Report: 49ers to sign QB Matt Barkley

The 49ers just signed a second quarterback.

Matt Barkley played well at times last season while throwing to bad wide receivers who dropped a lot of his passes. He played particularly well against the 49ers and the Packers. This is a decent signing.

Do you think there’s a chance Barkley will beat out Brian Hoyer for the starting job? And do you think it’s possible the 49ers won’t draft a quarterback this year? Most teams keep only two quarterbacks on their rosters.

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  1. No I think they want 3 QB’s. So they will draft one. Honestly, they could have done a lot worse than Hoyer and Barkley. Both are better than what we had. I just was not a fan of Kaepernick.

      1. This seems to indicate that the odds of Kaep coming back is almost diminished entirely. It also seems to eliminate Cousins coming here this year as well. As has been stated they will draft a QB ( but not in the first round ) to develop. Of course it depends on Barkleys contract.It might be structured so he is just an insurance in case they don’t get anyone else. They could bring in some vets to compete even if it is as bridge QB’s. They could pick the best and cut the rest. They have enough cap to take a small hit for one year.

  2. I don’t remember who on this board was really wanting this… anyways decent pick up.

    What’s funny is Barkley is my starter on Madden 16, he’s pretty good in the game at least.

    1. Jack Hammer and #80

      I agree with both of you…the Cousins deal is dead… and with Hoyer and Barkley on board, we’re gonna’ draft Trubiskey to school

    1. Rob Rang on Barkley when he came out:

      ROB RANG’S FINAL 2013 NFL DRAFT BIG BOARD: 18. Matt Barkley, QB, Southern Cal: Barkley wasn’t dynamic at his March 27 Pro Day but in completing 55 of 62 passes, he answered any concerns about the health of his shoulder and might have eased doubts about his arm talent, overall. The USC quarterback might lack eye-popping measureables but he possesses the best combination of the three traits I’ve found to be the greatest indicator future success in the NFL — accuracy, awareness and anticipation. – Rob Rang,

  3. So…since Shannahan and Lynch have come into power, by my calculations, the team has signed 2 Qb’s, 5 Wr’s (including Kerley ), a Te, a Fb, a Cb, a Dl, and a Lb. AT THIS POINT, I have two observations. First, how many of these players will b here in say the third year? The Fb? These maybe one of the wide outs, but which one? Unless one (some) of these players just really thrive in this system, this current group r mostly teachers and place holders. Second observation is the draft will be slightly heavy on the defensive side of the ball, which is the strength of the draft anyway. Lynch said that they do not want to go to the draft looking to fill certain positions. They are on their way.

  4. The 49ers will draft a quarterback this year. The 49ers will invest in day three developmental quarterbacks in most drafts Shanahan’s involved in. Replace ACLs with DQBs rounds 3-7.

    The 49ers will have at least 4 quarterbacks in camp. Carry 3. 3 on the roster or 2 on the roster, 1 on PS.

    1. They really should sign Cutler now though, to complete the ex-Bears QB triumvirate. Then the Bears should sign Kaep, Gabbert and Ponder.

      1. No one seems to want KP7. I think he might be out of the game permanently. there are enough QBs in the draft or available that KP7 might have made the wrong move by opting out.

        1. I think he’ll land somewhere, based on consensus of the tv talking heads, but I saw him value ranked in a group with Mark Sanchez.

  5. It depends on the draft board. heck what if one of these higher rated QBs are there in the 3rd… They may want to get a guy for potential… I suspect they may even go into camp with 4 QBs and release one. I can see drafting a deep QB then picking up scraps after the draft such as an undrafted player or a released player. If someone shows promise, then they can trade and/or cut one of these two…3 other guys.

    Basically, get as much talent as possible and let the best man win.

  6. What a first day of FA! More signings than all of Baalke’s first-day signings put together. I see Shanalynch filling pretty much all the holes and then going mostly BPA in the draft, esp. in the first 3 rounds.

  7. 1. It is possible, but so is a rookie QB winning the starting role.
    2. I would be surprised if they chose not to draft a QB.

    On a separate note, that is now nine free agents the 49ers have signed.

  8. Looks like Shanalynch are after bench warmers. Don’t be fooled, besides Juszcyck, Garçon, and Hoyer, the rest are backups. Meanwhile, high quality players like Andrew Whitworth, Reiff, and Kalil are being snapped up by other teams.

    1. You call them bench warmers Nick, I’ll call them role players who add much needed depth, especially on offense.

      Make no mistake, the 49ers were bereft of talent, and depth, and are aggressively filling needs with familiar players. It’s a strategy that could drastically speed up the process of going from irrelavent, to respectable, to competitive.

      IMO, the 49ers are winning FA right now,. However winning FA doesn’t always translate to an improved W-L record, so we’ll see how it all pans out.

      My gut tells me the 49ers have already made significant improvements to their roster and we are less than 24 hours into free agency.

  9. One offensive player after another, after another. And there seems to be a common thread ……. 2 year deals for a lot of these guys. The idea is to buy a short term prototype roster with players who are quality players familiar with Shanny’s offense now, while they are loaded with cash, and then use it as a template to build through the draft for the future. What it means is that this year’s team will be DRASTICALLY different than last year’s roster.

    I am starting to wonder if watching the 2017 version of the 49ers will be a lot like traveling to an alternate universe where Trent Baalke & Chip Kelly were figure skaters not football junkies.

    1. Oh, and you have to think Lynch and Peters are going to take the lead heading into the draft with the 49ers draft class heavily skewed towards the defensive side of the ball.

      People always find ways to criticize, but nobody can claim the new FO and coaching regime didn’t have a concrete plan for replinishing this roster, day 1! These guys have a specific plan, and are aggressively executing that plan without hesitation.

      Of course you can’t turn half of your roster over every season. The FO will still need to build this team primarily through the draft as a long term strategy. But they are taking advantage of their current salary cap bonanza, and I am absolutely giddy about the way this is coming into focus.

  10. I hear there’s an epidemic of injured GM’s tripping over themselves trying to get to Kraeperstink. Yep, he’s gonna be unleashed and take the league “by storm”! More like a “soft drizzle”, if that. How’s the crow tasting Wally? Damn all those coaches and FO folks who ruined poor little Colon. If only they would have utilized his skill set and unleashed his potential. Tell me, are there other stars and planets in the dream world you live in?

    1. Gnomo, such impatience. One day of Free Agency, and you are still whining about Kaep.

      Guess what? many of the big name free agents like Hightower have not signed because they are sifting through all the bids.

      Looks like several teams have not settled their QB situation yet, so everything is up in the air.

      You should be grinding your teeth because both Hoyer and Barkley are inferior to Kaep, so there is a real possibility that Kaep comes back. Lynch left open that door, so you better start worrying.

  11. Great week for the team. As predicted, they would sign two free agents QB’s, both an upgrade from “old windup”. They will trade or sign one more QB and also draft one. They are working on creating a new culture. The old saying “there is no “I” in team” applies to their philosophy. No more distractions. No more selfishness. No more sideline activism. KS knows the players personally they have signed and they will be the foundation to begin the transformation. This was no accident. They have cut out the cancer. The rebuilding begins. Great week.

    1. Gnomo, maybe you did not know this, but Hoyer threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers in that KC/Texans playoff game. In fact, he threw 5 picks, so he single handedly lost that game.

      Barkley could not even supplant Cutler, so your assessment of the QBs is the thing that is devoid of reality.

  12. Oh I see, it was all Hoyer’s fault but when Kraep blows the SB with three lousy passes in a row from the 3 it’s everyone’s fault but his according to you. The play caller for calling the wrong plays, the coach for calling a time out, the receiver for telling him to throw him the ball, the beer vendor for yelling, the cheerleaders for being cheerleaders, the police for being oppressive hooligans, and anybody else you can vilify and blame for your love child’s choke. Grow up Waldorf. Lay of the Ganja. Not a good example for your children. They can smell it. Don’t be surprised if Kraeppy isn’t signed. The owners are predominantly conservative. He could be blackballed and if so it’s his own fault. You reap what you sow.

    1. Yup, they may blackball him, but some owners really want to win, and if they can stand drug users, domestic violence offenders, dog killers, drunk drivers and even child beaters, a social activist who plans on standing should not be too threatening.

      1. The only issue would be trying to cut him and people thinking it’s because of the protests if he started kneeling again. This would be a media nightmare. I doubt they want to deal with the atmosphere this might bring. Kind of like Tebow circus.

        1. I frankly believe he will no longer kneel. He made his point last season. He also does not have the safety valve of a contract to protect him. I think what ever team he should sign with probably will need assurances that he will not repeat last season. The people that pull his strings ( politically activism wise) realize that he is worthless in that respect if he does not have the opportunity to play.

          juanhunglo—- Your comments in respect to Kaeps performance in the SB on the last series are pityfull. They reflect your lack of objectivity and reveal you as a hater. Other than the concept of him still being a possible option to return ( which seems unlikely now ) it is time the Kaep haters cease with their vitriol and start looking for a different person to hate. That stuff got old long ago.

          1. willtalk…

            Don’t try to steal Seb’s vernacular! I worked hard to be the hatemonger and pedaphile-phobe on this blog, and until Seb says otherwise……..I, yes I, am the premier hater!!!!! Of all life………………(including kittens and baby seals).

      2. Kap is eliminated from certain markets because of his stand. The owners are more interested in ticket sales and a fan base than another QB problem, no matter what Kap says. It is what he has done that counts and what he has done is alienate a lot of people. It is not what he believes in that is wrong, it is the way he did it that was not appropriate.

  13. I think that Barkley will compete with Ponder in training camp for the backup job, then they will draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round for development. Either way, that second spot is basically a one year place holder until Cousins comes aboard next season (although a trade on draft day is still a looming possibility). This effectively shuts the door on a Kaep return, on any stigmata returning from the Baalke regime, all foolish nonsense to the contrary. Without any personal animosity, I speculate that it’s entirely possible Kaep goes unsigned. He doesn’t want to be a backup and he doesn’t possess the essential starter capabilities. GMs and headcoaches don’t want controversy nor resentful players on the sidelines, they’ll just pass.

    1. 49er in the Andes — That is a distinct possibility both in respect to your comments on the back up QB’s and Kaeps future.

        1. Ahh……..

          Im sorry Seb–I just like pullin your leg. I like it when you zing me as well. You can be pretty funny in a “Doctor Smith” sort of way.

  14. The Cal and ND QBs could fall to the 3rd round. If the #2 pick is traded for more draft choices, they could go for a QB in round 2. Right now with the defensive depth in this draft the buffet line is open. There are some possible starters in this draft that could be added to the OL and the LB corp. If they get lucky and get a couple of WR they could chop a lot of deadwood from the current crop and create more cap space. Draft day will be a crap shoot depending upon what Cleveland does.

  15. Well Willtalk, I and many others have pledged not to bring up Kraep anymore on this blog but the “likers” refuse to make that pledge and continue to offer ridiculous, continuous, delusional reasoning for why he is a top flight QB. Now that is not being objective. Do I hate Colon? No. Do I dislike him? Yes. Your a “liker” and I’m a “disliker”. First, I dislike him personally because I think he’s a piece of garbage. Secondly, I dislike him because I think he’s a divisive, selfish phony. Third, I think he’s an overrated mediocre QB. He didn’t drop his kneeling because he’s made his point. That’s laughable. He dropped the kneeling because his new agents instructed him to do he might have a chance of signing with someone. That’s obvious. As far as the SB, what game did you watch? Second and goal from the three he threw a low and outside ball to the sidelines that didn’t allow the receiver to turn up field. The next two passes were in uncatchable throws over Crabtrees head in the right endzone when he had open receivers in the left end zone. Choke. The “likers” can’t even bring themselves to admit even a speck of responsibility on his part. Silly.

    1. Gnomo, I did not bring his name up, and Willtalk was spot on. You hate him so much, you name call and insult ad nauseum.

      Blaming Kaep for losing the SB just shows how much you hate him. Maybe you should blame the refs for swallowing their whistles. You could even blame JH for calling a time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone. I also blame Roman for calling a brain dead first half. Only when they were way behind, did they turn Kaep loose and he made a stirring comeback, only to come up 5 yards short.

      No matter what, Kaep will get his chance, because coaches want to win too badly to sheathe a powerful weapon. Niner coaches were brain dead, when they forced Kaep to be only a pocket passer.

      I had moved on, and wished him well, but now want him to return just so the haters can get kicked in the teeth. Maybe you haters will drop the Niners and flee this site, and leave the true die hard faithful Niner fans in peace, instead of afflicting us with your hate filled diatribes.

      1. Holy Cow, Seb!!!!!!!!

        You used your favorite word “hate” 5 times in that last one!!!

        I do agree with you, tho….Roman cost them a SB win. he was Harbaugh’s achilles heel–and is now out of the league, last I heard.

    2. >>He didn’t drop his kneeling because he’s made his point. That’s laughable. He dropped the kneeling because his new agents instructed him to do he might have a chance of signing with someone. That’s obvious.

      Yeah, that’s obvious he wants to make a living. Suppose you wear a “lock her up” button because you feel really strongly about that sentiment. You wear this button to work and your manager pulls you aside and tells you to take it off. Do you? Are you a sellout if you do?

      1. Ribico,
        An even better question would be, by not wearing your lock her up button to job interviews are you a sellout. Pretty simple if you ask me.

      2. I am a big fan of Kaep, applaud his stand on social issues, and think he could have led the Niners back to the playoffs with a better supporting cast.

        However, I also thought that his protests, while freely expressing his First Amendment rights, were counter productive, and he could have achieved his goals by not angering a segment of the fan base.

        Previously, I advocated that Kaep should declare that he has made a difference, and should now stand. Sure am glad he did exactly what I wanted, and hope he channels his social activism into more productive methods. His million dollar pledge will gain him more effective results. He should start by registering to vote and participating in the election process, because he could better help effect change if he does vote.

        Haters may say that he did not make any difference at all, but that is specious, especially when everyone spent a whole week talking and debating about Police shooting of unarmed civilians. he started the debate, and police are now not so trigger happy, especially when the spotlight and phone cameras are trained on their actions. Police are receiving training in de escalating violent situations, mental health care training, non violent remedies and are now have stopped emptying their guns at suspects not shooting back. The biggest difference is that a police officer has been charged and convicted, so the blue line has been broken.

        The biggest difference to me is not seeing news about recent police shootings of unarmed civilians.

        Kaep has made an adjustment by pledging to stand. Maybe the Niner coaches should also learn to evaluate the situations and make the proper adjustments. Maybe the new coaches will do that.

        Of course, Kaep probably took the advice of his agents, but the haters diss him for kneeling, now diss him for standing, so he cannot win no matter what he does, according to his detractors.

        1. Seb–

          Having the right to do something is not the same as doing the right thing.

          If Kap were the real deal, he would give all his money to the Cuban Government, of whose untold virtues he did extoll–while wearing shirts with pictures of Stalin’s “usefull idiots”.
          Let him move there without making sure the media knows about it..and stay there. Others of his ilk have tried and always come back here.

  16. Thank you. You make my point. He has pledged to stop kneeling for financial reasons, not principle and character.

      1. Old Coach, he did have a 16-4 TD-Int ratio and a 90.7 QBR, so I will beg to differ about the crappy QB assessment.

        I think he is way superior to Hoyer, because Hoyer threw 5 picks in a pressure packed playoff game.

        I think he is way superior to Barkley because Barkley could not supplant Cutler, and Kaep is also better than Cutler,

        1. “Hoyer threw 5 picks in a pressure packed playoff game”

          True, and Kaepernick turned the ball over 3 times in the final quarter of his last playoff game.

            1. Considering that the 3 was in the final quarter of a game with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line I’ll go with that one.

              1. Your choice, but Kaep came within one pass of returning to the Super Bowl, so I will prefer Kaep.

              2. Kap is unemployed so what you prefer the NFL says, no interest!
                The league has spoken and you should just eat your crow and zip it!

            2. Since the 5 happened in a game I could care less about and the 3 happened in a game that was very important to me I would say that the 3 was worse.

    1. Even if he is in the bubble that profession athletes inhabit, Kaep lives in the real world like all of us do with our places in the economic hierarchy. To what extent would you lock him into taking his “principle and character”? As an unemployed homeless dude waving a BLM sign at passerbys?

  17. Again, it’s everyone else’s fault that they didn’t score at the end of the SB. The “likers” assign no blame to Kraep. What happened was all of his flaws as a QB came to fruition in that one moment in time. His inaccuracy, his inability to audible at the line of scrimmage, his inability to read defenses, his inability to cover the left side of the field. In his one chance to win a SB, his lack of great talent caught up with him. He’s just another losing SB QB. The only Forty Niner QB with that distinction. As for being a fan, I was going to games when most of you “likers” were doing yellow stuff in you diapers. 40 year season ticket holder. Attended 5 of the 6 SB’s. How about you?

    1. Get over it. The Niners lost. Kaep threw for over 300 yards and ran for over 50 yards in that Super Bowl. Only Joe Montana achieved that stat, too.

      Kaep could have rolled over and let Alex Smith play, but he led a furious comeback to get within 5 yards of winning it all.

      Personally, I blame the refs. 2 Ravens bear hugged Miller on that KO TD, but swallowed their whistles. Crabtree was hit in his earhole with the crown of the defender’s helmet and the refs swallowed their whistle.

      Solely blaming Kaep is just pure hate.

    2. I had season tickets since 88, witnessed the Glory Years, and lost them due to the last recession.

      I also refuse to attend a Niner game in Jed’s new mausoleum.

      You can brag about being a better fan, but at least I do not spew hate against the last starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers.

      1. Seb–
        You sound ridiculous saying that anyone who disagrees with you is full of hate. Always, without exception, its always hate this and hate that………

        You need to think out of your up-tight Berzerkly-ite frame of mind.

        1. Saw, how deliciously ironic. Haters spew venom, then when I call them on it, they accuse me of being a hater.

          Wrong, in so many ways.

          1. I have never accused you of being a hater.

            I think you bandy that word around so much, you have forgotten what it literally means.

  18. Kap’s problem is he doesn’t fit into many offenses. He is not a pocket passer so that immediately cuts his options to single digits and even then there is a lot of competition for those spots. He may get a chance as a backup somewhere, but the reality is he may be waiting for some time.

      1. The era of the dual threat QB will change the game. Pure drop back passers with no mobility will become as rare as hen’s teeth.

          1. Wilson, Rodgers, Newton, Winston, Mariota, Luck and others utilize the read option at times. It will be tweaked like the WCO, but it is here to stay, no matter your pronouncements.

              1. Prime, you said that Kaep took the league by storm.

                I am just saying that he will probably go to a team with a stout defense, quality RBs and WRs, and take the league by storm, again.

              2. You said a lot of things. None of it ever has come to fruition.

                February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
                KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

                February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
                Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

              3. I still think that KS can take Kaep and utilize him properly. You, obviously think that KS is incapable of making a QB better, even though he did it with Shaub, Hoyer and Ryan.

                I also think that after the dust settles, Kaep could still be re signed by the Niners, and that they will draft to fix the defense.

                Still think that Kaep may move on, but he may also be blackballed.

              4. You’ve got all your bases covered there. You have Kaepernick both staying and going. Reminds me of an old song…

              5. Seb, you keep forgetting one small detail.
                KS doesn’t want Kap or want to make him better.
                If he did he would not have signed Hoyer and Barks. Wake up!
                So that trumps all your Pom Poming!
                You’ve lost!

    1. Amy Trask put it succinctly. ‘You do not ask a bass to sing tenor.’

      Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

          1. Which teams? I don’t see anyone chomping to sign him?
            The only one who wants him is some retired ditch digger in California.

              1. We’ll see! No bites so far for “a SB QB who once rushed for 181 yards in a playoff game”.

      1. Nobody was asking him to be a purely pocket passer. The problem is he can’t do it period. He’s best when he’s moving around and running the ball and that just doesn’t fit into any NFL schemes as a primary part of the offense. You have to be able to threaten a defense from the pocket in this league and Kap just hasn’t been able to do it.

        1. Behind that O line of Devey, Pears and Martin, Kaep only succeeded to get injured.

          The whole idea of protecting a QB in the pocket fails when the O line collapses like a house of cards.

          Maybe it would have been better to threaten a defense with a mobile pocket, so the defenders could not tee off and rush to a spot. Forcing Kaep to not run just meant they were hobbling him. The coaches job should have been to accentuate his strengths, not expose his weaknesses.

          1. No Seb……..

            You conveniently forget…….Kap is, how shall we say………..not very good at reading Defenses.

            1. Wrong, Kaep reads defenses very well, It does not help to have a poor pass protecting O line and WRs who rank last in the league.

              It also does not help to run into the teeth of the defense.

              Luckily, Kaep used his mobility to escape the pass rush and convert third downs with his legs.

              With Kaep’s legs, the Niners ranked 4th in rushing last year.

      2. Wrong analogy, Seb.

        Abrams tanks hit what they aim at. Kap , often times, does not.

        This thing with Kap………you sound like a Nazi talking about Hitler. And that IS an accurate comparison!

        1. Saw, you went from Kaep being on the cover of Time, to mentioning Hitler was on the cover of time, to me being a Nazi sympathizer.

          That is yellow journalism and a straw man argument.

          I had hoped you would have been better than that, but guess I was wrong.

          Next you will be calling me a racist, but you should look in a mirror while you do that.

          1. Freekin Seb!!!!!!!!

            I never said you were a Nazi sympathizer!!! I said you worship
            Kap LIKE a Nazi did Hitler! Which you do!

            You have had one too many bottles of wine, one too many cigarettes!!

              1. Niice try, Seb!!! A very nice try!!!!

                And you do sound like a Nazi talking about Hitler! But I never said you are a Nazi! Sounding like one and being like one can be mutually exclusive!!!

                Nice try, tho, on painting yourself like a victim!!

                Still too much wine, too many cigs!!

              2. Saw, you are truly a piece of work.Whenever you even mention the name of Hitler, you are going off the deep end.

                I am a victim of your calumny. You should really be ashamed of yourself, if you are capable of shame.

                By calling me a Nazi, or sounding like a Nazi, you are guilty of promulgating Nazi propaganda. The incessant lies, and projecting your own vices upon others.

                Please stop using Nazi tactics, and stop acting like a racist Nazi.

        1. All right then, Seb-ster………..

          You got me!! You have found me out!!
          But I’ll tell you one thing which isn’t two things……….with just a little more help from my good friend LEX LUTHOR!!!!!!!!!….we will indeed come up with the toxin that will destroy all of the squid on the Sonoma Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          And no power can stop us………..

  19. Look Waldorf, I don’t claim to be a better fan anybody. I do claim to be just as much of a fan as anybody. We’ll have to agree to disagree about your boy. I think you painted yourself into a corner defending Jim and would even sound more ridiculous if your turned tables on him. I do admire the fact that you’ll go down with the ship. I’ll again make a proposal to this blog never to mention his name again unless the Niners re-sign him. Starting now. Are you game? Have you really moved on? We’ll see.

    1. Gnomo, thank you for the opportunity to allow me to post about Kaep.

      I have moved on, only your screed necessitated a response.

      I am wondering who who be the next player signed by Lynch, but you were the one bringing up his name and dissing him for losing the SB single handedly.

      I agree it is time to move forward, but I will continue to defend Kaep, so the best way to do that is for you to stop attacking him.

      Now that the Texans bailed on Osweiler, it sure looks like they will pick up Romo. That leaves the Broncos with QB decisions, and since Elway expressed interest before, Kaep may be in the mix.

      I wonder what the Jets are thinking. Do not think that Kaep would be a good fit there, but anything is possible. Bears, with Glennon, will probably now go defense, so the drafting of QBs in the first round is up in the air.

      I am hoping and praying that the Niners grab Hightower, so his loss will weaken the Pats. Zach Brown would also be good pickup.
      if the Niners could grab Hightower or Brown, they could trade back and get more second round picks, and possibly get Jabril Peppers with their first round pick.

  20. Definitely love Hightower. Hope they snatch him. I think CK’s best realistick chance is with Seattle as Russell’s backup. Read option. Familiar with the division. Jets are out I believe. The owner has publicly stated never never never in his words. Denver, possibly as a backup also. Probably his best option because he would my best out Wilson but maybe stands a chance of competing against their QB’s for a starting job.

  21. I actually thought for a minute we would be set free from having to argue Kap anymore. He’s gone, and I don’t care if the door is left open. Even if he shaves his head and stands on it during the anthem; he’s not coming back.

    I’m not yet giving up on Cousins even for 2017.

    And I don’t agree with the idea that the Niners will automatically suck this year. I suspect Shannylynch intends to be competitive even though there will still be some roster holes. I don’t think they’re here to field a sucky team.

    I don’t mind any of these signings so far. They’re not going to keep any promising young players down; when the the team GETS promising young players, said pyps will force their way into the lineup sooner than later.

  22. Barkley impresses me as a cagey young QB somewhat akin to Chad Pennington. I will be watching his development with a certain degree of interest. As an aside, after years of false starts I am looking forward to properly run pass routes at all levels integrated appropriately with a pro running attack. It will be refreshing to witness a true passing game designed to work from a pocket.

  23. Hey, Kabong…

    Substantiate your accusation with hard facts..”You Kap haters are for the most part racist turds”. Look up the definition of “fact”–now back it up.

    1. Why can’t we be haters? Kap clearly wanted to fester hate by challenging the flag. If he played like Rodgers, I would have thought his protest was creative….but he played like a scrub so had no damn business rubbing his views in our faces… yes there’s a bit of hate out there. That’s why the vast majority say very good riddance….

      1. Kaep did not want to fester hate, he wanted to foster enlightenment, and protested to promote social justice. Conversely, the haters attack Kaep, seemingly wanting to ignore the problem, and let the injustices to continue. They attack the messenger because they have latent hostilities, and want to suppress dissent.

        1. Why are we bringing this up constantly? If you did respond it wouldn’t continue. People are mainly frustrated that our team sucked and as the qb he takes a large part of the responsibility.

          1. Why do I bring this up constantly? Because they bring it up constantly, even if I ignore them.

            Kaep may have been part of the problem, but the defense is what sucked so badly. The defense was so bad, they set new records in futility.

            Most of all, I blame Baalke for sucking at free agency, and his ACL strategy in the draft was a spectacular failure. Baalke intentionally did not spend 46 mil, so the team had 46 mil less talent than other teams.

            Blame Baalke and the defense before you blame Kaep. The coaches deserve some of the blame, too since they were incapable of making a second half adjustment.

            Deriding Kaep and making him solely responsible for a 2-14 record is churlish since he did not start for the first 5 games.

        2. OK, Seb…
          By that very same logic, you squabble with everyone because you “have latent hostilities”.

          Seb, your not Freud………..

          1. Saw, I would be happy to talk about the combine and the draft.

            I also can talk calmly and respectfully over a myriad of subjects.

            You, and many others, however, seem to think they can attack me with no pushback. Wrong. I have every right to defend myself, and if you want me to go on the attack, I could do that, but have refrained because some posters begged me not to.

            The latent hostilities comes from you and your ilk.

        3. Kap is going to enlighten people????


          So we don’t go to the Bible, or Buddha, or Zen, or the Quuaran or any well-known and accepted font of wisdom or knowledge……we go to Kap.

          When did you graduate from Berkeley, Seb?

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