 6W-10L

    1. Eagles won 4 games a season ago against the AFC East and NFC South, which is the same opponents the 49ers face this season, so 6 games would be easy imo. Probably more like 8.

    2. With Kap at QB in an unfriendly anti-Harbaugh offense sans training wheels divide the win total by 3, Seb is math illiterate according to bloggers.

  22. Seb,

    I am floored by your hatred of the 49ers. A true fan would not keep wishing ill will on his team, ie, a rugby player from Australia (taking a roster sport–even Tomfooya benched him) and now this Kap infatuation.

    It’s serious man. A few weeks a wham, like an Ali left hook our QB gets KO’d w/o the requisite # of Reps…Stop it with Kap. Trade him and let Gabbert and Driskel (already better than Kap ) prepare the team ASAP

    Then, when those players you luv more than the Niners are gone, so will you to whatever team they’re on.

  23. LOS ANGELES RAMS NEWS: Jared Goff shows progress.

    Goff has put in the time to get better. Coaches were encouraged. Several of them said it “is still a process” — words two separate sources used — for the No. 1 overall pick, but the feeling I got was that he still is targeted to open the season as the starter. — S.W.

    1. Cam Inman @CamInman
      #49ers QB Watch, Practice #4:
      11on11 stats
      Gabbert 4-of-13, nice TD to White
      Kaepernick 6-of-14, nice TD to Smith (50yds)

      BG didn’t have a great day at all. 6-14 isn’t great, but man 4-13 for BG?

      1. Wilson,

        It’s a new offense, Gabbert missed 9 and Kap missed on 8 passes. The Texan game is around the corner. Kelly needs to declare a starter ASAP to prepare for opening day or LA and Goff will emabarrass us…Goff’s getting all the reps in his new offense.

        the No. 1 overall pick, but the feeling I got was that he (Goff) still is targeted to open the season as the starter. — S.W.

        1. Tom the word out of St. Louis is that Goff isn’t ready and looks lost. Gabbert is consistently completing less passes that CK in camp. I know you don’t want to hear that or believe it, but its true. Gabbert was supposed to have this edge from all the OTA’s and Mini camp. So far his edge is slipping to a rusty player returning player who hasn’t had reps.

          Goff looked like a rookie during 11 on 11’s, which is understandable at this point. I don’t have much to report, except that he was struggling a bit as most rookies do. Case Keenum had much better command of the offense, making a few anticipation throws into small windows.

  24. Brian Serrano ‏@Ano_611 · 14m14 minutes ago

    @Eric_Branch kap still throwing those fastballs

    #49ers WR Bruce Ellington (finger) also didn’t finish practice. Had middle and index finger on right hand taped together.

    Can’t wait for Chip to throw the clip board when Kap hits a LB in the helmet with his fastball, richocheting into the DB’s for a 99 yd TD…


    Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch · 42m42 minutes ago

    #49ers WR Torrey Smith (knee) didn’t finish practice; gimpy after running route; had brief visit w/ trainer; doesn’t “appear” serious.

    WR Bruce Ellington (finger) also didn’t finish practice.

    Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch · 41m41 minutes ago

    #49ers WR Eric Rogers (knee) didn’t finish practice after he fell down running route. Is he OK? “I don’t know,” Rogers said. “We’ll see.”

    1. Usually don’t pay u much mind….but how in the world do you find a way to blame Chip for a stubbed finger from a fastball, Rogers falling down, and a torrey smith mildly tweaking his knee on a route???

      Man you have issues.

      1. Jason Peters, Ol , Eagles:

        “We practiced on Tuesdays when Chip was here, and you felt it on Sundays,” Peters said. “I did anyway.”

        Although Peters’ criticisms of Kelly weren’t limited to the workload on veterans, the left tackle indicated the constant uptempo attack may not have done the offense many favors, either.

        “If you run 100 times in a row, back to back to back, don’t you think your 50th time you’re going to be a little slower?” Peters asked. “But if you get a little bit of a rest, you’re going to be a little bit faster.

          1. So will this make the Eagles’ offensive players more susceptible to injury? Can a system Kelly once ran with a huge college roster be sustained with a smaller, 53-man roster, and over the course of more games?

            San Jose Mercury Answers this from ESPn

          1. Eric Branch
            #49ers WR Eric Rogers (knee) didn’t finish practice after he fell down running route. Is he OK? “I don’t know,” Rogers said. “We’ll see.”

            I can go all day with the injuries, dude, with Philly players commentary, and were just talking practice, what # four…You better do some research man, read more Jason Peters.

            1. So your saying every injury is due to Chip’s practices. So let’s ignore the fact that its TACKLE football and there are injuries in every single camp every single year… I’m just going to go ahead and stop, I already see where this is going….talking to a brick wall.

              1. This is why we can’t feed the troll. Anyone else think TomD is “Mary” reincarnated? That is a lot of “concern trolling” above.

    1. Look fans,

      During the season in college football their is no limit to the # of players on a college roster.
      Most teams carry around 125 players.
      Chip’s offense works fine when he can choose those fitting his job description, but a number of factors go into injuries. One being, this is Baalke’s roster…

      Read Jason Peters, Chipwagon,, Philly fan sites. Enless info. on this.

  26. Bottom Line,

    Kap’s been breaking WR’s fingers for years. I’ll never forget the time he broke Crabtrees’s finger.
    Chip’s had all offseason to talk around and study his personnel, enough time to bring in other QB’s,, so yeah, you reap what you sow–it’s Chip’s fault.

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