Reuben Foster allegedly punched girlfriend in the face 8 to 10 times

San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Reuben Foster (56) against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office just announced it has charged 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster with three felonies: “Domestic violence with an allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime and possession of an assault weapon.”

Here’s a copy of the press release:

The release notes Foster attacked his live-in girlfriend, “dragged her by her hair, physically threw her out of the the house and punched her in the face 8 to 10 times.” Foster’s girlfriend suffered a ruptured ear drum.

Sounds like what Ray Rice did, except much worse.

Do you think the 49ers will release Reuben Foster? Why or why not?

UPDATE: Here is a statement from the 49ers about foster. “The 49ers organization is aware of today’s disturbing charges regarding Reuben Foster. We will continue to follow this serious matter. Reuben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned through the legal process.”

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  1. He’s gone for sure. Not even a question. I wonder if Lynch already knew the details of the situation, i doubt it, probably only heard Reuben’s side. That would be terrible publicity if Lynch does not cut this disgrace of a man.

    1. Excellent assessment. I love the Niners. I have been a fan since 1975. But, there is NO place for this creature on this (or any other) team. If the charges are confirmed, he will be serving at least 3 (plea bargain) years in jail. Good! Let’s move on, John Lynch. Jimmy G. will guide this team to great heights, with class.

  2. They’ll cut him. They better. They’ll be hypocrites if not.

    I want to know why they didn’t cut him already. Wouldn’t they have already known this info based on their conversations?

    1. I gotta believe Niners only knew Foster and his lawyer’s side of the story. Lynch wanted to see how it played out and what details were being withheld, so he waited. That’s my guess.

    2. I suspect that the conversation they had was only with Ruben. How would they get access to hospital records? I don’t think the police or DA would provide them with information during an investigation, would they?

        1. Dallas. They are down with wife beaters. The good news for Foster is that he will be given a second chance since he never took a knee. Spousal abuse is overlookable by the league but quietly protesting excessive force is not.

    1. OldCoach,
      Not sure if someone picks him up, but this would be the perfect time for the NFL to make a clear stance against domestic violence committed by their employees.

      I would like to see a lifetime ban on football players found guilty of these crimes. Harsh? Yes, but this type of penalty may stop the next potential abuser as well as save the next potential victim.
      Also, if an owner signs a player that has committed such a crime after serving their suspension, they should be penalized by the NFL in some capacity.

      1. AES,

        I agree. Talk is cheap. The league needs to take a much stronger stance on these players than they have. It continues to be a justice based on how good you are league and that needs to end.

        1. rocket,
          This continues to be a black eye on the NFL and falls directly on Goodell’ lap.

          Also, I would like to see players rally around this issue the way they rally for the right to protest the national anthem. Time for the commissioner, the owners and the players to protect their industry before they lose business.

  3. Rueban is done. A talented man with questionable ethics. “The Saddest thing in life, is wasted talent”. Lorenzo Anello

    1. Steel,
      Getting kicked out of the Combine should have been a good indication of the type of person RF is.
      I’m embarrassed that I touted him as a 49er leading up to the draft.
      I don’t know if there are any stipulations worked into guaranteed contracts, but if not, maybe there should be.
      A player voids the guaranteed contract based on their criminal actions would work for me.

  4. You hated on your girl
    And punched and dragged her by the hair
    Reuben are you contemplating
    Ever getting out of here
    The writing on the wall
    Tells me you are going down
    Oh Reuben
    You’re finished in this town

  5. A most unfortunate turn of events. They almost certainly will show him the door faced with such evidence, now resign Eric Reed, and probably puts Roquan Smith at the top of their draft board. Shake the bad mojo off, move on.

  6. Foster might be going to jail. The guy is a bottom dweller scumbag. John Lynch will learn from this. Cut him now and send a message. I would say he played his last game in the NFL.

  7. On Rotoworld:

    49ers released a statement on LB Reuben Foster saying the team is “aware” of his recent charges and his place in the organization is under “great scrutiny”.

    “We will continue to follow this serious matter,” the statement continues. “Reuben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned through the legal process.” It’s clear the organization plans to let Foster’s legal situation play out before making a decision on his future. According to the DA, he is facing more than 11 years in prison if convicted and could still be suspended by the NFL if charges are avoided.

  8. Neal,
    I would like to think you are right about him never playing again but like Rollotomasi said above there are any number of moralless men who own NFL franchises. They wont sign a player who peacefully protests but a wife beater? Thats okay.

    1. If Kap or Reid had half the talent of Foster they would have been signed. Remember you have to be a potential star or a star to get away with crap like this.

    2. Any owner that signs Foster after his suspension should give up a high draft pick to the team who drafted him. In this case the 49ers.
      An owner that signs a felon should pay for their hypocrisy.

    3. Old Coach,
      I believe things are changing, Ray Rice episode, never got another tryout , although he was at the end of his career and Greg Hardy who is playing Arena Football and he is only 29. I believe protesters and women beaters are all a concerned and can affect Ticket sales, and why upset the fans, especially with the viewership is in decline. Foster is not worth it and is a despicable human being.

  9. From Barrows:

    49ers: “The 49ers organization is aware of today’s disturbing charges regarding Reuben Foster. We will continue to follow this serious matter. Reuben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned through the legal process.”

    This is concerning. He should already be cut.

    1. Yep. The fact they put out a statement like this makes it seem like they are going to keep him and that is not good. He should have been cut the moment the charges were filed today.

      1. What is says is that they are not entirely convinced of the truthfulness of the charges. If the latest details revealed are true then the chargess would have been filed much sooner. Why was there such a delay? There are still enough question marks in respect to this case that seems strange to me. There was no reports as to the extent of damages to her until now. Why. Being taken to the hospital and the damages would not have been kept secret. The person who took her there would also have been able to provide information. If someone was punched 8 to 10 times and suffered a punctured ear drum they would probable not be treated and relaased. They would be kept under observation for possible concussion injuries.

        You need to read between the lines on this. Until a lot of this is cleared up it still has too many holes in this story to be taken at face value. I also do not like their fiinal statement about hoping this case illuminates the regulatity of DV. Sounds too much like they are using this a case as a high profile example. I don’t think this is as open and shut as this report makes it out to be. The fact that the Niners are also waiting for the actual outcome instead of acting now reflects that the also are of that belief.

      2. Very well said Rocket, my 12 year old chose a Ruben foster jersey over a jimmy g Jersey when I was at Levi’s with my cousin on Christmas Eve, wonder if the niners will let me swap jerseys, he has not worn it since the news came out, violence is more complicated then many are making it to be and their is many factors we do not know but it does not look like the team could be united going forward if he is not cut. Hope every one involved gets the help and counseling they may need.

  10. And with the 9th pick in the 2018 nfl draft the 49era pick Roquan Smith or Treymond Edwards hoping that a lb draft pick won’t lose his damn mind and become a felon

  11. This woman will be paid to stay quite. He won’t spend a day in prison. All felony charges will be dropped and he will plea down to a misdemeanor on the gun charge.

    We’ve all seen this play out time and time again.

    He’ll be suspended from the league indefinitely and quietly allowed back when the story dies down.

    1. Matt: It’s a domestic violence case. I’m pretty sure the DA can continue on with prosecuting the case even if the woman does recant.

      1. Yes the DA can proceed without the victim’s cooperation but a competent attorney will get the charges dropped.

        It’s a real injustice to this young woman.

    2. We all knew that the woman would get paid off to recant with some lame story. I hope that she enjoys her “blood money.”

  12. I nicknamed Foster “The Boogeyman” during the pre-season last year. Sh*t man, he really is the Boogeyman.
    Give him the boot Jed….and everyone remember to saw off the legs of your bed and keep the light on when Foster is around.

  13. I have been conservative til now about this , there is no room for a grown a$$ man to hit a women even one time nevermind 8-10 times . Inexcusable under any circumstances . Lucky he didn’t do anything really damaging , but preventing her from calling for help , is the biggest crime .
    To impede someone from getting help ,is inexcusable , the lack of humanity, the lack of any form of compassion , or statement from him being apologetic , to all the other people around him , that his actions affected .

    No, men hold themselves accountable , all the time .
    Everywhere , all the time .
    No days off .

    Wondering if he would be okay with ,his grandma, mother, sister,got hit like that ,if he would be alright with it .

    Good luck RF .

    And good bye .

    1. If he threw her out of the house how did he keep her from getting help. One would think that would have the opposite effect. If he wanted to keep her from getting help then he would have kept her in the house.

      1. You don’t know the order of events. It could have went down like this.

        Foster asks her to leave.
        She refuses.
        Foster drags and strikes her.
        She tries to call the police.
        Then Foster tries to keep her from calling.

  14. I have to think Denise will step in at some point here and demand his release. To keep Foster on the team would send such a bad message in so many ways and give the impression that they only take action based on how important the player is to them.

  15. What makes any of you think Lynch didn’t know the gravity of the allegations? Because he’s personable? He doesn’t love you or me. Got that? Our outrage is just a casual blip to him. And if he didn’t know the allegations, why is his reaction so different from yours and mine? Why is his reaction so different from yours and mine? Because his capacity for outrage is fake. He’s fake.

    1. Please lee…. stop. You do not know anything about Lynch but you certainly have trolling down.

      On a substantive note. RF is a shoulder hit from being out anyway. Seems like he was constantly leaving the field for some other type of injury as well. This is not the reason for releasing him, but it makes it a little more appeasing for the fans.

      Cut him and move on. Now.

    2. Lee…… maybe because it’s private when charges aren’t filed yet. What detective or DA would risk their job violating privacy rights before they can lawfully release the counts on which they are filing?
      All that matters now is the public knows, so what lynch does from here on out can be scrutinized if you disagree.

  16. It goes without saying that hitting a woman is cowardly. The fact that he punched her 8-10 times is ground for permanent suspension from the league.

    1. Nick and the blog….

      Just before we become Judge, Jury, and executioners for ‘Poor Reuben’…let’s hear the rest of the story…charges have been filed, now let’s hear what Reuben’s attorneys have to say…Matt, I think that you have a semi-grip on the situation, and we’ll just have to see what happens next…so put down the pitchforks, torches and lynch mob mentality, and see what occurs when the other shoe drops….

      1. Oregon….. I’m always on the side of waiting to get the facts.
        But his initial story was he dragged her out of his apartment.
        Yo don’t rupture eardrums dragging someone out of your apartment.

        Sad to say this doesn’t look good, and it’s not like he was an upstanding teammate, person or citizen.
        For them to file charges must mean they have some pretty damaging evidence.
        Now whether it was once or 8-10 times one is to many. And this isn’t the first time these two have had issues in public.

        1. I would wait to hear the medial reports after her hospital visit to validate the damage caused. I still find much of this latest report suspicious.

  17. I’m surprised at the 49ers’ official response to these charges (which aren’t even the first of the offseason). Seems to set a dangerous precedent when they are trying to change the culture around the organization. They certainly didn’t wait for the legal process with Tramaine Brock and these charges seem just as, if not more, serious.

    Would any other employer put up with this behavior? We need to stop making excuses behavior just because they are professional athletes.

    1. thought it might help some on this blog to show a bit of the “Spin/BS detection Translator” (patent pending- filed in Mtn. View, CA) decoding of the press statement from 4949:

      “The 49ers org is aware of today’s ‘disturbing’ charges regarding Foster” = yes… we watch the news and media reports too…besides, it’s not like we can really deny the charges filed now, right?

      “We will continue to follow this serious matter” = we will keep our collective ears to the ground to see signs of any lessening of fan disgust that might allow us to salvage the draft capital spent on Foster…

      “his place in our organization is under ‘great scrutiny’ and will depend on what is learned through the legal process” = he’s staying put for now till we see absolutely damning evidence that makes it so unbearably and excruciatingly painful to the front office in PR terms that we’re forced to cut bait…

      Click to Edit – 1 minute and 21 seconds

      1. This implies that they are not totally buying into the charges as filed. I am not exactly either. There are just too many contradictions in the way they are laid out now. I would want to hear a few more details that fill in those questions.

  18. Due process? Maybe that’s why.
    I’m not sure what the facts are here but I want to see the hospital evidence.
    Otherwise it’s his word against hers. They are clearly trying to make an example out of him at the DAs office.
    I want video, I want pics, I want physical hospital records.
    I want due process. Maybe he said he was leaving her and she wants to destroy his life?
    That kind of stuff happens everyday. Santa Clara DA is notoriously aggressive.
    I believe in due process not a lynch mob because the DA filed. DA filing does not in fact prove guilt at all.

    1. Exactly! If she sustained the damage she claims they would have never released her from the hospital,, rather they would have kept her for observation. Of course that statement does not reflect how long she was in the hospital, but the wording sort of implies they let her go that same night, other wise it would have included : Hospitalized. If he, however did do what is listed on the charges, then they need to dump him quickly.

  19. It looks like a waste of a draft pick. Draft Trumane or roquan. Screw Reuben. Looks like new orleans avoided the bs.

      1. For Kaepernick, no one wants a backup who is a distraction. For Reid, it’s been a slow market for safeties this offseason.

          1. Right. Teams don’t want backups to be distractions. And show me the safety who has cashed out this year. Kenny Vaccaro, drafted ahead of Reid is still unsigned. Is he kneeling?

            The funny part is that when both of these martyrs hit free agency they had no problem initially saying that they would no longer kneel. Wonder what changed. 🤔

            1. They were asked about it, it’s an issue.

              “The funny part is that when both of these martyrs hit free agency they had no problem initially saying that they would no longer kneel.”

              Yes. If you remember, I ripped Kap for that.

  20. Absolutely disgusting. We knew Foster had caused injury almost right away. Some people made excuses, due process being the main one, it could have been the woman’s fault. What is the severity of the abuse? SMH.

    But it was always about Foster being a good player. Excuses are still being made. Like someone else will sign him, charges could still be dropped.

    Visible injury to Brock’s girlfriend.
    Brock released almost immediately.

    Visible injury to Foster’s girlfriend.
    Foster still on the team.

    Get rid of Foster right now.

  21. He’s gone from the 9ers and hopefully gone from the NFL. Tremaine Edmunds probability of being a 49er just doubled

  22. Matt Barrows

    Verified account

    46m46 minutes ago
    Reuben Foster’s attorney, Josh Bentley, said “we are most anxious to have all of the facts come out, and that will happen in the courtroom, not in the media.” Said he and Foster won’t take questions after today’s arraignment.

  23. I’m not sure what more the team is waiting for…..

    Denise shouldn’t have to say a word for the right thing to happen imo

    1. They might have a reason for waiting this out. They more than likely have more information than just the written charges. I am sure that Fosters attorney has access to the hospital records and if so I am sure that the NIners would also have gotten them from the attorney. They are not totally stupid and If I have certain questions then I am sure they also do as well. They certainly have more information than we do.

      1. The attorneys aren’t allowed to share medical records with outside entities. It’s called HIPAA, and it’s a federal law.

        Maybe I’m reading into this, but it seems like you’re upset that a good player is going to miss games for the 9ers, regardless of the evidence against him. What evidence do you need in order for you to think he beat up his girlfriend? Keep in mind, he’s a professional athlete. I point that out because professional athletes are physically capable of defending themselves from members of the opposite sex who are less than half their size without punching them enough times to rupture their eardrums.


      I like the enthusiasm, but you’re just spamming now. This is friendly advice, I’m not trying to be a hater.

  24. ACL’s, and Drug Users, and Girlfriend Beaters, OH MY
    ACL’s, and Drug Users, and Girlfriend Beaters, OH MY
    ACL’s, and Drug Users, and Girlfriend Beaters, OH MY

    Ohhh, we’re off to draft more failures, the wonderful failures of the NCAA!

    Can’t believe the 49ers didn’t place this guy on ‘probation’ and surround him with
    team reps 24-7 during his rookie contract. Has one team ever flamed out so badly on
    so many draft picks, first the druggies, then the All ACL-ers, secondary stiffs, now women abusers….

    1. I’d like to think I would have the moral integrity to divest myself from the team, but sadly I will probably go on watching and supporting. Sad to admit but true. I’m an addict.

    2. I hope I don’t have to make that choice. I hope this organization, with all of their newfound good vibes, does not put us fans in that position.

      1. Does anyone think that those in charge of the NIners are stupid enough to keep Foster on the team if the charges laid out are in fact true.? This is the Bay Area not Arkansas or West Virginia by god. They must know certain detail that we are not aware of. The charges as written seem to me to be filled with question marks that still need answering.

    3. Watch and cheer for the team (i.e. the other 52 guys). Will loudly boo Reuben, and if I run into Jed York, note that Reuben should be cut.

  25. “Head” not “Face.” There is not much difference, so why did you switch the words? You are misquoting. Poor journalistic integrity.

  26. For those saying to let due process take it’s course, we’ve heard what they are charging him with and those charges aren’t laid on a whim with no evidence. Take a minute to think about why you want to give him the benefit of the doubt when there is little reason to and see if you can convince yourself that it’s anything other than the value he has to the team.

    1. Rocket: I am a strong believer in due process. I can truthfully answer that Foster being a star talent has nothing to do with my belief that due process is everyone’s right. In fact, like you, I am disgusted by this lack of consistency across the NFL in whether or not players are cut immediately after allegations or incriminations are brought forth (i.e lesser value players being cut more quickly, whereas for star players, most teams opt to let due process play out). Having said that, the charges do appear to be based on considerable evidence (especially the hospital evidence). If guilty they should throw the book at him.

      1. Cubus,

        I’m not against due process. Everybody deserves their day in court. What I’m against is the inconsistency in how players charged with this are dealt with. The due process Foster is entitled to is the question of whether he goes to jail or not. There should be no due process in how he’s treated by the NFL when 3 felony charges have been laid along with the revelation the woman suffered injuries including a ruptured ear drum. If he is completely acquitted then some team has the option to sign him if they want. At this point in time however, the 49ers should be doing exactly what they did with Brock. There can’t be a tiered system in how you deal with domestic violence. It totally destroys any credibility you have as an organization.

        1. Personally I think having charges filed shouldn’t be the point where the players get cut – basically that is a team saying the charges are accurate which is not what a team (or the NFL) should be doing. Leave that to the legal process. But imo the player should be suspended until it gets cleared up one way or the other (at which point decisions on whether to sack them or not should be made) and importantly the consistency, as you say, is the big thing. Players have been sacked at earlier stages than this.

          For me the issue I have with the Foster situation is I already want to condemn him, but a part of me knows there is always a possibility there is another very different story to the one I (and everyone else) has gone to based on the charges.

            1. NO…!

              You CAN’T suspend him without guilt….I worked with the 49ers, and there were always a cadre` of ‘ladies’ hanging out hoping to score some podunk kid from the sticks for their lifetime payday. If you were looking for the chorus line of beautiful women…they were there…and nothing was off limits to them…especially truth….If he is found innocent…that woman has successfully ruined his life. We’ve already seen what has happened to Aldon Smith….

          1. I feel pretty much the way you do, Scooter. I’m conflicted with regards to this situation. As an employer, there is one other thing I might point out. In the event that Foster is truly innocent (which does really seem highly unlikely), his earning power, I believe, will be dramatically impacted by a false charge. I wouldn’t assume that another team will sign him after his reputation is destroyed. Most might laugh at this and say let him bag groceries, but it is a very real concern and, to my knowledge, most courts rule in favor of an individual to earn a living at their chosen profession. Non-compete clauses that I have to deal with can not be so restrictive as to prevent an employee from earning a living at their profession. While the Foster situation is not the same, I think there is an element of this concept of the right to earn a living. I’m still trying to entice JPN to join our conversation as I’m curious as to what he thinks.

          2. Scooter,

            In the US we say “innocent until proven guilty” when in reality it is guilty until proven innocent.

            1. actually it works like this:
              “innocent until proven guilty” — in a court of law, vs.:
              “guilty until proven innocent” — in the court of public opinion…
              the case is now before the court of public opinion…

          3. Unless the hospital made an error on their emergency report re the ruptured ear drum, I see no reason for due process.
            You could drop all the other charges for all I care, the one that stands out for me is the forceful hit to the head that damaged this persons ear drum.
            That tells me all I need to know about the man.

            1. How do you know (a) the ruptured ear drum was due to a forceful hit to the head or (b) the forceful hit to the head came from Foster?

              That’s the problem I see with this. Based on a charge sheet everyone has already condemned Foster as guilty. Me too. But the reality is we don’t know what actually happened.

              1. Are you implying that her damaged ear drum was caused by something other then a blow to her head?

                Dragged out of the house by her hair, not allowing her to get help. If a person can do this I don’t have a problem believing he is capable of punching.

                I don’t look at this as an isolated case either. Foster was basically kicked out of the combine because he flared up on a medical doctor (who does that? ). His story about fleeing from a night club because someone tried to rob him had the smell of fish all over it. His MJ arrest in Alabama leads me believe that this guy has a major problem in making good choices.
                He has to go.

                Matt Barrows just said on KNBR that the due process procedure may not be over until preseason so the team will likely wait it out.

                If the org decides to cut him I would like to see Jed York make the call. A serious matter like this should go above Lynch imo.

        2. “the inconsistency in how players charged with this are dealt with”

          There really isn’t any inconsistency. If a player is good they stay. If a player is middle of the road to bottom tier they’re out. It’s been this way since before just about any of us were born.

          1. I’m sure it worked this way back in Gladiator times too…
            hard to imagine what kind of offense a top Gladiator would get “benched” for….
            insulting Caesar’s distant kin attending the match?
            of course, “benching” would be code for “being fed to the Lions” at halftime…

        3. The question of whether to cut/suspend Foster or not should have nothing to do with whether he’s found innocent or guilty. It’s a response that should come because a player has shown he cannot represent the team in an acceptable fashion.

          In a little over a year Foster has done the following:

          Tested for a diluted sample at the combine which is an automatic drug violation.

          Was disruptive enough during combine medicals to be sent home.

          Was charged with MJ possession in Alabama

          Was charged with 3 Felonies including domestic violence and illegal automatic weapon possession.

          How in any way shape or form does this kid get the benefit of the doubt? This is not a court of law; it’s the NFL which punishes players for conduct detrimental to the league and will ultimately do the same to Foster, but the 49ers have to have that same standard. When you cut one player immediately and make excuses for the other you have no credibility. You either have rules you believe in and abide by or you don’t. I remember the same types of arguments being made in favor of keeping Aldon Smith around and look how that wound up? They are enabling Foster’s behavior by not enforcing the standards they should demand from everybody.

    2. Yeah, honestly, I wouldn’t worry. He will never play another down for the 49ers. I am curious though as to what his lawyer possibly thinks will come out during the legal process to make this ok.

        1. My gut instinct is that it is BS lawyer speak to defend their client in public when they know they have nothing.

          1. defending lawyers in their opening gambit in the court of public opinion, always use some variant of the “we look forward to our day in court” trope at this stage with high profile clients, especially those on the hook for serious crimes…

        2. cubus,
          I could be wrong, but I believe JPN mentioned something to the effect that he could not make any comments regarding legal matters on here because he was working again.

          1. He did say something like that. I thought it might be restricted to only the types of cases that he hears. Not sure if that includes employment law.

    3. There’s a HOF LB who was once charged with murder. Charges are brought for a variety of reasons. I don’t suspect he is innocent, nor will I pronounce him guilty. The process will play out.

        1. No. It’s based off your opinion alone. And as I stated, I’ll let the process play out. In the court of public opinion many are guilty once charges are brought.

          This isn’t to defend Foster in any way. Just pointing out a societal bias that has been in full view today.

          1. Spot on Hammer. Reading all these posts is mind-boggling. We have a legal system to determine guilt, or innocence. Last I looked, it did not involve the media.

          2. No it’s based off the fact that a woman has injuries and the guy charged admitted to putting his hands on her from the start. As I said, due process is for a court of law, not the NFL. Players have been cut or suspended for a lot less and it’s the lack of a universal system of punishment that I take issue with. Yes talented players get more rope than lesser players but there should be no gray area when it comes to domestic violence. The 49ers cut Brock immediately. Not doing so in regards to Foster destroys their credibility.

            1. I don’t think you can pick and choose the crimes. Yes DV is terrible, but you don’t cut everyone charged with it.

              In Brock’s case I’d bet it just accelerated a decision that was likely to happen anyway.

              I also don’t think it “destroys” their credibility. Lynch created plenty of leeway for issues like this when he said “it’s a case by case basis”. That’s a guy who knows how to cover all his bases.

              1. I see it differently. John Lynch doesn’t get leeway for acting based on the players importance to the team.

              2. He does from the players, and as you and others have already stated you’ll be watching the team regardless.

                A lot of negative discussion that won’t hurt the bottom line.

              3. I wouldn’t be too sure about that Jack. The world is changing rapidly in regards to the treatment of women, and something like this could greatly affect the 49ers as it has other industries. I’m a guy in his 40’s who is addicted to football, but there are many female fans who won’t be, along with a prevailing attitude that things like this have been swept under the carpet for far too long.

              4. “and as you and others have already stated you’ll be watching the team regardless”

                Why would we not still support guys like Buckner and Garoppolo? What have they done?

              5. Hollywood is full of terrible stuff but people still go to the movies.

                Once the games start the fans will show just like they did last year, especially at the end.


                I’ve been around enough to know there’s a whole lot of faux outrage going on with the organization right now.

          3. Jack Hammer:
            And as we all know, OJ was innocent? Because he had enough money to buy the right lawyers and that too has been around since before you and I were born……so it must be RIGHT, because that’s the way it’s always been? Just curious Jack, how do YOU define hypocrisy?

      1. Based on your statement, Jack, what do you think the team should do? Cut him or hold onto him until the process plays itself out.

        1. I think I’ve been totally clear on this Cubus. I’m fine with the course of action they’ve taken. It’s what I expected.

  27. Is he still on the team?

    Lynch and company decided overlook his behavioral problems before last years draft…

  28. Let’s let due process take its course. IF he is guilty he is gone and should be. Also keep in mind that by holding on to him until the courts make a decision, allows them to not give up there intentions to take Roquan or Tremaine. If they cut Foster immediately they risk the chance of a team like Oakland leap frogging them for one of those two. It’s obvious that Oakland is looking at the same player. Lynch is playing this smart. Whether he is gone in a couple months or today it doesn’t matter. What does matter is getting the player they want at 9.

    1. As critical thinkers, we have to ask ourselves if there is a possible scenario in which these allegations could be untrue.

      In order to justify keeping him (or rooting for him), we would have to believe that she either made it up or she put him in a position where he felt he had to defend himself.

      Seems like a long shot to me. I want him gone.

      1. It may be a long shot, but everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The onus is on her, to prove her case beyond a reasonable doubt. And thank God. If a society, is going to put anyone away for 11 years, and take their freedom, the facts better support that person’s version of events.

        1. You’re talking about jail time. In that context, I agree with you. Due process all the way.

          But we’re talking about keeping him on the team and still feeling good about it as fans. That doesn’t require a court conviction.

      2. Gabriel,
        I hear what your saying, but on the other hand, it’s hard to make up a ruptured ear drum. That action alone stands out for me.

      3. Interesting thought. It would mean the niners could be holding their cards tight before the draft, and they could cut him after the draft.

  29. I don’t believe the story. If you were punched 10 times by Reuben Foster, you would be dead. This girl probably hit him dozens of times before he finally was able to throw her out of the house.

    1. jason:
      * “This girl probably hit him dozens of times?” And Rubin is “PROBABLY” a little wimp, incapable of defending himself?
      * “Before he finally WAS ABLE to throw her out of the house?” This is the same Rubin Foster than plays football in the NFL….but he “PROBABLY” can’t physically handle a woman?

        1. Maybe the 9ers should cut Foster and sign his girlfriend to play middle linebacker, since she’s so aggressive, and in your scenario he’s so defenseless.

  30. Nick Wagoner, “Last week, I surveyed three current NFL team evaluators and asked them where they think Landry and Davenport will go. Two of them said Landry is a top-15 player, while the third said between 15 and 20. All of them acknowledged that he could go even higher because of the value of his position, especially in a year when potential difference-makers aren’t abundant at the position. A similar range was given for Davenport.”

    1. Razor,
      An argument can be made either way on these players. Not to underestimate either of these two players talent, but on the heels of the RF situation Lynch may need to go with someone like Ro Smith or Edmunds.
      After watching more film on Landry I really liked his explosion off the LOS. But if his speed is neutralized at the next level he won’t be as effective until he develops more repertoire to his pass-rush. But once he develops this area he will become a special player.

  31. Should have cut him two months ago and made a statement to the rest of the team that this won’t be tolerated , regardless of draft position or potential talent. This is not the culture you want around a young team you are trying to develop, you are letting players think their talent we save them from trouble. It was only a couple of years ago when the Niners were in the news it seemed every week for domestic violence, it shocks me they wouldnt want to remove themselves from a situation that is so eerily similar to years past. I will not be supporting Foster in the future and hope the team will come to their senses and release Foster.

  32. The Niners should continue to let the legal process play out. Everyone deserves an opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law. She told the police she was dragged her by the hair, that he physically threw her out of the house, and punched her in the head 8 to 10 times. She now has to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. Does it look good for Ruben? No, it looks bad and that he’s a scumbag. However, innocent until proven guilty. That is how the system should work. Remember, the 49ers released Tramaine Brock, and four months later his DV case dismissed by prosecutors.

  33. Tremaine Edmunds come on down. You are the next great 49er LB.

    Just don’t do drugs, slap your girl, shoot or kill anyone, miss curfew, drink and drive and litter.
    Welcome to the team!

    1. Prime,
      Ha! Goodell should start a “Make Football Great Again” campaign, but he’d probably get sued by the POTUS (lol).

  34. I am appalled by how many posts are discussing or conjecturing as to which team will pick up Foster after he is cut by the Niners. He will be an orange jumpsuit and starring in the next version of The Longest Yard before he is back in the NFL, and any club which thinks they will sign him is crazy.

    Grant was correct prior to and after the 2017 draft that this guy was not only a medical risk but also a character red flag and seriously flawed, facts John Lynch as a rookie GM sorely overlooked, and now for which the Niners will be paying the price both on the field and off the field with media scrutiny and rightfully second-guessing in addition to the restructuring of this year’s draft board to accommodate the need to replace Foster.

    Wasted pick last year of another high first-round selection by Niner’s FO. Baalke blew it frequently on medicals who did not pan out, and now this. If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. Hopefully, John has learned!!!!

    Hopefully, Lynch has learned from his mistake and will steer clear of any such bad behavior players this coming draft.

  35. Innocent until proven guilty. Add the HIPAA laws to that and the Niners did the right thing so far.

    I’ll get ( _@ _) from the white knights here, but if a man hits anyone eight times in the face and there’s only a popped eardrum I gotta wonder. I hit you in the face eight times and you are going to have a couple of broken eye sockets, a flat nose and some missing teeth. And I’m 72. Fifty years ago you’d probably be dead. So that part of the story is off to me. And FWIW, a Sig 516 is a great rifle. Wish I had a couple. Unfortunately, California is run by a bunch of manginas.

    I’m not saying she wasn’t a victim. But if you have a high-strung, poorly educated man-child who makes his living being violent and some woman winds him up, you can expect bad ju-ju. Especially if either party favors or alcohol were involved…

      1. as we all know…. if “some woman winds you up” = “bad (violent) juju”
        the gun plug was a nice touch tho’…
        I’m sure Sig Sauer’s PR dept. thanks you…
        oh wait…does that sound “mangina-ish”????

    1. Barsat,
      “I’m not saying she wasn’t a victim. But if you have a high-strung, poorly educated man-child who makes his living being violent and some woman winds him up, you can expect bad ju-ju. Especially if either party favors or alcohol were involved…”

      Sure, sounds like Foster’ actions are justifiable now after that comment … sheesh!

      1. White knights. I didn’t say he wasn’t guilty and shouldn’t do hard time. I said innocent until proven guilty is the basis of our legal system. And yeah, AR-15s totally rock and Sig makes a great one. But a bunch of you have been raised to hate yourself because you are male and probably white which is a twofer in the guilt department. Read up on MGTOW sometime. I have no use for men who are bullies or beat up on women. I had to fight through the first year of school five times because we moved a lot. And I beat the brakes off of a guy in a parking lot once who was smacking his girlfriend around. What I am saying was that was probably the likely scenario if he did assault her. Drug, booze and a bunch of yap probably set him off. Is that good? Hell no. But it is what it is and now his future is over. His very bad choice.

  36. Adds more relevance to the coin flip with the Raiduhs.

    However, I still do not see ILB as a #9 option. Is it this team’s most pressing need? No. Is ILB most lacking in depth at the draft? No. It’s still a mid-round play (think Bowman here). Someone like Vander Esch or the guy from Virginia.

    1. And if you think everyone on the team supports Foster, think again:

      Ahkello Witherspoon

      Stop hitting women! I repeat. Stop hitting women! Makes no sense to me, like who tf raising y’all…

  37. Matt Maiocco

    At this point I fully expect Reuben Foster to attend #49ers offseason program, which opens Monday. As noted earlier, teams often talk about how some troubled individuals need the support and structure they get from an NFL environment.

  38. I have to admit I am a little shocked at how many people on this board simply assume everything the D.A. alleges is true. Every thing they claim happened may have in fact happened. On the other hand much or all of it may not. I have a real problem convicting Foster or any one else in the Media. Lots of interesting things come out in trial.
    The Niner’s should see how this plays out. they should also consider suspending Foster until this matter is resolved by a plea or a verdict. If he did hit this women then cut him. If he didn’t or in fact acted in self defense ( it is possible, but not probable) then they should not.

    1. The young lady may refuse to press charges despite the evidence; however, how do you think Foster can make the gun go away? Not like they suddenly are going to say it was a mistake because it really was a Super Soaker instead of a Sig 516. You may or may not agree with guns laws in California, but the law still is the law, and Foster broke it. As the saying goes, actions have consequences!

    2. Be careful 42, you say stuff like that, it goes against the grain of the horde of virtue signalers… He’s guilty! Guilty! Guilty! We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence. I mean he had a stress meltdown at the combine, never mind that everyone said what a great and happy dude he was in the locker room.

      Still legal in California minus the magazine. Might have to do some stupid mods but that’s about it.

  39. Cut him already! A man who hits a woman is not a man.

    I didn’t realize how serious the incident was. :( I’m embarrassed that I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

  40. There are 2 issues here. First is the legal issue. The girlfriend probably has 2 options. She can either take the money to cover her injuries and distress or she can see it through a possible conviction.
    The second issue is what the league and Niners do. We know that she reported to the police that she was punched repeatedly and dragged out of the home by her hair. There is physical evidence to back this up. Based on this I can not understand how the Niners did not cut him immediately. They appear to be waiting to see if he is convicted. Regardless, the Niners loose their moral authority.

    1. I’m not 100% sure but I think the DA is going after Foster no matter what his girlfriend does.

      Given Foster’s extreme lack of adult life skills and temperament, if he does time I don’t think he can get back into football no matter what the NFL does. It’s almost certain Foster will perpetually torpedo his own life boat.

  41. I’m blown away by the DA’s description of events. If the DA’s description of events is true with no exaggeration, and 49ers management was aware of Foster’s actions, count me as disgusted.

    1. I doubt they knew Brodie. How would they legally get access to hospital records. The prosecuters shouldn’t be providing the team with information prior to the filing of charges.

  42. It seems strange that the Yorks, Lynch, Shanny have not suspended Foster. Maybe more to this story then meets the eyes. It seems that their moral encompass wouldn’t be any different then the outrage that has been expressed on here.

  43. Good afternoon everyone,

    Longtime reader, first-time poster (hopefully my Gravatar works!). As a former prosecutor (and a victims’ attorney during a different part of my career), I thought I might have some insight to offer based on my experiences. (As an aside, I think we can all agree that the details of the charges released by the DA’s office are disgusting. If true, Foster has a lot more to worry about than the end of his football career.)

    Without knowing what evidence the DA has, my first impression is that he has decided to make an example of Foster. This intent can be clearly discerned in the press release, where his Deputy DA, Kevin Smith, states: “Our Office handles between four and five thousand domestic violence cases each year. We only hope that this case illuminates the tragic regularity of the rest.” Further, all three of the charges are “wobblers,” meaning they could have been charged either as misdemeanors or felonies. If the DA’s primary concern was a rock-solid chance of obtaining convictions, he likely would have charged one or more as misdemeanors. This is for several reasons:

    (1) In my experience, jurors frequently apply the burden of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” somewhat… flexibly. Even though “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the same under the law regardless of the severity of the charge, your average citizen is much more hesitant to convict someone of a felony than a misdemeanor. When you charge someone with a felony, you better have the evidence to overcome that hesitancy.

    (2) From what little information I’ve read, there are no independent eyewitnesses to the incident itself. The vast majority of the evidence, then, would be the alleged victim’s testimony and medical diagnosis/treatment. While jurors can and will convict defendants of crimes without independent witnesses, conviction rates are much higher when independent witnesses testify because it is an easy and reliable “tiebreaker” in the minds of many jurors who aren’t sure which story to believe (assuming both stories are believable, that is).

    (3) If the alleged victim later decides not to cooperate for whatever reason (i.e. civil payoff by the defendant, they get back together, etc.) the DA can still prosecute the case without her. But it would be a lot more difficult, and the chances of securing felony convictions on medical diagnosis/treatment alone are very low. Generally, you can’t use many of the alleged victim’s previous statements except those made to a doctor or nurse for the purposes of medical diagnosis/treatment, or to impeach her credibility if she took the stand and testified in Foster’s favor. It doesn’t take a lawyer to know that if you’re forced to impeach your own alleged victim’s testimony, you’re in a really bad spot.

    (4) I have not seen any pictures, and I have not read any medical reports. It is possible that the DA’s evidence is strong and shocking. From what little information I have at this time, though, I would say a ruptured eardrum is dangerously borderline when it comes to establishing the serious bodily injury needed to sustain a felony conviction for domestic violence. A good defense attorney will point out that eardrums are extremely delicate and can rupture because you misused a q-tip while cleaning your ear, or your head hit the water at the wrong angle when you jumped into a pool. A good defense attorney will argue that a ruptured eardrum is not a “serious bodily injury” under the law. And frankly, without more, that’s a reasonable argument.

    Someone with as much money as Foster is going to be able to fight the charges against him tooth and nail. This is going to be a very expensive, very time-consuming case for the DA’s office. They wouldn’t make it even harder on themselves by charging these crimes as felonies if they weren’t out to make an example of him.

    My second impression is that the 49ers are, for now, entertaining the possibility that the alleged victim is lying. Rightly or wrongly, American society increasingly treats allegation as nearly-established fact. The 49ers organization is smart enough to know that they are going to get killed in the press and public opinion for not cutting Foster after this press release came out. And if he’s convicted of a felony, much less three, there’s just about zero chance they don’t cut him. If you believe he is guilty, you’re only hurting yourself by waiting. So the only thing that makes sense to me is that they’re not convinced he’s guilty. Why take all this heat otherwise? Jed York said in a recent interview that they would cut Foster if the allegations were “proven.” The implication being, obviously, that maybe they won’t be.

    I have prosecuted domestic violence personally. In my professional capacity, I have seen alleged victims of domestic violence (and other crimes) who I am convinced made it up. Is it rare? Yes. Does it happen? Absolutely. And frankly, I find those fabricated allegations of domestic violence disgusting as well.

    I saw a case where a fellow prosecutor fell hook, line and sinker for an obvious fabrication of domestic violence. The alleged victim had no injuries, no damage or dirt on her clothing (despite alleging she was thrown and slid 10 feet across a dirty floor), a history of diagnosed mental illness, had previously fabricated allegations of child abuse against the same man in a bid to manipulate child custody (proven fabricated at the child custody trial), and whose account was completely contradicted by an eyewitness present for the incident. And yet the prosecutor took this case to trial. The prosecutor ignored all the evidence above, and didn’t even speak to the eyewitness (who was named in the police report) until the witness was on the stand. During the alleged victim’s testimony, it was obvious to everyone in that courtroom except the prosecutor that she was lying through her teeth. Including the jury, who came back with a “not guilty” verdict almost immediately.

    The high-profile nature of this case makes that kind of professional sloppiness extremely unlikely. I would expect that all the top prosecutors in the DA’s office looked through the evidence before they decided how to charge it. I have no reason to believe that this particular alleged victim is lying. On the surface, right now, it looks like Foster is an absolute scumbag. But I also wouldn’t be shocked if, somewhere down the road, additional information comes to light that makes us re-evaluate our initial reactions to this news. If I was the 49ers and I had access to that kind of additional information, I might not want to cut Foster immediately either. If we don’t see that additional information somewhere down the road, however, I’m going to be extremely, extremely disappointed in the 49ers organization for how they’re handling this.

    1. JAG,

      Welcome to the forum and an absolutely fantastic post.

      Personally, I’m looking at this from the team point of view alone as like all of us, I have no idea how things played out. It comes down to how much you are willing to look the other way and to me, the team has let it go too far with this kid. In just a little over a year, he’s shown an alarming lack of awareness and common sense and now faces Felony charges that could land him in prison. At some point you have to stop the cycle and get rid of the guy. If you don’t want to cut him based on the fact you are adamant that he’s innocent, then at least suspend him until things are decided one way or the other. The response from the 49ers was extremely disappointing.

      Please hang around and post more often. You would be a real asset around here.

      1. I tend to agree with you, rocket. I was actually not a fan of the pick at the time, due to the red flags that were already present. But I gave Lynch and Shanahan the benefit of the doubt, and eventually I came around to the point I was actually excited about Foster’s future on the team (until his marijuana arrest). The organization seemed so convinced that they could give him the structure he needed to avoid continuing to make poor choices and put himself in bad situations. Obviously, they were mistaken.

        As I’m sure you recall, when the 49ers phoned Foster to tell him they were going to draft him, he was already on the line with the Saints with the next pick. At the time, the Saints were talking to Foster’s girlfriend and wanted to make sure she intended to move with him to New Orleans. I remember reading that teams who liked Foster viewed his girlfriend as a key component of their plans to keep him out of trouble. If she really was such a calming, positive influence, I’m not eager to see how he might act without her in his life.

        There is one thing I saw as a prosecutor that would probably have me acting like the 49ers are right now, though. We had a domestic violence case where the defendant brought his cell phone to court and showed me a text that said “Who the *%&$ do you think you are, breaking up with me? I’m going to ruin your life.” After investigation, a friend of the alleged victim’s admitted that she convinced him to inflict injuries on her so she could blame them on the defendant. Really ugly stuff. But short of being in possession of information like that, I’d have to agree that at minimum they should have placed him on the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt List immediately like AP, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown.

        PS – Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I’ve been a reader since the Maiocco days. I’ll see what I can do about posting more often, though. Ha!

          1. Interesting. I wonder what their possible current courses of action are, then, short of cutting him? Thanks for the link, cubus!

            1. Do you have any thoughts on the impact of a false accusation on the ability of a player to “earn a living” at his chosen profession. In other words, if the team cuts him, and it is later proven that Foster was 100% not guilty, it is very likely that the act of cutting him will result in reduced earnings even if another team eventually signs him. Could Foster sue either the 49ers or NFL if this were to happen. Is this even a consideration?

              1. I’m not well-versed in labor & employment law, unfortunately. JPN would probably be the guy to ask. But my general recollection is that: (1) you can sue someone for lost wages and/or reduced future earning capacity if they (a) physically injure you, or (b) materially damage your reputation through defamation, libel or slander; and (2) you can sue an employer for lost wages, lost seniority and sometimes punitive damages if they fire you for an improper reason.

                My gut tells me it’s extremely unlikely Foster could sue the 49ers or the NFL merely for cutting ties with him. Most employment contracts (and all NFL contracts) are called “at-will” contracts, which means your employer can fire you anytime as long as their reason for doing so does not constitute discrimination against a protected class of people. You could sue your employer for firing you because you’re Jewish or Asian, but not because you’re overweight. Even then, you would have to prove the discrimination was a factor in your termination.

                If the 49ers cut Reuben Foster as a business decision, he would have no recourse whatsoever against them or the NFL as far as I am aware. If he did, it would almost certainly be limited to the league’s grievance process under the terms of the contract and the CBA.

            2. Appreciate the education that does happen on this blog from time to time ,it is appreciated. Even though I am not an attorney or judge, I have spent a lot of my professional life in a court room, it is very interesting what choices people make and then what is deemed fact or fiction and some lives that are ruined. Honesty means something different to many rip,or their interpretation of it in a court of law.

    2. JAG_TKD:
      If you don’t mind, I’m curious. Do you know, had any previous or current relationship, personally or professionally, with Josh Bentley?

      1. I completely understand why you would ask, GEEP! I don’t mind at all.

        I have never met or associated with him in any way. Nor am I connected to him in any way that I’m aware of. I only know of him through reading the same news articles about 49ers players that everyone else has read.

        1. JAG_TKD:
          Thank you for your response, it’s always nice to know who you’re dealing with. Welcome, appreciate
          your professional input.

    3. JAG,
      Welcome and thanks for the great post! As rocket says, please hang around and post more comments when you can.

      I agree with rocket, the 49ers response on this situation is very disappointing to say the least. There is hardly any benefit for the organization of not suspending/cutting Foster at this moment. We all still going to watch the game whether Foster plays or not, so why not take a stand and set the bar on what will be tolerated within the organization.
      Rocket mentioned earlier, the world is changing and women (rightfully so) are no longer just going to sit there and not do anything about it. The 49ers are taking a huge risk by not doing anything and might alienate their women viewer. For what? The 49ers should at least suspend Foster until his day in the court has run its course. If he’s not guilty, decide whether he’s still worth it or not. But to me, I will just cut him and move on. You hit a woman, you are done in my book.

    4. JAG,
      Welcome on board and thank you for your professional wisdom on this matter.
      I will be looking forward to your insights.


    “Foster, 24, was charged with felony domestic violence in the alleged Feb. 11 attack that investigators say left the 28-year-old woman with a ruptured eardrum, according to a news release from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.”

    Investigators mentioned the ruptured eardrum. This factoid wasn’t cooked up by the DA.

  45. I’m thinking Lynch and the 49ers aren’t saying anything yet because they don’t want to tip their hand on the draft. It wouldn’t shock me if they cut him right after the draft.

    I might be the few thinking this now, but I have a hunch after this news they move back up in the draft like last year to snatch their two top defenders.

  46. Best post I’ve ever read on this site Jag. My youngest daughter is about to graduate from law school. I’ll definitely have her read it. Very interesting and insightful. I don’t think the team has any choice but to cut ties with Foster. He’d probably be a good fit for the Raiders! ;>)

  47. My guess is the DA is a disgruntled former 49er season ticket owner, getting even with Jed for moving team South and jacking up season ticket prices along with the extortion like seat licenses….. Vengeance is sweet…

  48. Fake story completely made up by his now ex-girlfriend. She admitted the entire plot. This really ticks me off. There better be some kind of huge payment to him and PR to help restore his reputation. Also hurts people who really do suffer abuse. It may have also affected the 49ers draft. No way to really know.

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