Report: Colin Kaepernick says the Niners’ offense “didn’t play well” against the Seahawks

SANTA CLARA — This is the entire transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday interview with Bay Area reporters, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. Enjoy.

How was practice out there? A little wet?



How’s the team coming back, bouncing back right now? Where’s the focus at?

“The Raiders.”


What about you personally?

“The Raiders.”


What do you see in the Raiders as far as what they bring to the table and what you’re seeing on film?

“They’re a good team.”


When you went back and looked at tape from the Seattle game, what struck you about the offense?

“We didn’t play well.”



“Didn’t execute.”


Any explanation why you didn’t execute?

“Didn’t play well.”


Was it mostly you guys or what Seattle was doing?

“It was us.”


Growing up here in this region, if you could share with us just growing up playing the game, this Raider-49er rivalry, just if you followed it or?

“I was a Packers fan.”


You almost became a Raider, though, back in the draft. How many times did you visit with the Raiders before the draft?



And did you meet with former Raiders owner and general manager Al Davis back then?

“[Former Raiders head coach] Hue [Jackson].”


And what kind of vibe did you get from Hue and knowing how much he would want you? 

“A good one.”


Did you work out at the facility there?



Did they work you out all?



No work out? Just a meet-and-greet?



What’s the confidence like with the team right now? Did Thursday’s loss take its toll on you guys confidence-wise?



And why is that?

“We know what we have to do. We played bad.”


When you have a game like that, is it one of those things where man you just can’t wait until the next one?



How are you guys able to compartmentalize all the outside drama and rumors and stories about head coach Jim Harbaugh potentially not being here next year? And not only that, but whether it’s the Raiders, Michigan, different places like that. How are you able to keep that all out of your heads?

“I don’t pay attention.”


Is that hard, though? I mean you guys are human.



What do you think about the rumors that are surrounding Harbaugh?

“Look at his resume. You’ll get your answer.”


Do you want him to be your head coach next year?



What are you looking forward to on Sunday?



Are you curious to see what the black hole is like in person, just being in the Raiders stadium?

“I’ve been there before.”


As a fan or just as exhibition? As a fan?

“Punt, pass and kick.”


How old were you then?

“I don’t remember.”


How did you fare?

“Second and third.”


In what categories?

“Two different years.”


Sorry if you’ve been asked this, I just got here, but TE Vernon Davis, as you probably know, he had 16 catches of over 20 yards last year. He just has one this year. He’s dealt with injuries. Is he physically OK or what’s going on with him and why hasn’t he been as big a part of the offense?

“He’s physically fine.”


Can you put your finger on why he hasn’t been…his numbers are pretty dramatically down?

“Couldn’t tell you.”


No idea?



Were you about 11 when you did the punt, pass, kick?

“I don’t remember.”

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    1. Let’s ask you the same questions over and over and over and over, and see what your responses are. I think he is pissed at the media and at the play on Thursday and will take it out on the next 4 opponents.

      1. What? You think he’s the only player in the NFL that has the address the media? Comes with the territory of being an NFL QB. You answer the questions and you throw from the pocket.

    2. @the k

      I don’t know what you expect him to say especially after not only his Worst Performance since he’s become the Starter but the entire Offensive Unit?

      I can only speak for myself but I ask this question…..

      Do I want my QB to be a Media Darling or do I want him to be the Best QB he can be?

      I’ll take the latter Thank You.

      And CLEARLY he needs to get ALOT better.

    1. Kap wasn’t always this terse. My guess he is doing it because he is mad and/or protecting himself. I don’t really care if he is a media darling, though I do have some concerns if it also translates to field play, which I am unsure of at present. Can anyone give insight when these terse answers began to really take root. Was it after the Miami stories or was it something else?

  1. I was wrong. I take it all back. Every word. I am not a very good judge of QBs.

    I was one of the first hoping/begging that Alex Smith would be benched so we could begin the Kaepernick era. I thought Kaepernick was going to be the next great SF QB.

    I was wrong. The guy is an absolute slug. He has no leadership quality. He is hard headed in the worst possible ways. And on top of that- I dislike him as a person.

    I will admit…. I find myself watching Chief games nowadays (I have watched all but one this season) Alex Smith isn’t a great player, he will never go to the hall of fame, and it still burns me up sometimes that Nolan chose Smith over Rodgers because he would be easier to control. But Alex Smith is a good person. I like him personally and he has never been rude to anyone- even though the guy gets dissed by press and fans all the time.

    Alex Smith has character. Kaepernick is a slug. The niners MUST be in the market for a QB next year. It is time to find the next great SF QB.

      1. Eventually Razor you will admit it that CK was not all he was hyped to be.
        Maybe not publicly, but after next week and beyond, a lot of people on here will be talking about who the 49ers should draft at the QB position.

        1. I don’t throw my quarterback out with the bath water during a campaign. He’ll get another shot next year with this team, and then if he fails to improve up to expectations, he’ll be gone and everyone moves on. Until then, keep pushing your agenda and let the chips fall where they may….

          1. Can someone please forward me this agenda?
            If you have not seen enough of the inaccuracy, the lack of vision, lack of leadership this year, just wait til next week in Seattle when you will have a front and centre view of it.

            1. How many times are you going to repeat, “just wait til next week”? If I had a dollar for every time you’ve said that, I’d have enough to buy Canada a big enough Army to defend itself….

              1. How many times are you guys gonna say he’s won big games against good teams?
                How many times are you guys gonna say he’s inproved?
                How many times are you gonna say he is accurate and can stand in the pocket and deliver the ball past his 1st and 2nd read?
                BTW, we don’t need an army, we just let you clowns spend all your money on military stuff while being the worlds a hole and we mooch off it and look like the nice guy. Economics 101 Yankee!

              2. Prime Time I just had the chance to read your post regarding the canadian military…..Come on man i know you do’nt speak for the canadians that i know who are decent caring men and women. They actually give a damn about people in the world that need help that are not canadians. They do’nt believe they mooch of america and they would be happy to serve in places where women and children are being murdered and raped regardless of the cost to their countries economy. Most of the canadians i’ve known or met were some of the most decent and caring people around. Your statement certainly did’nt reflect that.

        2. Did you vet admit Alex smith wasn’t everything you hyped him up to be?
          You’d probably still take him right now.

          1. One thing I always appreciated in Alex Smith’s game was that he valued not turning the ball over. I just wish we had a guy who could secure the ball and be accurate.
            Did you guys watch that presser today with CK? That’s tHe leader of this team and offense? It’s embarassing!

            1. Although ck doesn’t give us the answers we want, and can seem a little short and smug, I could care less.
              This turnover thing you’re talking about. Do you mean vs Seattle? Because I can say he stinks vs that team, but I don’t see him as a turnover machine.
              It’s not like Alex smith didn’t struggle vs the giants those two years.
              Ask Aaron Rodgers who his nemesis is. Would you quit on him?
              Montana struggled vs the giants.
              Young with the packers and Dallas.
              Brady with the giants.
              Manning with the pats.
              It’s not new that some teams just have a qb’s number or are in their heads

              1. Alex Smith never had the best wide receiving corp. The receivers are GREAT this year. Lloyd is still a great player. Stevie Johnson is better than crabtree. Boldin may be a hall of famer.

                Alex Smith could do really well with this team. He has no receivers in KC and still does a decent job.

                I think Kap’s mindset is messed up to a degree that I doubt he will be a good to great qb. He just cant go through his progressions.

              2. Big suade…
                We have great receivers?
                Great ones get open and make plays. We have receivers who like dropping balls this season. Alex smith had a younger and better gore, a Vernon Davis who shredded defenses, the same Michael Crabtree. And a better defense.
                Alex smith in KC…
                Had what 11 pro bowlers last year?
                He has a better o-line now, probably the biggest game breaker in his backfield, and a no named tight end who *hits all over any of ours.
                Please tell me how smith would do better? GOOD defenses and teams have figured his game out. There’s no secret he can’t beat the elites. With what I’d say is an identical team we have.
                I’ll give smith one thing, he may not score any points vs Seattle if he played last Thursday with this team, but he wouldn’t have turned the ball over either.

              3. Oh and since when did Bowe become some scrub? Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a qb who throws downfield? Is it coincidence Crabtree had better numbers after smith and Bowes numbers are down with smith? Shoot ck might not be able to throw a 4th quarter TD, but he can get his receivers some. IJS

              4. Ninermd- you can take a look at some all-22 film. Fans who go to the games can tell you too. Our receivers are getting separation. They are getting open. (especially stevie johnson) Kaep is just not finding the open man. He locks on and DB’s focus on it.

                And Smith beat the Patriots this season- he had a decent game against the bronco’s at denver.

                And Bowe was never a good/great receiver. He is just like Crabtree- mediocre receiver making a living on being a past high pick.

              5. Alex and the Chiefs also beat the Seahawks. He has a low level O-Line, definitely not one like the Niners, which has a couple of pro bowlers. Alex is not a top level QB, but if you put a good system and players around him, he can succeed. He has bowe and that’s it!

                The Chiefs are in a much better situation now with Alex then the Niners with the Kap. Get Alex a few more WRs and O-line, and they have a chance to compete with the elite.

                We can get Kap all kinds of things, but we still don’t know if he can ever be accurate or make the reads. Regression is a horrible thing for a young QB, it’s not a wasted year for a Super Bowl team.
                Not all young QBS regress, just look at Seattle and Russell Wilson. Oh yeah – he has absolutely no WRs too!

              6. Yep the all 22 has made some fans believe they are experts and know what the progressions are.

                I’ve already read a few on here over the course of the last couple of seasons talk about how the QB missed open receivers when that clearly wasn’t the case when you watch the play develop.

                I can’t count the amount of times I’ve read a breakdown (and not just here) that highlights an open receiver but fails to take into account the ball is already in the process of being thrown and the player is open only because a defender dropped off of him.

                I’m not going to pretend I’m qualified to question or make assessments on NFL HC’s, but I have played and Coached this game for almost 2 3rds of my life and what you believe you see as a fan is not always the case. Most teams have preset reads just like the Niners where you determine where you are looking and ultimately going with the football based on the defense you see. That means receiver X who you see open at the conclusion of the play may not have even been a consideration based on the defensive formation. That is the reality of having to make a read and decision in 2-4 seconds.

                For those believing Kap cannot go through progressions and is a one read and throw QB, watch every game over again on rewind and you will clearly see many instances in which he does just that. The problems arise when protection breaks down or Kap erroneously feels the protection breaking down, drops his eyes and focuses only on a small area of the field. That is an issue, but it can be fixed over time.

                The inaccuracy is another problem and it tends to happen most when Kap rushes his delivery. I don’t know if that can ever be fixed, but he’s a plus 60% completion QB and that is good enough to win with as long as the offense avoids turnovers.

                Turnovers have been a huge point of emphasis this week with some hyperbolic comments suggesting Kap is a turnover machine. Again not the case. He has in fact been one of the best QB’s in the league since he took over as the starter at protecting the football.

                One thing we should have learned over the Harbaugh era is that the offense and defense have been synchronized to play a physical, clock chewing, low risk type of game. When the running game is working and the Niners get a lead, it is an effective system. However if the running game is not working and the team gets behind, they don’t possess the ability to put points on the board quickly or go to a pass oriented system effectively. They showed signs that they were getting better in that area with the spread formations they used in Arizona and at times after, in fact they were quite effective, but now they have fallen back into a system that doesn’t really have a bread and butter identity. It’s been a season long problem and hasn’t really gotten any better. It appears they have instructed Kap to keep his attention downfield instead of running, but at the same time it seems to be affecting his overall game and confidence. With the running game being so inconsistent, it’s also put them in bad situations with 3rd downs and again this is not an offense historically that has been overly effective in those situations, as is the case with most teams.

                I don’t know that it’s just because of the all 22 being available because I don’t think many on here actually watch it or buy it, but we seem to be in a time where everybody and their cousin thinks they know the exact reasons and solutions to things they really don’t. Actually when you think about it that is something that has really been around since the dawn of talk radio. Now it’s just spilled over onto forums like this.

              7. Rocket.

                I paid for the all-22 and watched a few games. You are in some serious denial. You don’t have to be an expert to see how sloppy Colin is in the pocket. Take the first INT to Sherman. Colin had a clean pocket, clear line of sight to Sherman and Lloyd and just made a bad pass.
                He also makes a pre-determined decision, and will throw it regardless of whether the WR is even open or looks like will be open on numerous occasions. Take the well talked about pass to Miller when Chancellor was covering him. The minute he planted his foot he threw it and it had no chance. Instead all he had to do was look down to Hyde who was wide open. These decisions happen in a split second and he is too slow in make those adjustments.

                His footwork is also really bad. He’s using mostly his arm and not stepping into throws, He’s standing sideways and I don’t see any other QB throwing it that way.

                Passing is based on rhythm and Kap ruins it because he doesn’t set his feet, sense pressure that is not there.
                On other play in the Seattle game. On first and ten Gore had a nice run for 8 yards. Now it’s 2nd down, Niners go with a play action fake. 5 step drop. It’s not there. Colin hesitates, then senses pressure. Instead of stepping and throwing, he steps and breaks out of the pocket. You’ve seen him do this many times.
                He had Crabtree open on the sideline breaking to the end zone, 3 steps behind the DB. SS is playing centerfield, Kap never looks up, that ‘s the difference between him and Russell Wilson. So what happened at the end of the play? Kap tried to out run a Seattle LB, but couldn’t and he could have thrown the ball away but instead he gets pulled down from behind for a 4-5 yard loss. So now the Niners went from a manageable 3rd and short to now a 3rd and long.

                That’s why the offense is out of sync. Until he gets better, Roman’s play calling is going to suck because it doesn’t matter what he calls if Kap leaves so many plays on the field. Cosell thinks that just because Kap, on a rare occasion, can make a great play no one else can make, doesn’t make up for all the plays he leaves on the field.

                I remember we had an exchange a couple weeks back, how you thought I was being stubborn and couldn’t see that Kap was getting better. So I’m asking, do you think you’re being stubborn, when all the evidence shows that Kap is regressing. I’m clearly not the only one suggesting this. Watch the all-22 and make up your own mind.

              8. Big suede…
                I apologize for not being clear on getting seperation. I was meaning in the Seattle game. His yards throwing show they can get seperation.
                And in the past I stated being at the game I watched MC open tons of times and not getting the ball. Idiots like onelame and prime said you can’t see those things at the game. For the record!
                The last three games I’ve missed die to my knee injury. But I go to every game. So I know who isn’t getting open and who isn’t getting looks.

                As far as Bowe. You call Lloyd great and discredit Bowe? Bowe is not a subpar receiver. He was wanted by quite a few fans on here a couple of years ago. He was one of the best in the league. He isn’t the same with Alex smith. Not a knock on smith, but Bowe is a game breaker with a qb who. An throw deep and not make one read and release. I’ve watched evey chiefs game this year. Alex smith still is a primary read qb who on occasion will go through his progressions and throw. I’ve seen the same with ck.
                No way smith does better than ck with this team.

              9. Fan,

                I’ve subscribed to the package since it’s inception. I watch games 2-3 times because I like to study every aspect of what they are doing.

                As I clearly said in the post: Go back and watch every game on the all 22 and you will see many instances of Kap going through progressions and delivering the football.

                Watching the Seattle game and pointing out he threw inaccurate passes that were picked off by Richard Sherman are not what I’m referring to.

                As I also pointed out, some plays are based on predetermining where you are going with the ball based on the defensive look. There is not a QB in this league that does not throw x number of passes without going through a progression. Progressions are not part of every passing play fan. Many times it’s the presnap read that determines the outcome of the play.

                Go and watch the season all over again when you have time and look at each individual play to see what the Niners were lined up in and how the defense reacted. Also focus on when the play called for a progression read and where Kap went with the ball. We can talk about it all offseason. It’s quite interesting to go inside the x’s and o’s of the game.

              10. JPN,

                Thanks for the link to Lobardi’s article on the all – 22 film.

                Maybe it explains why nobody on here has been plucked from obscurity to work in an NFL FO.

    1. I have thought about the fact that we missed on drafting Aaron Rogers, I have believe that was probably a great blessing for Rogers. I don’t think there is anyway that Rogers could have developed into the QB we see today with the coaching that he would have gotten here.

    2. U dislike him as a person?lol..Have u even met him? And been around him. Lol..Have u been around Smith?lol..If u don’t like how he plays then that’s fine..but U dont know this man well enuff to say u dont like him as a person…either one of em really..Can’t know somebody watching a two min sound bite on tv..

      1. I probably have watched every media interview he ever did. And media interviews matter. That is when he displays leadership skills- or his lack of leadership skills. And it shows how he treats random people just doing their jobs. Media people need to ask questions to write their stories TO DO THEIR JOB.

        You can say the media is a bunch of as********* but not all of them are kawakami and grant. Maiocco and barrows are good, decent people just doing their jobs- and they get the same type of BS. Kap is rude to them. It is the same to me as being rude to a waiter just because you can. It is disrespectful and the attitude of a slug. Kap is not a leader, he is a little child. The niners dont need a QB like that.

    3. BIG Suede – You admit to watching all but one Chiefs game to see Alex…. but will you admit to chatting on the KC blog with HoferFan and DS?

  2. What’s wrong with C.Kap’s answers? He’s not paid to kiss up to the media. The TMZ gang has been after the 49ers all year long, so I’m glad C.Kap is treating them like they deserve to be treated.

      1. Why is he an idiot? For saying kap is annoyed? I’d be too with all this bs around me. You don’t think he hears and reads all of this crap? I’m sure he does.

      2. “Just give me something, something I can use. We all know that K-ap is king! Give us dirty laundry!”

    1. Nick,
      I agree that the local media sometimes asks questions for the sole purpose of antagonizing and causing provocation.
      Case in point, the absurd question someone asked Harbaugh which team he would be coaching on Sunday.
      Really? My 5th grade grandson would have asked a better question than that.

      I would venture that these are likely the same local sports reporters asking CK questions today that were in the room with Harbaugh a couple of days ago.
      Kap answered every question from these reporters based on the foundation that they (local sports reporters) have built throughout this season – prickly and sour.

    2. Actually, he is paid to engage with the media. It’s part of the NFLPA/NFL collective bargaining agreement that shares the revenue so he can get his big salary.

      1. He did speak to the media. He just wasn’t as engaging as they would have liked.

        BTW, Harbaugh was engaging the media a few days ago and that didn’t stop a reporter from posing the “which team will you be coaching on Sunday” did it?

  3. What a shame that this immature ‘kid,’ hiding in the body of a 27-year old totally lacks the courtesy to respond with any degree of professionalism to questions from the media. I sincerely doubt that he learned this lack of respect for the media from Chris Ault, his head coach at UNR, and I really believe that Coach Ault would be repulsed to discover that CK currently is responding in this fashion to the media. Heaven knows that any media attention at UNR was cherished, and Coach Ault would not allow a player to disrespect the media. Hopefully, CK will mature, and maybe the next head coach of the Niners can instill some professional pride in how he addresses his obligations with the media. Yes, according to NFL HQ, players and coaches have a media responsibility. Grow the heck up, CK!!!

    1. Chris Ault needs all the good pub he can get at that school. Harbaugh gives plain interviews, Belichick, and Nick Saban are the same. The fact that fans are upset at his refusal to talk is stupid. What do you want him to say? Will it make you feel better or make your life more meaningful if he said more? Hate him or love him for what he does on the field. That’s all the matters. I could care less if he says I suck but I’m
      Working to get better. Do tell me, SHOW ME. That’s what matters.

      1. The fans and media whine constantly about Peyton Manning and John Fox saying words but saying nothing to the media here in Denver. Peyton is at least funny. Its not just our little corner of the NFL where the players and coaches are trying to keep everything they say from being analyzed and becoming a headline.

    2. Coach Ault would likely also be repulsed by some of the ill-spirited questions the local sports reporters ask as well.

      Before you lay a character label on someone it may be a good idea to do a little more of a background check.
      If you are really interested in gathering a better measure and depth of CK, take a look at his “” foundation. But for many here, I guess their lives are only driven by football.

      1. I do not believe that Coach Ault would have allowed a player to respond to the media in the manner Kap did in the referenced press conference. I cannot recall seeing or hearing anything like the above from any Nevada player during Ault’s long tenure at Nevada.

        Having said that, Ault would have never have needed to be concerned about Kap when he was here. As a student athlete, Kap was engaging, articulate, happy, funny, and self-effacing (although always confident). Surly, terse Kap seems to be a product of the NFL experience and his head coach.

    3. Mike—— You give respect to those that deserve it. The media deserves no respect. They lost that when they abandoned all the principles and ethics that define good journalism. Reporters! Not anymore. They have become less journalists and more self serving promoters. Anything for a story, and if one doesn’t exist they will create one.

      1. how about respect for the fans i would not let my children answer like that wwhen asked a question

    4. Next coach might also go 4-11. Will you still feel proud if our QB and HC are media friendly? I guarantee that all those asking for the collective heads of coaches players will howl if the team slips further next season (under new leadership) about how the Yorks were idiots to fire these guys!

  4. Everyone is so down on kap. The guy was one unlucky timeout away from a super bowl. The problem has always been there but has been masked by his abilities to scramble and a strong defense.
    Jim Harbaugh’s offensive play book has been figured out. The team has gotten older in some key spots while some players haven’t performed. How many offensive weapons on this team scare you? There’s the problem. We have a hurt O line, aging running back, lost TE and ridiculous pressure on our QB to live up to his contract.
    On top of that, a joke of a stadium in the wrong place, a young cocky owner that shouldn’t be (no rings) and a psycho coach that they can’t work with…

  5. What if we took Kap’s comments a different direction? What if he’s pissed at himself for the way he played and would play angry and with some intensity this week? This is complete conjecture on my part. Sometimes angry and curt is ok with the media when properly applied.

    1. Now that would be logically thinking without judgement of character. To much sense. Stop at once. You’re in the…..COHN ZONE!

      1. Big Niner: That was the same tone in a Dec 2 CNN article. There was a post by Harry Berezen that pretty much defined the problem that most people do not want to see. The problem with the offensive scheme has existed for quite sometime. It was only masked for a while by Kaeps athleticism and ability to make plays out of nothing. This season with all the injuries and other individual players shortcomings every problem is magnified. Harry states that the running scheme was was figured out by opposing defenses as early as the 2012 season. The offense was beginning to stagnate as early as then but got a shot in the arm by the insertion of Kaeps athleticism into the mix. It just was a temporary cover for the foundational problems with the offense. Add the injuries and other problems that manifested and the margin of error became narrower. With almost no margin of error every players mistake or lack of execution becomes critical. That is why it comes down to a failure to execute on most plays. The scheme they run does not allow for any margin of error. One player not executing and the play blows up. Sure even if the other team knows what play is coming it will still work if every player executes their part. The problem is that players are not perfect and do make mistakes so with little to no margin or error plays get blown up. Add all the injuries and decline of the offensive line, Gore’s aging, the lack of a speed receiver ( magnified by Davis’s decline) and almost no production from the TE’s and why should anyone be surprised at the collapse of the offensive production. The problem is multifacited and fixing one thing will not solve the problem. To think otherwise is purely wishful delusion. One thing is sure that the scheme has to change first before the other things can be dealt with.

      2. Just listen to yourselves. He has been rude and curt to the reporters whose jobs it is to interview him for more than two years. It’s because he feels bad with the way he played last week??? Time to stop making excuses for him and start expecting more from him.

  6. I wonder if Seattle fans are upset that Marshawn Lynch is giving the media fits? Is Belichick called simple or an idiot? Is our animus against Kap because he is disagreeable to the press, hard to like, performing below our expectations, or because of a deeply imbedded character flaw? If you remember Mr. Smith has a likable personality, was agreeable to the press did not have a not bike character flaw, but he did perform lower than our expectations. Maybe the dislike of Kap has much to do with our pre-conceived notions of what he should do and how he should be performing. Too bad he’s never won a playoff game on the road, in horrible conditions, or gotten the team to the Super Bowl…oh, wait…

        1. Mary, that comment was more tongue in cheek. Lots of people complain about Kap’s demeanor and wardrobe, but forget others who get passes from their team (MLync and Belichick, for example).

          1. EastCoast I didn’t take offense. I don’t think fans are bothered by Lynch’s demeanor (1) b/c he is kind of strange yet adorable; (2) came from a difficult background; and (3) is really talented at what he does. He lives a low-profile, comfortable life.

  7. n00bs, again ..  • bi†ç*π • about what a slug, Kaep is ..

    Really noob ? … do you actually know him
    personally ? …

    I didn’t think so ..

    The next time you call someone a slug ..
    you might wanna take a gander
    at your mirror … first

  8. Good to see the monkeys like prime and 77 blaming everything on ck.
    Especially prime. His leash for Alex smith was 6 years long. Anyways while they choose to ignore the other problems on offense that could POSSIBLY affect the qb play a bit.
    I’ll say this.
    Looking back at harbaughs O-lines since he’s been here. Have they ever been proven to be “pocket passer” protecting guys?
    Alex smith was a one read qb, throw it quick if not there roll out throw it away. Anytime he stood in the pocket he was sacked a TON!!!
    Then comes ck. And runner who was very accurate and had the ability to break the game open when he was a run at will qb, he never hesitated to run prior to this year.
    Let’s go back to the last year of Alex smith. It’s obvious harbaugh wanted him to stand in and throw from the pocket. And a little deeper downfield.
    He tried and failed big time. Was also under pressure a lot.

    Now ck. Same thing. Stand in there, don’t run on first instinct and deliver the ball. He’s getting pounded. His accuracy is down and he panics.
    Sound familiar?
    My point is. Harbaughs o-line had never proven to be pocket passer blockers. They are horrible. Solid run blockers that’s it. It starts with the o-line.
    Get back to playing to their strengths. They’re the engine of this offense.
    Get back to basics. Scrap the pocket passer project for next season, and let him run as he feels. It will shorten the length of blocking time for the I-line, and his accuracy will go up. Especially outside the pocket. The pocket passer project will obviously take longer than 2 1/2 seasons.

    I think they will go back to this kind of passing attack. Run the ball, get VD involved again. All of this stuff they’ve been doing goes out the window.
    It will be telling this Sunday whether their ego’s will get in the way, or they take a step back admit their mistakes and get back to slow grind it out 20 point niner O.
    IMO if they don’t put up at least 30 on Oakland. They’re done. They didn’t want to go back to basics and get the most out of this offense. Tbd!

    1. MD ..
      been sayin’ that for awhile ..
      if / when .. the Martin brothers learn how to keep
      opposing pass rushers at bay … just maybe
      … Kaep can go back to doing some damage,
      once in awhile

    2. I agree. Great outlook. They’re trying to make him a pocket passed for his good long term. Only problem is, can you do that and try winning a super bowl at the same time?
      Thinking of how defensive coordinator’s crowd the box is ridiculous. Gore has no break away speed, neither do our WR’s. That’s why the windows are so small for kap to throw in. Add bad pass protection and it’s like trying to run through a brick wall. This team is slow and Roman isn’t accounting for that. Where are the WR bunch plays? Or the crossing patterns. No scheming what so ever to help a struggling offense.

    3. The team put up 30? We’re going to clap for joy because we beat a weak team? Hooray! You and Bay have no answers for the barrage of criticism against your hero who is a zero, so you try to change the subject.

      Why do you even bring up Alex Smith? Why bring up games from the past? In the present, with Kap playing more games, does it look like he’s getting better? I said no after the Dallas game. Great player get better with more experience. This year Kap got exposed.

      Guess what? Niners go nowhere if they can beat their division rival. Kap didn’t get it done. End of story.

      1. Fantroll,
        you can troll OUR NINER blog because its a free world. What you’ll have to get used to though is Kaep being our QB. Litter the room with your garbage. Everyone reads it and smells it.
        We as real fans can’t wait for the season to begin. We begin with following the draft. Then we begin to jones for training camp news. We count down the days till preseason begins. Then we as real fans dissect the games. We assess individual play, strategy. We as fans enjoy the wins. We suffer the losses. We regroup.

        You and a very small handful have blinders on. You have number seven within your crosshairs. Whatever happens, in your eyes it’s his fault. And then you put your grubby little fingers on the keyboard and the garbage begins to flow. You, prime, C of C and Oregon and a he/she named Mary / Marty. The rest of us know that we’ve had distractions, injuries, suspensions and team wide break downs that have affected our season. But regardless, we are looking forward to this week and the next and the one after that. We as real fans still believe we have a chance.

        Next season unfortunately will spell some change but I can tell you this. New coach or not, number seven will still be behind center and the majority of us will still be cheering our asses off for the team. And a dwindling number of you will still be spewing your garbage. Go Niners…..

        1. Bay Area Double talking two face true troll —
          For the umpteenth time, if I’m a troll, then you’re a troll. You dump all over Alex, Vernon Davis, Greg Roman, O-Line etc. But your man crush Kap gets a free pass?
          Don’t think so.
          Kap has been problem #1 since he crapped all over the field in the Bears game. I know it hurts your little itty bitty feelings that he’s not as good as you think he is. The team has multiple flaws but he is by far the biggest let down. We solve his shortcomings, and suddenly the team gets a lot better. We sure as heck won’t have two losses (Bears & Rams).

          You’re the one with the dumb blinders because you refuse to see what other experts have been saying the whole year. It’s one thing to fumble the ball on the one yard line to lose the game to the Rams, it’s something else to play so poorly against the Seahawks — at home. He looked overwhelmed and before you bring up Alex Smith, shut your pie hole, this is about Kap, who couldn’t make the play to get past the Seahawks, said he would make the same play over and over, and then went out and did just that — he threw to Sherman, got picked up, game over.

          Yes the Niners will regroup and retool, and now part of that scenario is preparing for the likely possibility that Kap may not be the answer.

          So I ask you again — are you going to root for the Niners if the QB is Foles? Sanchez? Gabbert? It seem so unlikely weeks ago when I brought it up. Not anymore!

          1. Prime Time: I love you and you have such a great sense of humor. No hidden agenda and you just love football.

        2. Bay:– Have you ever wondered how reasonable people can so totally ignore logic? Well when continued explanations fail it points to the problem not being one of ignorance ( lack of information ) but an emotionally motivated blind spot. You can not reason with an insane person. Doing so will eventually make you doubt your own sanity. Now I am not suggesting that these Kaep hating posters are insane in their everyday lives, only in the compartmentalized portion of their football fandom. The term is not derived from fanatic for no reason. Sports provide an emotional outlet for us to vent built up frustrations that would create more of a problem in other area’s of our lives if not given that outlet.

          Their focus and obssesion on non football related personal issues in respect to Kaep, such as his tats, clothes he wears and media personality reflect a serious distortion of their sense of boundaries. They think it is their business how Kaep leads his life, how he wears his hat or responds to media. There is a problem in recognizing where their life leaves off and another persons life begins. Much like the stereotypical house wife or teenage girl is obsessed with the personal life of their idols. One step farther and you are in the neighborhood of a stalker. OK deny that you clowns have not made comments about his personal life. Can’t do it can you.

          To put it in simple terms– Their sense of distorted reality in respect to the team and Kaep in particular is because they are irrational. That irrationality is fueled by their own personal issues that are transferred towards the team with Kaep being the scapegoat. The are emotionally ill. They probably need to get little dolls ( or action figures ) in Kaeps image so that they can dress him the way they want. They could play at being his daddy or coach and correct all his personal flaws. Probably be very therapeutic.

          1. Willtalk — Oh lord what kind of lollipop and unicorn 420 are you smoking? Do you read what you write? Your inability to accept the possibility that Kap just blows is the irrational thought. You mention little dolls of Kap — you described Bay Area buddy!

      2. Nobody will be clapping for joy. But a good offensive to should put up 30 on them.
        Take a hike with all that. I know it would suck for your image if ck was allowed to do what he’s been doing prior to this season.

  9. DUH !!! What’s next from Colin……… is he going to tell us “it’s raining outside”.

      1. Razor,
        it’s me handsome….. The troll, and the canadian can steal my avatar, but they can’t be me….

    1. The table where everyone pretends it’s unicorns amd rainbows. They serve cotton candy and drink orange Kool Aid.

    1. You know you’re doing bad when a Seahak troll has your back.
      How’s it feel to have some protection from Mary
      Prime and 77? Wheeeew!
      That’s some serious muscle.

    1. Does the new topic never come up? On mine it sticks to one for days. I have to scroll down to the latest comments and click there. It never refreshes.

  10. I wonder if they are going to open a bag of tricks against the Raiders to assess if it will work against Seattle……… you know, that funny thing called the screen.

    I anticipate them being balanced with the run, but I think we need to go spread against Seattle and try to get the ball out to Ellington in the flat or run some screens so they don’t load the box.

    My $.02 is that I feel that Kap has shown progress in staying in the pocket, but that the OL has stunted his assessment since he hasn’t had time to even make some of the progressions. That said, if he looks the same next season, then there are issues.

    My wife will be wearing red this weekend, I will be wearing black- #52 (there is that fine line between bravery and stupidity and why walk into the abuse- I take my stepsons to the Raiders game but am only passionate about the 49ers).

    I enjoy this blog to learn some stuff as there are some “experts” here with knowledge of the college players and some x/o’s guys, but the personal vitriol gets a bit much. Perhaps next year we could do a fantasy league to “put up or shut up” for everyone- $100, IDP, get 12-14 participants and have rosters of 40. * I say this now because if we don’t win the next two I will be on hiatus until the draft. ;)

    1. Dave—The actual existence of a pocket is irrelevant. Not having a pocket should have no effect what-so-ever on a QB trying to work on staying in the pocket. What better way to teach than to make it as difficult for him as possible. Not having a pocket is no excuse for him to not try to stay in it.

      1. Willtalk

        You’re being sarcastic or facetious? Otherwise, how can the nonexistence of a condition be irrelevant to someone who needs practice coping with that very condition? If there is no pocket to step up into, how can CK learn to step up into the pocket?

        Now, I am of the opinion that all a QB needs to be consistently great, given sufficient arm talent, is the opportunity to step into his throws after surveying the defense’s configuration and motion before and during a play. I’d say it is irrelevant whether the QB does this inside or outside of the pocket, but in most cases, the pocket is like an eddy in a stretch of rapids, a sanctuary of calm that provides a brief moment of reflection amidst the churning and fast-moving surrounding waters. If the Niners’ OL cannot reliably create a sanctuary/pocket, then CK needs to do what he used to do, and get to the edge, or do like Wilson does, and Tarkenton. If Roman and Harbaugh really had smarts, they would always have secondary plans to move the “pocket”, or consistently get Kaep into space before passing. They did it a couple of times in the second half of the Seahawks game with throws back across the field, but these are not really safely sustainable plays, and it also looked like they hadn’t been practiced enough.

        Two things the OC should be doing are (1) throwing deep at least 1x per quarter and (2) using the screen game to Ellington/Gore/Hyde to take pressure off the OL. The team tried (1) against the Seahawks, but got discouraged for some reason, and then never attempted (2).

        1. E

          Thank you for your opinion and helpful information. It would be interesting to see further debate on this topic.

  11. Instead of commenting of any of the idiocy over what Kaep did or didn’t say and starting a ridiculous argument in the process, I’ll say that I hope Kaep and company rebound and make the Raiders wish they were playing the Rams again this week.
    GO NINERS!!!

    1. The way Tre Mason ran all over the Raiders was a thing of beauty.I’d love to see Gore and Hyde do the same on Sunday.

  12. OMG the press in SF handles Kap & Harbaugh with mittens. If they were the face of the Patriots, Jets, Giants and a dozen or more others they’d be taken to task. I’ve seen Belichick squirm. You’re acting like a bunch of (******)s.

    1. Yeah, the press treatment of the McDonald situation was light, tempered and even!

      Nice try!

      1. Eastcoast: Plezzz You are twisting the facts. Don’t try to confuse what is: (1) the press holding a head coach and his QB accountable for their poor performance so far this year in press conferences to

        (2) to a possible sexual assault involving the McDonald case and what was going on in the Ray Rice case and the entire NFL and the RB child abuse case (Vikings).

        Nice try back at you.

        1. Mary you’re confused “(2) to a possible sexual assault involving the McDonald case”. I don’t know which McDonald case you’re referring to but there was no sexual assault, it was a possible domestic dispute.

            1. Remember when you told me to calm down and not get defensive? Nobody’s picking a fight but you seem to be looking for one. Not going to rehash Ray’s case with you. Their family has issues. The DA decided not to prosecute yet you can’t accept that maybe its not what it seems from the media?

              1. Wilson: I try to blend and to stick to football talk — Apparently I failed today. I’ll try not to be so sensitive.

          1. Wilson: You’re right, I misspoke, domestic violence on his pregnant finance. Second time the police had been called to the house in one year. Nice little family, but she was the crazy one and how much does he weigh 320lbs. He was just trying to contain her and that’s how her arms got bruised.

            1. ” I misspoke…”

              What, AGAIN??!?
              What a shock; confused facts and wholly inaccurate if not made-up accusations from the Tokyo Rose of Puget Sound, the Slanderous Siren of Seattle, the Libelous Lunatic of the Great North Woods, the Pugnacious Prevaricating Party-Crashing Poser of the Olympic Peninsula, the Cantankerous Crybaby of the North Cascades, the Wacko from Washington who lost her GPS device and thinks anyone here cares about the Seawards or her views on…..well, anything.
              “Don’t mess with me.”

              1. Oh snap! Really skewered me with that one. Wherever the teams finish in the Division, when all is said and done, you’ll still be….^see above^.. I’ve already covered it.

              2. Brotha, you may be interested in knowing I was reading your response after biting into a meatball sandwich. Needless to say, my screen required several Bounty paper towels and cleaner after spewing that bite from a spontaneous eruption of laughter. I thank you sir….

        2. Who is twisting facts Mary? As far as I remember McDonald the McDonald case was NOT about sexual assault in any way.
          It was conflated to be analogous with the Ray Rice situation, and when the team called for patience (due process) they were routinely excoriated by the press and some fans.

          The West Coast press claims that it is easier on the team, I live on the East coast (if you couldn’t tell ;-))and I don’t see the kid gloves that so often is trotted out. They couldn’t wait to crucify the team for A. Smith’s situation, Culliver, Miami, McDonald and similar situations. This same group that wants to be treated with respect and decorum asks questions like the one they ask if Harbaugh.

          I don’t care, on the whole, how players, coaches, GMs treat the press. I do care how they play on the field. I don’t think that answering questions about what happened will help us understand the game any better. Has anyone learned anything from halftime reporters asking questions?

          I give M. Lynch the same pass I give Belichick and Kap.

          Remember these are the same group that egged on Sherman eating the turkey on thanksgiving day! I don’t blame NBC they like drama, I don’t blame R. Sherman, he is who he is. I blame the team for allowing that to happen and I also blame the Yorks for not exercising prudence in planning things with the press.

          1. Eastcoast: You are right you DON’T know about the circumstances of the McDonald case. There were hundreds of posts on this site about whether McDonald should be sat. Do the leg work yourself in finding out the facts.

            Regarding Wilson and Sherman: I would not have agreed to sit in the middle of your field. I’d be worried about a crazy sniper.

    2. Maybe the press in San Francisco is full of amateurs. Either way, no one cares about the press in America. They don’t report facts anymore just biased opinions they try to pass as fact.

      1. KY49er: “Maybe the press in San Francisco is full of amateurs. Either way, no one cares about the press in America. They don’t report facts anymore just biased opinions they try to pass as fact”
        Ok I can agree w/this. Point is what is the h/c and his QB supposed to say after a less than desirable result in a game. It’s a joke a trap! There is no right answer

        1. Mary,

          So funny that you, a Seahawk fan, would say the Bay Area media handle the 49ers with mittens. The press in Seattle should dress as SeaGals, complete with pom poms, to for their interviews. They’re more a cheering section than a press corps.

          BTW, exactly how have the 49ers been handled with mittens this year? There are those in the press that have been ripping the 49ers all year.

          This is just your propensity to comment on things you know nothing about showing through, yet again.

  13. Something to consider, I watched q&as with Justin Smith and Eric Reid. Both were charming and personable but in sum gave little “insights” about the past or upcoming games. These pressers rarely give anything. Let’s face it the press isn’t looking for insights but sound bites. Kap and Harbaugh take a war-like approach, Baalke is PC, Smith and Reid tend to charm but none give away too much. Are we simply not liking Kap for what he portrays more than his production? Is that smart in the long run since we as media consumers and fans have a role to play in the dynamics of the team (York tweet)?
    Are we killing the goose that lays a golden egg?

    This presser is all the rage this morning. Are we falling prey to the media’s insatiable hunger for scandal and storylines?

  14. I haven’t seen much of the pistol formation this year. I have noticed quite a bit of zone-read option plays, but not the pistol. Back in 2012/13 season, when the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl, they ran >40% of plays out of the pistol in the playoffs. Back then, Greg Roman was reference by’s Greg Rosenthal has stating that the pistol enhances the power sets. I wonder why they’ve gone away from it this year.

    1. He had a heck of a month. Congrats to Borland who joins some good company with that honor.

  15. In my opinion, Kap needs to improve his performance in front of the press. First off, in every job, we all have things that we don’t like doing. Second, I agree that the press asks mostly stupid questions and, for many, there primary purpose is to try and make the interviewee uncomfortable.

    But Kap is a leader of the organization. He needs to accept this responsibility and provide somewhat more detailed answers. He comes across as terse and antagonistic. At his age it’s partially about growing up and accepting all of the responsibilities of his position in the organization.

    I don’t judge Kap’s personality on what he wears. However, the street kid clothes that he wears to press conferences put across an image of someone who is not ready to be a leader in a near billion dollar organization. Sure you can argue that it is what is inside that counts and I agree but he needs to play the part.

    And, if I recall correctly, Kap is actually quite forthcoming and somewhat charming in his interviews during the offseason. So he can do it.

    I have sympathy for anyone dealing with the press these days, but its part of his job description and is a part of his leadership. That’s not just for the front office and fans but for his teammates as well.

    1. Cubus John Tayolr felt he was treated unfairly by the press so he stopped talking to the press. Bill Walsh supported Taylor fully do you think Walsh was wrong?

      1. Coach: Don’t get me wrong, personally, I don’t have any problem with the players not talking to the press at all. But it is what it is and there are expectations.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor felt that way. But, I’ll venture that all of us have felt that way at one point in time although our reputations or the way we are presented to the public probably weren’t being trashed. Still, there is an adult way to handle things and an immature way to handle them. If it were me (and I’m no spring chicken), I would hate talking to the press, and because of that I know I would at first handle it immaturely. But later upon reflection, I would also spend some time working on how to handle the responsibility more like an adult. My opinion is that it’s effectively a career path issue. Moving up adds new responsibilities and the QB position is a leadership position in a football organization, especially a professional organization.

      2. Exactly!! Players are not allowed to pass on these things nowadays.

        Btw John Taylor is among my favorites and a seriously under appreciated Niner.

        1. East Coast you are right the players assoc contract does’nt allow players to shut out the media. I believe what CK is doing is as close as he is allowed to not talking to the media. I also believe it all goes back to the personally invasive questions the media made regarding his birth mother before the SB. I do’nt believe that he has yet forgiven their insensitivity.

          1. Coach, I think that is it too! He is highly protective of his adoptive parents and I believe he saw the media crossing a personal line.

            While I respect this, I also believe the QB has to be a cool customer, able to focus solely on the task at hand to be successful.

            I never played football, but fútbol (soccer). The easiest shot to make is the penalty shot and it is often missed. The reason is the overthinking and pressure. Cool customers like Pirlo make it look like a cinch. Kap may be letting all this get to him. He needs his John Candy moment.

            1. East coast good point Joe hated much of the media some of whom are the same ones who are ripping CK now but he always had certain writers he new he could go to and get a fair shake and his side of the story out there. [IE Ira Miller] Also great J. Candy reference

          2. Old Coach,

            Good point on the questions about his Birth Mother. There is also the whole Miami fiasco where many convicted him in the court of public opinion.

            I really couldn’t care less what he says and how says it because nobody says anything worth listening too anyway. I understand the media has a job to do, but Coaches and players don’t talk about scheme and give nothing but political answers about the opposition so it’s a complete waste of time.

            The only time the media gets anything newsworthy is from secret sources spilling gossip. They get nothing from Coaches or players.

          3. Old coach and East coast

            Improve the play, and I’d bet that you improve the questions. If the replies remai the same….that’s manure

    2. Bill Belichick is the face and leader of a near billion dollar franchise. He wears cut off hoodies to pressers. Do he need to grow up as well?

      Kaep needs to improve on the field. We should not care what he says in a press conference. He is a football player. Many of you who complain about his pressers, make me think, you believe improving his dress and media relations, will help him improve on the field. I know that’s not what you think but you guys harp on it so much. Who cares what he wears, who cares he doesn’t want to give you all exactly what you want to hear, all he needs to do his win.


      1. KY: Agree that winning covers up many issues just like a rising stock price. But when things go south, leaders reassure those who feel like they are losing. As an example, Aaron Rodgers told his fan base to just “Relax” after they started the season poorly and look where they are now. Because he is a proven winner and leader, he didn’t need to say much, but he did need to say something. Leaders of corporations have to do the same thing in reassuring stockholders. As fans our monetary investment may not be high but our emotional and time investment is (time equals money). I think the analogy is apt because we are talking about professional football. If the Niners start going south in a big way, fans may stop showing up in that billion dollar stadium. Just like stockholders most fans need reassurance as to why we should stay invested.

        In its essence it’s just a business with a product to sell. In my opinion, in many ways, the principals and business rules that drive profitable corporations apply to NFL organizations as well.

        But yeah, Just Win Baby (and do what ever it takes).

        1. I like your example Cubus. The issue is the true leaders Jed York and the Trent Baalke are not doing anything to calm the firestorm the media is causing.

          The mid level guys, Kaep and Harbaugh, in my opinion, are focused on righting the ship while the people above them don’t do or say anything to make fans(stockholders) comfortable.

          I literally just told a coworker. They fire Harbaugh and this next coach does not win a Super Bowl within his first 3yrs, how do you think the fans will really feel?

          Jed and Baalke need to publicly back the coach. That’s what leaders do. They take the pressure off the coaches and the players. The coaches nor players have that luxury.

      2. Agreed. Bill B. a perfect example.
        And how about the other side of it? Remember Joey Harrington? An intelligent, well-spoken, well-dressed, multi-talented young man who starred in college but fizzled out in the NFL. But he looked great at the podium.
        Guys like Van Brocklin, Joe Kapp, Otto Graham, Marino and Fouts could be prickly but got a pass because they were productive.
        One way to shut up opponents like Sherman. Same way to quiet the critics among fans and media. Win. Then the fashion critics on here can say what they want, since most of us don’t care anyway.
        Oh, and some rational criticisms of CK’s performance aside, is there some irony in the avatar for Big Suede as he rags on Colin’s appearance? Should he groom and dress like that? It takes a bit of nerve…….

        1. @Brotha Tuna

          I could agree with you about Joey Harrington “fizzled out” except that Joey was drafted by Matt Millen, who then used his next 3 first round choices on WR’s leaving no room for BLOCKERS! Harrington was running for his life from the instant he called the snap. In his 6 years in Detroit(I believe), Joey probably would hold the ‘most sacked’ QB, but never spent a second on IR.

  16. I for one have no issue with the way Kaep and Harbaugh deal with the press. For the pressers to be successful there has to be trust.
    Lowell calling Harbaugh a child last year and Grant approach with Colin and Ray earlier this year unfortunately built walls between the players and the press.

    About the only fair media are Maiocco and Branch. Sometimes Baggerly. All the others have conditioned the players to give as little as possible.

    1. Bay ..

      the difference you cite between Maiocco, Branch,
      (and I would also include Bee-Rows, too) … is ..
      those guys are consummate ..professionals

      All the other guys don’t have the capacity to
      understand that concept

  17. #7 is who we thought he his…………an absolute slug with no leadership quality.

    and it is true he is hard headed in the worst possible ways.

    I don’t blame the coaches, because if #7 was a MAN, he will say f…k u coaches, I will play to win and you all will follow me……

    1. oneniner ..

      and you display your “manhood”
      … uhhh .. how again ?

      by saying stupid stuff behind the security of your keyboard ..?

      Oh yeah… I bet that impresses the women on your block

      “Slug” …?

      Look in the mirror, first

      1. Talk about Irony. First he calls Kaep a thug… Then he says Kaep needs to tell the coaches F.U…. Some of you people do not realize half of the ignorance you type.

    2. And like prime monkey.
      This idiot gave Alex smith a 6 year window and defended his horrible play for 4 1/2 of them.
      Let the bitterness shine through.
      It’s great to watch this so called fan do a complete 180 and bury a qb with 3 years under his belt. A qb that isn’t on the best team in the past 3 years. And he truly believes his “COLD BLOODED ASSASIN” boy Alex smith is better and could do better.

      So yeah Colin. Screw the coaches. Anarchy anarchy anarchy…. Don’t follow the plan. Be a “man” and disobey your orders. That’s what smith would do, and he’s a real man. Pffft.

      You just can’t find good entertaining clowns like onelame in a phone book.

      1. In 2 weeks you will be on here dogging CK saying the exact same things I’ve said.
        Watch him in Seattle and see. Pete Carroll is going to make CK look like a rookie.

          1. I hope I’m wrong Razor but likely not!
            Carroll is one of the best defensive coaches on the league. He’s sneaky, cheatin good.
            Still think he was the best DC in team history!

            1. Prime,

              You think Carroll was a better DC than Seifert? Seifert’s defenses in the mid to late 80s were incredible. It is not his fault that Walsh, Montana and the offense monopolized the hearts and minds of the press and fans during that time.

              1. That is a good point, but Seifert kept the defense consistently great over several years with different players, and that was before the FO was overpaying FAs on the defensive side (that happened when Seifert was HC).

              2. Seifert was good as well. I just like what Carroll did at a time in the organization where things weren’t great.

              3. Ray Rhodes was only around for 1 year but he was one hell of a D coordinator. My memory of Carroll was he was a disciple of the zone blitz, his defenses became less efective as the season went along. He was a gimmick guy back then.

        1. Prime… I think I’ll look at the whole picture after the season and point the finger to numerous places.
          I’ve never said some of it’s not ck’s fault. See the difference? And I hope I don’t feel like you do.
          Question…. What if CK goes up there and had a good game and doesn’t turn it over for once vs them and they still lose?
          Is it his fault still?

          1. Md he’s gotta be able to lead. Not turn the ball over and win. It’s that simple. He’s not been able to do that.
            I don’t evaluate CK on overall stats like these pocket protector guys do.
            I evaluate him on how he plays against good teams and in big games. Also, how he makes others around him better.

  18. I looked at the all 22. I saw uninspired sloppy play.
    Since there are some trolls on here that think I protect the qb I’ll start with him first. Kaep had a bad day. Every pass is while moving. He no longer sets his feet. An early pass to Gore in the flat sailed high. The pass to Crabs was behind him. The Ints to Sherman were beautifully thrown balls : )
    The missed read where he had Hyde coming out of the backfield was big. Kaep isn’t settled. He started the year out well beginning to go through progressions and then the oline completely fell on its face. Gotta scrap that now. Gotta use Kaep like last year and attack. Begin the pocket project again next training camp with Kilgore at center and a healthy oline in place.
    Jonathan Martin has got to have blackmail on Harbaugh. His man was physically in Kaeps lap on every play.
    Brandon Lloyd had a chance to make a play and miss timed his leap.
    our special teams inability to rush the punter on the muffled snap was inexcusable. Our inability to pull the trigger to bring in Holiday as a return man was inexcusable. Cox ain’t it and neither is Ellington.
    Defensively we got schemed. The screen game KILLED US.
    Lastly going vertical so many times without setting those passes up was a utter failure by the coaches. You have to set that up when your team is void of speed. Also to hear Sherman say they knew what plays were coming speaks to Harbaughs systems predicability.
    Jim 4 games left. Run the ball. Sit Vernon and engage McDonald and Celek underneath. Attack with Kaep. Legs and arm. We still have a shot that way.

    1. Sit Kaep too!! You are such a troll and you don’t even know it. You don’t have mirrors underneath your bridge, eh?

      1. Sit Kaep ..??

        For WHO ..??

        Gabbert ?

        Fan …

        that’s not just dumb …

        THAT’s just plain … STOOPID !

      2. WE WANT CARR!

        And the backup QB remains the most popular guy on the team. Same as it ever was. Hey Fan, want to tell us all those times in NFL history (even since ’77?) when the starting QB was benched and the backup came in and willed the team to glory?

        1. RIBICO!
          Kaep was a back-up wasn’t he? Alex Smith got hurt, and the back-up came in. Hmmmmmm… You’re right. it never happens. It’s just taken the Niners two realize Kaep is way too inconsistent to be a legit starter.

          Actually there was a guy who was a back-up — Kurt Warner. Has a ring to show for it too.

          1. Slight difference. Kaep was drafted as the eventual starter. No way you or anyone can make the argument that’s what Gabbert was brought in for.

            I’ll give you Warner. I’ll even give you Brady. I’ll compare those 2 exceptions to the 100s of starters pulled for backups by panicky coaches that didn’t stink up the joint even further.

            1. Blaine gabbert was a starter too. He was a on a very bad team.
              Kaep is on a very good team.
              He has a good coaching staff and given an opportunity.

              Kaep is a mystery because his highs are amazing, but his lows are very low.
              If he can’t raise his game, he will be a backup. He might get another chance to start, look at mark Sanchez.

    2. Bay,
      In the all 22 film from last week’s game, did you see the pistol formation? From what I remember, I didn’t see any of it. We need to go back to that and run a variety of plays of pistol (both run and pass).

      Also, last game, the 49ers came out in single back, 3 WR formation more than 50% of the time. That’s ridiculous, the offensive game planning needs to improve.

  19. #7’s problem is making good mental decisions…….just like Alex problem was throwing deep accurate passes… can’t teach both……

    .its either they have it or not…..

    If #7 sucks badly in seattle…it is over for my little remaining confidence in him……

    Jesus did rise and Alex haters did eat crow………so it is possible #7 can redeem himself…….

      1. Oregon …

        help me out here, please …

        How many NFCCGs and Super Bowls has
        Alex played in, again ??

        (sheesh! .. I can’t count that high!)

        1. @MWniner

          He played in one NFCCG, and sans a couple of fumbled punts, played well enough to win it. At that point, Kaep hadn’t seen the field for the niners. So the answer is one “1” . But he is responsible for the team repeating the next two years…he, along with the Defense.

  20. Who thinks Vernon deserves significant playing time the last 4 games?

    I for one think you sit him this weekend. Give all his reps to V-Mac and Celek. My reason is to see if it lights a fire under him. If it doesn’t then we’ve lost nothing since so far he’s given nothing. If it does work though maybe we get a more inspired #85 for the last three games. One that thinks about the game and his team instead of his Brand.

    1. If you are going to sit a player for not producing like they have in the past, better sit the whole dang offense – no one there has lit it up this year. Neither QB, RB, WR, TE or line. Best we can hope for is each guy reaches down into that talent they’ve displayed in the past and somehow pull it for one more run.

    2. It won’t matter because CK doesn’t even look his way. One read QB’s don’t last in the NFL. He will cost Harbaugh an extension and it will be back to the Nolan/Erickson/Donahue era.

        1. I don’t think Alex was a coach killer because the people he played for were not qualified to coach pee wee football. JH guessed wrong on CK.

  21. 137 comments and only about ten worth reading, Thanks JPN001, Big Tuna, Jack Hammer, Old Coach, MidWestDynasty, and MWNiner (and others), your well reasoned posts make trawling through the elementary school level muckslinging just about worthwhile.

    Fansince77, PrimeTime, and the rest of the one tune wonders, I’m guessing you don’t feel that No.7 is the man for the job. Happy days you have one opinion. How’s about enlightening us on some of your other (49er Based*) opinions, you must have them surely? After all there are 52 other players on this team, plus practice squad players, coaches, executives, mascots, cheerleaders etc etc, I mean there are literally hundreds of potential opinions for you to fill your boots with. Would it be so hard to choose one and talk about that for a while?

    And I know right now you are probably thinking, but but, Bayarea and MD and others are just as bad, if not worse than us, and while in part you may be right, at least they offer opinions on a wide range of things, which in my eyes makes their sometimes vitriolic ramblings a lot easier to read.

    Oh and the whole Kaepernick press malarkey, frankly who cares. He paid to play, not talk.

    *It occurred to me while writing this that you do gift us with one other line of opinion, but sadly it only covers the fact that you think anyone who dares disagree with your decree that Kaepernick sucks is a douchebag.

    I’m not sure whether the best advice for you is Lighten up, or Grow up.

    1. DClark good post I for one would like to be part of an indepth discussion of our current and future O line. Regardless of whether you despise CK or you believe he is the teams future the deciding factor as to whether or not this team gets better next year is our O line and O line coaches. So lets set aside the CK debate and talk about what kind of O line we need to help CK succeed in the future or what kind of O line we need to help our new QB be successful next year.

      1. Clark,
        The team has many flaws. But the most important player on any football team is the QB. We’re paying ours 12 million dollars a year. And he’s underperforming, and not developing. We fix that problem and a lot of other issues will suddenly go away.
        Every time has injuries and the O-line has been inconsistent, but not as bad as you know who.
        But I’ll stop now. No need to bring up what everyone knows. Couple of blowhards like Bay Area and MD will try and change the subject. What can you do — some people are not that bright.

        1. fascinating, just as interesting as the first thousand times I’ve read it, but then you know that.

          But what the hell, I’ll keep trying, what’s your opinion of the direction our Offensive Line is going?

          1. The issue may not be the O-Line but the RB, or the lack of trust in the young RBs. When watching the All-22, the Seattle Defense could set the edge on Gore so he couldn’t get outside. He’s mainly in insight counter runner. Hyde has a speed and strength but doesn’t get enough opportunities.
            The Niners run a lot of power traps, different from the zone blocking schemes that Seattle runs with Lynch.
            The O-Line was built to maul, so if you want to change the philosophy, you’re drafting 3-4 new guys who could be smaller and quicker.
            Rookie Martin will be fine. Staley will be fine. Iapti may have lost a step. Jonathn Martin is a back-up but Davis is solid. Boone is having an off year.

            1. Fansince You think they need 3 or 4 new O line men. Remember we have a G we drafted in the last draft who would have gone late 1st or early 2nd rd this year. Do you think we should use a few of our early picks on O line and hope they can play right away or draft them later and let them develop. If you think we need new O linemen who are more mobile do you think Baalke is the man to draft them. Do you think Solario is the guy to coach them?

  22. All the talk about Kaep being a “slug” or whatever adjective people want to use to describe him based on his persona in press conferences is ridiculous. Anyone that remembers what he was like at Nevada or after he was drafted will remember the bubbly personality and non-stop smile he has when he’s just being himself. It is clear that for whatever reason (instructions from coach/ organisation, wanting to emulate coach, distrust of media due to history, whatever it is) he now puts on a facade in front of the press during the season. We may not like it, but keep in mind that is not who he is.

    Plenty of talk this past week about who and what Kaep is as a player. Lots of good debate, but also plenty of ridiculous, one-eyed comments as well. Many detractors have jumped on his particularly poor performance against the Seahawks and are using that as an example of who and what Kaep is every week. No, he is not. That was his worst game as a pro, or at least very close to it. However, there is no getting away from the fact that he and this offense are in a real rut, have not been anywhere near as effective as previous seasons under Harbaugh, and certainly are not meeting the lofty expectations people had entering the year. And Kaep is getting worse each week – his confidence appears to be at an all time low right now.

    The question is why is this happening? Some say Kaep has regressed. That’s an easy comment to make, but how has he regressed? In what areas? He was never good at going through progressions, being a pocket QB.

    In the early part of the season I think it was pretty clear he had in fact improved in this area compared to previous seasons. He was going through progressions, doing a decent job of finding an open receiver, and generally doing a decent job of working from the pocket.

    His “regression” has come through the middle of this season. And what has happened is he’s gone back to what he was before in terms of not going through his progressions as much, watching for the pass rush rather than keeping his eyes downfield, etc. My untrained eyes suggest this has been getting worse ever since the bye week, where the OL failed miserably to protect him against the Rams. Kaep’s production since that point has been down considerably, and the offense has been sputtering. It appears Kaep has lost confidence in the OL, and as a result his fundamentals have completely gone AWOL.

    If the 49ers want to get Kaep playing like he did in 2013, they need to build his confidence back up first. Simplify things for him again, stop putting game plans in place that are asking him to mostly be an effective pocket QB. More play-action wouldn’t hurt.

    1. Scooter i agree the team needs to bolster CK’s confidence in his O line and the simple answer is to get the o line playing alot better. The tough part is how?

      1. I’m no coach and won’t pretend to be, but I think getting back to what they did successfully in 2011 through 2013 wouldn’t hurt. Running game + play action. Teams are selling out to stop the run? Fine, go a heavy dose of play-action pass, not a heavy dose of 3+ WR sets with no play action.

        I also wouldn’t mind seeing them be more diverse out of their formations. I don’t have any stats to back this up, so I may be wrong, but it looks to me the 49ers mostly run out of 2 TE or 2 RB formations and mostly pass out of 3+ WR formations. I vaguely recall seeing something earlier in the years that supported that theory, but would love to see if anyone has done the stats on that recently.

        1. I’m still waiting on them running Mr. Hyde from the spread. Faking the run to Mr. Hyde out of the spread, and then dishing it out to him in the flat….

  23. I think it’s time Kaep took a real hard look at himself in the mirror and decide whether he has the mental fortitude to learn the position instead of trying to rely on freakish athletic ability.

    You can have Usain Bolt running post patterns effectively all day for a few games but eventually defensive coordinators catch up and no amount of athletic prowess is going to win over your competition if you don’t put in the time or if you don’t have the mental ability to learn and adapt.

    I’m sure Kaep will be flying off to Georgia again this offseason to hit the weight room like always. Maybe someone should throw a dumbbell on his head.

    I think he has the ability to grow mentally, but chooses not to. Some guys have great work ethics, some don’t. His is what I would define as average to better-than-average, mainly because his competitiveness motivates him somewhat. But he certainly is not a student of the game nor analytical like a Brees, Brady or Rogers.

  24. Old Coach, exactly the kind of thing I’m hoping to see.

    MWNiner, see below for proof.

    Prime – ……………………………………………………………………………………

      1. DClark ..

        Well color me surprised !

        But, yeah .. contrary to Fan’s wishes ..
        I think we should change
        the subject… b/c .. we already know
        everyone’s feelings about Kaep .. and
        frankly.. there are other things more interesting
        to discuss ..

        (there really is) …

          1. Well… coach ..

            I’m not, yet, ready
            to throw in the towel on Kaep !

            (mainly because of the alternative)

            1. MWNiner i think even Fansince and prime time know CK will be our starter next year and if he goes back to his late season 20012 form he will remain the starter.

              1. coach ..

                Why is the ZZ Top song .. “Legs”
                bouncing around in my head,
                right about now ?

    1. Just paste the link in, cubus.

      Others can tell you how to wrap it with tags to show a discription rather than the raw link. Whatever you do, don’t put more than one link in a posting otherwise your post goes into PD’s bit bucket

      1. And don’t ever cut and paste what someone else wrote in order to respond to it.

        That makes some people’s heads explode.

        1. Claude is the Santa clause of cutting and pasting. I’ll bet the presents he gives are flawless. Lol

  25. Read this over at Niners Nation. It was somewhat eye opening to me. I’ve been hard on Roman, but this makes me wonder if I’ve been too hard. In addition, I’ve always felt that it is a lot easier to see open routes from a birds-eye view than from a field-level view, but it looks like Kap really missed some fairly easy open routes.

    I’m trying to learn more about possibilities when viewing film. Obviously the author is making his points, but I’m wondering if on some of the gifs he presents, there could be a different, logical interpretation of why Kap didn’t make the right read/throw.

    1. If you scroll up towards the top of this blog post, JPN001 posted a link to an article on this subject that’s well worth reading.

    2. One thing I noticed about those plays is majority of the routes were 10+ yards. On a few routes there were players running shallow routes. When I watch Denver & New England, they are running quick hitting routes. 3 to 4 WR’s are running 5 to 7 yard routes. Once DB’s start creeping forward and sitting, they hit them with a route that’s a double move. Maybe we should trying doing something similar. Instead of have 3 WR’s running deep routes, how about 1. The rest of them should be short routes.

  26. I want two things from the Niners QB, Quality play and being a good person. Could care less on how he handles the press, care less about tats, care less about his personnel life. Stay out of trouble, play ball and be good people.

  27. ” We played bad.”
    Colin, if you try a little bit,
    you might be able to express yourself
    so as to sound like a college graduate.

    We played bad. How about
    ” we played poorly.”

    1. “I’m a broken record”

      8-8 if you try a little bit,
      you might be able to not come across
      as a bitter fool

      You add nothing, How about
      “try not posting”

      1. DClark ..

        The prevalent wisdom, around here ..
        is not to respond to him … b/c

        he’s a special case ..

        (basement dweller, on his mommie’s computer..
        and keeps his bicycle helmet strapped too tight,
        while riding the short bus)

        1. right now dclark just found a buffet and has an opinion on everything…..feeling very special……’smart guy that dclark guy’….

          1. “….’smart guy that dclark guy’….”

            u-hhh … ya mean …
            unlike some in here, who repeat stupid stuff often
            enough, that they actually believe
            their own hogwash ?

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