Reuben Foster returns to 49ers workouts

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster (56) walks on the field with assistant coach Ray Wright during a practice at the team’s NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, May 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Reuben Foster didn’t practice with the 49ers Wednesday afternoon. He practiced next to them on a side field, under the supervision of the team’s head strength and conditioning trainer, Ray Wright.

Foster shuffled left and right over raised pads that looked like speed bumps, shuffled back and forth, back and forth. He did the typical warmup routine for the 49ers’ inside linebackers, and did it alone.

Wednesday was Foster’s first practice this offseason in front of the media. He joined the 49ers for OTAs last Thursday after a judge dismissed three felony charges against him. The 49ers did not make him available to speak on Wednesday.

“He is in great shape,” said 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh after practice. “He could have went today. He could have went the first day he was allowed back. But, just like all the other guys, they’ve had a due process, a Phase 1, Phase 2, going through all the different phases of the offseason. We’re just giving him a chance to get back into it. Don’t rush him. There’s no need. Hopefully, we can get him practicing soon.”

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  1. Reuben needs to play smarter on the field, and off of it. Won’t be easy, but I’ll be rooting for him.

  2. I just was asked to sign off on a complete background check…to keep my car allowance going. “New process, mandated by insurance provider..everyone with this benefit has to do it”. Meanwhile we have maybe one more year of Reuben. He will crash and burn within 12 months. I said ok on background check, driving stuff only. I will get pushback I know. Reuben’s background check? Well, we do different kinds of work ….

  3. Saleh says when asked about Thomas’s weight:

    Did you ask him to lose some weight just to improve his get-off?

    “No. He’ll be fine once training camp comes. Their weights, they’re football players, so their weights always fluctuate. I’m not worried about his weight.”

    Coach speak or is too much being made about nothing?

    1. Losing 20 lbs is a big deal for him. He was already about as bulky as his frame would allow, so he couldn’t really pack on much more… but he will lose some strength with that much weight loss.

      1. Let’s see how it works out. It could be Armstead part 2 this year having him play the wrong position at the wrong weight. Or it could be searching for a story to tell in OTA’s. Saleh doesn’t seem to think he’ll stay at that weight.

        1. Yeah, I will wait and see if this is his real weight. If it is I’ll be a bit concerned.
          This team seems to love moving players around. What’s next Garcon at Corner? Jimmy G at Linebacker? :)

  4. I understand that there was an incident with Jonathan Martin who was at the complex trying to get a new tryout for a comeback. When they told him no thanks he made an accusation against Foster. He claims he broke his cell phone, dragged him down the bleacher stairs by his hair, hit him in the head between 8 to 10 times, spit on him and thew him out of the training complex. Martin was then immediately picked up by a car sent over by the Santa Clara Da’s office.

  5. Unless he truly learns a different tackling style, I’m not sure I want to see Foster at MIKE. He has speed and good instincts when covering in open space. I know with Fred Warner it may be redundant to have RF there.

    Does anyone else see the MIKE as a better fit for him?

  6. Ehh I’m just waiting to hear the next thing that happens with him. Sorry to always be negative and understand he is trying to do the right things but it’s only a matter of time before the 49ers will have to get rid of him.

  7. Hopefully the latest episode with the law will be a catalyst for Foster to make better decisions about who he lets into his life. It’s all on him at this point. I’m pulling for the guy to overcome his demons.

  8. Did lil cohn apologize in the article for his mean spirited attacks on Foster & Lynch?

    Demanding that Foster be instantly cut based on hearing just the one side. Presuming guilt. Confidently asserting that Foster and Lynch were lying. Doing all the things that Americans are taught not to do.

    Did lil c apologize? did he heck.

    Chicken cohn. Lil chicken cohn. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

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