Report: Ray McDonald investigated for alleged sexual assault

Ray McDonald is being investigated again, this time for alleged sexual assault.

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    1. It’s a good thing the Seahawks beat you is all I can say. When a man lays hands on his pregnant girlfriend/wife no telling what he is capable of. But oh no you all jumped on me — you didn’t have all the proof. Aren’t any of you students of “Life” and Character?” Doesn’t anything matter to you except winning the next Lombardi? But don’t worry, I’m sure McDonald will buy his way out of this!

      1. Mary shut up and go away. Your input is not needed or wanted. You were wrong the first time because you didn’t allow yourself to see both sides and let the case play out. Let’s not have a repeat.

        1. Rocket you STFU — you’re wrong and I imagine you don’t like the feeling that someone is calling you on it. McDonald should have been sat. All you guys care about is winning games and not losing your precious Lombardi. How do you like the aftermath.

          1. No, he should not have.

            He was not charged with, nor guilty of a crime. In every other case in the NFL this year, the players were charged, and/or found guilty. However, the situation is vastly different now. McDonald, had a short leash to begin with and STILL chose to place himself in a bad situation. That shows poor judgement and an inability to control his behavior. It does not mean he is guilty, but it does mean the 49ers made it clear that another incident and he was gone. I think its pretty simple scenario, really. It’s just sad.

      2. Mary? as in the same Mary that was dead wrong on Ray Mac the first time and now havn’t learned her lesson and is here again spouting off?
        For all we know you are the one who falsley accused him of SA just so you get some much needed attention. run along now

      3. Mary,

        I keep telling you that nobody wants you here and for some reason you keep coming back. You were wrong the 1st time you cried wolf. Now here you go again. Please disappear, for the last time! Disappear!

      1. Two accusations for vile crimes is enough to fire someone for cause. Innocent until proven guilty applies only to criminal and civil proceedings.

  1. Without making any excuses…..what the heck does “possibly sexually assaulted” mean? Is this another case of waking up somewhere and wondering what happened?
    I have no guess as to guilt or innocence and will have to wait like everybody else for more details. I also don’t want to be that guy who automatically discounts a victim’s claim. The wording in the quote seemed faithfully repeated across several reports, but it raises more questions than answers for now.
    In the meantime, stay away from Ray’s house!

    1. Maybe, she wasn’t sure if she had been drugged. In which case, she may have awakened and not been sure if she had been raped, but suspected that she had been and went to the hospital, at least, for the forensics.

  2. Whether he did it or not, he’s shown a clear inability to stay away from trouble. As with all the issues that have plagued this team this year, I will let the process play out before judging the guy, but at some point these players have to stop putting themselves in bad positions, especially when they are under the microscope for previous accusations.

    1. Rocket: I don’t like you as a person. All you’re looking at is your own self-interest and not the victim. Whether “he” “did it or “not” matters to the victim. Who are you.

      1. Mary – We don’t have a victim yet. What happens if this is ANOTHER false alarm. You act like women don’t set up men or make false allegations. Get off your high horse and wait for the facts. If he is guilty then my disgust will be known for sure.

      2. Mary/Marty. No one dialogues with you here. In my nicest tone, leave you are not welcome here.

      3. Mary, as the others have said, you are leaping to judgement here. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t. We have no idea at this point. Let the legal proceedings play out before you convict him, and before you start pointing fingers at people and their self interest in this forum.

        I don’t say this to pick a fight, but you do realise you also have self-interest here, as you did with the domestic violence allegation earlier this year. You have shown you are a strong supporter of women in these instances, and will believe they are the victim before any facts come out. This is not a bad thing, but just hoping you can see that you are not impartial, that you have strong feelings on these matters, and as a result you come to conclusions of guilt without letting any investigations play out.

        Also, it was pretty clear from what rocket said he was referring to whether McDonald should be punished now or not. “Whether he did it or not” should not matter from the team’s perspective as he has shown a pattern of questionable behaviour/ judgement that is detrimental to the team. This was clearly not a reference to whether it matters or not to the person filing these claims.

        1. Scooter: You’re right, I do believe in women’s rights, BUT and that’s a big BUT I equally believe in men’s rights. I have two brothers that I adore.

          And I have never had predetermined ideas of who is guilty. But when the police have been to someone’s house (2 police reports) it’s not a leap to say there is a pattern here.

          1. When someone says they want to see a person punished, they are inferring guilt whether they mean to or not. You can’t take punishment back.

            1. The NFL has been sweeping domestic violence under the carpet for years and protecting players. If you had not seen the Ray Rice video you would have never believed it. And Ms. Rice would still be waiting for due process or be dead, b/c that was NOT the first time he had knocked her out.

              And how would I know that?? All you had to do was review the video and his expression and actions as he dragged her unconscious body across the doorway and dumped it on the floor. He had such disrespect for her.

              Janai Rice could have very well been dead if she had to wait a year for due process.


              1. And what about Hope Solo Mary? She’s still being glorified and even allowed to play despite what she has been accused of. Or is it because she’s a woman that the media has all but swept that under the carpet?

  3. The team might not wait to let this play out. They can cut him, be done with it and reap the cap savings. It’s a shame because McDonald was playing particularly well after he was cleared of the prior incident.

    1. What are these alleged cap savings. If it’s for 2014 it’s pointless. How much is he due for 2015 and beyond and at this point, with 2 meaningless games remaining, if he plays or not, matters not. The 49ers can truly let this play out since his services wouldn’t truly be needed until the 1st week of September, 10 months from now.

    1. I’m not saying I don’t want it to play out, but, particularly since this is the end of the season, the team can cut McDonald citing that they are moving on from an aging player or for any other reason without ever even mentioning the alleged sexual assault.

      1. Let me just add, that I believe in innocent until proven guilty. I know if it were me, I would want due process as I’m sure all of us would.

        But especially since we are at the end of the season, the FO might view this issue as a “business” decision and just move on from McDonald.

  4. So it looks like the prevailing point of view here is “well it sucks that some poor woman got raped, but let’s make lemons out of lemonade, cut him and clear room under the cap and go get a real pass-rushing DE!”

    1. S.C
      Where do you get rape? the story said “The victim reportedly alleged that she was “possibly sexually assaulted.” ” It sounded as if the victim wasn’t sure what happened.
      But to fix that for you. The prevailing oppinion on this blog is: let this story play out seing how there have been 2 stories in the past 6 months that turned out to be different than initially reported. (CK alleged SA where the gold digger came to Mia to “have some champiopn babies” only to have CK spurn her and kick her out of his room, and the RMac domestic assault that wasnt charged)

  5. I bring no judgement either way on this, I just wish the press could leave these cases alone until a verdict had been reached either way, but that will never ever ever happen, clickwhoring is waayyy too important in todays sensationalist world.

    All I can say is welcome to overreaction Wednesday.

    1. Haha. Yeah, DClark, but didn’t it all originate with the tabloids in UK? just kidding.
      And remember your etiquette fellas; step back after you kick the carcass so the next guy can have a whack at it too.

      1. Hah Brotha!, you kid, but you’re not far from the truth the tabloids here are a truly insidious bunch. But it’s now a worldwide epidemic, the rush to judge, examples are strewn above this post, and will be below before long too, with Mary being the classic example. Weren’t people taught that prejudice is not a good thing?

  6. I’m willing to let the due process play its course before judging him. That said, I think he should be cut at the end of the season to save the team some money and also in order to give him a fresh start elsewhere if he is vindicated.

    1. Interesting move, I would say. Given the new enforcement policy promulgated by the NFL, the 49ers could have said they were awaiting official charges in keeping with the spirit of NFL policy. Further, given the stance they took with the allegations against MacDonald at the beginning of the season (and with prior allegations against players), even sitting him for the duration of the season might have appeased public sentiment. Thus, cutting him today was likely an unnecessary move with respect to public relations. So why do it?

      Perhaps the front office already planned to release MacDonald at the end of the year and the new allegations just gave cause to accelerate the process. Yes, I know this is speculative, but Baalke has never struck me as being reactionary, which this move seems to be, at least on the surface, and it would make more sense if he was merely doing something sooner that he had intended to do later.

      1. It has to be a bit reactionary as from what I’m seeing on twitter the 49ers would have saved +3M more if they waited to cut him after the season.

        1. I’m guessing they told him he was on his last strike and if anything else came up they would be parting ways. This was the last strike.

      2. I think as much as anything else this is about the front office putting its foot down and showing it won’t tolerate repeated questionable behaviour and judegment, and will take a hard line on it. They had been supportive of Ray, and other players. They’ve given them some rope. This is a slap in the face of that support, so I am quite happy to see them take a hard line now.

      3. Could be the following simple reason for the release now. In the earlier case, the Niners talked to Ray and satisfied themselves that he was innocent. In this case after they talked to him, they were not satisfied of his innocence. Just speculating,

  7. Two have a couple beers and some bumps, hit the sack and now she wants her money back. He’ll be innocent and we’ll be out a good lineman.

    PeeCee strikes again…

    1. Jack:

      Where are you getting your savings numbers from? Earlier I posted a much higher number, but now I’m questioning my sources.

        1. Since he was release before the end of the 2014 season, does the portion of his signing bonus that has not yet “hit” the cap go against the 2014 cap or the 2015 cap?

          1. I don’t know how it works in a situation like this, which is why I listen to what Corry has to say. As a former agent he knows a lot more about this stuff than I do.

            He’s also a good follow on Twitter, and quick to answer questions.

  8. So that leaves us with , Justin Smith, Jerod-Eddie, Carradine, Ramsey? Pretty thin. DE may be a position of need next year.

      1. Are you speaking of this season or next? For next season that could be the case, this season Williams and Dorsey are on IR.

    1. I don’t know about the first case Mary but I am glad they cut him in this instance. He took grace and exploited it. Most people blame JH for this stuff but these player decisions are all on Baalke. Baalke loves to pick up talented guys with injury or some other kind of history that gets him a discount. Culliver, Cox, Winston, Braylon Edwards, Moss, Aldon Smith to name a few of the players with legal trouble.

      I am glad to see him finally take a stand on some of these issues. JH doesn’t seem to have a say in some of this stuff and has to explain it to the press as the face of the franchise when Baalke is mostly behind player selection.

    2. Yep. Nothings changed other than the team got tired of him getting into these situations and cut him. I have no problem with that and said as much above. As far as guilt or innocence, I don’t rush to judgement until all the information is tabled and the investigation is complete. Considering how stupid you looked the first time around I would have hoped you’d learned your lesson but apparently not.

      1. As usual, I agree with you rocket. I have learned my lesson about rushing to judgement on these things. But it is no longer about guilt or innocence, as Baalke said in his press release. He simply can’t stay out of trouble.

        1. From an employer’s perspective, Baalke’s remarks make sense. However, if what people are reporting about a potential savings if the team had released him later is correct, then the move now does not make financial sense. Sitting him, or even deactivating him, would have quelled most of the public outcry, given there are only two games left and the 49ers are not going to the postseason.

          1. Definitely – I actually posted a response up above just now that is applicable here. Deactivating him would have quelled the public outcry, but wouldn’t have sent as strong a message to the players as releasing him does.

            1. I think that is quite possible, Scooter, but if the amount that could have been saved is $3 million, that is a fairly expensive message. One of the things I learned representing clients over the years is that when something about their story does not make sense in the context of the rest of the story, it is usually because some key piece of information is missing.

              Some key piece of information seems to be missing here.

              1. I take your point, and I am sure there is more than one piece of information that is missing in the public realm here. But I think in this instance a key motivating factor of this decision is the message it sends, and not a message to the general public, but to the players. They don’t care if it hurts the team financially, because what the players do can hurt the team more.

          2. If the additional savings is of order $3 million as some are suggesting, then I am now questioning Baalke continuing on as GM. But I’ll wait until the actual additional savings is finalized.

      2. Rocket you nitwit. I wanted McDonald “sat” like many of the men on here but no b/c the majority of you couldn’t stand to lose any games. And that’s what it’s all about. Games! You don’t care about the “victims” and you don’t care about “McDonald.” And right now you’re trying to figure out how much cap money you can save and replace him. I wonder what all that data says about you?

        I’m done with my sermon but I needed to say it and you needed to hear it.

        1. Mary, as someone that believed McDonald shouldn’t have been punished before the investigations into the domestic violence played out, I take offense at your accusations. My feelings on the matter had nothing to do with the impact on the team’s chances to win, in fact I thought the distraction of the drama may be detrimental to his play. I simply didn’t think it was fair to punish someone that may actually be innocent.

          Seriously, quit pointing your self righteous finger at people. Just because you think he is guilty, despite having no access to any evidence in these investigations, does not give you the right to chastise people that are willing to let due process occur.

        2. I’ve already wasted too much time and attention on you Mary but I couldn’t let this post past without congratulating you on being completely wrong on every thing you said.

          My opinions were never based on winning games and I haven’t said a word about the cap implications.

          My opinions are based on the law and rights in place for people accused of something, along with the system in place to stop zealots like yourself from convicting somebody before proven guilty. As I said before, you were wrong in your initial rant about the assault case in which McDonald was not charged, and now you’re back to show us all you haven’t learned a damn thing from it.

          Time to quit while you’re behind Mary.

          1. I’m beyond you also Rocket and you lose. I didn’t even read this. But any player that has 3 police reports and run-ins with the law within a year should be cut and he should have been SAT after the 2nd. Common sense.

        3. Mary–There is nothing wrong with discussing the cap ramifications of release of McDonald. This is a 49er football thread after all. McDonald is no longer part of this team but the financial aspect of his release remain. Moving on and discussing the cap issues is separate from and does no disrespect to any victims. Except perhaps in the eyes of reactionaries like yourself who require everyone to become indignant and react as you do or they are perceived as lacking in ethics.

          You pretty much expressed your intent when you stated that we needed to listen to your sermon. You just wanted to take the opportunity to take a psuedo moral high ground so you could stick some guilt to the guys.

  9. I should have been clear, I was talking about next season, but you’re right it it thin for the remaining two games.

    1. Well, you know I’ve been keen for an early pick on an interior lineman for some time.

      In saying that, while I’m sure it didn’t really play into the decision making, I think the play of Dial maybe made the decision to release McDonald just a little more palatable.

      But if J. Smith retires too, then yeah, a DT becomes a very high priority.

    1. I think Ramsey is also somewhere in his 21 day practice period. Seems like they need someone to fill in there.

  10. Wow. Just wow.

    As Baalke said, its not about guilt or innocence in this or previous matters. He’s had multiple run-ins with the law now, including at least one DUI I can recall. Even if he’s innocent, he clearly makes a lot of dubious decisions and at best is bad for an already tarnished 49ers image. Not sad to see him go.

    1. Do you think that is the reason they have made such a hard line decision in this instance, Jack?

        1. You may be right, and I am sure McDonald’s future with the team would have been a subject for discussion anyway. But as JPN has been saying, seems strange to make this decision knowing they could save more money by delaying it. All of the reasons you listed would have been equally valid at the end of the year, except $$$ which they would have been better off.

          1. Scooter,

            I said $$$ because Baalke saying this is about a “pattern” is an insult to my intelligence. At least what little I have left.

            1. But still, all of those other reasons would still have been valid at the end of the year.

              One thing this does is prevents the coaching staff from playing McDonald instead of giving the young guys Baalke drafted some valuable experience.

              But all in all, I think this is a case of Baalke (and Jed) simply using this opportunity to send a message to the players.

              1. Or it could be a way to remove one piece that is presently playing well in order to tank the rest of the season with out it being so obvious. Perhaps they will bring up Okoye to see how far along he is. Kill two birds with one stone.

      1. Scooter…
        I’m wonderin’ if Baalke has stared throwing
        caution to the wind .. and firing everyone
        in sight … ?

        1. I don’t think so. Throwing caution to the wind does not sound like something Baalke does.

  11. People make fun of some celebrities for making women sign contracts before entering their home. Or taking their phones away. In a situation like this, it becomes clear you should do everything possible to protect yourself. I don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty but he better learn that anyone can say anything and ruin your life.

  12. Oregon cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu has suffered a torn ACL. Baalke should look his way. Really good CB.

    1. Funny, I was thinking the same thing. He doesn’t fit the type of CB that Baalke usually goes for though, he’s pretty short. But he could be an excellent nickel CB, and will likely slide a bit now.

    2. He has to get away from that thought process. Although he may hesitate After what happened to Ward against Marshall. To be named First Team all conference three years in a row in a pass heavy conference says a lot. I’m sure he fast as well.

    3. That kid Keith Reaser is a freak of an athlete (4.32 40; 22 reps at 225) and if his DNA means anything (Sean Taylor’s cousin), he might be the Island in the 49ers secondary.

  13. Get ready for the fire sale happening at 4949 Centennial Blvd on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
    ‘We got Aldons, Cullys, Crabs and Brooks’…all at ROCK BOTTOM prices!’
    This is going to be an interesting offseason, for sure.

      1. Sounds rediculous, huh?
        It’s as rediculous as firing a HC who’s taken your team to three consecutive NFCC games and a SB.
        Wouldn’t suprise me a bit.

      2. AS is on 3-year probation. Anything could happen b/c he hasn’t been able to stay out of trouble. Who on here said character doesn’t matter.

    1. We are officially in rebuilding mode. No question. Anyone can be had for a price on this team.

  14. I guess they will have no other option but to play the young guns now. Dial and Carradine, YOU’RE UP

  15. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…

    Unbelievable! Can we just please fire everyone and start over? What a complete and utter embarrassment this once proud franchise has become. I grew up with Joe, Jerry and Steve. We never had this level of drama. Not like this. We weren’t perfect but damn we were close. This, this is awful. Dreadful. Terrible. Sick. Disgusting.

    Have at them GC. They are all yours. I can no longer defend this type of abysmal behavior. I tell my 15 year old all the time, life is decisions, make good one’s.

    Sad day to be a Niner fan.

    1. It was a different time. We now live in a world that we know almost everything almost immediately. We had no idea what went on with those teams at the time. What would the 24 hour sports news cycle and TMZ have done with the Eddie D vs Bill Walsh saga? Or Montana’s divorce? Or the Montana party rumors? Or whatever strange behavior Charles Haley was doing. Or Jerry Rice getting busted at the massage parlor raid? Or whatever DUI we did not hear about or other stupid stuff players did back then?

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