Report: Trent Baalke likely out after the season; Chip Kelly and Jed York may be as well

This should make your day. According to Jason La Canfora, “It would be a surprise if (Trent) Baalke were retained” at the end of this season, and “Chip Kelly (is) hanging in the balance as well.”

But wait, there’s more!

La Canfora writes, “Several NFL owners believe Jed York’s parents, Denise and John York, will be taking a more hands-on approach with the team as they determine how to reposition franchise” — meaning Jed York may get reassigned or fired.

If this report is true, good going, Jed and Denise. Sounds like you may have followed my advice from November 3 to clean house.

Although, you may not have followed my advice entirely. Because according to La Canfora, Mike Shanahan “could join the 49ers in a coaching and/or executive capacity. His name continues to be connected to potential openings there, and the Yorks have spoken to him in the past.”


Nowhere in that November-3 article did I suggest hiring Shanahan. He’s a has-been. You’re the freaking 49ers — go after the best. Hire Nick Saban as both the head coach and general manager and stay out of his way.

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  1. Believe it when it happens. No to Saben.. Shanahan as GM would be interesting.He would Hire his son and find a QB. Which older Dad has a track record in doing that. Remember Mike did not want RG3… Was forced by the owner Synder. So then Mike drafted Cousins in the 4th rnd. Point is Mike has an eye for the most important position in sports.

      1. What makes you come to that conclusion? RG3 shattered his knee… Has never been the same since. He did a great job with Steve Young. Great job with Elway. Made Plummer look good at times. Steve Young has been lobbying for this guy for years. I trust Young!

          1. And before Grant and others say well he had John Elway as he’s QB, okay then why couldn’t John Elway win a SB during all his Prime years before Mike Shanahan got there?

            1. Shanahan was a terrific play caller, especially when he had talent at the QB position.

              People seem to have a difficult time separating his ability to call plays from his ability to pick and develop guys at the QB position.

            2. Elway did not have a running game to complement his skill set as a top-notch QB. Contrary to most fans’ opinions, football is a team game and definitely requires more than just a one-trick pony to win SBs. When in doubt, ask Dan Marino!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Yet it was Shanahan who got Young to play his best. He did the same with Elway. He’s a good coach and should have been a higher priority during the Kelly coaching search.

              1. Yes, Shanahan did do much with RGIII. He got him hurt (blown out knee), running the zone read package so familiar to the Niners with Chip Kelly, and then played him hurt and watched him gimp around the field basically on one leg.

            1. He got the most out of two HOF QB’s who were already seasoned vets by the time he coached them. That’s great, but he didn’t need to develop them.

              Without Elway his career winning percentage was just a hair over .500.

              1. No Shanahan = no Super Bowl for Young or Elway. Rg3 was ROTY. Kirk Cousins is better than RG3, which said years ago. He drafted both of them in the same draft and was spot on. You have to start somewhere.

              2. He got a lot out of Griese and Plummer too.

                He got a greatyear out of RGIII.

                No evidence he can’t develop a young QB at all

              3. Plummer was another seasoned vet when he got him. Again the base work had already been done.

                He was 27-24 with Griese, 17-20 with Cutler, 12-16, with Griffin and 1-3 with Cousins. A combined 54-63 with guys he chose and developed.

      2. Yeah like when he coached Steve Young to the super bowl and his best statistical year in his career, or finally got Elway to not one but two Super bowl wins…but I’m sure none of those accomplishments had ANYTHING to do with Shannahan…the Niners should do what you say because your credentials are????

        1. Not just Young and Elway. He got Brian freaking Griese to the Pro Bowl. And Jake Plummer had his best years under him. As did Jay Cutler.

      3. You must have missed:
        Steve Young
        John Elway
        Brian Griese (developed to Pro Bowl level one year)
        Jake Plummer
        Jay Cutler (best years were under Shanahan)

        and so on.

    1. Mike Shanahan not only picked the right qb (and was overruled by Snyder), throughout his ENTIRE CAREER he has averaged a top 10 offense. He made Brian Griese a Pro Bowl qb. The man knows offense.

      Now, I’d be happy with him either as coach OR GM if he brings in Kyle Shanahan as HC. This would be a glorious matchup IMHO.

      1. Yup he made alot of qbs better hes got a great track record and knows more about coaching GMing, and probably even scouting then Baalke does or

      2. Rg3 busting his knee or even using him was’nt Shanahans fault it was the owner of the redskins decision I think to keep Rg3 in. Dont quote me..

    2. Very true I would like to see Mike come in as GM it would be interesting. His son could be a good coach for this team if the 49ers decide to hire him. I also lie his son and think he would make an excellent O Coodinator or maybe even HC. I think if they go out and get a guy like Jimmy Grappolo they would be putting themselves in a great position to prosper. I really like Jimmy G if Niners can get him hes got some good skills and knows the field well and he seems like a quick learner he would make an awesome starting qb for the 49ers next season. With Jimmy you would’nt have to get a guy fresh out of college with a less of a learning curve as well.

    1. The last offense Shanahan coached was ranked 9th in the NFL. When is the last time the 49ers sniffed at that? Granted, his defense was horrible and he got fired after a 3-13 season, but his offense moved the ball, as they ALWAYS had under him.

  2. Grant, please don’t make this about you, even jokingly. Gets old. You are just one of many writers and reporters.

    This is about the future of a great franchise. Let’s focus and keep hope!

  3. Grant- you have been spot on lately. I used to disagree with your columns, but since the niners have been losing, you have been spot on. Keep up the good work

  4. I’m fine with Shanahan in a FO role although landing an adviser/consultant like Steve Young would be even better… Wouldn’t like Shanny much for HC though.

    Best news is Jed may be getting a demotion while his mother cleans house kicking his buddies to the curb… No where to go but up.

  5. ‘La Canfora writes, “Several NFL owners believe Jed York’s parents, Denise and John York, will be taking a more hands-on approach…”

    That’s a step backwards. Denise and John are worst then Jed.

    1. Dunno about that… This is the least competitive 49ers team I’ve seen and it all happened under the horrible team management by Jed York. Hard to see the org getting much worse but anything is possible with the York family I suppose.

      1. Go back from the time they took over the team and you will find the beginning of the demise. Earlier in this decade the team was horrible and fielded one of the worst teams in NFL history under their direction . (post T.O.)

      2. I dunno man John York was’nt any better really, but honestly at this point you know when you have’nt been with Women for awhile and you get a little too enebreated, and you go home with the worse looking girl at the party..? Lol Well I would say thats what its like. In otherwords anything is better then nothing right now lol.

    1. That would be the best thing for us fans if there’s going to be a real change. Are we really supposed to be jumping for joy if Jed’s parents get in involved we’ve seen that movie before lol

  6. I’ll be genuinely shocked if anything is changed with York’s position or duties. As far as the others go, don’t let the door hit ya.

  7. Definitely positive news, but I don’t want hear anything about the Yorks taking a bigger role. Enough already! Hire someone qualified to run the team and maybe this team will be able to get back on track.

  8. A bit of humor on a Sunday morning.
    1st we have a report from JLC that claims ‘league sources’. OK. Later he refers to other NFL owners who know what John and Denise are thinking. I’m pretty sure that Denise would confide in other owners who she doesn’t consort with what her reorganization plans are, especially if they might include demoting her son or the public appearance of same. Sure, that’s likely.
    2nd we have Grant channeling his inner Seb (said in jest) thinking John and Denise read his work (or mine or Seb’s), let alone adopt any of our thoughts for themselves or the franchise. Grant probably just forgot to put a smiley face at the end of his article to remind everybody he’s only kidding.
    C’mon folks! Can we put a little critical skepticism into our reading please?
    Sometimes ‘the word on the street’ is just loose chatter from guys hanging out on the corner. Remember how Chip was going to bail on the team mid season and accept the Oregon job last week? Remember how some street news was that Kelly had already agreed to terms with Oregon? And Grant crowed “Called it!”?
    All sorts of change could happen. All sorts of change should happen. We won’t know about it until it does, and it will be on some level chaotic and uncomfortable. Not dancing material.

      1. I’m not trying just to bash Grant, I’m trying to apply healthy skepticism in this day and age of false news and rampant speculation circulating among the masses. Grant”s got the problem of having to cover a team that’s a (insert your favorite pejorative description here).
        Grant: Hey you guys look at this!
        Us: Grant, that stinks!
        Grant: I KNOW! Come closer and get a whiff!
        Us: Eeeweew!
        Grant: And how about this over here?

        So I expect unfavorable, but more facts, more truthiness would be welcomed.

    1. BT, after I eviscerated Baalke for not grabbing players from upcoming opponents for intel, he picked up Sunseri, Kelly, Jones and activated Harper.

      Even if he did not read my posts, he did exactly what I advocated.

      Now, if only they would roll out Kaep…..

  9. This article reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s album entitled Rumours.

    A rumor (American English) or rumour (British English) is “a tall tale of explanations of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern.” In the social sciences, a rumor involves some kind of a statement whose veracity is not quickly or ever confirmed.

  10. It looks like Denise York has been reading my comments here on the Press Democrat blog. I am proud to have been the leader in the dump Jed movement. We need to clean house.

    I dont like Saban. He seems like a whiny B. Ran away when the going got tough in Miami. I like the idea of Mike Smith – former Atanta HC and current Tampa DC. Let’s bring back Tomsula as DL coach and special assistant to HC. He is good at developing young players and clearly was not the problem.

    Never look back.

    1. Bah, I have been the one doing the heavy lifting, you post on here once in a blue moon, and try to usurp all the credit.

      I will say it again. I will give Germ the credit for the dump Jed meme.You are a dollar short and a day late.

      1. Nice. Now Seb is marking his territory… (We’re Not Gonna Take It)

        Seb’s so condescending
        His gall is never ending
        We don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you

        Your life is trite and jaded
        Boring and barricaded
        If that’s your best, your best won’t do

        1. IF by Rudyard Kipling.

          If you can keep your head when all about you,
          are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

          If you can trust yourself when all men (And Cassie) doubt you,
          But make allowance for their doubting, too.

          If you can wait, but not be tired of waiting,
          Or being lied about , dont deal in lies.

          Or being hated, dont give in to hating,
          And yet dont look too good, nor talk too wise.

          If you can dream- and not make dreams your master,
          If you can think- but not make thoughts your aim.

          If you can meet with triumph and disaster,
          And treat those two impostors just the same.

          If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken,
          Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools…….

    2. Saban would fail like he did in Miami. He wins in Alabama because he recruits the best high school players every year and year out. Here with the 49ers he would inherit the worst roster in the NFL

    1. Goes by strength of schedule. If the Browns/49ers tie, the 49ers have the weaker schedule and would draft first. Not sure on the Bengals….

    2. It would go to tie-breakers, complicated by different conferences. I haven’t checked, but by my sketchy memory is they’d look at conference records
      (If Browns win today each team would have one win in conference), then head to head (n/a this year), then maybe its points for and against.
      Happy research!

  11. If Jed does go I wouldn’t be surprised if Brent and Jones or Steve Young come in as a president type role. Either way all of these guys of been banging Shanahan’s drum. I am definitely cool Shanahan since he had the balls to not only pick RG3 but to pick Kurt cousins in the same draft- which set up the organizations QB future. We need a guy with a QB focus definitely in this draft. We also need a guy that finally has West Coast offense lineage. I don’t think he would be HC, just a GM which he’s done a pretty good job at in about Denver and Washington. Just have to wait and see if his son would be HC.

    Very interesting that Cousins is a free agent at the end of this year. Things will get really fun if the Redskins decided not to franchise tag/resign him.

    I’m guessing Jed would run Stadium operations

    1. I agree very much. 49ers need to build a great offensive line and develop a great qb. I say Jimmy Grappolo would be a great qb if they could get him and Kyle Shanahan as HC I think would work fine. Or a 1st round draft qb would be kool if we dont get a free agent.

  12. Grant has many NFL contacts…any corroboration? So far this season all high impact rumors/predictions/prognostications have come and gone. LaC writes something sensational but hearsay, people grab it, now they follow his twitter…I would feel like there was some cred on this if Grant/lowell/(gasp) Maiocco also said these things were coming from sources in-the-know

    otherwise stuff like this carries same weight as comments on this blog.

  13. Does anyone think ,seriously , that John or Denise would overtly demote Jed? Pushed further upstairs, yeah I could see that. Sideways or down, NFW.

    1. Yes if it’s costing $$$
      Even though the PSL’s are sold every time there’s an empty seats there’s lots of beer/food/parking money that is not obtained. Not to mention the bad press they’ve gotten with all of this negative news. Further they also now have to compete with a good raiders team in the same market.
      Like I said Jed could play a key role still with running the stadium itself and running the new start up for a stadium in Sacramento for the soccer team and potential MLS Ranking.

    2. Naw, but on the under im sure John Yorks not gonna let Jed make the final decisions anymore. Jeds caused enough problems at this point I would have to intefere somehow.

  14. So, I’m watch the Bengals-Browns game and it’s pretty clear the Browns are going to throw this game.

    So, I have a question for those who were big Hue Jackson fans and may still be. Given the worst record in the league, does Jackson still get a pass for another year whereas Kelly shouldn’t get that same pass. Talent-wise, the 49ers don’t seem better than the Browns. I’m not trying to call anybody out. I was puzzled last year about why people wanted Hue Jackson as the 9ers coach. Also, I’m not saying we should keep Kelly.

    1. And that’s because the Browns beat us 24-10 just last season. Grant compares the 49ers/Bears game from last season to this season but he’s crickets on the Browns/49ers game last season

    2. Neither should be fired after the first year with a horrible roster.

      Hue Jackson coached the Raiders to 8-8 (really for two seasons) – look how bad they were before and after he was there.

      Kelly coached the Eagles to 10-6 seasons in his first and second years. He made Nick Foles look like an all-Pro a couple years ago, whereas Shanahan made Elway look like Elway (20 years ago)

  15. Shanahan’s been a sour apple for quite some time. I’m Irish, but Shanahan would be taking the Celtic jobs program a bit too far. If I wanted an adviser from the BW coaching tree I’d start with Holmgren.

    1. Holmgren failed in Cleveland and is low energy
      Shanahan is high energy and a better executive
      As coaches they are about even

      At least Shanahan did great in Denver and did OK with overbearing owner in Washington –also the RG3 thing was a noose just like Kaep here

        1. What about the solid foundation he left? How much further it would have been if he wasn’t kept from getting rid of rg3 sooner?

  16. The York’s need to sell the team. Short of that, hire someone to run all 49er related operations. Don’t interfere with their duties.

    1. Thats the reason Harbaughs gone because their egos would’nt let them let the coach do the job they hired him for they want a yes man no man robot coach who when the first time trys to make a coaching suggestion they send him
      packing. They chose Baalke over Harbaugh lol now this is what you get. The messed up part its we as the fans that have to be embarrased.

  17. Schefter – Browns have an “astronomical grade” on Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett…”

    Dangity-Dang. No surprise though. Teams that pick #2 and #3 will be accused of “reaching” in the draft.

    1. Browns are down 19-0 to the Bengals already. They finish out vs the Bills, Bengals, Steelers. 49ers would have to sell the store to get Garrett.

  18. What about David Shaw? People have been big on him. They had a bad year. Their stud hb is gone. He seems to always kill it in his draft analysis. Give him some player control and hire a new team president.

  19. A team with $100 million in cap room and drafting top 5 could be good sooner than later if money spend correctly and drafting goes good

    1. With the present FO, just expect more losing. They just gave 16 mil guaranteed with a less than 50% catch TE, and the GM whiffed on an entire draft class.

  20. It would be great if the house was cleared, but the thought of the Yorks taking a hands on approach makes me nauseous.

  21. Twice previously, the Niners have only won 3 games in a season.
    Four times previously the Niners have only won 2 games in a season:
    The current leadership team has an opportunity to set an abyssal 66 year franchise record. Woot! Woot! They’ll be the WOATs!!!
    Who should be safe in this org? Nooooo-Body!

  22. Org needs a complete tear down.

    Big contract to Vance… a middle of the road TE at best says there are no adults in the room.

    If Shanahan comes as org president and Jed is sent packing to manage other family opportunities…that makes some sense…Mike as the head coach is just ridiculous

    1. So you’re buying into that slop? John & Denise are going to depose their son? And they’re talking about it in advance to other owners who leak to La Confoya?

      1. I don’t think Jed will be gone. I think Shanahan will replace Baalke. Mike would then fire Kelly. And best of all he would not even consider bringing back Kap.

  23. Attention Levi’s patrons… You may pick up your torches and pitchforks at the entrances to Concourses B and D. And thank you for not littering.

  24. As a rookie under Shanahan in 2012, Griffin set a record for highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback (102.4). He threw for 3,200 yards and rushed for 815 in a game plan that featured the zone read action around 20 percent of the time and was heavy on play-action passes.

    1. Folks, Harbaugh just borrowed from Shannahan via Kap.

      Don’t be fooled by negative comments. Shannahan know QB’s–most WCO’s do.
      Mike will bring in his son to update the offense.
      TomD will guarantee 49er fans this–you’ll never again see a 4 yard passing game stat posted by their starters or their backups!…Granted, it’s a low bar, however, you’ll see improvements in the skill positions I M M E D I A T E L Y !!

    2. The Griffen Knee inury hurt their relationship as they were driving for …guess what…the playoffs–wouldn’t that phrase be a pleasant surprise in the Bay Area again!

  25. TomD
    Could Jed, Trent and Baalke be fired?

    Scottie A.
    @timkawakami @mercnews What would a PSL holder revolt look like? Do they have any sway besides justifiable complaining?

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 3h3 hours ago
    What worries the Yorks is the theoretical chance that PSL-holders who financed their PSLs will walk away from the payments.

  26. Since this is a “pat yourself on the back” thread, I will do some patting too.

    I’ve posted repeatedly that Baalke should be fired. I know, me and everybody else right? But I’ve also said nobody would be willing to work for the York’s, that leaves Shanahan or Holmgren.

    It’s Shanahan or Gamble. Shanahan would bring the WCO and a FB. Hyde might look like Terrell Davis under Shanahan’s run heavy version of the WCO. Grant is wrong when he says Shanahan can’t develop a QB,

    Gamble would retain Kelly, that would set us back indefinitely. With Baalke out and Gamble and Kelly in charge, Kap would be more likely to return. Again, that would set us back indefinitely.

    For the first time in years I’m hopeful for the future. Kinda kidding when I say this sentence, but I’m glad the York’s are reading my posts. They’re following my gameplan to a tee.

  27. Grant – Shanahan would be no better than Jeff Fisher? Shanahan has 2 rings as a head coach, was the only coach to get anything out of Jay Cutler, and is responsible for drafting Kirk Cousins. He helped get the absolute best out of Steve Young. Brent Jones, who played under Shanahan, has advocated for him in the past. He is a link to the glory days and has a great resume, even if his last few years in Washington were underwhelming.

  28. Lol! Kaencerprick’s big job interview with the Jets and the “basically a rookie” Bryce Petty outshines him! Other than maybe one fan of this clown, I can’t imagine any future GM and coach wanting anything to do with this piece of garbage. The game is not over, but win or lose, see ya and bye bye.

  29. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice game Kaencerprick! You got outplayed by basically a rookie in Bryce Petty! What a piece of trash! See ya and bye bye Colon (as in ahole!)

  30. Grant – Nick Saban isn’t leaving Alabama. He already failed in Miami and is happy in Tuscaloosa.

    I agree with cleaning house but I’m against Saban as HC.

  31. Nick Saban? Control? $10 million? Saban is a great college coach. He is NOT an NFL coach. He would be a disaster as a GM. Please 49ers do not go that route. I do not know what they should do, but don’t do that. They need a new GM, heck they need new ownership too. But Nick Saban? Who would suggest such a thing??????

  32. Post game show on channel 5. Denise, “so Jeremy, is it time to put in Ponder? Jeremy, “Hope so”. What disrespect from a former player. That in a nutshell is the feeling of many of the players and probably undoubtedly coaches on this team about Kaencerprick. Obviously, he’s not their only problem but it starts with the QB in the NFL.

  33. John York was every bit as bad as his son. FWIW, the camera work never once showed the stands. Was anyone there? What was the announced attendance today?

  34. Boy, who would have thought? After nearly winning their sixth Super Bowl, not even the most pessimistic fan would believe that this organization would lose 12 games in a row just three years later! It’s the saddest situation I have experienced in my life involving Bay Area sports. Not even the down years of the Giants, and there were many, or the mid to late seventies Forty Niners compare to this travesty. I think the York’s at this point have no choice other than completely clean house, including Jeb, Trent and Chip, at a minimum, or better yet just selling the team to an owner that actually cares. Thank God I sold my tickets.

  35. Nick Saban? Are you freaking kidding me? Saban is a career college coach without a clue of how to deal with NFL players. And the way he shamefully abandonded his last team I’m surprised if he ever shows his face in another NFL locker room again. Nick Saban is a fraud. This franchise has had enough of guys with limited or no NFL experience and need to bring in some veterans. Shanahan is a has been? Seems to me he was the one responsible for drafting Kirk Cousins and at least bringing the Redskins back from the dead. And at least he HAS BEEN something in the past unlike these other clowns this team keeps bringing in. Shanahan would be an excellent choice to bring some stability and leadership to this rudderless ship of an organization.

  36. This franchise is in such disarray you think hiring Shanahan it’s going to be any better or bring stability, Shanahan is over the hill. The ownership of this team is getting exactly what it deserves from it’s years of arrogant attitude here in the Bay Area and around the league. The fans are the worst of all and deserve this loosing team, how do you like your team now you bunch of fools.

  37. No to Shanahan and No to Saban, what the Niners need to do is hire Mike Holmgren, he has been a head coach and GM, and then stay out of his way and let him do the hiring, we had a great head coach when we got Jim Harbaugh, because he didn’t kiss Baalke butt, and bow down, they get rid of him, GM’s need to see to contracts and make sure the head coach has what he needs and leave the drafting to the head coach, it is his system or sheme and it is his job on the line, we were a laughing stock for years until we got Jim Harbaugh and now we are a laughing stock again, I believe Jim Harbaugh will be the Colts head coach next year, I have been a Niners fan since 1978, it is time to make the Niners great again and make us fans proud again to be fan’s, CLEAN HOUSE, HIRE MIKE HOLMGREN GM and let him bring glory back to Niners Nation

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