Reuben Foster case biggest test for GM John Lynch

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster appears for his arraignment at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, April 12, 2018. Foster has been charged with felony domestic violence after being accused of attacking his girlfriend, authorities said. (Dai Sugano/San Jose Mercury News via AP, Pool)

John Lynch, what are you going to do?

This is your first real test as a general manager. You had it easy until now.

All you did was smile, explain Kyle Shanahan’s vision for the team and say, “Thank you,” when the Patriots gifted you Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade. Now, you have to make a serious decision: to cut Reuben Foster, or not to cut him.

John, you need to cut him. Today. Or at the very latest, after the draft when he’s old news and the organization won’t take a big media hit. You figure it out. Either way, Foster shouldn’t be on the team when your players report to OTAs on May 21.

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    1. I see craziness/nuttyness in the eyes Californians. You need a vacation out of state Razor. Really!!!!! Some of you are so politically correct that it is sickening! I was born in SF,..grew up in Larkspur and lived there 33 years….then I moved to Virginia after my time in the US Marines. Honestly….life has never been the same. Best move I ever made! Let the man have his day in court before you convict him….and F the brand!

      1. Razor lives in Indiana.

        But of course you are right that he is innocent before proven guilty. Prosecutors often abuse their power, and they are immune from being prosecuted themselves for a bogus charge.

        I also take issue with their trying to make an example of him, because that seems to violate the principle of equal protection under the law.

        1. They pretty much declared that they were using this case to send a message about DV. I don’t see how they could have been so stupid as to make such a statement. I know it to be a fact and have witnessed my self the prosecution pushing for a conviction in a specific case to make up for multiple failures in other cases. They can be very self serving and political when need be.

          There is just something very suspicious about this case, due to the timing and late release of information that does not jive with what was previously known. I also can not understand how they can accuse someone of throwing a person out of their house and yet charge them with attempting to keep a victim from reporting a crime? What did he break her phone when he threw out her stuff?.

          The treated and then released also does not fit with the physical damage that would have been caused by what he is accused of doing. Now their might be logical explanations but I would need to hear them first. With medical records to back up these accusation he should have been charged long ago. Just too many unanswered questions for me to jump on the Guilty band wagon just yet.

        2. Good afternoon George,

          I understand your concern about equal protection. I offer the following post, without regard to the specifics or individual merits of Reuben Foster’s case, as a general explanation of legal principles and history.

          The principle of equal protection, as it applies to criminal law, is that similarly-situated defendants should be treated similarly. As a practical matter, equal protection concerns usually arise at two stages of prosecution: (1) decision to charge, and (2) sentencing. I won’t get into sentencing here, because it doesn’t address your post and is a much more complicated topic.

          Although claims are frequently made that a prosecutor has violated equal protection in his or her decision to charge, those claims are almost never successful in court. There is a strong evidentiary presumption that a prosecutor is discharging his or her duties faithfully and properly, and not abusing prosecutorial discretion. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that to overcome that presumption, the defendant must prove by clear evidence to the contrary that: (1) the prosecutor’s decision to charge was deliberately motivated by constitutionally-prohibited standards such as race, religion, etc.; and (2) the defendant can show that, in actual fact, the prosecutor did not charge other similarly-situated defendants for the same conduct. Many legal scholars argue that this is a “virtually impossible” burden to meet; however, it is consistent with the general requirement to prove other violations of equal protection that the claimant show: (1) discriminatory purpose, and (2) discriminatory effect.

          Let’s assume for a minute that the prosecutor is choosing to make an example out of Reuben Foster because of his fame, money, status, and notoriety as a professional football player. I wrote yesterday in another thread that it sure seems that way to me. None of those attributes are protected classes (such as race, religion, etc.), however, and so the idea that he is being improperly prosecuted fails the test immediately.

          Further, throughout common-law legal history, criminal punishment has had five accepted and recognized purposes: (1) deterrence, (2) incapacitation, (3) rehabilitation, (4) retribution, and (5) restitution. The very first one of those is deterrence, which can be broken down into (a) individual deterrence, and (b) deterrence of the public. In reference to (b), when the public learns of a high-profile prosecution, it can have a deterrent effect on other people from committing the same crime. If Reuben Foster, with all his money and fame, is having the book thrown at him by the District Attorney, you and I surely don’t have much chance of getting away with the same behavior. On the other hand, if the evidence shows that Reuben Foster committed a crime but the prosecutor cuts him a sweetheart deal or lets him walk, that erodes public confidence in the criminal justice system. Under the common law, making an example of Reuben Foster isn’t merely acceptable, it’s actually legitimized and encouraged.

          Treating people differently may seem inherently unfair, but the law allows for it in a wide variety of circumstances for the pursuit of the greater good. Personally, I would much rather have a DA who makes an example of rich, famous people than a DA who decides that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze and lets them off easy because it would be expensive and time-consuming to fight their resources in court. (That assumes, of course, that the rich and famous person is actually guilty of the crime, which is another topic altogether.)

          1. JAG,

            If you don’t mind me asking, I have a couple of questions.

            1. Is the amount of time between the alleged incident and Foster being charged unusually long?
            2. If so, why do you think it took so long?

              1. I’ll pass on that suggestion, thanks. Pretty weak attempt at trolling, honestly :)

                Ps – I don’t feed trolls, especially bad ones. I’ll be ignoring your posts from here on out.

    1. People in this state have been infected with a very virulent former do-gooderness/political correctness. What a freaking shame the rest of the nation has put up with this. I pray to the good lord succession comes one day very soon for this rotten state.

      1. A little over the top jaco……why don’t you ask where this board’s posters reside–not all are in CA. Some were even in the USMC…

        1. You’re right Cassie….I have read some of the non-Californian fan opinion – and its generally less emotional and far more level-headed.
          But some of this wine-tasting fruityness from Cohn and his lisp-talking father is pure insanity!!!

          Save/protect all the criminal illegal aliens – but lets slash Reuben Foster’s throat – typical Californian mentality!

          1. Lisp talking father? What exactly are you trying to say there, bright guy? Or are you just another internet smack talking deplorable hiding behind a screen name?

          2. I live inTX and I’ve posted just as much nonsense as everyone else. Don’t paint the state of CA X because of your political bias. Republicans have the wheel right now, and they are doing piss poor job of running the country. That’s not CA’s or liberals fault. They have the House, the Senate, the judiciary, and Presidency. They own it.

            CA has 6.1B surplus, 4th highest economy in country, #1 public health system, and the best higher education in the country by a wide-margin. Those are fact that Fox News won’t tell you, but they facts nonetheless.

            1. Move there then big guy. You can enjoy year-round great weather and pay 10k a year in property taxes for a cardboard shack with formaldehyde-infused Chinese drywall.

              And let me know in couple of years how things are out there……when the vastly underfunded public employee union folds up and begs for a bailout. Trust me…..They won’t be able to tax the remaining residents enough or sell enough junk bonds to re-stuff that pig.

              Are you aware that there is a farely significant domestic migration of over a million indigenous baby-boomers into the existing 49 states. Any middle/upper-middle class chomp with just a little intelligence sees the writing on the wall and knows they need to get out.

    1. I agree 100%, PT. This comes as a surprise because I thought he had stated last year that he wouldn’t do that anymore if someone hired him. Was that a misquote?

      1. He probably did say that, but his Marxist girlfriend probably squared him away. Kaep is a naive individual with identity issues raised in a sheltered environment by social crusaders. As such Kaeps issues made him ripe for being recruited, brainwashed and manipulated into supporting the Marxist agenda which actually has less to do with social justice and more with using any social issue for their own political advantage. That is why they decided to use the Anthem as the focal point rather than something that was less divisive but more attuned to the actual message. Mean while they hide their actual agenda behind the mask of social justice. I mean who could be against social justice?.

  1. The whole “winning with class” thing is such a joke. Good thing for Eddie D that time helps people forget.

      1. It’s the best deodorant of all. Almost makes you forget how the greatest WR of all time was caught in a brothel during a raid.

  2. The Saints have to be eternally grateful. 49ers could have drafted Lattimore at pick 3, let the Saints take Foster at pick 32 and declined their trade offer for pick 67.

    Lattimore, Ramczyk, Kamara is a nice little 49ers gift.

    Of course this is unfair cherry picking. I like Thomas. We don’t know who the 49ers would have taken at pick 34. Lynch hinted Tarell Basham would have been the choice had he retained pick 67. Time will tell if he’s better than what ever Lynch does with this year’s pick 59. And Lynch used pick 229 to secure Adrian Colbert.

    Amazing how draft decisions can have a ripple effect on another team.


  3. ninermd says:
    April 12, 2018 at 5:40 pm
    I’m thinking Lynch and the 49ers aren’t saying anything yet because they don’t want to tip their hand on the draft. It wouldn’t shock me if they cut him right after the draft.

    I might be the few thinking this now, but I have a hunch after this news they move back up in the draft like last year to snatch their two top defenders.

    1. They need to cut him now. I agree with Grant. This is not acceptable. The 49ers I am sure have done their research and the fact remains she suffered some serious injuries. Whether she cooperates or not they need to make a statement.

      1. Why should they wait until after the draft Grant? What is their to gain. Every team knows the 49ers will now be in the market for an ILB. This type of tolerance makes athletes think they are above reproach. There is no justification for putting your hands on a woman.

        1. Wayne

          Well, that’ll take care of the over-population problem…I DO know what you’re saying, but when they fight and scrap for ERA, how far should it go…?…Let the facts play out…

  4. Grant…. Yes, Lynch is in the spotlight. So too are Denise and her son. Would be interesting to learn what’s going on with Denise re: Foster. Why don’t you interview her? Go straight to the top.

    1. Actually why the focus on lynch. It was reported that Jed York would made the decision on Foster. If York is going to make this decision, how is this a test for Lynch.

  5. Maiocco saying Niners have some skepticism about DA’s detailed charges, perhaps since they differ so much from what RF told them. They’re waiting for more clarity, but taking some heat for that.
    Sherman went to court with Foster.

  6. It does appear he is guilty, however before vigialante justice takes effect , the niners have investigated for months, Sherman was present and he is a very smart person,

    now look a person should not be touched in any way if they do not want to, but when it is alleged rf hit his girlfriend, not slapped 8 or 10 times, hitting by him would be some serious gruesome evidence, that should of come to light by now.

    Has bad as the evidence appears for rf, their could be some key pieces that may shed a whole different light on this.

    However the gun charges are in deniable and then their is the marijuana charge. The team does appear hypocritical and the smart choice maybe cutting him now and moving on.

    I still think it is bad form to play judge jury executioner and start taking pot shots at Jed and John. Will be very interesting if we ever get the full story.

    1. Yep, the ethical dilemma is what it is, and it’s serious. OTOH Shrill hyperbolic hysteria gets clicks. I’ll buy Grant dinner at Stark’s Steakhouse if he gets a sit down with Denise on this matter.

      1. That would be an experience to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. All comes down to choices! People can make all the choices they want but they do not get to choose the consequences. These alleged choices are now the big story instead of being excited for the new season and upcoming draft. My excitement and others is being dragged through the proverbable mud!

        Not enjoyable, I thought sports is an escapism, more example all humans are flawed, some more then others.

    2. Rabelscum– Exactly. I wonder how many posters are so ready to Lynch Foster before everything comes to light because they are trying to prove how socially conscious they are. That is the main problem with PC. It is not the Correctness but the Political part of it that is the problem. Correctness needs to stand on it’s own merit. The problem with the Political aspect is that it changes with the times. I remember times when Political Correctness was the opposite of what it is now. When popular trends decide who is worthy of being treated with respect and who is not, then we just flip the coin upon who unequal treatment and bigotry falls on tomorrow. It tells a lot about people if they need the support of the masses to decide what is fair and just treatment of their fellow man.

  7. “despite the disgusting allegations against him” “acted lightning-fast with Brock” ” hypocrite who stands for nothing except self-interest”

    Is it not possible that Lynch felt he acted prematurely in the Brock case. Now that he is faced with a similar situation perhaps he feels that he should allow due process to play itself out Furthermore, he may be aware of false allegations having been leveled against Kapaernick in Miami and he is probably familiar with the tragic case of USC LB Brian Banks whose life was ruined by a false rape conviction.

    Seems like Lynch is being cautious , prudent and fair.

  8. Two words
    It’s what separates us from chimps and lynch mobs 200 years ago.
    Let all evidence come out.
    Maybe Lynch has other info.
    Maybe she already has an eardrum issue
    Maybe he told her he was done and she flipped out and is trying to ruin his life
    Maybe an overzealous prosecutor
    All very very possible.
    Do you know for sure Grant?
    PROCESS buddy.

    1. I agree, Wizz. We don’t know what we don’t know, and this is still America. I guess we all expect that somewhere in this pile of accusations and demonstrated terrible decisions there’ll be enough to justify or even demand cutting him loose. But doing so before all the facts are out for everyone to see doesn’t benefit the Niners in any way, other than by playing to the mob. Standing pat at this point is, in my opinion, the right thing to do. When and if the charges are proven beyond a reasonable doubt, I trust that Lynch and the team will do the right thing.

    1. All possible as well
      Both it being true, and a fabrication are entirely possible.
      That’s why we humans created
      A genius concept to separate us from Chimps and to create a rule of law to prevent lynch mobs….
      See Holy Grail-She’s a witch!
      She turned me into a newt!
      Well I got better…..

      1. It’s possible that she tripped, causing bruises and damaging her eardrum.
        It’s possible that she did it to herself to frame him so she can get his money. Even though she’s his long time girlfriend, as opposed to a random jock sniffer.
        It’s possible that stopping a passing car so she could call the police was just part of a diabolical plan.

        Possible, but not likely. So the woman that was mentioned as a positive influence is now making false claims? Possible, but not likely. The police and hospital workers know the signs, both physically and mentally.

        1. If the medical records exist that would bring a lot of clarity to this case. I do wonder why none of this saw the light of day until now? In todays world that seems very unlikely that hospital records or visits can be kept a secret for this long.

          1. “If the medical records exist”

            I’m sure they do. Btw, medical records are supposed to be private. I’m sure the policed photographed the bruises. The pics should also be private.

            “In todays world that seems very unlikely that hospital records or visits can be kept a secret for this long.”

            Not really. Unless you’re trying to get public support pre-trial or a hospital worker sells a photo to the media for money.

          2. willtalk

            Probably because there was a bevy of Ambulance Chasers at the hospital threatening anyone against ‘leaks’…

          3. HIPAA. Federal law. Steep consequences. I don’t even like looking at my own medical record, and that’s not illegal. If anybody at the hospital with privileges to look up medical records were to “leak” them to anybody at all, they’d face serious fines, possible jail time, and never work in health care again.

            Just because you want proof doesn’t mean you’re legally entitled to it. Not trying to pick a fight, but medical records are federally protected.

  9. This is literally so sad it makes me want to cry. This kid never had a chance and although he should not be forgiven, he’s finished in the NFL. 49ers lose a first round draft pick, yes. But the cycle of violence is on the parents, and Foster’s parents were clearly not fit, certainly the dad. He’s a brilliant young talent and now it’s over. Faster than Aldon Smith. And he hurt a young woman….. positivity spreads and negativity spreads. I asked a cop once when a friend tried to commit suicide, “I’ll be 50% of murders and suicides involve hard alcohol.” His response? “Oh, it’s way higher than 50%.” I’m guessing alcohol ruined this guy’s life, just like Aldon.

  10. I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Even Michael Jackson was later found to have done absolutely NOTHING. But guess what? He’s dead. And nobody will ever see those later interviews that Martin Bashire chopped up to make millions.
    However, there is far more actual detail here than in the MJ trials.
    I hope he gets a second shot but I’m guessing he’s done. Donner than done.

      1. Without question he was.
        I’ve watched every doc
        I’ve read everything on that case
        Crazy obsessed prosecutor and opportunistic deranged parents. One of them already committed suicide.
        Total frame job for $$
        MJ was odd but no child molestor.


    After an average hit, the researchers’ computer model suggests the brain shakes back and forth around 30 times a second in a fairly uniform way; that is, most parts of the brain move in unison.

    In injury cases, the brain’s motion is more complex. Instead of the brain moving largely in unison, an area deep in the brain called the corpus callosum, which connects the left and right halves of the brain, shakes more rapidly than the surrounding areas, placing significant strain on those tissues.

    Concussion simulations that point to the corpus callosum are consistent with empirical observations: Patients with concussions do often have damage in the corpus callosum.

  12. That’s alot of charges to face , alot hypothetical , look young men make mistakes , no excuses period, There still is no reason to strike a person 8-10 times , especially a woman.( Unless she hit him first ,than you strike defensively to protect ones self )
    But as it has been in the past , you and I as painful as it is ,no matter how long it takes , the truth needs to be said ,and everyone deserves a day in court to prove there innocents .
    Do I think he did it , do you ?
    Don’t matter till we know everything that happened .

    Everyone deserves to be heard .
    Both of them .

    Prepare for the worst , hope for the best , that’s what 49ers need to do . And let the justice system take it’s coarse .

  13. “Gutless”
    “Passive Bystander”
    “refuse to admit your mistake of drafting him in the first place”
    “winning with crass, and you’re the crass one”
    “you’re a disgrace, Lynch is a disgrace, your whole organization is a disgrace. Disgraceful.”

    Due process may not be popular with you millennials but innocent men like Steven Hatfill appreciate the protection. Perhaps you should stop sending cranky letters to the editor like an old man with potholes on his street and focus on, you know, actually being a journalist. If you think Reuben Foster’s fate is the sole decision of John Lynch then you are out of your mind. This is a decision that will be made by Jed York with input from Lynch.

    1. Agreee Houston; definitely too soon for the hyperbole. I think it’s fair to be concerned but let’s see how it plays out.

      Personally, I would like to hear directly from Lynch. I want him to explain why this situation is different than the Brock situation. Is it age? Degrees of abuse? Conflicting information?

      If it turns out the only difference is draft position and talent, then I will share Grant’s strong opinions and outrage.

      But not yet.

      Lynch has been pretty transparent so far. Let’s see what he has to say.

      1. I suspect the York family has some fingerprints in these matters. Would be timely for Grant to explore the York role…

    2. Houston, you make a great point. I am almost fifty, and I see our legal system being upended by millennials and social media. I see it with our very President (who is leveraging the same millennial approach via twitter). Basically, they are unwilling to move through a process and wait for results. They want the results now, today, and that is simply not how our system works. Our legal system is not efficient.. However, that does not give them the option to bypass it, simply because it doesn’t meet their time expectations.

      1. ” I am almost fifty, and I see our legal system being upended by millennials and social media.”

        So that would make you around the age of a millennial’s father. Interesting how millennials get the heat for the current state, but the parents who raised these millennials shoulder none of the blame

  14. Grant, you are absolutely right about the Brock case. However, it also turns out that Brock was effectively found not guilty (charges dropped). Which is why it is SO important to let these cases run through the legal system. The media is not a part of that system, and NOTHING is more important than the presumption of innocence. It does not matter how horrific the crime is. WE are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers. Not by the media, not by politicians, not by activists, but our fellow citizens in a court of law. The further we get away from that reality, the more we harm our democracy. I am alarmed and troubled by the constant stream of people pushing to get people fired before there’s even a preceding. If Ruben Foster is found guilty of a horrific crime, he will never play another down of football in his life. If he is not, he is innocent, he should be able to play for any team that will have him. That’s the way the system HAS to work.

    Also, please don’t get me started on the marijuana incident. I am an investor in a medical cannabis company, and the hypocrisy around, or lack of 100% legalization of marijuana is the true crime in this country. We allow pharmaceutical companies to legally poison us with opioids (heroin), yet restrict the use of marijuana, a natural, non-addictive drug that does less damage to the body than alcohol. Beyond absurd. I don’t even smoke the stuff, and it’s beyond just stupid. It remains the drug of choice (over alcohol) of many, if not most, athletes. Just like gay marriage is now common and accepted, in 10 years marijuana will be legal in all 50 states. NFL needs to get ahead of that today.

    1. Completely agree with you on the due process piece and somewhat on the marijuana aspect. While I agree that it should be legalized and the NFL should update their stance on this, athlete’s can’t be the ones that pick and choose what rules they follow. The NFL is clear on their stance today regarding marijuana, and Reuben Foster should be accountable to that if he wants to play in the NFL.

  15. Grant,
    Cut it out with the revisionist history, You write the 49ers used to win with class. You can’t be talking about Eddie D. He was run out of the league for making bribes. He allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman but she decided not to press charges (sound familiar?) He also assaulted a senior citizen in Green Bay (a sucker punch in fact) so lets put away this crap that this organization was some how above reproach in the “old days”

  16. Heard recently that the Seahawks released Trevone Boykin after word of a domestic violence investigation. I have no details…don’t want to pre-judge anything. Will try to learn more so I can better understand how teams deal with these issues.

  17. Can’t predict the outcome, but it sure looks like Foster’s defense will be taken right out of the cops playbook…he defended himself in that manner because he feared for his life and his girlfriend would not obey his commands.

  18. Bottom line—- How can this be a test for Lynch when it was announced that the decision will be up to Jed York? The real fact is that this story (Test for Lynch) is attempting to create an issue that doesn’t really exist only to fill in time before the draft. Not much going on to write about till then.

  19. I am beginning to think that the California government really wants to press the issue of the weapons charge. I believe the Domestic Violence is more of secondary issue with some big grey areas and would explain why the Yorks have not cut him or at least suspend him at this point. ‘If’ the plan is too cut him after the draft then that decision would be as sleazy as the act of domestic violence.

    The sad part for me is I don’t trust Foster nor do I trust the California government. They deserve each other.

    1. Gawd no. He hasn’t done anything in 2 years, and is a headache to boot. Also, recent reports suggest his physical attributes are falling off a cliff.

    2. Cubus,

      I don’t think Dez fits what Shanny looks for in a WR. Bad fit personality wise and he doesn’t get open. Everything is contested with him and while he does come up with some, he has gradually fallen off more and more the past couple of years. At this point the name is a lot bigger than the production.

      1. True that the name is bigger than the production, but I wonder if some of the dropoff can be attributed to the change in QBs from Romo to Dak. At any rate, I wouldn’t want to pay more than about what Garcon is being paid (9 million per year) and preferably less. Right now, the consensus seems to be that he’s going to Washingon.

        1. It could as I don’t think Dak is as good as Romo was, but when watching highlights or in this case lowlights, Dez gets little separation even in one on one situations. That doesn’t mean he can’t have some level of success – Boldin made a career out of contested catches – but I don’t think that is what Shanny is looking for. We’ll see I guess, but I’d be surprised if he was on the Niners radar.

          1. it’s been documented here and elsewhere that KS demands ability to separate in any rcvr position on the field — creation of even tight “windows” are a biggie for his O…
            what a windfall for Kyle (and us of course) that he’s got a QB now that gets the ball into the tiniest and shortest duration windows of any WCO iteration yet seen!

    1. Interesting analysis. Armstead does get push based on his strength alone, but he isn’t anything more than an average player from what I’ve seen so far. Biggest thing for him is to stay healthy. Maybe if he played a full season we’d get to see something more.

  20. This column is embarrassing. They actually pay you to write this stuff?

    Innocent until proven guilty. And Lynch is a 100 times the man you are or will ever hope to be. His credentials are on the field, in the booth and now in the office. I’ve never heard or read one bad thing about him as a man, which is more than I can say about you Grant and I’ve been here long before you showed up.


    “There is really only one offensive tackle teams unanimously grade as a first-round pick, and that’s Mike McGlinchey of Notre Dame.”

    “The overall belief is that Connor Williams will be disappointed come draft day, which likely means he’ll be selected somewhere in the top third of the second round.”

    “The biggest riser on the interior? Austin Corbett of Nevada. Multiple sources believe Corbett will be off the board during the first dozen picks of the second round.”

    “Billy Price of Ohio State seems to be dropping the fastest. I’ve been told the injury he suffered during the bench press at the combine, which was classified as a slightly torn pectoral muscle, raised more red flags than initially perceived and is causing the drop.”

      1. OK Bro.

        “Vigilante justice”, “lynch mob”, and “Salem witch trials”. These terms have been used recently and they’re like comparing apples to oranges. No one is saying Foster should be hung from a tree (lynch mob). No one is saying he should be burned at the stake (Salem witch trials). No one is trying to punish him without any legal authority (vigilante justice).

        We’re saying it makes the organization look bad.
        He will be one more domestic violence incident away from a lifetime ban.
        His availability to play on Sunday’s isn’t guaranteed.
        His spot on the team affects roster building.
        All that and he’s injury prone.
        He isn’t worth the headache and domestic violence is a full blown migraine to most people.

  22. What are they waiting for i mean he busted the girls eardum for christ sakes he is not that good they just don’t want to admitt it was a mistake to draft him to begin with i mean come on any other player would already be gone thjis wrong and they are going to lose a lot of respect and set a really bad precedent

  23. Still think that plan of there’s is in place , build the defense through the draft . And make it young ,so they grow together ,with each other.
    Offensively they have been using role players , in FA ,and late draft picks
    They have 3 first rounders trying out for the position ,LG . don’t see us using a first there ,( Nelson will be gone)
    They will draft defensively with the first 3 picks , than look at offensive players .
    They went and got the running back they wanted , plus what’s here MB ,willams . Doubtful they go RB, SB is off the board by our time .
    WR in the first , I just don’t see the talent for that .
    No after today ,they will use there top 3 picks on defense , DE , Cornerback, LB ,after that they will address some offensive needs.
    I’m thinking a hybrid TE ,HBack type. A RB and a Guard . Sorry don’t have something laid out for you , but the RF news has me rethinking the draft .
    But it’s going to be defense in the first , second and a third now .

  24. Grant, I’m not saying your wrong in your assessment, but regardless of if we release this guy or not, some other team will pick him up in a year. My point is, no matter how bad a player is off the field, the team that gives them the “redemption” chance will always look better if that person straightens out. So actually John Lynch is in a no win situation, no matter what he does.

  25. According to Steve Wyche the 49ers are looking to add LBs in the later rounds of the draft, not early. And the charges against Foster will not change this.

    Smart plan in my book. Good depth at ILB this year. And too many other pressing needs.

    1. Not sure I agree. While Seattle had a good defense for a number of reasons, they became really dominant once Bobby Wagner assumed the Mike. If Foster is out, who is our Mike linebacker. Coyle?

      1. That’s a bit misleading though cubus. They became great once they had the combination of Thomas, Chancellor, Sherman, Avril/ Clemons, Bennett, Wagner, Wright and Irvin. Plus good complementary talent. Its the combination of talent. The 49ers are missing more than just Wagner. And given it is a deep LB class they have a decent chance of getting a good LB later on.

        1. It appears that I was off a year. I thought that Bennett and Avril had joined the team in 2012 with Wagner starting in 2013. It turns out that Bennett and Avril joined the team in 2013 with Wagner starting in 2013. In 2012, the Seahawks gave up 306 yards per game and in 2013 it was 273.6 yards per game. The first year in the recent past that they were ranked as the top defense was 2013. So you are correct, Scooter.

          1. Just to clarify, I am not discounting the big impact Wagner has had on that D either. He is a very important part of what makes them good. But it was more a case of a group of talented players coming together that made them great, not just one player.

    2. I’d at least grab a lb in the middle rounds. Without Foster, we might have the worst linebacking core in the league. Smith was terrible as a starter 2 years ago and now hes coming off an injury, our best line backer at the moment is probably Brock Coyle.

      1. Nah, I’d think Toomer and Attauchu are our best LB’s after Foster and Smith. I’d venture to surmise that Smith will be much better in this system, and the reports before injury from camp were that he looked excellent….

  26. I’m really liking that the 49ers are not bowing to public perception/pressure and pundit screeching to do this or do that. They are allowing the legal process to proceed. They are giving their employee a chance to prove his innocence.

    Both the accuser and the accused deserve their day in court. Did Foster do anything/everything he’s accused of? I don’t know and I’m not going to speculate from my armchair while assuming facts not in evidence.

    If he’s found guilty he deserves punishment to the fullest extent of the law, but he’s an innocent man until proven otherwise. If anyone says differently, they don’t deserve the protections that our legal system provides.

  27. As we debate college QBs, where they end up is huge. A QB that goes to a team with a strong OL and running game should thank his lucky stars.

    “In the four games without Elliott, the Cowboys are 1-3 and have almost fallen out of playoff contention. The absence of one of the top three best running backs in football has led to Prescott throwing two touchdowns, five interceptions, and has not topped more than 180 yards passing in those games.”

    There are exceptions to the rule. Garoppolo comes to mind. Imagine how good Jimmy will be when we have a consistent running game.

    1. Last off season, I did so many mocks because JL promised to consider all possibilities.
      Hmmm, guess I was also channeling BB……. ;p

  28. Regardless of where you sit on sacking Foster or waiting, one thing this whole Foster issue has done is set the 49ers back. They were counting on Foster being a key cog of their D for next 4 years at least. He was one of just two elite level talents on their D last season. They are going to have to replace the impact he provided.

    Hopefully Sherman recovers well and can play at a high level, and young guys like Tartt, Thomas/ Armstead, Witherspoon and Colbert develop into consistently good players (or better). But really need to hit on one or two high impact players on D in the draft.

    1. Agree. I think the Foster situation harshed the idea of a super quick re-build. Even with a good draft we’ll be seeing unfamiliar names at linebacker this year. It will take time to gel.


    Inspiring story. Really impressive he has come back to play at a pretty high level in college after such a gruesome injury. If his knee really is stronger than it was during his college career he could be a pretty special talent.

    Interesting though that his dad said he is the sort of guy that could just quit once he meets whatever goals he has for himself in the NFL.

    1. That is quite a story. Personally I love that type of character. If we don’t take Landry with our first pick I would love to see this guy at 59.

  30. In James Comey’s new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” James Comey discussed President Trump watching Russian hookers wizz on one another (via PBS & NBC with Lester Holmes) last night…This gives spectator sport a new meaning. If Foster goes, so does Trump.

    Trump has steadfastly maintained, “fake news–there’s no Russian connection;” I’m not even a special prosecutor and I just found one ?

  31. As we struggle to find fairness through equivalence we’ve neglected the example from the 2nd Bruce Miller incident. Arrested and charged with assault and battery. Released 24-48 hours later by the team. Prior to hearings and conviction.
    Ahhhhhh, but there was a video tape! The TMZ Determinant prevailed I guess. Post a link or it didn’t happen.
    So the current talk is RF shows up Monday for Phase I OTAs. No way that could be a distraction! Or at MiniCamp or at Summer Training Camp? Nah. Into the season as the court case progresses and the Team and the League Office twiddle their thumbs?
    In my experience in business, if similarly charged, I would’ve been offered an opportunity to take a Leave of Absence to focus all my energies on my legal defense and the chance to clear my name and reputation. And likely never be seen again by my colleagues. Just sayin’.

    1. Brotha,
      I like it in all fairness. But parties can separate themselves to at the very least allow the matter to take a back seat until the dust settles. I believe Scooter proposed something along this line of thought.

      1. No, and the reasons are because the article I just provided isn’t political B.S. that has absolutely nothing to do with the 49ers and is an opinion by a professional with a fair and balanced take on the current 49ers issue.

        1. It is a fair and balanced take.

          I still want to hear from Lynch as to why this is different from the Brock or Miller situations.

          1. Wasn’t Miller released by the previous regime?
            An article on Niner Wire suggested the possibility that the information presented by the D.A. differes from the information the team gathered during their own investigation, and that the team may be trying to find out why the discrepancy occurred. Adding my take, Brock was an established veteran whereas Foster is only a second year player.

            1. I think you’re right about Miller.

              I’m trying to understand how to reconcile the team’s reaction to Brock vs. Foster. The article raises valid points and helps us empathize. But why does Foster deserve empathy and support when Brock did not?

              Not expecting you to answer, Mid. Just thinking out loud.

              1. The article emphasizes redemption of an individual so long as the individual recognizes the problem and shows progress in self improvement, self discipline. Looking at Foster’s behavior in the Combine week and his pot bust and now DV allegations it seems to my lying eyes that he is not making progress but is in fact progressively facing heightened liabilities.
                The Weed or Vape Party Combine Week- questionable at best
                Thrown out of The Combine – not good, worrisome with respect to character, almost unprecedented Combine Fail
                Weed arrest in Home State – dumbass, $$$ risking move
                DV arrest. DV! In this day & age?
                Where’s the progress?
                As To team fact finding…..
                The Seahawks asked Boykin about his charges. He assured them it was exaggerated. Then the team learns the truth from the cops. Boykin lied to his team, and they cut him loose when they found out he lied. Before the trial.
                Somebody’s lying in the Foster case. Maybe everybody..
                He’d be on leave if he worked for Boeing or Apple or Pacific Gas & Electric or JB Hunt Trucking or Bechtel or UPS or Piggly Wiggly Markets or Joe’s Plumbing, etc., etc., etc.
                Hey, OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. He’s a Bay Area homeboy who finished his NFL career with the Niners. Anybody want him hired as a Niners P.R. Dept community ambassador?
                How’d all the nurturing support for Aldon work out for SF or AS?

    1. Mid,
      Nice read. Sims brings up some good points especially in regard to the importance of a strong support system for players that have had a difficult upbringing such as Foster.

      While I cede to Sims’ professional expertise it does little to placate the victim and future victim’s that fall in the same category.

      I’m not sure if teams do this or not, but perhaps they need to explore a potential players home upbringing and speak with high school coaches etc, to help get a better perspective on them.

      Over the top? Perhaps, but if the team is supremely interested in the player they can begin to create a support group to help assist and acclimate the young player during their transition as a pro and adulthood.

  32. How about crap, Midwest, wasn’t that the term you just used ?
    I apologize if I’m a literal person; I simply posted in the same vein as you, physical misconduct was your topic and you just called it crap. Logically, my post, also regarding physical misconduct is relevant. Sorry if I misinterpreted your topic–crap.

    As to your assertion of fair and balanced news, I found a source even you could consider “fair and balanced.”

    The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

    Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

    It would also be one of the most significant developments thus far in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of whether the Trump campaign and the Kremlin worked together to help Trump win the White House. Undercutting Trump’s repeated pronouncements that “there is no evidence of collusion,”

  33. Have you ever taken a history course, Midwest ? You must have failed.

    FYI, one news source is unhealthy. I’ve taken the liberty to list current regimes with only one news source to further your education, if and when, you decide to move to a country befitting your beliefs:

    Omar al-Bashir, Sudan
    Kim Jong-il, N. Korea
    Than Swehe, Burma—-My pastor fleed Burma when they took her father’s living away from her. She’s Chinese and they did not like Chinese people….(Hoping the Donald doesn’t try something crazy, like building a fence around the Great Wall).
    Robert Mugab , Zimbabwe
    Islam Karimov Uzbekistan
    King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia
    Saparmurat Niyazov, Turkmenistan

    Please write, send us a postcard when you can (if allowed) ?

    1. And since your man has surrounded himself with the GW Bush roster of assassins and munitions stock holders , before leading up to the war, before another bomb explodes to increase their profit margin, I leave you with a song by an expert, since you requested one.

      She speaks 2 languages (via parentage of Irish and Spanish)–hope this isn’t ‘illegal’ for you .

      Helena Cinto, Zombie

    2. Your idiocy is staggering. You still have not not managed to prove that this $h!+ belongs on a sports blog. Back up your reasoning and not your trolling.

  34. #5 Quenton Nelson -G- 49ers trade their 2019 1st round pick to Denver
    #59 Josh Sweat -DE-
    #70 DeShon Elliott -S-
    #74 Brandon Parker -OT-
    #128 Duke Dawson -CB-
    #143 Tre’ Williams -LB-
    #184 Will Clapp -C-
    #227 Daurice Fountain -WR-
    #240 Darrel Williams -RB-

    1. I’m targeting our Center of the future next year with, Garrett Bradbury, North Carolina St. Explosive and agile.

    2. CFC thanks for the mock. I’ll have to look up alot of the players you listed 70-240

      By chart picks 9+59+128 is almost an exact match for pick 5. Picks 9+59+128 should be enough to entice Denver into moving back if Chubb and their targeted quarterback goes top 4.


    “He’s a pass-rush guy, hand down, come-off-the-edge guy,” Addazio said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re in four down, three down, I mean, I think he’s a third-down guy and he’ll develop into being an every-down guy, but his special talent is rushing the quarterback.”

    Exactly what I’ve been saying. This guy can have an impact right away as part of a rotation on passing downs, just like Aldon Smith had. Buckner and his crew would benefit greatly as well….

    1. Love his explosive step off the line but will need to work on strength and pass rush variety at the next level.

      He’s no where near Aldon yet. Aldon could bull rush the Olineman back into the QB and use a variety of techniques.
      Landry may need a couple of years to reach that level.

      1. Aldon had no where near the bend and speed around the arc that Landry possesses. Landry had 24 bench reps to Smith’s 20. Also, Landry seems to have his priorities in order, with a level head. I’d take Landry over Smith 10 out of 10 times….

        1. Razor,
          Please take into consideration that we are talking about a proven player (at least when AS played) vs a player who has yet to play one snap of pro ball.

          At the moment its difficult for me to get excited for a player who only has untapped potential.
          I fee the same for any player we draft.

          1. I wasn’t comparing the players per se. I was comparing their respective roles on the team in their first year. You were the one that chose to go down that road, and I just responded….

      2. Landry and Smith are completely different players with different skillsets for getting after the QB, so why compare them? Davenport is more like Smith. Great fit for Fangio’s D. Different type of edge rusher to what you typically see in a Carroll defense.

        1. I wasn’t comparing the players, Scooter. All I did was compare roles in their respective first years.

          I’m hoping Fangio chooses Smith. I think Floyd is similar to Aldon the player.

          1. Your comment makes no sense. No player in the draft is proven in the NFL, so based on your comment why should we get excited about any of them?

            We use pro players to see the type of player a guy could become. But Aldon is not a good comparison for Landry as their style of edge play is very different.

            Razor said Landry could have the same sort of first year impact Aldon had. That’s all. Not that they are the same player. And in that first year Aldon was an unproven NFL player, too.

            1. Scooter
              You are dealing with probability rather than fact. It’s been said here that Landry is a 10 sack per season type player. Not sure if you have made this claim (might have been Razor) but to predict what a player can do at the next level before he hits the field is impossible.

              If a player like Landry can have a great career in the pros I’d be happy for him. But let’s at least start with drafting him first – which like his play at the next level is no guarantee.
              Does that make sense?

              1. I said Landry has the talent to be a double digit sack artist, and I’m not alone in that belief.

              2. Sure. So long as you hold to that standard with every player. You are basically saying we shouldn’t project what any draft prospect could be in the pros. Going to make for a pretty boring pre-draft process though.

              3. Razor,
                My apologies for using your name in saying that it might have been you that said Landry would be a 10 sack per year player.
                Thanks 80 for correcting me on that.

      3. AES,

        Landry has tested near the top of his weight class in strength tests. Look at other pass rushers in his weight and height category the past few years and he put up more reps in the BP than most of them. He put up more than Davenport too. There are so many criticisms about this kid that don’t have any merit. He’s not a finished product, but he can set the edge and hold his own against the bigger men he goes up against. He needs to work on his overall pass rush plan as far as putting different moves together and keeping his hands free, but he’s already capable of putting up double digit sacks never mind when he gets NFL coaching.

        1. rocket,

          If you have time, check out the YouTube video I linked below. It backs up a lot of what you just said, especially the part about his strength.

          1. I’ve seen it already #80, but thanks for the link. It should be a mandatory watch for anyone questioning his ceiling beyond rushing the QB.

            1. Agreed rocket. While I don’t see him as a three down player right away, I think he will be by year two. Possibly at some point this year if he has a quick, Witherspoon like development.

          1. AES,

            I get that. What I’m saying is that Landry’s strength testing compared favorably to a number of the top pass rushers in the NFL at the same point in time. His strength is not going to be an issue, especially once he gets into a NFL strength and conditioning program.

            1. rocket,
              Duly noted.
              Maybe I’ve been around football so long to where I’ve seen players with great measurables or can’t miss titles that never lived up to the hype.
              I certainly don’t want to see this be the case with anyone we draft, but these great college players that have faltered in the pros are a dime a dozen.
              We have had more than a few of those ourselves.

              1. Maybe I’ve been around football so long to where I’ve seen players with great measurables or can’t miss titles that never lived up to the hype.

                With respect to this draft, first player I think of after reading this is, Edmunds.

      1. 80,
        Bare in mind that the presenter prefaced his statement by saying “in my opinion.”
        Also, the very first play he highlighted showed me that Landry’ speed can be nullified in the pros. On this same play he failed to get to the QB who threw a TD.
        The presenter would have been better served not to show this one imo.

        1. True, but it showed he had good hand usage. Later in the video he mentioned that Landry’s pad level is a little high. That should be correctable and would make it harder for opponents to wash him out of the play. That and added strength.

  36. Given Foster’s 24/7 need for a football oriented life structure, if he does time he’ll kick himself out of the NFL (no matter what Lynch does). Innocent he’s a Niner. Guilty he’s gone. I hope he’s innocent and has a great career.

  37. Pro Football Focus sees Landry as a top ten player in this class based on his combine. They see him as one of the few rare prospects in this draft class.

    Harold Landry’s 6.88-second 3-cone at 252-pounds puts him in rarified air for top prospects. Below is every single 250-plus pound defensive lineman drafted in the first round that had a sub-6.9-second 3-cone:

    DeMarcus Ware
    J.J. Watt
    David Pollack
    Melvin Ingram
    Joey Bosa
    T.J. Watt
    Considering that T.J. Watt had seven sacks as a rookie, and Pollack’s career was lost due to injury, this is almost a can’t miss player based on his weight adjusted bend.

    As for the medicals and inconsistencies in 2017, teams got to meet with him, and while the general public may not know, NFL teams may have heard what they wanted to hear.

    Benjamin Allbright

    Last few days of talking to people and hearing Minkah Fitzpatrick is going too early in these media mock drafts, and Harold Landry is going too late.

    1. I’ve expressed concerns Landry (might) be the kind of speedy edge rusher that OT can solve once they counter the outside move.

      But that doesn’t mean I dislike Landry. I think he’d help the 49ers win. A valuable missing piece. Landry is far more athletic than recent edge rush disappointments. Landry can really turn the corner and accelerate into the quarterback.

      But I’m greedy. I’d like Landry in a trade-back scenario. Ideally I’m really hoping the 49ers can trade up for Chubb, but teams would demand above chart. It would hurt.

      1. You’re either a premier OT or over compensating or double teaming Landry to counter his outside move. Not many teams in the NFL have a premier OT, and so it’s likely the latter two scenarios present themselves more often than not. Both of which create an advantage for the defense. Over compensation is ripe for an inside move (which Landry does possess), and double teaming him frees up a likely 3t. Of course in passing situations, just a consistent pressure around the edge will cause the quarterback to move off his spot, predominantly upwards toward the line of scrimmage. Disruption leads to production….

        1. “You’re either a premier OT or over compensating or double teaming Landry to counter his outside move. Not many teams in the NFL have a premier OT”
          ~ Razor

          But it’s good bet that NFL Olineman are much better than those Landry faced in college. Landry is going to be a good player, but he might become an all-pro in a few years when he adds more upper body strength and better hand technique.

          Not casting shade on Landry, my thoughts are that D-cords will devise blocking schemes to nullify his outside speed rush.
          Landry will need to develop a bull rush to his repertoire because he will get double teamed at some point in the pro’s. Also, a D-cord could use a RB to block him at the back side if he is getting around the tackle or send the RB to the flat on his side to force him to impede his pass rush.

          Landry would make a good 49er. But his greatness will come with development.

          1. But it’s good bet that NFL Olineman are much better than those Landry faced in college.

            And they’ll need to account for him in every passing situation.

          2. AES,

            Your points are valid but that will be the case with any player we draft. Your guy Edmunds has a lot of developing ahead of him to become a good NFL player. That is a given when drafting players.

            1. rocket,
              I like Edmunds upside and his versatility. And the fact that he will only be 20 when he comes to TC means that he will get stronger and develop his football chops to become a great perennial player.

              The same thing applies to Landry, but while the football talking head’s seem to agree that Edmunds is already a top 10 pick, different sites like CBS sports see Landry as a mid 20 pick and Mel Kiper doesn’t even have Landry in the 1st rd.
              When it comes to Landry there’s been no real consensus except on this blog.

              1. AES,

                It’s because he didn’t have the same kind of year stat wise as he did the year before. He played with a bad ankle and whether it’s because of that or the fact BC has been terrible, he is being overlooked by some of the draft geeks. Many others haven’t however and my advice is always to watch for yourself and see if the positives and negatives being reported by others shows up on the film. That was my beef with walter football in regards to the ND game. What was said didn’t match the film for the most part and other points were flat out wrong.

                Landry is a top ten talent. That was more obvious after his Jr. season, but he is still at that level and showed when he was healthy. Edge is the biggest need on this team and if he is sitting there at #9 they should take him imo. He will easily have the biggest impact of any player we would get at that point.

  38. “Move there then big guy. You can enjoy year-round great weather and pay 10k a year in property taxes for a cardboard shack with formaldehyde-infused Chinese drywall.

    And let me know in couple of years how things are out there……when the vastly underfunded public employee union folds up and begs for a bailout. Trust me…..They won’t be able to tax the remaining residents enough or sell enough junk bonds to re-stuff that pig.

    Are you aware that there is a farely significant domestic migration of over a million indigenous baby-boomers into the existing 49 states. Any middle/upper-middle class chomp with just a little intelligence sees the writing on the wall and knows they need to get out…”

    No offense Jaco but you don’t know what you are talking about. Here’s the lowdown on our property taxes:

    CALPERS is in much better shape than you describe. I’m a member, and I was a fiscal and policy analyst for the State.

    I live in a small, very beautiful beach town town in northwest nowhere California . It’s conservative up here as is 80 percent of the rest of the state which is overwhelmingly rural, farmland, logging, desert and mountains. The population centers are where it all goes down the tube, but someone must like it considering that the median price of a home in San Francisco is $1.4 million. I’m happy in much more modest town with my guns, guitars and Harleys. And cats and dogs and lots of friends. All in all, it is much better than living around AM talk show victims like you.

    Oh yeah, Lowell doesn’t have a lisp, he’s a hell of a good guy. Don’t know what made his son so unpleasant but it is what it is…

  39. I keep seeing the word “bend”. If this is the word we are using to crush on a player, then said player is in trouble. Bend bend bend bend!!!!!! How about beast, or speed, or strong, or relentless on the edge, or great run stopper. But we are overly excited about a guys bend? Get the Sputnik out of here. Color me not impressed.

      1. It might be important, but if that’s the basis of a good player, then we are screwed if we pick said player. You know what else is important? Stats, film, tackling,sacks, stopping the run. All that is important. Hell, me and u can bend over right now, but I bet we can’t get to the QB. My point is, if it’s “bend” that’s making you so excited, I don’t want any part of said player. I’ve “never” heard that word so much to describe a football player. Especially if you want that player as a difference maker. Man let’s get Paul Bunyun, his bend is so awesome…. Just sayin

        1. The bend is emphasized because there are very few human beings who can run at full speed that low to the ground while keeping balance and leverage. It is a talent you have or you don’t, and Landry has it.

          1. Nailed it. You don’t see players like Landry come along every year with the ability to bend around the arc without slowing down. It’s rare….

            1. I’m not hatin on your guy, I’m just sayin, if I didn’t know zilch about football, but all the excitement about a player is “bend” then what am I excited about. If he’s not getting to the QB, his bend doesn’t mean crap. As Solomon.

              1. He does get to the QB what are you talking about? He had 16 and half sacks his jr. year and 5 in his first 6 games this season before the ankle injuries affected him. Tell the truth have you watched any film on him at all?

            1. He’s moving as fast as you can move in that body position steele and it’s not just the bend that people are excited about. It’s the whole package. Go and look up the combine numbers and measurements for Von Miller and then watch a few games from last season that Landry played along with some games before he injured his ankle this year. I’m not saying he’s Von Miller or going to be Von Miller, but there are a lot of similarities.

      2. How many QB sacks do you think Landry will have in his rookie season?
        And how many sacks do you feel he needs to have to validate his #9 selection ?

        1. As many as Solomon Thomas. Quadruple of Solomon Thomas. I’m not saying Landry is awful, and at least if he was picked, he would have a chance to win a spot and play if he did win. These guys have showed that they will play rookies. But me, myself, I don’t see him as a game changer, like a top 10 pick would be. I see him as a 3rd down pass rusher. Just my opinion.

        1. Not sure what the hell you’re spouting off about. 1st step explosion and bend are the two most important traits when looking at a pass rusher. Landry is king in both categories.

          Btw, I thought you wanted Jackson?

          1. I want Fitz… But I know he won’t be there. I like Jackson. With his size and ability to find the ball, would be great for this Defense. But you and other’s are excited about a bend. Not that the man can get to the QB, but bend. It just struck me as odd. But to each his own.

            1. If you did your homework you’d know that after 1st step explosion, flexibility is the next trait you look for when projecting an edge rusher. The low man wins, and when you have speed to combine with an uncanny ability to sink under the lineman’s hip as you are engaged, and bend, and flatten the arc towards the quarterback, that’s Landry.

              I could of sworn you were preaching about Jackson prior to the combine, but maybe I was wrong. I could of sworn we were talking about how fast he would run….

        2. “Quickness and getoff…”

          Both of those are mentioned frequently when talking about Landry. It’s two of his best traits.

          1. Quickness and get-off are great traits, we just don’t know if that will be enough at the next level.
            That’s not a slant against Landry, it’s just a “wait and see” for my part.

            1. I like Edmunds upside and his versatility. And the fact that he will only be 20 when he comes to TC means that he will get stronger and develop his football chops to become a great perennial player.

              Doesn’t sound like the same kind of wait and see approach you tagged Landry with to me.

              1. I believe that I have said or intimated the same in regards about Landry in my earlier entries.
                Look, if we draft Landry I’ll cheer for him every Sunday because he’s wearing the red and gold.

                I’m a fan of the 49ers first and foremost. While I have my personal favorites in the draft, I will quickly put those feelings aside if we draft Landry.
                That’s what real fans do.

              2. You go ahead and pound the table for Edmunds, but I will continue to do the same for Landry. May the best player join us in battle….

        3. Was just about to mention Landry’s first step and quickness have been talked about many times, but you guys beat me to it. He’s also shown an ability to consistently set the edge, has high TFL totals and tested at an elite level, so not sure what it is you are referring to steelematic.

          1. Exactly. The traits are there, the production is there, and the tape is there. Is he a perfect candidate? Nope, but who is? Nelson? Maybe, but he should be long gone anyways. Landry may not be perfect, but he’s close enough to approach perfection with the proper coaching and work ethic….

            1. 2017 — Landry vs. Notre Dame (walterfootball) — “Landry was a liability versus the run against the Fighting Irish, recording only one tackle while Notre Dame ran for seven touchdowns and had two players exceed 200 yards rushing. On the vast majority of his plays, Landry went against a freshman right tackle, yet was ineffective. Landry also lost his few reps against Mike McGlinchey, plus got rag dolled by Quenton Nelson. It was an ugly performance for Landry. He was slightly better against Clemson, although still underwhelming.”

              Just sayin…

              1. Yea, that’s about the 5th or 6th time someone has parroted that Walter report and so it’s been said plenty. It’s one game, and ND focused on Landry, and his team mates weren’t up to the challenge. It’s a false narrative that has been perpetuated ad nauseum by the fans of that site.

              2. Sorry for the Parrot… The 2017 ND vs BC video clip on ‘nfldraftcountdown’ is interesting.

                So, if Landry can be schemed into ineffectiveness, imagine what the better NFL offenses are going to try. My point is it’s all speculation when it comes to his performance at the NFL level. He’s a player worthy of a 2nd or high 3rd round pick. Hope he has a good career no matter where he goes.

              3. Mrs. Baalke says,

                So, if Landry can be schemed into ineffectiveness, imagine what the better NFL offenses are going to try. My point is it’s all speculation when it comes to his performance at the NFL level. He’s a player worthy of a 2nd or high 3rd round pick. Hope he has a good career no matter where he goes.

                Landry will be supported by better talent in the NFL too, and not BC players.

                Your point is so obvious to the casual draft fan that I’m not sure it’s very sharp.

                A 2nd or 3rd rounder? Ha! Lynch wishes, Landry won’t get past the Packers at pick #14.

  40. Gotta feel a little bad for the Eagles. Two players they traded for this offseason have been arrested (Bennett and now Worley).

  41. This is my biggest concern about Landry.

    “There were so many times where Landry had a good speed rush going, but the tackle would end up pushing him just past the level of the quarterback.
    That was OK when Landry was able to force the quarterback to step up into the arms of his teammates.
    It was a disaster, however, when there was nobody for the quarterback to step into.”

    Good thing we have Buckner. Still, Russell Wilson types will be able to exploit this.

    Something else.

    “One minute I would watch Landry come off and get good extension with his arms on a blocker, snatch them to the side, and get off the block and try to make a play.
    The next minute I would watch him just stand there being stuck on a blocker when, if previous play was any indication, Landry could have easily escaped off of the block.”

    This lends credence to the inconsistent effort mentioned by the much maligned Walterfootbal scouting report.

    1. 80,
      Nobody wants to hear what walterfootball, Casserly, Kiper and Cossell have to say.
      Zeirline, now that’s the man. I would take his 15 year experience over these guys anytime.

      1. Zierlein on Solomon Thomas,

        Thomas has the potential to become the best defender from this draft class and a future all-pro.

        per Tony Pauline of

        I’ve been told several scouts rate Harold Landry of Boston College as the top prospect from the senior class and handed him a stratospheric grade not equaled in more than a decade.(An inconvenient truth)

      2. I personally criticized the walter football analysis because it wasn’t true. Most of what was said didn’t show up on the film of the actual game.

        No one is saying Landry is a finished product and without question marks. What tends to happen is those that don’t agree with a certain player begin to accuse those that are in favor of him of giving nothing but positive reviews. That isn’t and has never been the case. I’m a big supporter of Landry because I see so much natural ability in him and am excited to see how good he can become as a pro. He still has a number of things to work on as has been pointed out by myself and others, but it seems like Landry has been given a much higher level of scrutiny than some other draft favorites on here. There is nobody in this draft with maybe the exception of Nelson as Razor pointed out, that doesn’t have question marks associated with them. Landry is no bigger a risk than anybody else they may take at #9 yet he is being nitpicked far more than the others.

        I think the majority feel the 9ers can draft a number of players we’d all be happy about, but the reluctance to embrace the possibility of Landry being the guy puzzles me.

        1. rocket,
          Maybe he’s being nitpicked because he’s been mentioned more than any other player.
          I’ve mentioned Edmunds, Ro. Smith and Davenport. Heck, I’ve even thrown in Ridley on occasion.
          These guys have just as much chance as Landry of getting drafted by the 49ers.
          I’m not disparaging Landry, I just don’t believe he’s a slam dunk pick.

            1. Are you absolutely certain the 49ers will draft Landry at #9?

              There are at least 5 players that have just as much a chance to be selected as Landry imo. And yes, Edmunds is one of them. For me, there are 3 players among this group that start on day one.
              1. Ro. Smith
              2. Minkah Fitzgerald
              3. Derwin James.

              1. I’m as certain as I was about Armstead, Buckner and Thomas. How certain are you it’s Edmunds?

          1. Razor,
            It’s no secret that I like Edmunds the way you like Landry.
            We could hee and haw all day about them but it’s going to come down to who Lynch likes.
            I’ll be happy (I’ve prefaced this from the get go) with whoever we draft.
            The FO’ comments about the Foster situation not changing their draft is Org speak imo. To answer your question, I’m starting to lean towards two players.
            Roquan Smith and Minkah. These guys can start right out the gate.


    “It still does not appear likely the Giants will take a quarterback, at least not with the No. 2 pick.”

    “The Giants view Saquon Barkley as a near-perfect prospect. They think he’s a better player than Ezekiel Elliott, who went No. 4 to the Cowboys in 2016.”

    “I thought all along this is the guy Dave wants,’’ said a national NFL scout who knows Gettleman from crossing paths with him on the road over the years. “And he might get him, if Cleveland is dumb enough not to take him at No. 1.”

    “Quenton Nelson will not be the pick at No. 2.”

    “Gettleman insists the second pick in the draft must be a player who projects to be a Hall of Famer and also is worthy of the second-overall selection in any draft.’

    1. It’s all subterfuge. Nobody is taking a RB #1 and the Giants won’t take him at #2 either imo. Barkley goes #4 at the earliest imo. This is a very deep RB class and my guess is everybody out there is trying to play up Barkley so somebody else will drop.

    1. That’s a good sign, Scooter_McG. Means there’s very little holes to his game. If you liked Mr. Beasley then you should like Landry. If you liked Kevin Greene, you’re going to like Harold Landry, when all said and done….

      1. Well, not sure it is a good sign a player is being over analysed, but as you know I am a big fan of Landry. I’d happily take him top 10.

        1. What have they got after all that over analysation? One game report against ND from Walter football, he’s one dimensional, not strong enough and not big enough. All of which have been overhyped in exchange for ignoring the mountain of positives that have him in the conversation as a top 15 pick in the 1st round of the NFL draft….

        2. Another thing, Scooter is Landry was ranked #3 in the nation at the beginning of 2017. Right behind Key and Darnold. These over analysers have yet to tell me how he all of a sudden is no longer a top 10 talent. We all know why Key isn’t….

    2. You might be right Scooter and that’s saying something based on all the players we’ve analyzed to death over the years.

    3. I think it has a lot to do with popularity. If we polled the commenters, Landry would probably win. Edmunds, who has gotten his share of scrutiny, would be second.

      Davenport has barely been mentioned as someone who we should draft. But almost every time Davenport is mentioned, there have been multiple replies stating why he doesn’t fit or mentioning his level of competition.

      1. I think you are spot on #80. There are a lot of people here that like the idea of Landry at #9 (or later if they can trade down a bit). So he has received a lot of praise and hype. Which of course is then followed by the wave of reports/ comments disputing the hype. Thus he becomes over analysed.

        All I know is that when I watch him I see a guy that has a lot of the necessary tools to be an elite pass rusher. He’s by no means the finished article and needs to work on areas of his game to reach his potential, but so does pretty much every prospect. As I have seen many of the positive reports on him say – he has the tools you bet on.

    1. B2W,
      Classic Montana response when Matty asked him if he had read to book…. “No, I lived it.”
      There’s only one Joe Montana!

  43. Tim Kawakami

    I’m hearing that there might be another development in the Reuben Foster situation early this week, and his supporters on the 49ers are the ones suggesting this. I don’t know what it is. But I am paying attention.

    1. The sooner this gets sorted the better as far as I am concerned, though that is very much just my wish to get rid of distractions. If Foster isn’t guilty of these charges, or they are being significantly overstated, then I guess it is best to wait and get all the details.

      1. I wonder if the development is they decided to avoid the distractions by keeping him from team activities….

              1. Good call. From York, Shanahan, Lynch via Eric Branch

                “Reuben Foster will not participate in team activities as he is tending to his legal matters. As previously stated, his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.”

                When you weigh the risks and benefits, showing up to a glorified PE program isn’t worth the potential pitfalls of an incidental press encounter.

  44. as another poster suggested recently, there should be a mechanism in the league to put players who find themselves under suspicion of various types of malfeasance into a “paid leave” scenario while the legal machinery grinds out it’s conclusions, with appropriate speculation of the outcome in the press and among fans…but both the team’s and the NFL’s brand would be spared the “optics”

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