Report: Deebo Samuel, 49ers agree to 3-year contract extension

According to multiple reports, Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers have agreed on a three-year contract extension worth up to $73.5 million with $58.1 million guaranteed.

The deal comes after a contentious offseason that saw the star receiver scrub the 49ers from his social media accounts and request a trade.

Samuel skipped voluntary OTA workouts before showing up for the mandatory minicamp. He has been on hand for the first four training camp practices; however, he has not participated with the team, choosing to work out alone on the side.

Drafted by San Francisco in the second round of the 2019 draft, Samuel’s first three seasons have been feast or famine.

In 2019, Samuel finished with 57 receptions to set the 49ers rookie receiving record. While 802 receiving yards trail only Jerry Rice, Samuel’s 961 total yards bettered the mark of the San Francisco legend.

After struggling with injuries throughout his sophomore season, Samuel provided the heartbeat for San Francisco’s offense in 2021.

Samuel posted the most receiving yards through seven games in 49ers history. His 819 yards bettered Jerry Rice’s previous mark of 781 set in 1986. He was on pace to finish with 1,872 receiving yards, the most in 49ers history.

Two weeks later, with the San Francisco offense lacking explosion Kyle Shanahan decided to make Samuel a more integral piece in the running game. The move resulted in Samuel seeing his targets drop from 10 per game over the first eight weeks to only five per game over the final eight.

The lack of pass targets did little to slow down Samuel as he finished the regular season with 1,770 total yards from scrimmage and 14 touchdowns. Those totals trail only Jerry Rice’s 1,884 yards from scrimmage and 16 touchdowns in 1995 as the single season-high for a receiver in 49ers history.

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  1. Alls well that ends well. I would have been shocked if the 49ers actually traded Deebo. I really dislike Deebo’s actions over the offseason. Seems like a likeable guy but actions speak louder than words. New QB and Deebo refused to work with him over the offseason. He could have worked out with Lance and still negotiated the contract. Not sure how much of that was Deebo and how much of it was his agent. Either way, I didn’t like how he approached the offseason.

    1. All in the rear view mirror. Lotsa things I don’t like either, like the demise of the Choco-Taco. It’s done. Embrace the now and move forward.

  2. Jack
    * Here are the full details for Deebo’s extesion. from a source with knowledge of the terms:
    1. Signing bonus: $24.035 million.
    2. 2022 base salary: $965,000, fully guaranteed at signing.
    3. 2023 option bonus: $9.215 million, fully guaranteed at signing.
    4. 2023 offseason workout bonus: $200,000, fully guaranteed three days after signing.
    5. 2023 base salary: $1.080 million, fully guaranteed at signing.
    6. 2023 per-game roster bonuses: $750,000, fully guaranteed three days after signing.
    7. 2024 offseason workout bonus: $200,000, fully guaranteed three days after signing.
    8. 2024 base salary: $20.972 million, guaranteed for injury at signing. Of that amount, $4.555 million is fully guaranteed at signing; the balance becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, 2023.
    9. 2024 per-game roster bonuses: $750,000, guaranteed for injury at signing, fully guaranteed as of April 1, 2023.
    10. 2025 offseason workout bonus: $200,000.
    11. 2025 base salary: $16.601 million.
    12. 2025 per-game roster bonuses: $750,000.

    * It’s a $71.55 million extension, with a maximum value of $73.5 million. Of that amount, $41 million is fully guaranteed at signing. By April 1, 2023, $58.167 million will be fully guaranteed.
    * The deal includes annual incentives of $650,000; we’ve yet to see the triggers

    Does his $24.035 million Signing bonus get paid out over 3 years at ~$8.01167 Mil P/Y ? If the answer is yes, does that mean the ~$8.01167 for 2022 will be add to his $4.2 Mil 2022 salary, for a total of ~$12.21167 Mil.?

    1. The contract is in addition to his rookie deal tying him to the 49ers for the next 4 seasons. They also added a void year at the end which means the signing bonus will be spread out over 5 years. All told, his cap hit for 2022 will be ~ $6.7M.

  3. Also, Deebo’s contract includes no restrictions or limitations on how he’s used. As it was explained to PFT, Samuel will do whatever he’s asked to do, like any other player on the team

  4. Last off season all we heard was how hard Deebo was working on flexibility and it paid off huge. This off season I haven’t heard or read a thing regarding Deebo preparing for the season. I hope he doesn’t return to his injury prone self, if so it will be another D. Ford signing.

  5. I had a strong sense that after Deebo showed up to OTA, it was just a matter of time for both parties to find a middle ground. That said, I believe that with Trey taking over, Aiyuk will share a large part in the passing game this season given his good chemistry with Lance.
    It will interesting to see the receiving numbers between both WRs at seasons end.
    On Samuels contract, the 57M guaranteed monies does give me pause, especially if Deebo has a major injury that limits his playing ability ala Dee Ford. But for now, if Deebo is happy, so am I.

    1. AES
      With Lance under Center, I look for Kittle to have a great year, his best as a 9er. I also believe Jennings comes into his own this year, and establishes himself as a possession receiver.

      1. GEEP,
        I see Jennings becoming a big factor in the passing game. I like how he made some impact catches for us in the latter part of the season. Kittle should have a good year as well. But if the Oline struggles he may need to play more on the line of scrimmage for extra support.

        And if the Oline doesn’t gel all wrs could have low receiving numbers if Lance finds himself running more than he has to.
        That said, I’m getting pumped for the new 49ers season.

  6. Jack
    * According to multiple reports, Trey Lance was under pressure on 12 of his 15 drop backs today, the first day of training camp with pads. The main takeaway was “constant, near instantaneous QB pressure and Lance’s ability to scramble around and make the most of it”.
    * Jack: Was it really that bad, what did you see? And who was playing Center, Brunskill or Fake Brendel?

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