Report: Colin Kaepernick wants to be traded

Just a few hours after San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly declared Colin Kaepernick “wants to be here,” Rand Getlin of reports that Kaepernick’s agents have requested permission to find a trading partner for their client.

Do you think Kaepernick’s agents will find a trading partner? If so, do you think the 49ers will agree to trade Kaepernick? And what do you think the Niners could get in return for the 28-year-old quarterback coming off the worst season of his career?

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  1. Yes, he has probably already put out feelers. But if he hasn’t he has really hurt himself….which wouldn’t surprise me. I have said that the best thing for him would be to come to camp, shut up and study hard under Kelly. But I didn’t believe he would do that, and it looks like he won’t. We get maybe a third rd pick for him.Or maybe a decent player and a lower pick.

  2. Do you think Kaepernick’s agents will find a trading partner?

    I could be dead wrong, but I don’t think they do find a trading partner because I don’t think his market will be as robust as some folks think. You have to ask what it’s worth for other teams to give up assets (draft pick and cash) for a QB who hasn’t really progressed as much as hoped and who’s production has fallen off a lot since 2012. And I think the QB landing spots will fill up pretty quickly as well. Fitzpatrick-Jets, Cousin-WAS, Bradford-Philly, Osweiler-DEN, and Goff/Wentz-CLE. Houston is the one I could see being a spot, but it depends on the compensation.

    If so, do you think the 49ers will agree to trade Kaepernick?

    No, I don’t think they trade him because they probably won’t get a good enough deal. I don’t see a team giving up anything higher than maybe a fourth and certainly not anything close to the 2 second rounders they got for Alex Smith.

      1. True.

        That’s why to me the best situation, as weird as that sounds right now, is with Chip and the 49ers. What’s your opinion on the subject? Who do you think has enough interest in him that would also be a good fit? Or are you like me and not see as many destinations as people think?

        1. His best situation by far is with Chip Kelly. Kap should embrace his new coach. Major red flag to the rest of the league if Kap doesn’t.

          1. No. Broncos will take him since PM is retiring and they won a SB with a QB who could not pass or throw. Those preseason practices with the Broncos probably opened Elway’s eyes to see the potential for Kaep. Now we know why he was rehabbing in Colorado.

          2. I agree. It reminds me of what Steve Young said:

            “I would go to Chip Kelly and tell him, ‘Whatever happened last year, whatever you saw, whatever you thought was a weakness in my game, whatever the holes, the cracks in the wall, I’m going to fix. I made some mistakes. I lost the team a little bit. I lost the locker room a little bit. I didn’t respond the way I should have to adversity. But I’ve learned. I’ve figured it out. And I’ve got the talent; I’ve got the ability to make your offense hum.’

            Added Young: “If I’m the quarterback and I’m on the team when Chip Kelly shows up, I’m not going [anywhere]. Take me. Teach me. Show me how to score some points.”


            1. That’s the difference between Young and Kaepernick. Young had a relentless desire to absorb coaching and get better.

              1. “He should be excited for the change that Kelly brings, instead of refusing to change his stance. When you want to be seen as one of the top leaders at the position, an unwillingness to fight through adversity on and off the field is a bad look.”


                I get that there’s probably a divide between him and management for various reasons (leaks, benching, not bringing in enough players, etc). Not absolving the 49ers for their role in it. But at the same time you would like to see him work through it and show that despite what’s transpired he’s still willing to show that leadership and accountability. I think that would gain him a lot of respects with his teammates.

              2. If Kap wants to go, I say Adios!
                Whether he is upset with the FO for being benched, not keeping their word about re-upping players like Crabtree and Iupati make no difference at this point.
                I don’t blame Kap for wanting out either. If he feels he can find greener pastures and a fresh start somewhere else that more power to him.

                Suddenly, the drafting perspective changes. Now (if Kap leaves), the #7 pick looks to be a QB as opposed to going defense as was the majority of the posts yesterday. It’s either Wentz or more likely Goff.

                We know that Gabbert is only a backup at best and a bridge for the next QB. Watch for Kelly to make a move on Sam Bradford.
                We don’t know for sure if CK7 was going to get his groove back so drafting a QB now helps to speed the process in the young QB’ development.
                Could be a blessing in disguise.

              3. AES-it does change the draft landscape if it turns out to be true.

                Usher the Gabbert King of check downs era.

              4. AES

                I still don’t think the 49ers draft a QB in Rd 1. There are some really good options for Chip’s offense, but none of them are being slotted in the 1st Rd. Also, the team still has more pressing needs at DL, ILB, OLB, and OL.

              5. “That’s the difference between Young and Kaepernick. Young had a relentless desire to absorb coaching and get better.”

                as opposed to that lazy ole Colin Kaepernick?

                Jesus Grant…really????

              6. AFFNP

                It takes a certain chutzpah to believe you can usurp Montana, and Young sincerely believed he could.

                Kaepernick is a surly and seemingly hypersensitive fellow. I wonder if he has the rigorous positivity that Young had to possess to believe he could ascend.

              7. @siliconchip

                I dislike doubting someone’s “drive” or ambition. You can doubt their talent but without definitive evidence I would not disrespect someone’s drive and desire for something like football which takes an incredible amount of time and effort.

                Other than some bizarre leaked info about Kaep and Gabbert’s tablet watching time…there’s been no indication that Kaepernick isn’t a student of the game…doesn’t put in the hours studying his playbook, on the practice field..etc… by all accounts during the Harbaugh era; Kaepenrick was regarded as a hard worker. I can’t imagine Harbaugh would be cool with a lazy QB that didn’t know what he was doing.

                So yeah, Kaeperick is a moody guy that does some awkward social things….and who knows about that Aldon Smith exGF thing. The persona he’s put out as a 49er hasn’t been overly endearing to fans and the media. That tied with his lack of success on the field over the past couple of years doesn’t make Kaepernick any less of a hard worker with a desire to become a great QB. Again, I’m not saying he is a good QB or can even become one. I just don’t disrespect the guy and question his desire and hardwork to become a great QB.

              8. AFFNP

                I’m not questioning his drive or ambition. I’m questioning his resiliency, his positivity; whatever that innate quality it is that allows someone to continue to fight for one’s own initiatives when the world seems stacked against him. This type of scenario seems to get to Colin. He seems to be wanting to quit. I’m not a Steve Young fan, in fact I’m probably his biggest critic, but I do admire the intestinal fortitude he displayed when, in the face of the Montana Nation, he stood firm and believed that he could take the job away from the legendary Joe Cool. Colin seems to lack that quality. It’s neither the drive nor ambition; I don’t know what to call it, so I referred to it as rigorous positivity.

              9. Young had a relentless will to learn Walsh’s system and learn pocket passing. Kaepernick would want Walsh to adapt to him.

              10. Chipster,

                I get what you’re saying. “When the going gets tough the tough get going” and Kaepernick is stuck in reverse.

              11. @chip

                my initial comment was aimed at Grant for his statement:

                That’s the difference between Young and Kaepernick. Young had a relentless desire to absorb coaching and get better.

                the implication being that Kaepernick does not have the desire to get better. which I think is pure character assassination on Grant’s part. I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to the player and all the hard work he’s put into the play the position.

                Is Kaep, a dark moody and unlikable guy at times? yup. Does he freeze or flee under pressure? yup. but Grant’s point is about Kaep’s desire so Kaep’s personality is not the issue.

                As for Kaepernick quitting on the team. I think he should get a bit of a pass considering the circumstances. You don’t stick around to work on a rocky marriage if you don’t trust your wife anymore. You can’t play for a team if you no longer think that team has your back. Young never distrusted Eddie, his front office and the coaches He would get frustrated with Seifert at times…but that’s about it.

              12. @Grant

                what makes you think Colin doesn’t to learn an offensive system and pocket presence? in fact wasn’t that whole Kurt Warner camp last off season supposed to be about his working on mechanics and being in the pocket?

    1. That’s exactly what I was about to type Larry. I am really starting to wonder. It’s really starting to feel like Kap is less than confident he can beat out Blaine.

  3. It makes sense that Kap wants to go. He got screwed over with his contract and he’s the kind of of guy who doesn’t forget or forgive (ask his mom..). It makes sense for Chip to start with something new.
    I think it’s a win/win!

    1. Dee,
      Colin was given up for adoption when he was 5 weeks old. Do you really believe he knew who his birth mother was at that age?
      Sheesh dude, give it a break already.

      1. I know he was adopted. He refuses to meet with his birthmother, who had the hard decision to give him up. She has contacted him way before he was famous, but like I said Kap is the kind of of guy who doesn’t forget or forgive and isn’t able to look at things from a different perspective. I’ve said it before this mentality is what is holding him back and makes him so tight.

        1. Dee,
          Since he’s known only one family (Kaepernick’) for all his life, what is there to forgive?

          There was no connection to his paternal mom whom he never got to know. The Kaepernick’ are by all intent purpose his parents.
          His paternal mom no doubt has a greater sense of connection to Colin than he does towards her, because she knew what she was doing when she had to give him up for adoption.

          As an adopted person myself, I don’t blame Kap one bit for not seeking a relationship with his paternal mom. Perhaps one day he can cross that bridge, but that should be totally on his terms and on his own time.

          1. Maybe you did not know this, but when Kaep was around 7, his adopted parents tried to keep in touch with the birth mother, but the birth mother returned the cards and told them that she was not interested in maintaining a relationship. She only recently has tried to get back into his life because he is famous.
            Kaep may feel justified in his stance. I do not fault him at all.

            1. My sympathy to Kaep to what he went through during his childhood, but in everyone’s life they go through some kind of a situation that can be avoided. But his football career has no connection to his personal life either.:)

          2. AES, I have no idea what you mean by paternal mom. He has his parents that raised him and he has a mom and dad that he never met. He also has an 11 year old half-brother that he doesn’t want to see. His birthmom was 19 year old and had to make the heartwrenching decision to give up her firstborn. She asked the Kaepernicks when Colin was 7 to stop sending her photos and updates, because they were just too painful for her and a reminder that she couldn’t be there for him. Kids that are adopted have a sense of abandonment, because their mom/dad don’t want them. The forgiveness would be to accept that the teenage mom couldn’t raise him.
            If you can’t see that, how about Kaepernick being grateful and thanking her that she choose such wonderful parents for him?

            1. Too painful for her? Imagine how hurtful that rejection was for a little 7 year old child. They were cards and photos. It was a way to stay connected. She made her bed, now she has to sleep in it.

            2. Dee,
              Again, that is a bridge that is entirely up to Kap to cross on his own town. If he choses not to, he should not be held to blame. He had absolutely no decision and choice on his mom’s actions – no matter what her reason for giving him up were.

              BTW, this is my last take on this subject.

  4. Razor, potential new home for Kaepernick, Denver, New York, Cleveland and Houston TX
    I told you never trust Baalke, that’s why Kaep agent is asking for permission for Kaepernick to seek another via trade.

    You should’ve not made that wager buddy !!

    1. Houston is a definite NO. CK is not the type of QB O’Brien wants. I could see possibly Cleveland and maybe even the Rams. Not sure about New York but that might be a possibility. What is the potential compensation? 3rd and 5th? 5th only?

  5. I don’t see SF finding an acceptable trade. Yes, Kap would be better off coming to camp, competing and getting back on track. Dumb move!

      1. Not that you care but the $16.8 million is the cap hit not what Colin will be paid if he is on the roster April 1st.

        1. The hit if they keep Kap will be 11.8 mil, not 16.8, the rest of that money has to be earned on how good he plays, and if he were to take them to the playoffs he gets something like a 1 mil bonus , and more if they go to the SB,. but you know that won ‘t happen.

          1. Nope. The higher number is the cap figure. The lower number is his guarantee. I don’t know what his incentives are, but you’re right. Kaepernick can earn more than $11.9M but as I recall the incentives will be hard for him to reach.

  6. I have a hard time thinking of scheme fit and need landing spots.

    – Is Hue Jackson as in love with CK as he was in 2011? Maybe his ego tells him he can turn CK into a polished pocket passer after many have failed.

    – Is Rex Ryan in love with CK as he was in 2012?

    – The Rams would take anything that can fog a mirror, and have extra picks, but inter-division trades are rare.

    – Grant says the Texans are a bad scheme fit (I imagine all but a few teams are a good scheme fit)

    – The Eagles are already missing a 2nd rounder.

    1. “….but inter-division trades are rare.”

      But in this case with new HC/OC/DC and new schemes that Kap is not familiar with, I don’t see how a trade to the Rams would hurt the 49ers.

      1. I would agree, but if a team was willing to trade Kaepernick to an inter-division rival, what does that do to the implied value of Kaepernick?
        The 49ers would essentially be saying, take him. He’s so bad that we don’t mind facing him 2x’s a year.

    2. If Colin Kaepernick is the morally degraded professional failure most of you think he is, then why not trade him to the Rams?

      I think Kaepernick is calling their bluff. If they let him go before April 1st he gets paid for 2016 and he can pick his team. If they convince him to renegotiate his contract in order to make him more trade able, then he also gets to approve his new team.

      If they keep him on the roster until April 1st, he gets the $11.9M, and he gets to compete. I don’t think the 49ers are dumb enough to pay Colin and not play him like Al David did with Allen.

  7. How about the Rams. They’ve got plenty of cap space and Foles and Keenum didn’t do much of anything last year to inspire confidence. Oh yeah, and I think Seb once said this would be his worst nightmare :)

      1. See my reply above. How does it hurt the 49ers if they trade Kap to the Rams. Kap won’t be able to provide them with any useful intelligence since we have a new HC/OC/DC and all new schemes.

        1. To be clear, I said inter-division trades are “rare.” I didn’t go into why, or say they should never happen.

          Today Barrows noted “they likely will target an AFC team” if a trade did happen.

          It would be a fun discussion as to why inter-division trades are taboo. I’m sure there’s no hard limit. If the Rams offered the next 4 first round picks for Kaep, would anyone have a problem with it?

            1. Why would Kaep not want to go to the Rams? He will play in LA in a 3 Billion dollar palace. Think of the endorsement opportunities. And he’s not that much farther from Turlock.

        1. Kaepernick is not going to a division rivals. Kaepernick destination will be Cleveland.. And the #7 pick of the 49ers in the 1st round. Kelly is getting his Qb at the #2 spot Carson Wentz. Go Niners !

            1. Don, I like that smile on your avatar. But that smile won’t be there next time and you’ll find out soon enough i’m not dreaming, it’s reality:)
              Don’t make a wager with like Razor who will soon be banish from this blog, he can only come back when he complete his denial therapy.:)

  8. Well if he’s proven anything… he doesn’t make the best decisions, on or off the field. His lack of trust with the front office is completely understandable though…

  9. Seb would like to propose a trade:

    The 49ers should call Hue Jackson to inquire about trading Kaepernick and the #7 pick to the Browns for the #2 pick and Josh Gordon.

    Echoes of Seb?

    1. It is the most impossible, wildly stupid, ignorant , brain dead deal I have ever heard…..Now I have a 3 player deal that might work……;p

    2. Yes, then Kaep can retake the league by storm, and prevent the Browns from shooting themselves in the foot. Wonder how Hue feels about dart throwing?

  10. Looking beyond Kaep–good, bad, indifferent–will be interesting to see what develops. Can’t hurt to have another pick or two this year and next–next year being conditional?

    1. How many picks can you expect to get for a morally degraded professional failure QB with an @$11.9M price tag for 2016?

      1. HTW

        If any team believes Champion Kaep still exists, his current contract is exceptionally desirable. Even to just take a flier on the guy, it’s a great deal. Kirk Cousins @ $20M would be better?

  11. I think they could likely find a trade partner but it would depend on what the 49ers were asking for in return. The league is a tight knit community where everyone knows each others business, so there likely isn’t a team out there that doesn’t know what is really happening here. If this report is true, then anybody interested in Kaepernick knows the situation will continue to erode until there is no other alternative but to part ways. That means unless there is a team that really covets Kap and thinks they can plug him in to start from day one, there likely aren’t going to be many offers that feature more than a day 3 pick at most with the possibility of improving to a day 2 pick if certain goals are met.

    For Kap and his representatives to ask for a trade, my guess is there is more to it than just getting benched. There is likely a mistrust of the front office due to the rumors and leaks last year, much as there was with Harbaugh the year prior. In other words I don’t think it’s as simple as Kap might be good in Kelly’s offense so he should stay. If it goes deeper and the well has been poisoned, then Kap has checked out mentally and there is likely no going back.

    If that is where things stand at this point, the team should take whatever they can get and move on.

    1. Rocket

      Other teams will point to Recent Kaep. 49ers will reference Champion Kaep. If the 49ers trade him now for less than a 1st Rd Pick, it indicates that they’re more interested in being rid of him than they are of getting fair value. They could force him to play in 2016, during which time there’s a good chance he blossoms under Chip Kelly, and if they want to trade him before April 1, 2017, they get good return. If he founders, then they trade him before April 1, 2017 for a 4th Rd Pick.

      The $12M they owe him is inconsequential to the conversation, really, considering they could go into free agency with $60M+ in cap space if they cut a couple of veterans.

      1. Sil:

        If he doesn’t want to be here, it’s best to let him go. You want the guy that is your QB (the most difficult position to play in any sport) to be all in and 100% focused. Also, I can’t see the team getting a 1st round pick. Brodie and I were floating the idea of trading Kap for a high pick, but the 49ers pick up some or all of his salary. I could see picking up the salary in the amount of the dead cap hit to the 49ers. At least this way they would get a good pick rather than nothing if they have to cut him.

        1. Cubus

          I see it the popular way, i.e., that he is only worth a late round pick. I also see that the 49ers have all the leverage because of that ridiculous contract that he stupidly signed. In business, there is no reason to just give away value.

        1. Jamaica

          You are a dolt. I don’t care about Kaep if he’s not on the team, but I also don’t think the 49ers should pander to him and release him without significant compensation. He is a unique talent; there is literally nobody else in the world that can do the things he has shown he can do on a football field. Nobody.

          I personally believe the team should grant Kaep’s request, identify which teams would make him the happiest, and then go to those teams and demand the world for him. If they don’t want him at that price, he’ll return and play for Kelly with a lot to prove.

          There are so many possible iterations of what could happen that it would be silly to continue, because as I said, you are a dolt and would fail to follow.

          Anybody else have anything to offer, I’m all ears.

  12. Dear Kaep,
    Thank you for all the thrills and victories you had brought to the Niners.
    I can totally understand why you have requested a trade. They stabbed you in the back too many times.
    I wish you luck to whatever team you request a trade to. I still will root for the Niners, but accept the fact that you will be playing elsewhere, and hope they will utilize your skills properly.
    Signed, a disconsolate Niner fan.:(

    1. Dear Colin,

      You had an exciting start to your career, and the 49er Faithful appreciate the memories. It was short, but it sure started sweet. You helped us get back to being relevant. Your record breaking playoff performance was epic, and helped guide us back to professional sports biggest stage. Those memories will last a lifetime for me. You caught the league by storm, and you had them on their heels. They simply weren’t ready to stop your duel threat abilities, they way you ran like the wind, and competed like a lion. You were, for a short period of time, a bad ass! But that was then, and now seems as though it was a almost a lifetime ago. As quickly as it started, with such a mighty bang, it fizzled just as quickly, and you hardly seemed the same. Nothing last forever, and adversity has its way. The league caught up to you Colin, and you let it run right over you. For a short period of time you thought you were invisible. You almost were ………. and then you weren’t. They say the true test of a man isn’t how he acts when things are going well, it’s how well acts when he faced with adversity. We get it, the offensive line certainly let you down. But you haven’t met the challenge like a warrior. You let your struggles define you. And now it seems, when you have a golden opportunity to eat your humble pie, pick yourself back up, and seize the day, your choosing top admit defeat, and run away.

      Here is a quote I leave you with as we say goodbye:

      “..talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility, and with hard work, means everything.”

      ― Patrick Süskind,

      Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

      1. Since I think he will go to the Broncos who won a SB with an aging QB who could not run or pass, Kaep will take the league by storm by going to a team with the number 1 defense.
        Still am a Niner fan, but the FO just makes me want to puke.

        1. Seb no one here in Denver is talking about Kaep at all. RGIII has come up. The NFL network has linked him here but none of the local journalists have said a thing. It would be the best kept secret ever. One report says Elway liked Kaep at training camp, but I find it hard to believe he’d be attracted to Kaep’s poor accuracy and spotty decision making. Kubiak would be a good coach for him.

          Jamaican is bringing the childishness of ninernation to this board. Pass on by.

          1. Elway saw Kaep practice during the preseason, so he knows how unique his skillsets are. Broncos are keeping quiet so they will not be accused of tampering.

            1. It’s possible they could be looking for options if Osweiler decides he’s worth more that their willing to pay. But the problem with that is Kaep might want more than they are willing to pay. Elway wanted Tebow gone, it’s just hard to believe he’d want another running QB.

              1. Kaep has shown he can be a team player. He accepted that team friendly deal with the expectation that they would retain veteran leadership. Kaep wants to win championships. He may accept less so Denver can retain their defensive talent, and win another ring. Imagine, Kaep going from this dumpster fire to a team with the number 1 defense, and who is poised to repeat.

        2. I agree with you about the Broncos stout defense. But even though Manning wasn’t a factor in the SB, but Manning used his experience and intelligence to manage the game to win the SB.

          By the way, Kaepernick had a great defense in San Francisco, and he still didn’t flourished with the great supporting cast, a great coach name Harbaugh he still struggle the last 2 two years. Instead there wasn’t any improvement, and his production decline. There must be something wrong with the 49ers team or Kaepernick is not really that good of a Qb?

  13. “Kaepernick needs to shake off his grudge with the 49ers organization. He should see that he needs to give Chip Kelly a real shot. Kelly can make the best use of his best assets: his strong arm and running ability. It will be a lot harder for Kaepernick to start from scratch somewhere else and try to redevelop into the special QB he once was. Kaepernick is silly to think the Niners didn’t hire Kelly with him in mind most.”

    1. Niner gang 365

      That boat has sailed….let’s get real here…would you allow an employee to dictate terms of a working relationship ? He (and his reps) are running around burning every bridge in sight declaring leverage. Now, other than Seb and a few select others, he has lost the base who have tired from his juvenile games and lack of production. If he is to prosper, it will be with another team. Personally, I think that he has damaged the 49er brand, the Jim Harbaugh brand, and is currently wrecking his own brand, GET OUT OF THE HEADLINES….move on…your success is down the road….

  14. SPORTING NEWS: Colin Kaepernick needs the 49ers a lot more than they need him

    “Kaepernick needs to shake off his grudge with the 49ers organization. He should see that he needs to give Chip Kelly a real shot. Kelly can make the best use of his best assets: his strong arm and running ability. It will be a lot harder for Kaepernick to start from scratch somewhere else and try to redevelop into the special QB he once was. Kaepernick is silly to think the Niners didn’t hire Kelly with him in mind most. That’s a commitment to him, and it would behoove him to show the same commitment to them. Before he can have his pick of where he wants to go, he needs to take advantage of where he is to get things right, to get back on track toward being a $20 million-a-year quarterback. He should be excited for the change that Kelly brings, instead of refusing to change his stance. When you want to be seen as one of the top leaders at the position, an unwillingness to fight through adversity on and off the field is a bad look. Kaepernick should seize the opportunity to ace Year 1 with Kelly. Then he can really be in control of the situation.”

    1. 49, Kaep is not the bad guy in this fiasco. Jed and Baalke leaked and smeared him. They lied about retaining veteran talent. Baalke refused to spend 15 mil in cap space, and was content to lose so they got a better draft position. Kaep should not walk away from this dumpster fire, he should run as fast as he can.
      You cannot beat a dog with a stick, and expect it to lick your hand.

      1. Seb

        Quit the childishness. Kaep is a grown man who will “earn” $12M by doing exactly what it says he should do in that cited article. He doesn’t have any leverage, because he’s so cheap, and the 49ers don’t need to release him. Now, if the front office is as stupid as you say they are mean and nasty, then they’ll fail to recognize this. But I think Kelly and Gamble will bring a level of sophistication to the organization that has been lacking since McCloughan left.

        1. Sil, quit wearing your rose colored Glasses. Remember, I do not like to be rosily scenarioed. This is an unmitigated disaster and has relegated the Niners into a total rebuild mode. Right now, the Niners only starting QB has a 5-27 record. Expecting a rookie to get the Niners back into the playoffs is delusional. The Niners do not have any leverage because Kaep dropped that bombshell on them and destroyed any trade value unless it is to a team he prefers. They cannot force him to play for them, especially after all the leaks and smears. Kaep will force them to cut him, and he will be free to go to a team of his choice. He will definitely not force the team he wants to go to, to give the Niners anything of value.

          1. Seb, first and foremost, Kap just screwed himself. I never said Kap was a bad guy. Immature? YES! Who on this planet hasn’t had a boss they didn’t like? Colin just cut off his nose to spite his face.

            Colin has ZERO leverage. I hope the 49ers give him the Carson Palmer treatment if they don’t find a suitor.

            1. I beg to differ. Kaep is fleeing from this dumpster fire. What elite Free Agent will want to come here now? They will see what happened to JH, Kaep and Hayne, and go to more stable and appreciative teams who do not delight in cutting players on the team bus.

              1. Seb

                You’re actually right about this, if you think that Kelly and Gamble have no sway in the 49ers organization, and if you believe that any other team in the NFL would not want to have every player on its roster on the kind of contract they have Kaep signed to.

                Think it through. I get what you’re saying; the F.O. is a terminally leaky vessel, or so it would appear since there was a rat in the building when Singletary was here. Ask Jason Cole where that report came from. But also consider who has the leverage in this situation. Kaep will have to report or hold out. With his reputation, and $12M at stake, it be hooves him to do the former, not the latter.

              2. Seb

                Look at the end game in terms of the value of capital at stake. Yes, players are watching what happens here, but it’s all about the money. They have to be able to put food on the table while the getting’s good.

              3. Sil, Kaep could report and throw balls at the feet of his receivers. What could the Niners do but cut him?

              4. Sil, last year, Baalke could not sign any decent free agents because he was so cheap.
                Believe it or not, some players look at the team’s chances to win. Mathis took less to get on a SB winner.
                Players will look at the dysfunction, and run away. They may not want to be a player cut on the team bus.

              5. “Sil, Kaep could report and throw balls at the feet of his receivers. What could the Niners do but cut him?”

                He did that last year and didn’t get cut :).

              6. Seb,

                If he just threw balls at the feet of his WRs, he could be sued for breach of contract. That’s law. Let’s not go into the legal arena again. It’s not fun to try to explain it to you.

                But, yeah, your point is that he could report and then be a malcontent. You’re right, he could. But he won’t. He’s 28 and he’ll figure out that he needs to make whatever situation he lands in work for him.

                The 49ers will bring him into camp, see whether he can still play, and if not, they’ll trade him to another team for a pittance, and maybe even pay a few million to get rid of him. But they want to see who he is, what he has to offer in Chip’s offense. Remember, he has never had a good QB coach, and now that Chip has hired Day and O’Connell, Kaep will have 2 coaches who have worked with Mariota, among others. It’s all coming together; Kaep just needs to remove his head from his rear.

  15. It certainly seems like this was done to burn the bridge and force a trade. I don’t think it was an accident that this came out just hours after Chip’s statement. Make Kelly look dumb, which isn’t easy, and ensures he won’t try to stop the trade.

  16. Kelly’s system needs everyone and I mean everyone to buy into it. If Kaep does not want to be here then cut him, release him, trade him, doesn’t matter. The Niners/Kelly can not afford a disruptive locker room or a disgruntled multi millionaire.

      1. Rumors work. At least Jed, Paraag and Baalke think they work. The question always is what do those starting rumors expect the results to be? Joy at the departure of Harbaugh and Kaepernick?

      2. Cubus, leaking the rumor that he lost the locker room helped drive him away.
        Jed and Baalke deserve this.
        Chip still needs to work on his people skills.

        1. Seb – Chips people skills are just fine. Don’t let those egotistical players form your opinion. By the way your loyalty to a team and players is too be commended. That doesn’t mean I agree with your take, I just appreciate the fact you remain loyal to the team/players.

          1. Egotistical? Maybe you should focus on Jed and Baalke. They thought they could get rid of a winning HC, and keep winning.
            Chip refused to give Kaep any praise, and dissed him by saying that he could not regain his starting position after recovering from being injured.
            The past coaches were also egotistical berks. The incompetence displayed was legendary, The failure to use Kaep properly and their insistence to keep Devey in until Kaep got injured, was almost criminal.
            Chip refused to talk to Kaep. He really really really needs to work on his people skills. Chip just lost his best chance to have a winning season.

        2. Seb<

          Don't take my word for it, listen to Matt Maiocco, who is inside the teams locker room. Colin, IN FACT, lost the locker room last season. Not because of his poor play per say, but because of what Blaine did. When Blaine took over, he did the little things to galvanize his support throughout the locker room. He developed relationships with players, first and foremost his OL and WR's, and they really responded to him as a leader, in a way they hadn't with Kap. Why? Because Blaine does what Colin doesn't do, because Colin is just a naturally introverted guy. And that's all fine when your winning, but as soon as you start losing, players naturally gravitate towards the extroverted guy who makes a concerted effort to reach out and rally the troops.

          And that's my biggest problem with Kap. He's just not a natural leader of men. That's just a fact of life bro! And that's not Jed or Trent's fault. It is what it is!

  17. Called this two years ago when Kaepernick signed his extension. I said that he needed to develop for at least another season before the team increased the expectations on him. I wish I had been wrong in regards to this.
    I think Kaepernick will find someone willing to trade for him, but Baalke seems willing to eat the guaranteed money, so I expect Kaepernick has a better chance of being released or forced to stay with the 49ers for one more season.
    If a trade actually does happen, then I would expect no higher than a third round pick in exchange for Kaepernick, and that’s if Baalke gets lucky. That said, Baalke was able to get two second round picks for Alex Smith, so it can’t be completely ruled out that another team may be willing to trade a high pick or two for Kaepernick.

    1. I thought the driving force behind the contract was to protect against QB inflation. I agree that it would have been better to have done a contract that made it easier for Kaepernick to have carried the load. That’s especially true if the same folks are greasing the skids under said QB’s coach. Oh, right, they hired a Kerr like teacher as head coach. What could go wrong?

  18. Grant

    Do you get the sense that Kelly knew this was coming? If he did, was he lying to the media today? If he didn’t, and he was telling the truth today, did Kaepernick lie directly to Kelly in those conversations?

    Obviously, nobody in this scenario is stupid, but as Kawakami often points out, Baalke and Jed cultivate an internal culture that keeps them blind to the obvious. Let’s say it was “obvious” that Kaep was unhappy. Has Kelly already bought into that culture enough to be blinded to the obvious?

    It sure seems like there is either some major league posturing going on by the 49ers, or Kaepernick lied to his new HC’s face. If it’s the latter, it will not reflect well on him.

    1. How about the other if?

      Isn’t it ironic that you end your analysis with Colin lying to Kelly? How extensive was Kelly’s conversation with Colin? Kelly didn’t make it sound like he set out, like Harbaugh did with Smith, to find out for sure if Colin wanted to stay with the 49ers.

      Knowing as much about Kelly as anyone else in this blog, I would say that Kelly didn’t reveal anything to Colin when they had their “legal” conversation. I also think it’s revealing that Kelly chose to pretend he was extremely limited by NFL rules in any conversations with his new players. Kelly also wanted to see the film before getting down to individual evaluations when it’s legal in April.

      1. HT you point to the real issue why we won’t be a winning team for a while. We have a dishonest way in dealing with people and players. We lie to the public and to the team. You can’t build a good team around distrust.

        He’ll find a team to play for, there’s always the gargantuan sized egos in the NFL like Jerry Jones and hot shot coaches who think they can reform any player. He’ll have to take a pay cut and maybe take a clipboard for a while. He and RGIII will both have new teams by the fall.

      2. HC – this may sound like a dumb question but were the rules about talking to the players changed between the time Harbaugh put the sales pitch on Smith and when Kelly was hired?

        1. No.That was Kelly pretending to misunderstand the rules to cover why he didn’t really say much to Kaepernick. His comment about the rules was widely ridiculed.

        2. Whine

          No. The rules are the same. Harbaugh, in his customary way, went full cheerleader to the press saying Alex was a great QB. Had nothing to do with football, and everything to do with getting a message to Alex that he was wanted. Kelly may have done the same thing in the phone calls he’s had with Kaep, but we don’t know. I like what it says about Kelly that he is so measured, though.

      3. Sure, HTW, that’s another If, but Kelly went on record today as saying Kaepernick was “excited” every time they spoke at the prospect of working together. Then, a couple of hours later, Kaep’s people release that he wants to be traded.

        I’m just trying to figure out if the 49ers are doing some major league posturing (including Kelly) or if Kaepernick lied directly to his face. I don’t see another possibility. Either Kelly lied to the media (posturing) or Kaep lied to Kelly. Either way, Kelly looks incredibly silly right now. He has egg on his face. Did Colin put it there? Did Kelly put it there on purpose and he doesn’t care about his image? I don’t know.

        1. I think that you might be reading into quotes attributed to Kelly.

          “saying Kaepernick was “excited” every time they spoke at the prospect of working together.” … Silcon Chip

          “”He wants to be here,” Kelly said. “He’s never expressed to me that he didn’t want to be here. He expressed to me that he’s excited about getting healthy and getting going. And we’re excited about him getting healthy and getting going.” … Matt Barrows

          I don’t know about you, but I see more than one way to interpret that quote. That’s especially true if both people are dancing around a difficult situation, and one of those people doesn’t trust the people that the other person is working for.

          Maybe Matt is lying. Why should I make that a hypothetical? I shouldn’t. ;-}

    2. Sil, don’t you think it’s more likely that Baalke and Kelly are selling that they wanted Kaep to make him more marketable? Again other than one report we still don’t have another confirmed report that it’s true from either Kaep or Baalke. I don’t buy that they’re really that naive that Kaep was unhappy. It’s not like we haven’t experienced this kind of thing from the FO before.

      1. Wilson

        I get that they’re not naive, but they have such a terrible track record that you have to wonder if they convince themselves of “realities” that aren’t real. It’s delusion, rather than naïveté.

  19. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet · 2h2 hours ago

    In order to seek a trade and not lose his guaranteed money, Colin Kaepernick needs written permission from #49ers. He does not have it yet.

  20. Saw this on Rapsheet.

    “David J. Chao, MD Retweeted Jaylon Smith

    Good news: no more knee brace & walking.
    Bad news: wearing an AFO, indicates nerve issue.
    Too bad.”

    That was in response to Jaylon Smith’s tweet below:

    “Amazing walking without the knee brace six days after being restricted for six weeks and feels fantastic!”

    1. My ACL surgeon ordered me to ditch my T-Scope brace yesterday, 21 days after reconstruction. The knee doesn’t feel entirely stable, but I’m walking with a lot more stability than Smith in that video. I feel sorry for the kid. I also plan to ask my surgeon about the AFO.

      1. I once had to rehab a dislocated ankle that had turned into a brick. It was 1955, and the only way I was able to get rehab started was to drive 50 miles to a hot springs swimming pool and swim.

  21. Personally I don’t think Kaep can play worth a nickel but do understand where he’s coming from. He signed a team friendly contract freeing up money to sign players-they didn’t.. They leaked negative stuff about Kaep numerous times last season. The last 24 hours of the Baalke/Kelly alleged support spin was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now, a not so fast/one middle finger get even salute by Colin.. Well at least the Divorce papers are now filed..

    1. I like your take. I’m not so sure about the nickel though. At least you’re not expecting to get a high draft choice like those who put his value under a plugged nickel.

      1. When isn’t what they do a spin? Soccer fields, Girl Scouts, Harbaugh’s firing, Tomsula is the next Steve Kerr and on and on. Spin first, always.

  22. I’m still convinced he’s the starter week 1 for the 49ers. This is just him letting the organization know they better improve the offense in free agency and the draft. Meaning don’t draft a QB.

    These type of things aren’t what they appear to the public. Remember last year when AP wanted to be traded. And look what happened they made he playoffs.

    1. Sorry James, but Kaep has had enough. They promised him that they would retain veteran talent if he signed that team friendly deal, then broke their promise. They leaked several disparaging slights, then kept the leaker. Kaep did not trust the team doctors who forced him to play while injured. No wonder he was rehabbing in Colorado.
      This spin during the combine was the last straw. They did not promise him he could regain his starting job which he lost due to injury. They probably asked him to take a pay cut.
      Kaep has had enough, and all I can do is wish him well.

      1. All I know is that kap is cutting off his nose to spite his face. That’s not the smart leader I want to build my team around.

    2. I don’t see the “don’t draft a QB” as a message that Kaepernick is sending. Realistically, a drafted QB would be a two or three year project unless the situation became critical for some unexpected reason. He might be sending the message that he wants better players around him, but it would be more effective to deal with that in the meeting that was held today with his representatives.

      More spin from both sides is predicted.

  23. From the great Al Sacco @alsacco49

    “In his last 13 games, Colin Kaepernick was held to 174 yards passing or less in nine of them. #49ers were 3-10 during that span.”

  24. Kaepernick wants to leave San francisco now because he needs to compete for the starting job. Harbaugh the one only security blanket for him, who baby’s him and handed him the starting job isn’t here to protect time anymore. What comes around goes around and he got spoiled by Harbaugh.and now life is hard without his mentor.

    1. Or Kaep saw the writing on the wall. He knew how they smeared JH and fired him, and realized that he was the next one. They leaked and smeared Kaep, too, so this outcome was predictable.

  25. Dak Prescott could still be an option if the FO is set on going defense with the first pick. He shined during the East/West practice week and performed well in the game.

    Here’s another name to add to the 49ers QB development category: Cardale Jones.
    6’5″ 245-250lbs and runs about a 4.7 40. He is a total project at this point but his size and athleticism are tempting.

    1. AES with Kaep requesting a trade, could Kelly be working towards getting the other mobile QB he liked? RGIII? With Kaep gone they could pick him up for a reasonable price. I think that might make more sense that us drafting a QB in the 1st round.

      1. Wilsonm,
        RGIII is much like Kap in that it’s a 50/50 propitiation that he could ever regain his swag again.
        Maybe RGIII can come at a bargain basement which could make the FO give him shot. My one issue with Griffin is that he would not survive if he had to run in Kelly’ offense.

        1. I agree and have said the same thing about RGIII. Not sure he’d last 3 games in the NFCW. I think we’ll all be frustrated with RGIII. I grew up around DC so I follow the Redskins a bit, unless we’re winning the fans here would hate him too. He might be able to retain his swagger. Kaep is more durable, less accurate though.

  26. What the hell is wrong with the guy? Does he think he’ll get beat out by Gabbert for the starting gig or does he just have bad representation and baby deer skin

        1. HTW

          Yes, Honji is my paranoid third cousin who always shows up unannounced for dinner at the family house, upset at what’s on the menu, regardless of what it is. He’s a little sore. I’m the cool one, obviously.

    1. What kind of draft pick will an NFL team give up for a QB with “baby deer skin” with tattoos and a $12M price tag.

  27. Hey Kap, sure you can find us a trade partner for your services. We want a 1st and a 2nd in this year’s draft. Let us know when you find it.

    1. No. Kaep will go to a team who will appreciate his services and not force him to be only a pocket passer where the pocket collapses like a house of cards and he gets beaten like a pinata. He does not owe the Niners his loyalty, since they have repeatedly stabbed him in the back.
      Kaep will just nix any unfavorable trade deals and force them to cut him. then he will be free to sign anywhere for any price.
      Since the Niners benched him, as a backup, he will garner a 7th round pick. Niners just screwed themselves by damning Kaep with faint praise.

      1. Seb

        He can’t force the 49ers to cut him. He’s not the type of player that is going to hold out if he isn’t traded. As I said above he is just sending them a public message that he is unhappy with the current roster and that they better not draft a QB.

      2. I would love nothing more than to see the guy succeed but at some point the guys gotta man up. Everyone in the world can see this is the best spot for him except him. If he gets released,or traded for that matter, he’d be lucky to get 12 mil guaranteed over 2 years. He’s guaranteed that if he can make it work in SF

        1. After the distasteful and repugnant treatment he has received, a man can take only so much before he snaps.
          I vehemently disagree. He will be going from this dysfunctional fiasco to possibly a SB team. Niners are not his best bet.
          I surmise they asked him to take a pay cut, so the 12 mil would not be guaranteed. I am glad he kicked them in the teeth. They deserve it.

      3. Seb,

        You’re doing it again: ignorant commentary that makes you look stupid, when you’re simply uninformed. Inform yourself, then comment.

        Keep’s contract does not allow him to “nix any … trade deals” so he has ZERO leverage. His agents have screwed him more than anybody else, but he seems to not have recognized this.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Leigh Steinberg or Drew Rosenhaus has picked up Kaep as a client in the next month or so.

  28. I said it the other day and I’ll say it again. Blaine Gabbert is the trade bait. Getting rid of Gabbert saves a little bit of money and shows Kaepernick that he is their guy.

    1. No, they burned that bridge. If they had done that, maybe Kaep would have been persuaded to stay, but they did not. They probably asked him to take a pay cut. Chip had many opportunities to bolster Kaep, but refused to do it. Chip should have declared that he really wants Kaep and hopes to rejuvenate his career. Instead, he kept bringing up Gabbert, as if he preferred him over Kaep.

      1. Chip needs a QB to run the read option to make his system work right. He wants Kap as his QB and there is no doubt about.

        I also mentioned above AP wanted to be traded last year and nothing happened. Kap will be the starter week 1, I’m not doubting it one bit.

  29. Kaep lost the right to think the FO should not draft a QB. His last two years sucked! This is coming from a BIG kaep supporter. If he requested a trade it’s time to move on.. His teammates now have a much better understanding that he is not all in. It’s sad to say but good riddance. Thanks for the memories. I wasn’t a supporter of drafting Goff at 7 but he is in the discussion now. Unless RG3 comes over. I expected Defense in Rnd 1 and still do but nothing will surprise me anymore.

    1. If you want to rebuild a winner, you do not get rid of your best chance to succeed. Kaep is a SB QB. Gabbert has never even sniffed the playoffs.
      Goff wilted against strong teams. Wentz did not play against Div I opponents.
      Good riddance? With fans like you, Kaep is smart to want to leave.

      1. Kaep is quitting on the Niners seb. If he can’t realize a great opportunity to play for chip see you latter. He can’t come back to the Niners. Players don’t trust him. It’s over for him in SF..

        1. Niners do not deserve to have his services. Leaks and smears are par for the course for the Niners. Claiming he lost the locker room is just another smear. Another stab in the back. Banning him from the side line was an insult, and showed that they did not want him.

          1. Seb,

            you may want to believe in conspiracy theories but I can assure you, the leaks about Kap losing the locker room, have come from many sources, BECAUSE IT’S TRUE! Don’t take my word for it, listen to Matt Maiocco for one, who is inside the teams locker room. Colin, IN FACT, lost the locker room last season. Not because of his poor play per say, but because of what Blaine did. When Blaine took over, he did the little things to galvanize his support throughout the locker room. He developed relationships with players, first and foremost his OL and WR’s, and they really responded to him as a leader, in a way they hadn’t with Kap. Why? Because Blaine does what Colin doesn’t do, because Colin is just a naturally introverted guy. And that’s all fine when your winning, but as soon as you start losing, players naturally gravitate towards the extroverted guy who makes a concerted effort to reach out and rally the troops.

            And that’s my biggest problem with Kap. He’s just not a natural leader of men. That’s just a fact of life bro! And that’s not Jed or Trent’s fault. It is what it is!

            1. Go ahead, believe what you want. They also said that JH lost the locker room. That is their modus operandi. It is just their way to grease the skids so they can dump him.
              If you think that Gabbert with his sterling 5-27 record is a better leader than a SB QB with a 4-2 road playoff record, I cannot stop you. I guess you like leaders who implode against the lowly Browns.

              1. Holy crap! Kaepernick sucked last year. Just take a look at his game against the Rams. Less than 50% completion rate, under 4 yards per pass attempt.

                He was awful in the majority of his games. Even in what looks statistically like one of his best games, Pittsburgh, he was not good. In the first half he had 61 yards passing at 4 yards per attempt. He was better in the second half, but by that time they were already out of it, down 29-3.

              2. Yup, in that Rams game, he was sacked 9 times. He did not even have a nanosecond before they were in his face. Blame it all on Kaep, and give the O line every excuse in the world.

              3. My bad. Kaep still was sacked 28 times in 7 games. Devey was a turnstile, and succeeded to get Kaep so injured, he needed 3 surgeries.
                You are the type of fan who rips injured players.

              4. Nah. Kaep sucked throughout the second half of 2014 also. It has nothing to do with injury. And by the way, there’s not a guy in the NFL who isn’t playing with some type of injury once the season stars. These guys are all getting blown up play after play after play so that’s just another piss poor excuse that you keep throwing out for your idol.

              5. Uh oh. It looks like Seb awakened a sleeping giant.

                JACK HAMMER

                (are you back?!!! please say it’s so)

            2. 49 I would say Gabbert was losing the locker room by the end of the season as well. Did you happen to watch Boldin tirade on sidelines during games with Gabby playing QB? It was an exasperated losing team that was looking for anyone to blame for their issues. While Kaep played terrible, changing QB’s didn’t really fix anything.

    2. I heard an interesting phrase on Kaep this morning on the radio. “He’s a pure sight passer.” They were asking if they wanted Brock or Kaep on the radio in Denver. The host said Brock because he at least tries throw receivers open.

      Not crazy about RGIII simply because of his injury history. He’s more accurate than Kaep and could do well in Kelly’s offense. I’d take him over check down Blaine.

      1. Wilson, didn’t they bench BO for a QB who could not run or throw? That is not a ringing endorsement for BO, in my book.

        1. Did CK get benched for a guy who throws on average 3.6 yds in front of the down markers?

          They could have won with BO. I think Kaep has a far better record than BO. We’ve seen 7 games from him. I am not arguing who’s better, just what people are saying about the situation. The players in Denver are behind BO. All reports from the locker room are that the Bronco’s players want BO. That says something.

          1. The only guy that matters is John Elway. If he likes and wants Kaep, he will get him. Listening to the players is irrelevant, because they are just showing loyalty to a fellow team mate. Once Kaep is on board, they will change their tune, because Kaep is a SB QB with a 4-2 road playoff record and has skills that BO could only dream of.

            1. Its not just players but coaches saying they want him. It won’t just be Elway but Kubiak’s wishes.

              You speak of it as if its a certainty. Lets see how it develops. Its Osweiler’s job to lose or give up if he wants more than they’ll pay him. The players could change their tune if Kaep throws a lot of balls in the dirt or over their heads too.

              1. Wilson, once Kaep is healthy, he will be like the QB they saw during the preseason. I bet Kubiak would jump for joy to get a SB QB who can run like the wind and can throw it the length of the field. Kaep may give them their best chance to repeat. I also bet Kaep will take less to escape this fluster cluck, and get to a legitimate contender.
                Now you know why he was rehabbing in Colorado.

              2. Its all speculation, not fact. He’s rehabbing there because the best doctors are there. I live in Colorado and hear a lot of Broncos news. Kubiak would be good for Kaepernick. Its still Brock’s job to lose at this point. Kaep would be an option down the list only if the 49ers chose to let him seek a trade.

              1. Wilson

                O’Connell was just hired by Chip Kelly. He worked with Mariota to get him ready for pro scouts prior to the 2015 NFL Draft. Apparently he did a very good job. Kelly hired O’Connell this morning.

  30. If Kaep really wants out our FO needs to play hard and get a 1st or 2nd rounder for him.
    He could instantly start for the Browns and Hue liked him so i would offer Kaep and exchange 1st picks and eventually throw our 3th rounder also in.

    1. Why the heck would Kaep want to go to the Browns? He wants to win championships. He could go to the Broncos, who need a QB. Elway is no dummy. He saw how Kaep could shine with the proper players around him, and Kaep is way better than Manning in his present condition.

      1. Seb

        Your ignorance is smeared all over this page. I think it’s because you are acting out emotionally. Kaep has no say in where he ends up if the 49ers trade him. Cleveland is probably at the very top of the list of destinations.

        1. Correct. Even if Cleveland is the most likely trade partner, Kaepernick is more likely to end up here than in Cleveland. Picking his actual destination for Kaepernick is harder to do than picking the Republican candidate who has a chance of being the next president.

  31. The 49ers would charter a plane to fly him to Cleveland if the Browns wanted to trade their top pick straight up. Gabbett’s a backup so obviously team would look for a top QB. Draft one AND sign RG3.

    1. No no no. Kaep will not want to go to Cleveland. He will tell Cleveland that he does not want to play for them. They would have to be brain dead to waste draft choices to acquire a QB who does not want to play for them.

      1. I don’t think Kap is in any position to be dictating where he plays after the way he has performed over the last 24 months. Just saying.

        1. He just doomed the Niners and kicked the FO in the teeth. Kaep merely has to wait until they cut him, and he can go where ever he wants.
          If he tells a team that he will not play for them, what can they do? Will they force him to play for them? All he has to do is throw the ball into the ground, and they will be forced to cut him.
          I bet he will take less to play for a contender, like Denver. It is no wonder why he is rehabbing in Colorado. Once PM retires, they will have enough cap space to sign him and keep the defense relatively intact. Kaep, with the Bronco defense, is Freddy Kreuger scary

    2. Kezar Mike

      Gabbert is not a back-up !…as for now, He is and has been our starting QB…throwing dirt on him doesn’t accomplish a thing

      1. No one is the 49er starting QB until the new head coach makes a choice. Gabbert is the 49ers most recent starting QB.

  32. Potential trade partners or destinations for Kaepernick:

    New York Jets
    Denver Broncos
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Los Angeles Rams
    Arizona Cardinals

    1. He’s not going to be traded to a divisional rival team. Which leaves the Eagles, Jets, and Broncos and I agree with Seb the Texans. Those four teams at are potential landing spots for Gabbert.

      1. Hence why I included the term ‘destination’ in the off chance Kaepernick is released.
        The Texans are a not a good fit becuase they lack a strong run game and O’Brien is very high on the guy he coached during his final season at Penn State.

            1. Seb, doesn’t every coach at every level want that? What does that have to do with O’Brien desiring traditional pocket passing QB’S?

              Let me know when you find a coach who likes his QB’s to throw the ball to DB’s.

              1. Hoyer is a pocket passer, and did just that. Maybe the Texans will see the need to change and evolve. Kaep, with the third ranked defense in that weak division, could easily make it farther in the playoffs, even the SB.

              2. Oh you mean like when Kaep threw 2 pick 6’s in the Cardinals game?

                You can hope they evolve, but that’s not likely to happen with a coach who’s got a system that works for him. I am not discounting that Houston is weak in the QB position. They are awful, but that doesn’t mean Kaep’s a good fit for their offense.

              3. Maybe he should not have listened to his talk show host and thrown the ball with 15% less speed.

      2. James Foster, read again Cleveland has been inquiring about Kaepernick. Don’t be shock or surprise when you read the Browns trade their 2nd pick in the1st round to the 49ers for Kaepernick and our #7 pick in the1st round. There’s no way will the forty niners will let an opportunity slipped away to get Carson Wentz who I think is under Kelly and the 49ers radar.

    2. What a nightmare Arizona might turn into. Think New England in 2012 with all the good and bad of Colin, mixed with the talent and coaching in Arizona. Brrrrrrr.

      Maybe the 49ers use their cap space and a roster spot to pull an Al Davis and keep Kaepernick away from Arizona.

  33. Compensation for Kaep seems to be less about generic demand/worth, more about a coach that thinks he can turn him around.

    Carolina’s success might (slightly) revive interest in a running QB… but it really boils down to how many coaches (if any) that are thinking “I can turn Colin around.”

    If there are two or more GMs/HCs that think they have the magic touch, the compensation will be surprisingly good. If not, look for a day three pick.

    Best case scenario is Jackson and another HC (Rex Ryan?) have a bidding war. But is it likely?

    1. I don’t think it’s likely. I didn’t think the Giants could win three World Series in five years either. Anyone for four in seven years?

        1. Only 2 more championships and they’ll be even with the Niners.

          Unless the Niners win the SB this season….bahahahahaha!

      1. HT,
        Can’t wait to see the 2016 version of my SFGiants!

        Also, speaking of champions, I’m having a good time watching my GSWarriors. I’ve followed them since the days they played at the old Cow Palace. Kind of hard to believe that the old Palace has outlived the original Kezar and Candlestick Stadiums.
        Who would have thought!

    2. Well, since the Niners benched and banished him from the side lines, he is just a unwanted backup player. What kind of compensation do you give for a player like that? NY might give a slice of thin crust pizza. Broncos might give a six pack of Coors.

  34. Kap sad to see you go

    But I understand completely, after the treatment from the 49ers front office, why you don’t want to be here. I wish we could trade the Yorks for better owners.

  35. Hue Jackson liked him before and the Browns need a guy who can start immediately so its not far stretched my idea, he would be a good fit over there

  36. Teams that do not have cap space to make the trade: Bills ($209,715) Patriots ($6,086,955) Ravens ($6,310,966) Saints ($7,441,957) Broncos ($8,161,005) Steelers ($8,445,842) Dolphins ($8,661,763). Then things get interesting. Dallas ($11,831,119) Redskins ($13,372,122) Jets ($21,668,256). The Lions ($26,226,314) Chargers ($31,774,386) Texans ($32,094,427) Browns ($42,098,128) Bears ($60,453,041)
    Now Washington could really help themselves on two fronts by trading for Kaepernick. Right now, Cousins has all the leverage. A franchise tag would cost the team 20 million a year. However, Cousins did not beat a winning team last season. So, they could be convinced a playoff winning QB is the answer.
    Tony Romo in Dallas is set to have another surgery. If a viable QB is obtained, he could even be moved to retire.
    They are rebuilding in Detroit. Matthew Stafford is going to have to take a large pay cut to stay with the team. While Kaepernick could be an attractive pick for a new GM I think the draft order affords Mr. Quinn the opportunity to select a top 3 QB at pick 16. (Assuming SF does not pick a QB with their first pick. Dallas also won’t make a QB selection with their first pick)
    The Browns are rebuilding from the ground up. The question that falls here is why? They have such an early draft pick that they can feasibly select their future QB. If they selected Kaepernick, they could address their other needs through the draft.
    Of the teams picking in the top 10, only 1 needs a QB today. Cleveland. So, then teams picking 11-20 have a great shot at selecting a QB which takes them out of the equation for a Kaepernick trade. This would eliminate Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, and the Jets. At pick 11, Chicago has the opportunity to wait and see if their QB is available before deciding whether to trade for Kaepernick. The same scenario is available for Detriot at 16, and the Jets at 20.
    If Cleveland trades for Kaepernick, they can then trade their #2 pick to Chicago and address the needs they have at wide receiver, defensive line, inside linebacker through the draft.
    So, my 3 landing spots for Kaepernick are Cleveland, (42 million in cap space is attractive as they can be big players in Free Agency and probably where his agents think he will end up) Dallas, or Chicago.

    1. Matt, I had similar thoughts about Chicago and Dallas who have aging often injured QB’s. Kaep wants to play but if he’s willing to buy into a Steve Young situation where he’ll be handed the keys once the started is injured, we know he can do that already.

        1. Maybe you should look at their roster and see that they are stocked with good replacements, even if they lose players.
          The salary cap is going up, and Elway is pretty smart. Good FAs will want to come to the Broncos because they will want a ring, and will accept less to be on a winner.
          Defensive players will be attracted to Wade Phillips, and the Denver offense sucked in the SB, yet they still won.

          1. Seb, you have no idea how bad their OL is. They’re awful at both tackles. That’s going to cost $$. They are going to have to spend PM’s $20 mil to build an offense. New RB’s, QB and OL. See how fast you can spend $20mil. And they do not have good back ups on the offensive side of the ball. Kaep’s no shoe in. Its an option. Its been said Elway looks at everyone.

            1. Wilson, I must say that you are persistent. Kaep is rehabbing in Colorado, and even if the team is not talking with him, I bet some fans are bending his ear. The Broncos will spend every penny they can of the salary cap, because they want to win. Niners did not spend 13 mil of the salary cap because they were content to lose. Free Agents who want to win will take less to come to a contender. They also have the draft, and this draft is so deep with 98 juniors coming out, there will be UDFAs available with talent. Broncos will be back in the hunt for another ring, so Kaep will want to go there.

              1. You do know I live in Denver right? No fan here wants anything to do with Kaepernick. He can want to go to the Broncos, but as we’ve all said to you he can’t do anything until the 49ers give him permission to do so.

                Elway could pick him up but things have to go south with Osweiler first. Stop pretending like you have secret insider knowledge on this. Why do you keep bringing up the Broncos want to win? Every team wants to win. Every coach wants their QB’s not to throw the ball to DB’s. These statement don’t have any bearing on his contract and being released from it.

                Now the Broncos are a desirable situation. They have a good coach, healthy culture and good player leadership. They need an OL upgrade and RB upgrade. I could see why any player would want to come here.

  37. What Kelly’s offense must do for this offense to work.

    1. First and foremost they have to run the ball.
    2. Have to have a QB that is a threat to run the ball. (Chip didn’t really have that at Philly)
    3. They have to have speed in key positions.

    Remember that in this system there are a limited number of plays using multitude of formations. All players have to buy in. Kelly makes every QB better.

    1. I am not buying it. Chip has always had poor defenses, and the DC came from the lowly Browns and their 29th ranked defense.
      The OC is content not to call the plays. What did they hire him for?
      Since Chip had initial success, his offenses have been regressing every year. Teams have schemed against his offenses, and he no longer has the edge.
      I really wish the Niners would win another SB, but expect another season in the cellar. Bothe the Seahawks and Cards are playoff teams, and once the Rams gets a QB, they will be a lot tougher than the Niners.

  38. I hope the Browns would exchange 1st rounders cuz Kaep has XP enough now in the NFL instead of a rookie who needs more time, and they could also adress other needs with this.

  39. What did Denver get for Jay Cutler’s trade to the Bears ?

    Should we expect the same ?

    Hey, let’s take a discount

    2017 1st round+3rd round
    2016 2nd round+3rd round

    How’s that ?

    1. Seb,

      Your hemming and hawing over Kap has not helped. When I suggested th 49ers trade him while he was hot for Tebow (similar inaccurate skill set) and a boat load of draft picks last year you acted as if an earthquake rattled the Golden Gate…Now another poster feels that Tebow and Kap had similar skill sets….If the 49ers had anyone with above average QB recognition in the front office the 49ers would be reaping the benefits of my trade in the 2016 NFL Draft.

      February 25, 2016 at 8:13 pm
      Elway wanted Tebow gone, it’s just hard to believe he’d want another running QB.

      1. TrollD, you got your wish. Now that Kaep is leaving, you will be happy that they will be rewarded with the first pick of the next draft.
        Guess you prediction of the Niners getting blown out 0-52 will come true.

    2. Broncos will not want to give up more than a 7th round pick for an unwanted backup. Niners tried to bolster his trade value, but Kaep just destroyed their plans. Broncos will just wait until he is cut, and get him for free.
      Dont say that Kaep has 12 million reasons to remain a Niner. He wants to dump that team friendly contract ASAP. Kaep has shown that he will take less to keep a team together. Heck, he might want to play for free if it means a Super Bowl ring. The huge cash rewards from endorsements would more than make up for his loss in salary.

    1. Not so fast Seb,

      Remember, the 49ers were the one’s under Paraag Marathe who installed deescalator clause in Kap’s K. Replace those with proper escalator clauses related to playing time and certain performance based criterium, and the 49ers could still work a trade.

      I can imagine a scenario where a 4th this year and a 3rd next year could be had.
      For other variables, the 49ers may swap positions in a round or two over the years.

      1. TrollD, you really do not have a clue. Kaep wants to dump that contract, burn it and bury it. He will accept less to play on a contender, and play for a team that does not stab him repeatedly in the back.
        Denver will just wait until he is cut, and pick him up for free. Get a clue. Now you know why Kaep was rehabbing in Colorado.

  40. Grabby was not a bad QB in college. He was a former high 1st round pick. But, he was in wrong place when he started his career. Alex Smith had similar problem too. Now, he settled down as a serviceable QB.

    The same thing happened to Kaep last year – wrong place and wrong time. But Kaep had problem a year before with JH because they tried to make him improve to be a semi pocket passer. If Kaep refuses to work hard for his craft, his upside is very limited.With the same O line, why Grabby had a better stat ? Note that Grabby didn’t have any reasonable running game support.

    Grabby may have the upside too if he is coached properly. I think he is a serviceable QB.

    1. Seb,

      The dollar rule.

      Greg Roman ring a bell? The Bills are rising fast! The 49ers could install those escalators in his K, pay half the Bill’s Kap hit, and the Bill’s could still get their OL together.
      The Bill’s would benefit another way by avoiding the Kap feeding frenzy where they lose out on Kap, because they can not afford Kap and rebuilding their OL.
      In addition it would benefit Kap–his new girlfriend lives in New York City.

      1. *Takes two to Tango on a new K, Seb. Bill’s, Kap’s agent, Marathe, would all be involved in renegotiations before any trade, of course–that’s standard operating procedure.

        1. TrollD, do not remind me. Jed is to blame for this fiasco because he swore he would part with the leaker, then retained Marathe. Jed should have kept his big mouth shut, but blabbermouth Jed just committed another unforced error.
          Guess you are happy now. The Niners are slated for the cellar, so you are probably jumping for joy. Why don’t you start talking up Tebow, I bet he is available.

  41. The best team for Kaep is the one with receivers whose hands are on their feet so they have a chance to catch Kaep’s bounce passes.

    1. Why the 49ers could draft Jared Goff (Goff currently runs a spread offense)

      Curtis Modkins was hired for the title of offensive coordinator. He is expected to bring different elements of the running game to Kelly’s scheme. Modkins spent three seasons as Detroit Lions run game coordinator He worked three seasons as Buffalo Bills’ offensive coordinator prior to that. Modkins and Bicknell worked together with the Bills.
      Now, onto his scheme. At its core, it’s a spread offense. There are a lot of 11, 10, 01, and 00 personnel, which means lots of receivers. As a side note, personnel groupings are defined by the number of running backs and tight ends. One RB and one TE is 11 personnel.

  42. We got all the leverage cuz if we dont get the proper compensation (so this means more than we got for Alex Smith) he stays put, and under Harbaugh he excelled as a running QB so he has good value as a QB

    1. Are you deaf? Kaep just shouted out loud and clear that he wants out. They cannot force him to play. All he has to do is throw the ball into the turf. Will they spank him for misbehaving?
      Kaep is long gone, and I do not blame him a bit. Jed should get a clue. He should not beat a dog with a club, and expect him to lick his hand.

      1. Seb I am not sure you get NFL contracts. The players have much less leverage than the teams do. He’s under contract and they don’t have to give him permission to look for a trade. Someone else brought up Adrian Peterson wanting to be traded las season, how’d that work out? Remember Carson Palmer in Cincinnati? He had to retire to get out of that contract. You are way over estimating Kaep’s leverage.

        1. Wilson, and you are underestimating hope badly Kaep has been treated. Do you think he was happy they leaked out how Gabbert studied 5 times more than he did? How he lost the locker room? How he is on an island? How they forced him to play injured? How they insulted him by banishing him from the side line? Now they did not promise him he could regain his starting job that he lost due to injury. They probably asked him to take a pay cut.
          Kaep is fed up, and owes the Niners absolutely no loyalty because they were not loyal to him.
          Remember, you reap what you sow.

          1. Seb

            Stop insulting people, man! Kaepernick is under contract, which means the 49ers own his football career, period.

            Kaep has no leverage, no say in the matter. Stop typing and take a breath.

          2. Seb, all that may be true, but it has nothing to do with his contract. Think of it like prenuptials. He signed the contract, now he has to live by it no matter how badly he’s been treat. You’re taking this too personally on his behalf just like you did with Tomsula.

            My answer to Kaep is study harder, its the one of the areas of the game he needs to improve on, his mental responses. Yeah they shouldn’t have leaked it, but he shouldn’t have given them anything to leak. He can be wronged and fed up all he wants, it doesn’t matter. Go back and google Palmer’s situation with the Bengals and see how ugly that one got.

  43. In my opinion the best trade the 9ers are going to get for CK will be a conditional 4th rd pick and that will only happen if CK is willing to renegotiate his contract way down. He has no motivation to take considerably less money.

    1. Many ways to write a K, coach.

      Lets work your scenario. Kap will not agree to lower his salary, so the 49ers agree to pay half of that, the Bills the other half.
      Meanwhile, Kap, his agent, and the 49ers, all agree that Kap’s current salary will not be met by his new team into perpetuity because of Kap’s last season…So the Bill’s may need a demonstation that Kap’s skills are there. This is where the escalators– A performance based K comes into play…

      1. TomD I have heard that scenario [splitting the cost of a contract between 2 teams] in baseball, I’ve never heard of it happening in football. I wonder if there are salary cap ramifications?

    2. Get real. Kaep hates the owner, the GM and Marathe. They stabbed him in the back repeatedly. They CANNOT force him to play, and all he has to do is throw the ball into the ground, and what could they do? Bench him? Baalke is too cheap to spend 12 mil on a bench warmer.

      1. Kaep is an unwanted second stringer. No team in the world is going to give up a draft choice when all they have to is wait until he gets cut. Broncos will probably offer a six pack of Coors for him.

      2. NO they can’t force him to play, but they can keep him from seeking a trade. Its not in anyone’s best interest to do so.

    3. I think they might be able to squeeze out a third round pick out of a Kaepernick trade but no more.

  44. We can get good compensation cuz he played in a SB and Newton also and some GM’s and HC’s know he can be deadly in the right circumstances

  45. We got 2 2nd rounders for Smith who IMHO is a lesser QB than Kaepernick so why would we get less? Thats flawed logic to me.

    1. It is flawed logic to assume that Kaep will garner 2 second round picks.
      I think Kaep is better than RGIII. Does that mean he is going to garner 2 first round picks?

    2. Bring it back Smith was playing far better at the time of his trade than CK played last year. I believe you are talking about your opinion of his potential.

    1. You do not stab your investment in the back, and expect anything but a swift kick in the teeth. Just like Kaep has done.

    1. Reasonable is not thy name (Seb),

      Swift kicks in the mouth are why you would be kept 1,000 miles away from negotiations where cooler heads prevail, Seb.

      Like your rants (screeds) when your getting the short end, Seb, your anger best you so you devolve into the clown.

      Kap likes Greg Roman. In fact, directly because of Roman Kap had his best years when a reliable run game exists and Kap’s not the focal point. Kap will be amenable to most of Roman’s contract opinions.

      1. Let’s all hope, Seb, during the Bill’s/49er’s K negotiations we not only do not hear of any swift kicks in the teeth, but no shots in the foot and no shots from the hip either, or we might assume you’re in town.

        1. Seb’s contract negotiations where stabbing apparently occurs:


          February 26, 2016 at 10:35 am

          You do not stab your investment in the back, and expect anything but a swift kick in the teeth,

          1. Having Marathe talk to Kaeps’ representatives was just another stab in the back, since Marathe was the slimeball who leaked all the smears.

      2. TomD

        Rex Ryan LOVES Kaepernick, but Tyrod Taylor proved himself last season, and he is going into this season as the Bills unchallenged starter. Kaep will not go to the Bills.

    2. Like i said before if he is in the right circumstances he will have solid prime years even our organisation thinks so

  46. Alex Smith probably love watching this circus going on with Kaep and the 49ers. Just like when he got traded to the Chiefs. But getting traded to Kansas City was a blessing for him and prolonged his young career at 31 and made him a better Qb and silence some of the critics surrounding him..

    1. I disagree. Alex isint a better qb, he’s the same qb he was when he was here. Protect the ball and not cost your team games. But sure as hell doest win your team games either. Exact MO his whole 49er career.

      1. I could care less if you disagree. But you’r saying Alex has not improve since leaving the 49ers?

        Cam Newton CAR 16 296 496 3,837 35 10 132 636 10 455.5 28.5
        2. Tom Brady NE 16 402 624 4,770 36 7 34 53 3 405.8 25.4
        3. Blake Bortles JAC 16 355 606 4,428 35 18 52 310 2 404.4 25.3
        4. Russell Wilson SEA 16 329 483 4,022 34 8 103 554 1 398.5 24.9
        5. Carson Palmer ARI 16 342 538 4,671 35 11 25 24 1 382.0 23.9
        6. Drew Brees NO 15 429 627 4,878 32 10 24 14 1 379.3 25.3
        7. Eli Manning NYG 16 387 618 4,436 35 14 20 61 0 367.9 23.0
        8. Matthew Stafford DET 16 398 592 4,262 32 13 44 159 1 363.0 22.7
        9. Kirk Cousins WAS 16 379 543 4,166 29 11 26 48 5 359.1 22.4
        10. Philip Rivers SD 16 438 662 4,793 29 13 17 28 0 358.5 22.4
        11. Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ 16 335 562 3,905 31 15 60 270 2 358.3 22.4
        12. Aaron Rodgers GB 16 347 572 3,821 31 8 58 344 1 355.5 22.2
        13. Jameis Winston TB 16 312 535 4,044 22 15 53 210 6 347.2 21.7
        14. Derek Carr OAK 16 350 573 3,987 32 13 33 138 0 341.2 21.3
        15. Ryan Tannehill MIA 16 364 587 4,210 24 12 32 141 1 326.6 20.4
        16. Matt Ryan ATL 16 407 614 4,591 21 16 37 63 0 319.9 20.0
        17. Alex Smith KC 16 307 470 3,486 20 7 84 498 2 316.1 19.8
        18. Tyrod Taylor BUF 14 242 380 3,035 20 6 104 568 4 312.6 22.3
        19. Andy Dalton CIN 13 255 386 3,250 25 7 58 141 3 294.6 22.7
        20. Jay Cutler CHI 15 311 483 3,659 21 11 38 201 1 293.1 19.5
        21. Ben Roethlisberger PIT 12 319 469 3,933 21 16 15 29 0 283.6 23.6
        22. Sam Bradford PHI 14 346 532 3,725 19 14 25 39 0 266.2 19.0
        23. Teddy Bridgewater MIN 16 292 447 3,231 14 9 44 192 3 254.8 15.9
        24. Marcus Mariota TEN 12 230 371 2,818 19 10 34 252 2 254.1 21.2
        25. Joe Flacco BAL 10 266 413 2,791 14 12 13 23 3 215.9 21.6
        26. Brian Hoyer HOU 11 224 369 2,606 19 7 15 44 0 210.7 19.2
        27. Andrew Luck IND 7 162 293 1,881 15 12 33 196 0 173.7 24.8
        28. Josh McCown CLE 8 186 292 2,109 12 4 20 98 1 169.3 21.2
        29. Blaine Gabbert SF 8 178 282 2,031 10 7 32 185 1 166.1 20.8
        30. Brock Osweiler DEN 8 170 275 1,967 10 6 21 61 1 150.5 18.8
        31. Peyton Manning DEN 10 198 331 2,249 9 17 6 -6 0 147.9 14.8
        32. Nick Foles STL 11 190 337 2,052 7 10 17 20 1 138.6 12.6
        33. Colin Kaepernick SF 9 144 244 1,615 6 5 45 256 1 136.4

          1. Alex Smith last 3 season from 2013 to 2015 has 30 wins and 16 loss, 61 TD, 10,069 passing yards. with 21 Int. Qbr. 85.5.

            Compared Kaepernick’s. last 3 season from 2013 to 2015 has only 22 wins and 18 loss, 46 TD, 7,801 passing yards with 23 Int. Qbr 86.4.

            And you’re saying he didn’t progress? His performance was more consistent than kaepernick, don’t you think so? And you’re saying he still the same player he was in San Francisco? I see a lot of progression on Smith compare to Kaepernick decline the last two season.

            1. Of course he played better than Kaep. He was playing for Andy Reid the whole time, while Kaep was playing for Geep Chryst and Ron Jeremy.

              1. Let me refresh your memories 2014 HC Harbaugh and all his assistant coaches are still together coaching Kaep, what’s your excuse for kaepernick 8-8 record and his decline? And your analogy Alex Smith last three season success was because of Andy Reid, I disagree with you? As a player you have to perform the task you’re given, regardless who you’re playing for.

              2. Jamaican, Do remember all the injuries to starters that year? Bowman, A Smith suspension, Williams broken leg, Kilgore broken leg, Willis foot injury, A Davis missed games, Borland ended the season on IR, Celek and McDonald also missed games, Ward foot, Brock was hurt, Crabtree coming off the Achilles, Hyde got hurt, and I know I am missing some. Kaepernick played badly, but the whole team struggled with the loss of all that talent.

            2. They said all the great players that played in NFL step up when they’re ask and make everyone around them better. Good leaders take charges and can compensate the loss of talents in a team and make the next man to be a better player. Maybe, kaepernick isn’t a true leader and not good enough to take charge when he needs too?

              1. Jam, it takes the whole team working together to function properly. Joe Montana himself would have failed behind that O line. Over a season and a half, Kaep was sacked 80 times. With his mobility, Kaep probably avoided another 80 sacks, but his O line acted like a bunch of turnstiles, and that was a big reason for his regression.

            3. My whole argument he’d nothing to do with Kap vs Smith, it was to say Smith is the same player he was here. He’s not smiling at any of this. He’s a starter in this leauge, who doesn’t turn the ball over. Same MO as with the niners. But like I said, he’s not winning alot of games, that defense is, just like it was here. But also he’s not winning super bowls, just like he didn’t here. Now if he’s laughing because he’s on a playoff team that’s never gonna win a super bowl, that’s fine. But that’s all he can laugh about

        1. Jamaican,
          Alex is very steady, consistent and almost mistake free. Oh, and by the way, he still hasn’t been able to get a good team to the Super Bowl.

          1. Are you saying Kaepernick took the 49ers to the SB with his 5-2 record and with Alex 6-2-1 who started the season and got replace by Kaep because Alex got injured. Getting to the SB isn’t good enough, it doesn’t mean squat if you didn’t win the SB:)

            1. Yes. Go back and watch the video, it’s Kap starting the SB game with his 5-2 record over a healthy Alex Smith standing on the sidelines with his 6-2-1 record.
              Let’s face it, Kap was doing some things leading up to the SB that not many QB’s can do.

              You could only hypothesize what Alex could have in 2012 if he never got hurt. The fact is that he was on the sidelines in the SB.
              Two teams made it to the SB in 2012.
              Kap was one bad pass from perhaps achieving one of the best comebacks in SB history – sometimes it just isn’t in the cards.

              “Good leaders take charges and can compensate the loss of talents in a team and make the next man to be a better player. Maybe, kaepernick isn’t a true leader and not good enough to take charge when he needs too?”

              So, using your own metric system, would you say that Gabbert stepped up and made players around him better?
              Did he prove to be a better leader?

              Hey,it won’t break my heart if Kaepernick in not on the team, but it won’t calm my heart if Gabbert is the starter either.

            2. Yep, and AS last year was huddling up while needing to run the hurry up offense. He also still never threw long passes. I wished AS well, but realized that he was limited, and although Kaep lost that SB, at least he was in one, something AS has failed to do.

  47. All you “experts,” I think Kap is going to surprise a lot of people this year if he gets a chance to play. He was pretty busted up, had a lousy team, lousier coaching and the worst OL in the league. He may not be your cup of tea, and certainly Harbs brought him up bad in the NFL as far as people skills, but I think he is at heart a decent man and a potentially great QB. YMMV…

  48. Oh great. I just read that Marathe was there to meet with Kaep’s representatives. That was another slap in the face to Kaep because Marathe was the leaker of all the smears. No wonder Kaep said he wanted to be traded after having to deal again with that slimeball.

  49. Paraag and Kap should be seated directly across from one another before negotiations, shake hands like adults and let bygones be bygones. Then begin Buffalo Bill/ SF 49er contract negotiations.

    Seb should be forced to watch while restrained to his chair monitored by security to learn how an adult acts.

      1. Seb,

        I’m demonstrating proper contract negotiaton ettiquete. One does not kick people in the teeth as you advocated above.

        I believe the Bill’s and 49er’s security teams should allow you to observe these, but for the sake of public safety, you would have to agree no violence would take place when a package trade of Jarryd Hayne and Kap took place. you would have to agree to check your gun at the metal detector, prior to the start.

          1. Hmm, you did. Too bad you said that, because I will bring that up and throw your own words in your face every time you keep engaging me.

    1. San Jose State’s Tyler Ervin became the second running back under 4.4 seconds (unofficially) with a 4.39 in his second 40. Georgia’s Keith Marshall had a 4.29 in the first round.

        1. Keith Marshall
          Football running back

          Keith Marshall is an American football running back. He played college football for the Georgia Bulldogs. Wikipedia

          Born: February 16, 1994 (age 22), Raleigh, NC

          Height: 5′ 11″

          Weight: 218 lbs

    1. Mariotti is an all-time great alarmist. There’s really nothing to see here. The 49ers still have all the leverage.

      1. The 49ers clearly have the choice, but they don’t have all the leverage with trading partners. Some of that leverage went down the tubes as a result of their own actions.

        1. HTW

          There are 3 negotiations that will occur, 2 of which include the 49ers. They have leverage in both of their own negotiations, and their leverage over Kaep will loom large in the 3rd.

          49ers-Kaepernick: leverage to 49ers
          This is obvious. They control his career, and he signed the worst contract in the history of professional sports. If he doesn’t want to play, he can retire. If he comes to camp and is openly “subversive,” they can sue him for breach of contract, and simply toll his contract until he comes around. They have absolute control.

          49ers-Other Team: leverage to 49ers
          Every team in the league would like to have a potential franchise QB for $12M in 2016, when Kirk Cousins will be tagged at $20M. If Kaep stinks it up, they can cut him for nothing before April 1, 2017, nothing lost; if he’s great, they still control his career until 2020 at very team-friendly numbers and terms. The most Kaep will ever make on this contract is $21M in a single year. By 2020, the QB Cap number will likely be around $27M.

          Kaepernick-Other Team: leverage 49ers
          No matter what Kaepernick and the Other Team arrange, the 49ers will be able to dictate terms that can blow up the deal. If the price is not met, oh well, they keep Kaep.

          Kaep needs to come to camp this year and play like his livelihood depends on it, because it does. He made his bed by signing this contract; now he has to lie in it.

          1. If it’s not clear, Kaepernick should be absolutely livid at his agents for not giving him any power or control, leverage, if you will.

            1. what could they have done? he agreed to a contract last year that pretty much took away his leverage. his agent’s open communication with reporters and other teams that Kaep wants to be traded is essentially a demand to be released.

              1. AFFNP

                The contract itself bordered on negligence by his agents. He should blame himself and his agents for signing that contract.

            2. I agree completely. I think Kaepernick’s best shot is to fulfill his contract until the 49ers cut him or he has his career back — if they ever do. What the 49ers can’t control is what the market will offer them. There have been a few insane trades in the past. I’ll be surprised if a team makes an insane offer for Kaepernick.

              I don’t pay much attention to agents, but you’re right. Colin should fire them because, no matter how the rest of his career goes, he needs better representation.

              All the best — for everybody. I want something interesting to watch with my few remaining moments. ;-}

              1. Maybe Colin is worth more than I think. After all, I have been reading this blog during his career.

    1. My favorite line from the article:

      “Our philosophy has always been: big people beat up little people,” Kelly said Thursday. “We’ve always wanted to be big.”

      1. There is a running back playing for Stanford who probably disagrees. The “big” guys seem to have a problem touching him, and when they do, he generally moves the pile forward.

        1. htwaits

          We would probably have another Lombardi in the case had we kept his dad on the team…man I loved Ed McAffrey

          1. Very possible. Christian takes after his maternal grandfather. He also violates Newton’s first law of motion when he changes direction — inertia be damned.

  50. Does he have a no trade clause? Send his arse to Cleveland. I am so over this dude. All the rumors about not studying the playbook, the whole Aldon smith gf drama. Constantly being dramatic wanting to go to the jets, requesting trades. He’s not a team guy, get him out of there and someone who wants to be here. He should just retire and do jaguar commercials.

  51. The 49ers should just cut Kaepernick and use the $11.9 million on a new franchise caliber CB. Then they should either trade up for the #1 or #3 draft pick and get Goff, or just stay at #7 and get whoever is left between Goff, Wentz and Lynch.

  52. The guy says the flag is the symbol of a country that has keep black america down. Just a few observations. Wasn’t this the flag that was carried at Bull Run, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Cold Harbor not to mention WWI and WWII, Iwo Jima and Inchon. That flag represents freedom–you are free to make a fool out of yourself. As for me, I will no longer watch this dummy, who has been handed every advantage humanly possible, kiss his biceps again

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