Report: 49ers sign FS/CB K’Waun Williams

The 49ers reportedly have agreed to their first free-agent signing of the offseason.

K’Waun Williams primarily played Nickelback for Cleveland the past two seasons, although he made one start at free safety in 2015, and the Browns list him as a free safety on their website. Williams is roughly the same size (5-9, 183 lbs.) as Ricardo Allen (5-9, 186 lbs.), the free safety for Kyle Shanahan’s previous team, the Atlanta Falcons.

How do you anticipate the 49ers will use Williams?

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  1. My first thoughts were slot CB depth when I saw his listed weight. Perhaps signaling Chris Davis’ knee wasn’t coming along, or they want to make sure Ward won’t have to play slot.

    But the safety notion is intriguing. Range, closing speed, quick first step, ball skills could translate despite the size issue.

    1. 4.53/40 at his ProDay, so quick but not a burner. But quick recognition and anticipation make a guy field fast.
      Too early for me to guess exact useage.

  2. Depends on how they plan to use Ward. If they move Ward to safety as the latter was in college, they would first want to see how well he adjusts to NFL-level. So I’d say that he may be listed as backup at both nickel and FS position.

  3. 49ers signed CB K’Waun Williams to a one-year contract.

    Williams was scheduled to meet with the Vikings on Wednesday but obviously that visit has been cancelled. The Dolphins, Jets and Lions were also in pursuit of Williams. The 25-year-old missed all of last season while recovering from ankle surgery. When healthy, he’ll give San Francisco a viable nickel corner. Feb 21 – 7:06 PM
    Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter

    1. TomD – Good eyeball of Tanoh Kpassagnon on previous thread.

      Watching his snaps tonight. Needs to work on hand strikes, keeping O-linemen from getting into his chest, not wasting steps in his pass rush. But man, he can move for a big guy. Very quick off the snap. Somewhere rounds 3-7. Just not sure when.

  4. 49ers add former linebacker DeMeco Ryans to staff

    By Eric Branch, San Francisco Chronicle

    Updated 3:28 pm, Tuesday, February 21, 2017
    Ryans was among seven additions to the staff announced by the team Tuesday. The group also includes offensive line coach John Benton, 53, who held the same title with the Dolphins (2014-15) and Texans (2006-13).

    Hello, again: 49ers reportedly sign former Browns CB Williams
    49ers add former linebacker DeMeco Ryans to staff
    More 49ers news

    Ryans was the 2006 Defensive Rookie of the Year and a two-time Pro Bowl pick during a 10-year career that ended in 2015 with the Eagles

  5. What distinguishes Williams from other 49er Db’s is actual production in the NFL. His 2014 season in Cleveland is better than anything those guys have done.

    1. Didn’t Pete Carroll run the single high safety formation with Merton Hanks in 94? And McDonald closer to the line like Chancellor?

      I remember the traditional two deep safety look, but I swear I saw Hanks deep and McDonald blowing up runs at the line regularly.

      Carroll learned from Monte Kiffen and Seifert. He evolved Kiffen’s pass defense and Seifert’s work on the front seven.

      I think we should say Ward will play the Hanks role and Adams would play the McDonald role. As for K’Waun Williams, he could play the Toi Cook role.

    2. I second that notion.

      Side note: somebody on this site made a very good point in that Siefert was the creator of the defense we will be running this year, not Seattle.

      So with that being said, we should dub our defense San Fran 2.0, rather than Seattle 2.0

      1. ^ previous comment was a reply to Raz.


        If I weren’t typing on my iPhone because my power is out (Santa Cruz Mountain storms) I would have seen that you covered this topic rather well in your last comment.

        Well said, my friend.

        1. Yep, that was in my link too. Carroll brought a Kiffen style coverage scheme but used his own single high S formation. But, he adopted Seifert’s Elephant position and still uses it today.

          A Kiffen, Seifert, and Carroll defense. A Walsh, M Shanahan, and K Shanahan offense. Those are impressive names.

            1. No problem, I’m just glad we are getting back to schemes that still work in today’s game. With two solid off seasons, we could be on the cusp of greatness again.

              Even the more negative posters like myself are excited and expecting a return to glory. Go Niners!!!

  6. This is a solid, strategic play, the team must strengthen and upgrade its defensive backfield. Too many uncertainties back there and Williams is a quality, cost-efficient acquisition. KS and company get their man, a good first move.

  7. If this is the start, then no one is secure. KS is going to try and format this team in his image. The defense will change to facilitate those left and those acquired for either a 4/3 or a 3/4, with the manpower to change at will. Keep them guessing. Maybe this year we won’t give up 400 points and 100 yard rushing games. It will more interesting to see what he does on offense. There could be a whole new first eleven. The QB is the big question. It looks like Cutler, Hoyer and Romo will all be available. Can KS make one of them a franchise QB for a couple of years, until we can draft one.

  8. When Jed dumped Kelly after one year he also said that Kap was done in SF.
    The idea was if Kelly could come in and get Kap to play like he did 4 years ago it would be a success. Statistically Kap had a good year but really, the stats shaded his progression as a leader and a passer. Simply, he didn’t improve and his faults become more and more evident.
    With that, Jed cleaned house and now Shanny and Lynch begin a new era with players they want. That means moving on from things that haven’t worked in the past in SF.

  9. Juanhunglo +100

    SebNyawn, let’s get real, if nothing else. You wouldn’t know an original thought if it walked up and smacked you in the face…

    You repeat the same posts over and over again with minor variations, cliched and hackneyed.

    For example, you have floated the Gore Trade “Brainstorm” at least a half-dozen times with an occasional name change. You have the repertoire of a trained parrot that can speak a dozen or so phrases that he recites loudly and belligerently over and over and drives the room crazy.

    No one is impressed. What is eye-opening is that you keep persisting anyway, even though you’ve gotten ruthless feedback from several posters on this blog. You seem to believe that as long as you keep throwing your silly ideas up on the wall somehow or other it’s got to stick, and if it sticks somehow or other it must come true. To call you delusional is putting it mildly.

    TomD’s Response: When does the asylum take Seb/Fraudeater’s computer priveledges away ?

    1. Hah ha, very amusing in the sense of someone’s pompous balloon being pierced. But who actually wrote that?

      1. Agreed, for the right price. He would be an ideal stop gap. He’s a nice guy that probably would take our young QB under his wing.

        1. Sorry, but there’s no way in hell Shanny would be interested in Alex Smith. Doesn’t have the aggressive nature that he desires, and neither does Trubiscuit….

    1. Unless they can get someone that can take a pounding or a capable scrambler, it would be in the best interests for the Chiefs to retain Smith.
      With that said, Smith would make a great bridge QB for Shanahan. Tap him to start for a couple of seasons or three, and then hand the keys to someone like Browning or Darnold in 2018 or 2019.

    1. Still, it looks like the guy has had three concussions in about a year’s time. Since there is enough consternation on this board about Reid, why wouldn’t that extend to Williams.

        1. Is that the way the phrase is in Australia. Here in the US it’s “better the devil you know….”.

          On another note regarding Jimmy G. I know we had long discussions and I was fully on board with trading the #2 pick for him. But Rocket said something that I’d forgotten about and has since given me pause. Jimmy G. looked very good in his first two starts, but so did Kap. Jimmy G. hasn’t had enough starts for us to feel comfortable saying that other teams won’t be able to easily stop him once they have enough film on him (whereas Cousins has plenty of starts). Sure, given the type of QB JG is, it’s probably unlikely he’ll go the way of Kap, but still….. Any thoughts on that?

          1. Garoppolo only playing 2 games is a concern, but Kap showed flawed mechanics and inconsistent accuracy in his first 2 games.

            We all knew the league would figure out or at least slow down the read option. We all hoped Kap would fix his mechanics and develop into a pocket passer.

            Garoppolo already is a pocket passer with proper mechanics. Give Jimmy G some weapons and he’ll be fine.

          2. No, its the same here. I was being sarcastic – most fans are overly critical of their own players and overly optimistic regarding new additions.

            My thoughts on Garoppolo are biased by what I thought of him in 2014. Basically if you thought he looked a good prospect in 2014, then what you have seen of him will only serve to make you like his potential even more. If you weren’t that high on him or had significant reservations, then there hasn’t really been enough opportunity for him to properly dispel any concerns.

            As to why I think he will be fine, he is a pocket passer with all the physical traits an elite pocket QB requires, and is widely regarded as highly intelligent and hard working. What he showed (albeit in limited action) as a pocket passer was very impressive – not just from a numbers perspective but also from the way he did it. Very composed, very quick through his reads, very decisive with the ball, good ball placement and touch, and attacked all levels. Basically, everything you want from a QB.

            Kaep on the other hand is a limited pocket passer that doesn’t display all those traits. Even when he was first given his shot he was a limited read QB.

          3. >> Jimmy G. looked very good in his first two starts, but so did Kap.

            Consider this, cubus. Jimmy G. played out of the tried and true pocket QB position, something opposing teams know and should be expected to defense against. Yet he still succeeded. Kaep looked good because the RO offense in which he was featured, built around his natural athleticism, caught the league off-guard. Eventually DCs caught on to it and was able to shut it down. What Kaep had remaining in his QB-ing arsenal, his flamethrower arm, was not enough to keep that success going. Lynch and KS will no doubt realize this, probably already have.

            1. Rib: You’ll note my last sentence tends to agree with what you are saying. I guess the purpose of my post was to just state that the level of risk is higher than I initially thought due to the limited number of starts; in other words, I was wondering if enough weight was being given to those limited number of starts. This would translate into not giving up as much draft capital as I originally thought.

              But I agree that for the reasons you’ve stated it is unlikely that Jimmy G will go the way of Kap. In the end the decision to go after Garappolo isn’t just about trying to model the risk but will include gut feelings. Still, if you’re comparing both Cousins and Jimmy G and both are potentially available to the niners, then the limited starts might factor into the final choice.

              1. After reading links that others have posted here, I’m leaning heavily in the direction that a deal will be done to bring Cousins here.

            2. While I want to move on from Kaep. In his first couple of games there was a lot to be excited about. The 49ers barely used the read option until the playoffs. This gave teams less time to look at the tape.
              In his first game it was his throws that got everyone excited. He pushed the ball down the field with accuracy. The problem is given, time he throws certain routes with accuracy; but others throws he doesn’t make so well. And at this point defenses didn’t know that.
              This is absolutely something to be concerned about with Jimmy. There isn’t enough tape for defenses to take away the throws he makes well within the framework of the pats offense. So we don’t know how he will adjust yet.

  10. K’WAUN HARRIS finished 2014 with the sixth-highest coverage grade of all NFL cornerbacks, despite playing less than 400 snaps.

    Seems to be a slot corner. I’m interested if this is any indication that Redmond’s recovery isn’t going so well?

    Trent Baalke, how the incompetence lingers like the smell of decaying flesh! There aren’t enough pine tree air fresheners on the planet to cover up Baalke’s stench! It’ll take years for the smell of rot to dissipate!

    1. Ahhh, such harmonious news, and I’m inclined to agree, the trade wheels are turning behind the screen . . . it’ll soon be quite redundant to say ‘Adios Kap!’

    2. No thanks to Jay Cutler 2.0. Focus on strengthening the offense and grabbing playmakers like Ingram or Poe.

  11. Hey Tommy, Somehow I’m guessing that KS is looking for just a tad more that 44 yards passing per quarter, Kraeperstink’s career total! I think Cousin’s mother could hit that threshold blindfolded. I will stick to my prediction of a 6-10 season with the outside possibility of 7 or 8 wins if all the pieces fall into place, such as the great signing today of Williams, though not official until early March. He fit’s perfect in the mold KS said he wants of smart, tough, quick players, to which he talked about in his latest interview. You know, the one where he talked incessantly about how he will be thorough and patient in finding his franchise QB without ever mentioning Kraep once. Comical. I’ll also predict that with every loss the Niner’s incur next season, we will have to hear from the few Kraep “likers” about how they should have kept Kraep, and what a big mistake it was to let him go. After all, he would have brought us multiple rings according to MBH. The delusion will continue. Bank on it. Oh God, please, please, please say it isn’t so!

    1. Juanhunglo,

      6-10 sounds reasonable.

      My gut tells me that this is the 1st can’t miss coaching hire the York’s have ever accomplished, so I’m expecting a little more–possibly 8-8, depending on the skill positions (QB, WR, RB, TE) and our drafting on defense.

  12. I hope Daniel is right 80! Cousin’s has to be drooling to restart his career working for KS. The rumor has been floating around that he doesn’t want to be in Washington and hope’s not to be franchised again, though reports have also said that if that happens he will play the year as best he can and then become the free agent next year. Unlike the defense, which needs more rebuilding, the offense is much closer to being NFL competitive, and finally getting a QB that can orchestrate an offense at the NFL level will be more than welcome. We’ve put up with mediocrity for too long.

  13. Ricardo Allen, FS, Falcons: 5091, 186 lbs, 4.51 40-yard dash, 37-inch vertical, 10′ broad, 4.15 shuttle, 6.90 3-cone, 25-years old.

    K’Waun Williams: 5093, 183 lbs, 4.53 40-yard dash, 36-inch vertical, 10’06” broad, 4.23 shuttle, 6.85 3-cone, 25-years old.

    1. Are you predicting Williams will play FS Grant?

      Do you want to see Jimmie Ward at FS. If so, would you like to see K’Waun compete for the starting FS with Ward?

      What to do with Eric Reid?

      1. It seems like Kyle Shanahan is trying to recreate what he had in Atlanta, and Williams is very similar to Ricardo Allen. I have no clue what his plans are for Ward and Reid. I would keep Reid on the bench.

    1. #80,

      Scooter mentioned that he liked Joe Mathis about a month ago and The more film I watch of him the more I appreciate his talent.

      At times he’s a bit late running to the ball if the play is going opposite of him, but he does a nice job setting the edge against the run and has no problem tossing tackles aside to make a play on the QB.

      Have you watched tape on him? He might be a good fit opposite of Lynch

      1. I’ve seen a few highlights here and there. I’ve also read things about him, probably on this site.

        Being able to set the edge is my biggest concern with Tim Williams. That’s why taking him at 34 would be a risk. Of course we struggled mightily against the run in addition to a lack of pass rush.

        Both areas need to be addressed. It may be better to get a more all around player like Mathis. I think Williams’ talent would be hard to pass on. I need to study more on Mathis before I put him ahead or behind Williams.

        1. Just watched some film on Mathis.

          I was very impressed. The first things that stood out was good game speed and a variety of moves. Those traits are needed for the LEO that lines up wide.

          He has great hands and probably won’t get stood up often in the pros. I love his motor and the fact that he doesn’t quit on plays. He’s got a good strip sack technique.

          He has medical concerns, but those will be answered at the Combine. He has a small sample size, but he plays like a veteran with his good techniques and an arsenal of different moves.

          Thanks to you and Scooter for the recommendation. I now like him better than Williams.

  14. Lynch- ‘ It would be easy to come in here and blow everything up and say we are getting rid of everything. Instead we took a look at everything, and what I found is a lot of people I think can contribute to turning this thing around.’

    Read that and weep, Kaep haters.

    That was music to my ears.

    Lynch thinks there is talent, but maybe they were playing players out of position, and they were playing favorites, not the best options who merited more playing time.

    Lynch is smart. He will not cut the best player on the team, because he is the most important player on the team and will give them the best chance to win.

    Lynch also has critical experience. He came to a downtrodden franchise, and helped turn it around, so they won a SB. I think he can do it again.

    Lynch mentioned that Kaep has done some very good things in this league, and KS mentioned that Kaep is a Super Bowl quarterback.

    lynch, with Adam Peters help and input from Gamble, will realize that there are no superior QBs available, compared to Kaep. Both Cousins and Garoppolo will be too expensive. Shaub and Hoyer have familiarity with KS, but this is not a popularity contest among some good ol’ boys. This will be a sober, well thought out decision. They will think it through, and they will conclude that they want Kaep playing for them, instead of playing against them.

    Lynch and KS are doing exactly what I wanted, and what I predicted. They will not make a rash decision, and let emotions cloud their judgement. They will take their time, and study all angles and possibilities. They will keep all options open, and keep their cards close to their vest. They will not tip their hand, and they will not devolve into leaking anything, good or bad.

    This winning culture has gotten off to a good start. They followed one of my criteria that was desirable in a Free Agent. I wanted them to select an under performer from a low level team, but with good potential. K’Waun Williams fits that criteria.

    Now Lynch needs to find players like Kam Chancellor and Earl thomas in free agency and the draft, especially if they are headed towards building a Seahawk style defense.

    Now that Baalke is gone, I have hope. KS gives me hope that he will utilize Kaep properly, and Lynch has already impressed me by his first signing. Now decent FAs will not avoid the Niners like they had the plague. I expect at least one big name signing, and several others who will fill all the major needs.

    If the Niners trade back to garner more picks, and hit a grand slam in the draft, they might win more than 6 games.

    1. If they decide to keep Kaep, they can concentrate on fixing the defense, something Lynch should be astute enough to realize, and competent enough to implement. Hope they re sign at least 9 Niner free agents to provide continuity and help with the locker dynamics.

      1. Seb,

        Lynch didn’t specifically mention Kaep in the comment you posted.
        It was a broad statement about the 49ers roster having more talent than a 2-12 team. I’m confused how you think he was singling Kaep out.

        1. That first statement is verbatim. So many detractors wanted the Niners to blow everything up and start with a clean slate. That would mean cutting Kaep. Since KS has been HC for weeks, they are not burning it down, and starting all over. They are being measured, and prudent.

          Obviously, Lynch has found talented players on the squad, and since Kaep is one of the better players on the team, if not the best, I just assumed they would be keeping him.

          Read what you want in those statements. My interpretation is that they do not want to make a rash decision that they will rue for years.

          I also couched my statement. I said IF they decide to keep Kaep, not- they WILL keep Kaep.

          1. I don’t know very many 49er fans that were in favor of “blowing the roster up”, and many of the bloggers on this site would agree with you (and me… And our new GM) that we have talent.

            Maybe you’re referring to the media that’s painting a picture of a depleted roster?

            I have a handful of friends that played ball against Kaep (growing up in Reno I also watched every game he played at Mackay Stadium) and I’ve heard and seen enough about him to know that he is a superior athlete.

            However, given his certain limitations as a QB–especially in Shanahan’s offense–I’ll speak for myself when I say that he is not the best player on the team nor is he the best QB they can find to start in 2017.

            If Shanahan can mold Kaep into a serviceable QB, then by all means he should do so. But on paper, Shanahan’s style of play calling doesn’t bode well for Kaep.

            1. Who on the team is better? Which QB is superior to Kaep? Some unproven rookie? Cousins? If they franchise Cousins, they will be putting him out of reach. Garoppolo? They will be spending too much draft capital that should go to fixing the defense, and Garoppolo may throw for 400 yards but still lose because the defense will give up another ungodly amount of rushing yardage.

              Niners might also be handing the Pats another trophy by dealing with Bill Bellichick. Tyrod Taylor? Hee is a kaep clone, so If many do not like kaep, they will also not like TT.

              KS has taken many marginal QBs and has made them serviceable. He can do the same thing with Kaep, and may finally utilize him correctly.

              1. “who on the team is better?”

                Players like Buckner, Ward (excited to see what he can from his natural safety position), Bowman (with an improved D-line he’ll have better flow to the ball), Staley, Hyde, Dawson and about 3 others pending their health and what scheme we play them in i.e. Brown, Armstead, Lynch.

                I agree with you that trading our high-end draft capital for a QB would set us back farther than it would push us over the hump. Fact of the matter is that we might have to wait until 2018 to find our QB of the future and spend our picks this year on improving the rest of the roster–Half of our O-line is in shambles and the other is a questionable scheme fit.

                There is a lot of speculation on the Patriots asking price, but I wonder if it’s a sales gimmick and they’d take a deal similar to the Alex Smith trade (a second and a conditional third).

                If we make no trades for a QB this year then my GM-for-a-day moves (what a fun competition that would be…. Hint hint, Grant) would be signing Hoyer for his knowledge of KS’ system, giving Cutler a one year prove it deal, and picking up Chad Kelly in the mid rounds if he falls that far. If Cutler isn’t available then give the same opportunity to Kaep. Cutler isn’t a better athlete than Kaep, but I think he fits KS’ scheme better.

              2. Buckner played better as the season went on, but teams ran right at him, and he was playing too high and got moved aside too easily. Waard was supposedly playing out of position and he gave up a lot of completions.
                Staley is 33, so his best days are behind him, and Hyde runs too upright so he gets stripped of the ball too easily. He also tends to get injured. Dawson is 42, and he cost them the Jets game by missing 2 chip shot FGs. Bowman may never play again.

                Kaep had a 16-4 TD to interception ratio and a 90,7 QBR. He also touched the ball every offensive snap.

                Glad Lynch said that they had a very positive meeting and Kaep was excited as they were.

              3. Brown was poor in run blocking, Armstead was totally ineffective because he was trying to play one handed. Brooks was suspended for 4 games and came back out of shape.

              4. Brooks was suspended for 4 games and came back out of shape.

                Seb, think you meant Lynch. Am I right?


    1. Jimmy Garoppolo

    “His body of work isn’t big enough to make any conclusions, but because he proved he can make throws at every level, and the fact he has three training camps with the Patriots and time behind Tom Brady under his belt, he’s the best-case scenario for the 49ers in 2017. Plus, he’d sign a cheaper contract and be less costly in a trade than Cousins. And before you say it, he’s better than Matt Cassel and Ryan Mallet.”

    2. Kirk Cousins
    3. Deshaun Watson
    4. Brian Hoyer
    5. Mitch Trubisky
    6. Tyrod Taylor
    7. Tony Romo
    8. Colin Kaepernick
    9. DeShone Kizer
    10. Jay Cutler
    11. Mike Glennon
    12. Matt Schaub
    13. Patrick Mahomes
    14. Brad Kaaya
    15. Davis Webb

    I agree with the first two on the list. Watson is a no go.

    1. If the Niners decide to deal with Bellichick, they may be handing him another trophy, so they should carefull think of the ramifications of giving BB more draft picks.

      Last season, BB traded Chandler Jones to Arizona for a second round pick. Then he parlayed that 2nd round pick into 2 picks by trading back to the third and 4th rounds. Pats drafted Joe Thuney who started every game at LG and helped win a SB. Malcolm Mitchell was the other pick, and he made several key catches in the Playoffs.

      Dealing with Bellichick is like dealing with the devil. Niners should think log and hard before helping the Pats in any way.

        1. No, maybe every other team in the league will look at New England, and realize that trading for Garoppolo will not make their team that much better, and it will be like trading for another Matt Cassel..

          Niners should not help Bellichick in any way, and they cannot stop other teams from making a big mistake, but they should not justify making the same mistake just because other teams might.

          1. Garoppolo and Cassel are two different players. Cassel was barely drafted. Garoppolo went in the 2nd round despite playing for Eastern Illinois. Being Brady’s backup and playing for Belichick are positive things.

            If you think Garoppolo will be a bust, then fine, say that. If you’re going to say he is Cassel 2.0, then tell me what similarities you see in their games. .

            1. Cassel took over for Brady when he was injured, and the Pats went 11-5. JG did well when he was replacing Brady during his suspension, but he was also playing with SB caliber players.

              If JG went to the Browns or the Niners, he would be playing on a much less talented squad. He would not have WRs running wide open all the time. He would not have an elite defense to help him have good field position.

              1. Kinda sounds like Kaepernick’s story.

                Both he and Gabbert missed a lot of wide open receivers downfield last year though.

              2. I asked for similarities in their games, not their circumstances. But as I stated before, Garoppolo had comparable numbers to Brady this year.

                Cassel didn’t come close to Brady’s numbers. Brady in 2007, 16 wins, 50 TDs, 8 Ints. 68.9 comp %, 4806 YDs, 300.4 Yds/G, 117.2 rating.

                Cassel in 2008 with pretty much the same team. 11 wins, 21 TDs, 11 Ints, 63.4 Comp %, 3693 Yds, 230.8 Yds/G, 89.4 rating.

                Pretty significant drop in production isn’t it? A team that went 16-0 and set offensive records suddenly loses 5 games and the offense didn’t seem to hum anymore. Matt Cassel couldn’t lead one of the best all time teams into the playoffs.

                What similarities do you see in Garoppolo and Cassel? Just one thing, anything other than they both were NE backups.

      1. 49ers should focus on making themselves better, and not give two $hit$ about whether or not it also makes another team better. They simply aren’t in a position to worry about that.

        Besides, if Garoppolo ends up being as good as advertised they will actually be weakening the Patriots long term.

        1. Scooter, I will agree with that take 100%. What the ramifications the Garoppolo trade would have for the Pats or any other team is meaningless to the 49ers, whose sole intention is to build another dynasty team. Everything that the Kap-obsessed poster blathers on about is simply justification of why CK should be kept on the team, even to the detriment of the team, at all costs. His ego is at stake here. His reams of silly rationalizations are nothing more than inflated nonsense in support of his echoing argument. But despite his constant dredging of the tea leaves of the Lynch and KS interviews, that spurious argument will soon be put to rest.

          With the possible entrance of Alex Smith into the 2017 QB sweepstakes, who would be an outstanding bridge and mentor for a couple of years, it becomes clear that the 49ers have some intriguing choices and the capital to swing a beneficial deal. The sooner we get the confusion swept out of the picture the better it will be for all concerned, except perhaps for one or two whiners.

        2. Handing Bellichick another ring because he is smarter than most people is obtuse.

          BB is channeling Bill Walsh, who would cut or trade a player sooner than later. Before last season they traded away Chandler Jones and then in the middle they traded away Collins. Why? because they had adequate replacements, and he could get good value for the players before they left or were too expensive due to free agency.

          So now you think Lynch would aid BB in getting another ring? Nope. Lynch is too smart for that. Lynch will see that getting draft choices are very important because they can lock them into rookie contracts for years, and BB was smart enough to get quantity for quality by trading back that second round pick into a 3rd and 4th round pick. Both Theus and Mitchell were important contributors, and helped BB win another ring.

          He will trade away Garoppolo because he may decide that Brissett is an adequate backup to Brady. If not, he will hold out for a king’s ransom and some GM will be desperate enough to do that. BB will then draft a player that he thinks will eventually replace Brady, while stockpiling picks to rebuild the team.

          The rest of the league should realize what BB is doing, and stop helping him. But no, you do not care if others get schooled while BB gets rings.

          1. What’s obtuse is being the second worse team in the league and worrying at all about another team when you need all the help you can get. Especially when the only way you’ll see that other team in the next 3 years is if it’s in the Super Bowl.

        3. That should be obvious Scooter, but some seem to think about how it affects the other team more than their own. That’s especially so when looking at teams close to or even with the 9ers in SB wins ;)

        4. a month ago…..I was all for Jimmy G! I wanna get one thing out of the way…..I like Kap, always have…..and I respect him taking a stance on the issues as he did (does not mean I agree with him not standing for anthem)
          With that out of the way… thing I liked about JG was his look…..turning the page, moving on from Kap……having JG as the face of the organization instead of Kap and his atrocious hair/look.

          But now ive totally backed off of JG……and here is why: the price to get that guy is WAY TOO HIGH for a guy that has 2 good starts under his belt!
          Cousins will cost more $$ and more/higher draft picks……BUT HE’S PROVED HE’S THE REAL DEAL!!2 years vs 2 games!!!!!!!!! its a no brainer!

          If the niers can get cousins…….THEY BETTER DO IT!! the picks wed have to give Washington are a non issue….( since most draft picks are bust’s anyway)

          what once looked like wishful thinking now seems to be a probability!

      2. I agree with you. Why would they want to trade an elite-level QB, the hardest type of guy to find at the most important position? No one would, so the answer is probably they know he is not at that level and can take advantage of a lot of desperate GMs.

        1. Maybe BB sees that he can get good value for a player so he pulls the trigger on a deal, but he would not do so if they do not have a better player waiting in the wings. BB traded away Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins, both very good players, but their replacements helped win a SB.

          Niners, on the other hand, got rid of JH because Jed was immature, and let emotions rule his thinking, without having an adequate replacement lined up ahead of time. Now they had to play musical chairs with new HCs, and we all saw how that turned out.

          Hopefully, Lynch is not that desperate, and will think things through.

  16. From Rotoworld:

    “CSN New England’s Tom Curran reports the Patriots are going to need to be “bowled over” and have their “doors blown off” if they’re to trade Jimmy Garoppolo.”

        1. No not at all. If they can get Cousins I’m on board. Just don’t want to give up too much for him considering he is owed ALOT of money. I don’t think the Skins trade him. As far as Kaep I have only stated that he would be a better stop gap then the Schabbs, Hoyers of the world. Which he is.

          1. I bet Gruden is hopping mad that they did not lock up Cousins to a long term deal already. First he lost his OC, now he might lose his starting QB, with no replacement in sight.

            Gruden wants to win too badly to allow petty FO politics sabotage his team.

      1. Yes, premature.
        It does appear from media rumors that Cousins is as or more unhappy with Wash mgt as they are stand-offish with him. Is this Snyder being reticent to sign a long term deal and admit that he was all wrong all along about RG3 and Cousins? That’s just a wild axe guess on my part, but that dude has a history.
        A trade could happen, but would be pricey. At least Cousins is a known commodity to KS for him to make that call.
        One other possibility, more idle speculation on my part, is that if no deal is struck, KS finds a place holder, Cousins plays out his contract under the tag, and goes UFA for 2018. SF will have to pony up $, but not choices and $. Reggie McK waited to get his QB during his rebuild.

            1. Laddie, I was drinking Scotch a hundred years before you were born. And I can tell you that whatever this is, it is definitely not Scotch!

  17. Note what Lynch said (95.7 recently):
    1. they have gone position by position to profile type of players they need
    2. they have “named names” in those areas where they have keepers on the roster. Kaep not included. If they wanted Kaep to feel good they would have said something, anything.
    3. they have never referenced kaep’s skillsets or any recent performance comments or any comment vis-avis the profile of the QB, like they have in point 2
    All he said is “I remember SB” that’s code for “ancient history, not relevant now”
    4. The only thing linked to Kaep’s name is “we will be honest”
    5. KS in other interviews “have you talked to Kaep?”. NO

    Opinions will go in many directions, but that’s what we see. No ” really looking forward to seeing Kaep throw”, or “looking forward to Kaep stopping by the building”. etc.

    What can we draw from this anecdotal , but telling, information?

    1. No, Lynch was very positive about Kaep, and praised him for reaching out to set up a meeting.

      Right now, Kaep is waiting. He knew that Lynch and KS were scrambling to get a coaching staff together. Now they are doing evaluations. Once those are done, Kaep will meet with them. Kaep is being smart, and both sides are being professional about the whole process.

    2. KS has said that he has communicated with Kaep through Texts. They have not sat down and talked in person, but Kaep is waiting until they are ready, because he knows that Lynch and KS had to get the coaches in place, first. Now they have to go through evaluations, and Kaep has years of film for him to study.

      I am not worried at all, and consider Kaep to be their best option. With Kaep leading the Niners, Lynch can concentrate on fixing the defense.

      1. Seb, through a contact within the Verizon Communication Headquarters, I was able to secure these texts:

        Shanny…I’ve still got my RG3 playbook if interested
        Kaepurnicus…I want to learn more to preserve my body
        Shanny…Baby steps bro
        Kaepurnicus…Do I still get to kneel?
        Shanny…It’s our belief you either die on your feet or leave on your knees
        Kaepurnicus…I don’t like that
        Shanny…Kissing bicep emoji

        1. Razor, no need to text. They sat across from a table and spoke in person with Kaep. Lynch said they would not talk about what was said so he would not betray a confidential conversation, but he did say that both Kaep and they were excited after the meeting.

          1. KS has said that he has communicated with Kaep through Texts.

            Seb, I’m pretty sure you know I was making a funny;>)

    1. Since I don’t listen much to metal, I hadn’t heard of him. But I did listen to a lot of what is now called “classic rock” in my college days in the early 80s (mostly Brit bands: Zeppelin, Cream, Traffic, Deep Purple, and especially Jimi Hendrix) before drifting into listening to improvised music. So it was interesting that Takasaki’s wikipage mentions Ritchie Blackmore as one his influences. I heard a lot of Hendrix in that intro. But then before Jimi, there was nothing…..

      1. Cool, Mood. Yea, Hendrix influenced many of the great guitar players of my generation, including Yngwie Malmsteen. Shame he isn’t around today, because it would be fascinating to see his evolution through the years….

        1. Still have tinitus in my right ear from attending the Hendrix Experience show at the Fillmore as a young lad,there were plenty great guitarists before him but he just pushed the envelope to another level much like Coltrane and the sax.Hard to know if he would have progressed with longevity.

          1. Sure, to go back to the pioneers of the electric guitar, one would have to start with Charlie Christian who basically defined the use of that instrument. But I was commenting on that style of highly-amplified electric blues with feedback that laid the foundation of modern heavy metal guitar.

          1. Hah! I was regretting leaving him out, his music makes me smile.

            Did you ever come across John McLaughlin? Coltrane influenced heavy guitarist whose personal style I think predates Metal, but has a connection. If you can find it, he and Carlos Santana shared lead on Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.”

              1. Fab!
                Not for all tastes. The Duchess doesn’t like when I spin that one, but she does like that good old rock and roll.

              2. Another she couldn’t take was Dr. John’s “Lonesome Guitar Strangler”, though she loves all his ivory work.

          2. Recall B. B. King opening for Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble at the Concord Pavilion in 1989. It was a classic.

        1. The work that Eric,Page,and Beck did with the Yardbirds certainly foreshadowed Jimis contribution and development.

    2. Two greats that haven’t been mentioned yet. Jimmy Page and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Hard to say who my favorite is, but I’d take Hendrix if I had to choose.

      1. Oh yeah, thus my earlier disclaimer, too many to mention, but I’m on board with these two. Lists are too long, but Jazz and Country playuhs too. Gotta add James Williamson.

  18. The Williams signing was a great move. Lynch comes out of the gate strong now if he can avoid a knee jerk reaction and stay away from Cousins and Garoppolo he will be off to an outstanding start.

    1. I give the Williams’ signing relatively high marks, and I have a couple reasons why I am giving this signing a B+.

      1) While the 49ers have had their eye on Williams for a while, Williams also drew interest from at least 4 other teams. Landing a targeted free agent who has received a considerable amount of interest around the league is a good sign.

      2) The terms of his contract. Perhaps he chose to sign with SF in part to his relationship with Hafley, however, it’s been reported that the 49ers have had their eye on him for a while, and a one year, prove-it contract for a young CB who has had proven success in his first two seasons in the league, seems like a win win for both the player, and the team.

      Here is a source RAW: Danial Jeremiah is reporting – Jeremiah believes that a deal between Washington and San Francisco could take place at the NFL Scouting Combine. “Keep an eye on Kirk Cousins and Washington,” Jeremiah said. “That could be the first domino to fall. I don’t think they’re going be able to get a long-term deal done and I think there’s a greater than 50-percent chance that he’s not with the Redskins next year. You’ve got the Combine coming up. All these teams will be together. I would not be shocked at all if we saw Kirk Cousins to San Francisco trade go down at that point in time and now you’ve got the dominos really starting to fall.”

      – See more at:

        1. I noticed. I’m hoping the USS Shannytize beams Captain Kirk aboard, and we boldly go where the 49ers haven’t gone in years….

          1. Cousins makes throws I wish he didn’t, which reminds me too much of what Cutler does. If you get Cousins, you will need to set the offense up with playmakers at every position in order for him to succeed, and that will be difficult if Cousins is given the highest QB contract to date. It will also make it difficult trying to shore up the defense at key positions when the draft is weak or a pick fails to pan out.
            You like that?! Because I sure don’t.

              1. Back then. We have no idea about the now.

                “Kirk is a natural thrower who’s fearless and lets it rip,” Shanahan said.. “(As for) guys who can process and go fast in the pocket, Kirk’s as good as anybody.”

            1. “If you get Cousins, you will need to set the offense up with playmakers at every position in order for him to succeed, and that will be difficult if Cousins is given the highest QB contract to date.”

              +1 Mid

              And even with all the talent around him, he would still struggle in the red zone.

              1. And even with all the talent around him, he would still struggle in the red zone.

                So you are absolving every other factor in the Skins redzone struggles of blame? It’s all on Cousins and he will never be any good in the redzone no matter what system he plays in; is that what you are saying here?

              2. He struggled in the red zone with a talented roster. It’s not all on Cousins, but he is the QB. Since he has struggled in the red zone, it is more likely that trend will continue with our less talented roster.

              3. #80,

                The same offense led by Cousins was 11th in red zone efficiency the year before. Things change from season to season in this league and it’s based as much on the play calling and situations faced as much as it is on the players involved.

              4. That’s fair rocket. It’s not all on Cousins, but he isn’t blameless either. BTW, I’m not suggesting that you’re saying Cousins is blameless.

                Red zone efficiency and clutch plays are my only concerns with Cousins, especially since he already has a fair amount of talent around him.

                I’ll admit that I prefer Garoppolo because I think he can be as good or better than Cousins. But if we can get pick 17 and Cousins for only our #2 pick, we have to do it.

            2. He’s not Cutler in any way shape or form Mid. His numbers and rating have been top ten and needing playmakers to succeed is par for the course for any QB to have success. As it is, Cousins had nothing special at the RB position either year he has been the starter, didn’t have Jackson for a large part of 2015, and his top receiver this season – Garcon – is a good, not great player who had the best season of his career YPC wise last season.

              There is no issue with a contract either. This team will have upwards of 100 million in cap space when it’s all said and done. They have literally no one to extend on a big money deal in the next couple of years when they would be paying most of the guaranteed money in Cousin’s contract.

              Add to that he’s a favorite of the HC and already knows the system, and this is really a no brainer if he’s truly available.

              1. Your rebuttal is full of assumptions Rocket. You should also know how quickly big contracts can become an albatross for a team, even if they have the cap space.

              2. I’m not assuming anything other than what I’ve seen from Cousins the past two seasons. Comparing him to Cutler is like comparing oil to water.

                The Niners are not going to face cap problems Mid. That is not an assumption. That is based on the fact they have 100 million to spend and a cap that continues to go up every year. They have no young players on the roster that will command big deals in the next couple of seasons and can pay out all of the guaranteed money in the first couple of years. That gives them a lot of flexibility with the cap in the future if they do happen to acquire young players they want to extend.

              3. I did read your cap space concern and I’m telling you there is no issue with cap space moving forward no matter what happens with draft picks or FA’s. You don’t seem to grasp that the cap space needed for Cousins can be mitigated early on to the point they will not face any cap consequences with him after year 2. They literally have 100 million to spend with none of their own to spend it on for the next few seasons. Guaranteeing 50 mill to Cousins would be easy, and still leave a ton of room to work with.

              4. “Guaranteeing 50 mill to Cousins would be easy, and still leave a ton of room to work with.”

                Yep. Heck, they gave Kaepernick 61mil guaranteed. It’s all in the structure and very doable.

        2. Mid,

          So you’d prefer to pass up a proven NFL QB and put all your chips on the 2018 draft, when you have no idea who will be available and how high their stock will be? I don’t understand the logic behind that Mid.

          1. And I don’t understand the logic of giving up some serious capital for a system QB who could not even lift his team past the hump.

            1. System QB? So is Brees a system QB then? Matt Ryan?

              You give up capital to secure players who can help you. Waiting and hoping you find a franchise QB in a draft a year and a half from now is not a strategy; it’s a gamble with low odds. Even if they don’t trade for Cousins, there is no way they should be putting all their eggs in the 2018 draft basket. They should sign and draft QB’s this year and if there is a good option in 2018, then take him too if you aren’t convinced you have the right guy on the roster. Restricting themselves to possibilities in 2018 that may not even be available doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

              1. You sound like a fan who wants to win now instead of investing in the future. You used Brees in your argument while ignoring the fact he was already starting to come into his own with the Chargers. You also used Ryan who many question whether he is elite. Bad supporting evidence.

                Waiting and hoping you find a franchise QB in a draft a year and a half from now is not a strategy; it’s a gamble with low odds.

                So is giving up high draft picks for a mid-tier QB or making said QB one of the highest paid at his position.

              2. So is giving up high draft picks for a mid-tier QB or making said QB one of the highest paid at his position.

                Referring to Captain Kirk as a “mid-tier QB” is to deny reality, unless you’re a better evaluator than Shanny.

                Shanny, “(As for) guys who can process and go fast in the pocket, Kirk’s as good as anybody.”

              3. Mid,

                You sound like a fan who wants to win now instead of investing in the future.

                I’m a fan who wants his team to find an answer at the most important position on the team. There is no guarantee of anything other than having competent QB play moving forward and that is important to me for sure. Trading for Cousins does not stop them from investing in the future. He would be part of the future and they will still have a lot of draft and FA capital to add to him.

                You used Brees in your argument while ignoring the fact he was already starting to come into his own with the Chargers.

                I didn’t ignore it at all. In fact it just strengthens my position. Cousins has put up two straight top ten seasons in his first two years as a starter. He is in his prime and getting better. Brees was good in SD his final year, but the system under Payton has led to the big numbers.

                You also used Ryan who many question whether he is elite. Bad supporting evidence

                He just made it to a SB. Are you honestly saying you wouldn’t want Ryan either? If that’s the case you are living in fantasyland with what you are expecting from the QB position on this team going forward.

                So is giving up high draft picks for a mid-tier QB or making said QB one of the highest paid at his position.

                This makes no sense. Trading for a proven QB has much higher odds of succeeding than taking a rookie in the draft.

            1. I was half kidding.

              Bottom line is it depends on what value you place on Cousins. You need to strike when opportunity presents itself. Many feel that this is an opportunity not worth passing up (within limits on capital expended), while you feel that Cousins is not worth the presumed market value. That’s the crux of the debate.

              I trust Shanahan to make the right decision with some tempering from Lynch.

        3. MidWest,
          I am with you. Trade back this year for an extra 1st next year. Then trade those 2 #1’s in 18 for a top 3 pick.

          1. Who are teams giving up two number ones to trade up for Old Coach? Who is the can’t miss franchise QB you are trading up for in 2018?

              1. I am? I’m reading that the best course of action according to you and old coach is to trade down this year, secure another first rounder, and use it with next years first to trade up into the top 3 for a QB. If I misunderstood that please correct me, but that appears to be what was written.

                If that is the case, my question is: who in this coming draft at #2 is going to entice a team to trade up and give up their first pick in 2018? My other question is: which of the possible draft eligible QB’s in 2018 is a can’t miss Franchise caliber QB?

                It’s fine to suggest these ideas but how do they come to fruition and why is it a better idea than trading for a proven top ten NFL QB?

        4. Is there a can’t miss QB prospect in 2018? If there is, I have seen only 1 top prospect who might, and I repeat MIGHT fit the bill!

          SAM DARNOLD, USC, might be. He’s certainly the most impressive QB projected to eneter the draft. However, if he continues on his current trajectory, he’s going to be the first player off the board in 2018. Which means, unless the 49ers finish 2017 with the league’s worst record, it’s going to take a kings ransom to move up to draft him.

          As for Rosen……..

          JOSH ROSEN – UCLA, certainly isn’t a sure fire franchise type QB prospect. He’s a smart kid, to be sure. And his arm talent is undeniable! But he’s built a lot like Jarred Goff in terms of physical stature, although he seems to have a little more muscle on his bones than Goff. He’s also coming off of shoulder surgery on his throwing shoulder. He suffered the injury in early October, and had lingering nerve issues as a result, which eventually led to surgery. “The type of injury is a potentially serious one, with very little method to determine if the shoulder will regain healthy nerve activity and the time frame for recovery”. However, the surgery was considered a success, and there is a good chance Rosen will have no long term issues as a result to the injury. Other quarterbacks who have had a similar injury to Rosen’s have had a wide range of recovery results, including full recovery with no no long term effects .

          Rosen is also a very outspoken person, and isn’t afraid to say exactly what is on his mind, which can get him in trouble. I like what he has to say, but he could use a little work on his filter.

          And that mustache …… oh my, Ron Jaremy must be jealous!

    1. Yeah, I would too. But it’s not 100% necessary for Cousins to be tagged is it? I mean a trade could be worked out before Cousins is tagged. He’s not a free agent yet, so the teams can be attempting to work out a trade at this very moment, can’t they? I guess the difficulty is in making sure that Cousins is on board with the trade since the niners would need a long-term agreement with Cousins and I don’t believe that would be part of the trade package.

      1. Cubus
        I think he has to sign his tender (if tagged) before they can trade him. If not tagged, trade could come on first day of League Year.

          1. It’s real simple fellas, if Kurt doesn’t want to resign in Wash they have no choice but to take what the Niners only want to give up. The Skins are not going to franchise him next year cause that number balloons up 34 mil for 1 year. The Niners hold all the leverage in this. They are in no hurry to acquire a QB cause of those 6 year contracts that Shanny and Lynch got. I’m going to stick with my prediction of 2 2s for him. The #2 pick will not be traded. If Skins don’t take that they lose him for nothing next year. Kyle and Lynch know that.

            1. ” but to take what the Niners only want to give up. ”
              Not true. If they apply the tag but Cousins chooses not to sign it, once the new year begins he can start talking to other teams. Once he’s signed an offer sheet the Redskins can either match that offer or not. If they choose not to match the Skins get two first round picks from the team that signed him.

              The Skins can either let the market set Cousins value and decide to match that and retain him with a long term deal worked out by another team or they get two first round picks in compensation. Why in the hell would they swap from #17 to #2 when those are their other choices?

              “The tag is essentially a contract offer. If Cousins doesn’t sign it, when the free agent negotiating period begins he is free to talk to other teams. When the new league year starts he can field offers from other teams and sign an offer sheet with one of them.

              The Redskins have a chance to match the offer sheet. If they don’t, they get two first-round draft picks as compensation.”

              1. It’s not a negotiation, if Cousins doesn’t sign the tag and receives an offer, that is what the Tag gives the Redskins if another team signs him. So yea, they will get that if another team wants to offer him a deal once he’s been tagged.

              2. But if Cousins signs the tag, then Washington and another team could negotiate a trade that does not require two first-round draft picks?

              3. What about right now. He’s not a FA yet, so couldn’t they try to negotiate a trade before tagging him. Seems a bit risky because the tradee will want a long-term contract and Cousins could stall and force the tag.

              4. It’s still not going to be easy. The team that wants to make him an offer is not only potentially giving up two first rounds picks they can still lose out on signing him all together if the Redskins decide to match that teams offer. So they have to come up with an offer high enough that the Skins wont want to match but low enough that it plus the two first round picks isn’t too much to give up for him.

                You also have what happens if Cousins doesn’t find a team willing to do that but says if you sign the tag we’ll negotiate a trade for you but the Redksins decide they don’t want to trade him since he’s now under contract to play for them. He could always choose to sit out the year at that point but that really wouldn’t help him any.

                So, it’s still gonna be sticky getting him out of Washington.

              5. “What about right now. He’s not a FA yet, so couldn’t they try to negotiate a trade before tagging him. ”

                We’re in a “void” right now. Cousins technically is not under contract with them but he’s also not allowed to talk to other teams until March 7th. The league year doesn’t technically start until March 9th. So he can negotiate a deal after March 7 whether he’s tagged or not. If they don’t tag him by March 7th he’s a FA. On March 9th he can sign an offer sheet from another team.

              6. “Void”. So that would imply that the last league year ended already. I thought it would end on March 6th. After all, they use the term “year” (so similar to fiscal years).

              7. All contracts that are set to expire do so at 3:59:59 March 9th. Void was a way of describing this time when ‘certain’ negotiations can take place but nobody is under contract until 4:00 March 9th.

  19. I think the Cousins trade to the 49ers scenario is looking more favorable, and doable, all the time. The latest speculation of the teams trading first round picks, with the Niners adding a second rounder, would be a total green light from where I stand. ( I realize that for some that would be a sphincter-clenching moment of catastrophic truth.) The sobering fact that the 49ers would have to pay Cousins at the top of the market for several years is not a detriment, they have the cash to do so and to seriously bolster their defense at the same time. In the NFL today you have to pay your franchise QB mucho dinero, there’s no way around it. Is Cousins a premium franchise grade QB (which KaperDud clearly is not)? That will be Kyle Shanahan’s call and I’m ready to roll with that game plan.

    1. Jack Hammer

      Until things change to “rosier” we’re still a 2-14 team…’am not a believer that Cousins is worth HALF of what the asking price in $ and draft choices would be….I hope the ‘skins re-sign him…

    1. 80,

      A couple things from that link:

      “Keep an eye on Kirk Cousins and Washington,” Jeremiah said. “That could be the first domino to fall”

      Hmmmm. What are the next dominos to fall? Inquiring minds want to know.

      Regarding Washington:

      “If they believe in Colt McCoy, like some people believe they do…”

      Wow, that’s just crazy talk. If that’s what they believe, I believe they would give *us* Cousins *and* a couple of 1st round picks.

  20. Some internet echo chamber speculating about Mike Florio’s speculation… “flip-flop the second and 17th picks for starters, with maybe something more (for example, the 49ers’ second-round pick…”

    Nope. 2+34 for Cousin+17 is too much for a guy that will likely be a free agent in 13 months. Shanny and Cousins have a mutual crush. In free agency its likely the 49ers would be his 2018 landing spot.

    Chart Numbers: (2+34) 3,160 – (17) 950 = 2,210.

    2,210 is the 3 overall pick. Or two 14 overall picks.

    Is two mid first round picks worth one rebuilding season? Really?

    Remember there won’t be the rookie salary cap bump that Wilson and Wentz provided. That’s a massive overall cost.

    1. Meh, I’m really not worried about the contract. 49ers have heaps of cap space. And they can structure the deal so that if he doesn’t pan out long term they can release him without much dead money after a few years.

      Giving up high picks sucks, but if all it cost them was one high pick this year that’s worth it. A trade that sends the 49ers 1st and 2nd to the Redskins for Cousins and their 1st still gives the 49ers a 1st round pick plus a starting calibre QB. You could look at it like the 49ers giving up a 2nd rounder for a proven QB. It would be a good deal for the 49ers.

      1. I should have just read what rocket had been saying above. I think he’s got it right regarding the contract “issue”.

      2. “first and second” is one way to put it. “2 and 34” is another way. For a guy that will be a free agent in 13 months.

        Maybe Florio got it backwards. Washington throwing in their 2nd rounder.

        2 for Washington’s 17+48+Cousins is worth consideration.

        2,600 (Pick 2 ) – 1,370 (17+48) = 1,230 (12)

        Basically giving Washington a 12th overall for one year of Cousins services.

        I’d go for it only because its a weak trade back year from pick 2. The 49ers would probably get under chart this year. And I’d love to see Cousins in a 49er uniform.

          1. Based on what? They should strike while the opportunity presents itself. In football there are so many unknowns from year-to-year, that it could present considerable risk to wait a year.

              1. Only if you are getting them as a rental.

                No way would you trade for Cousins and not sign him to a long term deal. Trading for him guarantees you get him. Can’t guarantee that next year.

              2. Under any circumstances. You don’t give up picks for someone you can acquire without giving up picks a year later.

              3. For years many people thought that there was no way CA real estate could keep going up to stratospheric levels. In hindsight many. many wish they would have bought earlier.

                The parallels are really very similar. In both cases you’re talking about items that are in very, very high demand.

              4. Trading would be the only guarantee though. Sure you can wait, but there’s no assurance that he’ll choose you.

              5. Trading high draft picks out of desperation for a QB who would have no supporting cast. Not smart.

              6. “I’d rather not spend another season recovering from the mistakes of the previous ones in the hopes of what next year might offer.”


              7. “You don’t give up picks for someone you can acquire without giving up picks a year later.”

                In a rebuild, I agree, no point giving up picks if you are guaranteed of getting the player the next year anyway. But its not a guarantee. Cousins as a FA will be in extremely high demand. Plenty of teams could do with a QB upgrade, and lots of teams have cap space these days. Most of them are better than the 49ers, and will likely still be better than the 49ers next year if the 49ers don’t have a decent QB. And that’s if he even hits FA.

              8. So you want to overspend from a position of weakness and trade picks no other team would consider trading for a quarterback who would have no supporting cast. That’s not the way to rebuild a team.

              9. I want to overspend from a position of weakness to get to a position of relevance. A much wiser approach than the one the Lambs took for Goff….

              10. “So you want to overspend from a position of weakness and trade picks no other team would consider trading for a quarterback who would have no supporting cast. That’s not the way to rebuild a team.”

                What are they going to be spending draft capital wise on a QB in the future? If Cousins can be had for swapping first round picks and the 49ers 2nd, its probably less than what they would need to give up to get their QB later on anyway. And whoever they draft will be much less a known quantity, and therefore a much bigger risk, than Cousins. While I don’t believe Cousins is a great QB, he is certainly good enough to win with if he has the team around him. They wouldn’t be mortgaging putting a team around him with the trade proposed (no more than they would in later years anyway).

                And as far as money goes, they can afford it no problem and still have plenty to put towards building the team around him.

              11. Pick 2 plus pick 34 equals 3160 points.

                Pick 17 equals 950 points.

                The Niners world be giving up the equivalent of the third pick in the draft for a QB we know isn’t special. That’s a bad move.

              12. Grant Cohn says, “The Niners world be giving up the equivalent of the third pick in the draft for a QB we know isn’t special.”

                Shanny says, “(As for) guys who can process and go fast in the pocket, Kirk’s as good as anybody.”

                Hmmm, who are we to believe?

              13. Cousins had a great supporting cast in Washington and was only three games over .500 the past two seasons. He’s not a difference maker.

              14. “The Niners world be giving up the equivalent of the third pick in the draft for a QB we know isn’t special.”

                Given how hard it is to find a good starting QB, the 3rd overall pick seems reasonable to get a proven one to me. For a proven special QB you would give up a heck of a lot more.

              15. That’s why you build through the draft and get young players who have a chance to be special.

              16. A sign-n-trade is impossible unless Cousins goes to a team he really wants to play for. Its essentially already free agency (except with a draft pick penalty for the destination team).

                Garoppolo is coveted equally by several teams. Not cousins. Shanahan values Cousins more than any other HC. Its a mutual love fest. Its very unlikely the Niners would be outbid 13 months from now.

                If the Niners wait 13 months, what are the odds of Cousins going to another team? I’m saying 25% tops.

                The draft capital equivalent of a 3rd overall pick for a security deposit is nuts.

                If the worst happened and Cousins signs with another team in 13 months, the Niners will have #2 and #34 draft crushes as a consolation prize. (or what ever your favorite trade variants are).

                The risk/reward factor screams patience.

              17. Nuts.

                Cousins most likely will go to the highest bidder in free agency. He’s made it clear he wants all the money he can get.

              18. Grant Cohn February 22, 2017 at 4:13 pm
                Cousins had a great supporting cast in Washington and was only three games over .500 the past two seasons. He’s not a difference maker.

                Shanny says, “(As for) guys who can process and go fast in the pocket, Kirk’s as good as anybody.” I didn’t hear him mention any caveat’s about this “great” supporting cast you refer to. Sorry, but his word holds much more weight than yours, Grant. Nothing personal, just business!;>)

              19. Nuts.

                Cousins most likely will go to the highest bidder in free agency. He’s made it clear he wants all the money he can get.

                That’s how capitalism works. I’m sure Grant Cohn would leave the Press Democrat for a higher offer. Am I right? Sure I am….

              20. Grant Cohn says, That’s why you build through the draft and get young players who have a chance to be special.

                “Chance” being the operative word. The draft is a crap shoot. Captain Kirk is a know commodity, described by Shanny as good as anybody processing information fast from the pocket, at the most important position in all of sport….

              21. Then why trade picks when the Niners can make the highest bid next year?

                For the reasons already enumerated by Scooter_MG and myself….

              22. From Cousins standpoint, its already free agency. He has the ability to nix any sign-n-trade. Which means the destination team in a trade will likely be the same team in 2018 FA.

                To lose out on Cousins 13 months from now the team would….

                – need to value Cousins more than Shanahan
                – not value Cousins very much this year, but for some reason will pay big in 13 months
                – have to have the cap space to sign him
                – be a place Cousins wants to play for

                Name that team

                Cousins is getting paid huge. He has little motivation to be impatient.
                – He can go to a 49er team gutted of #2 and #34 picked players now
                – He can go to a 49er team with spiffy new #2 and #34 picked players in 13 months

          2. Grant

            Amen !….Thank goodness someone with good sense stepped into this ‘trade-a-thon’ Cousins set his own price…let Snyder deal with that…it’s waaaaaayyyy too expensive for us…we’ve got a surplus of cap space, let’s use it right. If you think that we’re going to make the playoffs in one year of Lynch/Shannahan, you might ask them to turn water into wine for their next trick. Who knows if it’s going to be a ‘bad’ trade-down year until we see what’s offered…Get what we can, we’re already loaded with 2 and 34 (which is essentially a first)…our 2 should get us a 1, a 2, and a 3 and possibly more. ‘Not worth a QB to put us even close to Cap hell …remember? Pick up Glennon or Hoyer as a bridge, trade down and get Webb and Kelly. I’ve got enough cousins…

      3. 13 months from now we can have

        A) Cousins + draft crush for pick 2 + draft crush for pick 34
        B) Cousins + draft crush for pick 17

        I’m choosing A

        1. How do you know we can have Cousins next year? He seems keen to come here this offseason, but a lot can happen in a year.

          1. – Cousin’s can nix a sign-n-trade. He’s essentially choosing the 49ers if a trade happens anyway.
            – He loves Shanahan and his offense.
            – Things don’t seem warm and fuzzy between Cousins and Washington’s management.

            There’s a “you say there’s a chance” chance he’d sign somewhere else. But that’s a lot of draft capital to secure a player that’s likely on your squad in 13 months anyway.

            1. – Other teams are not going to value Cousins as much as Shanahan. He’d probably get the biggest offer from the 49ers in 13 months.

              1. I wouldn’t assume that, Brodie, although I agree that the 9ers would be in the running. Cleveland has a large amount of salary cap space and year-after-year some of the highest early round draft capital.

              2. Simply can not assume that Brodie. So many things can change in a year. In a year he might decide he wants to stay in Washington, and after another season of solid play the Redskins might decide he is worth it.

              3. I think Shanahan likes Cousins more than Jackson and will pay a higher contract price. And if the Browns trade for Garoppolo they are out of the Cousins market.

          2. There’s always a small chance Cousins can sign somewhere else in 2018.

            The draft capital equivalent to two 14 overall picks is the most expensive security deposit in sports history.

          1. Pick 66 overall+5th rounder for Cousins is about right for what’s essentially a security deposit for a player you get for no draft picks 13 months from now.

            1. Sorry for the fractured grammar.

              Pick 66 overall+5th rounder for Cousins is about right for what’s essentially a security deposit.

              Pick 66 gives us alot of trade power when combined with 34. You can trade 66+34 up to about pick 20.

              66 overall+5th isn’t chump change.

  21. “Niners NationVerified account‏@NinersNation
    Niners Nation Retweeted SB Nation NFL
    If Cutler promises to play with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, I will approve the 49ers trading for or signing him.”

    Ha! That’s pretty funny and about the only way I’d be happy with him here as well.

  22. Now that the coaching staff is in place, and we have a better idea as to the schemes that the offense and defense will run, below is Version 1 of a mock off-season for the 49ers using the Ultimate GM tool:
    1. Player Cuts: Kaepernick, Ahmad Brooks, Eric Reid, and Antoine Bethea. While some on this Board have discussed keeping Reid or Bethea, I think the skills of both players have degraded to the point that they are detriments to the defense. Furthermore, Reid simply does not have the ability to be a single, high safety playing center field. Along with restructuring Torrey Smith’s contract, this gives the Niners over $114 million in free agency (don’t worry, I don’t spend it all).
    2. Re-signings: Jeremy Kerley and Glenn Dorsey. Kerley has proven to be a fruitful receiver that I would move into the slot. Dorsey provides depth along the defensive line, and can back up both the 1t and the 3t positions.
    3. Free Agents: Admittedly, I spend a little more freely than I anticipate Lynch/Shanahan doing. But I stick to younger players, that can grow with the team as they enter their prime, and try to find positions that I think the draft is weaker on. Additionally, because the computer simulates free agent signings and drafting by the other teams, some players I would have gone after were not available (for example, Kevin Zeitler was re-signed before free agency).
    – JC Tretter, Center
    – Melvin Ingram, Edge Rusher (though, if you see how much money it took, you might change your mind about this being a good signing)
    – Brian Hoyer, Quarterback
    – Matt Schaub, Quarterback
    – Dontari Poe, 1t (better fit for scheme than Brandon Williams)
    – AJ Bouye, CB
    – Tony Jefferson, SS (great fit for SS close to the line; Jamal Adams requires the #2 pick, which I have other designs for)

    4. Draft: After the Browns took Myles Garrett, I traded the second pick to Carolina for their 1st round, 2nd round, and 2 3rd round picks. Using the 2/21/17 CBS Draft Board, I took:
    1(8) Corey Davis, WR
    2(34) Raekwon McMillan, LB
    2(40) Obi Melifonwu, FS (can play the high FS)
    3(66) Ryan Anderson, LB
    3(72) Patrick Mahomes II, QB
    3(99) Jordan Leggett, TE
    4(107) Kareem Hunt, RB
    4(142) Carlos Henderson, WR
    5(147) Eddie Vanderdoes, DT
    6(187) Zane Gonzalez, K
    6(203) Sam Tevi, OT
    7(222) Joe Mathis, OLB (I don’t know why CBS has him ranked so low, but oh well)
    7(223) Sean Harlow, OG
    7(238) CJ Beathard, QB

      1. You’ll have to ask the simulator; they deemed the trade approved. I think the simulator probably just uses draft pick compensation totals, without contemplating what player the Panthers would be interested in that would require a move to 2. I would say the computer had the Panthers taking Jonathan Allen, even though most mocks have the Panthers taking either Fournette or Cook. The interesting trade I can get approved is the Browns giving up their #12 pick, both second rounders, and their 3rd rounder for the #2, giving them #1 and #2.

        1. I have advocated the Cleveland deal because both teams win. Cleveland would get the QB they covet, or Fournette if they think he will be a difference maker. Niners would get more bodies.

          While I disagree with your cutting of Kaep, I will not change your mind, so I will let that go.

          I see you have selected players I have mocked before, like Raekwon McMillen, Obi Melifonwu, Ryan Anderson and Patrick Mahomes.

    1. Pot…Kettle

      Nice work!

      ‘would rather Brandon Williams than Poe; I love your #4 if we can’t get Trubisky at #34

        1. Naw, both sides are behaving respectfully, and will not let emotions cloud their decisions.

          The anti Kaep posters are the ones having a conniption fit. Another opportunity to declare they are moving on from Kaep, and still Kaep is on the payroll.

          1. I will thank Colin for his contributions and sacrifices for the team, and wish him well. Just as I did for Alex Smith….

              1. It was a positive meeting, because they did not stab him in the back like last year.

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  23. The sounds of frenetic huffing from the dim psychological corridor out back, surely no real news is good news or in the morning his prince might be dead . . .

  24. It’s nice to see Bill Walsh and John McVay back at 49er headquarters.

    This whole Mike Florio speculation that Cousins could be a Niner if the 49ers swap picks with Washington, with the ‘skins throwing in an additional 2nd rounder could also have been floated by Lynch and Shanahan, like Walsh and McVay did in their heyday, to leverage a better deal for the Pat’s Garoppolo.

    Notice the dividends having bright people in the front office already is paying.

    1. *and talking to John McVay about how it’s done has something to do with the strategy above. That’s exactly how they used to roll !

    2. I read Florio’s speculation that the 49ers were throwing in the “2nd rounder.” 2+34 for Cousins+17.

      If the real deal is the Skins offering Cousins+17+49 for the Niners 2 its a much more attractive deal.

      17+49 fetches pick 9 overall. Maybe the guy the 49ers were targeting at 2 anyway. The trade (security deposit) for Cousins could be a freebie.

        1. Also connections and good will. The 49ers could become a desirable destination again for players and coaches.

        2. And to think that Shanny’s bringing in a TE that actually can find holes in a zone, and catch 4 passes in one game.

          I wonder how many of our remedial reading TE’s Shanahan’s going to cut.

          God, can you imagine him looking at the game film of one of Baalke’s run blocking TE’s trying to run a pass pattern…I bet he’s already regurgitated one meal one this during a film session !

        1. I still remember the 1986 draft, with Haley, Don Griffin, Tim McKeyer, Tom Rathman, Larry Roberts, John Taylor, Steve Wallace, Kevin Fagan,

          We could garner more picks and make Tanoh Kpassagnon our future.

          Niners have to be smart, using the whole draft…I’m for trading our 2nd pick, as this front office has shown some talent evaluation ability already.

  25. Let’s assume, for a moment, Washington doesn’t want to match the franchise-tag offer. The 49ers would have to send off two first-round draft picks to the Redskins in exchange four Cousins.

    That would include this year’s No. 2 overall pick and a 2018 selection too.

    Don’t Expect Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins to Land with the 49ers

    by Peter Panacy 1 day agoFollow @peterpanacy

    It’s a lofty price, and one which made Chris Biderman of USA Today’s Niners Wire view the deal as “extremely slim.”

    Biderman also notes how it’s much more feasible for San Francisco to take a run at Cousins in 2018, when he’s likely an unrestricted free agent, and the notion Washington won’t go the franchise-tag route three years in a row.

    1. Razor,

      What would you think a new administration is going to say ?

      The 49er FO is conducting “inventory evaluation,” John Lynch’s exact words.

      These people are Pros–playing it smart by not alienating potential help at a position of need.

      Shanny saw The offense Harb’s ran through Kap.

      Shanahan could decide to use Kap’s superior athleticism for a season, while spending his draft picks on defense–scaling down the playbook for a season and building a superior defense could win a championship….So no, he’s not into turn offs of professional athletes….

      We really don’t know what Shanahan will do through Free agency, however, landing a defensive player 1st may mean he’s running Harbaugh’s playbook this season…It would make sense.

    1. A mutually beneficial trade is the one way the 49ers will seek to acquire Cousins this year, otherwise the cost becomes ridiculous. I tend to think that developing talks are already underway and the ball is in Washington’s court. How much to make it happen and to what degree is that negotiable? Wheels are turning. Until that scenario gets sorted out, ditto for Garoppolo, a sunny face will be put on everything.

      1. 49ers in the Andes,

        There are a number of ways to win. Shanahan said he wants “to win now.”

        What direction do you think he’ll go. More on defense, offense , a balanced approach.

        To retain Kap or not to retain, that is the question ?

        1. TomD, I think they’ll take a balanced approach, making significant additions to both sides of the ball which will mean significant deletions to the current roster. Of course he wants to win, just as Lynch does, it’s in their lineage. Kap? Kap will be retained only if they are unable to upgrade their QB situation in a major way now ( Cousins or Jimmy G.) They have no illusions about Kap’s fatal and habitual inadequacies, so he might be viewed as a short-term solution until 2018, with the understanding that he gets “to compete for the starting role, etcetera.” But at his present absurdly inflated salary in relation to his performance? Hah ha ha, the idea of that is laughable. This management team will be professional and practical in every way. That’s my take on it.

  26. “this years QB draft class isn’t good…”

    Could mean the 49ers hold on to Kap, but only with a scaled down playbook , drafting and adding elite FA agent defensive players.

    Shanahan was quoted as saying: “I want to win now.”

    In Tom D’s opinion, this would be the quickest way, because you would not have to develop a QB in this scenario….

    In addition, the 49ers offensive line is already built for this offensive style. In short, the 49ers draft and FA capital should be spent on defense if they want to win quickly.

  27. FORBES:

    What is Kap’s Value to the 49ers ?

    San Francisco will likely also go out there on the trade market seeking an upgrade at quarterback. Short of exhausting multiple high-round picks for Jimmy Garoppolo or Kirk Cousins, this also doesn’t seem to be a reasonable avenue to pursue.

    Even with the No. 2 overall pick in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, San Francisco isn’t necessarily in a position to grab a franchise quarterback from that avenue either. It’s considered one of the worst draft classes at quarterback in recent NFL history.

    So again, the question has to be framed like this. Comparative to other on-field options, what is Kaepernick’s true value to the 49ers?

    What we do know here is that San Francisco boasts the reigning NFL Assistant Coach of the Year as its head coach. Kyle Shanahan has worked wonders with both Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan in the recent past. He’s pretty much the perfect coach to help Kaepernick progress off a what was a solid 2016 campaign.

    What we do know is that the San Francisco Bay Area is more accepting of Kaepernick’s off-field stances than most of the places he could conceivably join as a free agent.

    So while we place a monetary tag on Kaepernick’s value to the 49ers and the NFL in general, there’s a whole heck of a lot to look at here. It’s simply not that cut and dry.

    1. So new general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan have options.

      They won’t rush into a solution either.

      “It’s too important of a position to make an impulsive move,” Shanahan said

      1. The other possibility is to bring in Cutlet, a much more accurate pocket passer than CK. With Cutler they could go ahead and begin installing the advanced, hybrid offense they want to run, and that way have it in place for 2018 FA and Draft, and you wouldn’t have to “scale back anything” for the limited impostor. I tend to call it as I see it and it is what it is.

  28. Seb… Well they let go of gamble. Writing should have been on the wall though. Seems like all Trent’s guys aren’t or were not safe.

    1. Steele, it is fascinating. Kaep attends a meeting with Lynch and KS, and Gamble is let go. What an amazing coincidence.

  29. If K’Waun Williams can play 16 games two years in a row I’ll fall down dead from shock. My prediction; he’s out of the league after two seasons with an injury settlement.

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