Report: Nick Bosa has grade 1 hamstring strain; Jimmie Ward has broken collarbone

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Jimmie Ward (20) during an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Breaking news from OTAs:

Nick Bosa suffered a grade 1 hamstring strain on Tuesday during a one-on-one pass-rushing drill. He will miss the next few weeks as he rehabilitates an injury that usually takes just a few days to heal.

And Jimmie Ward broke his collarbone diving for a ball Thursday during practice, according to the NFL Network. He will miss the rest of spring practices. The 49ers don’t know when he will return.

Not a great start to the offseason.

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    1. Man, if Jimmie has broken his collar bone that sucks. Feel bad for the dude. I am reading tweets that suggest he should be back around the start of TC, but have to imagine the bones won’t be 100%.

      In saying all that, if the outcome of Ward’s injury is they sign Boston… well, tbh I think that would actually be a good outcome!

  1. Just a few days Grant?

    “Rehabilitation and return to play

    Timeframes for rehabilitation and return to sport vary depending on the nature and severity of the strain. As a general rule, Grade 1 hamstring strains should be rested from sporting activity for about three weeks and Grade 2 injuries for a minimum of four to eight weeks. In the case of a complete rupture (Grade 3 strain), the muscle may have to be repaired surgically and the rehabilitation to follow will take about three months.”

    Grant…please disclose your sports medicine sources.

      1. There’s recovery for average Joes, and then there’s recovery for NFL D linemen.

      2. This is what it says Grant..

        Recovering from a hamstring injury may take days, weeks or months, depending on how severe the strain or tear is.
        A completely torn hamstring (grade 3) may take several months to heal and you’ll be unable to resume training or play sport during this time.’

        Everyone heals differently. That said, ANY athlete will tell you that hammy’s are one of the worst injuries you can get and coming back too early is the worst things you can do.

        Is he prone to muscle related injuries. Fair question, but misrepresenting what is said in your link related to recovery is absolute bs. Your a journalist, not Donald Trump, act like it.

    1. Cassie – You must realize that not all people are created physically on the same level and bodies heal at different rates per specificity to previous injury history, too!

      What takes one player a few days may take another a week or even longer.

      Have to take each injury on an individual basis as there is no one rule fits all mentality!!!!!

        1. Some people are still recovering from blows they took to the head when young, for instance…

      1. But why push it in OTAs??

        Let him sit, heal up his hamstring and be ready for August 1. Theres no point in doing any more work now. He can study the playbook, go through walk throughs, work out in the gym, etc and be ready for when it matters…

    2. “a few days to heal” is misleading. I would call it fake news.

      Who returns from an injury promptly upon it healing? No one does. Injury heals, then there is rehab and rest time for it.

  2. Scouting Reports:

    Solomon Thomas – Has no position.
    Reuben Foster – Character and injury issues.
    Mike McGlinchey – Great against the run, average against the pass.
    Nick Bosa – Injury issues.

    These Scouts are smart.

      1. Thank you, Cassie. So far the injuries have been minimal. We’ll see them during training camp. I’m excited by our new editions. But I’m hoping the talented Jimmy Ward won’t be out again for the season when it begin.

      2. Those were the first rounders. Mike is positive against the run. The point was that the scouts get these things right.

    1. Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen have also been shut down for lower leg injuries. It’s not that uncommon this time of year. Let’s give it a little time before we totally freak out.

    2. LOL–Ward $ 8 mill–That was all Lynch. Just like his draft picks an F.A signing Ward was making $40k a tackle in his career. Now, remember Lynch signed a L.B for a record high that’s still out with a torn Achilles. When they fire Lynch, well still be getting a top 10 pick. But we’ll be right at the max on the salary cap.

    1. I am pretty sure Ward would break his hand on the bubble wrap and leg on the duct tape.

    2. ‘Speaking of injured players, how did Jimmie Ward look yesterday Grant?’- JH
      Please stop jinxing the players. :(

  3. Remember this?

    It’s not the easiest to go find a safety who can beat out [DB] Jimmie Ward or [S Jaquiski] Tartt or the two guys that we drafted in the last two years with [S] Marcell [Harris], [DB Adrian] Colbert and [DB Antone] Exum [Jr.], who stepped in and did a good job for us, who’s played on other NFL teams, too. That’s not an easy thing to do.

    Funny thing. It gets a lot easier when the dude can’t stay on the field.

  4. He will miss the next few weeks as he rehabilitates an injury that usually takes just a few days to heal.

    Well, yeah. That decreases the possibility of aggravating the hamstring that was injured and the likelihood that he is rushed back too quickly.

  5. And Jimmie Ward broke his collarbone diving for a ball Thursday during practice, according to the NFL Network. He will miss the rest of spring practices. The 49ers don’t know when he will return.

    I know what that’s called… The final straw

      1. You’re being to kind. That’s not mid season form, that’s season form…. that man is a season worth of injuries.

    1. They could have drafted earl Thomas in the 4th and ward still would have been hurt, that 4th round pick could have been hurt as well. ??‍♂️

      1. There were 6 safeties taken in the 4th round this year.

        Said this after the draft.

        The 49ers went into OTA’s with a guy who is constantly injured and a guy coming off season ending injury at 1/2 and did nothing to bolster the depth behind that. They must really like DJ Reed.

        1. Hammer, has it ever occurred to you that the Niners are vying for another top-5 pick in the draft next year? Only question is whether they or the Giants will wind up with #1.

        2. Yes Jack Hammer agree……the brain trust of this team (who the fk is steering the boat?) has definitely set the team back with poor drafting. Just can’t seem to figure out there are holes in the roster….

        3. IMHO, I do not think they will put Jimmie Ward in at FS.
          I agree. They even could have selected a safety in the third round, and still could have selected Hurd in the 4th. Then the punter in the 5th.

          1. Remember Seb you said Lynch has done nothing to have his job security questioned.

            We had lots of options for FS’s and they did nothing. The guys behind Jimmy are not good.

            1. Wilson, I still think KS is the final decider on these draft picks, and JL is acquiescing so they show a united front.
              Next time I hope JL will take fair deals, and not hold out until they get a deal too good to be true.
              They had an opportunity to select Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, but passed it up to select a punter.
              However, if they win 8 games, JL’s job is secure. If they win 2, even KS may be on the hot seat. If they win only 6, Saleh may be the sacrificial goat.

  6. Boston spent last season with the Arizona Cardinals and put forth another strong season. The fifth-year safety was able to log three interceptions, nine pass defenses, and produced 79 tackles for the second consecutive season. He was good in coverage and has proven to be a well-rounded player.

    Boston, 27 in June, has remained on the market late in the year. He has signed one-year pacts in each of the past two seasons and has been on three different teams in three seasons. It’s unclear if it’s related to his demands or if there are other underlying issues, but it’s strange to see a relatively young player with proven production still on the market.

    Reply Back in the Bill Walsh , Eddy D days, Boston would have been signed yesterday. This F/O is not very proacative

    1. And we know how loaded the Cardinals are up and down the roster, which has to be why they let a superstar like Boston walk.

  7. I can’t grade a draft until a few years down the road, and I do like Hurd and Samuel. But passing on so many DB prospects left me uneasy.

    Salah’ defence simply doesn’t work without a good Single High Safety. Hope Colbert is ready.

      1. SY,
        Yup, but we live to fight another day.
        I remember going through this in the late 70′ and then the 80′ came along.

        What some people call “fanboy” I call “faithful.”
        The faithful stick with their teams, whether they are at the top or the bottom of the rung.

        1. Have I become a Carolina Panther fan? Or NE fan? Nope. I stick with the Niners. That to me is faithful. If you think wishes makes one faithful then I wish my wife was Monica Belucci!

            1. It was an homage to a misspelling by AES. He wanted to write Sorry East (EastCoast9er) and it autocorrected to Sour Yeast. I found it funny and have used it since…

              1. SY,
                I never knew that it went down that way, but I feel honored, I guess.

                But these days, I seem to give my great grandchildren a new name every time they come around ?
                Have a great Memorial weekend my friend.

              2. Those grandchildren probably love that. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day as well and all the bloggers here.

        2. Yeah . . . because this is life and death right here! Lol!
          This is sports man . . . not a freakin’ marriage (although for some it seems to hold the same weight)!
          One would like to be backing a winner.
          I’m off the Niner bandwagon, myself. But I’m still watching with interest and ready to jump back on after they fire the coach and GM and get some intelligent leadership :p
          Although with this owner that’s going to be tough to manage. The one time they had some leadership, they couldn’t live with him.
          Still it’s a lot of fun coming here and reading the same excuses made year after year :)

  8. Meh feel bad for the dude,seems to be fragile or have very bad luck,or both..But once again the Levi’s curse is slowly creeping in and we didn’t put any money into safety.Front office caught with they’re pants down…….again.Niners will be 6 and 10 this year and will never go anywhere with the York’s in charge.Been on this blog for years and people just say your not a fan,untrue love the Niners but I feel like Grant does.I demand more out of this team they have been one of the worst run franchises for about 17 18 years minus Haurbaugh and thenanaged to screw that up.This team doesn’t just have this many injuries for no reason,no one in that building knows anything about building a winner,Jed just wants yes men.We will be here in week 7 again with Bethard or Mullens with a losing record and another dysmal season I believe..It’s the Niners…..It’s what they do best…..Lose in embarrassing fashion

      1. Seb,
        Not sure if this is an attempt at light sarcasm or not but these types of non-contact injuries occur many times.
        McKinnon lost an entire season with a non-contact injury. And we recently saw the Warriors KD go down with a non-contact injury. Track and Field athletes suffer these types of injuries all the time.

        It would be an interesting study to see how many football players are injured throughout a season in the non-contact category.

  9. Correct me if I am mistaken, but didn’t Ward already suffer a broken collarbone some time in the past?

  10. I feel bad for Ward. Always have liked him, but man is he brittle!

    Sooner or later he will be healthy for a full season, law of averages, right? Kind of like sooner or later the team won’t suffer so many injuries….

    1. He’ll be healthy for a full season after retirement. Assuming he doesn’t need to bend over to pick up the newspaper.

  11. One thing I found interesting in Mike McG’s interview yesterday was he said he’s been going up against Dee Ford but hasn’t yet gone up against Bosa. McG is the RT, so that means Ford has been practicing on the left side of the D and Bosa on the right (for the day he was healthy).

    1. Scooter, Ford said he favors the left side over the right, whereas Bosa favors the right. They’ll both have to learn to play opposite sides depending on matchups, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all breaks down over the course of the season….

      1. Yep, but its interesting from the point of view of which side they can be expected to line up predominantly. I know its not quite as simple as this, but the left side of the D would typically be facing the strong side of a traditional offense. In base, that might mean Bosa plays more the “Leo” and Ford (if on the field) may be more the SAM.

        Obviously in nickel it doesn’t really matter.

        1. In base I think it’s the following:
          LEO: Bosa
          3T/DT: Buck
          NT/DT: Jones/Solly
          DE (Big End): AA
          SAM/OTTO: Ford

          1. I’m sure that will be the case in nickel (wide-9), though the SAM would be replaced by the nickel back, but do you think they will play wide-9 in “base” (yes, I know it isn’t really base anymore, but you know what I mean)? I don’t. I think they will stick with having a big end in “base”.

              1. I just listened to Chris Biderman’s podcast and he said Ford mostly lined up at LDE in a wide 9 in base, with 3 off ball LBs. Armstead also got some reps at LDE, but also in a wide alignment from what Biderman was saying. So maybe they really do intend to switch to wide 9 in base as well.

            1. I could see the Wide Nine in the Nickel being used against the Rams since they run an outside zone out of 11 personnel.

              against the Seahawks….who run lots of inside zone…..I can see the 49ers sticking with the Under formation since it only has one interior bubble.

          2. The author says: “Whichever side the tight end is lined up on, the opposite side is considered the strong side defensively.” Yet in his picture he has Sam lined up over the tight end. Like everything in life, reasonable people will disagree but my somewhat antiquated experience is that the strong side is the side that the TE lines up not the opoposite side – hence Sam is where he should be – on the strong side.

            1. yeah…that makes no sense. the strong side is the side where the TE lines up. The TE closes his side of the formation.

  12. Season over before it began, Grant. No reason to write anything about the Niners until 2020 draft. Maybe the gardening department at the Press-Demo is looking for a moderately-experienced writer to cover the begonia season.

  13. Still in shock they didn’t draft a decent FSafety……Needs were Edge WR FSafety CB….2 of 4 ain’t bad= but hey that’s 2 holes in the roster not filled….what if Verrett goes down? now 3 holes in the roster…maybe Boso can play CB when he is not injured…again..and again

      1. Hi Razor….good to see you are always here posting sixty times daily hiding behind your computer…LOL…..rock on man!!!!

          1. HAHAHAHAHA… ya man…………maybe I can trade you and some of your boyish features for a case of smokes LOL

            1. I was gonna tell ya not to let all my posts drive you nuts, but I see I’m too late. Rap on brah!!!!

  14. Well the good news about Ward being the highest paid defensive player on the team (despite being injured constantly) maybe they won’t have to pay him his full salary of 8.5Million a year…Hey can you imagine paying somebody to be a multimillionaire that doesn’t do any of the work…….

    1. Jimmie Ward is making $4.5 million not $8.5.
      He made that last season when his 5th year option was picked up.
      Just a heads up

      1. Yup, “the sky is falling” and “I told you so” contingent has been in full bloom since Bosa’ injury.
        Now, they are shifting dollar figures around.
        Go figure (pun intended).

  15. There was an actual curse that was put on the Niners at Jack Davis’ birthday party way back in the 90’s. Eddie was still the owner and Carmen was the VP. Stephen Leyba, a Church of Satan member performed, “The Apache Whiskey Rite” with a stripper/performance artist named Danielle Willis. Policy was in attendance.

    It wasn’t long after this event that everything started to go south for the Niners. Even though they won the election for the new stadium and shopping center, suitcases with ballots washed up on the edge of the bay and then Eddie was in hot water in Louisiana.

    The team suffered all kinds of high strange after that.

    Garrison Hearst getting hurt in the playoff game.

    Steve Young’s career ending concussion against the Cardinals.

    TO’s meltdown.

    They haven’t been the same since.

    I think Lynch needs to hire an exorcist.

    More here:

    1. So is this “Apache Whiskey Rite” a curse or something? It sounds like a fraternity hazing ritual. Where was the actual curse?

      1. The guy was a satanic performance artist. He laid the curse on the Niners during the performance. Casting spells, invocations, applications of sigils is what they practiced with LaVey. This dude was working it during what took place and often boasted about the curse he laid on the Niners afterwards.

  16. The part that is alarming about the injury is that this ‘player’ hasn’t played in a while. He’s not in playing shape.
    He’s been nurturing his body and taking it easy. Now he will take it easy again and when he comes back he’ll take it slow as to not aggravate his injuries.
    You get what you pay for…..
    Did Bosa sign a contract yet?

    1. DP,
      Are you alarmed?
      We are 3 months away from starting the regular season. Do you really believe missing a few days of mini camp will stamie Bosa’ chance of playing in September?

      Your concerns only seem to be an effort to validate the mindset of some who have already determined that Bosa cannot be counted on to complete a season injury free.

      Now, if posters feel the need to take that position, so be it, their minds are made up.
      I’ll hold my critique on Bosa until (if) he misses games during the regular season. At the moment, the Bosa critics are merely barking at the moon.?

      1. AES, yes, a pulled hammy is not very serious, but it is just the idea that Bosa was fully healthy, and would not be injured again, that sticks in my craw. I also wonder if it may be related to his core issues, they tend to be tricky. He did have surgery, and there might be some complications.
        However, Joey signed, them pulled a hammy, and was out for a couple games. Fortunately, he then went on to have 10.5 sacks and became the DROY. I hope history will repeat itself.

    2. Heard a great comment last night about all these injuries to the top rookies. It was basically that these guys have been training their bodies for non-football activities at the combine and are now needing to redo that process.

      1. Yeah, it happens a lot this time of year. Rookies dealing with minor soft tissue injuries.

      2. Jack,
        You bring up a good point. Prepping for the Combine is quite different from training for football games.

        I’m still waiting for the Combine darling of a couple of years ago, John Ross, to show up in a real game.
        IMO, the Combine has become more of a cash cow. I mean, what’s next, checking a players teeth?

  17. Thing that is crazy is this regime has learned absolutely nothing from Baalke..Reach for players and draft and sign players with injury history.Its so frustrating ..Sorry but this team is hard to root for sometimes..They draft horribly and sign and draft acl players and then wonder why we suck..It’s amazing these people are paid millions of dollars to do these jobs and we seem to have more knowledgeable football evaluations in this comment section..I’m really not liking Lynch and Shanny anymore.Its not even training camp yet wait till all these other players coming off major injuries start pushing hard and getting pads on.This is only the first of what will be another injury plagued losing season..And the crazy thing is the Niners completely asked for it

  18. Lynch & Shany don’t know what the hell they are doing. Ward made something like 13 million the last 2 years and what did he do? – 1 pass defensed and ended on IR both times. Then Ward gets signed for 4.5 mil for this upcoming season- and injured again.

    Shany stated he loves Ward and would go to war with him – yeah, whatever. Going to war and winning football games are 2 different things- and last I checked even when Ward was healthy he did almost nothing to help the Niners win any games.

    Lynch & Shany’s evaluation process is very worrisome.

    You know what the curse or who the curse is? Jed York. Jed keeps hiring people who really have no business in bringing in talent.

    1. Bingo! Nail . . . head! :)
      Everyone beats on KS and JL . . . they are who they are. Sure they deserve the critiques, but what is someone supposed to do when millions are being forced upon you? Refuse?
      No, it’s JY that’s the real problem. It’s tough to find a cure for the teams woes there. Cannot fire the owner.
      The only hope is that he’ll luck into a good HC/GM combo like his uncle did almost 40 years ago. He arguably was half-way there a little while ago, but couldn’t even get that right. Lame, really (sigh)

  19. Maybe instead of brick by brick,they should call it limb by limb or bone by bone…lol..this team is a dumpster fire

  20. Looks like SF should be renamed the ‘Crystal Chandeliers’.

    Wonder if SF will fire their new S&C staff for underperformance?

    1. Yes. Fire them…by COB today if possible. The staff was assembled in February, they’ve had a tad over 90 days to prevent all this and they failed. Miserably. Daffy Duck could have done better with 30 days.

      1. Cassie – Your strength and conditioning coaches DO NOT structure practice. The head trainer as well as the team doctor who gave the players their physicals and cleared them for practice or other various degrees of participation in the off-season program and the voluntary OTAs communicate with the HEAD COACH about who is full go or which players are out or in reduced participation.

        The Strength and Conditioning coaches then coordinate a program with the head trainer for each of the injured or coming off injury players, including those who have undergone surgeries over the pass season or off-season.

        Also, FYI, it is the head coach, in accordance with the parameters established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, who sets the tempo and the competitive levels of the voluntary OTA sessions. Why players without donning pads are diving for balls is beyond comprehension. Why a player who has not been on the football field since the early weeks of his college season last October of 2018 and has undergone a significant surgery is doing one-on-one pass rushes the first day of OTAs, even if it is against a back-up FA signee offensive lineman is beyond me.

        With all of the injuries across the league since teams began their voluntary OTA sessions is it any wonder that many players are voluntarily skipping the on-the-field portion of these activities? After all, more can be lost in May than can be won in May, and the Niners year after year prove that.

        1. Excellent points. I was responding to your statement…

          “Wonder if SF will fire their new S&C staff for underperformance?

          If you were being sarcastic, great. My response was sarcasm as well.

  21. Is anyone surprised by this? The hopes, optimism and fortunes for this team do not live and die by the health of Jimmy Ward.

    1. What do you see in colbert that makes him a great safety?

      The only thing I saw is that he can lay some hits on WR’s. He’s relatively slow, takes bad angles and doesn’t react quickly to plays.

      I really wanted the team to take a safety this year.

      1. Colbert ran a 4.25 Forty at his Pro Day, and you call that relatively slow? The problem I saw with Colbert last year was angles. He needs to improve in that area along with sharpening his instincts….

        1. Yup. He is kinda raw, and needs more experience. That 40 was hand timed, but he did run a solid 4.4 forty, according to the digital measurements. I think he is better than Ward as the single high safety, but also think Tarvarius Moore might be another candidate for FS, since the CB position is crowded.
          Colbert played safety at Texas, but switched to CB at Miami. He is versatile, and has shown promise as a gunner for ST.
          No matter what, they should not put Ward in at safety. Slot CB does not need to take those big hits as much as a safety.

          1. Yeah I would love to see Moore back at his natural position, the guy is such an athlete and has some great ball skills. I hope they give him a shot..

          2. Don’t you guys see what you’re all doing here? We’re all wishing a group of players that have never performed at this level suddenly become performers. Colbert isn’t injury free either. If he can’t figure the angles out he can not be a good single high safety. We do the same thing with our WR’s.

          3. From the 90 in 90.

            You never go into a season depending on a player drafted as late as Colbert

            Then there will be plays where Colbert is taking the bait of an underneath route, only to let a deep receiver run free for a big play.
            If Colbert is going to improve, he’s going to need to show better route recognition. He also needs to understand that if he is the last line of defense, Colbert has to be 100% sure when he jumps a route. I keep bringing this up, but with better pieces around you, you’re going to look better. The addition of Dee Ford and Nick Bosa might allow Colbert to be more aggressive. He’ll need to clean up his tackling as well. Colbert missed a tackle on 25% of his attempts last year in limited action. At free safety, that can’t happen


        2. You’re right I was thinking of another safety who ran a 4.7. Clearly got the two confused

          Seb is correct his official time is in the 4.4’s which is plenty fast.

          1. I believe you were thinking of Marcell Harris. He hits like a ton of bricks,
            He might compete for the SS position, and maybe they will use Tartt as the nickle LB.

  22. nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    why the F is he diving for a ball in shorts …….cmon use your head

    1. I would imagine because most NFL players don’t shatter when they hit the ground. This particular NFL does and clearly doesn’t seem to acknowledge that.

    2. I mean as mean as it may sound, this was going to happen sooner or later, and I rather have it sooner so the Niners can now prepare without him.

      Man did this guy not drink any milk as a child?

      1. Nobody is mentioning the genius of this.

        Ward usually gets hurt during the season. By sustaining the injury now he should be good to go once it starts.

  23. No one, and I mean NO ONE should be surprised that Jimmie Ward broke something. Pretty sure he’s broken a bone in 5 of his 6 seasons in the NFL. If you’re reacting to Ward’s injury it shows on some level that you didn’t see it coming.
    Tre Boston is still out there. 8 picks in the last two seasons. No major injuries. Still 26 years old. Just sayin.

    As for the “an injury that usually takes a few days” comment? Come on, Grant. You’re better than this.
    They almost never heal in a few days. “Usually” implies that in most cases it’s a couple days, and that is simply false.
    It typically takes a few weeks before it’s 100%, and rushing it back only aggravates the injury and makes it worse, and it makes them linger. It would make no sense to rush it during the off season. That comment was to make yourself seem right about the Bosa’s not playing through injury, which I agree they don’t, but this a bad example of that.

  24. With Bosa’s injury, it looks like our defense is going to be hamstrung for awhile. (Don’t know how Razor missed this one!)

    1. I do ,he misses every one.Everytime.Dudes wrong about everything

    1. Cassie, doesn’t it seem like KS and JL will double down on Ward and their other safeties? Especially since Ward is projected back by TC? As much as I would like them to make a move I can’t see them signing another one.

      1. It’s likely they’ll stay the course, but I wouldn’t be stunned if they bring in a veteran.

  25. Teams are going to test the fs spot early. If I was game planning against niners I’d isolate the fs in the running game and run right at them. Colbert and ward are both injury prone.

    1. Trading for a FS shows that they blew it on the Colbert and Reed picks so I doubt it’ll happen.

          1. Boston’s 5 Burning Questions:

            1. Int context-Two were pop ups thrown by Bortles, one was a Peterman pick that was forced by Bosa, another pop fly on 4th and a prayer by Eli, and good pick against Derek Carr.
            2. He’s not versatile.
            3. Poor tackler.
            4. Takes poor angles.
            5. He has an allergic reaction to coverage discipline, and when in pursuit.

            1. Razor hello, the dude is not injured…the best ability is availability and JWard has none LOL …ahhhh……ok back to hiding behind my puter…bye Razor …. putting on a Motorhead CD right now

              1. Monty, I agree. A mediocre player with character issues who can be expeted to reliably take the field would be a steal. Even if the Niners regurgitate him — as his last three teams have done — at the end of the season.

                Grant: Re. character issues, are we talking Aldon Smith, Ray Rice, or Aaron Hernandez? Or something else?

      1. Colbert and Reed were 7th and 5th Round picks. They’ve gotten some starts out of them. If we’re very generous we could say they’re marginal starters. But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they’re decent depth players.

        That’s pretty good value for those picks. So I wouldn’t say the 49ers blew it as far as the picks for those players go.

        I’d say the 49ers maybe blew it relying (no other alternatives/acquisitions) on them and Ward to be viable starters.

        1. Maybe they should have borrowed President Trump’s magic wand he used to bring back those manufacturing jobs to rebuild 97% of their roster in three drafts….

          1. Reed was taken behind:

            Minkah Fitzpatrick in the first round- pro – bowler
            Derwin James in the first round – pro – bowler
            Terrell Edmunds 1st (PFF 66th best safety in 2018)
            Jessie Bats in the 2nd round
            Justin Reid in the 2nd round
            Tracy Walker 3rd round
            Ronnie Harrison 3rd round
            Tavarious Moore 3rd round
            Troy Apke 4th round
            Jordan Whitehead 4th round
            Kyzir White 4th round
            Armanni Watts 4th round
            Tre Flowers 5th round (pff #67 safety)
            D.J Reed 5th Round
            Marcus Allen 5th round
            Michael Dickenson (first team All Pro Punter) 5th round

            So as you can see except for the top two guys, most of these safeties haven’t amounted to much. so banking on your 4th, 5th round..etc….picks to be more than depth players when you’re picking the 14th best player at that position in the draft doesn’t make sense. sure occasionally you’ll hit on a guy but most of the time you’re lucky to get depth from those picks.

          2. Getting Goldson type players in the 5th round and later is very much the outlier, not the norm. As affp said, getting a decent contribution from these guys as STs players, backups and spot starters is a good outcome. More than that is a great outcome.

    1. Some say character, and some say the proof is 3 different teams in 3 years.
      Guess he wears out his welcome quickly.

  26. I’ve had my share of complaints about the miners decision making, their mismanagement of the drafts and so on.

    I do feel that with couple more moves and better drafting they could be in the running for a deep playoff run this year. But very much like the Anaheim anagels (slowly wasting trouts best years) they have huge holes which they have actively neglected.

    The options remain:

    -arrogance, lack of critical self assessment

    -purposefully not expecting to be overly competitive this year and waiting for next year to complete their team and make a serious run. In their eyes taking a 4 year approach to the build.

    -combination of the two.

  27. Jack,
    You bring up a good point. Prepping for the Combine is quite different from training for football games.

    I’m still waiting for the Combine darling of a couple of years ago, John Ross, to show up in a real game.
    IMO, the Combine has become more of a cash cow. I mean, what’s next, checking a players teeth?

    1. the truth of the matter is that teams will tell you that the combine is mostly a good place to interview prospects in a competitive environment as well as check on medicals. The rest of the underwear Olympics mostly just serves validate what the scouts and coaches have already seen on film. But it’s the film that is still the most important in evaluations.

    2. On the Dan Patrick show this week it was noted that the Combine will eventually be held in different venues across the country–Dallas, LA, etc., etc.–and will be more accessible by fans. Maybe as early as 2023.

      1. I always figured Vegas would be the perfect location. That way teams can see who might be a knucklehead by seeing who stays out late partying, gambling…etc…

    3. I mean, what’s next, checking a players teeth?

      You mean a cavity search? Might not be a bad idea in some cases…

  28. Ward has been a head scratcher from draft day till now.

    1. He played for a small school and did not face NFL caliber talent. The guys at NFL network were dead silent when the pick came in. Finally Mayock said something like – I had him pegged for late day two.
    2. He had an injury history (foot) in college.
    3. He is undersized for a S.
    4. He has struggled with injuries in NFL
    5. Despite all this, he is the 49ers highest salaried defensive player

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