Richard Sherman explains why Robert Saleh will be an NFL head coach: “He’s a football genius.”

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, left, greets Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin before an NFL football game between the 49ers and the Steelers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019. (AP Photo/Ben Margoe

SANTA CLARA — I asked Richard Sherman a couple questions about Robert Saleh Monday in the locker room. Here’s what Sherman said.

ME: Does Robert Saleh strike you as a future head coach?

SHERMAN: “He 100-percent does. I don’t get to call those shots but, if people are being smart, they will understand how prepared he is. If he ever gets a shot to interview for a head-coaching job, he’ll blow them away.”

ME: In that interview, what impression would he create?

SHERMAN: “That he’s a football genius. He understands the ins and outs and the nuances not only of coverage, but of friggin’ the play of the front seven, the offensive line, friggin’ their protections, which whey they slide, whether it’s 2-Jet, 3-Jet, 200-Jet, 300-Jet, quarterback drops, what they mean, third-down defense, whether it’s third and two to three, four to six, etc., etc. His preparation is so meticulous, it’s ridiculous.”

Q: You don’t have to be a football genius to be a head coach. You have to be a people genius.

SHERMAN: “Right. And that’s what I think he has been better at. Everybody has their different strengths and weaknesses. He’s much better at relating to people and relating to his team and having a feel for a team, because he has been around so many great coaches in Kyle and Pete Carrroll and Ken Norton and friggin’ Gus Bradley, Kris Richard – he has been around guys who have been great at dealing with players and people, and I think he has taken snippets from each of them.”

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      1. Due to their past successful history. I think Niner fans, in particular, have little patience and want things now. I suppose it is part of the immediate gratification mentality. They were also critical of Lynch and Shanahan and their rebuilding plan. Some were ready to fire those two as well because they couldn’t understand their plan for building a team from the ground up. They would have preferred they spent their capital to fill holes with expensive free agents or vets gotten through trades for future draft choices. Well, the Rams are an example of what can happen when you shoot your wad for short term success. It doesn’t always work out, even if you have the talent.

        Shanahan and Lynch were on the same page with respect to their long term plan. They made a few smaller mistakes, but their long-range plan was sound and that is why the Niners are now where they appear to be. That being having a contending team with an even brighter future.

        I can say that I could see where they were going right from the beginning and along with a few others defended their methods against the immediate gratification naysayers. Not to say I told you so- I am also sometimes wrong- but to let this be a lesson to those that could not see outside of their narrow traditional box’s. We can all learn from our past misperceptions. The main lesson is that it is better to wait and see before making rash comments.

    1. The firing speculation came after the 4-12 season. In the last 4 games, the Niners beat the Broncos,broke the Seahawk streak, and barely lost to the Bears. The Rams played their starters in the last game, and eventually became a SB participant. Those games were not full of poor defensive play.
      I thought Saleh would be the sacrificial goat if the team did not improve. KS, and even JL would not be fired, so Saleh was the next target, if the team had another losing season.

    1. They spent the 2nd pick in the draft on one DE, and next years second along with this years second rounder and $21 mil on another DE. Of course the DL coach has been upgraded.

      The other guys are all playing almost exactly as they did a season ago, and that added pass rush along with the addition of Alexander is where the improvement is coming from.

      Regarding Saleh, while many were screaming for him to be fired last year I kept pointing to the offensive turnovers, bad special teams coverage and the lack of any additions to the pass rush. He was a one legged man in an @$$ kicking contest last year. Shanahan/Lynch knew this and it’s why he was kept around.

      1. jack, this years 2nd was deebo! they gave next years 2nd and 100 mil to get Ford!

        the D sucked last year cuz and the year b4 ‘cuz we had DT’s playing D end!! period!
        its no big complex mystery!!! geez! Buckner was by far the best pas rusher…..he played inside…..and the guys rushing from the edge were natural DTs as well!!! it really is that simple…..such lack of talent….that guys played out of position!!! DTs don’t have the speed to have an impact rushing from the edge every down! Everyone on here bashed AA and ST…as well as RS……up to less than a month ago! No pass rush = a poor secondary…… now that we have 2 studs on the edge……Armstead and Thomas look much better as the 4th, 5th, 6th option.
        Heck, while were at it……the line backing core was pure sh ii too!! big upgrades there didn’t hurt!

        1. what were witnessing……is something special! enjoy it. reminds me of ’11…..when for the first time in years….we started catching some breaks! the ball finally bounced our way! we were hoping it would for a few years prior…..but it just didn’t!
          Everyone forgot about KS being the best young bright offensive mind in the game….in large…because HIS UNDERSTUDY landed with a talented team with a good young qb …..and caught the breaks that KS couldn’t! im just fine w KS learning the hard way…..learning how to be a HC….not just an OC!
          Everyone bashed JL for having a tv job prior……but that dude brought something to the table we badly needed……something we haven’t had since carmen policy and DC ran that FO……RESPECT! Baalke was the clown who but kissed his way to the top …..hes probably the one who dimed out McCloughan for the vodka in the Gatorade bottle……and chased JH off. in hindsight … that its all coming together…..I prefer KS and the high powered offense to JH and the run the ball and play D system he ran…..especialy in this day and age

          1. and yes, JL’s first 2 draft picks were turds…..but they actually look better seeing what Trubisky is!!! passing on that guy was smart…..Mahomes and Watson are studs….but at the time…the league soured on athletic running qbs……and they were waiting for KK! thankfully JG landed in our lap…..I think KK will be our veteran back up once he finishes that contract w the Vikings.
            And although they crapped out on ST and RF……they did well in mid to late rounds…..and judging from this years draft…..I think JL has it figured out! again, he was respected around the league from day 1!! Stars CHOOSE to come here again……other FO’s deal with us……he learned the aspects, like the draft , the hard way as well…….and were the ones benefiting now!

        2. « this years 2nd was deebo! they gave next years 2nd and 100 mil to get Ford! »

          Nick Bosa was the 2nd pick in the draft, big fella.

          $21 mil is the amount of cash the 49ers are paying Ford for this season.

          The rest of your comment is pretty much what I already wrote, but with those cool exclamation points.

          1. jack,i see now…this years 2nd overall and next years 2nd rounder….i thought you meant two 2nd rounders….this year and next… could have said a first and a 2nd rounder, would have been less confusing. your tone indicated you were complaining about the price we paid for an elite pass rush?? i hope thats not the case…..considering we got 2 players , not just 1. The bears paid a much steeper price for Mack….and 1 guy can be blocked easier than 2.
            All offseason i applauded the aggressiveness in witch they displayed attacking the pass rush and wr positions…..the undoubted weaknesses of this team… the specific order mentioned above. The lack of a pass rush crippled the entire D……and Pettis, Bourne and Taylor weren’t gonna cut it!! Forget about talent….we lacked warm bodies at the wr position! you factor in LB and the addition of KA….and i was proud of the FO this offseason. i understood there weren’t a lot of realistic upgrades to be made in the secondary….and that those high draft picks deserved 1 more shot …especially now that we have a pass rush. The FO proved they will be aggressive next offseason filling holes there and it will become more clear and they’ll have a better sense of witch positions to prioritize. right now id say SS….the jury is still out at FS with Moore.

            and for the record….i miss the days when Jack, prime, bay and myself where the jerks of this blog…….Seb is something else altogether!! that guys an abomination!!!! hes by far the worse blogger ive seen in the 8 years ive been here and its not even close!!!!! because of him, i rarely visit or post here anymore

            1. “your tone indicated you were complaining about the price we paid for an elite pass rush??”

              Nope. Just pointing out that they improved the players, so it’s natural that the position coach looks improved.

              1. Jack, do you also think the change to a more aggressive front is helping to make the DL (and D in general) look better?

              2. That would support the idea the DL coach has something to do with the improvement then, and ergo is an upgrade from Zgonina.

              3. Or the idea that Ford/Bosa are more explosive than Cassius Marsh, and they’re now able to move Armstead inside when those two are on the field which is his better spot.

              4. I think part of it comes from being asked to read and react less on first and second down, too. In past years seemed to me there was more players being tasked with filling gaps than shooting gaps on early downs. On 3rd down, sure, the difference is likely more just to do with the personnel.

              5. Jack and Scooter:

                I thought I read somewhere that Kocurek is the one calling the defensive fronts. Two questions:

                1) Is this normal in the NFL?

                2) If so, it doesn’t seem to make sense that the DL coach can call a DL alignment independent of what the secondary guys are doing?

                Also, if this is true, then it seems that Saleh doesn’t deserve all the credit. Still, I find it hard to believe that this is the case, but don’t know which is why I’m asking.

              6. The pass rush and secondary work in harmony, just like dancing with the stars. I know Jack Hammer begs to differ, but Kocurek and Woods are upgrades, and leave little doubt in my mind their contributions, to some degree, have helped fuel Saleh’s success….

              7. Woods is working with the same guys as last year. The team didn’t make any investment in that group.


                Kocurek and Woods have input in what the defense is doing, similar to how the QB coach/WR or RB coach has input on the offensive side.

                Giving Saleh all the credit isn’t completely accurate, but he gets it because at the end of the day the performance of the unit as a whole falls on the leader, and that’s him.

              8. Joe Woods was the DC of the Broncos. He is helping Saleh become a better DC, because he does not only concentrate on the DBs, but helps integrate every position into a cohesive unit.

              9. Giving Saleh all the credit isn’t completely accurate, but he gets it because at the end of the day the performance of the unit as a whole falls on the leader, and that’s him.

                That’s all fine and dandy, but Saleh being the leader he is, would point to both those coaches as being instrumental in the success of the defense.

                The next step, who’s the favorite to replace Saleh? Woods? Kocurek? My dark horse is DeMeco Ryans….

              10. “Giving Saleh all the credit isn’t completely accurate, but he gets it because at the end of the day the performance of the unit as a whole falls on the leader, and that’s him.”

                Yes. I’ve said this many times as the way it is for the guys at the top. You’ll notice that in my post I used the phrase “deserve all the credit”.

            2. Considering your motormouth stream of consciousness, run on sentences, weird use of exclamation points, poor spelling (which, not witch), and lack of reading comprehension, I am glad you do not post here more.
              Go to NN, they like jerks like you.

              1. this is ONE reason no one likes you seb….you act like an English teacher on a football blog and dedicate an entire post to nothing but insults , not once mentioning football….but if I clap back…youll play the victim! lmao! pathetic ! your less than a man.

              2. And like you said, you are a jerk. Do not call yourself a jerk, and expect others to not take up your own definition of yourself.
                I do not mention football? What planet are you from?
                If you want to insult me, please do not whine and cry, when slapped down. I was responding to your diatribe against me, and feel perfectly fine in giving rejoinders.

              3. I am just calling him what he calls himself.
                ‘ i miss the days when Jack, prime, bay and myself where the jerks of this blog.’
                Maybe he should not lead with his chin.

              4. Yes, name calling, personal attacks, and “you should go…”
                SebRaider’s usual stock in trade. Nothing new here. Nothing to see, move along.

              5. Marty, j wanted to go to NN, because I was banned there.
                Name calling? Insults? Look in a mirror. You just name called and insulted me by calling me Sebraider.

              6. Blog, don’t take anything Seb says seriously. He said so himself.

                If I were serious, would I ask posters to scroll past my posts?
                If I were truly serious, I would flood the Niners with emails.

                Just remember that when your reaction to his next post is “he can’t be serious….”

              7. Guys, guys, guys. Let’s keep in mind Seb is just a die hard 49ers fan wanting the team to win multiple rings.
                Along the way he is looking for validation and to show he is smarter, more innovative, and legendary to this blog.
                Show some respect please!

  1. Did Mr. Sherman actually use the word “friggin'” throughout the interview, or do you have hyper-risk-averse editors at the Press Demo?

  2. Good article glad to see you eating crow.
    Shame you weren’t able to ask Sherman his thoughts on the new practice squad player from Detroit..
    To go from a second round pick to PS, what’s the story ?

    1. More on Tabor from Detroit…

      Partial clip…

      Speed matters
      Tabor ran a 4.62-second 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, and he was even slower — reportedly in the 4.7-second range — at his Florida pro day. Good linebackers run in the 4.5s these days. Heck, five defensive linemen ran sub-4.6s at this year’s combine. So it’s a huge issue for a cornerback to be that slow.

  3. I’ve been critical of Saleh’s personnel decisions which misaligned, Thomas, Moore and Reed among others. Although the 49er D has improved dramatically there are still an extraordinary number of penalties and missed tackles. These are areas normally attributed to coaching. Finally, there is the issue of player development. Before the arrival of Kociurek and Woods we actually had players regressing, notably Colbert, Witherspoon and Thomas. Someone has to bear the responsibility, for the indisputable assessment that we were the worst defense in football for the past 2 years

    1. Someone has to bear the responsibility, for the indisputable assessment that we were the worst defense in football for the past 2 years.

      Checked a few NFL stat sites–yes, the 9er defenses in ’17 and ’18 were pretty bad, but not the worst. I suspect that really doesn’t matter.

    2. Yeah, I’ve been with you there, Hack. Up until now, I wasn’t sure if the large improvement in the defense wasn’t more due to the new hires (Kocurek and Woods) as well as Lynch finally getting some edge rushers. But it sounds like Sherman is strongly vouching for Saleh. I said before that the guy at the top gets the praise or the blame whether they deserve it or not. Until now, I wasn’t sure that Saleh deserved the praise, but Sherman confirms that he does. Good for Saleh.

      1. You can trust Sherman to not gild the Lilly. I remember he was defending him when others were calling for his head. We need to remember all the personal changes they made in such a short time. That included the entire defense changing schemes. Add the injuries and the number of rookies on the team and it is no surprise that it took a bit of time.

    3. In 2016, the Niners were ranked 32 in yards allowed.
      In 2017, the Niners were ranked 23 in yards allowed.
      In 2018, the Niners were ranked 13 in yards allowed.
      In 2019, the Niners are ranked 3 in yards allowed.
      There has been steady improvement over the last 4 years

  4. I agree, Saleh is very smart, but generally, the HC position should go to a more well rounded coach, who has experience with the offense. I will not call him a genius. I reserve that honor for coaches like Bill Walsh. He changed the game. Saleh is effectively implementing the Pete Carroll defensive scheme.
    He would need an OC like Quinn had with KS, or McVay has with DC Phillips, for it to work.
    Saleh will stay as DC, and get playoff experience.
    However, if the Niners win the SB, Saleh would probably have several offers.
    Saleh is doing well, mainly because JL went out and got Ford and Bosa. Another big factor may be the addition of Woods, with his DC experience, and Kocurek, who has his D linemen playing fast.

    1. I believe that it has been said that Saleh, once it was in place, began to add his own tweaks to the Carrol scheme. I believe this is what Sherman is referring too. He is becoming creative. That is the correct way to operate. Set the foundations first and then add creativity.

      1. will, i don’t mean to jump on you….but it drives me nutts that everyone refers to that D as “pete Carrol’s”!!!!

        That’s George Sieferts D!!!! Carrol was under George, therefore he should get the credit!! GS won 2 superbowls with that D waaaayyyyyyy b4 cheatin Pete! Pete washed out of the nfl, and only became relevant again by cheating at USC!!!!!

        To be fair, they both learned that D from an old timer they worked for when they were coming up coachimg college football…..cant recall the old timers name……but since GS was using it when he coached here under Bill Walsh……and when he was the head coach…….GS made that D famous and won many more SBs than pete did…..and about 3 decades prior as well!!!!!! 49er fans are the last ppl on earth that should be referring to that D as petes or seattles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. No, Pete Carroll did not copy exactly what George Seiffert did. He borrowed many concepts, but the 4-3 under, single high safety, Legion of Boom was Pete Carroll’s creation.
          Yes, they all borrowed from Joel Collier, but Pete Carroll devised a scheme that utilized unique players, set in both single gap and 2 gap schemes. He called it essentially using 3-4 players in a 4-3 system.
          While I dislike Pete Carroll, and hope the Niners beat him every time, I will acknowledge that he built an effective defense and won a SB with it. Every defense is constantly evolving, so the Tampa 2 and Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense, may be obsolete, yet many teams still utilize their concepts. This is just like the WCO. KS may say he has a totally different scheme, but there are many recognizable concepts. Like in the WCO, KS utilizes a fullback. He floods zones, attacks a position, and sets up plays with previous plays..
          Now, we have the Wide-9, to counter those OZ runs and jet sweeps.

          1. please don’t respond to my post. I cant stand you, you just insulted me above without the stones to mention me by name. every comment is NOT directed towards you English teacher. We don’t appreciate your interpretation of whats found on google in regards to every bit of information or question posed here. You seem to add words and phrases anyway in an attempt to come off as some sort of all knowing genius instead of just summarizing ……sad really.

            1. j, you just mentioned yourself as a jerk. I just repeated what you said about yourself. Get a clue. If you do not want to be referenced as a jerk, do not call yourself one. You are too easy.
              Maybe you should not mention my name. You cannot attack me with ad hominem screeds, and not expect any feedback. Your comment came after my post. Stay off my posts, and ignore me, and I will ignore you.
              Your past posts just show you think you know what you are saying, but like Jack said, you just repeated what he said, but took hundreds if words to say it, and in a barely legible manner.
              Since I have been on this blog, the English written has improved greatly, because many are afraid to be called out by me. Your message would carry more weight if it did not look like it was written by a remedial English student. If you ignore me, I plan on scrolling past your posts, because I do not like the English language butchered. A grown man, writing so illegibly.
              It’s sad, really.

              1. Since I have been on this blog, the English written has improved greatly, because many are afraid to be called out by me.


              2. “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”
                ~ A. Einstein

              3. Since I have been on this blog, the English written has improved greatly, because many are afraid to be called out by me.


              4. “Since I have been on this blog, the English written has improved greatly, because many are afraid to be called out by me”

                Then you wonder why people pinata you around the blog Seb.
                The ego is outstanding!

              5. Seb
                Grow up and stop the name calling. Your very boring when you do this!
                I don’t pretend to speak for anyone else on this blog but I also think that the majority of the people on this blog are also sick and tired of your dribble.
                Stop acting like a child.
                Stick to the facts and stop trying to one up everyone else.

              6. Sponge, j wrote- ‘i miss the days when Jack, prime, bay and myself where the jerks on this site.’
                Maybe you should chastise j for calling himself a jerk.

              7. I cannot speak for everyone else on this site, but I carefully proofread every post, because I know that any misspelled word would be pointed out.
                I expect others have done the same thing.

              8. spong bob, careful.

                Your very boring when you do this!

                Though I do have to respect a one man resistance to the Seb steamroller that has cowed this entire blog into shameful near perfect complete sentences and elimination of homophones.

              9. Sebs, you were making your point–and then you had to go and put your nose up in the air…THATS what pisses everyone off…………..and then i have to remind myself of something I figured out many several years ago: this is sport for you.

            2. To be fair J, he is right.

              Carroll majorly “tweaked” Seifert’s scheme. To say it’s Seifert’s scheme is akin to saying Bill Walsh just tweaked Air Corriell’s (sp?) offense.

            3. Seb is brilliant. He throws out another sticky board “Since I have been on this blog, the English written has improved greatly, because many are afraid to be called out by me” and his detractors jump on it. I’ll never understand why people here give him power. Guess they can’t help themselves.

  5. “That he’s a football genius. He understands the ins and outs and the nuances not only of coverage, but of friggin’ the play of the front seven, the offensive line, friggin’ their protections, which whey they slide…”

    Whey? Very interesting misspelling. Do you record these conversations and then use the speech texter to convert to print?

  6. Niners move from 17th to 12 in a ranking by Doug Farrar. I found this quote from the article about KS interesting:

    “One way in which you can rate coaches is how often they’re able to take unknown players and turn them into stars in their systems. Few offensive designers have done a better job of this than Kyle Shanahan this season. Running back Raheem Mostert, who’s been with five different teams in his five-year career, has been a productive member of San Francisco’s multi-tiered run game, as has red-zone back Jeff Wilson, who has four rushing touchdowns on just 18 carries.”

        1. Another distinct advantage we’ll have is rest. The Browns traveled to Maryland, and then back home. Now they have to fly to San Francisco. If the game is close in the 4th quarter, the odds would seem to favor the 49ers….

        1. No, I was just needling Ore with his own words.
          This went right over your head, so I will not try to enlighten you.

  7. The Niners have a good chance to win, because their run defense has been stout. Solomon Thomas is important, because he provides depth, so they can rotate linemen, and keep them fresh.
    Chubb ran wild in the end of his last game, because the Ravens were gassed.

  8. One strategy I hope they employ to stop Baker, is the delayed blitz up the middle. He is kinda slow on his reads, and the delayed blitzer should be able to come in unblocked. Many times, Baker climbed up in the pocket, and took off running. A delayed blitz up the middle would have him running into the blitzer.

    1. Ran Sebbie’s post through a translator — English to Armenian, to Swedish, back to English. I like this result, Sebbie…

      I hope they use Baker to stop the delay, that it’s halfway through the flash. He is good at slow readings, and the delayed bladder should be able to be blocked. Baker often climbed into his pocket and ran out. The average delay would have hit him.

        1. sebnynah says:
          December 27, 2015 at 7:54 am

          I wish to make a prediction. If Hayne touches the ball at least 15 times, he will score or have an explosion play. Of course, it would help if the coaches utilize his skillsets properly, but if Gabbert can get Hayne the ball with those dump off swing passes with space to move, Hayne can make the first tackler miss.

          1. Desperation. Seriously scouring the archives to find anything to attack me with.
            Too bad Gabbert could not get the ball to Hayne at least 15 times.
            Hayne? Was he the guy Baalke cut on the team bus?

      1. Cassie, that’s good Sebbie to English.

        And Seb, don’t be so quick with the put down. It has some fresh ideas, unlike your usual cliche regurgitation.

        1. And if the Levi stadium staff can somehow put the visitors locker room bathrooms out of commission, your “delayed bladder” scheme is genius, your best yet.

          Related: what does Sun Tzu have to say about armies relieving themselves in the field?

  9. The 49ers have added two to their practice squad: OL Jaryd Jones-Smith and CB Teez Tabor. They released OL Will Holden and OL Ryan Pope to make room.

    Jones-Smith is a curious signing given his size, and the fact he’s not very good on the move.

  10. “The San Francisco offense currently ranks No. 2 rushing the football, No. 3 in scoring, and No. 4 in total yards. The defense ranks in the top eight in points, passing yards, rushing yards, and total yards allowed.”

    -David Bonilla

              1. Not quite. There’s a group of 3-4 who can’t seem to be able to help themselves.

                But please, feel free to blame everyone else.

              2. When the blog was good and there was exceptional posters, and mutual respect, it was because it was monitored daily.
                And when a poster caused too much friction like Seb does. He was ousted.
                So you can blame others and myself for calling out Seb’s BS all you want, the issue is a guy who provokes a lot of people on purpose.

          1. Jeez Jack! This from you, the guy who will argue back and forth for days on end over inconsequential minutia? Really?
            “Meaningless” x10,000,000,000………? Yeah, OK, you’re the voice of reason

            1. Maybe you don’t know the difference between debating football topics and just b!tch!ng at someone.

              BTW, turtles are cool.

    1. Scooter:

      I had a question for you above, where you and Jack were discussing Saleh’s success. Not surprised if you missed it given all the drivel today. Anyway, if you want to provide a response, do it here as it’s hard to find posts above.

      1. Tbh I’m not sure how common it is for position coaches to call alignments on a play. And I’m also not sure to what extent (if any) Kocurek does this. But if he does, he would need to be doing it within the structure of the play called by Saleh. Both Kocurek and Woods will have input to the play design and game plan though, and I suspect this is where Kocurek’s involvement in the DL front/ alignment is mainly felt.

          1. I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves there. If they continue to have a strong D and the 49ers do well he will likely be a name that gets some traction next season, but doubt he is a serious HC option end of this season.

            In terms of who could take over, Woods has experience.

    1. His bio….Sam Penix, Obsessed Cleveland Browns fan and Pro Football Focus Analyst.

      Remind me again how reliable the PFF grades are…

      1. Remind me again… How many $$$$$$$$$$$$$ does PFF rake in? Like ’em or not, PFF is a magnet for big bucks. Time will tell if PFF services have real value.

          1. How would you explain the traction PFF is getting? Are they swindling multiple sports media outlets, all 32 NFL teams, most/all(?) NCAA D1 teams, etc.?

            I’m not vouching for them. Too, I’m not dismissing them. Way too easy to claim snake oil.

              1. Yeah, I’m not buying this because the decision makers are older experienced people who know that analytics are to be considered but don’t solely base a decision off of them. In other words, we’re not talking about people who have lived their whole lives steeped in technology.

                I think that if they didn’t find some value in PFF analytics, they wouldn’t buy in. Do the Patriots subscribe to PFF?

              2. “Are they swindling multiple sports media outlets, all 32 NFL teams, most/all(?) NCAA D1 teams, etc.?”

                PFF does a great job of analytics which are totally separate from the grading. From a team point of view, if I can buy data which shows what teams do from x personnel on y down and distance for example to cross reference off the work my staff is already doing, it’s a smart move. That’s what teams are buying.

              3. PFF analytics is like a Dodge Charger. PFF grades is like the Dodge Omni. Both built by same company, one a good quality product the other a piece of junk that had certain value but was a poor product, nonetheless.

                Just because a company makes a certain quality product doesn’t mean that all their product line is worthwhile.

      2. I would say they are fairly reliable, not incredibly accurate but they are getting better.
        They normally have the best players grade out at the top which is good when looking at the eye test. However, they are still fairly new in terms of grading so their formulas are subject to over or under valuing certain data points. For this reason their grading systems are tweaked almost every year.
        I personally think they over value run blocking/defense metrics in their grades but believe this too will be changed when more data is accumulated.

  11. Okay…

    Drunken sailors aside, I’m thinking Niners 34, Browns 26.

    Unsure if it’ll happen, but wanting to have Levi’s rocking like Candlestick used to on those MNF games back in the day. Should be perfect conditions weather-wise.

      1. I’m worried about our secondary. OBJ and Landry are pretty darn good. Of course, Mayfield has to get them the ball and our front 4 is pretty formidable. They took it to the Ravens on Sunday so I’m expecting a hard fought performance from the Browns.

          1. Sure. But how do you see Ramsey, Sherman and Witherspoon in terms of a starting lineup? I would guess Witherspoon would have to take the back seat and not start. As entrenched veterans with egos, Sherman and Ramsey might not like the idea of not starting.

            Also, I do think there is some concern about the salary cap. I would agree with you that if we only have to give up a 1st, then that’s not as much of a problem. But what about Staley? If he has to retire, then we will need a LT in the worst way. Having a first gives them more options to get the best LT either in the draft or via trade. OTOH, maybe Skule turns out to be an unbelievable find. He played well except for the 4th Q, which might have been caused by fatigue.

            The team just brought in Meeks who is a CB on the Chargers PS. If they sign him he has to be on the 53.

  12. Benjamin Albright thinks the 49ers might trade for Emmanuel Sanders. Posey over at NN likes the idea, but this is Sanders last year on his current contract and he is 32.

    Justis Mosqueda

    Sep 30
    (trade for Manny Sanders @packers)

    9 replies7 retweets112 likes
    Reply 9 Retweet 7 Like 112

    Benjamin Allbright

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @AllbrightNFL
    Replying to @JuMosq
    Have a feeling itll be Niners.

  13. tjf says:
    September 28, 2019 at 8:04 pm
    See if this nugget from Wikipedia reminds you of a certain frequent poster here….

    From Wikipedia: The Dunning-Kruger Effect:

    “In the field of Psychology, the Dunning-Kruger Effect is a “Cognitive Bias” in which people of low ability have an “Illusory Superiority” and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

    Without the self awareness of “Meta-cognition” , low ability people cannot objectively evaluate
    their actual competence or incompetence”

    PT says:
    September 28, 2019 at 8:08 pm
    And that’s the post of the year!

    Franklin says:
    September 29, 2019 at 9:15 am
    “ I wonder if you think I had low cognitive ability…….”
    Yes, indubitably. The evidence is overwhelming. Any time you wonder that, count me as a Yes.

    sebnynah says:
    September 29, 2019 at 9:39 am
    Bah, I invite scorn from you. Your football knowledge is sparse, so you try to make up with it by attacking me.

    REPLY: I agree with PT. It was the post of the year. Throwing in some ‘self-deception’ where person S (Seb) believes that he has a high IQ , yet is barraged with facts opposing this, such as, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, or his obvious narcissism and projectionism issues, I would say we have a candidate for Napa’s Sanitarium Intake.

    Maybe we could start a wellness fundraiser for Seb while alerting the Press Democrat of the problem?

  14. San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns odds and pick – Week 5, 2019
    48 mins ago •

    Line: 49ers -3.5, o/u 46.5

    Cleveland’s offense ranks 12th with 380.3 yards per game, 15th with 22.3 points per game, 12th with 263.5 passing yards per game and 14th with 115.0 rushing yards per game. The Browns’ defense is 13th in giving up 335.0 yards per game, 15th in yielding 22.8 yards per game, 8th with 215.3 passing yards conceded per game and 21st in allowing 119.8 rushing yards per game.

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