Report: Richard Sherman running full speed, but walking with a slight limp and still obsessed with the Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman runs on the practice field during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, June 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Sports Illustrated just published an article on Richard Sherman. The article notes Sherman recently was “running at full speed, but walking with a slight limp after a full day’s workout at Stanford.”

A slight limp doesn’t sound good. Sherman tore his Achilles tendon in November. Do you think he will be ready to fully participate when training camp starts on July 26? I’m doubtful.

In the article, Sherman also discusses his favorite topic — the Seattle Seahawks. “Mistakes and poor judgment on things ruined what could have been a really special deal,” Sherman said. “They’ve lost their way. It’s as simple as that. They’ve just lost their way. When you make too many mistakes over a long period of time, you kind of dig yourself a hole. And then when you backtrack, you gotta make a bunch of rash decisions to try and fill the hole and hope that it holds up.”

Sherman is right about the Seahawks — they have made lots of mistakes the past few years, particularly in the draft. But, they didn’t make a mistake releasing Sherman this offseason. That was one of first smart things the Seahawks have done in a long time, and it was overdue. They should have released him a year ago. I think they would agree.

Sherman should stop talking about his former team. He sounds bitter.

He sounds like Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who still is bitter his team lost to the 49ers last season. “It kind of sounds like you’re making excuses, that you’re making poor excuses,” Sherman said of Ramsey in the article. “You got beat. You got beat last year. That doesn’t matter. What are you going to do this year? You all didn’t win the Super Bowl. We’re talking about a regular-season game. Move on.”

Follow your own advice, Richard.

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  1. Grant’s doubtful about Sherman’s availability July 26? Didn’t see that one coming, ha! If I had to guess, Sherman’s probably about 85% back and he’ll get the typical veteran courtesies to make sure he’s ready to go against the Vikings. That’s all that really matters. Whatever you do, Grant, don’t piss off Sherman or you won’t get a wedding gift from him!

  2. Now let me make this very clear, I am no fan of Richard Sherman but I will root for the uniform. That being said I love a player who has a chip on his shoulder and feels as if he has something to prove, so keep on talking bout Seattle little dick.

  3. There was some video recently of Sherman working out at Stanford with other NFL db’s and to me it looked like his footwork was definitely a bit slower than the others.

      1. Achilles injury. Two of them requiring surgery. Not ACL. Very different in terms of mobility and explosion. Achilles injuries are very difficult for football players (particularly corner backs and wide receivers) to come back from at all, and virtually none of them come back in any significant capacity.

        1. That was my point. Of course he looked slower than the other DB’s, he is fresh off of surgery.

  4. He’ll be bought along thoughtfully, with the season opener in mind–just as most injured ‘older’ vets are across the league. He’s outspoken Grant–nothing new there, no? If he has a chip on his shoulder, great. Why don’t you ask the other 9er DBs if Sherman’s ‘fixation’ with Seattle is a distraction (or not)? Heck, ask the DB coach(es) as well. Let’s get some foundation set for your hot take.

    Do I expect Sherman to be 100% at season’s start? No. Likely more in the 90-95% range. At least the 9ers didn’t send a 2nd round pick to the Emerald City for him.

  5. Is there a way to block this click bait trash of a writer from your feed? Relies completely on a headline that will get you to click the link for views.

  6. July 26th? A 30 yr old CB coming off a ruptured achilles? I doubt Adderall can even work that miracle.

  7. I had torn my Achilles tendon and everyday after work I had a limp. It took me six months to get better. But Sherman has the greatest rehab people who will continue to strengthen him. He should be ready by July 26

        1. I can’t wait to play the Rams. Should have been the season opener, instead, Zimmer will be the sacrificial lamb.

        2. Yep. Cowherd is in the business of hot takes like his old employers in Bristol and most of what he says is hot garbage.

    1. Ha.
      Any chance to accentuate the negative ?, he don’t mess with Mr In-between ?

    2. Bitter, I don’t know. He is the Press Corp outsider. Not a great writer, but sometimes does great analysis; — his contrary position keeps him in the public view sort of like those people in Washington. Like father like son. But hey, these people know how to get paid. #Fakenews

  8. I read the article and a couple of things should be mentioned:

    These workouts took place 3 weeks ago, which means Sherman was running at full speed a month before TC. There is going to be soreness after workouts coming back from these kinds of surgeries so it’s also no surprise he had a slight limp afterward.

    The Seattle remarks were obviously made because he was questioned about it. If he was just going off and ranting to anyone who would listen about how things have gone astray in Seattle, I’d agree he needs to let it go, but answering a question I have no problem with and at the end of the day he’s right. Seattle dismantled a SB caliber team with poor drafting and decision making.

    I doubt Sherman’s on the field for the start of TC, but there is no question in my mind that he will be ready to go by the time the season starts. Love or hate him, this is one of the most confident and self motivated athletes in the sport and he is going to play well for this team.

    1. The Seahawks were forced to deal with the reality of the ceiling cap, aging players, and over-inflated egos.

      If the LOB was still great it certainly didn’t get the Hawks’ too far the last couple of seasons. Granted Sherman was hurt at the end of the season last year but the harsh reality is that years take their toll and it is time to restart with younger players that can be molded by the coaching staff, just as the LOB was back when they were young.

      Even if Sherm was asked about the Hawks it’s time to take the high road and just say something like, “I learned a lot, I enjoyed my time with the team… I am ready to move on”.

      1. Nah, they blew it with some really poor drafting, FA signings and Trades. Had they paid more attention to their OL instead of relying on the OL Coach to convert DL to OL and trying to improve failures from other teams, that alone would have allowed them to contend for awhile longer.

        1. The beginning of the end for mine was the Super Bowl, goal line interception throw by Wilson, instead of handing the ball off to Lynch. I think that’s when the leaders on the team began to question their generals….

        2. Rocket. You’re right. When discussing how to build a team I remember bringing up the Seahawks as an example of a team that instead of drafting a first round pick would often trade it for a veteran. I wondered if that strategy wasn’t a sound one to pursue if a good opportunity for a veteran became available. The Seahawks have had other problems as well, but it’s now looking like this oft-used strategy might have been a major contributor. Part of a case study to learn something from.

          1. You build your team for the long term using the right combination of the draft and free agency. You need good drafts to supply enough quality players still on their rookie salary’s. Sure you can build a solid team with vets but that can not be sustained over the long term.

            Shanahan and Lynch are attempting to build a team that can sustain being contenders for a long time and not just a few years. That is why they did not just spend all their cap space early on to fill all positions of need. They want to fill as many spots using the draft as possible after first seeing what they already have on their team.

            1. The Rams did a reverse mortgage to go all in now. The expectational pressure, along with the personalities, could be susceptible to implosion by a little adversity….

        3. Scott Mccloughan. I hope i spelled it right. He built up the 49ers and the seahawks. When he left, each time, both teams went down hill.

      1. Yes he is, and you can tell just by listening to Witherspoon how big of an effect Sherm has had on him already.

    2. “This is one of the most confident and self motivated athletes in the sport and he is going to play well for this team.”

      Didn’t people say that about NaVorro Bowman last year?

      1. They say that about….oh just about every single professional athlete. And most not named NaVorro Bowman do just that.

        Whats wrong Grant, you are in a pissy mood. Is that east coast humidity doing you in?

      2. Maybe, but Navorro’s skills were diminished by the knee injury before he tore the Achilles so he was a different case. Sherman had never missed a game before this happened. There is a possibility he may not regain the same level of movement that he had previously, but he’s always been a cerebral player anyway.

        BTW congrats and all the best to you and your fiancée.

        1. Wait… Wut? Grant is getting married? Oh wow. So no more random chics walking into his apartment during a Periscope? Dude… what are you thinking?

          JK. Congrats.

    3. rocket, have you ever thought going to write for the Press democrat 49ers section? I will be a fan. LOL!!!!!

  9. It is clear that Sherman can no longer play at his former level. He is no more than average now. And that at his best. I agree with Cohen that we failed to get a starting, healthy CB over the oddly inactive offseason. Sherman is a one-year signing. We won’t make the playoffs with Sherman back there. We need another year to shore up the defense.

    1. Bottom line: Sherman as is will be an upgrade at the position. Yeah, they called Talib first, but then made a move to improve. Peters is a head case gamble who Phillips and Talib can probably keep under control most (unlikely all) of the time, but not a great fit on this younger team.
      Sherm will be better than average I’d guess, and a positive influence on team.
      Peeps gotta whine before camp even opens

      1. A lot of personalities vying for their own self interest. We’ll find out how good of sailors the Rams staff are by how long they can keep them all sailing in the same direction. Especially when the storm of adversity hits, and the boat starts to rock….

  10. Need to know more about the slight limp. Frank Gore had one walking off the field. Had me convinced he was nursing a secret injury.

    It will be tough for Sherman. He was never a burner in the first place, relying on size, strength, technique and fiml study. Arguments can be made that this mitigates and slowdown, but equally compelling arguments can be made noting Sherman can’t afford to lose a step.

    I’m not too worried. I still think the 49ers are at least a year away from a serious post season run. Some combination of Sherman, Ward, Moore playying opposite Witherspoon will be an improvement over Johnson.

  11. Oh boy the sorriest most pessimistic joke of a journalist is back! Your views are biased and you are straight garbage. Go cover bowling or something because your a joke!

  12. To compare Sherman’s comments to Jalen’s is insulting to your own intelligence. They stemmed from completely different topics. Sherm was asked, and was talking about the whole team in general. Jalen was talking about one game… How do you still have a job writing? Oh, nevermind… I forgot that you have privileges because of your dad.. smh.. why are you writing about the Niners? Most pessimists crap ever. Go write for the Lambs or something. Go read a book.. Matter of fact, I’m going to read a book, as I feel dumbed down from reading your horse poop.

  13. NFL coming in with a net profit increase of 5% over the previous year. Sure sounds like those protests are killing the game. Yet another imbicilic comment from the salmon colored one.

    1. “National revenue of $255.9 million was up 4.9 percent.” Each NFL team received a quarter of a billion dollars last year just by existing. ~ Ben Volin twitter

      That’s before a single ticket, beer or jersey is sold. Poor owners

      1. The protest backlash was overblown because they were so vocal about it. The reality is it didn’t affect the viewership as much as some would like to think. The biggest problem the NFL has is the same one the TV industry has: Millennials don’t watch TV and more and more traditional customers are cutting the cord to find options on line.

        1. The protests have affected viewership somewhat, but like I said (and as you are also indicating), it is a melting pot of issues that is affecting viewership.

        2. — the NFL needs to force the major “old-school” TV networks into accepting an NFL approved “streaming” NFL only channel: ALL games, ALL the time…
          — subscription ($$$) based NFL internet channel accessible on all major “streaming” tv platforms: Apple ITunes, Google Android TV, Amazon, etc, etc…
          — the hardware — Smart TV’s, AppleTV’s, Roku’s, Amazon Fire TV’s, etc– can access these platforms…
          — IF the NFL wants to salvage viewership amongst the 18 to 35 yr. crowd, they’d better get on this asap!
          — or will they continue to let millennials trickle over to sports like Pro/World Cup soccer?????

          1. That would probably cause many to tune out because the cost of running such a channel would cause rates to skyrocket.

            1. is $20/month too much for subscribers?
              HBO’s online channel is $15/mo….
              allowing the subscriber to see games on TV’s, phones, tablets, or computers, live or replays?
              the cost of running such a channel is not as great as you’d think….
              especially if a deal is struck for revenue sharing from Fox, CBS, NBC, etc….
              the cost of not going down this route would be a big nail-in-coffin for the NFL, IMO….

          2. It does seem to be heading in that direction tjf. While I don’t see games on major networks disappearing anytime soon, what the NFL needs to do is offer a subscription service as you mentioned. Let consumers choose what they want as far as teams and games to watch on a scale of different pricing options. That is the only way to appeal to the next generation who are used to being able to access content on multiple platforms for a basic price. They have a streaming package but it doesn’t offer a live game service due to the contract with Direct TV. With the interest shown by Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc., it’s inevitable that there will be a larger online presence in the not too distant future.

          3. I keep wondering if American Flag Football is the long term future, given head trauma, etc. That’s a ways off, but seems to be on the horizon.

          1. And it backs up exactly what I said.

            Add to it revenues of over $8 billion before any gate or concession revenue and those saying the protests are hurting viewership are plain wrong. And it also shows that once again Trump talks out of his @$$ and it gets eaten up by those who either don’t know the facts or he’s appealing to their preconceived feelings.

            1. And it also shows that once again Trump talks out of his @$$ and it gets eaten up by those who either don’t know the facts or he’s appealing to their preconceived feelings.


            2. Mid is absolutely right. Hammer isn’t stupid. But he thinks everyone else is. Your post has nothing to do with Trump or anything he said.
              The most he said remotely close to your post was it “could” suffer due to attendance and revinue down. Viewership was down, attendance was down and those are just facts.
              It’s posts and headlines like yours that are spun that have idiots like Onelame here talking out of their a**es!

              Congrats you’ve got the losing formula down in politics.

              1. MD
                “Jack isn’t stupid”, correct, his facts of profits is correct, the all mighty dollar speaks, but it doesn’t explain viewership is down and attendance is down, with some say its due to using other platforms of viewership which is defiantly a reasonable assertion, but they seem to refuse to acknowledge that the protest have nothing to do with it. That’s where I find fault with their stance. They don’t seem to want to acknowledge the fact and maybe that’s due to their “preconceived feelings.” NFL has many problems, and for Trump to think the cause of declining viewership is due to the protest is just as ridicules as the ones saying the protest have nothing to due with declining viewership. I can give a personal response to the latter but it would entail a lengthy discourse even tho its football related I hesitate to present it as its political in nature. Football politics are fine here on a football blog but I don’t really want to get into politics in general.

                I stand for the Anthem not for divisiveness but for unity. Thank goodness for the Constitution of the United States and to hell with the left and the right.

              2. md,

                Conspiracy theories are your strong suit, not reading comprehension.

                “Interestingly, 2017 marked the sixth straight year that Nielsen ratings among adults 18-to-34-year-old’s declined, according to Sports Media Watch. That means younger viewers were already tuning out long before NFL players began protesting inequality by refusing to stand during the national anthem in 2016.”

                The NFL had a decrease in ratings among the younger demographic for 4 years prior to the protests, but keep eating it up.

              3. Could also be that NFL Sunday ticket is not being offered in certain markets. Now with DAZN, most cable companies have lost viewing rights.

              4. No Jack…. claiming Trump said anything about revinue and not attendance is where you went wrong.
                I don’t even know why you needed to even mention politics with trumps name, with your point. Makes no sense. And if everything was peachy in the nfl there wouldn’t be his ongoing problem with ownership, NFL and the players union with these grievances being filed and making them keep it in the lockeroom.
                Again. Trump didn’t mention revenues as a fact. Just the ratings which is backed up by almost every news outlet known to man.

                Mid… trump was half right. Look up how many people canceled their Sunday tickets. Didn’t go to games.. and so on. Right after the kneeling was exposed.
                I personally believe a lot of folks are tired of the new rules and horrible timely calls in close games too. That has something to do with ratings going down also.
                I don’t remember Trump saying it was the only reason.
                Anyways why are we even talking about Trump and football?
                Jack stick to your new negative agenda on the 49ers.
                I’m drained on politics in sports and in general.
                GO NINERS!
                Argue that! ?

            3. If you’ll notice Jack, I am not disagreeing with you that the NFL is still making a profit. However, it does not change the fact that viewership is down. That is what I was referring to in regards to context. If viewership continues to decline, the NFL will reach a point where their bottom line will start taking a hit.

              1. However, it does not change the fact that viewership is down. That is what I was referring to in regards to context

                I believe JH explained why viewership is down in all TV…and showed facts on how viewership had been going down prior to the anthem protest…..

                Bottom line and reality…..not many people care about the anthem protest….its just a small minority of always angry beings that can’t get over the fact that the world is moving on without their opinion…..they are delusional and want their America back

  14. My main concern with Sherman is that he pushes himself too hard to be ready for TC. Don’t want to reinjure the achilles.

    As for not letting go re: the Seahawks, one thing you can guarantee is that Sherman will have an opinion and won’t mind saying it. If he gets asked about his thoughts on the Seahawks he’ll give them. I would be more concerned if he was opining without being asked.

  15. This article goes in line with something I’ve been saying for awhile now; Schneider is one of the more overrated GM’s in the league.

    Apparently after drafting Wilson everybody acquired dementia and forgot about the QB moves he was making before. Anyone remember the Charlie Whitehurst trade?

    1. Exgolfer and I used to talk about this quite often. When you looked at the number of players they were hitting on in the draft it wasn’t very impressive. They lucked out with Wilson and Sherman, but most of the rest of their best players were high picks, FA’s or players they traded for. They also traded away their first round pick multiple times for players who didn’t work out. What is happening now is due to a string of poor decisions.

  16. Sherman obsessed with Seahawks or merely responding to a question. The guy spent his entire pro career with them. He won a superbowl there. Several members of their D were part of his wedding. I think it is okay for him to have some bittersweet feelings and ultimately will not affect his performance as a niner.

    Hoping for a full speedy recovery and potentially comeback player of the year ???

  17. Couple thoughts.
    1. Sherman talking about Seattle doesn’t bother me at all. Some people need a chip or something to give them an edge. Gore still holds a grudge for being passed over by so many teams. Should he have let that go? Sports psychology is an interesting thing, and if holding a grudge gets him to perform at his peak for us, that’s fine by me.

    2. Expecting him to be a great cb for us is probably not realistic anymore. If he can be a good number 2 who can mentor for A.W. and help teach the db’s the system the niners got a good deal. However, if he has lost a step will the niners regret not taking someone like Oliver who could have potentially stepped in?

  18. are you kidding? a talent like Sherman? I’m glad he’s on my team. he can teach the young boy’s how to play.

  19. I ‘hear’ that he is running at full speed !!!
    And naysayers do not quote “that a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

    The fact that he ran full speed without ripping it out again proves a successful surgery. So what if it takes into the season for full recovery. His knowledge of the system is invaluable and the Niners had a solid draft, so may have to move Kuan Williams into the starter role for a minute, while bumping up a one of their 4.3/40 yds rooks into the slot.

    1. Naw. Kuan stays inside. Ward and Reed ok there too.
      Ward, Mabin, Moore across from ‘Spoon until Sherm is 90%.
      Mabin is a ‘Who?’ for fans, but the Matt’s say the coaches are complimentary.

  20. As much as I hate to admit it Grant is sometimes right in his comments about injured players. In this case even if Sherman is 95 percent of his past performance he has already made the Ninner secondary far better than last year’s team. Even if he is a little slower when playing the winning attitude will help. But if the front line improves and injuries are not a major issue like last year maybe it will be haled as a great transaction and boy Grant will be the goat he is, or he has been proven correct. My bet is the former but we won’t until the 3 or 4th regular season game. Also I don’t think Lynch wouldn’t of made the deal, overall Sherman is his choice Not a existing player. Nav. Also had 2 major injuries prior to his aborted come back which made an easy target for Grant boy.

  21. Richard Sherman will be 100% ready the first game of the season. He’s a mastermind of using the field, referees, and teammates to help frustrate opposing receivers.

  22. Crawford looks like an Underdog at Safety. If he can perform on ST, I think he makes it.

  23. Them releasing Sherman was not the “smartest move they have made in years”. That’s the dumbest quote you have said in hours. Sherman is rehabbing an acl injury. So they should have released him. It was common sense, not smart. The Seahawks are doing exactly what Trent Balkee did. The man was asked a question. So he replied. Maybe you should tell said reporter to stop asking the same questions. Sherman is just responding. “Grant should stop criticizing Richard Sherman. You sound bitter”

  24. At 75% …..with his experience he should still defend the underneath /short 10 -15 yds……..

    The Clobber will be watching his back…..

  25. A player has bitter words for his former team–now there’s some thrilling offseason news.
    Enjoy your much-needed vacay Grant but really, we aren’t sitting here waiting for this type of headline. Thank God for the writers on your blog because at least an intelligent forum is created out of this mess of a post.
    My question about the NFL profits, since I haven’t reviewed the numbers in depth, — are these increased profits attributed to sales or to revenue based on sales? Methinks prices are significantly higher, but actual sales may not be.

    1. “National revenue of $255.9 million was up 4.9 percent.” Each NFL team received a quarter of a billion dollars last year just by existing”

      That’s prior to a ticket, beer, or team merchandise has been sold.

      1. sebnyah – profits can be up even if raw numbers are down as the price associated with everything has increased. Fox now is going to pay more for the Thursday night broadcasts than the previous two networks did combined, so viewership is irrelevant on a short-term basis until the next TV deal – around 2022. There are some lost at-the-stadium revenues with no-shows; however, those no-shows already have purchased tickets and parking options and maybe a PSL or 2.

        1. “Fox now is going to pay more for the Thursday night broadcasts than the previous two networks did combined,”

          And they will be doing so for what reason? The answer is because even though NFL ratings are down they are still better than ratings for anything else that is on TV, i.e. they have gone down at a slower rate.

      2. no the kneeling just killed the idiot quarterbacks career. Where is that loser anyways? Thought the two of you went away forever, now just you are back….tail between his legs…ohh I fear for my life….my wife says I cant post anymore…. cry…cry…cry

  26. I think the Niners should hope for the best, and expect the worst.
    The Niners should not count on Sherman to be fully healthy. They should bring him back slowly, maybe even putting him on IR with a mid season designation to return. That way, they can use his spot to keep another CB on the 53.
    This way, Sherman misses a brutal first half of the season, and is fresh for the stretch run. Niners should be prudent, and patient. Rushing him back too soon may cause a setback.
    Remember, Sherman had surgery to BOTH achilles. No wonder he is limping.

    1. Seb:
      * Not quite as severe as your post suggests. Sherman’s second achilles surgery (left side), was just a minor clean up. The right side achilles tear was last November at Arizona. the Vikings VS 49ers game is 9/9/2018.
      * I’m confident the 49ers medical staff is competent enough to know how to handle Sherman’s return. Do you have any reason to believe they’re not?

      1. Well… Grant concluded last summer that the 9er medical staff was clueless concerning Foster’s shoulder. At best 9er docs and medical consultants are suspect. Grant knows these things. # fake9erdocs

      2. Geep, I remember a Niner doctor committing suicide after he was accused of drugging, then sexually assaulting med students. Sure, he was an exception, and maybe the present Niner doctors are competent, but you asked if I have a reason to believe otherwise, and he is an example. They are not infallible.
        They also told Kaep to ice his shoulder, then Steadman found a significant tear.
        They rosily scenarioed Will Redmond, so Baalke confidently declared WR would be fully healthy for TC.
        Do not get me started about CTE, with the obfuscation and cover up, NFL wide.
        All NFL doctors have not covered themselves in glory, with the pervasive use of pain killers. They fill them with pills and send the players back out, which undeniably negatively affects the long term health of the players.
        The very fact that Sherman is limping, just tells me he is NOT 100% fully recovered, despite the doctor’s prognosis, and timetable.

  27. I forgot it was both, good point Seb , and this is a brutal injury if you just rehab one. Still hope he plays all 16bit maybe a pipe dream, maybe why they took the raw kid they are moving to be so high, worse case scenario, Sherman can’t play much but he helps coach the rookie who is smiliar to him. Both seem motivated.

    1. I agree. Even if they are cautious, and put Sherman on IR for half the season, Sherman could still help the DBs, with his coaching. Sherman knows all the nuances about playing his position.
      The Niners have several good DB candidates. The rookies, Moore, McFadden and Reed. I hope they all make the 53.

    1. Thanks for pulling it out of the vault. Some of the suggestions are still valid. Miss Dr. Z after the stroke disabled him completely a decade ago.

  28. Dang Grant little positivity please. Did someone piss in your cheerios this morning, just tell me who it is and I’ll get them! Give the man a chance. Lol

  29. Ben Powers, OG, Oklahoma is the kind of attitude we need up front. When talking about what motivates him; “I like taking a grown man’s dreams and crushing them”.

  30. Opening of training camp nine days away and not even a whisper of McGlinchey. Niners can ill afford not to have him there at day one.

    1. You have my word he’ll be there. I’ll have a talk with Father Rocca.


  31.  his joint presser with Putin, where he blamed both the U.S. and Russia for a deterioration of relations between the two countries and appeared to embrace Putin’s denial that Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

    ???No way blames America……only Obama blames America…..

    1. And you have the nerve to call me a conspiracy theorist. When are you libs going to learn? Smh.
      I remember obama claiming nobody could possibly hack our elections. While his left hand man Hillary was selling our uranium to the Russians and making millions in her pay to play scheme with them.
      If we were hacked it happened on Obama’s time. Think about that.
      Just stop with the CNN reports. Fake news Guy! Fake news!

        1. I’m yawning too. I’ve been in these discussions before. I’m OK with it every now and then, especially when it’s important (2016 Election Day). But it’s every thread now. Even the Fahnhorst thread. You guys are killing the blog.

          1. I know most of you hate the political talk but what we are witnessing is truly historical. We are watching one of the most incompetent Leaders in history bumble his way through one embarrassment after another. Not just in American history; World history. It’s like a Freeway Accident you can’t take your eyes off of.

            1. Absolutely rocket. Ignoring it, even here, is like ”gee, who do you like in that game at Wrigley on the 21st*, the Bears or the Giants?”

              *NFL Championship, Dec 21, 1941

              1. Hell of an example. Indifference is dangerous when it comes to incompetent leadership.

              2. Yeah, I’m being indifferent because I’m not talking about Trump every day on a footbal blog.

                IMPEACH! IMPEACH! IMPEACH!

                Can I join you on your high horse now?

              3. I can’t believe you guys bring this stuff on here? Do you not have real life friends, family, colleagues, pets or imaginary spirits you can talk to about politics? Instead you bring it on a football blog? Holy mother!

          2. They are…….”The Loud Ones”…………like a radio turned up real loud……………
            ……….”The Coalition of the Wild Eyed”………………….the “I, Me , My” Gang………..

      1. It ain’t just the the libs, Md. Trumps pathetic sellout has been panned across the rational spectrum. Naturally, that leaves you out.

        1. There you go, Ribs! Make sure to get an insult in at the end! Then, see, you can point to other bad behavior to justify your own! I’ve heard many a pro politician employ just that type of justification! Your on your way!!!

          1. Catfish, I guess you weren’t around here during the Alex Smith wars. This is nothing compared to that. It doesn’t take politics to bring out insulting behavior, of which I was one of the least offenders.

  32. Bucky Brooks: ‘Reuben Foster is going to be the gold standard for linebacker play’
    2 hours ago • 1 comment
    By David Bonilla

    “Reuben Foster plays the game the way I want my inside linebackers to play,” Brooks said. “He’s violent. He’s ferocious. He’s instinctive. He’s tough. He can be the quarterback on defense when need be, make all the play calls and the adjustments. This guy plays the game in an old-school fashion, but he has a new-school mentality.

    “I love what Reuben Foster brings to the field. I think, in this defense, in year two, you’re going to see him go to superstar level. Reuben Foster is going to be the gold standard for linebacker play in the next coming years.”

    “Rare, rare physical talent,” Jeremiah added. “His ability to thump inside, to play physical, then also to have that range in coverage as well as just that lateral range, outstanding.”

  33. ** “No way blames America”….REALLY? ** Then WHY is Trump saying he ‘misspoke’ at Putin summit? Why does he say he now accepts Russia was responsible for election meddling in latest reversal! (Alt Facts)?
    ** It must have been “FAKE NEWS” from David Dennison, John Barron, or maybe John Miller?

    1. Maybe because HIS sources told him now. Why on earth would he trust the fbi and cia with info when they’re obviously making this whole collusion thing up?
      Have you not read the texts?
      Have you seen a speck of evidence of collusion?
      Where are the emails that were supposedly hacked on Podesta and Hillary’s lap tops?
      Oh that’s right they were never investigated and were destroyed.
      Every single country on this earth are hacking other countries. Obama interfeared blatantly in Israel’s election and Brexit.
      And again this all happened under Obama’s watch. And now Trump is getting the heat? What a joke!

      1. “Have you seen a speck of evidence of collusion?”

        Yes. The minute Don Jr , Trump Campaign Mgr Manafort and son in law Kushner met with 8 Russians spies in Trump tower who offered then the hacked emails that is collusion and conspiracy to undermine our democracy. The fact that team Trump lied about the meeting means that they knew they were crooks.

        John McCain comment about Trump’s recent antics:

        Today’s press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake.

        President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin. He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the president made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world.

        It is tempting to describe the press conference as a pathetic rout – as an illustration of the perils of under-preparation and inexperience. But these were not the errant tweets of a novice politician. These were the deliberate choices of a president who seems determined to realize his delusions of a warm relationship with Putin’s regime without any regard for the true nature of his rule, his violent disregard for the sovereignty of his neighbors, his complicity in the slaughter of the Syrian people, his violation of international treaties, and his assault on democratic institutions throughout the world.

        Coming close on the heels of President Trump’s bombastic and erratic conduct towards our closest friends and allies in Brussels and Britain, today’s press conference marks a recent low point in the history of the American Presidency. That the president was attended in Helsinki by a team of competent and patriotic advisors makes his blunders and capitulations all the more painful and inexplicable.

        No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant. Not only did President Trump fail to speak the truth about an adversary; but speaking for America to the world, our president failed to defend all that makes us who we are—a republic of free people dedicated to the cause of liberty at home and abroad. American presidents must be the champions of that cause if it is to succeed. Americans are waiting and hoping for President Trump to embrace that sacred responsibility. One can only hope they are not waiting totally in vain.

        1. Rollo
          I try, not always successfully, to avoid too much explicit self revelations on social media with regards to politics and religion. It can be like spitting into the wind.
          Even so, I will say that I suspect I would enjoy your help in making some wine disappear whilst we offer our Lewis Black-like takes on The Current Occupant! Venting in private is still ok, whatever one’s view. ?
          We hold a lofty rank: PFC : Private F#*@$ing Citizen.
          Stay vigilant but positive. Positive effects more lasting change.

          1. I agree regarding politics and religion , but the enemy is at the gates.

            Have seen the great movie Sideways – “I’m not drinking Merlot”.

            1. Q: what’s it all mean Mr. Natural?
              MrN: Don’t mean sheeeyit
              After Sidewise Pinot Noir jumped in price. Especially Santa Barbara PN and Chard.
              Merlot plummeted In price. It’s still the best Cali value in MontereyCounty.

      2. ninermd…. Are you a doctor, or do you reside in Maryland, or both?

        What do you think of our kicking game this season?

      3. “And now Trump is getting the heat?”

        If he is eventually found to have colluded with Russia it will be on him yes. As of now my biggest issue is his performance yesterday. But also…

        For his actions yesterday, yes.

        For his imbecilic Twitter rants, yes.

        For his statements not based in fact, yes.

        For being a bully, yes.

        What exactly has the guy done that’s positive since taking over office that wasn’t already trending that way under the prior administration?

        1. The entire political system suffers from an mental disorder that is so extreme that it is probably incurable – cognitive dissonance. So what’s the problem? Nothing new, Trump puts it out there, where Obama stabs you in the back. Different ways of being a snake but a snake just the same.

      4. The politico’s have ruined a once vibrant football blog….only what THEY think matters. Everyone else is just a this, that or some other thing………they ruined this blog.

  34. WT says:
    July 16, 2018 at 3:53 pm
    Naw. Kuan stays inside. Ward and Reed ok there too.
    Ward, Mabin, Moore across from ‘Spoon until Sherm is 90%.
    Mabin is a ‘Who?’ for fans, but the Matt’s say the coaches are complimentary.

    Reply: My choice would be Moore to start if Sherman’s not ready, and here’s why:

    His Raw Talent
    Moore enters as one of the most athletically gifted players on the 49ers. At his pro day, Moore ran a 4.32 40-yard dash. He also recorded a 38.5-inch vertical leap and 11-foot-1 broad jump. These are elite testing numbers

    On top of that, SF Gate wrote how Moore “has the length the 49ers prize at CB, with 33-inch arms.” Being fast and having long arms are hallmarks of the Seattle Seahawks’ Cover 3 scheme, which the 49ers run. The scheme relies on the outside cornerbacks pressing receivers and being able to run with them without safety help.

    But Moore is no mere “workout warrior.” He had 87 tackles, three interceptions and 10 pass defenses in just 13 games his senior year, according to Sports Bleacher Report wrote Moore is a “fast and fluid athlete who’s burst jumps off the tape.” Even better, they also write how Moore’s a “smooth operator who easily handles transitions and flies his hips open with no hesitation.”

    1. I think we’ll see improvement in 2018–perhaps ranking 10th-12th by late season.

      1. Cassie Baalke

        I agree with you, in spades…My belief rests on the choices of the coaches (mostly Saleh) as to which players hit the field…A good rotation of Buckner, Sheldon Day, Armstead, Marsh, Attoutou, Blair, and Thomas will push us up the rankings very quickly…after Foster is reinstated, and Smith shakes off the rust things should look rather rosy for niner fans….

    1. Sure. But what does that have to do with Russia or him being an embarrassment in general? Sounds like people just want to argue and call people names.

      1. I can only speak for myself and it’s simply disbelief at what I’m seeing. You know it’s happening, but yet you can’t believe it’s happening and need to check with others to confirm it is truly happening. I am amazed that a person this stupid is President of the USA and can’t help but talk over the action and ask others their thoughts on it.

        1. I get all that. But we already know what the blog’s regulars think about Trump. Posting anything about him (positive or negative) is just asking for an argument.

          1. Chill out. There’s about 10 days until practices start. At this point talking about the 49ers has become kinda boring. Just about any topic of discussion is met with, “they finished 5-0 and the QB didn’t even know the playbook. They’ll be fine.”

            I usually don’t get too much into politics but as rocket said earlier today, we are witnessing something the likes of which I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

            The attacks on the media by the current Potus are incredible. “The press is the enemy, the establishment is the enemy, the professors are the enemy.” Even though that sounds exactly like Trump it’s actually Nixon on tape to Kissinger in December 1972.

            Throw in his constant attacks on the NFL and it’s interesting talk during the dead period. If you don’t care to participate that’s quite fine.

            1. “Chill out. There’s about 10 days until practices start.”

              Didn’t you ask me why I brought up JG and Carr last week?

              But anyway, your comment was fine because it was related to football. But then the conversation turned into people airing all their grievances and acting like we’re witnessing the fall of Rome or are on the eve of WWIII.

              Google political forums. There’s probably thousands of them. Left, right, or both and everything in between. There’s something for everyone. You know, something for everyone, like a site for football fans that like the 49ers.

              1. I did, and it’s ok to ask questions. I will bring up politics on here I will, especially when it seems somewhat significant.

                If you choose not to participate that’s fine. Just scroll on past.

              2. Jack,

                I brought up JG/Carr because you just gave the same reason I did, the nothing is happening now reason. As I said, your comment was fine because it was football related.

                What really annoyed me was when politics was mentioned in the Fahnhorst thread (not saying you did that).

                “Just scroll on past.”

                People say that a lot on here. Am I the only one that reads everything?

    2. 80, Trump did push his fat @ss into the sport we love, it’s hard to ignore.

      Switch off the tv, put down the paper, ignore the online political articles, and threads online…
      I could go on Ribico, but these are just some of the ways to ignore Trump or any other politician for that matter.

  35. Here’s a pick-me-up as training camp slooowly approaches… National Lampoon’s Deteriorata

    You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here.
    Deteriorata. Deteriorata.

    Go placidly amid the noise and waste,
    And remember what comfort there may be in owning a piece thereof.
    Avoid quiet and passive persons, unless you are in need of sleep.
    Rotate your tires.
    Speak glowingly of those greater than yourself,
    And heed well their advice, even though they be turkeys.
    Know what to kiss, and when.
    Consider that two wrongs never make a right, but that three do.
    Wherever possible, put people on hold.
    Be comforted that in the face of all aridity and disillusionment,
    and despite the changing fortunes of time,
    There is always a big future in computer maintenance.

    Remember The Pueblo.
    Strive at all times to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate.
    Know yourself. If you need help, call the FBI.
    Exercise caution in your daily affairs,
    Especially with those persons closest to you –
    That lemon on your left, for instance.
    Be assured that a walk through the ocean of most souls
    Would scarcely get your feet wet.
    Fall not in love therefore. It will stick to your face.
    Gracefully surrender the things of youth: birds, clean air, tuna, Taiwan.
    And let not the sands of time get in your lunch.
    Hire people with hooks.
    For a good time, call 606-4311. Ask for Ken.
    Take heart in the bedeepening gloom
    That your dog is finally getting enough cheese.
    And reflect that whatever fortune may be your lot,
    It could only be worse in Milwaukee.

    You are a fluke of the universe.
    You have no right to be here.
    And whether you can hear it or not,
    The universe is laughing behind your back.

    Therefore, make peace with your god,
    Whatever you perceive him to be – hairy thunderer, or cosmic muffin.
    With all its hopes, dreams, promises, and urban renewal,
    The world continues to deteriorate.
    Give up!

  36. Some people – it sounds like – are cheering against Richard Sherman with comments like “little Dick” or references to Adderall. He’s no longer a Seahawk. Get over it.

  37. Grant some of us are happy someone is focused on beating the sea chickens ? I hope he gives the Niners what is left in his tank. I bet he has an all pro year! Sour Grapes Grant stay in your negative persona to elicit hits and comments. Good ol nepotism got that Raider fan his job!

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