Reuben Foster will stay away from 49ers during legal issues

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, rear, arrives with his attorney, Joshua Bentley, right, for an arraignment hearing at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, April 12, 2018. Foster has been charged with felony domestic violence after being accused of attacking his girlfriend, authorities said. (Dai Sugano/San Jose Mercury News via AP, Pool)

The 49ers just released another statement about Reuben Foster. And this time, they attributed the statement to Jed York, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. As opposed to the first statement about Foster, which the 49ers attributed to no one.

Here’s the latest statement: “Rueben Foster will not participate in team activities as he is tending to his legal matters. As previously stated, his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.”

UPDATE: The 49ers just sent out a second statement, because they misspelled Foster’s first name in the first statement. Unbelievable.

Foster will miss Phase 1 and 2 of the offseason, and presumably OTAs and mini camp, too.

This feels like the separation before the divorce. I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news. And I predict Foster will go to prison.

What do you think will happen to Foster?

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      1. Did you listen to that slug DA’s press conference? Dude is fat…..talks slow, and is definitely no media darling. If he is prosecuting the case I cant see him connecting with the jury.

        Foster’s girl will withdraw and prove to be an uncooperative, if not a hostile witness. Even if she’s still upset with Reuben, peer pressure from their people back home will deter her. Hurt feelings over a lovers quarrel is not worth ruining Foster’s career. Kate Steimele’s killer gets off….this will be a walk for Foster, provided he and his attorney have the stones to call the their bluff.

  1. If the 49ers management was surprised by the details from the DA as rumoured, he’s off the team at some point.

    I’ll refer to JPN on legal matters, but I think Foster will do jail time, but not prison. I think odds are he’ll do prison later in life.

    “his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.” means we won’t fire him now, but we might fire him later.

    1. Hi Brodie,

      Whether a defendant goes to jail or prison is usually determined by the length of the sentence. Typically, a defendant sentenced to one year or less will go to a local jail; a defendant sentenced to more than one year will go to state or federal prison.

      A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by a maximum of one year incarceration. A felony is a crime whose maximum punishment is more than one year. As a practical matter, those convicted of misdemeanors usually go to jail, while those convicted of felonies usually go to prison. Someone with multiple misdemeanor convictions (more than one year total incarceration) can either go to jail or prison, depending on other factors.

      If Foster is convicted of one or more felonies (he is currently charged with three), he will probably go to prison, not jail.

  2. It all depends on the victim. If she sticks to her story and doesn’t start recanting and defending Foster then he’ll definitely go to jail.

  3. Sad. If he’s found guilty the court will determine punitive requirements. Hopefully there’s a fair outcome for all parties involved.

  4. Yep, sounds like the separation before the divorce, as you say. I think they will hold onto him until the next phase of the legal proceedings, which I believe is meant to be end of April from memory. If his attorney can’t provide any compelling argument regarding why the allegations are false or misconstruing what occurred he will be cut.

    1. I’m guessing the 49ers want to see what evidence the DA has against Foster, and whether he can convincingly explain that evidence in a way that doesn’t make him look like a scumbag.

      Once the DA files formal charges, the defendant and/or defense attorney can request informally that the prosecutor turn over all the evidence in the DA’s possession that (1) they intend to use in his prosecution, or (2) might be exculpatory. Once the informal request is made, the prosecutor has 15 days to turn over that evidence.

      The arraignment was on the 12th, and Foster probably requested the discovery on the spot. That would give the prosecutor until the 27th to turn over their evidence. Foster is scheduled to enter a plea on the 30th, which gives him a few days to review the evidence even if the prosecutor waits until the deadline to turn it over.

      The prosecutor can only provide evidence to the defendant and/or defense attorney, so the 49ers can’t request it. But they can ask Foster to give them a copy once he gets it. Obviously he doesn’t have any legal obligation to do that, but if he refused they probably would have just cut him.

      1. Thanks JAG. Strengthens my belief that the end of the month will be D day. Basically the 49ers will have a chance to see whether the evidence is in line with their own findings, and where it isn’t, Foster will need to provide a very convincing reason to believe its not as it seems.

    1. High effort player and good athlete. But I think he’s a guy that will be a decent/ nuisance pass rusher without being great in the NFL. Probably best off being played as an OLB in a 3-4, or the SAM in this D as you suggest. With the ability to play DE on passing downs.

  5. Unclean! Unclean!

    Also to be driven through Jack London square naked with nuns preceding him ringing a bell and crying Shame Shame.

  6. Are there pictures of her after the beating? If so, then recanting isn’t an option for her. How could there not be pictures?

  7. 49ers should just make a hard and fast rule to avoid all players in the draft and in free agency who have any character concerns — just about whatsoever.

    1. Here’s the rub. Just because the player does not have any character concerns does not mean they don’t, and just because they have character concerns does not mean those concerns will rear their ugly little head.

  8. What I find so pathetic about the lack of professionalism and attention to detail of the Niners front office is that they cannot even spell the name of their first-round draft pick correctly in their media relations department release…….

    “Rueben [sic] Foster will not participate in team activities as he is tending to his legal matters,” the 49ers said in a joint statement from CEO Jed York, G.M. John Lynch, and coach Kyle Shanahan. “As previously stated, his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.”

    Whoever wrote the release should at least have the roster in front of him or her so he or she can spell Reuben’s name correctly!!!!!! Even though Lynch and Shanny blew the draft pick, how tough is it to spell his name correctly?????

    Is it Reuben or is it Rueben?????????Your release is WRONG!!!!!!!!

    How minor league not to spell the kid’s name correctly. From a first-round draft pick to the trash can in just a few months. When you were touting the kid as the greatest thing since sliced bread it was totally different!!!!!!

  9. On second thought, RUE (sic) instead of “Reu” is the correct spelling issued in the release by the Niners front office in the “official” press release about Reuben Foster because York, Shanny, and Lynch should be rueing the day they chose Foster!!!!!!!! Lame all around!!!!!!

  10. Misspelled Reuben? Lynchahan were probably drowning their sorrows after realizing they threw away picks 34+111.

    1. What I find so sickening, is in his pictures, He’s just a scared kid about to travel from the penthouse to the outhouse for a couple of ‘mistakes’…the front office should have ‘babysat’ him like they did Boone….poor planning on their part…Now, poor Reuben is a sitting duck when all he wanted was a better life for running into other people….I honestly hope that he wades through this morass and has a successful career with the niners…Good Luck, Reuben…walk a straight line….

  11. It is smart to distance the team from Foster. The allegations are very serious. Jed and Paraag need to bring in a Pscychographic team. We have drafted too many lazy bums, unmotivated goofs and moral deficents. There are ways to root them out.

    1. Rollotomasi – I believe it is more of an “entitlement” problem than anything else. Remember, most of these players in the league have been pampered since their days in junior high school because in the eyes of their current and future coaches their unique athletic gifts vaulted them into the stratosphere. Shortcuts in the classroom and easy outs for deviant behavior soon followed in all probability. Most people would not be shocked to find out how many of these kids did not take their own ACT or SAT or had a score doctored to help them qualify for the clearinghouse. Not to pick on any one specific area of the country, but schools in the deep south are known to bend a rule or two.

  12. I think it will go down pretty much how you envision it Grant. After the draft and as quietly as possible. I doubt prison, but that’s certainly a possibility. Hopefully the kid will get the help he obviously needs and turns his life around. The team gambled with picking him and lost. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Take it on the chin and move on.

  13. I think he stays….

    As someone who has been involved in domestic violence although it be minor and nowhere near the the level of this incident, I think I know what will happen. Just FYI my incident was more silly cuz I was the victim.

    Anyway what probably happened is that she started pushing him, slapping him, or hitting him which is what set him off. Then he went balistic and got arrested because she had visible injuries. That’s why you see Sherman and Tartt there backing him up at court because they know that she provoked him. Not that it makes it right but they know and have heard how the whole thing unfolded from Foster. The GF could have been on cocaine or other drugs which could have made her start attacking him. Obviously he was not, otherwise it would have came out from police. The police don’t bother to test her because he beat her up and was obvious attacker.

    The 49ers have not released him yet because he will not be convicted. The girlfriend will get money and not press charges. When I had my situation I literally got to go to my partners lawyer with her and the lawyer gave us all our options. She walked us through A-Z on a few different scenarios and outcomes. She also knew the DA’s and the judge to be incharge of the case. I’m not saying it’s corrupt but the law can be sort of laxed and not as severe if someone does not want it that way. The girlfriend can not press charges but the DA can still subpoena her and try to get her testify which she can refuse.

    So that’s what will happen. Foster won’t get convicted, and the 49ers can say they did research and the full story is between them and Foster. Foster will get suspended and the 49ers will draft Fitzpatrick or some other Bama player to help Foster stay out of trouble.

    1. “Anyway what probably happened is that she started pushing him, slapping him, or hitting him which is what set him off.”

      “The GF could have been on cocaine or other drugs which could have made her start attacking him.”

      Based on what? Does the girlfriend have a violent past? Has she had issues with drugs in the past? Do you know anything about this woman? Do you even know her name?

      If we’re going to say what “probably” happened, how about we base it on what we do know? Foster got kicked out of the Combine because he couldn’t control his temper.

      “The girlfriend will get money and not press charges.”

      That’s possible.

      1. You forgot that the Santa Clara DA has pictures. Pictures do NOT lie. Secondly how do you account for the ruptured ear drum Medical Report? That spells hard evidence. You do NOT need to be a legal expert to understand and assess that.
        Then the DA will say the prosecution rests.

        1. Someone at the DA’s office told a 49ers beat reporter (I forgot who) they’re pursuing the case even if she doesn’t press charges. In this case I’m taking 49er managements words literally…

          “…his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.”

          Foster could be gone whether he wins the case or not.

            1. I have no idea whether he ultimately goes to jail, but they had enough evidence to lay 3 Felony charges against him so anything is possible.

            2. I haven’t been reading your last few articles on this subject.

              Why haven’t the 49ers cut him yet then? That was my reason for my comment, seems like their maybe some BS way for them to justify keeping him.

            3. ??????
              You have seen the evidence or are privy to some info we the public don’t have?
              If so please enlighten us because all I see now is an allegation and prosecutor trying to make an example of him.
              No evidence has been presented.

      2. True true but the only reason I was bringing the drug aspect in is because of the time day that it happened. 8am right? If that type of thing is happening that early in the morning it’s probably residual from the night before? I mean people in their 20’s in Los Gatos do a lot of partying and cocaine. I don’t know the victim so I shouldn’t assume more of an inference on my part.

    2. #80

      What Dillon Foster is alluding to (I believe ) is that the ‘lady’ has brought all of these charges without having to answer for any of them YET…” What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”…. I’ve seen plenty of male/female confrontations, and when things get physical, it’s almost always the female who initiates it….a ‘slap’ is at least as harmful to a ‘guy’ as a punch in that it is an insult…as well as a sudden challenge to the manhood of the ‘guy’…..Let’s get the facts before we crucify the guy….

      1. OR,
        I respectfully must disagree with your statement, “a ‘slap’ is at least as harmful to a ‘guy’ as a punch in that it is an insult…as well as a sudden challenge to the manhood of the ‘guy’…..Let’s get the facts before we crucify the guy….”

        While a slap to the face could be embarrassing and deflating the physics don’t match up when it comes to a 230lb football players punch vs a slap. A slap might be insulting, but a punch could rapture an eardrum.

        I agree with your April 15, 2018 at 9:19 pm comment about how the 49ers should have created a support system to assist Foster similar to the help Boone received. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for the organization going forward which could help future players in their transition to the pros.

        1. AES

          You are correct in that (a) slap doesn’t match up coming from a 230lb football player…which leads me to believe that ‘if’ Foster punched her 8-10 times…we would not even be discussing this…it would be in the mortuary…the eardrum damage could have occurred anytime in her past life, and the weapons charges are for weapons not even on the books in Santa Clara County…(if I have read correctly)…Just what are we charging him with…?

          1. OR,
            I hear you. But the 8-10 punch comments would have caused major injury and even death just doesn’t settle right for me.

            Should major injury and death be the only evidence that the victim was physically abused?
            That would be a sad commentary on us if that theory is our standard.

            1. Should major injury and death be the only evidence that the victim was physically abused?
              That would be a sad commentary on us if that theory is our standard.

              I don’t believe that is what he is saying. But if you are going to convict someone in a he said/she said scenario then the evidence should coincide with the stories. If exaggerated, its not a big deal that happens alot in high Adrenalin situations. However, if someone makes a claim of being punched in the head multiple times by someone it shouldn’t be to hard to prove. If the evidence is severely lacking then you have to wonder about the rest of the story.

              I am not convicting Foster early in this case, however I would have leaned towards cutting him from this incident. This is due to the fact that in one years time, He failed his his combine drug test (diluted sample, same dif in the NFL), got kicked out of the NFL combine ( first player to ever do so from my understanding), got busted for weed in Alabama, had illegal weapons in the state of California, and had a domestic assault case brought against him.
              I don’t care if we fans are for or against the Weed/Gun laws, the repeated incidents strongly indicate he cannot be relied upon to help the team in the future, specially if you also consider his injury issues.

              1. Shoup,
                You bring up good points, but even if there is no evidence on the number of punches to the head, the court has seemed to conclude that one punch – the one that raptured her eardrum was enough to establish the felony charge.

                I will say that we haven’t heard the last of this ongoing situation.

    3. Smh. This is a great example of why woman have had to endure this kind of treatment in silence for so long. They call the police, guy is arrested and ultimately charged and yet there are people making up stories to excuse the guy’s behavior and others questioning the woman’s integrity without any knowledge of what actually happened. Thank goodness the world is changing and my two daughters hopefully won’t have to experience this kind of attitude.

      No matter what transpired, if it is determined Foster hit the woman, he should be punished. Who hit who first and all this other nonsense is overlooking the key point: Foster cannot let a situation arise that puts him in this position. He already had numerous strikes against him for behavioral issues and should have clearly understood the ramifications of screwing up again. That is why the Niners should have cut him already and why this is just putting off the inevitable. He has shown he is not able to conduct himself in a way that is acceptable to a pro athlete or a regular citizen for that matter. We have already been through this with Aldon Smith and Ray McDonald and know how it ends.

      1. rocket,
        ” He already had numerous strikes against him for behavioral issues and should have clearly understood the ramifications of screwing up again.”

        I agree. In Foster’ case, one felony is bad, three felonies underscores and highlights Reuben’ current troubles.
        I found an interesting read this morning coming out Alabama regarding Reuben Foster:

        Paul Finebaum: Reuben Foster’s behavior isn’t Alabama’s fault
        Don’t blame Nick Saban for Reuben Foster’s missteps, Paul Finebaum says.
        Brad Crawford – 5 hours ago

        “Look at what has happened to Alabama players since leaving Alabama and quite frankly, I think the record is exemplary,” SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum said during Monday’s appearance on WJOX 94.5 FM. “Listen, I’ve heard Nick Saban say 100 times you end up writing your own ticket if you do the work and follow the rules. There’s only so much Nick Sabam and the University of Alabama can do.

        “To blame it on Alabama is really pathetic. It’s typical of all the people out there who are sickened by Alabama’s success and will look under any rock or door to find a reason. Nick Saban has nothing more to do than what’s going with Reuben Foster right now that you three (hosts) do.”

        Finebaum’s comments were in part a response to a tweet last week from former NFL player-turned-analyst Ross Tucker, who insinuated Saban kept any of Foster’s transgressions at Alabama under wraps.

        “Reuben Foster has been kicked out of the Combine, failed a drug test, and arrested twice since going pro but never got in trouble at Alabama? Bama either has the best support system of all time or does a great job keeping things quiet. Or both,” Tucker tweeted.

        Although Ross only makes an insinuation here, it does bring up an interesting thought.

        1. AES,

          Finebaum is an SEC mouthpiece.
          I wont blame bamma for Foster but I guarantee you they are able to hide a lot of the stuff that happens around that area. Its a small city and that university is the driving force for the economy, with football being by far the biggest reason for that. While most every major program tries to coverup events to some degree, the unique nature of that school lends itself especially well to it.

          1. This was Fienbaum’ response to a reporter (Ross Tucker) that insinuated that Alabama U. may have hid players, (in this case Reuben Foster) issues.

            I absolutely agree that Alabama Football is a driving force for the community. That said, Tucker may be on to something.

  14. Peter King on the top of the draft, Foster, the Saints excellent 2017 draft

    Sean Payton quotes, who Peter King describes as “in the market for a passer”

    – “I don’t see Luck in this draft, and I don’t see Carson Wentz, who I liked a lot coming into the draft”

    – “I’d feel a little bit uneasy if I were at the top of this draft and I decided I had to have a quarterback. The pressure to get a quarterback is so great in this league, I get that. But we can’t create ’em. I wouldn’t be surprised if only one of these guys is left standing in four or five years, and if so, I’d guess it would be Sam Darnold.”

    King also says Saints Sean Payton told him he would have chosen Ryan Ramczyk with the 32nd pick even if the 49ers didn’t take Foster. The phone call to Foster’s girlfriend was routine info gathering.
    (not sure I buy it, but an interesting take)

    1. Payton is full of it. They were going to take Foster and now he’s trying to make it seem like they knew better. His comments on the QB’s also seem a disingenuous in that the Saints are probably seriously looking at a guy to put behind Brees and the further one of these QB’s falls the better.

      Bottom line is that at least 3 QB’s are likely going in the top 5-6 and 4 in the top 10. The reason is that QB’s drive the draft and even if there are perceived flaws, teams have shown that will not stop them from taking a shot.

  15. The more I stare at the top eight, the more doubt the 49ers can trade up for Chubb. Even if they dangle picks 9+59.

    Albert Breer says the Broncos are smitten with Denzel Ward. But vacating pick 5 risks losing Ward. And I don’t see Chubb falling to 5 anyway.

    1. I doubt the 49ers are even contemplating trading up Brodie. There is still a talent issue on this team and I can’t see them parting with the picks needed to move up for one guy. Not impossible obviously, but not likely imo.

      1. Agreed. Even if they were in a position to move up from #9, I don’t think Chubb is the guy that would entice them to do that. Chubb is a very good pass rusher, but he’s not an ideal fit for the LEO position. In obvious passing situations I would guess he’d play strong-side DE in this defense, not weak-side. Saleh, Bradley and Carroll have all described the LEO position as a player who “plays with his hair on fire” and wins with explosion and bend around the edge. Landry is a much better fit for the LEO, and they likely won’t have to trade up for him.

  16. Genuine question… is it too cynical to think that they have every intention of letting him go (the niners that is) but they want to limit the chances another team will pick him up so they are holding off making the decision, or at least publicly, for as long as possible?

    Presumably tho’ there is always a window for this to happen if he is cut before the season starts? I don’t fully understand the timelines. Would they trade him or is that not a possibility?

    1. Fair question…
      Gut feel is that the niners “optics” currently don’t extend that far.
      If he’s truly guilty of all charges, his career is over, so other teams become moot.
      If he’s exonerated (not likely considering physical evidence), there’s still public outcry, and that flag will be planted right in their own back yard.

  17. Grant…

    “The 49ers just sent out a second statement, because they misspelled Foster’s first name in the first statement. Unbelievable.” Unbelievable? Nope. Regrettable? Yes. Press Democrat displaying increasingly stale content in your blog’s Popular Tags side panel. Laughable.

    “I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news.” Burying significant NFL news on a Friday is largely bogus. These days the NFL is square in the hot lights of sporting news 24/7–no hiding this one. Using the ‘bury on Friday’ cliche…nice try.

    “And I predict Foster will go to prison.” If the case against Foster is sound and there are no undercutting revelations or botched work in the DA’s office, I believe Foster will be incarcerated.

  18. They mis-spelled his name? Horrendous. Good thing Grant has never had to correct a typo.
    How about ‘Kapernick arrested on sexual assault charges in Miami’?
    No part of which was true. Grant had to take that headline down. Now that’s horrendous and defamatory.
    The Niners are late, late, late on reaching this conclusion. It may be that Foster’s initial account to the Niners was incomplete or misleading. The team may have reached out to the DA for some clarity.
    The other day here I questioned the wisdom of him attending OTAs as a distraction to his teammates. Not him so much as everybody else having to posture for the inevitable media scrutiny. Even now coaches and players will be like matadors dancing around questions.
    As to legal maneuvers, amount and type of evidence, Victim participation and end game, and likelihood of conviction and type of sentence………
    Nobody here has the first clue. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
    When Grant says the DA has more than enough to convict, he’s just blowing smoke. He has no idea what the DA has. None of us do. But the team officials may be getting a clearer picture lately.
    I can’t envision a scenario where Foster stays with the Niners. At the moment I’m doubting he plays in the NFL again, but that’s not clear.

    1. I never wrote that headline.

      The DA has the hospital report with pictures of the victim’s ruptured ear drum, plus the illegal assault weapon. Foster is going to jail whether or not the victim cooperates.

      1. You never wrote that headline? Perhaps that true, but it was on your blog with your name and photo on the masthead and over your words “sharing” unverified “info” from that unassailable source: TMZ. No cross check from The National Enquirer for truthiness? Did your editors derive their headline from what you wrote? C’mon, you own that, perhaps shared with the PD, for Rush To Sensationalist Rumor.
        The weapon charge, while serious, is peripheral to the alleged assault. Yes the DA has that evidence, but that wouldn’t cost him his job or freedom or career. Even in NannyState Cali, the weapon and magazine charges are not issues of morality. -The Los Angeles DA had a lot of evidence against OJ and didn’t get a conviction.
        My hunch is the charges may be legitimate, unfortunately, and he will have to go and face the music on his own. And yes, he may be prosecuted with or without the victim’s cooperation.
        You and I speculating about guilt, conviction, and sentencing without sufficient information is a fool’s errand.

        1. That headline was never on this blog. You’re incorrect again.

          Here’s what you wrote at the time: “Grant handled this one just fine.”

          1. Grant… Appears you’re keeping score — “You’re incorrect again.”

            Would like to see your scorecard for us posters–say, those having posted more than 20 times over the last three years and are still active.

        2. This appeared in the Press Democrat (10/20/2013)… Curiously, Grant didn’t write the piece…

          “When he ran, he took some shots. He’s a football player. What do you expect? But you’ll notice one thing. He never takes a full-on hit. He’s sliding or turning to the side or simply outrunning amazed defenders. He is a shot deflector. And that in itself is a talent. Talking of Kapernick taking big hits, Harbaugh said with a grin on his face, “You’ve got to catch him first.”

    2. +1 Brotha,
      Memory is convenient… Sensationalism is forever…

      I had a lot of difficulty as a young parent learning to regulate my “disciplinary” process when dealing with my children, and they suffered for it. It took me a long time to learn to be patient enough to uncover the truth before reacting. Sometimes the ultimate conclusion was the same, but eventually growth and understanding became an integral part of the consequence.

      1. RIP Hal Greer, Philadelphia 76ers
        One of my favorite NBA players of the 60’s.

        Pro bio:
        Basketball Hall of Famer and Philadelphia 76ers legend Hal Greer died at the age of 81, the team announced Monday.
        Greer spent 15 seasons with the Syracuse Nationals and the 76ers, and was selected as an All-Star 10 times, being named the game’s MVP in 1968.
        He was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history in 1996 and was the first 76ers player to have his jersey retired.

        Today’s generation may have never heard of him, but the above bio reveals some of his exploits.

      2. “RIP Art Bell too.”


        Did you listen to Coast Friday night? I tuned in after the news started to break. It was a nice tribute. He had a great voice. He didn’t screen calls. I liked how he would play with the callers that didn’t know they were on air.

        1. Yes, I listen every night until I fall asleep. I agree Art had a great radio voice, and he was probably the best interviewer I’ve ever heard. It was a great, entertaining program to be sure. Noory isn’t bad but he doesn’t begin to fill Art’s shoes….

          1. Cool. I discovered the show around the turn of the century. Used to listen every night, still do occasionally. I hope Art is with Ramona and their cats now.

              1. No. Did they replay it Friday? I missed part of the third hour. Sounds interesting. I’ll try to find it later.

    1. BT:
      Actor R. Lee Ermey, known for his roles in Full Metal Jacket and Toy Story, died on Sunday (April 15) at age 74. In a statement posted to Ermey’s Twitter, Bill Rogin, the actor’s manager, confirmed he had passed away due to pneumonia complications.

  19. Grant:
    * While misspelling Reuben Foster’s name makes the 9ers organization look like amateurs, your hyperbole makes you look petty! Fosters fate is in the hands of the justice system, not the 9ers! Time to move on!
    * More importantly, if Foster is found guilty, for me and likely the other readers, is what the 9ers will do with pick #9?
    * (An open question for all). Will the 9ers trade down now, for more picks? Take the best linebacker available, to replace Foster? Or with pick #9, fill their biggest need at EDGE?

  20. Foster you should of ran, then the police could of shot you and then you would of had 75% of Californians and half the Nation would be on your side.

  21. IMO we need to try and keep him and spin PR as Niners are helping the kid and society as a whole. (i.e. Brandon Marshall)

    Just being honest here… there are multiple criminals in sports. What he did if true was aweful. I just want him to figure himself out and stay on Niners… even if he is in jail for a year. I’m fine with that. 6 months of jail… suspended from NFL for a year and back in 2019 ON NINERS!!!

    At this point Foster has too many risks to be counted on and we need a back-up plan that can parlay into potential awesome situation. We need one of these 4 LB in round one: R. Smith, T. Edmunds, LVE or R. Evans.

  22. I’m not trying to defend idiot Foster but if he punched this girl 8 to 10 times in the head, she’d be knocked out cold or maybe dead. With Foster’s size and strength no way she would be running down the street trying to get help if he punched her 8-10 times in the head.
    The pictures should reveal how many times she was hit in the head. There would be huge lumps on her head if the allegations are true.

    1. You are looking at it as though she sat there and took shots right in front of him. As she’s trying to get away he could still be punching her in the side or back of the head. A ruptured ear drum would be a possible result of those types of punches wouldn’t you think?

      1. It was allegedly 8-10 hits not misses. Most women on the planet could not handle even one punch to the head from a dude as strong as Foster.

        1. What I’m saying is not every punch has to land squarely on her head Crab. She could have taken multiple glancing shots if she was trying to get away from him.

            1. Well, its evident that one punch landed. That is the one Foster and his attorney will attempt to fight.
              I’m sure that the DA office did their due diligence in recovering enough medical pictures and other police evidence of her injury to determine the felony charge.

              Who knows, maybe the throbbing from the first punch were strong enough to feel that she got more times.

              1. Doubtful.
                They would probably try to argue something to the effect that he never punched her. And that rather, he restrained her from hitting him or something of that nature and that any damage she suffered came from this.
                To be fair, this is all contingent on the damage she was seen to have.

    2. This is something I have difficulty with as well. Even if she was curled up in the foetal position or dancing around like Ali, 8-10 punches to the head from a big dude should do some serious damage. She’s lucky to be alive if true.

      1. Yes, I have to agree with you Scooter. It could also be that it was less punches, but the trauma of the event made it seem like more. Of course once is one too many. Still the DA chose to list 8 to 10 punches as opposed to using the words “multiple times”.

        I’ve never heard of a felony associated with “forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime”. Since the crime was eventually reported, how could this be proven unless there was a third party present or video?

    3. There were injuries. As rocket mentioned, maybe not all of the punches landed squarely. It wasn’t necessarily a MMA style ground and pound. Also, I don’t think Foster would hit her as hard as he would hit a man.

      1. 80,
        Agreed. Foster may have thrown “soft punches” vs hard punches. But for a women to run and flag down a car for help tells me that whatever amount of punches whether soft or hard were thrown, she felt that her physical well being was in serious danger.

        I believe that one of the felony charges against Foster was “forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime” (SC DA report).
        My question is, if these charges weren’t true why would Foster attempt to obstruct her from reporting?

        1. AES,

          I’m not trying to diminish what he may have done. Just pointing out why there may not have been a severe injury like a cracked skull. A pulled punch is still a punch.

          “My question is, if these charges weren’t true why would Foster attempt to obstruct her from reporting?”

          Good question.

          1. 80,
            “Just pointing out why there may not have been a severe injury like a cracked skull. A pulled punch is still a punch.”

            I shared this thought with Oregon earlier … “Should major injury and death be the only evidence that the victim was physically abused?
            That would be a sad commentary on us if that theory is our standard.”

  23. Apologies if this was posted earlier…

    “NFL.COM — The Philadelphia Eagles released Daryl Worley on Sunday after the cornerback was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence along with weapons and disorderly conduct charges, Philadelphia police confirmed to”

  24. Adam Spencer:

    There’s no denying that former Alabama LB Reuben Foster is a talented defender when he’s on the field. However, he’s becoming quite a handful off of it, as his latest legal issues are serious.

    Following recent domestic violence charges, Foster will once again be called in to a meeting with San Francisco 49ers executives this week, according to a report from

    The report states that Foster will not participate in the 49ers’ offseason program as the legal system takes its course. During the meeting, the 49ers will try to set up structure in Foster’s personal life while he’s away from the team:

    It was a mutual decision by the Niners and Foster that he remain away from the team for the start of the offseason program, according to NFL Network’s Jim Trotter. The team is expected to meet with Foster and his representative this week. At this point San Francisco does not have a defined plan for how to give Foster structure while away from team activities, per Trotter, but that is something the 49ers hope to finalize when meeting with Foster.

    After pre-draft incidents last year, Foster was already on a short leash. A conviction in this case may spell the end of his San Francisco career.

    If Foster is able to return to the field this fall, he’ll be on thin ice, as one more off-the-field incident could very well cause his NFL career to come to an end.

    1. They all look pretty good to me. Erickson’s one is a bit odd though – Avery can play ILB and I know that is where many sites list him, but he is more of an OLB (SAM in this D) that can play edge on passing downs. That is where he excelled in college. That is why he trained with Chuck Smith ahead of his senior year. But he has Okoronkwo in the 2nd, so he obviously sees Avery playing ILB. I think there are other guys better suited to playing ILB.

      1. My problem is that we could probably get Avery in the 4th or 5th. Agree that Erickson must see him as an ILB. He’s a capable ILB that has added value at SAM. He’s a poor man’s Edmunds.

        1. I know what you are saying but I see it the other way around. He us an OLB/ Edge with added value as an ILB when needed.

          He has a lot more experience and production as an on ball player than Edmunds.

          1. I agree that it’s easier to project Avery at SAM than Edmunds at SAM. But I think it’s easier to project both of them at ILB because they both have the range to play it, and having an immediate impact would be tougher at SAM.

            1. SAM is an off ball position that I see both of them being very good at. Avery is the better on ball edge player.

              1. “Avery is the better on ball edge player.”

                Agreed, as of right now.

                I still see them as ILBs first.

              2. Yeah, should have been clearer, I meant as of right now. Edmunds has the physical tools to be as good or better than, well, anyone really.

  25. Did Foster have a history of abuse of women (mother, sisters, other girl friends in High School/College)? Did he have any male influences while growing up – high school. What cultural/societal development did he get while at University of Alabama?

    If none, I say give this guy a break after he has served any time he is given (hopefully minimal or probation). Big $$ Court fine or a $$ Civil Suit payment to the girlfriend. Society trains these guys to be uber violent, then, can’t understand why they can’t all turn it off away the field. Society glorifies weapons and gangstas, then wonders why people carry guns for protection. Drug laws are crazy state to state thanks to our wonderful judicial system. Is it a crime to be dumb about using drugs in states that don’t allow it?

    In lieu of prison time, get this guy mandatory counseling, a mandatory mentor, and probation (no weapons or federal illegal drugs) and let him try to play the one sport that could keep him out of gangs, drugs, and crime in the future.

    If he breaks aforementioned probation, big time jail sentence…. He had his chance.

    1. “The combine medical report gave Vander Esch a medical grade of 4 out of a possible 5 — the lower the number, the more concerning the player’s injury status is. A five would be a fully healthy player with no known medical issues; typically players are only red-flagged if they receive lower than a 3 on the combine report.” – Eric Edholm

      1. Hmm.

        “But it appears the more concerning injury was actually a neck impingement Vander Esch suffered in September of that year in a game against Oregon State and initially was diagnosed as a concussion.”

        “The actual wording of the combine medical report we received indicated the pinched nerve in the cervical area, and we’ve never heard of a prospect being medically red-flagged for that. The report indicates no structural damage was found, nor was there any evidence that Vander Esch suffered a significant concussion or any further head trauma in that incident almost 18 months ago.”

        “Oftentimes poor or faulty injury information will leak to sources this time of year with the hopes that some teams gets scared off for medical concerns.”

        It seems that Charlie and Mort got bad information, but Charlie exaggerated. I’ll remember this in the future.

  26. Just in… Remember Night Court?

    “Harry Anderson, the amiable actor who presided over the NBC comedy “Night Court” for nine seasons, has died at his home in Asheville, N.C., according to a local media report. He was 65.”

  27. The 49ers have apparently been in contact with UFDA prospect Deontez Alexander, WR, Franklin, who ran a sub-4.4 40-yard dash and a 37.5-inch vertical jump. He also measured at 6 feet 2 and 196 pounds….

  28. Some of you fellas have entirely too much time on your hands…….one of the things I dread each year is the daily mocks, and mind numbing break downs of late round prospects that half of us have never heard of……I think I’d almost rather read another ridiculous cohn post instead in my spare time. Almost.

    1. New mock. Time Lord edition.

      49ers trade picks #9 and #74 to GB for picks #14, #45, and #133.
      49ers trade picks #45 and #59 to NE for #23.

      Rd.1 Edge Harold Landry
      Rd.1 HB Derrius Guice
      Rd.3 WR Dante Pettis
      Rd.4 CB Quenton Meeks
      Rd.4 CB/S Kameron Kelly
      Rd.5 Stack/SAM Gernard Avery
      Rd.6 T Korey Cunningham
      Rd.7 C/G Bradley Bozeman
      Rd.7 WR/TE Marquez Valdez-Scantling

      1. 80,
        Landry at 14 makes much better sense for me, but I have a stronger sense that we stay at #9 and and pick Roquan Smith.
        Lynch said after the Foster situation that their draft plans won’t change but there’s a reason why they are hosting Roquan and Fred Warner this week.
        I’m going with Roquan Smith with our #9 selection next week.
        Still, kudos on a strong mock!

        1. They can’t go wrong with Roquan Smith or Landry. Either would be a great choice although I prefer Landry due to the fact he plays a more important position and the one we need most. I’m thinking it’s going to be one of Landry, Smith or Fitzpatrick at this point.

      2. AES,

        Yeah, seems like we’ve met with every LB in the draft since the Foster charges. I think they truly were caught off guard last week. I think it’s down to Smith, Edmunds, Fitzpatrick, or Landry at #9. We can’t go wrong with any of them.


        Thanks. I decided to add Guice to give Shanny that final piece in the backfield. Pettis is really growing on me. I think he could play slot and Z right away. Maybe X in the future.

  29. Good break down by Cosell on Josh Rosen for those interested. I agree he’s probably a better prospect than Goff as a pocket passer and Goff was one of the best I’d seen in a long time. Rumors are flying that Rosen will be the one of the 4 top QB prospects to drop due to concerns about durability and his outspokenness, but that would be a huge mistake imo. This kid is going to be a great NFL QB for somebody.

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