Report: Super Bowl nearing return to Bay Area

All signs point to the Bay Area hosting its third Super Bowl. First reported by Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, it is expected the NFL owners will grant the 2026 Super Bowl to Santa Clara during league meetings next week.

The Bay Area first hosted Super Bowl XIX at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto. In 2015, Super Bowl 50 marked the first time the event was held at Levi’s Stadium.

Earlier this year the 49ers began the process of making the necessary upgrades to Levi’s Stadium by requesting a $120 million loan through the NFL’s stadium fund. These funds will help with building additional luxury suites, along with renovations to the other 170 suites already in the stadium. Additional upgrades are expected to target scoreboards and digital advertising signage.

One of the primary criticisms of Super Bowl 50 was how spread out everything was, as events were spread out from San Francisco down to San Jose.

The addition of Chase Center should allow for the pregame festivities to be more centrally located. Events such as media availability with the teams, along with the NFL Honors awards show can now take place within San Francisco. The only time visitors would need to travel down 101 could be game day.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is set to host Super Bowl LVIII following this season as the big game makes its first visit to Nevada. Next season will mark the twelfth time New Orleans has hosted a Super Bowl. The Superdome will be the site for Super Bowl LIX.

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  1. I’d rather see the 49ers return to the SB than have the SB return to the stadium….

  2. Awful venue for SB. And what if there is heavy rain over that weekend? It is rainy season after all. SB’s should just rotate among New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Forget the outliers like Santa Clara, Detroit, Minneapolis. Indianapolis. Besides, Levi’s is a terrible place to watch a football game.

  3. It would be nice financial boost for Santa Clara and the surrounding area. Although, like the last SB played at Levi’s much of the commercial activities will likely take place in San Francisco.

    Just a side note.
    Thanks to the PD, IT dept. for eliminating the annoying ads that were popping up on here.
    It shows good consideration to your readers and contributors.

    1. If the nines win the SB it would be a financial boost too but much more enjoyable!

  4. Re Lance’s improved throwing fundamentals, there’s a nice article in today’s NN written by Patrick Holloway about how long it takes to change a bad habit one has had for years. The gist is,

    “While head coach at University of San Diego, former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh held a QB clinic and said it takes 10,000 reps to break a bad habit. That may seem excessive, but those of us who have had to fix our posture, change our form at the gym, or work on a golf swing know that’s pretty accurate.”

    1. As Shanahan said, you can use a new throwing motion In practice, but in the heat of battle in a real game, you’ll revert to what you’ve always done. There are many reports that Trey has had a substantial jump working with Mahomes but what does that really mean? I haven’t read any detailed accounts of exactly what is improved, let alone how this will translate to real games. It almost sounds like a PR effort to improve his self confidence.

      1. Felix,
        I have read it is 100% in his foot work. He was over using his arm, that was what was leading to his arm fatigue. As an ex baseball pitcher it was like a pitcher who wasn’t using his legs enough and relying too much on his arm, it leads to arm problems and lack of control. It is explained on a # of youtube blogs. Just enter Trey Lance 2023 improvement.

      2. Felix,
        I agree with you to a point.
        I remember Kaepernick attending a QB training course one summer under the tutelage of Kurt Warner. Not only did it NOT help CK, but it was the beginning of Kaepernick’s regression.
        CK, had a run first mentality which he reverted to when the new season begin.

        Trey, does not seem to have a run first mindset as seen on his NDSU highlights. He’s athletic enough to find success when he does run, but his strength is in the passing game. Right now, I view him as a poor man’s Russell Wilson. Hopefully he can break that barrier soon. We’ll soon find out how his training with Mahomes works out. I’m not ready to use the revert term on Lance, right now until I’ve seen enough of him.

        1. On Kaepernick, once he came under pressure he reverted to his usual response and took off running. He didn’t have the mindset to learn and improve. It’s hard work and as George mentioned above, takes 10,000 reps to break the habit. Hopefully Trey will be more dedicated than Kaepernick to learning and improving but if anyone thinks he has solved his problems, they will most likely be disappointed. It won’t happen overnight. I can’t wait to see him and Darold battle it out. It should be fun to watch. I hope Trey does well.

        2. The reality with Colin Kaepernick is that he fell in love with being a celebrity rather than a football player. I recall after year 2 he spent his offseasons doing commercials and attending events and didn’t actually do much training. I recall at the time it was very frustrating. He started out great and then he regressed. CK’s career numbers resemble guys like David Carr and Matt Leinart. Depending on how you want to define a bust, Colin Kaepernick is one of the biggest busts in 49er history. Extremely talented but wouldn’t put in the work to be a great football player so he fizzled out. Very disappointing.

          1. I wouldn’t call a QB that was on his way to the endzone on what would have been the winning drive in the Superbowl if Harbaugh wouldn’t have called a timeout, a bust.
            If anything, CK burst on the scene to the surprise of the football world. He was an dominant force until Dcords caught up with him. He did regress, but he was far from being a bust imo.

  5. Looks like I may have been premature in thanking the PD, IT Dept. for eliminating the ads. But perhaps these advertisers are paying the PD for their space. I guess everyone is looking to make a buck these days.

  6. “The NFL has reportedly approved a bylaw allowing teams to have a third quarterback active on game days without teams needing to use a roster spot for them.”

    A season to late for the 49ers, but a well needed new rule none the less. And the fact that it doesn’t count against the roster is very much welcomed.

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