Report: Colin Kaepernick definitely opting out of contract

It’s officially official this time.

It’s possible Kaepernick could re-sign with the 49ers after he opts out, but I doubt the Niners are interested in him. Who do you think the 49ers will sign to play quarterback next season? I think they’ll sign Jay Cutler.

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    1. I’ll take a late Christmas present over the Lump of Coal I was expecting any day of the week… Or month of the year….

      1. Me too, Moses, I will be celebrating and thanking God if we get rid of this GOOF.

    2. Of all the things I want on the 49ers, just to get this phony GOOF for a QB off this team will bring me the biggest joy of my life. Kap is a sorry pathetic human being that has no respect for his team, his fans, or anybody. I want him off. I don’t care which of the 30 teams takes him. I don’t care he starts or wipes a bench. Get him out of SF. If Kyle wants any credibility from me, get this POS off the team! I don’t care who we sign, who we draft, I want Kap OUT OF HERE!

      1. I pretty much thought he was history after the SL game two seasons ago. It would have been the best move for both parties. Yet I kind of wanted him to stay one more year just because of the effect it would have on Kaep haters like you. The fun that could have been had rubbing it in. It would have been revenge for years of over the top Kaep hate that created a negative atmosphere on sites.

        People often have a need to find a target to vent their anger on. These targets become the means by which they can project all their frustrations upon. It serves a very therapeutic purpose. Darren500 have you already picked out a replacement yet. I mean whom are you and the other Kaep haters going to direct you vitriol towards when he is gone?

        As I stated – I have always disliked the hate fueled lack of objectivity which is why I wanted Kaep gone after the 2014 season. Yet now I think, for one year, it would be great fun to hear the wails and cries of despair from those that have so much invested in his removal.

  1. I think the 49ers probably want Kirk Cousins but John Lynch will take the lead from John Elway and refuse to overpay for a QB. That will leave them with Cutler or perhaps Matt Barkley. I think there’s a possibility of a darkhorse trade for someone like AJ McCarron.

    In other words, I have no freaking clue who the 49ers will go after. If John Lynch’s hiring process is any indication then no one will know the 49ers game plan until it actually happens.

    1. Trading a king’s ransom for Cousins and a prince’s ransom for Garappolo makes no sense to me. Cousins might be available next year if he doesn’t want to stay with the Redskins. We’ll have to pay him but at least not in draft picks. Garappolo is unproven (too small a sample size) for us to give up two high draft picks. I don’t think we trade for McCarron either. I see us signing free agent QB’s unless it’s a 6th rounder for somebody like Hoyer. I’m pretty sure that Lynch, Shanahan and the front office will want to use our picks to stock up the team. I think we should sign Mike Glennon. I live in Tampa and watched him play as a rookie. He’s not bad. He’s had a couple of years to sit and absorb the game. Glennon should come relatively cheap.

      1. Kt49er

        I’m in agreement with you as to Mike Glennon…he should come pretty reasonable, and he has the requisite seasoning to guide a young draftee (or two) through the lumpy , chunky ’17 season….good call….

    2. Do you think that Ponder may be given a chance to compete for a roster spot. Of all those left he seems to be the best option while the search continues.

      1. If Chicago re-signs Hoyer, which is very possible since he would be the presumptive starter, Ponder could be a ‘Why Not?’ option.

  2. It doesn’t matter who they sign, if the guy is a “bridge QB” anyway. Most on this board have stated that 6 wins is what to expect. If Kyle goes for Garopolo or Cousins, then he is going for it sooner, committing and developing the offense. So, bridge guy, drafted guy, vet.

  3. “It’s possible Kaepernick could re-sign with the 49ers after he opts out, but I doubt the Niners are interested in him.”

    The one reasonable scenario in which I can see for Kap returning is if he and the 49ers agreed that he would try free agency and they would try trades/free agency but that they would keep open the possibility of a reunion if neither side finds a better situation. That would account for the good meeting and both sides being ‘excited’, as Lynch indicated.

    I do not think the above is the probable outcome at this point, but it is possible. Further, although I would prefer Kap coming back over Cutler, I think it is in the team’s best interest to find a better situation than Kap’s return, and I hope they are able to do so.

    1. Estoy de acuerdo, that is to say, I am in agreement. I think the Niners will still make a play for Cousins and perhaps ditto Garoppolo. But if the Redskins and/or Pats are inflexible in their pricing, they will sign a QB like Cutler or Glennon to a bridge deal. In 2018 FA, they then make their serious move for Kirk C. or Garop. Shanny and Lynch have a well-designed plan in place, there will be no knee-jerk reactions. Kaepernick was most likely told they will not pay more than 7 or 8 mil for his limited abilities and thus is in their rearview mirror. I am perfectly okay with a two-year game plan to acquire their new franchise QB, there is a lot of major rebuilding to do all through the team’s roster.

      1. I am moving on. Kaep, being smart, probably has a landing spot all planned out ahead of time, since this is a QB driven league, and many teams need a starter.

        1. I guess not everyone thought he was the best player on the team. Maybe not even him.

    2. Well I’ll enjoy not watching the 49ers if they dare keep this goofball around.

    3. That makes the most sense. I think Kaep had to opt out even if he thought the Niners were a possible destination for him, to avoid a trade involving Cousins. That would have been a one year option for the Redskins to save money. It saves them 10 mil and might make the trade more doable for the 49’rs. They could have gotten Kaep and a draft choice. I mean no team might trade for Kaep at his present salary but it might still have been an option which would taken the choice of control away from him in respect to any none 49er destination He loses nothing because the Niners would surely have ask him to restructure his contract if they wanted him to stay. All this changes is it gives him the option to test the market to discover what his worth is and if he was in the Niners plans he could restructure the new contract based on that.

      I think this basically changes nothing. The same would have happened if he did not opt out except the decision to release him would have been made by the team. I mean it was a no-brainer that he would not have been retained at his present contract. Whether they would or not have ultimately resigned him. this is a better option for both parties. I think this is what was discussed and decided on in their meeting. Bottom line, in reality, his return to the Niners is an option that is still on the table for both parties.

      1. How is it still an option? So if he finds no suitable offers from any other team the Niners take him back?
        There’s a good trust amicable relationship.
        So the league thinks your terrible but we’ll take you back? Makes no sense.

  4. At this point we know nothing about their evaluation of last year’s roster re any position. I think Ponder can do the job, but what do I know? (You don’t have to agree with me, so stop nodding.)

    One thing I will say about Kaepernick’s leaving: Finally we can move on from him. I am so tired of his game, although the thought of him starting anywhere boggles the mind, so he might try to return. I hope they have closed the door to that.

    1. And the clown is gone, finally. I am quite happy I was wrong about Shanahan deciding not to come here. There’s a breath of fresh air, much needed by everyone.

      1. Thank you George, for being such a good sport. We could use more posters like you on this site.

        I, too, will admit I was wrong. Kaep is gone, and I wish him well, but now the Niners can start from the ground up.

        1. Seb says “I, too, will admit I was wrong. Kaep is gone”

          Hahahah hahahah! Who is laughing now Seb?

        2. I would not close the door to Kaeps return quite yet. I think this is what they talked about in their meeting. Their final decision has not yet been made and is dependent on variable factors. Nothing has really changed except Kaep can test and discover what his value is. This will give him a figure to work on signing a new contract if the Front office decides that Kaep might be their best option for next year. And Kaeps market value would definitely factor into whether the NIners would want to resign him. That along with KS’ evaluation as to whether he would suite the teams purpose for at least a bridge QB. It also give Kaep the ability to decide what his best option is as well. None of this would be possible if either he or the front office didn’t release him.

          1. It basically just makes him a free agent. And like any other free agent it does not mean he is not going to resign with his old team if he can not get a better deal with another.

            1. Why then not opt out and restructure his deal and resign?
              From all accounts the 49ers are saying go be free. If they wanted him, they could have easily worked out a deal.

    2. George, send out the clowns. Thanks for the old avatar, that other was creeping me out.

      1. ribico, you’re not the only one who seemed to feel that way, as I’ve been learning. What’s this thing about clowns? There’s actually a scientific phenomenon called coulrophobia, or fear of clowns. Not saying you are, but they do creep out a lot of people, apparently.

        1. George, I think it is similar to the negative “uncanny valley” reaction to computer generated humanoids that aren’t “quite” human. Clowns are close to human, but not quite either.

    3. “(You don’t have to agree with me, so stop nodding.)”

      Looks like your avatar isn’t the only thing that is back i.e. Your sense of humor ;)

    4. George,
      I’m with you on the subject of Ponder but then again what do I know.

      1. Me too. I kind of assumed he was awful in practice, because they never gave him any playing time, even when our “starters” were so poor. But I’d like to see more of him, because what we did see looked interesting…

    5. I am A-okay with that take, George. Yes, I think that sweeping the house clean of the habitual losing underperformers is vitally important to making the New Start.

    6. In all seriousness George, what makes you think Ponder can do the job? There was a lot of clamoring for him last season but displeasure with the two guys on the roster ahead of him doesn’t make him a better option. Other than playing well in preseason against guys who were destined for the street or PS’s he’s just never shown much potential in the NFL.


        In his history as an NFL QB, he’s been fair to midlin’. Good arm and mobility, inconsistent accuracy. No problems in the locker room that I’m aware of. He wasn’t awful at Minn. like Gabbert was at Jacksonville. Put him behind a two-headed running game, an improved WR corp, and a high caliber play caller, and he seems capable of managing a good game. No record of being a guy who can put a team on his back and win. But there are few who can. We were all spoiled by Montana and Young, is what the problem is IMHO.

        1. Its such a rough time to need a QB. I suppose next to Hoyer and Schaub he’s just fine if we need a 1 year filler. The options aren’t great right now and there’s not a single QB that’s available that can carry a team right now.

          1. Willy, you Razor, Rebuild and Sebnnoying all going to get together tonight and have a vigil? In honor of old wind up?

            1. P Time you can go drown yourself in some terrible Canadian beer and lament Blaine Gabbert. Idiot, what does this have to do with Ponder?

              1. I understand your bitterness. Your hero is gone like I said he would be.
                That’s what this is all about!

              2. You just troll for conflict. Keep pretending you know something. Did you read Cosell’s review of your boy Trubinsky? CK part 2. Irony the angry Canadian telling someone else their bitter.

              3. Um Willy, we are now talking about Kaepernick. You know the guy who you and your little quartet raved about all year?
                Just eat your crow like a good little boy.
                We can talk about beer and Trubisky later. For now, your hero is bye bye! Stuff that in your pie hole!

          2. That’s how I look at Ponder, a filler or a bridge, call it what you want. Then again, maybe good coaching can turn his career around, a long-shot admittedly.

  5. Grant may be right, but I sure do not want Cutler.

    Shaub or Hoyer make the most sense, but Glennon may be the best fit, since he is a strong armed pocket passer.

    Wonder if Tyrod Taylor could also be a possibility.

    With the second pick, Kizer, Trubisky or Watson could be in the mix, but they would be smart to draft a stud defender first and go for a QB later. Mahomes could be a strong candidate, but Jerod Evans, Brad Kayaa, Davis Webb, Josh Dobbs or even Cooper Rush may be targets for acquisition.

    1. I think you were the one who suggested we try to get Kevin Hogan, if I’m not mistaken. (Apologize to the person who suggested it if I am.) I liked that idea, although obviously he’s far from starting for anyone at this point.

      1. Yes, I liked Hogan since before the 2016 draft, but he is on Clevelands’ squad, so he may be out of reach.

  6. Eventually there will be 2 to 3 QBs on the roster. If they don’t go with Cousins/Garapollo, do we think they stick to playing one the entire season? Or do they pull a Kelly?

    1. NE not letting G-rapo go. Cousins too expensive. Best to just trade that #2 back, hope to snag another 2 or so plus the swap of 1’s and then go from there with BPA (unless its dline).

  7. Hmmm, I wonder if Romo may be in the mix, especially if the Cowboys can get a draft pick for him….

    1. Cowboys may not want to trade Romo to an NFC team, but they may not feel threatened by the Niners.

      Niners would inherit his contract, so that would give the Cowboys salary cap relief, so he may be a real possibility. However, Romo may want to go to a playoff team, rather than struggle on a cellar dweller.

  8. I’m going to venture to guess the 49ers are waiting for Cutler to receive medical clearance prior to offering a 6th round pick for him….

    1. You think they’ll trade for that contract Razor? My guess is they will wait until the Bears cut him and kick the tires then if they are interested.

      Right now I think the leading candidate to start next season is Hoyer.

      1. Shaub may be the ideal bridge QB, and the Niners may tank to get one of the elite QBs coming into the 2018 draft class.

        That would be a good long term plan.

        1. Wait Seb ……. after all the stuff you were saying about how outrageous it was for Jed to merely suggest there is a silver lining for losing, that being a high draft pick?

          Now you are actually advocating for losing on purpose? Oh Seb, you are like no other. lol

          1. 49, I did not say that they would intentionally tank, but that they will now have less chance of winning now that they have no QB. I expected 6 wins with Kaep, but now I am thinking 4 wins with whoever they choose.

            That would put them in the running for getting one of several good QBs next year.

            Sure, they should try to win, but with Hoyer or Shaub, or even Cutler, do you really think they will make the playoffs next year?

            1. Come on Seb! “the Niners may tank to get one of the elite QBs coming into the 2018 draft class. That would be a good long term plan.”

              “the Niners may tank to get one of the elite QB’s” can only really be interpreted one way Seb. Sorry, but you have just lost a little more credibility.

            2. If the QB is the most important piece and adds the most to a team in respect to wins and loses. It makes more sense to build a good team before adding the final piece. If you add the QB first it will cost the team draft position because of wins. Add the QB last and the team will actually be better than their wins and losses show. This was sort of how the NIners built their team except instead of the QB being the weak link ( as some people did believe) it was the coaching. When they added the final piece ( the coach ) they succeeded.

              If you are a coach who needs wins quickly to keep your job then it makes sense to add the most impact piece first. However if you have a long term contract you can plan for the future without needing immediate success. This is why I think the Front Office will not make a deal this early for a franchise QB that would cost them an arm and a leg just to add wins now. It makes far more sense to build the team and then add the final piece when that piece will have the most cost effective result. Why pay a player a high salary for years when it does not result in your being in contention until far in the future. That is just wasted money and gets in the way of building a team when you are starting from the bottom. The same holds for the draft.

        2. Seb,
          I don’t think any team would tank a whole season just to improve a pick. There is a chance that their record in 18 will below enough to get a top 3 QB. They also could trade back this year to get an extra 1st in 18 then they could package both picks to move into the top 3.

            1. Old Coach, They will be hard pressed to win even 4 games next season. They certainly do not need to intentionally tank, unless you are thinking that they intended to cut Kaep, but he just beat them to the punch.

              1. Seb, what other definition of “tank” is there that doesn’t include intention?

                And no, your tank in a ditch analogy of Kaep is not one of them.

              2. Seb,
                If that is the case they will be in pretty good shape to draft one of the better QB’s next year. I believe by trading back they could come close to drafting the very best QB in the draft.

              3. Intentionally tanking, and tanking are 2 different things. Niners tanked last season, but I am sure they did not intend for that to happen.

                But maybe they did.

          1. Can you imagine? Players who have dedicated their lives, countless hours upon hours in training, sacrifice of their bodies to reach the ultimate goal of professional athletics. And then be told by the team to hold back on your best effort? A team that is staffed by coaches and an entire organization that is paid by ownership to produce wins. I totally see that scenario being played out. Not.

            1. Last season, they tried really hard, and won 2 games. It happens. They may try really hard this season, but not win much, either.

              Letting their starting QB go may have been a sign of intentionally tanking, too.

              1. Letting go of single win starting QBs is intentional of many things. Tanking is not one of them

              2. We all know the definition of “tanking” Seb. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY purposely uses the term “tank” in order to convey the idea of losing unintentionally, especially when they summarize the point with, “that would be a good long term plan.”

                Like I told Razor the other day, when you’re digging yourself a hole, just stop digging dude.

              3. Since they did not roll him out, maybe they were content to let the defense shape them, thus not caring too much about winning or losing.

                Playing Bellore at LB may have been another way to intentionally tank.

              4. 49, your definition of tanking is different from mine. The Niners tanked last season. They tried hard, but still lost.

              5. Or, is there a more likely reason Bellore was playing? Like perhaps the fact that at one point the 49ers were missing their top 3 ILB’s? Ray Ray and Bow to IR, and Hodges to the doghouse.

              6. Bellore was drek. Baalke probably insisted they play him. He was the one who said that there was no need to sign any LB FAs or draft an ILB.

                I saw Bellore not only run out of the lane the RB sprinted through, he blocked out his own player.

              7. Just stop Seb. You followed up the word “tank” with the words “that would be a good long term plan”. You have lost this argument.

                You cannot tank unintentionally, and then call it a good long term plan. Planning requires purposeful thought.

                Jed merely suggested, after the fact, that there was at least a silver lining to losing, that being a high draft pick. And you were absolutely insentience!

                Also, as I explained to you the other day, there was no reason to assume Colin was going to be playing in SF in 2017, simply because he had a “positive” meeting with 49ers brass, and hadn’t yet been cut by the 49ers, or officially opted out of his contract.

                One of these days you need to start listening to reason, and stop simply allowing your heart to guide your views.

              8. Nick Bellore is one of the worse NFL ILB have ever had the displessure to watch Seb. No question.

                But Bellore wasn’t signed with the idea he’d be a tool to help the 49ers lose games. He was signed to the roster because of his value as a special team standout. In fact, he started the season as the 49ers 4th string ILB.

              9. 49, no matter what, the Niners may be resigned to losing. If you consider that intentionally tanking, so be it.

                They have a daunting task ahead of them, but winning will not come easy, or fast, especially since they have an injured starting RB, mediocre WRs and no starting QB. Their defense gave up a historically bad amounts of yards, and they have a newbie DC and no OC.

                They could try with every fiber in their bodies, and still tank. That is what I meant, not intentionally losing by not even trying.

                I still want the Niners to win, but the overall plan may be – not to get too worried about losing so they fire their HC after a season. They will be patient, and endure the losing, as long as they are building for the future. You can call that tanking, I will just call it reality.

              10. Glad we agree about Bellore, but Baalke did little to try to win. he should have been poaching players from play off team’s practice squads instead of waiting for cut players to become available.

                I will say that Baalke may have been intentionally tanking, but he did it to get a better draft position, and stab both the HC and starting QB in the back. Insisting on playing players out of position may also been a way to lose intentionally.

                Vikings may have started the last season with a 5 game win streak, but tanked the rest of the season going 3-8. I do not think they were intentionally tanking.

          2. Perhaps the reference to “Tank” Refers to playing Carradine every snap. That would surely cost them wins. lol.

        3. If the 49ers plan was to tank for ’18 they should have done everything possible to keep Kaepernick.

          1. Hah ha ha no question, if that was/is their concealed “intention” . . .

          2. Forget it , Seb. 9ers don’t look at Kap the way you do. And now that they have a coach who know’s something about evaluating that position, Sack-or-Pick is long gone………..

      2. If one were to want to trade for Cutler (and I would not), this would be the year for it. He no longer has any guaranteed money in his contract, and his cap hit this year, although still $16 million, is the lowest of any of the years in the contract. I would not trade for him, but his contract is less an issue now than it would have been last year, and if one wanted him for one year, this is the best year of the contract for that.

        1. Odd – Over the Cap has Cutlers cap number this year at $14,281,250. I must be missing something, because it looks to me that it should be $16 million.

          1. has Cutler’s cap hit at $16 million in 2017. $1 million of that is prorated bonus, so that would stay with the Bears if Cutler were traded, leaving a $15 million cap number for a new team, as Razor indicated below.

            But I am still perplexed why Over the Cap has his cap hit for the Bears at $14,281,250 rather than $16 million. If that number is correct, then a team that trades for him would seem to have a cap hit of $13,281,250. That is still too much for Cutler, in my opinion, but it is going rate for a mid-level starter.

      3. Cutler’s contract has ceased to be a deal breaker. He no longer has any guaranteed money left on it. He’s set to earn $12.5 million in 2017 along with an extra $2.5 million roster bonuses. For every week he’d be on the 46 he’d get $157 grand. If he’s not active he’d receive zilch. So the most the 49ers would be on the docket for would be around $15 million….

        1. Yeah I understand there isn’t any more guaranteed money, My point is, the Bears are going to cut him so why not save the pick and see if you can get him for less than 15 mill a year if you actually are interested? It’s not like there is going to be a bidding war for a brooding 34 year old coming off of injury.

          1. Oh I think he’s worth a 6th, especially in Shanny’s offense. There’s other teams besides the 49ers that could use his services. He’s not as fragile as Romo either, and if you remember, that quarterback guru Trent Baalke traded a 6th for Blaine Freaking Gabbert. I wouldn’t think saving a couple million is worth the risk, because as I pointed out, if he’s not active, he doesn’t get paid….

            1. That’s where we differ: I don’t see any risk in missing out on him. If the Niners are interested they should just wait for his release and see what his market is. My guess is there won’t be much demand for his services. If they don’t get him, who cares?

            2. Razor, it would be a lot smarter for Lynch to wait until Cutler is let go, he will be a lot cheaper that way, with no inherited contract.

              Bears may be moving on from Cutler, so patience may be rewarded.

      4. “Right now I think the leading candidate to start next season is Hoyer.”

        Yep. Have been saying this for quite a while. I’d rather go all in to get Cousins, but ultimately I think the QB room will be Hoyer, Schaub, and a rookie.

      5. I’m inclined to agree with you, Rocket. I think the Bears wind up cutting him loose, then the 49ers will make their pitch at a much reduced price for a two to three year deal, with limited guaranteed dough.

      6. I agree rocket; I think it’s Hoyer. Shanahan worked with him in Houston, and he is more “starter” ready than Schaub is at this point. Of course, given how cheaply they would come, we could also sign both while drafting a 3rd QB…

        1. Jack posed that scenario above and I agree with both of you. It could easily be done and Schaub would be even more valuable as a resource for the rookie.

    2. Razor ..

      I( shudder at the thought of Cutler wearing
      the Crimson n Gold …

      (I’d much rather have Kap )

      1. Understood, but I’d did try and tell you guys that Full Shanny wasn’t a fan of Kaepernick, and the chances of him returning were around 30%….

  9. 2/28/17 SebbieAnneConway sez
    ‘Naw they (Niners) will roll with Kaep.’

    How can someone be so wrong so often? Now Romo? Please

    1. Kaep decided not to roll with them. I have admitted I was wrong, but I was just throwing out some possibilities.

      Romo may be the best QB out there. His drawbacks are his fragility and his desire to win another ring, but he is way superior to many of the FA QBs.

      Both Shaub and Romo would be only bridge QBs due to their age, but that may be what Lynch and KS want.

  10. 6 year contract with no offset language.

    Stand down and enjoy a three season flip of the entire roster.

    It’ll all come together in season Four just in time for contract extensions.

  11. I am reminded of a line from an old Roy Clark song, “Thank God and Greyhound he’s gone”.

  12. (Learning to) Win with class is a collection of many details and dedication to a standard of process. It occurs to me that the respectful mood around CK’s apparent opt-out is an example of one of those small details. The reworked contract allowed him to control his destiny. Assuming he doesn’t re-sign, it’s a dignified parting. Good for Colin and for the team’s image as well. Reputations are built on a collection of actions, and these details are noted around the league.
    Rebuild will take a while; it’s nice to have faith in the process.

  13. It seems like the complexity of the new offense and especially the verbose verbiage of the play calls will require that they sign Schaub. This, imo, should help the other offensive players learn the offense because there will be a leader on the field who understands it and can help the rest of the offense line up correctly and learn the offense as well.

      1. Verbose? Try GARRULOUS: “excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters”.

        Garrulous, with a dash of MELODRAMA, and a pinch of SPECIOUSNESS.

            1. Seb-skov does grow on you!! Sometimes like a wart,–but I still say I owe him cover charge.

              Just the thought of him stumbling out of his old haunt, “Reds Recovery Room”………………..

    1. Agree Cubus. Shanny has had to teach his system to a bunch of guys, so he is certainly sensitive to that. This whole QB thing I’m just a spectating what JL and Shanny do. No fave dogs in that fight, just some wariness to some retreads suggested.

      1. Cubus
        On espn Riddick made your exact points for Schaub as a bridge.
        Pollian called Schaub a rickety bridge, but he said, Schaub can get everybody lined up, which is Job-1, but not win much.
        The journey of one thousand miles begins with one step.

        1. Thanks for letting me know that Riddick is stealing my material. Good thing we didn’t hire him, because I’m only right once in a blue moon :)

          BTW: I got the feeling that you enjoyed torturing us last night with the plethora of restaurants serving exquisite cuisine.

          1. Hah! Had to let Razor know we live La Dolce Vita in Wine Country!
            Right after my sister from Saratoga came back from a month in Tuscany I took her to Iron Horse Winery. She looked around and said “This is a lot closer than Tuscany.”

  14. “It’s a long ways down from the saddle to the ground.” But it’s how you get up and dust yourself off that really counts. Good bounce. You know who you are.

  15. Another possibility not considered is Nick Foles, who the Chiefs may move on from, or even AJ McCarron.

    1. AJ McCarron is a definite intriguing possibility, with potential upside. His stats in a backup role — McCarron went 79-of-119 (66.4%) for 854 yards (7.2 YPA) and a 6:2 TD:INT ratio in seven appearances in 2015. And doubtful that he would cost the Niners much . . .

  16. Kap opting out was expected. The chances of him coming back were slim to none. He is football illiterate.

    Schaub or Hoyer will be starting. It doesn’t look like we will get Cousins or Garoppolo this year.

    Romo? No, unless you want to end up starting your backup. Cutler has a bad attitude and his play is sporadic.

    1. I think he would have left had he won the National Championship, but who knows? Had to give him a call at least.

      1. Saban learned his lesson in the NFL. You can’t recruit and you can’t bully the players and asst coaches. Like Petrino and Spurrier he knows better now.

    1. Its lying season between now and the end of April. I’m expecting lots of praise for quarterbacks and other positions the 49ers aren’t targeting for pick 2.

  17. I used to love when the Niners played Cutler’s Bears as Jake had a nice habit of being one of the best players on the field… for the Niners. Didn’t he have a 5 or 6 INT game a few years back against the Niners? Maybe he likes throwing at red jerseys.

  18. Both Brandon Williams and Dontari Poe are not expected to be franchise tagged. I hope the Niners get Brandon Williams over Poe.

    NN says that Lynch will be serious about obtaining AJ. Hope they pass on Alshon Jeffrey because he will be too expensive, but get either Cordarrelle Patterson, Kendall Wright, Kenny Britt or Kenny Stills instead.

    Hope the Niners can trade back to a team that covets either Allen or Fournette, and parlay that second pick into several additional draft picks.

  19. Grant,

    You should put together a 53 man roster of how you think it should or will look.

  20. Lol! MBH “I expected 6 wins with Kraep”! He was 1-11 as a starter! Continued delusion! Told you he’d be gone Wally. Next you’ll be wrong that “they won’t draft a QB”! Such utter football ignorance! They are celebrating at 4949 that the cancer removed himself! See ya POS!

  21. Adios Kaep. Good move for both Kaep and the 49ers. He’s a bad fit for Shanahan, and the new 49ers regime doesn’t want to continue the legacy of drama that has surrounded Kaep the past few years. Time for everyone to move on.

    I still think Cutler is a bad idea from the point of view of trying to install a better culture at the club. Cutler isn’t the right type of culture builder. Any stop gap they bring in should be a guy that can teach the young players what being a pro and good leader means.

    My guess is options 1 and 2 are still Cousins and Garoppolo, in whichever order. If they can’t get either of them, which I doubt they will, then Hoyer, Schaub and a rookie (probably drafted in 2nd or 3rd round). They might also explore a trade for McCarron.

    1. Actually Scooter, I agree with that proposed scenario almost 100%. They will go after options 1 and 2, and if no go, I think they sign Schaub, pursue McCarron at the right price, then hold on in camp to Ponder to see what they might have in him and draft a rookie in the early middle rounds. Some intriguing, interim combinations.

  22. Kaep opting out is also the best situation for the 49ers, as I believe this means he will count in the compensatory pick formula. No wonder Lynch thought the meeting with Kaep was positive!

    1. Hah ha ha, indeed, they unload his bloated salary and acquire an extra value pick in 2018. Shrewd new GM occupying that chair . . .

  23. I don’t buy all this nonsence that this years draft is QB light. Even if 2018 looks better, I’d draft Mohomes in the second round if available and Webb if he’s (Mahomes) is gone in the 3-4 round. Regardless, any one of the top 6 QB’s available is an improvement over what we’ve had to put up with ( Gabbert, Ponder, Kraeperstink)

  24. Guy goes for 90 passer rating 17th overall 4 to 1 TD/int ratio, with turds at WR literally smelly wet turds running routes, rushes for 500 yards and yet still some how you say Hoyer, or Cutler are better options lol you guys are really delusional.

    1. You must be new. Are you familiar with the WCO? Are you familiar with Colin?
      Are you familiar with the concept of System Fit?
      Who’s delusional?

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