Report: 49ers trade Vernon Davis to Broncos

The San Francisco 49ers just announced they have traded tight end Vernon Davis and a 2016 seventh-round draft pick to the Denver Broncos for sixth-round draft picks in 2016 and 2017.

It seems the 49ers finally have come to terms with the fact that their season is over. Don’t be shocked if San Francisco trades Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Staley next.

The fire sale officially has begun.

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        1. It’s hard to say with him being injured right now, but I could see the Panthers willing to trade for him.

    1. You mean the “assistant coach” who got flagged for going out on the field and pushing a Jet player? That Boldin?

  1. If they trade Staley they are saying not only is this season over, but 2016-2017 are pretty bleak also.

  2. I don’t get all this trade Staley talk. It’s hard to find a good left tackle (protecting a QBs blind side). The good ones are well paid.

      1. And it takes more than a left tackle to protect a QB. Maybe it takes a village. Booth had one of the two worst ratings for his game yesterday. He couldn’t handle the guy across from him. What ya gonna do?

        1. Booth actually didn’t play yesterday, and there is a serious question about what Boone was doing yesterday too.

    1. The only way I see this happening is if they are planning on moving Boone to LT now and inserting Thomas in at LG.

        1. I never said it was a good idea hwaits, but trading Staley wouldn’t make sense in any other scenario right now.

    2. This Staley trade talk is beyond obtuse.
      Staley is a top-10 left tackle on a below market-rate contract. He and Kilgore (and Boone if FO wants to sign him to a market-rate contract) would be the nucleus of the O line that has to be rebuilt. On that note, the FO needs to get the memo from the league that guards are no longer the under-priced linemen of a decade or two ago.

    3. It’s a fire sale…what is there to get? Began the moment Harbaugh left.

      This org is an utter disaster…funny that JT says they are evaluating everybody…is that poetic or what!

    1. and what happens to his jamba juice joint…does that move to denver too? good riddance…that joint sucked.

  3. wow, we didn’t get jack squat for him either. he’ll come to life once he has a real quarterback getting the ball to him. too bad we couldn’t swing things for a conditional pick.

  4. Happy for VD!!! He’ll always be one of the All-Time 49er Greats!!!

    Now he gets a opportunity with a real QB to win a SB Championship =) And it MIGHT happen at LEvi’s!!! haha

  5. I’m betting they don’t trade Staley.

    I by chance they do trade Staley, it officially means most of the fans here are more loyal to the team than little jed.

    1. I can’t recall while A. Smith was the 49ers Qb, that the 49ers had all this problems swirling around with the 49ers team. Incompetent HC, GM, Qb that has no identity for himself except all negativity for him. Where’s the Bill Walsh era? The Yorks surely did a good job running the 49ers team to the ground.

  6. Ya he gets to play with a QB who has 8 tds and 12 ints.. Manning is toast! He gets to watch Denver’s D win games for them like they have done all year. I’m glad that Scum bag is gone. A Fing quitter and Puss!!!

    1. Only scum bag is you. You’ve never met the guy and are calling him such things, get the hate out of your heart.

      1. Ya your a scum bag when you quit on your team and sell them out for a brand while the team is paying you millions!

        1. No not butt hurt at all. I’m ecstatic that they got rid of that clown! He has no heart…

          1. I second that. He’s a quitter and was called out for it by his own teammates. It wasn’t just smoke with that “rumor” and he use to be my favorite niner!

  7. No way they trade Staley, the dude is locked up through 2019 at around 7 to 8 million in cap space a year, he’s not even top 10 in salary at his position. And his value only increases when the cap gets larger and larger every year. Getting rid of Kaep would be much more rewarding. And if Anthony Davis and Kilgore return next year, having those two with Staley and Boone will mean the 49ers have one of the better olines as opposed to one of the worst.

  8. 49er dismantling round 2
    they will get rid of all the expensive players and replace them with Baalke’s crappy 6th or 7th round draft picks
    This what you get with cheapskate owners

    1. We got more from him than we paid for Boldin.

      Not sure how someone can actually think it is not good compensation.

      Denver is getting an aging speed player, with suspect hands for an 8 game rent.

  9. Well I am happy for VD as well however I never felt he lived up to his draft position. He was a great blocker, not a great route runner and he had average to below average hands.But in his defense, he never played with an all pro qb.
    Great way to end your career VD.
    Good luck and thanks for the memories!

  10. I wouldn’t want us to trade Staley. Our Line is terrible as it is and losing him would basically mean we have 1 player that could make the active roster for any other team in the NFL.
    Additionally an injured Kaepernick is one that receives guaranteed money.

    1. Kaepernick only gets guaranteed money if his career is ended by injury. It’s very rare that an insured player collects.

      1. That’s fifth round picks that are meant for that Rocket. The sixth round picks are meant to used as trade bait for washed up starting QBs that are only average backups at best,

    1. Lmao. “With picks 165-254, the San Francisco 49ers select….
      ……… ……….
      ………. ………
      ………. ……….
      ……….. ………”

    2. It’s possible we could wind up with an “All Sixth Round” offensive line in the not too distant future.

  11. Good to trade him. However, not much in return. Note even a 5th. Before the year some were saying they wouldn’t take less than a 2nd or 3rd. This is nowhere close.

    1. If Denver keeps their run going through 2017 then we are really just getting very high seventh round picks. Lord knows we have a lot of seventh round picks already.

    2. Like HT said about Kap, it’s funny how fans want to get rid of a lot of players but at the same time think the GM should get great picks for the same very players they think are useless

      1. Yes I have. He’s near the bottom tier due to his weakened arm. But even an old and deteriorating Manning is a better throwing option than Kaepernick right now…which is beyond the level of a sad thing to say.

        1. Manning is a HOF player, there is no comparison. That’s why Harbaugh wanted him. Vernon will become part of a three TE set in Denver and will help their offense, although it may not translate into high production. His strength is running past LB’s and safeties. He’ll clear out room for the shorter routes. Their offense is fairly complex and Manning really struggles with the intermediate and deeper routes.

          1. I wanted to rent Manning for two years after 2011. Basically to have Kaep learn behind Manning.

            I’m happy for Vernon. He’s going to a contender and Manning, even with a weak arm, is still a threat. They have a great defense and it looks like they’re finding their running game.

            It’s going to be be Denver and NE for the AFC. This time Denver may have the defense to pull it off.

            1. Yeah, I wanted them to land Manning as well. I think Davis will help them, I just don’t know that it will translate into big numbers. I think he would make a big difference as a blocker and downfield decoy. By the time the playoffs roll around, he should be acclimated to their playbook. If the Broncos get home field advantage, they could be unstoppable with that defense.

    1. Watch for the look on his face when Manning screams at him for making a mistake. Vernon lost his alpha status. All joking aside, they were lucky to get anything for him at this point. The Broncos are basically renting him for eight or nine games. It is officially the end of an era when Staley is gone. It sucks.

      1. Vernon Davis value will be high by the end of the season if he stays healthy. I know peyton will bring him back from the dead. 49ers most successful games in the last few years have been when they were able to get the ball to davis.

    1. One man’s garbage is another Baalke’s treasure. There will be five rookies rehabbing torn ACL’s next year, but they presented great value in the sixth… : [

  12. 49ers were never going to get much for him, but seems to me like all they are getting is a worse pick in 2016 and a 6th rounder the year after. Was it even worth the trade for the 49ers?

    1. Ah, seeing it was actually a trade of Davis and 2016 7th for a 2016 6th and 2017 6th. Still not much, but at least they aren’t going backwards in the draft in 2016.

      1. Given the likely records going forward the 49ers only move up a few slots between our seventh and their sixth this year. Who knows, that might be the next Brady. We’ll never know because even if we used that Denver pick this year on a QB, there’s no one to develop a hidden jewel or even an obvious jewel.

  13. It’s strange. With comp picks being what they are, how would the Niners not end up with a higher comp pick? Unless of course Lord Baalke only wants picks he can trade.

    1. There’s no way Vernon will be signed to any contract that could net a 6th rounder.
      Also, Niners have tons of cap space and probably will have more FAs coming in than out. So no comps in 2017.
      Finally, they are getting roughly 2,5million in cap space.
      So there’s no way they could get better compensation by leaving him go in FA.

  14. Best 6th round picks over the years:

    Lee Woodall, Chris Dalman, Tai Streets, Andy Lee, Delanie Walker, Josh Morgan.

  15. Even trade IMO. Everyone knew Davis wouldn’t be back after this season. And, to be honest, I don’t think there is a whole lot left in the tank. Niners got a 6th and swapped our 7th for another Denver 6th, so, I’d say it’s a wash.

  16. I’d like to pause my multi-week 49er angst fest to momentarily reflect on what Vernon Davis did for us.

    He had his route limitations and a bad case of clanker hands early on, but what he was good at, he was really good at. An excellent blocker, and perhaps the fastest (true) tight end in the history of the game. A key part of the 49ers success 2011-2013.

    Congratulations Vernon on your new opportunity. Baalke did you a favor (literally and figuratively) when he traded you. I hope you tear AFC defenses apart.

    1. He’ll get over it when he realizes he’s on an undefeated team and Peyton Manning is his QB.

    1. Maybe. But he probably wouldn’t have much value on the free agent market either after another year here. I’m glad they traded him

    2. Not likely. There is a very complex formula for how Compensatory picks are awarded but historically to get anything higher than a 6th or 7th, the FA lost has to sign a large contract and be a significant performer for the new team. Vernon isn’t signing a big deal with anybody at his age and drop in production.

    3. Boldin, who was lightyears more productive and had a great superbowl was traded for a 6th.
      And the Niners got a whole year of him for the trade.
      To get a 6th and climb up a few spots for 8 games of Vernon is solid compensation.

  17. I’ve replayed the Reggie Bush injury play numerous times over the last 24 hours and have come away convinced Reggie DID NOT suffer a significant injury to his knee. I saw nothing indicative of the type of injury being reported.

    I hate to say it but I don’t think Reggie wants to play football anymore. I will be the first to eat my words if the MRI shows significant damage, but you heard it here first guys. I am skeptical to say the least.

    1. He got carted off for no reason, huh? Lol. He looked like a guy who knew his career was finished, and he didn’t look happy about it. I’m not a big RB fan, but faking an ACL tear is tinfoil hat territory.

      1. I hope your right, but but my intuition tells me something is a miss. Perhaps it was a fluke type injury, but I am having a hard time understanding where the injury occurred, and his initial reaction was not what you would expect from someone who suffered a significant knee injury.

        I suspect his MRI will come up negative, and it will be deemed a sprain because there is no tear.

        1. Honestly, I hope your right. He clutched his knee immediately after hitting the wall. Athletes seem to know right away. They talk about hearing a ‘pop’ noise. Steve Smith was the same thing yesterday, he knew what happened immediately. I always cringe at the non-contact, sniper shot ACL and Achilles tears. Those are the worst.

      2. Go back and look at the play, frame by frame. assuming we give him the benefit of the doubt, his injury would have to be considered a complete fluke, because there was nothing awkward about his spill. His knee never bent awkwardly at any point. He went down pretty hard on his tailbone, but his momentum had slowed to a crawl by the time his legs hit the wall.

        1. But once again, you’re ignoring the fact that his cleat slipped on the concrete path. Bush’s knee does buckle a little when he makes contact with the concrete.

    2. Your reasoning is beyond lacking. Let me now what happens when you try to stop running on concrete.

      1. your legs come out from under you and you land on your ass. I used to live in Lake Tahoe, and have done my share of slipping on ice in the EXACT same fashion. Ending up with a bruised tailbone and bruised ego, but never ligament damage to my knee.

        You watch, his MRI will come up negative for any ligament tear and he’ll milk it for the net 5-8 weeks. Mark my words.

        1. NEXT 6-8 weeks. Reggie is simply looking to collect a check while subjecting himself to the least amount of contact possible.

          1. Dude, I don’t like Bush but your hating on him for getting injured when his cleat hit the concrete path is borderline ridiculous.

        2. Your reasoning is still illogical as you can just be walking to the grocery store and tear your ACL by planting your foot wrong or on an uneven surface.

  18. Trade Aex Boone. I blame all of this ess on him. He held out last year, even though he under contract He therefore didn’t practice with the team during the pre season. He finally got what he wanted. Jim Harbaugh, who also had another year in his contract, requested to re-negotiate and was turned down. Right there it all went south.

  19. Tomsula says “we’re” evaluating everybody? What do you mean “we,” white man?”

        1. True, but he can turn his attention elsewhere while playing against the 49ers since McDonald won’t catch the ball even when he is wide open.

  20. With the team acknowledging that the season is over it’s time for Jed to start the splaining.

  21. According to Niners Nation this is the compensation for the VD trade:

    “The 49ers are trading Davis, will swap sixth and seventh round picks in 2016, and the 49ers get the Broncos 6th round pick in 2017.”

    So basically we get a 6th rounder in 2017, which will probably be near the end of the round. The swap for 2016 won’t amount to much because our 7th round is at the top of the round and Denver’s 6th rounder is at the bottom of that round.

  22. Has Baalke picked any players in the 6th round who have been any good at all? They basically gave Vernon away for a bag of potato chips. Baalke will do NOTHING with those picks. The 49ers have had a ton of picks from round 5-7 over the past 3 years and we still have one of the worst rosters in the NFL.

    1. The only good thing Baalke has done with a sixth round pick is trade one for Boldin. One smart move vs. how many dunderhead moves?

        1. By gift I was referring to the same kind of gift you described. Sorry I didn’t write with more clarity.

      1. That trade was facilitated via phone call from John Harbaugh to Jim Harbaugh. Jim was surprised and excited. He confirmed his interest and went to talk to Trent. 30 minutes later the trade details were worked out. It was a cap move by the Ravens and a favor from John to Jim.

    2. VD was a free agent. He wasn’t going to be resigned in SF. The team got something. I am not sure compensatory picks work so I can’t speak to the value comparison there. It does free up a little cap space.

  23. Feel bad for the veteran players who struggled on a bad team, eventually made to the threshold of a Super Bowl victory, only to be returned to another York dumpster fire. One only gets so many chances over a short career playing professional football. Thanks Jed, thanks John. The Yorks set a low bar. Low indeed…

  24. What about Devey or Pears…I’m hoping with a few more UFA’s like Hayne, we’ll be back in the playoffs before 2080.

  25. Sad thing is, most of the posters on this board will have passed away before the 9ers appear in another Super Bowl. Wonder if our kids will live to experience that?

  26. Davis must have been a good boy and said his prayers.

    Although he definitely has been more soft than he should be.

    However, I have always felt bad for him. Never used right except for one or two seasons.

    I think if he was used right his stats would be right up there with the best tight ends ever. Now would he be as clutch probably not.

    He at least has a decent shot at a Super Bowl this year.

    Two 6th rounders doesn’t sit well with me because I know Baalke will waste them.

  27. I for one will be adding VD to my fantasy team. He should excel in Denver. I think SF did well to get any value out of him because he sure disn’t have any on the field.
    I don’t see anyone SF will draft at QB early so I expect them to fill their OL issues early

  28. With floaters being thrown by manning and Davis’ need to jump for every catch. He will be on the IR in 2 weeks. Three flies up with animals coming at you. At least Alex and ck got the ball in faster so it masked his jumps.

  29. Hyde expected to have surgery soon and go on IR.
    I like the guy, but this is the second straight season that he has had a foot problem. We need to invest in a prospect or free agent with the ability to be a starter if Hyde’s foot issue becomes a chronic problem.

  30. Well, the Niners need a new place kicker and a ball holder which takes up the Niners first round picks for the next two years, so this is going to work out great. I can’t wait to see what Baalke is going to do with those elite sixth round picks. We haven’t seen anyone with bad elbows due for Tommy John surgery and a year in rehab for a while, maybe he could get a couple guys like that.

    Seriously, with garbage trade offers like that, they should have just kept Davis, hassles and all.

    1. I dunno on that one, Mid. The guy writes like some of the ranting commenter’s on this blog (like me, when I’m riled). Just a dude at the end of the bar.
      : -)

  31. Fan did you see both your Kaepernick replacements got injured last weekend. Fitzpatrick and McCown both went down with injuries. Who’s up next for you journeyman replacement?

    1. Wilson,

      Did I jinx them, or did you put a hex on them???

      Brady’s back-up is supposed to be pretty good.
      I would have taken Tannenhill, but he may have turned it around with new coaching. We can hope that a new coach and make Kaep better but it’s now way past that.
      What about Rodney Peete? Charlie Whitehurst?

      Colt McCoy didn’t do too bad last year with Washington DC.

      Cowell broke down the missed Torry Smith play. You almost can’t make any excuses for Kaep on that one. His job is to survey the defense out of habit.

      Is it possible Kaep has mentally checked out? Is Chryst trying to make him do more than Roman and Harbaugh?

      I would say it’s sad what is happening to him, but he’s getting paid way more then me, you and Grant combined.

      I would love for Kaep to get a Reggie Bush style concussion so he can stick it to Jed York. How do you chase away the most successful coach this team has had in 20 years? Talk about stupid!

      1. All the jinxing and hexing around here goes to Mary. Colt is alright, he had a tough time with Roman’s playbook. You don’t want RGIII? Maybe Warner will come out of retirement or even Farve?

        Kaep is wrecked like David Carr and Gabbert. He needs another home. This is tough game and not every althete is cut out for the pressure. Nope you can’t make any excuses for the missed play. He’s so shell shocked his missing basic

        I can’t believe Jed thought we’d go 11-5 this year. We may have another 20 years till we have another great coach. At least Snyder breaks out the check book in DC.

        1. If I were you, I wouldn’t count on much twenty years from now. Levi’s may be under water by then.

  32. Baalke did VD a solid by sending him to the Broncos. Interested to see what he has left in the tank, regular or ethyl….

  33. Any guesses what this could be? Staley?

    Kyle McLorg @Kyle_McLorgBASG
    A source is telling me that there is another big change in the plans for the 49ers tomorrow. Working on getting details

        1. He couldn’t pass a physical, but is there a rule saying he can’t be traded while injured?

            1. Here’s what Fucillo has to say about a possible Boldin trade:

              “The second is that even if Boldin is not 100 percent healthy, maybe the 49ers could still do a deal with both sides aware of the injury. A player cannot be released while injured without an injury settlement. However, what’s to stop two teams from completing a trade for an injured player if both sides are aware of the nature of the injury? I am checking on the rules regarding this, but one option would be using a conditional pick that is based on playing time.”


            2. My understanding is a trade can still be accepted by the team receiving the injured player despite the player failing a physical. Buyer’s discretion.

            3. JedYork,

              The doctor performing the physical is chosen by the team receiving the player, so it would seem if the team wants the player to “pass” the physical, he’ll pass the physical.

              1. LOL, I just read Scooter’s reply above mine. Hey, I was just a little over 15 hours late with my take.

          1. I’m having a hard time finding anything to what I am saying, but I do know that no contender would be willing to trade for a WR that is injured and the extent of his injury is unknown.

            1. If they do a physical they should get a decent idea how severe it is and how long it would take to get him back.

              1. True, but hamstrings are a tricky things to get a good diagnosis on. It could bother Boldin for the rest of the season or he could be 100% by tomorrow.

        1. Gotta do something since the season is in the toilet along with the bowel movements named Jed York and Trent Baalke.

      1. I could actually see that trade benefiting Philly, because Bradford is not a good fit and Kaepernick could fly like an eagle with a Chip on his shoulder….

    1. Anything less then a 4th for Staley isn’t worth doing. I’d rather cut him in two years then trade him for less then that now.

      1. Trading for picks is less effective than moving deck chairs on you know what. The bow is starting to come out of the water, and I don’t just mean the season.

        1. There will be a great gnashing of teeth and some fratricide in the coming times. It’s a little like the climactic scene in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”; except that as owner Jed has an Uzi and a semi-auto 12-gauge.

    2. Who’s to say it’s a trade? Could be a benching of a certain player that’s struggling l. :-) or a firing of a coach

    1. Watching Luck struggle is weird. He’s ‘regressed’. CK & RG3 also. Who woulda thunk?

      1. Luck is playing through multiple rib fractures that he sustained at the same time as his shoulder injury according to Fox’s pregame show. It was also said that his own teammates didn’t know about it.

        1. In fact the Colts GM seems to have failed to report Luck’s true injury status even though it’s a failure that’s described as essential to the integrity of the game by the NFL rule book.

          1. Simply playing the devil’s advocate, but even he may not have known given that players tend to hide their injuries.

            1. Ribs!? Ribs!? Right, you must be correct. I’ve never tried to hid ribs. Do they hurt? Would one take pain killers for ribs?

  34. Per PFF, Hayne has been signed to the practice squad.

    “49ers signed RB Jarryd Hayne to their practice squad.
    Hayne was cut on Saturday to make room for RB Kendall Gaskins. Now with Carlos Hyde (foot), Reggie Bush (torn ACL), and Mike Davis (broken hand) out, Hayne could get the promotion later in the week to serve as the No. 3 runner behind Gaskins and free-agent addition Shaun Draughn.

    1. That’s by far the best news that we’re going to hear about the team any time soon.

  35. As little as I like Colin, I love him compared to the idea of Sam Bradford. If they can’t get draft picks for him then keep him. Trading one back up for another isn’t going to do us any good.

      1. Why? How many pick sixes do you expect Gabbert to throw? That’s the only way he can do worse at this point. Even if he throws several picks and has multiple 3 and outs, its will only be the same as what we have been getting.

        Not saying he’s the answer but at this point we know Kaep isn’t.

        1. Gabbert had started 28 games before he came to the 49ers. His team won five of those games. He’s the perfect guy to put behind our OL. Given his performance score for Sunday, Boone should be lumped into the terrible three that play to the right of him.

          1. Remember that game at recess, where all the kids chase a single kid around and dog pile him repeatedly? It’ll be like that. Only he’s not as mobile as #7 so he’ll go down more often.

            1. True. But at this point Kaep is no longer surveying the field and is struggling to hit open receivers. He is slow making decisions and holds onto the ball too long even when given time (albeit not that often).
              At this point we need to evaluate everything for the future. Kaep has basically proven he doesn’t have a future roster spot so we need to see if Gabbert can be a serviceable backup but more importantly we need a better look at our other positions wr, te, rb.

    1. No argument there, but we’re not the ones allowed to make that call unfortunately.

    2. Well, as long as Baalke goes, the CS is dumped and a new good coaching staff brought in, I’d rather have our new rookie QB be an understudy to Bradford then Kap. Being the hardest working guy in the weight room is not on the QB checklist.

      1. Wouldn’t new GM, hired by the new football brain with power, want to make that choice probably after he hires a new coaching staff to carry out the long term plan to get back to being competitive.

        Maybe not Parcells competitive but at least Bill Belichick competitive over a ten year period. Oh, wait, Belichick worked for Parcells and has out performed him.

  36. Which player’s more likely to get traded… Staley or Kaepernick?

    I think both are a long shot, but I see Kaepernick as the more likely trade scenario.

    1. I have yet to see someone present a cogent argument for trading Staley. He’s one of the top LG in the NFL and comes at a very reasonable price. How does it make sense to get rid of your best lineman and one of the best LGs when we have an offensive line that is a dumpster fire.

            1. LOL. I’m at that point in life where my brain is full. If something new comes in, something else has to go out. In this case, I haven’t used the word “cogent” in probably 30 years; ergo, mostly new word in, recently used word out.

  37. Alex Mack and joe Thomas are rumored to be on the trading block. Yeah they will come with a heavy price but obviously if any team needs to pay up for talent on an o-line it’s SF. I’d be happy with just one of them

    1. Yep. And if CK is released/traded, the cap savings will pay for one of those guys and then some.

      1. A lot of Eagles fans seem to want Kelly to trade for Kaepernick.

    1. That’s. An automatic. In fact I’ll say he won’t last the week if they lose big tonight

  38. Vernon Davis Tweets

    (1 of 3) Thank you @49ers for 10 amazing years. Its been a blessing to play for such an incredible organization.

    (2 of 3) Shout out to all of the coaches, staff, and teammates that made this chapter a very special one in my life.

    (3 of 3) Most of all, a very special thank you to the #49erfaithful family.

  39. One name that could be off the 49ers jersey by tomorrow night: Navarro Bowman.

    1. Mid

      That is one that I think would be a mistake…how big a mistake I don’t know, but with his age (youth), I believe that he is the power and spirit of the D. I think that his knee needs additional heal time.

  40. Vernon going to a playoff team, he got lucky. As with Gore it will be strange to see him in a different uniform.

    We got a ton of holes on the team, hopefully they will couple picks and move up in the draft.

    Needs: Just about every position on this team is up for grabs. No one is standing out.

    1. Need a center in the worst way, it was evident last year and nothing was done about it.
    2. Need RG and RT
    3. Quite possible need LG and maybe even LT.
    4. RB Hyde has dancer feet, love the way he runs once he gets going
    5. TE was needed before the Davis Trade.
    6. Need a pass rusher
    7. Shut down corner would be nice
    8. Help in the linebacker dept
    9. Need a QB but that is not going to happen. There isn’t a decent one in this up and coming draft. Trade for Sean Mannion. Activate Dylan from practice squad.
    10. Need a new GM
    11. Need new coaching staff, Tomsula has made this team soft.

    1. You have to actually know how to draft good players to take advantage of extra draft picks. We have had more draft picks than any team to past 4 years and strangely have a dearth of talent. Hmm, could it be that our head talent-evaluator sucks?

    1. And you honestly believe the front office will immediately announce it? Really?

  41. Please bear with me on this one…..I read a few o the comment that have been posted, so if I copy another comment or opinion, I apologize…Vernon to the Broncos…not surprised that hes been dealt, but, good for hm to go to a legitimate contender for a Super Bowl ring….Vernon Davis has not been the same receiver since he took that hit from Cam Chancellor a few years ago….he also has not played with the same intensity the last couple of years….I dont believe that he’s lost a step, I believe that he figures that Ole’ #7 wont get the ball to him, so why put out the effort….one thing is for certain, if he has a case of the drops in Denver, Manning will not throw to him, plain and simple….so, that being said…Good Luck in Denver, Vernon…I hope you’re successful.

  42. Mike davis has his results, and is already scheduled for surgery. Sometimes, depending on the severity of an ACL tear, an MRI result can be inconclusive due to excessive swelling. Doubt we would see anything like that with Bush’s no contact injury. Therefore, it should be a fairly straightforward diagnosis.

      1. cubus…

        In anticipation of this inevitable York/Baalkee
        inspired implosion … I have a white 49er
        helmet at the ready … but …

        I do like MidWest’s suggestion, as well …

        Let me see what I can come up with ..

  43. Reggie said he “didn’t want to speculate” as to the severity of the injury, but stated he would have the imaging done on Monday. Considering the quandary the 49ers are in with their RB situation, you would think that they would like to make a firm diagnosis ASAP!

    Like I said, I’ll eat crow if his diagnosis is serious. I’d be willing to bet we will find out he “dodged a bullet”, no torn ligaments. And, he’ll take his time, rehabbing his “sore” knee!

    I’ll be looking for you JYTD aka MWD, when the diagnosis comes in.



    1. Yeah perfect, just more sh***y draft choices. Maybe even a couple guys coming off knee surgery.

  44. Adam Schefter ‏tweet “49ers’ RB Reggie Bush will undergo season-ending surgery Tuesday on his torn MCL, per sources. ACL was OK, but MCL was not.”

    Is this another hoax like yesterday?

      1. OK, I’ll admit, I didn’t think it was serious. I guess Reggie is simply made of glass. What a waste of roster space this guy is these days. A far, far cry from his dynamic, game breaking days of years gone by.

        He needs to take an injury settlement and retire from the sport.

        1. Veterans Baalke singed unhappy with playing time or injured: Brian Westbrook, Braylon Edwards, Mario Manningham, Brandon Jacobs, Stevie Johnson, Darnell Docket, Reggie Bush.

  45. I have a Vernon Davis on field jersey I’ll trade for a case of beer or a bottle of booze…or some decent wine. I only wore it twice. It’s one of the nice $200+ ones. I can send pics if anyone is interested.

  46. OK, Schefter is reporting it’s an MCL. My apologies Reggie. Your not a fake. You are simply made of glass. You need take an injury settlement and retire. Find something else to do with your life and quit wasting football fan’s time.

    And Trent, you’re really on a roll. What a spectacular crop of free agents this year.

  47. Best of luck to Vernon… At least he’ll have a chance to get that ring ’cause it certainly wasn’t gonna happen anytime in the near future under Jed’s Niners….

  48. Too bad they didn’t throw in Kraeppernick in the deal. I would have given them back their 7th to take him off our hands. Lol, what a joke of team.

    1. I get it. There are 52 guys on the roster other than Colin. Standards of competitive accountability demand it either now or after the Bye. Orale!
      Good scoop Skeptic

      1. OK. You are Gabbert and you get your choice. Start this week against 6 – 2 Atlanta at home, or get a bye week before starting in Seattle. The clock is running. You have five seconds.

    1. I still have a really hard time seeing Tomsula get fired in the middle of his first season.

      1. Agree. Not talking worth or fair chance or none of that; talking Jed.
        We complain about play-calling, but maybe they know full well a bunch of runs and passes won’t work due to personnel. They simplify, that makes D’s job easier on the few plays SF runs. Negative Feedback Loop.

      2. Coach Tomsula was dealt a bad hand. All those FA losses, retirements, and losing their best pass rusher.
        The guy on the hot seat is Chryst. Niner offense is 32nd in the league, that is atrocious.

    2. “But, what would be the good of firing Tomsula? The Titanic already hit the iceberg—changing captains now is kind of silly.”

      What it shows us, Grant, is that the team is willing to change out this miserable upper CS. Admittedly, they could do this after the season is over since we have no chance this year. The net result of firing him now would be more for us fans wanting major changes; but that wouldn’t be a reason that the 49ers would fire Tomsula. Still, I think it would give us fans hope for the next season – but it would be just a timing issue.

      If he’s out by the bye week, then Baalke is on notice, I think.

      1. Cubus, do you want a change or do you want to have a better future? If you want the second, go with adding a football brain with power who then replaces Baalke with a GM who has a modern view of the future for NFL success. Then let that GM pick his head coach based at least partially on who that coach can attract as assistant coaches.

        Anything else is just peeing into a strong wind without unzipping your pants.

        1. I don’t disagree and have said so in a lot of posts, which I guess you don’t read. If Tomsula gets fired I expect an interim coach like Sparano or Tarver. Firing Tomsula after the bye, let’s me know that changes are afoot. If they don’t, then I’m left wondering until after the season is over. That’s all I said.

          1. If Jed lets Baalke make any major moves, like what you are looking for, it just indicates to me that he’s not contemplating any improvement in his top level management and that doesn’t encourage me.

            Actually Jed has never even hinted that he wants anyone above Baalke in charge of his football long range future. Baalke is his “Money Ball” guy and we’re stuck with him just as the Athletics are stuck with their version of the same economic plan. Play cheap and young.

            I’ve almost always read everything you’ve written, but I tend to reply to just whats posted in front of me. I have enough trouble keeping track of what I’ve written.

            Enjoy every 49er moment because there may not be a lot of them even if they win Sunday and two or three more times this year.

            1. “it just indicates to me that he’s not contemplating any improvement in his top level management and that doesn’t encourage me.”

              Fair point. I do want Baalke gone

  49. I am happy to see Gabbert start- gives some hope and intrigue for going to the game.

    We need to see what Thomas and Brown can do, maybe extended time for Carradine and Armstead as well. Get Hodges in there………. I still believe we have young talent and can turn it around in reasonable time, we just need to develop a two-year plan.

    Trade all valuable assets over 27/28 that will recoup value…….

    1. That kind of hope and intrigue will last until you actually get to the first game and it starts. Enjoy. ;-}

  50. Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) tweeted at 10:37 PM on Mon, Nov 02, 2015:

    The #49ers are benching QB Colin Kaepernick, I’m told. He has been informed. Blaine Gabbert is the starter.

  51. Matt Maiocco tweet “Source: Colin Kaepernick has been told that QB Blaine Gabbert will start for 49ers vs. Falcons. @Kyle_McLorgBASG had it first.”

    1. They didn’t give him a choice between starting against Atlanta at home and starting in Seattle for his first start. Even if he wins Sunday, something bad and black is waiting him in the North woods.

      Our OL might improve at home in a quiet environment. Maybe Boone will pick up his play too. One thing is for sure, everyone will expect a very short passing game and not much power running. It’a a powerful combination.

      Gabbert has my best wishes. I have this image lurking of a guy standing with his back to a garden wall, and a blind fold over his eyes thinking “This is my big chance!”

    2. Well, CK’s tenure with the Niners is officially (almost) over. Let’s see if the same people here whose been bashing this guy since day 1 will treat Gabbert the same way if he start stinking up the place.

  52. Bay Area Sports Guy got it. Kaeperpick benched for Gabbert. Tells you how bad he’s playing and that the team has given up on CK7.

  53. So, I wonder what the reason(s) is for Baalke/Tomsula benching Kap. I know what the reasons are from the bloggers here, but that may have little to do with Baalke/Tomsula’s reason(s). Is it because they think Blaine will play better behind a porous line and with 2nd string RBs, or is it because they want to avoid Kap getting injured so they can offload him once the season is over, or …….

      1. I have a modest proposal. Instead of not playing Hayne, the Niners should elevate Hayne and utilize his unique skillsets.

      1. Well, with this move, he’s definitely gone after this year. So, trading him soon is a strong possibility, especially with so many teams needing help in that position and still have a chance to make the playoff. Heck, just look at the NFC East (Eagles and Dallas).

      2. Making the move today at least indicates that Jed’s phone will be answered. The normal 49er approach to this kind of move has always been to make the other team prepare for both guys.

    1. or they’re making this change because there is a lot of dissension in the locker room, or …….

  54. Fair question as to why, but for me, I think JedBaalke are throwing the next guy under the bus. They need a scapegoat for their incompetence. Last year, it was Harbaugh, this year Kaeperpick. As long as its not JedBaalke, they’re fine.

  55. I’m impressed with the way Cam Newton has developed in the pocket. Exactly what I’d hoped would happen with Kaepernick….

  56. Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora

    Vernon Davis was among those sick of Kap walking around team headquarters with headphones on all day. Guess Tomsula was too
    7:50 PM – 2 Nov 2015

  57. Kyle_McLorgBASG – “Source: 49ers were going to do this last week, but decided to wait so that Gabbert could debut against a weak Falcons defense at home.”

    Jason La Canfora – “Vernon Davis was among those sick of Kap walking around team headquarters with headphones on all day. Guess Tomsula was too”

    True or just piling it on? Not sure about BASG and ason La Canfora. I’d buy Maiocco, Barrows etc. as voice of record.

    1. lol… Davis should be the last one to complain of his teammate’s attitude, especially off the field, when he himself doesn’t even give his best effort on the field.

  58. The 49ers has a lot of work comes 2016 season. Before evaluating all their players. They need a new Ownership, GM, HC, coaching staffs and a Qb who knows how to play smart in the NFL.

  59. I am extremely disappointed. I had hoped that Devey and Pears would be benched. If they do not change up the O line, Gabbert could be sacked 8 times.
    I think Kaep took too many big hits. He was rocked in the Steeler game, and he was leveled last game. All those sacks did not help, either. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the Torrey play. Kaep seemed to have tunnel vision, a possible mild symptom of CTE, and did not see an uncovered Torrey. I hope they do some neurological tests on Kaep. They should be done even if he does not show outward signs, because they should be done to establish a baseline examination starting point.
    I hope Kaep does not lose heart, but uses this decision to learn from his mistakes, and observe and study from the side lines. I hope he takes his demotion humbly like a leader, and does not pout, but uses his energy to help Blaine, and help the Niners.

    1. it’s been written the wall kaepernick won’t be back next season! The 49ers management is playing their cards right by benching kap. I won’t be surprise before April 2016 they will release kaepernick by doing that they’ll be saving themeselves millions of dollars & they won’t have any obligation to pay him. But still Kaepernick made out pretty good with the 49ers financially probably almost 25 million even though the 49ers has no more ties with Kap.

  60. The inability to read a wide open Smith was inexcusable and I think contributed greatly to his benching, but it wasn’t the only poor read. The play to VD near the goalie was way late and meant that there would be no RAC and he missed a wide open Patton in the end zone on that play too. This happens way to often and I believe this is the main reason Gabbert is getting an opportunity.

    I feel bad for Kap but he has no one to blame but himself.

    1. The decision to send him to the bench likely means the 49ers are done with Kaepernick, and that he’ll be traded or cut before April 1, when his 2016 base salary becomes fully guaranteed. If that’s the case, and given that he has more than $31 million guaranteed for injury from 2016 through 2018, the decision to bench Kaepernick could represent a decision to put him in bubble wrap for the balance of the season.

    2. EastCoast …

      I dunno, man …

      I would think Kap’s “regression” just might
      stem from becoming “gun-shy” … behind this
      offensive line …

      Ya know … I kinda get a little fatigued watching
      the guy at center making a tackle on the back
      of the guy who just ran through him and
      sacked Kap …

      I mean… why bother at all ?

      Yeah.. there are other complaints about him
      as well … and most seem valid ..but ..
      c’mon … man … they don’t even run-block
      very well …

      So– what’s the answer there ?

      Find guys who are actually qualified to
      man an NFL Offensive Line ??

      cuz, from I’ve seen .. those guys don’t
      deserve to be employed by any NFL team ..

      I just wanna know ….

      1. How did Baalke get away with even acquiring
      these guys in the first place .. ? … and …

      2. Is The Jedster so stupid to let his main man
      single-handedly destroy this team … or ..
      does he REALLY want to be ..
      “Held Directly Responsible” ?
      (for the “product” on the field)

      Well … do ya… punk … ?

  61. Now that the talent on the Niners offense matches that of those putrid Jag offenses, it’s time let Gabbert loose on the NFL world….

    1. And there are no OL backups so that makes it even more perfect. Gabbert does have the declining Falcons defense going for him, but that won’t help in the next two games.

  62. I’m reposting this image because I like it.

    Gabbert has my best wishes. I have this image lurking of a guy standing with his back to a garden wall, and a blind fold over his eyes thinking “This is my big chance!”

      1. No. The inflection of his voice would more likely be disgust or the feeling that he’s in “Groundhog Day” again.

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