Report: 49ers sign RB Pierre Thomas

The San Francisco 49ers have signed free agent running back Pierre Thomas, according to Adam Schefter.

Thomas, 30, missed five games last season due to shoulder and rib injuries, and carried the ball only 45 times. He may have nothing left in the tank. But he probably will be a better backup running back than Reggie Bush, who definitely had nothing left in the tank.

Do you think Thomas will start Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, or do you think Carlos Hyde will return to the lineup?

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  1. I thought we were all just assuming Hyde was done for the year. With the team raising the white flag I would assume the smart thing to do would be to remove your future starting RB from any further risk of injury and start his road to recovery now. But that’s just what I would do.

      1. “If there’s anyone capable of ruining a player’s birthday and riling up an NFL team in one week, it’s the 49ers.”

        Report: 49ers Wanted to Wait for ‘Weak’ Falcons Defense to Start Blaine Gabbert

  2. Well the Niners are not going anywhere so why not let Hyde continue to rest and let Thomas get beat up behind that line. Glad to see Hayne resigned to the practice squad.

  3. Good signing. He should be the starter and the 49ers should put Hyde on the shelf for the rest of the season so that he doesn’t make that stress fracture worsen.

  4. We ignored warnings about Bush from folks that said he would be injured immediately. I believe a good part of our offense was planned around his presence on the field this year. That is why I say that Anthony Davis’ defection – don’t call it anything else – and the Bush chronic injury onset doomed our running game – and maybe our offense. We can blame most of this on player management – but in fairness – not ALL of it.

    Is it my imagination or are our running backs jinxed?

    1. .
      Running backs are bound to get injured when they can’t clear the line and all those 300 LBs bodies are falling on top of them. It’s the poor running game and blocking techniques that is leading to the injuries to the backfield.

  5. they better leave Hyde alone, promote Hayne if you want, but at this point it would be ridiculous to put Hyde back out there.

  6. Seb’s massive ego takes a broadside from the local and national media, but he will never listen, continuing to want to saddle the 49ers with losers.

    49ers sign Thomas bench Hayne, Bench Kap, and Mr. Cohn agrees with me over Seb when I posted here that Garcia was better than Kap

    Jeff Garcia, who never enjoyed the hoopla Kaepernick used to enjoy and flaunt with those headphones and sideways cap and unearned arrogance, threw for 31 TDs for the Niners in 2000 and 32 in 2001. Who would you rather have starting for the 49ers, Garcia or Kaepernick?

      1. I agree Tom. I was hoping the team would sign Garcia as a QB coach or even a consultant for Kaepernick. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

        1. Didn’t Garcia Tutored Kaepernick 2 years ago and then Kurt Warner did also last off season? Kaepernick might need to get some tutoring from Joe cool at the end of 2015 season.

    1. That depends does Kap get to have a HOF WR as his go to guy?

      Garcia had a HOF WR. When Kap had a HOF WR he was pretty darn good.

      1. Who was Kaepernick Hof wide receiver? Are you serious Kaepernick was that good of a Qb, when was that? All I’d remember that the 49ers outstanding defense gave kaepernick offense very good field position.

  7. It would be really stupid to use Hyde before the bye. That being the case, it is likely he will start Sunday.

    1. Whitner completely knocked him out. That play was brutal – set the tone for the entire game. Reminded me of a Ronnie Lott hit.

  8. So the season is done. What I don’t quite understand is the Kap benching and the front office insisting that they want Kap back in a couple of weeks. If this is true why give Gabbert this opportunity? Why they Atlanta game which is so poor on the rush and not the Rams which is basically a death sentence for Kap? That seems like double speak to me. They must be covering their rear big time.

    1. They benched him because their convinced he’ll never be the guy. That can be the only reason. I’m not even an Kaep fan and I just don’t see how anybody could expect Gabbert to do much better, BUT Kaep still holds some trade value in a lost season. If you’re 99.9% sure he’s never going to be worth the $14+ million you’ll owe him in 2016 and he’s insured against injury for each season, why risk it at this point? If he gets hurt, you get nothing in March.

      That said, there’s a chance we get nothing in March anyway, because every GM in the league knows we’ll release him before April 1, 2016 when most of his salary becomes guaranteed. But, not pulling the trade trigger bears the risk of another GM swooping in to scoop up Kaep with some lowball 5th Rd pick offer (which is exactly what I see happening).

      1. Ok, I hear you, but if that is true, then why risk injury to Kap in the Ram’s game? That is what does not make sense to me. I get that they want to move on from him and they want to unload the salary – but why then play him?

        If they want Gabbert to be the starter moving forward then why the double talk? This organization is making no sense right now it needs serious help.

    2. I think the team is taking a different approach with Gabbert. They have to see what they have in him. His contract will either be extended by how he plays or he will be part of the yard sale.
      The front office is also answering the concern of the fans by allowing them to see what the option is behind Kaepernick. This gives the illusion that the FO is interested in fielding a competitive team. Sure they’d love to start a Brett Favre but they don’t have one. So, next man up.
      I for one do not think Gabbert will struggle as mightily as Kaepernick because for all Gabberts faults, I believe he can make the 5-7 yard completion that Kaepernick keeps skipping to the receivers. I also think Torrey Smith and Simpson will see about 4-7 TDs over the next 3 weeks combined. He’ll couple that with as many INTs over the same period of time.

  9. Blog Pick’em League update

    Well we’re at the halfway point of the regular season and here are how the names stack up so far:

    Rocket 81
    CFC 81
    ninermd 75
    Crab15 74
    dlptown 74
    u-center 72
    MWD 71
    JPN 71
    DRogue 70
    Nofear4x4 68

    Clearly I’ve been cheating but until they can figure out how I’m riding this gravy train to victory town. Close group, anyone can still win it.

    1. Fangio owes me a point, his lousy piece of crap defense game up 10 points in the final two minutes of the game. Best coach in the league my butt.

      1. I watched that play Coffee. That was more on the secondary player slipping more than Fangio’s defensive scheme.

    2. The crazy thing is that I stick at picking winners this year yet am doing great in my fantasy league.

    3. Man, I got all excited winning the week before last, crawling out of last place, but dropping back down a bit last week… being the only one in the group to pick the 49ers (ouch!). Time for my big comeback! I gotta say the pick ’em league does make the week’s worth of football mean more to me.

  10. Short term temp worker. One or two games behind SFs line and Pierre will either be hurt or retire.

    1. Yeah. Read that article too. thought the same thing. Systematic total failure by the organization.

      1. Article was spot on except for one thing – Scott McGlaughlin built the majority of that super bowl team, not trent baalke.

          1. Just a few of the McClouhan picks who helped in a 49er SuperBowl. Should you need more I will be happy to cite chapter and verse for you.


            “Just to make it clear, among those players McCloughan drafted or signed during his tenure as the 49ers’ top personnel man”:

            -Frank Gore.

            -Vernon Davis.

            -Patrick Willis.

            -Joe Staley.

            -Justin Smith.

            -Ray McDonald.

            -Michael Crabtree.

            -Ahmad Brooks.

            -Dashon Goldson.

            1. Guys that Baalke drafted that helped during the 2011-14 run…

              Anthony Davis
              Mike Iupati
              Navarro Bowman
              Anthony Dixon
              Tramaine Brock
              Aldon Smith
              Colin Kaepernick
              Chris Culliver
              Kendall Hunter
              Bruce Miller
              Eric Reid
              Carlos Hyde
              Aaron Lynch
              (and then you have guys who have yet to fully put their stamp like Dial, Tank, Ward, Tartt, Arik, Patton, Ellington, etc etc)

              Also, guys that Baalke signed/traded for:
              Ted Ginn
              CJ Spillman
              Jonathan Goodwin
              Carlos Rogers
              David Akers
              Donte Whitner
              Mario Manningham
              Randy Moss
              Stevie Johnson
              Garrett Celek
              Phil Dawson

              Hmmm…horrible GM indeed, it was all McCloughan right?

              1. I have given you a partial list. I noticed you left the cup board bare on my behalf, but since you want to continue down this losing path, should I cite Hayne, Jenkins, the offensive line, Dockett, James, etc, ect, and our losing record this year in addition to our QB…Losers + Losing season = a losing GM…Do you possess math skills?

              2. Baalke made some moves starting in the offseason before 2014 that in hindsight are highly questionable.

              3. In addition, I’ll respectfully quote and trust local beat reporters in and out of the 49er locker room who are the knowledgeable ones breaking the current stories of the downward spiral, not you…Agreed? and cheers.

              4. Baalke doesn’t get credit for 2010 (which was the actual Iupati draft, not 2011), McCloughan was tossed three weeks before draft. Our board was already set and it is well known that the first two picks were Singletary and that Baalke had very little power at that point. Most insiders say Baalke was not going to take two linemen in first two picks.

                Your FA list does not include a ton of misses (btw, Randy Moss wasn’t hit). He’s probably hit on 30%.

                Baalke’s last four drafts have been Abysmal to Very Good. However, only two pro-bowl players which he can take credit for. From 2012 to 2014 the best he could do was one average draft. The others were below, and historically bad. That leaves us with 2011, which started great, now looks horrible (one starter left) and 2015 which remains a big fat ??? Based on my analysis and his track record with players, coaches, FA etc. he does not deserve more chances. He needs to be fired along with everyone else. Ultimately he architected our demise.

                2011 – Very good up to 2013, now abysmal. Basically a three year draft.
                1. Aldon Smith, OLB – Without Justin Smith has proven to be an average OLB. Numbers declined every year. Addict, now playing for Raiders.
                2. Colin Krappernick, QB – Benched. Likely to be released at end of season.
                3. Chris Culliver, CB, – Started one full year for team and is doing next to nothing for Redskins.
                4. Kendall Hunter, RB – Good back when he could stay healthy. Nothing now.
                5. Daniel Kilgore, OL – Same as above. Good when he was healthy, which was about 5 games.
                6. Ronald Johnson – Loser
                7. Colin Jones, S – Loser
                8. Bruce Miller, DL/FB – Right now, best player from this draft.
                9. Michael Person, OL – Loser
                10. Curtis Holcomb, Loser

                2012 – Abysmal. One of the worst drafts in NFL history. Not one contributor. Shameful.
                A.J. Jenkins
                LaMichael James
                Joe Looney
                Darius Fleming
                Trenton Robinson
                Jason Slowey
                Cam Johnson

                2013 – Below Average.
                Eric Reid – Game has declined every year.
                Cornellius “Tank” Carradine – below average player.
                Vance McDonald – below average player
                Corey Lemonier – below average player
                Quinton Patton – below average player
                Marcus Lattimore – Out
                Quinton Dial – Above average player.
                Nick Moody – Average player
                B.J. Daniels – Loser
                Carter Bykowski – Loser
                Marcus Cooper – Lost starting job, average player.

                2014 – Average.
                Jimmie Ward – below average. Poor decision.
                Carlos Hyde – pro bowl caliber. Great decision.
                Marcus Martin – below average. Awful.
                Chris Borland – pro bowl caliber, but who drafts a guy in 3rd round who was known to be attending concussion seminars throughout country during senior year of college.
                Brandon Thomas – below average. Embarrassing.
                Bruce Ellington – average with signs of be above average.
                Dontae Johnson – average
                Aaron Lynch – pro bowl caliber. Love the guy.
                Keith Reaser – average
                Kenneth Acker – average
                Kaleb Ramsey – below average
                Trey Millard – Loser

                2015 – Too early to tell. Right now, talent is not showing on field.
                Arik Armstead – huge upside but lack of snaps concerns me. May not “get it, ala Tank”
                Jaquiski Tartt – Could end up being best player on team. Which is not a good thing.
                Eli Harold – average
                Blake Bell – average but shows some signs of starter material. Nothing major. Keep moving.
                Mike Davis – average
                DeAndre Smelter – unknown but another reclamation project.
                Bradley Pinion – Irresponsible and unnecessary pick at this point.
                Ian Silberman – Loser
                Trenton Brown – below average
                Rory Anderson – below average

            2. Oh please, I do need more.
              The original comment I replied to said the majority of the superbowl roster was built by Scott and I said that’s simply not true.
              You cited 9 players so you’re still short by 15 (in case you don’t know the majority for a 46 roster would be 24 players).

              1. Also, worth remembering that you get higher picks (and better players) when the team sucks. Baalke didn’t have that luxury from 2011-14 while McCloughan did during the Nolan-Singletary glory years.

  11. What’s up with Kendall Hunter? Thought he was healed up but then we cut him. Wouldn’t mind bringing him back if healthy.

  12. Kyle McLorg (@Kyle_McLorgBASG) tweeted at 1:24 PM on Tue, Nov 03, 2015:

    Carmen Policy on KNBR: “If I was running the team, I probably wouldn’t have hired Jim Tomsula in the first place.

      1. The easy answer is “no”, but he never had to deal with JH day to day.

        Did you ever have a super hot girl friend, but at some point she just became too annoying / crazy for you to tolerate?

    1. Carmen Policy, the man whom with Dwight Clark, put the 90s 49ers into salary cap hell, causing the purge of 99 & 00. The man who couldnt get a stadium built in SF either (Stadium/Mall). Yeah, everyone has opinions.

        1. Does he really?

          He didn’t hire Walsh (Policy came to SF in 83). He didn’t hire Seifert (he was already the DC, heir in waiting). He hired Mooch, who was good but the most he ever accomplished was the playoff wins vs GB in 99 (98 season) and vs NYG in 02 (01 season).

          And what all did he do in Cleveland when the Browns first came back…or did everyone forget that? Chris Palmer and Butch Davis were his 2 hires…combined record of 30 – 66 during his time in Cleveland.

          Wow…what a guy. Seems older fans and local media have a huge set of rose colored glasses when it comes to the 90s era of 49ers football.

      1. @MJ
        Carmen Policy, & Ed DeBartolo got that 1997 vote passed by the voters in the City to build that venue that you “keep” kicking dirt at…And that is saying a lot, because SF comes b*tching, moaning & fighting to get the vote for any sports arena.

        That’s all water under the bridge now tho…As we “all” know now, we have that illustrious Taj Mahal built in Santa Clara County, that is Jed York’s Legacy to his football team…end of story.

        1. Great, they got the vote passed but wheres the stadium. I’d be all for a stadium in SF if they would have got it done (but like most built in the late 90s, it would seem pretty old and out of touch by todays standards).

          I’m glad they are in SC, its a hell of a lot closer to me and (even for SF residents) is quicker to, in, and out of on game day….typically took 2 hours to get OUT of the parking lot and onto a freeway in SF.

  13. Gabbert must be looking at the Oline and RB depth chart and thinking it might be an opportune time to develop a bad hammy.

    1. Or a concussion.

      Tomsula: What the @$!# happened to you Blainie?!
      Gabbert: I accidentally hit my head and got a concussion Coach.
      Tomsula: HOW?! You were fine just yesterday!!!
      Gabbert: Well, my doctor told me that it was a result of repeatedly hitting my head against a brick wall.
      Tomsula: ….

  14. According to Matt Barrows there is a QB plan and Baalke has it in his envelop already.

    “Keep an eye on Wentz. He plays at a school where Trent Baalke once coached and … here’s the clincher … he is currently injured, which is something we know Baalke can’t resist. Wentz is dealing with a broken wrist but should be healthy for the combine, workouts, etc.”

    1. In all honesty, I think Wentz is a guy that could be attractive to a lot of teams if they miss out on one of the big 3 (Goff, Cook, Lynch).

      1. That was Matt’s point too, but he couldn’t resist the setup and I couldn’t resist passing in on.

        This is the kind of fun that we’re left with when the franchise we follow is heading into it’s sixties. ;-}

        1. It would be tactical move for a few seasons, not a rebuilding move. Better to get a serviceable RT and RG and draft for the future — under a different FO.

          1. You could shift Staley or Thomas over to RT and let Brown develop so he can take over when he is ready to be a starter.

              1. Do you honestly think the front office isn’t going to trade him?

              2. Why would they trade him? The guys 26, has 5 years left on his deal, and was a probowl caliber RT. You combine that with Staley, Boone, and a new Center (or kilgore) and who knows at RG, and the oline is no longer an issue.

    1. I say Mack and Thomas for Kap and a 1st rounder. Resign Boone and move Staley to RT with Rhino at RG. Let Hyde mow people over. Then use our draft picks to draft LBS and DLineman.

      1. I say Mack and Thomas for Kap and a 1st rounder. 

        No GM would give up two elites for a subpar and a first round pick James. You’d have to throw in Bowman, Brock, Hyde, and a couple more first round picks to even get them to budge. I think you would agree that would further cripple the 49ers.

    1. Excellent article both in the way they get to the heart of Kaps issues, and the whisper and backstabbing campaigns that have permeated this franchise for years under Jed and Marathe.

      The NFL is a small club where every team knows the others business, so if you are a prospective GM and HC, what in the world would give you any inclination to come and work for this team? We saw last year that some Coaches pulled themselves out of the running or declined interviews completely. If the jobs were that toxic last season I can’t even imagine where they rate right now.

    2. “Unfortunately, they point fingers, and use scapegoats and drama to announce decisions.”
      Mood, this one of the many things that really irks me with this FO. From handling Harbaugh’s departure and now the benching of CK. All these leaks and behind the scene drama need to stop. If I want to watch a soap-opera, I will watch ‘Days of Our Lives’! Man, this organization needs a major overhaul in a hurry.

  15. I have to check the line on what quarter Gabbert is expected to throw his first int but when it happens, and it will, I can’t wait to hear the boo birds flying around that stadium. I can only hope the telecast zooms in on York’s suite.

  16. Did Mike Davis hurt his hand holding the clipboard on Sunday? What a disappointment he’s been so far. I can understand Harold being a work in progress but gifted RB’s usually don’t experience the steep learning curve that many of the other positions do. He should have looked better by now.

  17. Joseph Randell was just cut by Dallas. Yes win with class but at this point we need talent. He may be suspected for 2 games and has a nagging injury, but may be worth a shot. The dude could be Bush for us next year.

    1. Might as well sign Jeremiah Ratliff and trade for Greg Hardy while we’re at it.

      1. Or we can call up Jared Hayne and watch a non-football player play football. Better yet let’s see if LT wants to strap up.

        I understand your point, but my point is we need to look at everything and drafting a backup running back high next year would suck. If Randell can turn it around he would be a high upside RB2.

    2. Dallas just cut their best RB while continuing to employ nut jobs like Greg Hardy. What does that tell you?

      1. He is not their best rb. Believe it or not old tires McFadden is balling for them, blocking, and catching passes. He looks like a new man.

    1. What’s your take on this article Cubus? I felt like there was too much candy – coating done by the writer.

      1. I agree with the candy coating.

        What I found intriguing was the following statement:

        “The data says that about 75-percent of five-year starters come from rounds 1-3. And if you’re drafted in rounds 4-7 the probability of you becoming a five-year starter are just north of 9-percent.” Note: These statistics are based on games started.

        Assuming these statistics are relevant and accurate, then it would seem to me that you would want to package lower round picks and try to move up into rounds 1-3. During last year’s draft, many here said you should get as many picks as possible but not package multiple picks to try to move up. It would seem to me that these statistics suggests that Baalke (who usually has a lot of picks) should package some of these to try to move up. Of course, you have to find a buyer and that might not be so easy.

        But either way, it looks like a good idea to start the draft with a lot of capital. Then you can try to package those later round picks in an effort to move up and if that fails, you still increase your odds of success merely by selecting more players.

        Now, inherent in this is the ability to actually make good selections. In this regard, Baalke, et. al. are probably middle of the pack.

        I’m going to store this article so I can bring it up again during draft time.

        1. Cubus,

          The key to what you said in that post is the fact you need a partner to make these move up trades with. It’s fun to speculate and look at percentages, but teams aren’t in the habit of giving up day 1 and 2 picks for a collection of day 3’s.

          The other problem is that even the higher round picks have a low probability of working out, so having multiple picks tends to raise the possibility of hitting on a player. The draft is ultimately a complete and total crap shoot so the more opportunities you have to bet the more likely you are to hit on a player.

          1. Rocket: Take a look at the article I posted below. For 2016, we have two fourth round picks (one compensatory), three fifth round picks (one compensatory) and four sixth round picks (two compensatory). As I understand it, compensatory picks can’t be traded.

            I’m no expert, but it boggles my mind that we couldn’t package some of these to move up into the third. What about packaging a 4th, 5th and 6th (need to check the approximate draft value). Are you telling me that you see no opportunities in 2016 (esp. 2016 because we have so many multiples in the 4th, 5th, and 6th).

            1. Cubus,

              Anything is possible, but look at where some of those picks are and how they could be packaged. We have a bunch of 5th and 6th round picks but they will either be compensatory which cannot be traded as you pointed out or they are from teams that will finish high in the standings making the picks late in the round. Our 4th round pick will likely be attractive because it will be a high 4th rounder, but then you have to question how much value there is to moving up a few spots into the 3rd while giving up more picks to do so.

              I’m certainly not saying there is never a time you want to package later picks to move up. It’s just that teams aren’t in the habit of giving up higher picks unless the return makes sense, and picks late in the draft usually don’t net much.

        2. Yet, even with these statistics, a shoe salesman from Footlocker helped the Seahawks into the SB and a server at Popeyes was the SB MVP.

        3. Its an interesting statement, but its a sliding curve, cubus. The %s are also a bit misleading reported this way. Rounds 1-3 do not produce 5 year starters 75% of the time, they just account for 75% of 5 year starters (how many 5 year starters are there in the NFL?). The other 25% are made up of rounds 4-7 and UDFA.

          There is a gap between the two, as you would expect. But you’d also expect round 1 to account for more 5 year starters than round 2, and so on. Trading up to a higher probability has been shown in other studies to typically cost lower draft picks that have a higher combined probability of finding a 5 year starter.

          1. Yes, I agree with that Scooter. I suspect that attempting to package picks and moving up makes more sense when you target a specific player instead of BPA. As an example, the way the Seahags targeted Tyler Lockett and then traded up for him. Looks like a good move on their part.

            1. Scooter: I should have said I agree up to your last sentence. We’ll hash this out again when the 2016 draft comes around :)

            2. That’s because Schneider and Carroll are sympatico with respect to scheme and personnel….

              1. Yeah, this is something I’ve brought up before. Is it a good idea to have the HC have control over personnel decisions (including the draft). For the right HC, I think so. But, it could be risky. The GM/HC working together fits better with our democratic ways (checks and balances), but what if they don’t get along.

                In the end it’s probably just as important how good the talent scouts are. Any non-delusional person would have to know that there is no way they could know all the particulars about all draftees. They need advice and probably act on it most of the time, I would think.

  18. From a personal aspect, my hope is York is alone somewhere questioning himself and the motivations of his consiglieres. Reflecting on the dumpster fire he started and breathing in the smoke of humility. Now what, Jed?

    1. You and me both Razor, but it’s more likely he is planning out how much more he can add to the salary cap and what the next gig is that he can bring into Levi Stadium to further stuff money into his pockets.

    2. Razor, I just want Jed to stop or find a way to stop all the these leaks and drama that is happening behind the scenes. You cannot attract quality employees, coaches and players to your organization with this kind of reputation. And of course, either get rid of Baalke or find someone outside the organization that can give another sets of eyes so a better football-related decision is being made.

    3. You really think Jed has the capacity to self reflect and come to any other conclusion that this is someone else’s fault?

    1. That’s like a financial adviser who gets the market timing right and constantly puts you into the stocks that are going the opposite direction.

  19. Damon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce · 1h1 hour ago

    Damon Bruce Retweeted Mr.NiceGuy
    Very likely. Guess the Niners didn’t plan for 3:00 today though? Like they didn’t plan for the sun above Levis.

    Damon Bruce added,

    Lowell Cohn Verified account 
    ‏@LowellCohn Kaepernick one of the most arrogant, rude athletes I ever covered in 35 years.

    1. Damon Bruce dissed:

      ‏@pepper_duke @DamonBruce do you think it was an orchestrated event to announce Kaepernick’s benching after your show ended?

  20. Are they going to make any changes in the O line? I want Gabbert to have a legitimate chance of success and he does not stand a chance if Martin, Devey and Pears are still on the OL on Sunday.

    Is Kilgore ready to go? Getting Martin out of there will make a huge difference in itself. Then if we can move Boone to RT we might be on to something. Martin may even be serviceable at Guard if he does not have to worry about snapping the ball. Pears is also better suited to the guard position.

    An O line of Staley, Pears, Kilgore, Tiller, Boone might give Gabbert a chance to show what he can do.

    1. Don’t you think they should have tried that with their $100 mil QB first rather than their $2 mil QB? I agree with HT, he should have to play with what’s already out there.

  21. 49ers–Not stopping with pushing around Harbaugh, Kap and V. Davis:

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago
    From the Merc’s Scott Herhold: Are the 49ers behind an effort to try to push out 3 Santa Clara city councilwomen?

    1. Tom D:

      This is mafia stuff. Jed would stop at nothing to get those extra pennies from beer sales.

  22. We who haunt this site, and others like it, write predominately from a fans prospective. We care about whether or not our team wins. We are fans rooting for the Niners. Now, I suppose that the owners and front office want to win as well. They have egos and pride. But I think that what we miss in our analysis is a basic fact of the York’s ownership of the niners.

    The York’s are cheap.

    I think that a significant factor in all their decisions is how much money can they save. Compared to the league I bet that our coaching staff is lowest paid (if their not they should be). I bet that Baalke is at the bottom of the payroll for GMs. Recently they have been crowing about the team contract they foisted on CK.

    Now that the Levis cash is pouring in they are making a bundle. I don’t begrudge them making money. It is just easy to overlook something that is always going to be a first question for the Yorks, “How can we do this cheaply?”

    1. Leo,
      You’re absolutely correct. They are cheap. I remember Denise York proudly talking about how she still shops at Walmart. The bigger problem is that Jed thinks he’s smarter than everybody else and has always had this wet dream of using Moneyball tactics and analytics to outsmart football people. He thinks he knows everything because he has been handed everything in life.

      It crushes his ego that the only success this team has experienced came in direct opposition to his delusional beliefs. When the team hit its stride under Harbaugh, he went York on everybody and convinced himself that his ways had finally paid off. He silently fumed at Harbaugh’s presence and command of the team. He hated how he felt like an outsider during the post game ‘Who’s got it better than us’ chants. He was an outsider in his own team, but never understood why.

      People don’t like him. He turns people off. He’s a poser that talks about the teams Super Bowl or bust mentality but seems to forget that his family slaughtered that mentality. Jed talks about winning a sixth Lombardi trophy while ignoring the fact that he hasn’t won one. He just doesn’t get it. He’s not Eddie D. The players don’t love him. The fans don’t love him. Nobody is running through a wall for him. That’s a problem that he doesn’t have a solution to, which is why he’s hiding in his bunker like a coward.

      1. I think the Moneyball analysis is spot on. Paarag Marathe is the proponent of the Moneyball approach for the 49ers. He is the one who has Jed’s ear and by recent accounts it is Marathe who has been the leak to national reporters. It is interesting that he stays so much in the background. I think there needs to be more reporting of how the front office functions. You don’t get to hide behind anonymity when you are part of an organization that is in so much disarray.

  23. Damn Grant! You’ve got all the “fan-boy” and “fan-girl” hacks riled up today. The back and forth has been pretty entertaining.

    Disclaimer…yes I am also a hack who has written for a “fan-boy” site and I too have been a bit overzealous with Grant from time to time as well.

  24. I don’t expect BG to play well behind this OL. The only thing I want to see is that when opportunities are available, Gabbert can make the plays. These include but are not limited to not missing wide open WRs esp. when he is looking towards their side of the field, having the awareness to recognize that a receiver is uncovered on the LOS, and not throwing balls into the dirt in front of the WR. Probably a good chance that there will be more interceptions as Kap hasn’t thrown one, because he was so scared to throw one, in the last four games.

    1. “I don’t expect BG to play well behind this OL.”

      I agree, Cubus. I don’t expect him to play well. However, he looked better on short and intermediate throws in the preseason, and he might be able to live in that kind of dink and dunk world, even behind this o-line, enough to not play as horribly as he did in Jacksonville.

      1. Missing that open reciever jumping up and down was the final nail I think. It just showed that Kap had developed complete tunnel vision. I don’t think any NFL QB would miss that. Hopefully he can get his head clear.

      2. Dan Quinn will need about a quarter to make any adjustments to snuff out Gabby.

        He will also probably have a message for F.O. for using him as a prop during the Tomsula-hiring charade.

        1. Mood:

          I’m giving Gabbert a chance; most everyone deserves a second chance.

          Disclaimer: I never watched any of Gabbert’s games when he was the QB for the Jags :)

          1. > ’m giving Gabbert a chance;
            Suuuure…why not…

            > most everyone deserves a second chance.
            apparently except us, the Niners fans :(

            1. Good point. With our luck, the team will now play reasonably well, the niners will end up 6 and 10 and nothing will change in the FO or the CS.

              1. Don’t forget this isn’t all about the QB. Our defense is ranked 31st in the NFL and gave up 27 pts to the 30th ranked offense. The Falcon’s offense will shred us like the Steelers did. Gabbert could come in and score 21pts and we’ll still lose. The QB change won’t radically change the team. We could be more competitive, maybe?

        1. Would have rather seen the state of the franchise pic with a flaming bag of poop, but you can’t go wrong with FO FO I guess. Lol

  25. Just flipped past Highly Questionable on ESPN and saw them replay the play where Gabbert threw the backwards and into the ground. I feel even more ill now.

        1. Yep. That just added to the illness. I think I’m going to call in sick for work tomorrow.

          1. Geez guys, I think I’ve been writing this stuff since they traded (!!??!??) for BG. I got challenged the other day for being a Hater because I’ve been scared to pull the plug on CK and go to BG. We’ll see. Doing nothing would have been a mistake in the locker room I suspect.

            1. I’ve been saying that stuff since they traded for him. I got into an argument with Scooter and Razor over how awful I thought he was. We have Kantpernick and Gagbert as our QBs. I’ve never felt so ill over the QB position since the day I became a fan.

              1. There have been other times when the QB-HC-GM situation seemed worse. That must have been before your time.

              2. I’m referring more to the QB situation hwaits. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of 1995 and I don’t recall a situation where we had the worst statistical QB ever and and a QB that has absolutely lost his confidence on the team at the same time. And yes I do remember Troy Smith, Cody Pickett, etcetera etcetera.

              3. I don’t want to look up the records but Alex Smiths first year and the year Nolan called him out for not being effective with his right arm hanging lose come to mind as more depressing from a QB perspective. I have never experienced any hope or joy in QB play during the York years after Mariucci left and before Harbaugh arrived.

                Eddie brought in Joe Thomas who made QB play pretty depressing too. They even had a hall of fame QB, but couldn’t figure out how to help him recover.

                Now it’s “Money Ball” or bust, not “Superbowl or Else”. That’s depressing from a team perspective which is the one I would like to enjoy again.

                Even with the sure bet from getting the chance to draft Andrew Luck isn’t preventing the Colts dragon from eating it’s own tail this year. He’s having a bad year, has a bad shoulder, and may have broken ribs so they fired his Stanford connection OC today. Probably another scape goat.

                Sitting Colin may help him more than it will help the 49ers because they certainly didn’t help Colin.

            2. BT,

              I agree. The frustration in the locker room likely forced the teams hand. Kap is non functional right now so there wasn’t much choice. Unfortunately, the guy they are going to leaves much to be desired.

  26. Mike Sando, ESPN.comVerified account
    Gabbert ranks 47th in passer rating and Total QBR among 47 QBs with at least 500 pass attempts since ’11. Bad supporting cast, but still.

    1. I don’t go for the idea that a football team is a “supporting cast”, but that it’s a team first with enough talent, when playing smart, to win. One dumb ass move on a play each series can disrupt everything. That’s why bend but don’t break defenses count on dumb ass plays to win.

      1. For instance, a QB being chased to the sideline doesn’t throw the ball away and now his team is playing behind the chains as they say. Or a linebacker that lines up off side and negates a sack or interception — dumb ass plays that kill a team.

        The organizations that have too many dumb ass plays do not have a real team that they can field very often. Sorry for the rant.

          1. Thanks for the reply. Brent Jones had a wonderful rant on KNBR this week, but he didn’t have time to cover all the current problem. I’m sure that you also understand that ‘It’s the Infrastructure Stupid!”

            It’s easy to put player’s names to those dumb ass plays, but I would rather put coaches in the cross hairs even if the team is winning. Allowing dumb ass plays when you win just makes them that much worse when the margin of error starts declining. Most really great coaches have almost zero tolerance tor correctable dumb ass errors that are repeated. In fact, some of them make sure they are not repeated soon because the turkey is on the bench for a while.

            1. I listened to that rant on my commute home, and found it to be satisfyingly cathartic. Actually it was rant duet with Tom Tolbert, who showed surprising amount of emotion for a professed Niners non-fan!

  27. Kaleb Ramesy suspended 4 games – he’s on the practice squad. Winning with class! Violated NFL PED policy.

  28. The twitter spat between Grant and SocaliSteph is hilarious. Almost as much as Fan’s posts today.

      1. Mid,

        Just click on Grant’s twitter feed or SocaliSteph’s and you’ll be able to read what is going on. You don’t need a twitter account although you should get one just for the entertainment value alone.

      2. Mid,
        Here’s one from @SoCaliSteph:
        ” @grantcohn BTW, bleacher report offered me your job some time ago. I have the e-mail, but I declined. Stop acting like you’re special.”

        Sounds like they’re getting personal. :)

    1. Ya know, Rocket, I’m stifling several smart-alec potential comments on that subject right now.

        1. No, no, no, I can’t go there! I met a cool Hawaiian Elder dude at The Sanctuary on the Big Island. We chatted and he gave me some good luck. One of the last things he said was ‘Always stay positive!’ So obviously he could see my future and knew I’d be needing that advice due to the Niners. So I’ll keep to the high road on Grant’s spat, and try to look for the humor amidst the low tide stench in Santa Clara.
          Final question: who gets the first one-on-one interview with Jed, Grant or SoCaliSteph?

          1. Alright Brotha I will take the high road with you…until I fall off somewhere along the way.

            Neither party will get an interview with Jed, but maybe they can pull him into the Twitter war.

          2. Now you’ve got Pops dueling it out over a nasty personal tweet about Kaepernick. Hang on because rough seas are coming.

    2. Grant is a glutton. But he did spit back.
      It’s a road game for grant on there. The desperate guys always take the girl. Like grant use to do list
      With niner girl now that I think of it. Lol

    1. We may drop off the bottom and disappear from that list altogether before the season ends.

  29. I think that the 49ers I once loved are a pathetic joke. They have mad Kaep the fall guy for all of the organizations mistakes. I agree Kaep has been disintrested and awful but the coaching staff doesn’t seem to have anyone else motivated. They payed 40 million over 5 years for Torrey Smith who has been struggling to get open. THeir offensive line has been the epitome of garbage. Baalke knew that he wasn’t going to resign Iupati he could have gotten a guard who atleast can block for enough time for the qb to dropback. The niners need a clean slate. Kaep clearly is done being a niner after the way he has been treated. Ultimately Harbaugh was the guy for this team. I think if Jed York sees his mistake and cleans the house this year we have a chance to become a good team, but knowing him his stubborness will ruin the 49ers. Get ready for a worse than Singletary and Nolan ride

  30. Jed would have made the perfect ego-manic Lord in an out-of-the-way corner of 12th century England.

  31. Presuming they leave Hayne on the practice squad with Bush out who will return punts now? Ellington? White? TBD?

    1. Mooch was careful not to call out the coaching staff. They’re as responsible as anyone for this dumpster fire.

      1. If tomshula is still here, bring in shanahan or wisenhunt with Goff of course. Wisenhunt would be better with Goff.

    1. Pep’s not a great OC by any stretch of imagination, but the real idiot there is Grigson who has done even worse than Baalke over the years in offering Luck a half-decent O line.

  32. SF faces ATL and its top four offense this weekend…

    BigP and Leo Nomellini referenced Paraage and Jed are believers in moneyball…I had my doubts until Baalke went overboard on his bargain basement ACL draftees and 6th round offensive linemen.However, the SF Giants shredded the moneyballers, winning 3-5 World Series, dispelling rumors of a genius working at A’s headquarters…If only Jed had paid attention…We will continue with the Monster truck events and moneyballing for the forseeable future…Here’s hoping Jed learns a new strategy called tough minded/intelligent WCO coaches.

    1. If Jed were to hire such a coach referenced above (Shannahan, Holmgren as GM) and brought in one of Harbaugh’s defensive coaches, such as a Fangio, the 49ers power rankings could skyrocket!

      1. Also, if Paraag Marathe, an ex-silicon valley exec., could pull the bugs out of the 49ers locker room to stop the leaks, it would go a long way toward enticing intelligent coaches here again.

    1. Not what I’m looking for. I believe the 49ers need a creative offensive mind, who knows how to develop a quarterback. Pep Hamilton is not that guy….

      1. I agree Razor, but I don’t see him being a worse option than Chryst at the moment.

        1. As a stop gap? Sure, but not to work with a rookie quarterback in his offensive vision….

    2. Couldn’t hurt to bring in another set of ideas. I’m surprised the Colts fired him, but somebody is going to get turfed when things aren’t going well. They also have Chud waiting in the wings to take over.

    3. From what I have seen of him at Stanford, I’d say no.

      Pep’s too conservative and lacks imagination. He took the ball out of Luck’s hands at the Fiesta Bowl (“Fiasco” Bowl) at the critical moment and Stanford lost to Oklahoma State. He chose Nunes over Hogan after Luck graduated.

      1. That first one was one of my worst rants about the era started by Harbaugh. I think it was Shaw not an assistant who decided to go with a nervous freshman kicker instead of his QB. I like Shaw and it seems that he learned from that lack of understanding of human nature under serious pressure.

        I don’t think any assistants choose who will be Stanford’s QB either. It’s a joint thing. Hogan has really come into his own after going through the death of his father last year. Shaw says that he is seeing everything after that thing with Northwester. They got their field goal kicker gift back this week in Pullman where many a Stanford team has gone to die in the past.

        1. Yeah, in Konrad Ukropina, Stanford finally has a kicker with a pair. You are probably right that Shaw had his finger in the offensive pie with regard to the Fiesta Bowl call and the Nunes choice. I have never trusted the Shaw-Bloomgren-Pritchard brains trust on offense. Disgraceful lack of imagination in the past leading to predictable play calls, and poor half-time adjustments. But I must admit (albeit grudgingly) that Shaw is finally showing some capabilities for half time adjustments (getting Hogan to run when Wazzu put a spy on McCaffrey and shut down the running game), and making some aggressive play calls. However, he still can’t get the team ready for each of the 12 games a season. Expectations are high at Stanford these days :)

    4. So the general consensus appears to be no thanks on Pep. I can’t help but think his preferred offensive style (using run to set up pass) would be attractive to Baalke.

        1. “I can’t help but think his preferred offensive style (using run to set up pass) would be attractive to Baalke.”

          That may be why most here don’t want him. Baalke and his general philosophy don’t mesh with what 49er fans see as winning football. Blame Bill Walsh.

    5. Well, I wanted him to replace Roman, so he could be a competent replacement for Chryst, since Chryst is leading the 32nd offense in the league.

    1. This was interesting point of view, especially regarding mechanics, but there were some good points made in that piece by SoCaliSteph too. Adult says its crud that CK can’t go through his reads, but I dunno, should I believe my lying eyes? Maybe there’s some semantic difference between the reads and “seeing the field”, because that is pretty much what he doesn’t do.
      I’ve been struck by the similar complaints that both AS and CK want to see the separation before they pull the trigger.
      Defensive players and coaches used to say about Stabler and Montana and Marino that you can’t make a mistake against them because they see everything. If you have the wrong foot forward, if you’re 4 feet out of position in your lineup, if you take one step too many recognizing a route, these guys will see it and exploit it; no hesitation, no mercy.
      I’ll also offer in regard to Ault’s success with CK at Reno what Steve Young likes to say about the move to the Pros: “In college, everybody was open, in the NFL nobody is.”

      1. The coach in Steph’s article wasn’t so much talking about seeing the field but trusting his receivers. Like Kap knew the spot he’s supposed to throw it to but doesn’t believe his receivers will get there. But with that play on the goal line in STL, he’s obviously not seeing things. That however, may be more about Kap pressing and having tunnel vision, than his intelligence.

        1. I was an observer in a B-36 trainer when the instructors killed all six engines. The engineer in the hot seat was a checked out first engineer. He sat there looking at the panel as the RPM on all engines went to zero, along with all other indicators doing the same thing. The altimeter spun down over the time it would take the plane to fall from say 25,000 feet and the buzzer indicating our death by crash went off. His eyes never moved from the panel and his hands never moved. He was in panic mode just because he was being evaluated.

          If Colin even looked at Smith he may have been concentrating so hard on not failing that he couldn’t see the missing defensive back. That’s not the usual “he can’t see the field” kind of thing. That’s really a this guy needs help kind of thing. Plunket’s time with the 49ers was probably similar under Joe Thomas.

          1. Monte Clark was GM when Plunkett was acquired by the 49ers. Plunkett was released in the pre-season by Joe Thomas right after Eddie D hired him in 1978.

      2. Chris Ault spent 4 seasons with Kaep. Keep Chryst has spent 5. I think they know what they have in Kaep. His problems have always been mechanics and the speed of the game. He looks so lost out there someone needs to build him an app to him navigate defenses on the field.

    2. I totally agree with Ault. Kaep can get to his third read, but not when he drops back in the pocket and has a defender in his face because Devey watches the pass rusher run by like he is a disinterested bystander.
      Ault spoke about letting Kaep move. The Niner coaches forbid Kaep to run in the Seahawk game. Aaron Rodgers runs the RO and pistol, so if other offenses are running those plays, why do the Niner coaches totally abandon them? Because they do not have a clue how to utilize his skillsets. Tomsula said he would fit the scheme to accentuate the talents of the players. Then he forces Kaep to be only a pocket passer, and the pocket collapses like a house of cards, so Kaep gets beaten like a pinata.

    1. Thats rich. Complaining about being attacked after going full snark.
      Oh well, it might generate hits.

  33. How will we know if ck really sucks that bad and Gabbert is the better choice right now?
    1 way…. Ball gets out quickly and on target.
    That’s all we will need to see to find out that answer. It’s really that simple. Even with this bad o-line. That’s all!

    1. Let’s include the game in Seattle and the Arizona game in that criteria. It’s possible that there will be a night and day difference. After all Kaepernick did function pretty well in his two wins and coming back against the Giants. What counts is in the devision as far as an evaluation goes.

      1. That’s great for blog traffic from Grant’s point of view. As long as Lowell gets attention he’s happy even if he complains.

  34. This is a typicle fan comment when things go wrong. It was posted today. Can you fill in the blank?

    _________ passes are inaccurate and he makes poor decisions. Has nothing to do with the offensive coordinator.

      1. Yes. He’s trash now. Can’t see the field, can’t hit the side of a barn, and doesn’t understand the defense.

        One fans trash can sometimes make another team very happy. Go Plunkett!

        1. The guy is playing with cracked ribs. One second thoughts the Colts should trade that PoS for the entire Niners 2016 draft class — pull a super Ditka-Ricky Williams trade

  35. Now that the once elite team is completely dismanteled…do you think all those players wouldve suddenly retired or left in free agency if harbaugh was still the HC?

    1. Justin? Yes.
      Willis? Yes.
      Borland? Yes.
      A. Davis? Yes.
      Crabtree jump elsewhere? Yes (fed up w/CK)
      They all would have left w or w/o Harbaugh.
      An unpopular view on my part, but imo.

      1. +500

        Kilgore needing 2nd surgery? – Yes
        Bowman not his old self – Yes
        Ray McDonald kicked off team – Yes
        Culliver gone – Yes

        Aldon kicked off team? – Probably
        Cox gone – Probably
        Skuta – Probably
        Gore to Colts – Probably
        Stevie Johnson to the Chargers – Probably

      2. It’s popular with me Brotha.

        Honestly, that notion that the players left in FA or retired because of the FO and CS looks pretty laughable to me.

    2. The free agents left because they got more money than what Baalke offered. Davis had bad concussion symptoms so he probably would have retired for a year or two which is what he did. Willis thought his foot problems were chronic, but he might have given it a shot in training came but I doubt it. Look at what’s happening to bowman this year coming back from his knee. A toe is like a bad offensive line — you only notice it when it’s bad and then it’s really bad.

      Chris Borland is a special case where Harbaugh and his staff may have been able to talk him out of it. Did he retire before or after the new coaching staff was named? I think it could have gone either way.

      1. Baalke let them go because he did not value them. He went cheap, and the replacement FAs have disappeared.
        Would the players have gut it out another season under JH? I bet Cowboy and Willis would have. The others, maybe not.

      2. Respectfully disagree very much on chance of Borland being talked out of his decision.
        My guess is AD was more on the fence, for a while, but Chris was and is resolute.

        1. Im talking more about uipati,gore,cowboy,a davis, and willis…just feels like it wouldnt have happened if harbaugh were still the coach…we’ll never know though i guess.

        2. I agree. I wrote bad. Borland might have been convinced but it was very unlikely.

          I left out Cowboy because he’s a guy who doesn’t let anyone talk him out of anything.

          A. Davis may be face with doubts next spring and also faced with a bad work environment.

  36. Back to running backs, I hope the coaches realize that plucking a player off the streets who has not seen the playbook before, might not be a wise move when compared to a player who has been to all the camps, preseason and even regular season games.
    If Gabbert can get the ball to Hayne in the flat, he might make a defender miss and go for an explosion play. However, knowing the FO, they will probably cut him again.

    1. It’s over Seb. Take a time out and think about a wet winter so the indigenous flora will flourish again.

      1. To tell the truth, I was perusing botanical lists of exotic varieties about 10 minutes ago, thinking of crop yields. ;p
        Let it rain.

        1. Pinto 74, best car ever built by Ford in the 70’s, but it has to have a chartreuse paint job (lol).

    1. Vernon is a gutter rat, a man of thin moral fiber. The guy has lost his speed and his fight, his blocking is only so-so, and he’s a diva. I’m surprised Baalke got anything for him.

  37. Is it Cosmic Humor? Irony? Karma?
    Big Media is going to circle into Santa Clara gradually for The Really Big Shoe that is The Santa Clara Super Duper Bowl. Much attention on young JediYork, but instead of admiration, the League, Big Media, etc will be smirking at Jed.
    Walk the walk, dude, you chose the path.

  38. Who’d you rather take:

    Michael Crabtree or Anquan Boldin

    Joe Looney or Jordan Devey

    Derek Carrier or Garrett Celek

    1. >!Hah! With CK/BG at QB, it’s Boldin.
      >Looney was kinda Chilo, wasn’t he?
      +/- Devey? Meh. Devey was a last second panic realization that Looney+Thomas+ Martin suck. (and Kilgore’s injury lingers).
      >Carrier is a better receiver, but w/o a QB, who cares?

    2. I’d rather have Celek + a 5th rounder than Carrier.

      Never understood why they let Looney go in favor of Devey, but it seems it´s a (bad) wash.

      I’d rather have the last 3 years of Boldin than Crab’s 6 years.
      But they could have handled him better. Maybe it would be possible to sign him for one year cheaply.

    3. Jack Hammer

      ..There is one player that you mentioned that I will attempt to defend…Jordan Devey. Please tell me any one player who could be traded for, transfer all of his ‘stuff’ from coast to coast and successfuly become the starting RG in ONE week ? OK, we get the laughs about the “big tuba player”, but I’m guessing that he wants to play football. On TV, it’s difficult to pick out how a player plays, but that’s all I have, and I watched him and thought he did pretty good considering….at least he hung in to pass-protect.

      I think that our Oline is going to look a lot better with Blaine running the show. Your thoughts ?

  39. Niners need to hire Pep Hamilton as a consultant and give him the OC job next year when they dump the entire staff!

    1. Ha! That resembles the sort of naïve optimism that we all had when the FO said they were going to find a teacher to coach after Harbaugh, or that they were going to win with Class, or that they have the talent to win. It makes too much sense to be acceptable…

    1. I agree on all except Reid being the most overrated player. That title belongs to Reggie Bush.

      1. I think it’s Hyde but I’ll have to wait a year or two before people stop giving him the injury and offensive line excuse.

        1. If Hyde is overrated, it doesn’t say much for the other RBs on the 49ers roster. Will be interesting to see how the new bunch go.

          1. No it doesn’t. One caveat I would throw out there is that just because you might be overrated doesn’t mean you aren’t still good. You just might not be as good as everyone seems to say you are. That’s where I am with Hyde. He’s a fine back, I just wouldn’t put him on as high of a pedestal as some(most)?

  40. Could turn CK into a running back, we don’t have one of those. If not receiver might be his calling.

  41. so frank gore needs 700 yards to crack the all time top10… does he have 700 yards left in him (this season and/or next)? if he gets in the top10 he passes some serious names – marcus allen, franco harris, thurman thomas, marshall faulk… is that enough for the hof? has to be i think

  42. “Isn’t there nothing that can be done to bring back the Kap who frequently dazzled the NFL in 2012 and 2013?”
    An accurate quote from a Barber piece on the PD today. Prose at its finest.

    1. All the NFL teams defense has made an adjustment how to play Kaepernick.The teams that CK can only beat are bad team with lowly secondary and defense. The 49ers great defense has regress that’s reason why his numbers dropped down drastically the last two season the 49ers defense aren’t giving Ck good field position anymore like in 2012 and 2013.

  43. Been away for a while, how are the 9ers doing? Just one thing to say about next year. You are crazy if you think Goff is the answer. The team needs a total offensive line rebuild and a game changing pass rusher before they think about any skill position players. imho

    1. OldCoach – Welcome back. Nothing’s changed much recently.

      I’ve been going back-and-forth on QB vs O-Line vs BPA.

      There are quarterbacks I like (Paxton Lynch, Goff) but none are a sure thing. Rookie QBs rarely are, but the shortage of college pro-set passers makes drafting quarterbacks even more chancey.

      – For Drafting QB in the First Round

      Quarterbacks (usually) take at least two years to be any good. Draft a QB in 2018, and it will be 2020 before the offense is really clicking. 2020. If we’re lucky and the guy doesn’t stink.

      – Against Drafting QB in the First Round:

      Missing out on major BPA that’s also a “need” pick at cornerstone positions like pass rusher, OT, shutdown corner and #1 receiver.

      It comes down to assessment. I’m hoping the 49ers bring in outside help. Baalke can find good MLBs in his the back of his sock drawer, but skill positions are a hole-nuther thing.

    2. Coach, you’re right we need a good OL. The 49ers need to draft smart in the draft in the offseason and pickup good FA market. The 49ers if they need to overhaul the offense they need draft a new young Qb that’s a consistent passer from the pocket that knows how to read opposing defenses and can make adjustment when the situation calls for..The 49ers defense has a lot of young talent in the secondary and DL. But we need a new smart HC with experience that knows how to win football games consistently. And we probably need a new GM and a NEW Ownership!!

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