Reuben Foster’s girlfriend says she lied

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster appears for his arraignment at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, April 12, 2018. Foster has been charged with felony domestic violence after being accused of attacking his girlfriend, authorities said. (Dai Sugano/San Jose Mercury News via AP, Pool)

Reuben Foster’s girlfriend, Elisa Ennis, hired a lawyer this week. And the lawyer, Stephanie Rickard, released a statement Wednesday: “(Foster) did not strike her, injure her or threaten her.”

According to the lawyer, Ennis suffered her injuries during a fight with another woman, and blamed Foster when he tried to break up with her. There is video evidence of the fight between Foster’s girlfriend and the other woman, according to Rickard, who says Ennis told the District Attorney she wanted to recant her statement, but he pressed charges anyway.

I have three initial thoughts:

  1. This seems like the only story that could get Foster off the hook.
  2. It’s interesting it came out roughly 24 hours before the draft.
  3. It’s interesting the D.A. would press charges having known there was video evidence that allegedly disproved his case. He must still think he can win.

What are your initial thoughts?

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  1. This is why due process is absolutely critical. Convicting people in the media is ridiculous.

    1. Grant remember when I said you love to play devils advocate and you denied it ??? Now look at yuh. What are you gonna say if the video truly shows she was in a Cat fight and it clearly wasn’t Rueben??? These are one of those moments when you should say maybe you were wrong in not letting due process take it’s course. Man up Grant! Don’t be a DJT !

    2. Well said MW…

      I argued due process with a very well known and respected poster on this board…I just don’t get why people run to condemn a man, want him kicked off the the team before all the facts are in and before the legal process has run…social media has turned what should be mature adults into sophomoric bullies.

      I wonder why so many on this board wanted to believe this??? (That’s rhetorical…)

  2. From one of our fellow contributors…

    Grant’s take…

    “You released a statement saying you’re not going to do anything right now. Or, someone in the organization released the statement. No one took credit for it. Not you. Not Jed York. How gutless.”

    “And it’s obvious you refuse to admit your mistake of drafting him in the first place.”

    “The 49ers used to be about winning with class. Now, they’re winning with crass, and you’re the crass one. How disappointing.”

    “Oh, and another thing.”

    “Jed York, where are you? Are you in hiding?”

    “You own the team. If Lynch can’t pull the trigger, help him. Order Lynch to get rid of Foster.”

    “If Foster plays another game for the 49ers, you’re a disgrace, Lynch is a disgrace, your whole organization is a disgrace. Disgraceful.”

    1. Leif says:
      April 25, 2018 at 6:25 pm
      In light of today’s developments in the Reuben Foster case, do you feel silly for your past articles trashing the 49ers for not immediately cutting him? I mean, we still might not know everything, but your rush to judgement was probably a little rash.

      Grant Cohn says:
      April 25, 2018 at 6:28 pm
      I never trashed the 49ers for not immediately cutting him. Get your facts straight.

      Yes you did.

      1. Leif — You should be a defense attorney…

        Per Grant….

        “If Foster plays another game for the 49ers, you’re a disgrace, Lynch is a disgrace, your whole organization is a disgrace. Disgraceful.”

        1. Great work here Cassie & Leif…Grant should be held fully accountable for his egregious words against the 49ers organization. Of course, this will be a VERY tall order for Grant, who will probably instead continue to flat-out deny that he never trashed/attacked Lynch/York/etc.

      2. Leif’s facts are straight. You ripped the Niners without all the information. Now you deny it? Pretty weinie. Sometimes I like reading your articles for your perspective. Sometimes I don’t, because you are so negative towards our local teams. Be accountable. You wrote it. Lol.

        1. Now you see why he’s almost never interviewed by other local media. They are very aware how immature and spiteful he is.

          It’s okay to be hard hitting…….but Cohn is CLEARLY not a fair-mined person.

      3. Even if he did not use those exact words his article certainly implied it. Now I personally could see where it might have been true , but their were certainly a lot of red flags in the multiple contradictions that raised questions that needed anwering. Especially the one where she accused him of attempting to keep her form reporting the abuse. How does that make sense with him throwing her out of the house? That act seems to imply the opposite.

        Of course there will still be people who will believe he did what he was accused of ,just as there are also people who would believe in the innocence of someone who is actually guilty purely because it fits the scenario that suites their agenda.

        As to why the DA would attempt to prosecute such a case. They often will do what ever it takes to gain a conviction, especially when it also suites their agenda. When so many cases never go to trial because victims will not testify, when they do get one that will the go all out.

        Of course it makes sense that the existence of the video would certainly make an alleged victim change their testimony.

        1. It might also not be true that she wanted to recant her testimony but the DA wanted to press charges anyway. She might just be saying this to avoid being charged with making a false statement. That could have been stated at the behest of her lawyer. Playing the victim again except with the DA as the new bad guy.

          1. You are correct. Also it’s all about money. Yes there have been and maybe still are players , in any team women abusers. But there are also women who see the almighty dollar sign and want a piece of it and they don’t care how they go about in getting it. Same goes for thier greedy lawyers.

            1. After reading more on this story, it is stated that his girlfriend tried to tell the DA early on that she had fabricated the story to get back at him for breaking up with her. With this additional information it seems more likely to me that it is the DA’s office who, for their own agenda were the ones to push for charges in this case. They even made a public statement that they wanted this case to send a message to those that commit DV. It seems that too many of our public agencies, including our legal system have been subverted and are being used to carry out social engineering agenda’s. While the girl friend instigated this through her initial lie, she appears to have thought the better of it and wanted to correct her mistake but the DA had other idea’s. Her second story makes much more sense in context with the actual existing physical facts. This sort of explains why she engaged an attorney. It is to protect herself from the intimidation she had to be getting from the DA’s office. One of the tactics they were probably using was threatening to file charges against her for making a false complaint.

              1. DA’s are not interested in Justice. Especially in Santa Clara. If they file they want a conviction. They are evaluated on their conviction percentage. Been there done that. That said I DO believe we try to many cases in the Media. Innocent till PROVEN guilty which is why I liked what Lynch said. People should watch movie ‘Absence of Malice ‘Not a fan of Thugs in Sports

      4. Haha, Grant being his typical moronic self. And then to have the audacity to say he never wrote that he trashed Lynch and Jed for not cutting Foster? Who’s gutless now, Grant? smh

    2. At best…….Cohn is a sanctamoeous, immature kid with a jealous chip on his shoulder for trying to throw Reuben Foster off a cliff before receiving due process.

      Reuben Foster needs to grow up also…..and develop some serious situational awareness and no longer allow himself to get entangled in these embarrassingly dumb situations.

      1. “Situational awareness”…I love it Jaco! You made my day! Simple, yet perfect words for Foster.

      2. That’s why I hardly visit the site anymore…I’ve been a regular since Matt maiocco ran the page..but since grant took over I used it less n less to the point where I’ll be in here once a month…Grant is always ragging on our team and as a fan I hate it..

    3. Only disgrace is the guy that wrote this Cohn…He thinks he’s the judge and the jury thank God he’s NEITHER. There is a reason why J Lynch is a successful GM and Cohn’s NOT… I wish he’d start covering the Raiders so I don’t have to see his stuff here.

      1. Hey… You wouldn’t be Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne………..or one in the same?

  3. Guess who just got back today
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  4. My initial thought is you and many other was willing to destroy his career before due process. It will be interesting to see who will actually man up and admit that they were wrong.

    1. I already admitted I was wrong. But it should be acknowledged in this thread too. Sorry Reuben.

      1. You guys are smart enough to have recognized some of the obvious holes in her testimony. I think sometimes we are blinded because we want to stick up for groups that are usually victims. Sympathy and being afraid of labeled along with preps will get us to not look at things objectively. It can happen to any of use. The important thing is to learn from our experiences.

        1. All this #METOO bulll-chit isn’t helping. It’s a form of gender warfare to keep people divided.

          Political Correctness is a blatantly obvious control mechanism designed to curb Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Thought

          1. Yeah, women who believe guys don’t have the right to sexually harass them clearly don’t understand why we hire them. It’s not for their skills as we know men are superior in every way. I mean, come on. If you don’t want to be sexually harassed, don’t look at me. Amirite?

            If being pc is affecting your ability to have freedom of thought, then you have bigger problems than the #metoo movement that points out that every 92 seconds, a person is sexually assaulted in this country, most of them being young girls, 92% of which will have PTSD. Statistical facts that you could care less about because it’s affecting your ability to speak and think freely…

            Being against a movement like the #metoo movement must mean you are for sexual assualt. Otherwise, you have no reason to be upset about something that doesn’t affect your life in any way, shape or form. Pathetic!

        2. will,

          I assumed Foster was guilty because he lost his temper and threatened a doctor at the Combine.

          It’s odd that the due process guys are strutting their stuff without even seeing the alleged tape. While believing the word of a woman that either lied then, or is lying now.

          1. I figured that was why. That is why it was not that unreasonable to come to that sort of conclusion. Still we should not take persons actions in an entirely different situation to assume that they are capable of committing the sort of action he was accused of doing. listen, I have often gotten very intense to the degree that I scared the h*ll out of people but I have never, nor would I ever commit a violent act , barring self defense of my self or another individual, against another individual. As you have stated that was an assumption and the legal process is supposed to be geared to keep us from making those.

            While some posters had personal agenda’s at play in their premature condemnation of Foster, I would never assume that everyone that posted such would fall into that category. Which is why I posted that those that called for caution should give other of a different opinion some slack and the benefit of the doubt. We should never label or paint everyone with the same brush. Doing so is what justifies bigotry in many peoples minds.

  5. This is pretty embarrassing for those that claimed Lynch/Jed should have released him immediately. Could you imagine if that would’ve happened and the Seahawks would’ve signed him the same night? And now it turns out it was all a hoax?

    Oh boy.

  6. It’s funny because 90% of the people here rushed to judgement. It’s like you get castigated if you even bring up the possibility that the female is LYING.

    1. That is the problem with PC. it creates pear pressure to fall into line with the mob. Or sometimes people just want to do the right thing and stick up for victims. The thing to remember is that their are many people and groups of people that use peoples good intentions for the wrong purpose. People who have good hearts and want to do the right thing are very easily fooled. I know I have been there myself.

      I was strongly on the side of giving Foster the benefit of the doubt, basically because there were just too many funny holes in the story and the sequence of disclosure did not make sense. Still we should give those who were on the other side a break. We can not really know their intent in this matter. They might have just wanted to do the right thing and wanted justice. The important thing is the lesson learned.

    2. Of course she lied, Ruben. The only question is, when? At first, or now? I’d need to see the time-stamped video evidence before I believe this new version. The interesting thing to me is how certain so many posters are that this second version is true. Maybe it’s just coincidental that this version would allow us to keep a good player on the roster. As someone said, we believe what we want to believe. The human mind…so fascinating, so flawed.

      As for Grant’s comments, you might want to keep in mind that he is not a journalist, he’s a blogger. He writes for “clicks” , And whether he believes what he writes or not, he gets the clicks!

      1. While anything is always possible, I tend to believe the second version is more probable. There were just too many holes in the first version that didn’t make sense. The second version clears up most of the questions which I had about the truth of the first story. Truth tends to match up with truth, while lies eventually end up contradicting themselves. That should be the purpose of trials. To weigh the available evidence against itself and come to a ration and probable conclusion.

  7. Even though I read up on everything niners I dread reading this guys stuff, it’s always negative and pessimistic. I’m such a Niner junkie that I’ll read anything relating to the niners but I really need to stop reading this guys negeative spin on everything.

      1. I’ve been re-watching the last five games from last season. That helps too, Cassie.

    1. He always has the juiciest headlines and then trashes the 9ers in any way possible. Then in hindsight 98.456% of the crap he throws up isn’t even in the same time zone of the truth! “Shock Jockey” its kind of smart because it’s the only thing that keeps him semi relevant.

  8. Grant…

    Without my knowing more about the case, and the communication going on among the key players (attorneys, DA, and judge), I’m thinking the core case against Foster is quickly weakening. Ultimately depends if the video presents compelling evidence. The attorneys involved appear to be rather competent.

    One prone to entertaining conspiracies will find evil in the ‘right before the draft’ timing. Heck, let’s play that up. Good red herring, no?

    I don’t know how long the existance of the video was known by the DA. Do you?

      1. So, the video (assuming it’s real and compelling) was known very early in the process? I’m not asserting the DA only found out today. I do wonder when he did learn of it.

          1. Ha! The godfather Eddie D may have pulled a string or two.
            But seriously, I’ll feel much better once the case is dismissed.

          2. Matt. The truth always being in the middle is not always so. Taking that rational is sort of a cop out from taking responseability for our own inability or guts to come to a conclusion. What if every decision was based on that. You would end up constantly compromising truth. The liar would be given equality with those that stood for truth. Of course this is a reflection of the new philosophy that truth does not exist.

            The idea that we should compromise truth, is a rationalization for the weak and a ploy used by the manipulative to eventually get everything they want.

      2. DA is just using it as leverage for the weapons charge. They will drop DV charges if he pleads guilty for gun charge.

        The DA also probably badly wants the allegations to be true so they can prosecute a high profile case. Get a conviction, and let the truth fall wherever it may.

        1. You make some interesting points. The as much stated they wanted to use this case to send a message. Not a good thing to say. I believe they have already stated they were dropping the guns charge. I think they might have still attempted to prosecute in hopes to get a plea bargan. She also might not be telling the truth about the DA’s stating they still wanted to prosecute because it would help take her off the hook. DA;s have ego’s and they might have been waiting for her to refuse to testify so that they had an excuse to drop the case. Had they dropped it before she made her statement they would have looked bad politically in the Bay Area. This takes them totally off the hook.

      3. Wow
        Grant Cohn is an idiot. How is it not new info to the DA? The woman didn’t need to give them the video yet. There’s called a discovery process in law. To be honest your knowlege on law is probably as limited as your knowledge on the NFL
        Slanderous mf

        1. The news media has lost all the integrity and standards that used to define the principles they functioned under. They used to at least hold themselves to a modicum of standards. Grant is not that much different from all the rest. No level of accountability to anyone or more important to themselves.

  9. These lawyers are making decisions via their ego. It’s a shame and everyone involved should be embarrassed. The legal system is a joke. You can accuse anyone of anything and basically get away with it.

    1. Well, it does appear the legal system (broadly defined) is bringing the Golden State Killer to justice… That’s an achievement.

    2. I have to agree with this statement. I didn’t rush to judgement when Foster was arrested and I won’t rush to judgement to say he’s fully exonerated now that the victim says she lied. BUT, it does seem as though the DA was looking to make an example of Foster and perhaps garner some attention for himself to potentially advance his career regardless of the impact to a possibly innocent man. I have the utmost respect for law enforcement officers but with so many bad actors in DA offices and apparently at the FBI it makes you think all this talk about a broken system is real.

      1. It takes being involved either yourself or via someone else to recognize that the legal system, as have many other aspects of government and society, have become goal displaced. The priority of ” Justice” has long been secondary. I has become purely a game for the participants to win or lose and the to h*ll with those who’s live and futures are at stake.

  10. This is what I said would occur. She won’t cooperate. DA will be forced to reduce charges and he will walk.

    1. But your statement implies that he is still guilty, not that she lied. The thing that made her case have any sort of sense is the injuries she sustained. But if those injures came from a different source then her case goes out the window. It is very improbable that she would have survived or been able to walk if he indeed hit her 8 to ten times. Most of her story made no sense.

  11. Well I for one am not suprised…Typical reaction from the commi liberals on this blog….How dare he…he’s a disgrace…cut him…blah blah blah
    Right now Ann Killaman Killion is stomping around her house in her Bergenstocks looking like peppermint Patty while texting her buddy Tim Commi Coward and complaining about Kaepernick,the 49ers and the racist woman hating President…haha…Lefties are so sensitive..cut him now!Haha

    Well that’s if you consider Killion a woman,she’s an ugly butch

    1. Hey! I love my Karl Marx jammies! Go kick someone else…

      That CCCP national anthem is killer!

      1. I actually like the old CCCP national anthem. We should have bought it from them when they were no using it and needed the money. It sure beats our National Anthem which is musically garbage. It was an old English drinking song with Francis Scott Keys lyrics added.

      1. Peasant Woman: Didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective.
        Dennis: You’re fooling yourself. We’re living in a dictatorship! A self-perpetuating autocracy, in which the working classes…
        Peasant Woman: Oh, there you go, bringing class into it again.
        Dennis: Well, that’s what it’s all about! If only people would–
        King Arthur: Please, please, good people, I am in haste. Who lives in that castle?
        Peasant Woman: No one lives there.
        King Arthur: Then who is your lord?
        Peasant Woman: We don’t have a lord.
        King Arthur: What?
        Dennis: I told you, we’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as sort of executive officer for the week…
        King Arthur: Yes…
        Dennis: …but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting…
        King Arthur: Yes I see…
        Dennis: …by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs…
        King Arthur: Be quiet!

        1. The commi (sic) reference totally cracks me up. His no doubt hero is consorting with more commis (sic) than the entire Bay Area put together.

          1. Or as grinch would write it, hamr and sickel

            And Bergenstocks? Is that something you buy from an outlet store in Bergen County, NJ?

            1. Rib,

              You’ve got it all wrong, it’s bad to be educated and being intelligent is being an elitist, eggheaded, wet noodle. Get your facts straight.

  12. Grant and Ann Killion are pissed.

    Just destroyed their narratives. And the sad part is now that they are proven wrong to rush to judgement, they’re going to hang onto a fantasy about Reuben paying her off instead of her lying.

    1. Killion rips football fans for wanting Foster to play, and the 49ers/NFL for their stance on domestic violence yet she openly cheers for Hope Solo.

      1. Hey i actually think that domestic violence should only apply if one of the parties is incapable of defending themselves. Hey my brother ( who was seven years older) and I used to get into fights a lot of times and needless to say I always got my rear kicked. In todays world I could call the cops on him for domestic violence. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

  13. Will be interesting to see how all this plays out–it ain’t done till it’s done. Having said that, the landscape has changed a tad.

  14. The DA’s first comments on this case came off as very political in nature, plus he doesn’t need the female to go after the gun charge.

    The whole “cut Reuben now” stuff from some in the media and on this board just never made sense to me. Someone else will sign him anyway, just like the Raiders did with the DB dumped recently by the Eagles.

    On another note, can someone please explain to me how Ann Killion can rip the 49ers/NFL for their stance on domestic violence, yet she cheers for Hope Solo?

  15. Everyone said we need to go with due process. Well until the court officially dismisses the case, the process is still ongoing.
    But at the moment it looks like Foster will be on the field in 2018.

  16. Have no idea how this will all shake out, but it will be fantastic news for the 49ers if Foster is indeed exonerated.

    He still has the weed and weapons charges, but by themselves shouldn’t be career enders.

  17. Not surprising at all. The victim often recants after having time to cool off and coming to the realization the charges could destroy a career and possibly lead to prison. Foster may or may not be guilty, but this doesn’t change anything. The case will be tried and the facts will come out.

      1. Yep but she was trying to recant right away so there was no reason to charge her. The fact the charges were not dismissed means the DA feels there is sufficient evidence to prosecute regardless.

        1. It is easier for me to believe that, having put himself out on a limb thinking he was going to make an example out of Foster, he would try to salvage his reputation and proceed with the “case”.

          1. Just look at the evidence and tell me her testimony makes sense. He initial statement to the police seems to be different from the one that was later written on his charges. It might have been that the DA sort of coerced her into making the case more charge worthy. There main evidence was the video. That is the one thing that made me reconsider my initial doubts about the case. But there were still enough contradictions in the story to still fuel doubts The fact that she retained a lawyer could mean that either she needed one to deal with the pressure that she was getting from the DA, or that she need one to protect herself against against a false accusation charge and the story about the DA forcing her was also a lie.

    1. Depends who else is on the board. I wouldn’t pass because of this because he could still be convicted, but there are some good ILB prospects that will be around in rounds 3-5.

      1. I doubt he would be convicted, but the NFL might still get him for the weapons and Mary jane charges.

  18. My intial thoughts you judged him as judge , jury and executioner before the facts played out. I allways say caution before one judges another. I have done it myself. He will still be in trouble for the weapons in ca, and we may still never get the whole truth .

    1. The weapons charge seems like it can be beat by finding a legal loophole. The DV was the big concern as far as I’m concerned.

  19. It’s quite common for a victim of DV to recant or refuse to cooperate with an investigation.

    It’s not common for the “victim” to hire an attorney and admit she lied to damage the accused and that there is video evidence that she lied.

    You have to remember that by saying these accusations are false that she could be charged with a crime herself.

    This is an example of how important it is to here both sides of the story before making your judgement. Hopefully anyone who thought his career should be ended when first hearing the reports, including members of the media, will remember this the next time it happens.

    Lastly Grant, your comment about this coming out right before the draft is a Sean Hannity tin foil hat opinion. With the gun charge and mary-jane charges he is already facing a suspension regardless of the DV charges.

    1. Yeah, I’m not finding it interesting in least that it comes out 24 hours before the draft. At least not interesting in the way Grant probably finds it interesting.

    2. It appears that some of you still want to hold on the fact that he is actually guilty and is just getting off because like other victims she is refusing to testify. As Mark stated. It is one thing refuse to testify and another to admit she lied. It seem the existence of the video of her fighting with another women which would account for her injuries is a big reason for her change of direction. Her accusing the DA of forcing her to testify seems like a tactic by her attorney to make her out the victim of the DA’s office to mitigate any charges for false testimony the DA might file in this case.

  20. My take is that she sat down with her lawyer and they came up with the one story that could help him get off and then worked backwards to establish it. She must have gotten enough so that even if the DA goes after her for making false charges it won’t matter to her in the long run and of course with this result it’s less likely to ruin Foster’s career.

      1. Matt and PHD— Not plausible at all. I certainly know your PHD is not in Logic. The entire case made no sense. The only thing that gave it some validity was the medical report and the, video if it exists, would shoot that out of the waters. If could create a very long list of things that make no sense , but I have already posted those in earlier post on this issue.

        What is more likely is that you PHD came up with story that makes his guilt still plausible. Except you for get on thing. The video that show how she actually got the injuries reported in her medical records. That is what exposes her lie.

        What is more plausible is that she attacked this other woman at a bar out of jealousy and got her asss kicked and after they got to Fosters house he broke up with her either because he was tired of her antics or her jealousy was justified and it all came to a head at his house. He then told her they were through and she fabricated the DV to get back at him. But the video evidence could not be denied.

        It makes no sense that a person of Fosters Physical stature would have to go to such lengths to remove a woman from his house. If he hit her 8 to 10 times she would be in intensive care and not walking down the road to flag down a car. It seems more likely that she came up with this scenario as she was walking down the road after she was kicked out of the house. If she was kicked out of the house how could he be charged with attempting to keep her from reporting the DV. It makes no sense.

  21. My thought is its amazing you’re still trying to destroy this man’s career. Just be man enough to admit you were wrong and don’t know how the justice system works…

    1. It doesn’t even pay to argue with people who already have made up their minds about issues. They have agenda’s that require him to be guilty. Since when have people always responded to reason.

    1. Which one?! Mock Draft 2.0? …3.0? The final one (dated April 17th)? Or the super-duper final 1st Round edition from yesterday? LOL

  22. The reaction on this blog didn’t suprised me one bit.Alot of people read this blog but it’s basically the same five turds who own the comment section so no one else really comments .They know all things of life and football (just ask them)
    Plus it’s a Bay Area blog and reminds me why myself and tons of other people have left that 3rd world country they call the Bay Area
    Then you got your guys like Razor queefer who is literally on here 24 hours a day kissing Grants heini spewing stats and dumb poems talking this prospect this and that yet the dude is literally wrong every single time,yet day after day he’s on here with his cocky attitude being wrong……again
    Then Ribico who is basically a uc berkley Fidel Castro who just whines about racism and un fair this un fair that social justice warrior
    Every once in a while guys like Tom D and a few other posters will put some cool links or good info but otherwise it’s just five nerds in a circle jerk kissing each other’s rears

    1. Dude, Berkeley? I live in f-ing New York City. A place that would chew up your moronic a$$ and spit out what’s left if you ever even thought about crossing city lines.

      You can’t even handle the Bay Area? Poor baby. What did you do, split and go to work in one of those Trump coal mines? Yeah, there’s a future for you.

      1. Ribico ..please find the nearest gender neutral bathroom and find your happy place,that is the way of SJWs isn’t it..
        You might blow a gasket if you get to upset and spew all those butterflies out of your rear and offend someone…And for god sakes it’s 2017 let’s not offend anybody Ribicom

        1. The only thing that offends me is the thought I have to share a country with moronic idiots. Yeah, that’s you.

    2. Grinch… Just for you, some soothing words from Mao…

      What is needed is scientific analysis and convincing argument. Dogmatic criticism settles nothing. We are against poisonous weeds of all kinds, but we must carefully distinguish between what is really a poisonous weed and what is really a fragrant flower. Together with the masses of the people, we must learn to differentiate carefully between the two and to use correct methods to fight the poisonous weeds.

      All reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are terrifying, but in reality they are not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not the reactionaries but the people who are really powerful.

      Peace be with you Grinch…

  23. Well, I must admit, rightly or wrongly my first impression is that the ex is probably getting paid off. I know I shouldn’t jump to these sorts of conclusions, and I reiterate this is just my impression, but (and call me cynical) that is my first thought. Whether he did it or not, the timing of this makes me think some money is changing hands to get this to go away.

    My second thought is that it is going to be hard for the DA to get a conviction if the lady in question recants her statement and there is indeed video evidence of a fight she had with another lady in which she may (or may not) have received the injuries. Unless there is telling physical or other evidence that the bruises etc were caused by Foster then can’t imagine the DA will be able to convince the court of it.

    Which leads me to my third thought – Foster is likely going to dodge a bullet, whether he is actually guilty or not. This was not looking good for him based on what was known in the public. Now it looks like he has a pretty good chance of getting off the DV charge. So he will likely remain a 49er for the forseeable future.

    1. If i was a juror my first thought regarding the prosecution; if a video exists and you, the prosecution knew about it, why would you file charges anyway if the the victim recants their accusation. You must have some dam good evidence against the accused defendant.

      1. Yup, seems like a monumental waste of time and tax-payers money to contrive a DV story.
        Btw, when is the “other girl” going to have her day in court?
        This whole story and process has a lot of loose ends that seem far from being tied. I get a sense that we haven’t heard the last of this case.

    2. I was in favor of cutting him based on his inability to stay out of trouble and that hasn’t changed. He has shown he is incapable of conducting himself like a pro. Whether he’s found guilty of Domestic abuse or not, he’s shown quite clearly that he doesn’t get it and will likely continue to put himself in jeopardy.

      1. Rocket, maybe this near brush with oblivion will scare the bejesus into him and he’ll straighten up and fly right from here on out.

          1. So Rocket your perspective of his guilt in this case seems to be influenced by your preconceptions ( right or wrong ) that it would just be a matter of time before he does something that will get him thrown off the team.So from your perspective it is better sooner than later and this incident is the perfect rational for making it sooner. You realize that reflects that your perspective is influenced by your personal agenda. You need him to be guilty in order to validate your perspective of him. You do understand that that is not the way justice is supposed to work. Nothing like justice being blind.

        1. Ribico

          My thoughts exactly….If what has gone down hasn’t opened his eyes…it is a hopeless case….I believe that he has seen god up close…and he looks a lot like John Lynch…

          1. Orygun
            You noted a couple of weeks ago the look on RF’s face in his Court appearance. I too was struck by his expression. He looked like he knew darned well that he’d stepped in #*%t. If he is innocent, that fear and foreboding and helplessness would’ve been intense! If exonerated on DV I’d suspect he has had his wake up call going forward. Guessing.
            > It’s still awaiting resolution, so I’m holding back for now.
            > Seperating RF from the team while the case plays out was right. With that done, waiting for due process then made sense.
            > I don’t have enough facts, but I’m currently at a loss as to the DA’s motivations. Yes, victims sometimes recant to rebuild a relationship, but this circumstance seems a bit different.
            > I thought Lynch could’ve avoided some criticism of the team if he’d made his “If he’s guilty he’s gone” statement much earlier.
            > I’m most encouraged (assuming latest take is real) that RF isn’t a guy who would do that. Niners needs are way secondary to that.
            > I find it interesting but not conclusive that this broke in the 24 hour window. It’s just that it didn’t break from agents or teams but from the legal realm, so hard to see any connections. OTOH, story on PFT breaking today (Draft Day) on Josh Allen’s tweets from his high school days. That one has an agenda to it somewhere.

        2. Rib,
          Let’s hope so. Foster may not be out of the woods yet, but things look more promising for him today than yesterday.

  24. There’s some scandalous women out there and have ran across a few in my life… Sure, she could have been paid but if she has video of this cat fight there will be a lot of people looking like idiots (starting with you, Ann Killion)…. Guilty until proven innocent is the world we live in these days and social media is the judge.

    1. Ah, the things you can do with videos these days. As you know, Silicon Valley is a stones throw away from Levi’s Stadium – just saying.

      1. More than likely this took place in a public place. A club more than likely, which is way a video is available. There would also be witnesses that could be called to validate or invalidate what did or did not happen. I bet you that the fight with the other women is what triggered the break up. It might also explain why he threw her out and ended the relationship. He might have been guilty of two timing or innocent, but that is irrelevant to what happened what transpired , but would certainly explain her anger and his wanting to break up and kick her out of the house.

  25. And Ribico when you get into the gender free bathroom you can meet up with Razor and talk some shop about football ,don’t worry even though your just buddies online you’ll know him when you see him..He will be the one squatting on the urinal reading football for dummies!
    C’mon guys lighting up,these blog could use a change from the same ol clowns!

    1. Dude, there’s no law forcing you to read this blog or anything else. So quit your whining. It’s not a good look for a tough guy like you pretend to be.

  26. If it is true she lied I would like to see the niners and reubens lawyers file lawsuits against grant and Ann Killion and others for decimation of character. Ruining his reputation and lost opportunities may make journalists think twice before judging and talking out of character until all the facts are known.

    1. Rebel, I think all parties concerned would prefer that this entire unfortunate incident just quietly and quickly goes away. I’d bet the DA comes around to that as well.

      1. Ooooh Rebel…your right…youre so it goes told ya…there was the first c’mon razor, c’mon scooter get in a circle!Heeeeeere weeee goo!

          1. I see he’s bumped self loathing to later tomorrow morning so he’d have time to lay in bed, stare at his Angry Birds wallpaper, and type utter madness….

        1. Why the obsession with watching circle jerks? I’m sure there are websites out there where you can fulfill this fantasy.
          There’s no need to go around fantasizing about razor and rib or at least telling the board you are.

          1. Or this fear of gender neutral bathrooms? Grinch is obviously terrified of running across a chick who’s more manly than he is.

    2. does anybody think maybe she is recanting for the promise of a payday?????? she may have come to the realization that without Reuben playing she has no deceased presidents in her wallet and that the AmEx black card easily could be a zero limit card as opposed to the sky is the limit.

      Reuben still has to deal with the weapons charge and the NFL’s own investigation and findings regardless of where the civil or criminal cases go.

        1. Also read my post in response. It is highly unlikely. There were just to many unanswered questions about this case to begin with. Starting with the initial police report not matching up with the charges that were later levied. The charges themselves seemed unlikely unless they were validated by some sort of medical report and even the fact that she was not kept in the hospital but instead of being released after being treated, did not correspond with being hit in the head 8-10 times by a person as big and strong as Foster. A more likely scenario fits in with her being in a fight with a woman that same night, which probable was the reason for ending their relationship. Gee use your brains and put two and two together.

          It seems more likely that the DA felt pressured to prosecute this case and once the video turned up they were actually wanting her to refuse to testify because that gave them a rational out.

      1. Mike

        Hell yes, she is….if anyone on here doesn’t think so…I’ll salute your niner allegiance and your ignorance…GO NINERS !…(WITH Reuben )

    3. That’s not going to happen Rebelscum. Journalists giving opinions based on the charges may be upsetting but it’s not defamation of character or illegal. As far as Foster’s reputation goes, it was in the toilet long before any of this happened.

      1. You are right Rocket. However in a perfect world I think their should be more accountability for what one alleges or judges others over. Wisdom my father gave me, I wish I had followed it more, “ say what you mean, mean what you say and be accountable no matter what the consequences may be!

        1. Reb,
          This is an open forum used for public consumption. Grant or anyone else who voiced their opinions did so as an opinion. There was no campaign to forcibly push opinions on anyone on this board.

          1. It was his articles blasting Reuben and the 49 ers along with Anne killion who came off whollier than though that look like blowhards with out the facts. Oppinona are fine but people need to own up when they look foolish in the end, I said all along Reuben hits any one 8 times they are in the morgue or in the hospital, hey and domestic violence could have still happened and he should be punished, just one should be careful on what they say.

      2. Rocket you once again show that your mind about Foster was made up before this DV issue even happened. You needed him to be guilty to prove your point about him. Nothing like objectivity.

    1. J,
      It’s called opinions, we all have them.
      Regardless of who said what or which side was taken, nothing that was said here was ever going to sway the DA’ findings.

      Crucifying anyone is rendered by the judge not posters on this site.
      Also, if the case wasn’t dropped today there is a likelihood that are still some moving parts that need resolving.

      1. I am not jumping on the told you so band wagon because people make honest mistakes. Many people tend to err on the side of victims anyway. But people that continue to make judgements of guilt at this point have agendas to fulfill and their is no sympathy and understanding from me.

  27. The timing of this is quite bizarre. So this Ennis recants just before going to trial. I have always said let’s not jump to conclusions and remember that Kap was falsely accused of assault in Miami and Brian Banks was falsely convicted of rape and his life was ruined.

    Also, the police/DA cant distinguish between the aftermath of a fight between two woman versus a 240 pound man who allegedly hit his girlfriend 8 times. Yes, I know MMA woman are badasses, but I gather that Ennis and girlfriend were civilians involved in a shoving /hairpulling scuffle.

    1. If a person of fosters stature hit a women 8-10 times she would not have been able to walk down the street and flag down a car. She also would not have been treated and released, rather she would have been kept for observation at least over night. What transpired at the hospital is sounds more like injuries sustained with another woman rather than an athlete like Foster. Also the accusation that he attempted to keep her from reporting the DV does not jive with him throwing her out of the house. It’s kind of counter productive to throw someone out and keep them from reporting being thrown out . Duh? DA’s are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. I have seen them blow cases before.

  28. I think you’re a raiders fan at heart and enjoy bashing the 49ers every chance you get.

    Was his girlfriend paid off? Maybe.

    Was she telling the truth? Maybe.

    There’s no point in assuming things, minus well give the man the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Nothing is for certain. But the facts that we are given make her statements highly unlikely. If she was going to be paid off it would not have come this far. It seems more likely that the video evidence appeared because they knew it existed and just found it recently. They also probably had the woman she fought with as a witness as well. He doesn’t need to pay her off. Sometimes as the the accused comes closer to the trial date they are ready plea bargan. On the other hand if a witness is afraid of being exposed they might reconsider their testimony as well.

  29. 1. I am a liberal who posted to wait and see how the offense actually is presented.?
    2. D.A.’s do over charge and they do discover evidence that under cuts their case. If there is a video that establishes Foster did not cause the injuries the DV case is dead.
    3. The gun charge will probably result in probation. It is a gun that is legal in a lot of States, but is illegal in California.
    4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Foster gets suspended for 4-6 games.
    5. Looking forward to the draft. Hope Niners get 3-4 starters.

    1. True liberals- not the people masquerading as such now days, would be concerned with protecting peoples rights. The PC crowd is far from liberal. They are the new versions of witch hunters and commie baiters. There is nothing wrong with the Correct part of PC, It is the P part because it is motivated by political expediency. What is expedient today changes tomorrow. It is justifiable mob rule.

      1. will, I’ve always considered political correctness as society’s way of preventing one from publicly announcing to the world what a dbag one really is. The last couple of years has borne out this hypothesis.

    2. 49er42

      Ditto, my good man…I believe that he walks….innocence ?…somewhere in between…

  30. My initial thought is that you are a piss-poor “journalist”, grant. Oh, and it seems you were wrong all along – just own up to it and stop trying to justify your error in judgment.

  31. Wow! That certainly changes things. Honestly I would like to eat a little crow, since I was leaning toward the cut him now train. Of course we still don’t know the truth and this still has to play out.

    This is good news ultimately, and maybe he get off with a 4-6 game suspension at the end of it all, which is not a bad deal, considering his career nearly ended.

    Honestly, if this is true, good on Lynch for sticking with the young man. Hopefully with Sherman being the leader he is, he can help keep Foster in check.

  32. Let’s not forget that this is a BLACK man, who was judged, tried and convicted by journalists to further their agenda. Just like Kap is portrayed as a distraction and troublemaker, this man was portrayed as a criminal!

    1. That is total BS. The very reason he was being convicted by the press was because it was politically correct to take the side of a victimized group. Women subjected to DV. The idea that every case has to be judged based on a history of victimhood is wrong. That is why those ready to convict him were wrong. And that is why bringing up the poor oppressed minority card is wrong.

      I also thought that Aldon was treated unfairly at the air port, but it was not because he was a black man , but because the people at the air port have no common sense and over react to most everything. You do not convict anyone because they belong to any demographic group, Neither do you excuse them from accountable for their actions. To assume Foster was guilty just because other DV cases are not prosecuted is wrong. To assume he was being prosecuted just because he was black is also wrong. It is high time when we weed out all forms of bigotry and conversely special interest PC favoritism at all levels. That is the true key to equality.

      1. “I also thought that Aldon was treated unfairly at the air port”

        Huh? You don’t say what Aldon said at an airport. Especially after 2001.

  33. A big part of me has always been on don’t trip on the accuser, because that’s so easy.
    Even in my indignation over the acussations, i’d tried to maintain an “If as accused” posture: fortunately MOSTLY AS A MAN Foster may not be THAT guy. I, we, hope that is true., irrespective of his football career.
    Yuge Development.
    The Indictmemts had me on the War Path, pleased to be off that off mofo

  34. So strange, people on this chat are pointing out that grant and media were too quick to pass judgement, yet one statement through her lawyer and these same people are rushing to say its all false.

    Theres HUGE probability that shes getting paid. 1) Why did she hire a lawyer? – she wants a settlement and and NDA signed because if he goes to trial and is convicted she gets nothing. 2) Theres medical records and a driver of a car that came to help her- were these made up? Really she got in a fight with another woman and made this all up?

    Seriously if you just immediately believe Rueben is innocent then I dont see the difference between you and media.

    1. How often does a victim of domestic violence recant AND offer a video as proof she was lying? Misogynistic maybe, but there is a reason for the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

      1. We’ll see if video is ever released and if there is any way to verify its age and time. There’s also a witness who helped her out and other evidence that the DA has. I’m not 100% that she didn’t make it up (but I’m pretty close to it based on evidence and $ motives for both parties). But you guys thinking for sure that this proves anything is bonkers…

    2. >>Why did she hire a lawyer?

      Because she’s likely in a world of legal hurt due to her false accusations.

  35. This is from last year but I thought it would still be fun and festive:

    Twas the night before Draftmas, when all through the room

    Not a worker was stirring, no janitor nor broom.

    The names were all hung on the draft board with care,

    In hopes that the draft day soon would be there.


    The coaches were nestled, all snug in their beds,

    While visions of prospects danced in their heads.

    Zampese on offense, and Guenther on D,

    Had one more day to overthink the 40.


    When in the war room, there arose such a clatter,

    I had sprung from the office – my big board in tatters.

    Away at the big board, I flew like the wind,

    Poured over the prospects, re-arranging again.


    Is the twitchy, with a motor, and sand in his pants?

    Is his SPARQ score so high that I’ll take a chance?

    If he’s got no red flags, and is medically clear,

    Will he be the name that I want to hear?


    I’ll race to the podium – Out of my way!

    Here is the player for Goodell say.

    “Pick Barnett? Pick Fournette? Pick Foster or Davis?

    Could Howard, Mike Williams, or John Ross now save us?


    Like opening a gift from jolly St. Nick,

    A prospect for me, but who should I pick?

    This one’s real strong, and this one’s real fast.

    This one’s real special – unlikely to last.


    I took one last look at names, by heart I now know,

    I’d sorted each one, in column and row.

    I may return to the list, so I’ll leave on the light.

    “Merry Draftmas to all, and to all a good draft night!”

      1. Here’s a poem for the usual nerds
        Get a life you frickin turds
        You kiss his ass ..then he’ll kiss yours
        Join there group?Get on all fours
        We spit out stats ,we break down plays
        We’re old and white like mayonnaise
        We spend all day the same ol page
        Disagree and feel our rage
        Well call you racist ,we’ll all blame Trump
        Then smack each other on the rump
        We’re the lamest gang you’ve ever seen
        We love crap players like Saloqueen
        We talk football like we’re region scouts
        All day on computers ,were no Dan Fouts
        We are not witty were not real funny
        Hours of tape Razors still a dummy
        Ribicos marching in a antifa mob
        Entitled liberal get a job

        1. C4C and Grinch

          Thanks for the prose AND the poetry in rhyme…now let’s get back to ‘work’ and pick us a winner for next season….

  36. Now, let’s talk about the draft. LB is out of equation at 9. I think they’ll trade down.

  37. Foster just turned 24 a couple weeks ago. He’s still learning some life lessons, yes he’s screwed up a few times but who hasn’t?
    I hope Grant or anyone else is NOT rooting for Foster to mess up again. I hope nobody is wishing for Foster to fail at life. That’s not cool man.

  38. All this fuss about nothing….

    Eat ? ninermd…..your judgemental racist biased discriminatory brain showed your true colors……

  39. So Grant… are you going to act like you never said extremely critical things about the 49ers Ownership, management Et al & the way they have handled this situation?… or are you going to admit that you could be wrong about their handling of this case & admit you just may have falsely accused a man of crimes he was not guilty of?… Looks like the 49ers are taking the right approach no matter what you may have thought or how quick you were to convict Foster without you having a shred of proof… & clearly not knowing as much as the 49ers…

  40. I’m super happy as a niner fan. As a father to a 6 year old girl, well it bugs me. I want this article to be true. But something about mr. foster scares me. I hope I’m wrong. Don’t need another LP.

    1. Foster might indeed have other issues to deal with. That still does not mean that he should be held accountable for something he did not do. An example was Aldon Smith. I felt he was indeed someone who was ready sooner or later to screw up, yet his issue at the air port I felt was not what they accused him of. Those people lack common sense and over react to everything. Another passenger basically validated that he did not say what he was accused as saying , yet everyone still assumes he did.just because of his reputation.

  41. Perhaps the Niners were aware of the tape from jump street, which is why they let the process play out before the crucifixion….unlike most of the usual suspects in here that were quick to try and run him out of town. Funny how a person’s appearance plays such a big factor in the opinions we form about them. For example its widely thought that Kaep lost so much due to his kneeling, but I think there was a segment of fellow niner fans and football fans in general that were perhaps just as bothered by the 70s fro…..maybe a bit much soul power for some.

  42. The DA has Foster in possession of an AR15 SBR(short barreled rifle) which is illegal in California because AntiGun nutjobs think an AR(Armalite Ride) classifies as an “Assault Rifle”. Even though they are semi automatic unless modifed. Which such a modification is a Felony against current la s already on the books.

    Without Foster’s girlfriend he has a case, but it’s flimsy at best because it’s fruit of the poisonous tree, that being a false accusation and no warrant due to illegal action(s).

    I know that you live in the PC capital of America but c’mon Grant, use your head man.

  43. I don’t understand the AR-15 charge. There are hundreds of thousands of AR-15s in this state legally. I must be missing something here because at worst you have to do a few technical changes to the gun and it’s all good. What a crazy State we live in. And I remember a few weeks ago when some of you jumped down my throat because I said basically the same thing would happen when we found out all the facts.

  44. Foster and the California government deserve each other.

    1. Diluted urine sample – shows deceit, trying to get away with something
    2. Kicked out of the combine – so much anger that he is the only one ever kicked out of the combine.
    3. Draft party – shows complete stupidity

    1. A government that ‘will do anything’ to disarm its citizens
    2. A government that thinks that a innate object such as gun/weapon loads, aims and pulls the trigger bye itself is the reason for the violence in this country.
    3. A government that hides and conceal illegals.

    Both parties IMO are deceitful, both are angry, and without a doubt both are about as stupid as one can get. Who to believe? You got me, I don’t trust either one.

      1. Back at you Gregg, really looking forward to this draft. The wait is about over, I have to admit that this draft is breaming with unknown’s – makes it real interesting.

  45. I liked it a lot better when professional athletes’ personal lives were….personal.

  46. The D.A isn’t stupid. If this alleged video existed and it proved that her injuries were caused by another woman, then he would be obligated not to move forward. And yes, it just happened to come out the day before the draft. Also, the doctor who treated her would be able to tell the difference between injuries caused by a female and an NFL linebacker. I don’t buy this for a minute.

    1. It’s going to be exceptionally difficult to prosecute and convict Reuben Foster if she has recanted. I don’t see how that’s going to happen. Coincidence or not, she came forward and recanted. I don’t see how the prosecution can win this case when they put her on the stand and she recants the entire episode under oath. Case will be summarily thrown out of court, IMO. I doubt a doctor could tell the difference between injuries caused by a female, male or a flight of stairs. Enlighten us as to how they could tell. There are some seriously badass woman out there, we just don’t know.

  47. We need Nelson we should do everything we need to to get him today he’s the best player on the draft he’s the best guard since Larry Allen.

    1. C4C

      The consensus always calls Larry Allen the greatest Guard ever…what I remember is that he wiffed on his block and let ‘Rocky’ …’.whatshisname’ have a clear shot at Alex Smith which probably cost the 49ers at least two division championships…to me the greatest guard was the big guy (John something) who played for the Patriots for about 12 years, and retired without a peep of hate….Let’s get one of those…!

  48. Maybe, just maybe, the 49ers organization (re: York, Lynch, Shanahan) asked Reuben Foster what happened and he told them that she was making it up to get back at him. We fans don’t know what transpired, none of us our privy to those conversations. Many people were calling for the 49ers to release Foster based on the accusations but they were patient and stated “they would wait to see if the allegations were true” before they simply released Foster on his ex-girlfriend’s word. Due process people. Innocent until proven guilty. This is still America, right? Seems like they should get some credit for trusting his word rather than bowing to public sentiment.

  49. I can’t remember a draft where the 49ers had such an early pick in the 1st rd where there was absolutlely no consensus. Most of us Grant included in our mocks, pick the player that we would pick if we were in charge. I wonder how different our mocks would be if we were trying to guess who Lynch was picking. If you were trying to win a bet on who the 9ers will pick would your mocks be different? I will predict who I think Lynch is going to choose. I will make 1 pick if they trade up, 2 picks if they stay at 9 and 2 picks if they trade down.
    I think there is less than a 10% chance they will trade up but if they do it will be Chubb. I believe there is about a 70% chance they will stay at 9 and the pick will be Ward or Nelson if he slips. I believe there is about a 20% chance they will trade back and if they do I think they will choose Davenport or Landry. Anyone else want to try their hand in getting inside Lynch’s head and predicting who he will pick? Grant you want to take a shot?

    1. Would be amusing if they traded Garoppolo and a #3 to NE for NE’s 23rd and 31st picks.

    2. I agree about the 10% chance of a trade up for Chubb . If Chubb falls to the 6-8 range teams will demand above chart.

      I value Ward, James, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Edmunds closely. I would not trade up if I knew at least one would be at 9. But there could be a small chance of an insurance trade up to 7 or 8 if Chubb/Nelson are gone, and Lynch is gaga about one of Ward, Smith, James, Edmunds, Fitzpatrick. But it will be at/below chart.

      But agree I think they stay at nine. If they do trade back I think O-line could be a target to. I think pick nine is just inside a nice talent sweet spot. I wouldn’t move out of it for anything less than a second rounder.

  50. So Grant, do you think that Baker Mayfield rumor is true, or smoke and mirrors?

  51. The draft seems it’s being infected with the political virus going around. First it was the bong hit video that dropped during the draft affecting Tunsil’s draft stock, and now the Allen tweets released on the day of the draft. Strategic drops to cause the player to fall down draft boards….

    1. Yes, it costing guys money, and helping teams get their players later. I think teams calculate these rumors for the right time to dig them up and release them.

    2. Yeah, and did you hear about Quentin Nelson?
      Naw, just kidding around, there’s nothing. ?

  52. I’ll just reiterate what I said earlier in this process (while pundits like Grant Cohn and Ann Killion were excoriating the 49ers for not “putting their names on statements” or cutting Foster immediately). The process is not over, but it certainly is not what it appeared to be at the beginning. Killion and Cohn sure have egg on their face though, deservedly so.

    Mr Teebs says:
    April 13, 2018 at 5:32 pm
    I’m really liking that the 49ers are not bowing to public perception/pressure and pundit screeching to do this or do that. They are allowing the legal process to proceed. They are giving their employee a chance to prove his innocence.

    Both the accuser and the accused deserve their day in court. Did Foster do anything/everything he’s accused of? I don’t know and I’m not going to speculate from my armchair while assuming facts not in evidence.

    If he’s found guilty he deserves punishment to the fullest extent of the law, but he’s an innocent man until proven otherwise. If anyone says differently, they don’t deserve the protections that our legal system provides.

  53. Grant,
    It’s Draftmas, can you please change from this topic?
    I’m sure we can revisit this later.

  54. Late December 2018. Score is 31/27. Your team is behind. It’s 3rd and 11 with 8 seconds left. Ball is on the opponent’s 43 yard line. The game is outdoors, it’s 33 degrees, and the wind is swirling. You win, you get a playoff berth. Loose, you’re out. Out of the top 5 or 6 QBs in this year’s draft, who would you want to execute the 3rd down play? Note, your QB has had a rough day up to this point…2 ints and 4 sacks.

  55. I haven’t watched enough tape to differentiate between them, but I’d put Mayfield-DarnedOld-Rosen (in no order) about even for that scenario, a step ahead of others.
    DarnedOld and Mayfield have better mobility to keep a crux play alive, but Rosen might process the fastest.

  56. I prosecute domestic violence cases in California… not Santa Clara County.

    There are very few cases where a victim doesn’t recant shortly after an attack. Victim’s of domestic violence almost always accommodate their abusers behavior until they’re life or physical well being is in danger. Battered women’s syndrome is the name of the phenomenon. There’s also the common sense reasons, in a person’s mind being beaten up does not outweigh the damage the accusations and charges do to the offenders career, livelihood, etc. which has a direct corollary to the victim’s well being. Additionally, most survivors of DV still love their abuser and feel guilty for getting them in trouble.

    I think the most recent study is that it takes seven violent episodes before a victim ends the cycle of violence.

    That’s not to say that false reports don’t happen… it’s just that so many women falsely recant that it is difficult to distinguish legitimate recantations from honest ones. I would say that false reports and honest recantations are quite rare.

    1. Matt T.,

      Thanks for the info. Most of the opinions on here come from a biased viewpoint due to what Foster means to the team and it’s understandable, but this goes far beyond football. At the end of the day I just hope this young man gets his life sorted out and stops the cycle he’s been on.

    2. Took Grant long enough to get someone to post something supporting his position.

      Of course what Matt T says doesn’t mean a darn regarding the Foster situation. Not a darn.

      Lil cohn still looks a total sh*t for crapping over Foster, Lynch and the Niners without any facts to back his “hang ’em to the nearest tree diatribe” regardless of the final outcome.

  57. Follow the Money—-pay-off–trumps lawyer helped–she got want she wanted after he broke-up—MONEY

    1. She’s the alleged victim here, right?

      IF she was beat up, why can’t she chose to get compensated with money rather than the unrewarding sight of her former boyfriend’s career going down the tubes? How does him going to prison help her?

    1. Ha, ha, lil cohn doesn’t even go to Niner away games, even when they’re a drive away in LA or San Diego. Fat chance he’ll go to the draft.

  58. I still think he should be suspended for the entire year. Get his life together. Niners hire a team to stick with him the year and he shows back up next offseason. This would be a win win for Foster and Niners.

    1. shawnrhod

      I do seriously disagree…his separation from his team mates would put him on an island somewhat like Aldon Smith. If you want to discipline him…bench him, but don’t separate him from his team…after all, he is still innocent…

  59. The only person who knows the truth to this story is Ruben and his live in girlfriend. Now, with that being said, he should get away from her or kiss his football career good bye. He should sit down with Aldon Smith, and Ray McDonald, and Ray Rice. Have a good talk with those guys and see how they are doing with their football careers, oh wait, they are no longer playing.

  60. Hello everyone, I must first of all tell you that I am not an English language’s born, and do not live in the United States but in France; I do not know the judicial system in your country.
    If it is true that I am a friendly 49ers’ fan, I shall not justify a violent behavior from a man to his girl friend, under the pretext that he would be a great football player!
    however, I am very surprised that a large majority of those I read seem to be absolutely certain that he is guilty. Imagine once he is truly innocent, what a terrible story this man lives. It seems that it is a couple that are separating themselves here, and the extremities of a heartbreak are not rare in these cases. is there ever a lie among divorce cases, such as those dreadful accusations that can be made like children’s abuse, as I remember a few cases here, to get custody of children?
    yes, that’s not the rule, but it happens.
    So I tried to find out at best, because yesterday there was an audience. I found a rather objective article, telling the facts currently known.
    I retain an important paragraph that I put here, as well as the link:
    “She was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her she would ‘trash his career,’ ” Rickard said in the statement.

    The statement added that “Ennis apologizes to everyone that may have been harmed in this case, especially Mr. Foster.”

    Steven Clark, a criminal-defense attorney and former county prosecutor, said Ennis’ statement carries an extra air of credibility because she issued it through Rickard, a well-regarded attorney in the area.

    “It’s not an unusual situation for a prosecutor to deal with this in a domestic-violence case. But this is more unusual than the classic recanting case because of the way it was proffered by a very experienced criminal lawyer, who would carefully review whether to make a statement,” Clark said. “It clearly undermines the allegation that the severity of injury was caused entirely by Mr. Foster. It creates the potential for reasonable doubt on that issue for sure.”
    source :

    I do not know why these people were torn apart, or why Reuben Foster had a weapon of war at his place (here, weapons are forbidden except for hunters and policemen), but what I do know is that a young man with a heavy past and a bad karma may miss his life. relentlessness is a very bad thing, always.
    Thanks for reading me.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and I hope you will feel at liberty to post more often in the future. I imagine the French woman get vindictive too when you break up with them. It’s a pretty universal emotion. Glad to have you as a fan!

      1. Thank you for your welcome, however I barely have enough things to say, and I do master too little language except for reading, which suits me well enough.

        As far as resentment is concerned, it’s not a gender issue, I think, neglected men or women can resort to idiotic and insane acts.
        For domestic violence, in France, one woman dies every 3 days, and 1 man every 14.5 days. it is absolutely atrocious and must not be diminished. nonetheless, no one should be convicted ‘a priori’, that was the way of my message.
        have a good day, and great pré-season ; )

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