Report: The 49ers are shopping Carlos Hyde


Surprise, surprise: The 49ers are trying to trade running back Carlos Hyde, according to Benjamin Allbright.

Trading Hyde is the right move, as I have written since June. He’s a poor fit in the 49ers’ outside-zone run game, he’s injury prone and he probably won’t be on the team next season — he will be a free agent. Better to trade him now and get something in return for him, than to let him leave for nothing during the offseason.

The offense will be better without him.

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  1. So did you like the move to release bowman or do you think they should of taken the one reported offer they had even though bowman reportedly did not want to go there I would like as many draft picks as possible but you want players to want to sign, so a balancing act as usual. Who will be the third running bac if this happens?

    1. I agree Moses. Breida hasn’t shown that he’s a feature back yet. None of the other backs have shown the ability to run the outside zone either except in preseason against 3rd and 4th string players.

      1. Holes are holes. You can still get some idea as to what a player does with the opportunities afforded them. How well does a player find available holes. Lets look at the last game played. Brieda did much better with his opportunities than Hyde. The game that tilted his stats was the game against Seattle where he had two big runs that happened because of two huge holes. in his 61 yarder he was went untouched and was caught from behind. It’s not like his own abilities breaking tackles ) created that yardage. Plus he was caught from behind which would not have happened to a faster back. Most of you guys are allowing your fan favoritism to influence your objectivity. He had a great beginning to his rookie season before he was injured and thats what you all are remembering. He is a power back who has lost his power due to his shedding weight, but who is still not as fast as the other RB’s

      2. W73,
        I agree with Breida not quite there yet, but with a little more playing time he could become our feature back after Hyde is gone.

        I have known that Hyde has talent but I question his heart. My reasoning is simple: when great runners break some nice runs (ala E.Elliott) they want to keep getting the ball. After Hyde makes a couple of nice runs he goes to the sidelines.

        Also, as much as I hated to see NBow go, it was obvious that he was no longer the player he used to be pre injuries. But not once did I ever question his heart. Like Frank Gore before him, he had the heart of a warrior.
        Hyde is the antithesis of those great players. Hopefully Breida becomes one of those players that came out of nowhere with no fanfare to become a big star for the 49ers.
        He came withing one step of breaking a game changing run last week – perhaps tomorrow is the game in which he moves the needle upward.

      3. The HB situation is going as many of us have predicted. Unlike Grant’s prediction that Hyde would be gone before the start of the season, I and others predicted that Hyde would start and the rookie would be sprinkled in until he is ready to be the featured back. The good news is that KS and Bobby Turner feel that Breida can carry the load. I hope they’re right.

  2. Geez Grant. Circmstances change. We needed Hyde at the start of the season because we weren’t sure if our rookies could handle the physicality of the pro game. Joe Williams couldn’t last. Fortunately, Breida did hold up and has shown potential in real games (not preseason or camp). This made Hyde expendable.

  3. Only if they get something for him, even a 6th. Otherwise may as well keep him through the season, since we have only Breida and Mostert behind him.

  4. As I said yesterday the 49ers gave up on this season after the game 4 loss to Arizona. Might as well give beathard his shot now and see what we have in him

    1. Some of your are totally clueless. They did not give up on the season. It was never their plan to go for wins this season from the start. This season was always just going to be used to implement their schemes and evaluate players effectiveness in that scheme. In respect to Hyde they have come to a conclusion that he does not fit into their future plans. His unsuitability has often been articulated by Grant and other posters.

      1. “It was never their plan to go for wins this season from the start.”

        Oh great, another conspiracy theory. Why did they sign Dumervile? I doubt he is in their long term plans. They could have used his roster spot to evaluate players (Armstead, Lynch, Thomas,and Pita) effectiveness in that scheme.

      1. No! Hoyer still has a role to play this season although when Breakhard becomes more adept in the offense he might lose his spot. They will get nothing for him and they still need him for depth at least for this season.

    1. Reid when healthy, is expected to split reps with Tartt. Bow had to share reps and now he is gone. Hyde had to share reps and he is on the block.

  5. The Niners have more than Brieda and Mostert behind him this year. They signed the rookie Jeremy McNicolls from Boise State to the practice squad after he was cut by Tampa Bay and cleared waivers.

  6. The word on the street was Hyde was getting shuffled off to Buffalo. I’ve seen enough of him in this offense, and agree with Grant. I never bought into that BS that most did about Lynch trying to resign him. That was laughable….

  7. 0-5, and my favorite players gone… I’m officially done with my Lynch Shanahan honeymoon. And at this point I’m pretty close to being done with the 9ers altogether, too much pain and no fun for too long.

    1. there’s a real fan for ya…”too much pain” boo hoo hoo….”I’m close to being done with the 9ers altogether” oh say it ain’t so….

      Get a grip, and hope that 9ers return to glory while we’re all around to see it…

    2. The season is over. Now just looking for improvement with the young guys. I’m going to spend the rest of my season enjoying Reuben Foster….And Pierre Garçon. As with Isaac BRUCE, it’s a rare (for the 9ers) to watch a great receiver work his magic albeit in his twilight years on a bad team.

      1. Anyone who was objective would have recognize that this season was never about wins and loses, but just a time gap to evaluated existing players. The fact that they are in a getting rid of vets sort of signals the end of that phase of the rebuilding plan.

    3. BRIAN: Grow a pair, child. You are the perfect example of today’s 49er “fan” as compared to the 49er Faithful. Today’s snowflake. This is how a team is built.

  8. Call me crazy, but I still believe Joe Williams is the future back for this team. I actually liked the IR designation because it saves Williams for next season. I was big on Williams coming out of Utah and nothing has changed my opinion of that. He is a perfect fit for Shanahan’s offense and he’s more of an every down back then Breida

    1. ok, you’re crazy…
      But seriously folks…I agree– Williams, Brieda, Mostert, McNicolls,etc.– KS’ putting together a stable of fast smaller backs…multiple speedsters– along with Kittle, Bolden, Hikutini, and Garcon–not a speedster- chain mover on possession routes, etc.- this could be a very dynamic offense someday, next year…just have to see who’s gonna distribute the ball…CJ?

    2. You are crazy. Joe Williams is afflicted with fumblitis. He did so well at Utah because he had a good O line to run behind. Like McCaffrey at Carolina, JW will find the pros to be a lot harder than college.

  9. Until Breida shows he can handle 15-25 carries a game, you don’t trade Hyde.
    As soon as the offense establishes a successor like they did for Bowman, you keep Hyde.

    1. Why do you keep Hyde if this season is geared towards next season? You might be able to get value via draft picks or even a position player who will fit into the future plans as well as the present. They never kept Hyde because of what he would contribute this season rather only to evaluate his potential value to the team. Why keep Hyde if they are focused on the future and his value in that respect is more as a trade chip than production.

      Prime you might have abilities when it comes to evaluating individual players, but in respect to the concept of a long term rebuild you seem to be clueless. That was the mistake they made in hiring Trent. He was a scout who focused on detail and metrics but was incapable of seeing the big picture. Why do you think I posted as early as the 2013 season that he was going to ruin this franchise?

  10. If he gets traded, he gets traded. For God’s sake, they traded Joe Montana. If you can trade Joe Montana, you can trade anyone.

    As for me, I’m a fan of the team. Players, love-them or hate-them, come and go. But the team remains.

    1. It’s the timing of these releases that’s troubling.
      Of course anyone is tradeable but at the end of the day we as fans need some semblance of a decent product.
      You start trading and releasing your best players mid season, as a paying fan it’s a kick in the nuts!

      1. So Bowman and Hyde are the teams best players? The fact that you might believe that speaks to how long it takes you to re-evaluate a changing landscape. By the time you recognize it- it’s too late. Stick with your micro speculative methodology.

  11. Watching the Idaho game and scouting Linehan, QB, and Duckworth, RB. Duckworth looks like a natural for Shanny’s outside zone. Surprisingly, App St. has some really good looking man to man corners. Something to keep an eye on….

    1. Rudolph (Oklahoma State) is 11/18 for 318 yards and 2 TDs. Baker Mayfield threw his first pick of the year, but Oklahoma is still beating Texas in the Red River Showdown. Rosen hasn’t played today.

      Those, btw, are the three QBs I like.

      Rosen is probably the most ‘Peyton Manning’ like.
      Rudolph is the most ‘upside’ QB and is very well developed in the menta/technical aspects for a spread QB.
      Mayfield is Jeff Garcia type. He’s not going to wow you with his arm, but he’s a really smart player who really gets it on the field.

  12. Hyde is scheduled to be a free agent next year. He’s most valuable for contenders that could use a running back. What teams fit this description?

    “Received and made calls” could be exactly that. I wonder if there were solid offers.

    1. “Received and made calls”

      The same in my fantasy league where everyone wants a stud but only willing to give up a goat.

      1. It truly is so annoying, trades never happen in my league bc everyone just sees their side of it, and when someone sends a trade (even if it is fair) they start thinking someone is trying to pull one over on them and send the most ridiculous counter offer back.

  13. Linehan with a perfect throw for TD in the redzone with a guy draped all over him. He looks good, guys!

  14. Hyde could’nt stay healthy worth a lick anyway. He will probably end up in Seattle. They are always getting our cuts. How about that RB from Penn State in next years draft?

    1. I like it Barkley is the explosive playmaker we need in the backfield. I don’t think you can draft him to high despite being a running back

  15. All we need is for them to trade/ release Aaron Lynch as well and Grant’s predictions about the roster will be looking pretty darn good!

    1. His assessments look good. His actual predictions were that Bow, Hyde, and Lynch would be gone before the season.

      I predicted Reid would get cut or traded before the season, now every vet is on the trade block. If Reid does get traded, I won’t (and shouldn’t) declare victory.

      I think KS thought he had a chance of making the playoffs this year. He knows that isn’t possible now, so all the vets could be traded. That wasn’t the case until this week.

      1. an alternate take on the hope of making playoffs — KS & JL intended to tear down the team during camp, and were prevented by the York factor–
        –Jed wanted to keep the “good vets” and make KS find ways for them to stay…on team, keeping ticket sales afloat this season….Hmmmmm?
        as pitiful as game attendance has been- imagine what it’d be like without Bow, Reid, Lynch, & Hyde???? Jersey sales, etc.???

        1. “–Jed wanted to keep the “good vets” and make KS find ways for them to stay…on team, keeping ticket sales afloat this season….Hmmmmm?”

          Then York would still be preventing them from shopping their vets. And he would have prevented them from cutting Brooks.

          1. as season went on KS could prove some older vets wouldn’t work– Jed wouldn’t accept KS’ opinion before season, but during the 0-5 skid…KS’ judgement would win out– Dial, McD, Brooks, Kerley, Bow, etc.
            some were booted just at end of preseason, some not till now- but if York’s truly stayed out of it- these guys would not have been here prior to Panthers game.

            1. “Jed wouldn’t accept KS’ opinion before season,”

              Then why did York hire KS?

              “but if York’s truly stayed out of it- these guys would not have been here prior to Panthers game.”

              That’s a big claim. Any facts to back it up?

              1. –NFL owners never interfere their their new GM’s and HC’s plans? You make this claim of Jed’s hands off approach with KS, after Jed and his family’s past of NFL dysfunction and shame??
                — any proof of your contention that KS truly thought the mix of old and new players learning new systems could pull of even a wild card? really?

                — York needs the baalke beat out of him…

              2. Last time I checked, Lynch had control of the roster and Shanny had control of the depth chart. If York is meddling, we will know eventually because Kyle, like Mike, won’t stay quiet.

              3. It might be more of a “bone’ that Shanahan threw the fans rather than York. He also might have felt that some of the vets deserved a chance to prove they could function in the system .What they have always stated is that they want to keep as many options open as possible. Keeping productive vets around longer would fit that scenario.

          2. Dude, there’s not any point in arguing with this. Their logic is recursive and flawed as it’s just driven by an overwhelming hatred and out-of-control imagination.

          1. I did claim the opinion was an “alternative take”– thanks for classifying it as “puerile, tedious fiction” as you’re the arbiter of the validity of opinions today– how very “Seb-like” of you…
            I’ll make sure to keep my imagination in check for you…. NOT

            1. tjf, I must say, you are hitting close to home about Jed. Too bad JL and KS seem to be the decision makers this season, and I wonder if they have considered the ramifications of cutting a former all pro and well liked player by the fans and team mates.
              Yes, this is a cut throat business, but Chip learned the hard way about dealing with human resources and people skills. I hope the team does not implode, and no player will develop loyalty to a FO that treats the players like they are a piece of meat, and thrown away like a piece of trash. Well at least they did not cut him on the team bus.
              I gotta laugh. Posters treating you like they treat me. Now you know how your posts against me, appear to me. Glad you are sticking up for yourself, but maybe you could learn, and temper your screeds in the future.
              I, too, have a vivid imagination, and no, I will not curb my enthusiasm for the likes of you.

        2. Jed is no longer running the 49ers, he is just the face. His mommy took over behind the scenes.

        3. You sound like our very own jester tjf. Hope you haven’t contracted the disease. One thing is none of us know what goes on in the FO. It’s all conjecture.

          1. conjecture indeed…as is most of what’s posted on this site…Sebfluenza? no…haven’t had the irrational urge to fling anything sidearm… I do have a “healthy skepticism of/blind rage against” the York’s tho’ — going back to the Donahue days… hasn’t quite gotten to the level of the “Baalke Anxiety” that some (ahem) posters seem to have…
            and I really hope you’re right about KS & JL having all the pull when it comes to the roster…

            1. Oh, I wouldn’t go that far, I have long stated that the Yorks will find a way to ruin this team.

      2. GC also said Hyde would be benched and replaced by Williams because he didn’t fit the scheme. He’s 8th overall in the league and averaging 4.5 a carry. Predicting players will be gone or benched is not hard especially when they are hold over players from a different regime. If KS comes out and says he got rid of Hyde because he didn’t fit the scheme, feel free to give GC props.

        1. Niner realist—If you are truly attempting to be a “realist” and objective, Hydes stats were skewered a bit by his two long runs in the Seattle game that came because of the huge holes he had to run through. Take away those runs and then see what is average is. I is also a fact that even counting those two huge runs Breida still had a higher run per carry average than Hyde that game.

          Grant made that prediction based on reason and logic.

  16. Keep an eye on DT Kendrick Norton from The U. And yes, Ken Norton Jr is his father. And yes, his grandfather beat Ali. This guy has good genes and a good game.

    1. I like Vita Vea, NT for the Huskies, but the Niners should go for McGlinchey or Orlando Brown. Connor Williams was another top prospect until he hurt his knee. With Staley getting older, they need O line upgrades.

        1. I don’t know…maybe it’s time we tried one from somewhere other than the Pac 12.

  17. Whether they trade Hyde or not, this probably means they won’t extend him. That in itself is an interesting development.

    1. That is not an interesting development, rather it has always been the likely probability from the start. It was just that you just could not see it coming.

  18. 49ers averaged 3.9 yards per play with Hyde on the field, and 7.6 yards per play with Breida on the field vs. Colts.

    1. Small sample size. The 49ers averaged 4.5 with Hyde and 4.0 with Brieda in rushing. What happened on passing is pretty ****ing irrelevant. Hoyer was crap the first three quarters and good in the 4th. It’s been his pattern ALL year.

      Reverse the rolls and you probably get the same results.

      1. Good point Moses.

        Let’s see how Breida does tomorrow against an 8 man front, like Hyde has faced for most of the year. And before Grant gets even more cocky, he predicted Hyde would be gone BEFORE the season. He also predicted Joe Williams would be starting. But before his injury, Williams was behind Hyde, Breida, and Mostert.

      2. Moses- Hydes stats were inflated by those two big runs he had against Seattle. Yards that came not because of his slick moves or broken tackles but unobstructed space to run through. In fact even figuring in those two big gains Brieda still averaged more ypc than Hyde did in that game.

        Breida had far fewer carries that Hyde and the eye test will tell you that he had far fewer opportunities for long runs. If Breida had the hole that Hyde was given on his 61 yarder he would not have been caught from behind and would have scored. That is a fact. When it comes to utilizing holes ( sans the broken tackle factor ) the faster player is always more effective. What also needs to be remembered is that they had Hyde lose weight to increase his quickness and suitability for this offense and that certainly effected his strength and ability to break tackles. I am also sure it didn’t help his durability any either.

  19. Even after last weeks struggles Hyde is 8th overall in rushing. The offense will not be better without him and the only reason they are likely considering doing this is because they possibly couldn’t agree on an extension which was rumored to be on the table last week. There is also the fact they are 0-5 and are now going to start churning and giving multiple players playing time.

    Same thing happened with Bowman who was their leading tackler. He’s only a two down player at this point of his career and he wants to be on the field full time. Good luck to him he was a great Niner.

  20. Cards gave the Saints a 6th for a wore out past his prime AP, Hyde should be able to garner a 5th even if he is a FA end of season & Packers is a perfect landing spot

    1. Hyde has more value to another team than he has to the Niners. It will depend on if a contender who believes that he can help them this year is available. His expiring contract would be an advantage for a team that wants a one year rental, but a disadvantage if the team is looking for a long term players. If they want any return for him they need to trade him now. I also feel he will probably not get the same kind of consideration that they afforded Bowman.

    1. Grant just did not allow fan crushes to influence his objectivity in respect to the probable moves that the team would make in respect to their rebuild.

      1. OTOH, he lets his own biases influence. Williams was supposed to be the one who replaced Hyde and whenever he did the slightest thing right, we got a LOT of column inches. Yet Williams was the worst of the four RBs (Hyde, Breida, Mostert, Williams) and without that ‘college injury’ that somehow passed all the physicals he ended up on IR…

  21. I’m curious now that you are on a winning streak, what was your prediction for the season Grant?

  22. I’m baaaaaaaaack,
    I was evacuated so I moved in with my brother then last night we were evacuated at 4:00 AM so I came back home. So far my bro’s house seems safe, my sister lost her home Monday morning, about 10 of my students lost there homes as well as at least 3 of our staff. People don’t think of us norcali folks as tough but we are some rugged sob”s. Hey 9ers how bout a win for all of us Sonoma/Napa/ folks it would certainly help all of our mental outlooks.

    1. Glad to hear you’re ok, and sorry to hear your sister lost her home. All you rugged “SOB’s” are in my prayers….

    2. Old Coach. welcome back! I’ve been mostly gone too.

      Northern Californians are “Sleeper Tough” (like a car can be a “sleeper car”). I really feel for your sister, students and coworkers.

      My younger brother lost his place just off Thomas Lake Harris Dr. in Fountain Grove. Fled the flames barefoot, carrying his pet rabbit. Lost his possessions (shoes, wallet, cell phone in the house) and his home accounting office (+ client info). But his wife was in Sacramento and he made it out alive. Thanks to the cop that scooped him up off the curbside.

      Oh, and he was in the same crazy ticket line (wild party) for the 81 playoff game vs NY Giants that you and I were, waiting three freezing nights for those endzone seats. The Sleeper Tough! Another thing we have in common.

    3. My brother and sister in law are ok they live in Santa Rosa but they have many friends that have lost homes, my niece is in a class with 25 students and 21 of those students have lost homes, no words can do justice sad that so many have lost their lives, glad you and your sister are alive.

    4. Oldcoach,
      Good to hear that you are doing well. It’s been unbelievable to see the devastation in the north bay.
      God’ speed to you and all those effected by this tragedy.

  23. Hyde will not be traded, because Breida is only 190 lbs, and will not survive being the bell cow. If Breida went down, who would they have to replace him?
    I like 1000 (-12 )yard running backs. Hyde is just not being utilized properly. If anything, they should play to his strengths and showcase him. KS should not force players to fit his system, he should fit his system to the players. That is called being adaptive and flexible. Being stubborn and rigid just results in 0-5 teams.

    1. This is the most important game of Hyde’s season and career and he has Breida breathing down his neck. He is beyond highly motivated. We will see his full potential tomorrow, whatever that might be.

    2. Seb— Get it through your thick skull that Shanahan/Lynch have their own plan. They are not going to follow yours. Their plan is not about adjusting to the strengths of the players they have, but to see how well the players they have will fit into their system. That is their plan for this season period. They do not believe in making quick fixes but building a team for long term success. Your idea’s are based on “a quick fix win now ” scenario. They, not you are running the team. They need to be given an opportunity to let their plan play itself out before making the type of criticisms that some people insist on posting. If you want to show your smarts why not explain why their plan will not work. They stated from the word go what they were going to do and they are doing what they stated.

      All your suggestions are based on you having a different directional perspective for this team. You are focused on short term success, while they are focusing on the long term. They are not going to change their plan so why do you not make your suggestions in respect to what might work in concert with their long term agenda rather than expecting them to do a 180 . Can you even comprehend long term?

      1. Will, if they were 5-0, they would get my undivided attention and support.
        However, they are 0-5, and prognosticators are penciling them in at 0-6.
        Why do you say that I am only looking short term? In the long run, the best way to change the culture is to start winning. Cleveland is a perennial loser, and the Niners are headed that way.
        Being 0-5, they are not gods and above reproach. At 0-5, they need to change, and need all the help they can get.
        You think KS is the OC who ran roughshod over the Patriots in the first half. I look at the whole game, and KS imploded during the second half. If only he had run the ball, he would have won a SB. Instead, he dials up a pass play, and Ryan gets sacked so they are out of field goal range.
        Sure, they are running the team, but right now, they are running it into the ground. Sounds like they are following in Jed’s footsteps, and want to be rewarded with a high draft position. Personally, I want the Niners to draft last every year. That is the difference between me and them.
        They, by not signing Kaep, are just being content to lose, and their assessment of Hoyer, and undying support for him, just smacks of incompetency and cluelessness. If they signed Kaep, he may be the long term solution to their QB woes, so they do not have to spend their first round draft pick on a QB. They might even be forced to bundle picks to move up to get the QB they covet. With Kaep, they could spend those 5 picks in the first 3 rounds rebuilding the offense while also drafting a CB.
        The sign of a good coach is for him to take whatever players he has, and forge them into a cohesive unit that win games. A good coach accentuates their strengths and disguises their weaknesses. A good coach utilizes their skillsets properly. KS is deluding himself to think Hoyer, who was handed the job with little competition, is the right QB to lead the Niners to the playoffs. Kaep, on the other hand, was the last Niner QB to lead them to the SB.
        I want KS to make quick assessments and sound adjustments. I want KS to be innovative, clever, unpredictable and flexible. So far, I have seen little of that.
        No, they are not doing what they stated. The declared that they wanted to install a winning culture. So far, they are losers.
        JL needs to be honest, and keep his word.He stated that he was going to constantly try to improve the QB position. So far, nothing.

            1. Myself, I like the Seb that gets to the point in one sentance than the one that takes 20 paragraphs. Maybe you should troll him.

      2. Will, if they are focusing on the long term, why are they starting Hoyer?
        Even you must admit that Hoyer is not in their long term plans.

  24. Niners will only trade Hyde if they think Jeremy McNichols can tote the rock. Too bad the Bucs screamed at him and destroyed his confidence. I like JM, and had him in many of my mocks, along with D’onta Foreman, but getting cut from a team does not instill any confidence in him for me. Maybe he needs to sit, study hard, and work hard to gain strength and muscle.

    1. RB’s seem to always do better once they leave the Bucs. I don’t think their system brings out the best in their RB’s. Blount certainly did much better after he hooked up with another team.

  25. Grant, if you had a humble bone in your body and were capable of admitting when you are wrong, you probably wouldn’t have to self promote in order for people to acknowledge when you are right. “…as I have been writing since June…” makes you sound like a spoiled, petulant little kid, and takes away from anything good you might otherwise have to say.

  26. All I know is Kap would have this team at 5-0 with his ability to put his foot in the ground and run 102 yards

    Kap is an elite talent and if the Niners want to win they should sign him

    Go Niners….

      1. I think he is better than the original, at least he keeps the post short – easier to scroll past:).

        1. I would not mind, but he keeps parroting things that are not true. I do not think Kaep would have made this team 5-0.
          4-1, maybe…..;p

  27. Hyde, and every other veteran is on the trade block. Hyde is a thousand(-12) yard rusher, and they do not just grow on trees. Even if Hyde does not exactly fit KS’s system, it would behoove the Niners to play him to showcase his talents.
    That means playing to Hyde’s strengths. Line him up deep in the I and let him build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage. Do not pitch the ball to him. Instead of making him block. allow him to move to an open spot and let him be a safety valve outlet pass in the flat. Niners should, at times, use Hyde as a pass catcher, because he can create mismatches.
    Hyde is not ideal because of his propensity to get injured, but I am glad that he has stopped struggling for every inch, allowing the defense to stand him up and get gang tackled so he loses the ball. Against the Cards, he fell to the ground, and got a knee down before they could strip him of the ball.
    I hope they keep Hyde, and sign him to a long term contract. Unlike Bowman, who has Foster to supplant him, Hyde does not have a replacement. Yes, Breida is a good change of pace back, like Kendall Hunter, but he will get beaten up if asked to carry the ball 25 times per game. Breida talks a good game when it comes to blocking, but when pass rushers out weigh him by 65 lbs, this rookie will get a hard lesson on blocking in the NFL.

    1. Gore was injured, and failed to complete, 6 of his first 7 seasons. Were you beating this drum from 2005 through 2011?

      Bottom-line is that running backs miss games. Before the concussion rule, there was a 50/50 chance an NFL starting running back woulld miss at least one start a year. And now with the concussion rule, it’s even higher though I’m not sure where it is stabilizing. Last year’s list of start/game missing RBs (just Top-20 rushers, the ones most likely to have NOT missed a game/start):




      That’s 12/20 (60%). And if we got top-25, every back from 21-through-25 missed games/starts. Making it 17 of 25 (68%).

      But lacking perspective, you people whine about ‘injury prone’ and ‘missing games.’ (I didn’t include Bell because I think his 4-games missed was a suspension.) Just get over it. Move on. Find something realistic to concern yourself with instead of an opinion based on your lack of perspective rather than reality.

      1. Moses, just keeping it real. Injuries do happen. They need to be a factor in any long term considerations. Glad to see Hyde play low to the ground and run out of bounds so he reduces the chance for more injuries.
        I love Frank Gore. Think he is a Hall of Famer. Frank Gore had to endure those losing seasons, and did it without a whisper of complaint. Frank Gore was the best player on the Niners for years.
        Frank Gore was the heart and soul of the Niner offense, and I detested Baalke for insulting Frank Gore with that puny contract. The Niners need to learn to retain veteran leadership. Cutting Bowman so unceremoniously was not a good move. It could have been done in a way better manner.
        I hope Frank Gore could be traded to the Niners. Maybe offer Mostert and Lynch, or Mostert and Beadles for Frank Gore. Frank Gore, playing in tandem with Hyde and Breida, could help the Niners win games. Frank Gore could teach the Niners how to win. Then Frank Gore could go into the Hall of Fame as a Niner.

  28. Maybe some team will pick up Kaep and Hyde. Package deal, play them together.

    That team’s marketing tagline will become “Commitment to Mediocrity”.

  29. Wow. Sam Darnold did NOT throw a pick yesterday. Still think he needs to go back to school next year because despite the INT-less outing, he wasn’t very sharp against a good Utah defense.

  30. Would really like to know what the actual strategic thinking was releasing the teams leading tackler, now being courted by countless teams. What was it? Was he that bad on the field? Was he a cancer in the locker room? Was it wanting to give the other young LB’s the maximum snaps in order to evaluate them or move them along as fast as possible?

    And now the Hyde trade talk. Shanny saying Brieda and Carlos are equal? Come on.. I really don’t get it. I guess I will get it more if Brieda is as productive as Hyde or the young LB’s come in and play better than the Bowman anchored Defense..

    1. Bowman was a leader, and he does have some value, but he has lost a step and he is too expensive at his present salary. Niners let emotions get in their way, but clearing out more cap space is making Jed happy because he can pocket the excess. Too bad the empty mausoleum will lower his profits.
      Bowman may go to a team that has SB aspirations, so he will land well, and I wish him Godspeed.
      Niners are just being the Niners, The stench of Baalke still lingers.

  31. I like breida ,Hyde combo .
    Definitely see more of the younger guys getting there shot .

    Bow , I will miss , ty for the memories ,

    Trading Hyde ,,,, to who? And for what .?

    Got to see it , what team , guess he’s making it his team .

  32. Sigh, the Niners are Baalking it up again. Rumors and leaks are just more Paraag shenanigans.
    Now we have the Niners denying that they are shopping Hyde. Too bad Paraag and his MO is spreading leaks and smears, and too bad it is NOT the way JL should be conducting business.
    Sure, EVERY team should be considering trading vets IF the price is right, but on many teams, they value their players and never would stab them in the back because that just destroys all loyalty and trust. When players are treated like a piece of meat, they play like a piece of meat. Yes, the Niners are in a full rebuild mode, so trading away vets like Aaron Lynch or Staley may be logical to assume to be possibilities, but doing a whisper campaign is the very last thing they should do.
    Niners just cut Bowman, who was very popular on the team. Wonder how that is enhancing the locker room dynamics. Then they spill the beans about what Bow and his agent said, when most teams would have kept all that in house.
    Now we have the Saints rumor, which makes sense because they are desperate. Breeze does not have any more time, and they want to win now. Guess they also inquired about Hyde because they got rid of AP.
    Glad to hear the Niners are denying the leaks and trade rumors about Hyde. Now he knows how Kaep felt. If the Niners are going to change the culture, they need to change their attitude. The Niners would have to be brain dead to trade away a thousand yard veteran RB with only a small, unproven rookie to replace him.
    Hyde, who they say ran for only 11 yards last game, is injury prone, and a bad fit for a KS system, is the wrong way to do business. The Niners should showcase him and let him gain 100 yards, not worry about injuries, and play to his strengths. Then they may enhance his trade value, and get something for him, rather than denigrating him and getting very little.
    However, the Niners should get decent offensive linemen, and re-sign Hyde long term, because Hyde helped lead the Niners to be 4th in rushing last year. He was basically one of the only good things about the team last season. Of course, Kaep also helped gain first downs and yardage with his legs.
    The Niners are going emo, when they should be acting with class. Some day, they will learn.

    1. \


      It seems as though all of our resident ‘Oracles’ are off base today….WHAT ? TRADE Shannahan…?

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