Report: Eliot Wolf removes himself from 49ers’ GM search

Bad news, 49ers fans. Eliot Wolf, the best personnel executive the 49ers interviewed, has removed himself from the team’s GM search.

Three questions for you:

  1. Why do you think Wolf removed himself from the search?
  2. Do you think Wolf ever was sincerely interested  in the 49ers’ job, or did he leverage them for a new deal in Green Bay?
  3. Whom do you think the 49ers next GM will be?

UPDATE: I’m hearing Eliot Wolf  removed himself from the 49ers’ GM search because he knew he would have control over the draft and personnel.

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    1. I would probably give the same answers, but for some reason I have a suspicion that McDonough could be a “surprise ” pick. And I would be fine with that… I would be fine with any of the remaining 3. Whoever it is, this scenario with highly regarded candidates for both positions, and none from the bowels of the York organizational tree gives me glimmer of hope that Jed may be recognizing some of his mistakes, and may be starting to figure this out… fingers crossed.

  1. ProFootballTalk says he knew he wasn’t going to get the job (the other Green Bay candidate is the favorite) and he got a new deal out of it so a win for him.

  2. Now this one is interesting. It could be he read the tea leaves and figured out the Niners liked the Gut better, he received assurances from the Packers that he would be first in line for the GM job when Thompson’s contract is up, or he just didn’t want the job. I have a feeling it’s a combination of 1 and 2 more than 3.

  3. I’m not an NFL front office groupie. Everything below is pure, uninformed speculation.

    1) The possibilities…
    – Because 49ers are zeroing in on Gutekunst
    – Because word got out Shanahan also preferred one of the other candidates
    – He likes his job, and just got a promotion
    – He’s in high demand, and will get more offers down the road. No need to take a risk working for Jed.
    – If the Packers make the Super Bowl he could be in greater demand next year.

    2) If reports Wolf did great in the interview are correct, I’m guessing yes. Its hard to kill a job interview of you don’t want the position.

    3) Whom do you think the 49ers next GM will be? Gutekunst, though I’d be fine with McDonough.

  4. Nope, not bad news at all. Wolf wanted to stay in GB, and got a good deal

    I am happy, because Baalke is gone, Anyone would be better, even Scooter.

    However, I think Jed will pull a Jed, and just promote Gamble, his favorite all along.

      1. Sorry, but KS wanted to get the Denver job, but was not chosen. This is his third team he interviewed for, and wins by default.

        Niners have been turned down by all the best GM candidates, so they are left with the dregs. I never even heard of some of the names of the candidates, so they are not slam dunk winners.

        Maybe Jed should choose Holmgren. He has Niner roots, has won SBs and has been a GM before.

        1. This is his third team he interviewed for, and wins by default.

          He won the highest award given to an offensive assistant. He won, but not by default….

          1. Dont get me wrong, I am very happy if KS becomes the HC. but it is hyperbole to declare it is the best HC/GM hire in the past decade.

  5. Every report for the last couple of weeks had the other guy over Wolf anyway.

    Time for a new 4 part “How to rebuild the 49ers” series.

    1. Gutenkunst comes from the same tree. His philosophy wouldn’t change. But I sense Shanahan would pick the players and Gutekunst would make the contracts.

      1. Gutekunst has a scouting and personnel background. He’s been doing it professionally a lot longer than Wolf, so I wouldn’t say his hiring would be related to doing contracts.

        1. Rocket,

          A Green Bay beat writer remarked on KNBR last week that the Packers F.O. structure required Gute in his new position to move more in the direction of contracts while Wolf would be more involved personnel in his position. However, Gute has a long scouting background and may have expressed his interest to stay close to personnel department as a GM. That would make sense since Paraag is the contracts guy and he’s going nowhere.

          I do wish that the next GM would himself add a task to his job — keeping Paraag out of team meetings.

      2. Grant

        Boy, I sure hope you’re right. Actually, McDonough would be the prime player now….’would save two weeks (or More) getting started on scouting and organization and evaluation tasks before the SB….whatever….

      3. I think Kyle will have the final say, but I would expect the 49ers next GM would work in tandem with Kyle, and have a strong influence on the draft and free agency.

        Somebody has to have the final say when it comes to personnel, and I personally like the idea of the HC having the final say. After all, he’s the guy putting it all together on the field. However, the HC has more on his plate than personnel decisions, which is why it’s important to have a good working relationship between GM/HC. That’s not to say I want a puppet GM either. Ideally, a synergistic relationship is what you want.

    2. The only thing this means is …

      I’m climbing off the Wolf / Shanny bandwagon..
      and climbing aboard the Gute / Shanny wagon …

      (u-hhh someone wanna help me down ?)

  6. The GM choices are secondary to the HC signing. It has been reported that Gutekunst was the favorite for a few days now, so this isn’t surprising.

    1. I respectfully disagree. I think the GM choice is bigger than the HC choice. I also think that people are wrongly speculating that Jedraag has agreed to cede substantial personnel powers to Shanny.

      1. I respectfully disagree on that 2nd statement. As we all have heard but guys like you refuse to listen to, when it comes to football matters Jed doesn’t have any power. Neither does P. As of this moment they do but when the gm and HC are signed they will relegate all football matters to them. It’s exactly what happened with balkee and the news guys will have the same treatment. Well now it will be a 2 headed monster. Not 1 guy bullying people into his screwed up way.

        1. You misunderstood me. I agree with you. I may have worded my spiel wrongly. I meant to say that I feel Jedraag would want the GM to have final say on personnel unless the GM willingly defers to the HC on certain positions (as Baalke did on QBs to Harbaugh). Jedraag would not ceded GM’s power to HC.

        1. “As John Madden said, you get rid of the suits before you get rid of a head coach”

          exactly. If Jed had done that before, we’d still have jim harbaugh.

          he’s going coach first this time. and i’m on board.

      2. I was meaning that the remaining options are/were all good as far as the GM is concerned, getting Shanahan on board is the priority. Shanahan will be picking the GM, so the order of hiring is irrelevant.

        1. i think Kyle Shanahan had a list.. The GMs had their preferred coaches. Jed screened them down to best names…and now they’ll figure out who works best.

  7. Grant forgot to frame the most important question, viz.: “What’s the impact of Wolf’s decision to the Niners GM’s stewardship of the organization for the foreseeable future?”

    My view is that it impacts the Niner’s search very little. Once 37-year Shanny became the chosen coach, Niners need someone with a little more experience than Shanny so that the net football experience of the two most important football decision makers is significant. I think Paton or McDonough would have the most experience are are proven talent evaluators but Gute brings Ron Wolf’s proven approach to the table to compensate for his other relative shortcomings, if any.

    I’d OK with any of the three.

  8. I love your propensity for absolute statements that in all actuality are nothing more than speculation and opinion… “the best personnel executive”… according to who (aside from yourself) and/or based on what (aside from your opinion). A strong case could be made for Gutenberg, and McDonough has been involved in a major turnaround in AZ, and I have read that Patton is highly regarded in NFL circles. Who’s to say one of these other candidates wouldn’t a better fit with Shanahan in SF? It’s great to have a take on a subject, that’s your job. But that’s what it is, your take… not indisputable, not concrete, not a fact.

  9. Grant, I’d say don’t be tempted to spin EVERYTHING as bad for this team. Even fools have luck sometimes. Don’t turn into TK who has gone to twitter claiming Gase is a Jedbot. LOL. But I digress…. I think Gut was the frontrunner and don’t discount Patton. This is a result of Shanahan telling the 49ers he’d take the job and who his #1 and #2 preferences are for GM – unfortunately Wolf wasn’t one of them.

    1. Jed’s only mistake was choosing Baalke over Harbaugh.

      the rest of the toxicity came from Baalke.
      choosing tomsula over gase
      cant get along with harbaugh
      can’t get along with chip
      couldnt get along with santa clause
      neglecting free agency
      bad drafting

      the list goes on.

  10. No surprise as Wolf is Thompson’s successor. I like the other 3 options. The AZ and Min candidates have better defense strategy. Arizona seems to draft better at receiver as well, where Min is more aggressive at picking up qbs where Arizona seems to settle with Palmer. Green Bay has a more patient build philosophy, but they are also fortunate to have Rogers.

    Time for another pole Grant!

          1. I want the GM to have final say on players. Shanahan will have major input, especially offensive skill players.

          2. Do you think a GM would know more about defensive personnel? I am going to believe they would both talk at length with the DC. You know, what type of defense do you want to run, that kind of stuff. Seems like it would start there.

          3. Grant-

            What did Walsh know about defense in ’79? Turns out, quite a bit. His old man wouldn’t leave that part of the equation out of it all-I can’t believe that.

      1. Shanahan should wind up with final say on the roster, but he won’t be picking players without significant input from the GM and personnel staff.

        1. It will be an interesting training camp. Shanahan seems fully committed to ZBS run scheme. How will this affect Trent Brown, Tiller (and some tome degree Garnett)?

  11. I really don’t know how to measure the candidates value. There seem to be two schools of thought.

    Reputation – How well the candidate is thought of in NFL circles. If I go this route all I’m doing is re-packaging what others say.

    Player Acquisition – How the executives team did in draft and free agency. But I have no idea how much influence the scout/executive really had on his teams final draft choices.

    And alot of top teams are good because they have great quarterbacks.

    And then there’s luck. Mack was a no brainer pick for Oakland. Aaron Donald falling to pick 13 for the Rams? Pure luck.

    Question to all… how do you go about choosing a favorite GM candidate?

    1. B2W,

      For me it’s about experience and the people the candidate has been around and hopefully learned from. As you mentioned, we have no idea how much influence each candidate has had on the drafting of players, but we can look at the people and organizations they have worked for and for me that, along with their experience and time employed in the NFL, is the most important criteria.

  12. I’m not sure Shanny has even met all these GM candidates yet, so hard to have much opinion I’d think. Pops may have some input, but Junior has to make that call.

  13. Steve Young on KNBR last night said a coach simply does not have the time to study the college personal while running the team and has to rely on the personal department.
    So, while Kyle might have the final decision on who to draft and what free agents to sign the GM will have significant input. Frankly; if they are not on the same page most of the time their relationship will not work and the team will continue its spiral down into the muck. One would hope Jed has learned this does not work and he is trying to avoid creating the same “communications”problem.

    1. KS will not be expected to study all the college prospects.

      That is the scouts job, but they will winnow out the chaff and select the ones they think will fill needs. They will also grade each position and select the top candidates.

      Then the process will be for the coaches and GM to have some input. From there, they can build a draft board.The GM’s main job will be to either move back, or move up in the draft. I hope they move back twice to get as many second round picks as possible. I also hope the bundle picks and players to move up into the third and 4th rounds.

      Another job for the GM is to develop an overall strategy, and plan on targeting players the scouts and coaches like.

      Once the scouts have presented possibilities, it will be the coaches jobs to select the players they want, and ones they think will improve the team. Hope KS can hit a few home runs.

      No matter what, the process will improve, because Baalke will not be pulling his picks out of an envelope, when many of us had considered him pulling names out of his rear end. No more ACL picks.

  14. With he exception of aaron rodgers is the packers roster better than the cardinals or vikings rosters? Im a pretty casual fan but i like arizonas roster better than green bays if you take rodgers out of the equation.

    1. The Packers have a good roster. They were down to 4th and 5th string CB’s, went parts of the season without Matthews and still got decent play from those positions. They have brought in Oline replacements seemingly every year and made it work with a couple being Pro bowl caliber. They have found numerous WR’s all over the draft that contribute. They are a true draft and develop team and do it as well as anybody.

  15. I think this is more a case of not believing he was the lead candidate as much as he was leveraging for a new deal with the Packers. But yeah, maybe they gave him some nice assurances for the future.

    I think Gutekunst will be the GM. But who knows what KS wants?

      1. Wow, well, that nails it regarding who will have the power. Its Shanahan. The GM will be there to give him what he wants. No wonder Wolf opted out.

          1. What do you think of that, Grant? It worries me. I have already read a few times that Shanahan is a control freak and doesn’t necessarily listen to advice from others well. At 37 years old and a first time HC, is he really going to know enough to have that kind of power? Didn’t work out well for McDaniels.

              1. I am becoming more and more inclined to think McVay may have been the better HC candidate for the 49ers.

              2. I’d rather have the guy with the experience and consistent record of offensive success with multiple teams and QB’s personally. McVay seems like an impressive young guy, but he’s been an OC for two years with one team.

              3. I’d rather have the team that works well in unison. Shanahan is an excellent play caller with a good system. We have no idea if he is a good HC, but from what is out there it sounds like he’s a control freak. And from the sound of it he also wants to have final say on personnel and we have no idea what he’s like in talent evaluation either. Its a lot of power for a first time HC at 37 years old.

              4. You are basing too much on what is being rumored right now Scooter. With all due respect to Grant’s sources, no one knows at this point what responsibilities the parties involved will be given. There hasn’t been a second interview or meeting with the GM candidates. As far as being a control freak, most HC’s are. There isn’t a bigger control freak in the league than Belichick. I don’t know that Shanahan is that level of control freak, but there has to be some element of it involved if you are going to take over a football team.

              5. Being a control freak isn’t usually a good thing in a leader. Belichick is unusual. The best HCs are usually the ones that empower their staff and colleagues.

                Look, I’m excited the 49ers are getting Shanahan, but I think there are some red flags there. If he tries to run this ship the way McDaniels did in Denver it could blow up in his face.

              6. He’ll have to choose someone who’s unemployed because the Falcons won’t give him permission to take any of their assistants.

              7. There is no indication that he is going to be the Czar of SF Scooter. No reports or rumors have indicated he is going to be given complete control of everything. If he is, then we can discuss the possible complications, but right now all we know is that he is their pick for HC, and he’ll be meeting with potential GM candidates next week. My guess is he and the GM they wind up hiring, share personnel decisions, with the GM running the draft with input from Coaches as it should be and Shanahan deciding on the final 53.

              8. Being a control freak isn’t usually a good thing in a leader. Belichick is unusual. The best HCs are usually the ones that empower their staff and colleagues.

                I disagree. I’d say more NFL HC’s are control Freaks than you think. Giving responsibility to your staff doesn’t mean you aren’t a control freak. It means you let your Coaches make decisions until they make one you don’t agree with and you over rule it.

              9. Rocket, there is a big difference between having a vision and wanting things done a certain way and being a control freak. A micro-manager. Any leader needs to be able to set the direction, and have their plan for how it gets done. But I don’t believe there are many successful HCs that are control freaks.

      2. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If he was told that, it would have happened in the first interview because they haven’t talked to him since. If he was told that and balked, he wouldn’t have waited until being contacted about the second interview to remove himself from consideration. There is a link B2W posted below that says he dropped out because he knew he wasn’t going to get the job and that makes more sense with the timing of the decision.

        I also highly doubt the remaining 3 would be interested in coming in to be a peon for a first time HC. Whoever gets the job will likely be given the same responsibilities as most GM’s with Shanahan likely getting final say on the roster. The draft will be a group effort as it is in most organizations I would imagine.

        1. Wolf learned he wouldn’t have control over the draft and personnel after it became apparent Shanahan would be the head coach,

          1. How did he learn this and why haven’t the others dropped out if that’s the case? The second interviews involving the potential GM’s and Shanahan haven’t happened yet so how would wolf know he wasn’t going to have any power?

              1. I don’t think it’s been decided who will take over for Thompson, but even if Wolf does get that job eventually it doesn’t answer the questions I raised. How did he learn he wouldn’t have any control of the draft or personnel to the point it would make him drop out?

              2. So you think Wolf would make a decision this important based on word around the league? Don’t you think he’d at least take the second interview and meet with Shanahan to get a clear understanding of what the power structure would be? If he didn’t like what he heard at that point he could back out with no misconceptions.

              3. Not only do I think he would, he did. It’s clear Shanahan will get final say over the roster and the draft. Why waste everyone’s time? Wolf doesn’t need the 49ers.

              4. Why would anybody waste their time then? If George Paton, who hasn’t taken interviews very often, already knows the job description is being a lacky for a 37 year old first time HC, why would he even bother to go through with it? Why would any of them do it? They have good jobs already and would be giving them up for a position with little stability and no say in anything. It doesn’t make any sense.

              5. Paton could drop out, too. I don’t know what he’s thinking. Maybe he feels he can’t advance any higher in the Vikings’ organization. That’s what Gutekunst feels in Green Bay.

              6. The job you describe would not be a move up for Gutekunst. He is already the GB director of personnel so moving to SF to do essentially the same job really wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense would it?

                They just fired somebody who had complete control of everything to do with personnel because it was an abject failure. The focus has been on finding a GM and HC to work together. Everything points to a partnership in personnel between the HC and GM.

              7. Shanahan should and likely will have final say over the 53 man roster. The draft is a collaborative effort with the decisions being made based on the board which is put together by the GM and Scouting Dept. with input from everybody. There doesn’t need to be an onus put on final say. There needs to be an ability for the GM and HC to work together and find common ground. They’ve already seen things fail with one guy deciding everything and I highly doubt they are looking to recreate it all over again.

              8. Wolf doesn’t want to be a GM who doesn’t have final say. He’s too good for that. He doesn’t have to settle.

              9. “Wolf doesn’t want to be a GM who doesn’t have final say. He’s too good for that. He doesn’t have to settle.”

                Based on his vast experience as a GM, right? Oh, wait, he’s never actually been a GM.

                Wolf was my first choice, but I have no reason beyond the training he’s gotten in GB (factually a good thing, based on other GMs that have come from that tree), the length of time he’s been scouting players (the more experience the better) and his last name (not a bad thing having the last name of “Wolf”, but really, having the same last name as a successful father is no guarantee of being as good). But, of the two, it could be Gutekuntz that ultimately has the more successful career as a GM.

                We simply don’t know for sure. And neither to you, Grant.

                BTW, there are other skills that a GM needs to have to be successful, beyond scouting, and we don’t really know if any of the candidates have those qualities.

      3. If that’s true about roster control McDonogh and Paton aren’t likely to come here. Gutekunst could decline too since Marathe deals with the contracts. Our next GM will essentially be a high level scout.

        And what if Shanahan doesn’t like Gutekunst, Paton, and McDonogh? Kyle could insist on going full Shanny. He has all the leverage.

        1. McDonough and Paton may feel they’ve reached dead ends and can’t move up any higher in their current organizations. Same with Gutekunst.

          1. True, it would be more money and a fancier job title. In terms of job duties it would be a step back for McDonough. Do you think Kyle will push for full Shanny ?

            1. I think Big Shanny will work in the background as a consultant. Probably won’t have an official job with the team.

              1. But he could do it and Jed would have no choice. I remember the full Shanny leak that had big Shanny as GM. It was later rumored that the leak came from someone in the Shanny camp. Full Shanny could be Kyle’s end game.

          2. The position as you describe it isn’t a move up for any of these guys Grant. They would be little more than Scouts if Shanahan has all the control over personnel.

            1. They would get new titles and more money. And they’d be one step closer to a real GM job. In that sense, it’s a move up.

              1. Not necessarily. Wolf obviously got more from staying in GB and I’m guessing the others would be given raises to stay if the SF job isn’t a clear step up.

              2. How do you know? He got promotions and raises the past two years after being blocked from interviews, so why not this year?

              3. Because he’s willing to take a glorified scout job with the 49ers so he can get more money and the title of being a GM.

              4. Because he’s willing to take a glorified scout job with the 49ers so he can get more money and the title of being a GM.

                I don’t think so. That is your version of what the job is and it wouldn’t make much sense for any of these guys to take it. That’s why I don’t buy your theory.

              5. It’s not my theory. It’s my source’s theory. And it makes perfect sense. Gutekunst will never be the Packers’ GM. He has been passed over. He is tapped out in Green Bay.

        2. i think people are way overreacting to Jed and Marthe.

          I think it’s pretty clear that Baalke was the toxin in the building. Jed just got caught up in being so close to baalke.

          it was a mistake. the mistake has been vetted. now we’ve got a big fish coach and 3 big time GM prospects on the hook. let’s give it a chance. sheesh,

    1. That would be the perfect scenario. Myles Garrett or entertain major trade-back offers.

      Worse case scenario is 49ers take any QB at pick 2.

      I like Grant’s scenario trading down with the Jets in the likely event Garrett’s taken 1.

      1. I don’t think the concern is as dire with Shanny Jr developing a quarterback from the first round, if he determines one is warranted….

      1. Shanahan made Matt Schaub and RG3 viable QBs…

        I trust whatever he decides to do. I almost rather they trade back and stock pile.

        sooooo many needs.

    1. No. There goes the guy who used the 49ers interview to get the Packers to commit and lock him in as Ted Thompson’s successor.

  16. The only thing that matters is; What did Yorkie learn from giving Baalke so much power?
    Giving Baalke’s record (picking JH and a lot of the players on that team, as scout or GM) and the fact that he was busy building a new stadium it is understandable that he wanted/needed to trust his GM. I think that he is way more hands-on after seeing what happens when a the GM’s ego is getting in the way of good judgment. (Baalke didn’t get any credit for the successes of JH)
    I think most of you onboard here don’t give credit where credit is due. It’s easy to say that Yorkie is a dorkie and incompetent. I think he has learned an expansive and expensive lesson and is ready to change his involvement.
    Two years from now, we’ll know.

    1. Giving a GM a lot of power is fine – if you have a good GM. Baalke was not a good GM. He was terrible, in fact. One colossal mis-step after another. Draft wise – he couldn’t pick a cherry of a cherry tree. It’s no surprise York is going Coach first here. If he had gone Coach-First 3 years ago… we’d still have Jim Harbaugh.

      Jed seems to be learning from his mistakes. The real cancer is gone. He’s nabbed a big fish coach. He’s got three big fish prospect GM candidates. Let’s roll.

    2. Dee-

      You know a tree by the fruit it bears. No one of sober mind would think Yoraalke did a good job-more likely, an atrocious job. In the real world, either of them would have been fired years ago.
      You are right about one thing..we’ll know more later.

    1. Cubus – Good observation. If its Gutenkunst we could know by Monday or Tuesday. If next week drags on and he’s not announced as GM, it could mean its George Paton or Terry McDonough.

  17. Shanahan has the Yorks by the short hairs. He either gets his way or the 9ers are without a coach. Of course they could always return with Tomsula who is still under contract. Shanahan will pick the GM, the scouts and put the rest of the top floor in the background, if he negotiates his contract correctly. right now he is in the most powerful negotiating position of any coach or GM in the history of the game, me thinks.

    1. It’s just a HC job… not Machiavelli Monopoly. Relax. Jed wants a Coach/GM power combo. He got Shanny’s imput… Jed York probably screened the quality of the best fits…and now they’ll hire the guy that seems most compatible.

      simple as that.

    1. Beefing up the interior of the OL like the Falcons did is a must for the 49ers, if you ask me. And I’d go down the same approach to do so – primarily through FA.

      1. Free agency and the draft. Making the skill positions fast and physical should be next on the list.

          1. Who said a high pick would have to be used Scooter? I am talking in the short and long term.

            1. Well I kind of assumed we were talking about for next season, as the article outlines how the Falcons improved their OL this past season. I certainly was. And I don’t think high draft picks on the OL are the way to go this year.

              1. But again, who says a high pick has to be used Scooter? You and Razor listed some good options in the middle rounds.

              2. I don’t see mid round picks as being guys you can rely on to start next year. They are definitely for the future.

              3. You never know Scooter. There have been some mid-round OL prospects that have been able to start and do well for teams in the past.

              4. I am not saying to rely on it, just that it should be considered an option. In other words, keep all options on the table in regards to a rebuild.

              5. I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t draft OL for the future. All I was saying is they should address the interior of the OL for next season. And the best way to do that is through FA, the same way the Falcons did.

                Longer term, sure, that’s what the draft is for.

              6. What should they address in free agency though? By that I mean what position or positions along the OL.

              7. Interior of the OL mainly. A centre at least. I wouldn’t be averse to grabbing an OG as well. And I think they also need a backup RT that can push Brown, though if they get an OG Beadles may be able to be that guy.

  18. Probably because of the incessant leaks in the 49ers Front Office. Nice comment with Mr. York comparing Brian Gutekunst to Scot McCloughan, without the drinking.

    That would be the choice. Interesting to note that although all the coaches have been dismissed they kept Tom Gamble and Mike Williams were retained for the Pro Personnel side.

  19. The 49ers have likely given an enormous amount of autonomy to Kyle Shanahan that may supercede HC. Why would Wolf want to work in an environment where the HC could possibly weld more power then himself?

  20. I don’t really care who winds up as the GM as long as he knows that he will be subordinate to Kyle Shanahan.

    I am a student of history, and history tells us that our best years were when we had Bill Walsh making all personnel decisions and John McVey (and later Carmen Policy) helping him with contracts and salary cap issues.

    Jed has tried the other approach. Give all personnel power to the GM (Baalke) and let the head coach do his best with whatever players Baalke brought into the building. Even if such a system works in the short run, sooner or later any head coach worth his salt would have clashed with Baalke and a fued would ensue. Jed sided with Baalke in the fued with Harbaugh and as we all know it ended up as a disaster. Looks like Jed has learned his lesson and is not going to make such a mistake again.

  21. If Shanahan, I agree with Rocket and think John Pagano should be the pick for Defensive Coordinator (assuming no Falcons assistants will be allowed to leave). Gus Bradley would be a good second choice, but I understand Bradley was interested only if Cable became coach.

    In regard to offensive coordinator, a lot of good choices that I would prefer, but how about this for a dark horse: Mike Shanahan. Intriguing, or just a laughable good tale for internet fodder?

  22. Just another 49er weird story of team disarray and dysfunction.

    Wy do the 49ers keep adding free agents when their owner is supposedly hiring a new coach and GM? Wouldn’t the new people have their own team philosophy about what direction they’re moving in ? These players may not fit in

  23. Prime,

    Forgot to include the source :

    49ers sign free-agent wide receiver

    By Matt Maiocco January 19, 2017 2:17 PM

    The 49ers, a team with no head coach and no general manager, on Thursday added their third player in the past week to a reserve/future contract.

    The 49ers signed wide receiver Rashad Ross, a product of Vallejo High School.

    Ross has appeared in 20 NFL games the past three seasons with Chicago and Washington. In 2015, Ross caught eight passes for 184 yards and a touchdown in 13 games with Washington.

    Ross (6 foot, 180 pounds) played collegiately at Arizona State via Butte College in Oroville.

    1. It appears Ross has WCO experience from Gruden’s Redskin team, a fact that points in the direction of Shanahan becoming the 49er’s next HC.

      Second stint with Redskins[edit]

      Ross signed with the practice squad of the Washington Redskins on October 15, 2014.[10] Ross was terminated from the practice squad on November 17, 2014, but was re-signed on December 8.[11] He signed a futures contract on December 29.[12

  24. If coming from a particular tree is critical to organizational success, personally I would want a proven branch manager.

  25. The Seahawks might be in some trouble.

    Seattle may lose its second-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft after failing to disclose Richard Sherman’s knee injury, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

  26. Re: Patrick Mahomes and Brad Kaaya.

    Here are the underclass QBs who have been 2nd- or 3rd-round picks the past 20 years:
    1. Christian Hackenberg
    2. Brock Osweiler
    3. Ryan Mallett
    4. Terrelle Pryor
    5. Jimmy Clausen
    6. Quincy Carter

    Stay in school, kids.

  27. Tito Bench

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Greg Richards

    You’re an owner in a sensitive process. You don’t say those things to ANYBODY who might repeat it to somebody else.

    @timkawakami @igglesnut Jed is a hopeless tactless idiot who just happens to be the team owner’s kid.

    Greg Richards

    @timkawakami – Can’t imagine York actually intended for that quote to be fed to the media, not that it excuses it.

    Trevor Johnson
    @timkawakami @igglesnut what was the quote?

    Rene Velazquez Jr.

     Follow

     More

    @timkawakami why would any of them let that come out of their mouths? They are supposedly professionals conducting business interviews! SMH

      1. The team needs to rebuild Seb. Why should a limited QB that is close to 30 be a part of that?

        1. 30 is in his prime of life, and Kaep does have skills. He is so talented, he can put his foot on the half yard line, and then sprint up field out racing the safeties and corners for a TD. Not too many QBs can do that.

          Kaep just needs players to block and throw to. It would also help him to have a defense that does not give up 200 yards rushing per game. With the second pick and a boatload of cap space, the Niners can fill all the needs.

          KS is a good first step. He made Shaub a pro bowler, and even had Hoyer playing well. He will do the same with Kaep.

          1. 30 is in his prime of life, and Kaep does have skills.

            So why stay with a team that could be in rebuild mode for the next 2-4 years if he is in the prime of his life?

            1. ‘If you can meet triumph and disaster,
              and treat those two impostors just the same.
              If you can bear to hear the words you’ve spoken,
              Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
              Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken.
              and stoop and build ’em with worn out tools….’

              Kaep is doing just that. Niners are broken, and he will build them back up. It is more satisfying than just being handed things. Kaep can lead the Niners back to relevance. If the Cowboys can go 3-13 and make it back to the playoffs, the Niners can do the same.

          2. The mighty Quinn is right! For straight line speed, few are his equal!
            He is, in fact, faster than Montana, Starr, Unitas, certainly Kosar, Aikman, Otto Graham, Rodgers, faster than every QB in the HOF, Staubach, Warren Moon, Sammy Baugh, et. etc.etc.etc.

            Therefore, he’s the best!


              1. Ha!

                Maybe so…….but have you heard what Shanahan thinks about your “victim”?

                Hasta la Vista, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, thats right….”I’ll be back”??? He WILL be back, wearing another team’s colors. We will stack the box on ‘ol wind-up and force him to beat us with the pass, read our defense, go to 2nd and 3rd options consistently……………”Turn out the lights, the party is oooooovverrrr”.

  28. I’m predicting lil Shanny signing Hoyer as the “bridge” QB, and maybe keeping Ponder, while drafting someone in the mid-rounds. It just makes too much sense, knows the offense, free agent, and didn’t look too bad in Chicago before the injury.

    I also think Shanny gets his Julio in the draft ala Davis or Williams, I read somewhere that he needs a beast split end for his offense to work best.

    1. Here’s one source Leo.

      Brian Hoyer: “Kyle Shanahan’s offense requires a big-time, playmaking ‘X'” receiver, someone who is really, really fast!”

      The way I see it, every good offense need a big time, playmaking Split End! In fact, I would argue a big, fast, physical, playmaking “X” is the toughest offensive position to fill, outside of the quarterback.

      Why? In most formations (there are exceptions to the rule) the X is “tethered” to the line of scrimmage, and cannot go in motion. So when he’s facing a cornerback, as he almost always is, the cornerback can jam him at the line. Therefore, your X receiver needs to have the rare combinations of SPEED, to get down the sideline, QUICKNESS to get separation, and enough SIZE to not only beat “bump and run” coverage, but also win jump balls. Not to mention, like all receivers, he needs to have soft hands to catch the ball away from his body.

      A quality Split End, IMO, needs to be at the very minimum, 6’2″ 210 lbs, and run in the low 4.5’s. Ideally, even bigger and faster than that. Julio Jones is listed at 6’3″ 220 lbs, and runs right around 4.40 flat. These guys are rare, and usually go very early in the draft.

      I’d like to see Eric Rogers get a shot at playing the position. He certainly has the size, and enough speed (4.48) pre-injury.

      In terms of draft prospect, I like Mike Williams & Corey Davis, of course, but both guys will go round one. However, there is a 4-Star recruit, redshirt sophomore who wore #80 for the Buckeyes, named NOAH BROWN who made, IMO FBS D-1’s catch of the year VS the Sooners during a nationally televised game in September ( ), and surprised many by declaring early for the draft. He’s listed at 6’2″ 222 lbs, and runs a 4.50 40, and could be this years sleeper pick at WR.


  29. TANK: According to some guy named Bob McGinn, its been Gutekunst’s job for two weeks. Jed reportedly said, ““The owner says he’s Scot McCloughan without the drinking problem.”

    TANK: It is so clear to me that someone in the organization let it be known. That undermines Shanahan.

    Scoots: None of it matters unless Jed/Marathe are removed from the football decisions in the GM/HC contracts. Without out that it matters little who the next face of the franchise is.

  30. 49ers may have trouble hiring a G.M.

    Posted by Mike Florio on January 19, 2017, 7:30 PM EST

    As the 49ers continue to look for a G.M. who, as a practical matter, will be working for coach Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers could be facing a different set of challenges.

    If control over the roster was promised to Shanahan in order to get him to take the job at a time when everyone else had bailed, the current employers of the candidates for the G.M. job could block the move, since it wouldn’t entail the typical powers of a G.M.

  31. Mike Florio:

    Throw in the perception/reality that Paraag Marathe will be involved in football operations (and possibly negotiating contracts), and more of the finalists for the G.M. job could decide to pass, in the same way that Packers executive Eliot Wolf has done.

    For Wolf, why swap the opportunity to eventually (if not sooner) run the Packers’ football operation for being a third spoke in the wheel at best, a glorified scout at worst?

      1. Ha! I was thinking the same thing Grant. It’s like Florio is reading this blog. He is using your info as his “source” and parroting our conersation about the possibility of Paton and McDonogh dropping out.

      2. Sorry about that Grant, I’m a little overwhelmed that the 49ers might actually do something right.

        The signing of WR , Ross, with exp. in the WCO, gives more credence to the Shanahan story. What do you think ?

      3. I think he might have read yours because he is saying the exact same thing.

        For example:

        If control over the roster was promised to Shanahan in order to get him to take the job at a time when everyone else had bailed, the current employers of the candidates for the G.M. job could block the move, since it wouldn’t entail the typical powers of a G.M.

        “IF” is all you need to read. That right there makes the rest of the entry pointless. It means he has no idea if it’s true or not and is just making up a story based on something that may or may not be true much like you are Grant.

          1. I also wasn’t implying you were lying Grant. You are reporting what your source told you and I understand that. I just buy your sources story.

        1. I’m with you Rocket…all these “sources” and “speculation” have no idea what the Niners are offering KS at this point. It seems obvious that they are simply assuming it is the case since Kyle has “all” the leverage he’s asking for everything but the kitchen sink. It could end up being the case but this one is a wait and see.

          The more believable scenario is Gute was the favorite and knowing that Wolf backed off and in the process received a promotion from the pack to stay and likely some reassurance that his time will come.

            1. How do you know they prefer Wolf? Gutekunst has been blocked from interviewing for previous jobs too. It also has nothing to do with how the Niners view him. If they liked his interview better than Wolf’s then he would be the favorite for the job.

              1. Because Wolf is the heir to Thompson and Gutekunst isn’t. Wolf is above Gutekunst in that organization.

              2. Weren’t you the one that said either selection of Gutekunst or Wolf will do, though you did prefer Wolf?

              1. I’ve come across a few pundits that say Gutey is regarded as the better prospect of the two….

              2. Just because the Packers value Wolf over Gutey, and they didn’t demonstrate that until late in the process, doesn’t mean every NFL Front Office feels the same way, Grant….

              3. They must like Gutey a lot because they just promoted him in March 2016. He’s said to be better than Wolf when it comes to college evaluation, and projecting the player to the NFL. He killed his interview, and he’s been described by York as the next McCloughan without the alcohol….

              4. They promoted him to Wolf’s old position after promoting Wolf. Gutekunst is not said to be better than Wolf at evaluating or projecting anything. Don’t get it twisted…

              5. Grant, from my studies, Gutey is said to be a “great” college player evaluator and keen ability to project that ability into the NFL. Wolf is said to have a stronger feel for evaluating NFL players. Not twisting anything, just reporting my findings. I’m sorry they do not conform to your agenda!

              6. Wolf is a prodigy as an evaluator, like his dad. Both have rare recall abilities. They’re walking encyclopedias. Gutekunst is better at contracts and numbers.

              7. I don’t doubt Gutekunst was willing to budge on the personnel power and Wolf wasn’t, I just don’t think it was to the extreme that you’re making it out to be. I think Shanny will have final 53 power but not overall.

              8. I think Gutey was hand selected by the same guy that hired Wolf, and has been with the Packers his entire career….

              9. Grant I will eat crow if you end up being right, just promise me you’ll make sure to ask “Who has final say?” At the press conference. Don’t let that go unanswered

              10. I hope the answer is- that it was a collaborative process, and both parties agreed on the same thing, not that one supersedes the other.

              11. Seb-

                The “collaborative effort” could be the answer given, but that would be just a cop out. No 2 people agree on every single thing, someone has to have final say. That’s what I’m hoping we find out.

            2. Grant-
              would it not be true to think that in the 9ers set-up, the absolute traditional definition of the job might not be so? That is, the GM will be something of a super-scout, with Prag picking up the contract duties? Something along those lines?
              Walsh was his own GM, and it worked……………

    1. I can give a good reason to take the job.
      Unless, Shanahan proves to be Bellacheck like he will likely lose the head coach or GM title within 4 years; and the natural progression for Jed at that point would be Brian. If Brian stays he likely will have to compete with the Legacy candidate in Wolf.

      GM jobs become available far less frequently than do HC gigs.

  32. ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper released his latest mock draft this week, projecting a quarterback to the needy San Francisco 49ers with the second pick.

    Kiper tapped North Carolina’s one-year starter Mitch Trubisky to San Francisco, who he feels is the best quarterback of the class over Clemson’s Deshaun Watson. Trubisky would give presumed head coach Kyle Shanahan a quarterback to mold into the face of the franchise.

    Mitch Trubisky 2016 Highlights | North Carolina

    1. ZzzZZZzzzz Mock drafts are absolutely irrelevant this time of year. They’re irrelevant usually by the 10th pick of the draft.

  33. I think it’s pretty clear what happened here. SF’s interest got Green Bay’s nose up. Realized they better lock this guy in before he leaves. They probably promised him he’s next in line after Teddy leaves… and of course – he stays.

    1. I must say I am somewhat surprised the Falcons are blocking assistants from moving. Most of those guys are hand selected by Shanahan. It makes me think their new OC will be an in-house candidate.

  34. He’ll have to choose someone who’s unemployed because the Falcons won’t give him permission to take any of their assistants.

    I think this could make a good article Grant, where you list some suggestions for OC and DC, then pick one from each list, and finally explain your reasoning behind your decision. Just a thought.

  35. Fangio wanted Shanahan years ago. Coming from the 3rd best DC in the NFL he knows talent when he sees it.

    The Niners are just getting what Fangio asked for a few years removed.

    1. This goes with what I said yesterday about Bradley declining once Cable was out.

      This is all stuff that should already have been well in the works. If Shanahan doesn’t already have his guys lined up he will flop.

          1. I will write nice things about Jed when he does nice things. Disparaging a GM by calling him a lush is not classy at all.

        1. You honestly cannot say Shanahan is scrambling Grant. He very well could have a coaching staff in mind, but he is choosing not to reach out to them until after the Falcons are eliminated from the playoffs or win the Super Bowl.

          1. Cable could have brought Kirchner and Bradley with him. That’s a one-stop shop. Shanahan is a piecemeal operation.

            1. Didn’t you say in your 4 part series that Kyle should be the head coach? Now because he has to go get assistants, head peicemeal? Hmmm

              1. I’m just explaining Cable’s appeal. We’ll see whom Shanahan gets. I’m sure his dad is trying to piece together a staff for him right now.

            2. I am actually glad that did not happen as I have never really been impressed with Cable or Bradley.

              1. Same here, MWD! Bradley is overrated and Cable was damn lucky to even receive an interview!

              2. First thing you do is request permission to talk to Donatell from the Bears. If they block, try Reggie Herring, LB’s coach in Denver. Don’t like him? Gutey brings Mike Trgovac. Another thing, Pagano is interviewing with McGloughan right now. You don’t think York has his agent’s number? Boulderdash!

              3. Every year this comes up and every year I forget (because it’s only important at this time of the year). I thought a coach’s current team could NOT block them from accepting a position that is an upgrade (i.e. not a lateral move). Donatell would be moving up if he were offered the DC position.

              4. The Pagano system appears to be strong against the run, but bottom tier against the pass.

              5. Jim Haslett would be just as bad as Jim Oneil. I personally would look for the best defenses in the league and start with their position coaches, like dline and linebacker. If this team is going to grow together, might as well grow with a candidate that has seen how top defenses are run. Rave s guys and Steeler guys.. Just my choices

        2. That’s why Cable was appealing?

          Uhh what? I guess that’s why he had teams blowing up his phone for interview requests lol

      1. Agree Hammer. Its difficult to succeed as a HC without being able to put together a quality staff. And Shanahan is going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to putting one together.

        1. Between himself and his dad, I’m sure they can assemble a quality staff. A lot of good coaches still out there….

          1. I think they may go to the college ranks, because they could entice quality college coaches with the appeal of tripling their salaries.

            Jed should poach Don Brown from Michigan, just to get back at JH.

  36. Kirshner would have been a good candidate, but when he leveraged Jed by insisting on having Jed interview Cable, I am glad it did not work out.

    Pete Carrol pushed hard for Cable because he knew that he could beat Cable twice a year.

    1. Yup, not only that but if it weren’t for Russell Wilsons elusiveness and escapability he would break an NFL record getting sacked a hundred times a year

    1. Ryan and Shanahan have already said they were not on the same page in 2015. This tells me that Shanahan runs a complex run-first system.

        1. I found the article somewhat concerning because it seems to indicate that KS does not modify his offense to fit the players. It seems to be his way or the highway and damn the results. Let’s hope he’s softened on that as a result of the 2016 season.

            1. You mean that he DOESN’T modify his offense. If that’s the case it could take several extra year before he gets his players in place, don’t you think?

          1. Coaches shouldn’t have to modify their playbooks to fit guys skill set. It is my belief that if you are a star at your position you can adapt to any playbook and any offensive scheme. For the non stars, they still need teaching and no how. If you are a receiver, catch the ball, if you are a rb, hit the whole your supposed to go in, if your a lineman, block. Simple. Now the bigger problem are the lineman. If you have enough guys that can’t move in your zbs, then you go get players who can fit that scheme. You shouldn’t Taylor your whole offense just because a guy or 2 can’t keep up. You replace him. Especially if it’s been proven that his offensive scheme works effectively…

  37. Off topic, but shaking my head at the childish antics of the protestors in Washington. Whether you voted for the new president or not, you need to give him the same benefit of the doubt and respect you gave those before him.

      1. For the protestors, that apparently stands for: Up Stupid Anitcs, or USA for short.

      1. They’re already failing at that with the ones who are deciding to pout and stay away from the inauguration. Again, childish.

        1. They all attended the inauguration. They also did not not blame another country for losing to Obama. I do not care who is the President is or what party is in the position. The Congressional members and the protesters need to act their age.

          1. MWD: Try google. That will give you the information you need and keep you from posting nonsense.

            Their party threw a tantrum and skipped on O’s inauguration, and the next 8 years…

            1. How about trying to state the truth Chess? All you do was throw out supposition while I pointed out what actually has occured and is occurring.

  38. LOL, talk about cherry picking stats. He only uses the later games because he thinks they are more important than the earlier games. Wrong. every game is important.

    He writes this during their 6 game losing streak, so posters are ripping them unmercifully. Some want them to cut Matt Ryan.Some accuse KS of ruining Matt Ryan. KS is accused of being a cancer and burning bridges.

    Wonder what they think of KS now?

      1. My pleasure, Mid. Based on that video alone, I would be very surprised if a rookie is our starting QB. Seems like we will definitely need an established veteran. Some people have been mentioning Schaub and I could definitely see that happening; but I don’t know what his contract status is.

  39. They’re communists & 60’s brats. They’re just losers with no class.
    Paid protesters from the George Soros fund. Starting tomorrow Soros will be shut down & out.

      1. You know the roles have flipped, Razor. Republicans are now the party who try to roll back civil rights and social justice.

    1. I don’t care what he is as long as he’s successful in making our country the best it can be, and we in turn reap the benefits!

        1. That question is lacking because the president elect generally has not done anything other than make big promises to make anyone believe he or she will make the nation better.

        2. He pulled off the biggest upset in American Political History, and he did it againt the Clinton machine, the Obama machine, and the press corps. He’s a winner!

          1. He just read The Art of War, and followed its concepts. Use spies and sabateurs to spread lies and create diversions. Divide and conquer. Even so, he is the minority candidate who leveraged the electoral college to win. Clinton won the popular vote.

            Republicans shot themselves in the foot by insisting a sitting president can be sued. I just expect a blizzard of lawsuits. He will reel from one crisis to another, and things will end up like Bush, another minority candidate.

            I am hoping he does succeed, because I am afraid that he will plunge us into the abyss.

              1. Seb, Jackson 5? I got to see them at the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas when I was a kid. I must have been 12 year old, but remember it vividly. That would make it around 1974!

          2. Razor,
            Relax dude. Trump didn’t win the election. Clinton lost it with her dishonesty and pure stupidity. I’m still pissed at that bitc# for screwing our country. There will be no rising tide. We are all screwed with Trump as president. Don’t be stupid to believe otherwise.

    2. Nice try-Chicago news-Obamas home town where over 4K murdered during his term. And spending the same -not -Trump has a 10 Trillion spending cut plan over 10 years. Obama increased spending by 10 Trillion and had worst GDP ever.

  40. I was thinking.. You guys remember Kevin Greene. I believe he said something like if the Steelers needed him as a position coach he’s all in. Why not bring him here to coach linebackers? I say let’s get some guys in here that excelled at playing their positions, to be position coaches. Let’s call Rod Woodson, Ed Reed, Brent Jones. I’m just throwing out names but they could be the next big things if given a shot!!

      1. That would be excellent. A player of his caliber teaching the likes of Buckner and Armstead. Would be great for them to pick his brain

    1. Steele,
      There is an old saying, those who can, do. Those who can’t coach. (I paraphrase) Great players seldom make great coaches. Much of the game came to them instinctually.

  41. Why not -Dwaine Board for D line coach. He’s up in Seattle–come home Dwaine!

    As coach:
    San Francisco 49ers (1990–1993)
    (Defensive line assistant)
    San Francisco 49ers (1994–2002)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Seattle Seahawks (2003–2008)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Oakland Raiders (2009)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Cleveland Browns (2011–2012)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Seattle Seahawks (2015–present)
    (Defensive line coach)

    1. He’s done a great job with Seattle’s front 4… I always wondered, does being a line coach change your teachings if your a 4-3 coach as opposed to a 3-4 coach

        1. Don’t think they can because it would be an upward move for Donatell. I think only lateral moves can be blocked, but I’m not 100% sure.

  42. Draft Segue… I’m back and forth on the 49ers safety position.
    – Ward is a natural safety, but doing well at corner so he could stick outside.
    – Reid is OK, but not what we hoped when he was drafted mid first.
    – Tartt is speed+weight potential. I want to see more instinctive play.

    Which begs the question… is safety a borderline “need” spot? I’m hearing great things about Malik Hooker. His great range would be great as a single high safety. Depending on what kind of coverages the 49ers employ, he could be among a very impactful defender year one.

    1. Malik Hooker is compared to Earl Thomas, but if the Niners do not go to a system like the Seahawks, maybe he is not the best choice.

      I prefer Jabril Peppers. Solid all around, and versatile. He can take punts, and has enough twitch to make defenders miss.

      1. Also, the Niners could trade back, and get Peppers. They would have to use the second overall pick to get Hooker, he is rated number 4 right now.

  43. This is whole thing is soooo sad.

    Shanahan is not Walsh until he proves he is that good (leader, motivator, play design, talent evaluator, etc) to have control over roster.

    You don’t get a crappier gm for this reason.

    Not Walsh, not belichek could win without good Players

    If wolf is really the prodigy child (per grant) you can’t pass that up because you have committed to a certain philosophy. You fly both these fools (wolf, shanahan) out to a hut
    In Tahiti over the damn water and bring your uncle, Steve young, Montana, Mike shanahan, and lots of boos and make them work it out.

    1. I agree Shish. Holmgren is a guy that could have bagged the Wolf with his relationship to Eliot. Jed should make people like Holmgren Niner ambassadors.

      1. also after thinking long and hard I figured out a way to get fangio without having bears block it.

        Keeping him and Donatell in the first place instead of letting them go to hire a plumber to coach the team.

        You just don’t let a top five D.C. go. Thank Goodness for them swallowing their egos And trying to get him back. But Chicago has no reason to let him go.

        We are scrambling for a D.C. Bradley fangio and who knows how many more people declined.

        We are basically getting Kyle Shanahan in this deal. All eggs in one basket.

        Don’t get me wrong. I think Kyle was best coaching candidate out there this year. Couldn’t be happier about that.

  44. Too many people removing themselves from consideration for it to not involve the Jedster messing up.

    Seriously aren’t the Yorks going to learn, not many people in the NFL want to work with them even for the most lucrative jobs.

    Why do you think Wolf removed himself from the search?
    Jedster and Praag

    Do you think Wolf ever was sincerely interested in the 49ers’ job, or did he leverage them for a new deal in Green Bay?
    I think if he is smart he would never consider the Niners

    Whom do you think the 49ers next GM will be?
    I am worried that the Jedster will revert back to Baalke just like he did with praag

    1. Wolfe remover himself because he knew he wasn’t getting the job. Get over it dude. When Kyle is officially named HC, don’t jump on the bandwagon!! Stay off and wave as we go by. Unless you try to find a way to blame Jed for calling a press conference at 1 Eastern instead of 2. Nobody is backing out. He can’t accept a job until his team is gone. Or would u rather Jed come on and say, we have offered Kyle Shannahan our HC position. Then news flash, we lose draft picks and are fined for tampering. Good lord Man, find something else to do with your free time.

    2. The GM search has now ended up with a bunch of qualified individuals bowing out. No former GMs will touch Jed with a 10 foot pole, so they are left with 3 candidates who may just end up being glorified scouts.

      KS may accrue all the power over the team and roster, and Jed is desperate enough to give him carte blanche, because the alternative is another 2-14 season.

  45. I don’t know if anyone has posted this or not but what happens if KS passes on the job? I keep seeing all these leaks and they have to be fodder for other teams to possibly sweep in and ruin a parade. The organization does not know how to keep a lid on things and I believe it hurts them.

    In regards to who handles decisions in players you have to ask who leaked that information and who benefits? Not either coach or GM. Why leak this unless you’re trying to fix your image?

    All those who thin Jed has learned his lesson and that Baalke was the problem are in for a big surprise! Remember Baalke was also supposedly the chronic leaker and yet we have heard nothing from him since he announced his dismissal. Funny how some things stay the same. Those who don’t see Jed as a problem owner who desperately wants the press and fans to like him are not learning their lesson from history where a clear pattern has been demonstrated.

    Don’t know if you saw the Gase information about Baalke picking Tomsula but it seems calculated to help you know who…

      1. I think you’re missing my point Steel. Jed is what makes this organization disfunctional. Nothing seems to have changed.

        I like KS much more than Chip Kelly hire. However, I don’t think those at the top have a clue. I think that is what ails the organization more than anything.

    1. And everyone saw the Gase interview. His words were balkee picked everything with that roster, from top to bottom. Now Jed did give him that power, so if u want to be ticked at him for that cool. But stop hatin that the man is trying to right this ship. However awkward it may seem.

    2. Baalke leaked, but the main leaker is Paraag. He is still there, so it is no wonder why there are still a blizzard of leaks. That is his modus operandi.

      Glad to know that Baalke nixed Gase, it makes me even gladder that Baalke is gone.

      As long as Paraag is in the building, the Niners will never win another ring. KS should insist that Paraag go to Sacto and ruin that soccer team, or he will not come to the Niners. Then Jed will have to decide between a suit and a coach.

      If KS can get rid of Paraag, the Niners have a chance. If not, just expect more losing.

  46. Hate the Raiders, but respect the man and statement:

    Adam Schefter retweeted
    Derek Carr
    18h18 hours ago
    Derek Carr ‏@derekcarrqb
    Whether I am happy or not doesn’t matter. Whoever is the leader of our country will get the best version of me every single day.

    1. That’s because he’s now part of the tax bracket that benefits from a man like Trump being president.

      1. But I had been told that Trump’s tax policies would benefit the common man on the street … especially the fans of floundering sports teams looking for some relief…

      1. Avg. Ranks Rushing Passing 3rd D RZ Takeaway Points Yards DVOA Overall

        Mike Pettine 20.0 6.9 10.3 14.7 10.1 15.0 11.0 8.7 12.1
        John Pagano 16.2 17.0 12.6 18.0 19.2 18.0 15.4 22.2 17.3
        Greg Manusky 18.3 18.9 16.0 16.8 19.6 17.7 18.3 18.2 18.0
        Gus Bradley 18.9 19.4 19.8 15.3 20.5 21.0 18.4 19.9 19.1
        Rob Ryan 25.1 16.9 21.4 17.2 23.9 21.4 21.5 21.6 21.1
        Jason Tarver 17.7 21.3 20.7 19.0 25.7 29.7 20.3 27.0 22.7
        Jim Tomsula 29.0 27.0 16.0 20.0 31.0 18.0 29.0 27.0 24.6
        Joe Barry 26.3 27.0 26.3 26.8 13.5 25.0 30.0 27.5 25.3

        Bradley’s defense is inconsistent and dependent on talent….

        1. Bradley’s defense is inconsistent and dependent on talent….
          Most are depending on the ranking or stat being evaluated from season to season.

  47. I was interested to read on PFT a rehash (natch!) of an article from a writer in Milwaukee who thinks Dorsey of the Chiefs might be the next GM in Green Bay, not Wolf. Home team writer, but who knows?
    If so, our psychoanalys-from-afar of guys we’ve never met as to various peoples’ motivations could be…….useless. Total shock!
    Maybe, not for sure but just saying, maybe we’re just blowing smoke out of our exhaust.
    Now,one guy on here has ‘been in the industry’ and thinks he knows everything. Another guy has read a couple of books and has this stuff all figured out.
    The rest of us must plod along and wait to see what happens

  48. Ah….What an interesting development. Hhhmmm…. Which source to trust?

    “The 49ers are expected to hire a general manager next week that will be matched with Shanahan. A source close to Shanahan told that Shanahan is not insisting on full control over personnel and is fine working together with a general manager, on whom he would lean, to execute the plan with free agency, trades, the draft and determining the 53-man roster.”

    1. What, you mean a 37 year old walking into his first head coaching job isn’t insisting on having full autonomy over the roster and a professional executive isn’t willing to take a name only job to lay down his power to a kid? What a shocker I have such hard time believing that could be possible. I mean Grant’s so sure he’s right.

    2. ok this is just getting crazy now:

      Adam Schefter Verified account 

      Packers exec Brian Gutekunst has decided to remain in Green Bay and not pursue 49ers GM job, per source.

      1. The GM is going to be Terry McDonough. Albert Breer predicted this a week ago in a KNBR interview with Gary & Larry

        1. Well if that’s the case it can be announced at any point… didn’t they have a meeting scheduled with GM candidates and KS? I’d imagine it’d be announced after that

            1. Has a lot of successful experience with different teams. Has been in the assistant GM position for the past couple seasons. Other then Paton he has the most direct experience for the general manager position. He’s highly regarded and would be seen as a solid hire for the front office.

              What I like least is that all that experience still doesn’t say what he’ll be like in the position on his own nor does it give light to what kind of relationship he’ll have with Shanny.

              I would have been happy with Wolf but I feel like McD was actually the best choice of the candidates that were available. I’m very happy with this hire.

              1. Oops, I came here read a few posts and jumped ahead of myself.

                If they do actually hire McD, then I’ll be quite happy.

              2. “McDonough has experienced success from the time he entered the NFL as a scouting intern with San Francisco in 1989, when they won Super Bowl XXIV. As a personnel executive with the Barcelona Dragons of the World League, McDonough helped them to the World Bowl in 1991. A year later the Dragons won the European championship. His first professional entry to the NFL came with the Cleveland Browns in 1992 as an area scout. He moved with the franchise to Baltimore in 1996. Four years later the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV.”

                “He’s spent the last two years working as general manager Steve Keim’s right-hand man in a position where he’s been responsible for discovering some of Arizona’s small-school draft picks which include wide receiver John Brown (Pittsburg State), running back David Johnson (Northern Iowa) and defensive tackle Rodney Gunter (Delaware Sate).”

          1. I think Gutekunst is smart. Any intelligent person would perform his due diligence and ask other candidates their opinion. I am sure that all he had to do is pick up the phone. Caserio’s number should be in the phone book.

              1. Razor, you know me. I rarely bet.

                Gutekunst has too much class to dish like that. Any conversation would have been private, and will probably stay that way.

    3. I was debating this with Grant above and he got his info from a source and now we have another source close to Shanahan saying he doesn’t want all the power in personnel. Who to believe? Nobody. This is the time when you get contradicting statements daily, sometimes even hourly, so it’s probably best to wait and see what shakes down next week before drawing conclusions.

      Gutekunst withdrawing is surprising considering many of the rumors flying around had him as the favorite, but he got the same deal Wolf did to stay in GB so things worked out to his advantage whether he actually wanted the Niner job or not.

      Personally I’m happy with McDonough if he turns out to be the guy. He’s been my personal favorite since he was announced as a candidate so that would work for me. If he and Paton also turn it down, then we have to start wondering if this is a situation where Shanahan will be given final say on everything. My feeling is that won’t be the case but that is simply looking at it from what makes the most sense and we know that sense and the 49ers aren’t always compatible.

  49. Packers exec Brian Gutekunst has decided to remain in Green Bay and not pursue 49ers GM job, per source. – Schefter

    1. Gute’s glutes tightened at the prospect of having to communicate with Jed daily.. Or it may be the raise and promotion that Ted gave him….

    1. Still have to make sure McDonough and Paton are compatible with Shanahan. What if GM hired today, and Shanny doesn’t like?

  50. If “Scot McCloughan without the drinking problem” really did come from Jed or other 49er exec, that could have been it.

    1. If Jed knew that he’s talking to someone that is going to repeat what he says he’s never going to say such a comment for public viewing. The author has either constructed this comment based upon his opinion of what Jed is thinking or he told Jed it would be off the record and then decided to print it anyway. I could imagine the actual comment being something like; “he’s a lot like Scot, well not in some ways but in his ability to scout he really reminds me of him.” D&&k head reporters will spin a comment like that into the statement that we all see on twitter.

      1. All good points. Many possibilities for Gutekunst dropping out.
        – General York dysfunction
        – Used as leverage for pay increase
        – Thought Shanny would have too much roster control (sucks to be responsible for something you don’t have control over)
        – Got back channel info McDonough and Paton was Jed-Shanny’s choice
        – Realized what bay area housing costs were?
        – League wide practical joke with several individuals pretending to be interesting just for kicks.

  51. Going back to the beginning of the year, remember when an unnamed source leaked that Jed was leaning towards Gamble?. Obviously, it was Paraag, who wanted to shaft Chip’s buddy, and get others to try and convince Jed to change his mind.

    Now the word is finally out, and all the decent GM candidates are bailing from this dysfunctional dumpster fire, because Jed has tied Paraag to his hip. Until Jed cuts ties with Paraag, even KS may bail. KS better get into writing that Paraag will have nothing to do with the football team. Anal lytics are nice, but the other teams have them, too. No wonder the Niners seemed so dunderingly predictable, and it is no wonder why the other team always seemed to be in the perfect position to stop them.

    Terry McDonough will bail when he realizes that Paraag will remain the power behind the throne. He will do his due diligence and talk with Wolf and Gutekunst.

    In the end, Gamble will be the last man standing, and will be promoted like I predicted.

    KS says he will not insist on having total control, but if he wins a SB, he will be in a dominant position, and will be able to make such demands, especially if he sees that Paraag influenced Baalke with his anal lytics to draft injured players. KS is holding all the cards, and he should bluff Jed into ditching Paraag, because the alternative is unthinkable. Jed should not choose a suit over a coach. That is what got them in this mess in the first place.

    Gutekunst withdrawing is another slap in the face, and Jed will be further humiliated when the others bail. The word is out, and it is not pretty.

  52. Interesting KNBR comment… if Shanahan has the roster “trigger”, the “GM” position is GM in name only, so candidates can be blocked by their current teams from interviewing.

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