Richard Sherman not sentimental about former Seahawks teammates

FILE – In this Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, file photo, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman (25) warms up before an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, Fla. Sherman will see his former team up close on Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers visit the Seahawks, he’ll find a Seattle team that’s not backsliding. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio, File)

SANTA CLARA — Richard Sherman could have said something nice Thursday afternoon about his former team, the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks and 49ers will play each other Sunday in Seattle. This will be the first time Sherman will face the Seahawks, where he starred from 2011 to 2017. The Seahawks cut him during this past offseason after he tore his Achilles tendon.

On Thursday, Sherman met with Bay Area reporters to discuss the upcoming matchup with the Seahawks.

Sherman could have started by saying something nice about Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who played with Sherman for six seasons. Those two won a Super Bowl together in 2014.

It started when a reporter mentioned to just how dangerous Wilson can be when he scrambles. Sherman could have agreed with the reporter and praised Wilson. No way. Sherman ripped Wilson. “I’ve also seen him throw five picks in a game,” Sherman said. “You see what he’s capable of on both sides of it. You understand that he can be defended.”

So much for loyalty to a former teammate.

“I don’t really have a relationship with Russell,” Sherman continued. “We were teammates, and we played during a very special time for the (Seahawks) franchise.”

Meanwhile, Thursday afternoon in Seattle, Wilson gushed about Sherman. “I have tons of respect for Sherm,” Wilson said, courtesy of “He is going to be a Hall of Fame corner. The thing I respect about Sherm more than anything else is how he brings it every day at practice, even when he’s hurt. He didn’t have to — he’s an All-Pro player. To be able to go up against him in practice every day helped my career, helped build my understanding of the game and confidence. I’m grateful for that.”

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  1. Guess we know now where those rumors of locker room discontent in Seattle the last couple years was coming from.

    Wilson got the deal. Sherman didn’t. It’s all about the benjamins.

    Sherman comes off like a punk in his interview today.

    1. Sherman probably comes off like a punk because he is a punk. The guy can string together a few sentences so people act surprised he’s smart. They hold him up as some sort of paragon. Call it the racism of low expectations. Just because the guy is clearly very smart doesn’t mean he’s not also a narcissistic prima donna who sees himself as the center of everyone’s universe. Never liked the guy – never will.

  2. Sherm is butthurt. Still, his comments are accurate. Wilson can be defended. Sherm doesn’t care if he gives Wilson bulletin board material. Sherm wants to be challenged. Sherm wants to pick off Wilson, badly.

    And f#ck Pete Carroll.

    1. Wilson can be defended.

      We’ve just never figured out how! It I’ll be interesting to see how this game plays out!

      What are the chances Sherman dances with a Seattle cheerleader if he picks off a Russell Wilson pass? There has got to be a line on that? Juanhungalo, help us out!

      1. The defense actually held up pretty well against him in both games last season. This year they are relying heavily on the run game which is actually to our advantage so I expect this to be a competitive game.

        1. They also did well against him in the championship game a few years ago… but our qb decided to give seattle the ball 3 times in the 4th quarter.

  3. What’s the sudden deal with treating the seahags like a sacred cow lately?
    Sherman has a right to speak his mind. I don’t have any issue with him not going the cookie-cutter road.

    Let’s see if this makes any sense.
    1. Sherman is a punk because he doesn’t bow to his former team.
    2. But we seem to like the idea of going after Earl Thomas in FA after he “fingered off” his entire team on the field.
    Aren’t we a fickle bunch?

    1. Fickle? We sure are.

      I love how Grant and company are simply outraged at the wanton disrespect shown Seattle. Outraged! Indignant! Offended!

      Nice stagecraft Grant (and pals). You should look into community theater. Soon.

      Morally compromised are we not?

    2. AES,

      I agree it’s pretty strange. Grant has been on an Anti anything Niner run the past few weeks so his position isn’t surprising, but I have no idea why anyone would be offended by a player speaking his mind about a hated rival.

      1. Rocket,
        Many seahags defensive players during their small window of glory felt that Carroll was coddling Wilson and not as critical of his mistakes as he was to others.

        Earl Thomas felt that Wilson was not one of the boy’s and once said that Wilson was “not black enough” which I confess, don’t know what that means but I’m sure is not meant as a compliment.
        Many defensive (and offensive players) felt that the seahags gifted the Pat’s a SB win because Petey simply trusted Wilson on the 1 yard line more than Marshawn.
        Btw, Marshawn may not be very complimentary of Caroll either.

        This whole “respect” thread by Grant is laughable.
        I guess he showed respect to Anthony “Bam” Davis and Aaron Lynch.
        Respect can be a relative term for some.

  4. Sebbie is missing the point…. Sherman and Kyle are shaping the Seahawks! That’s proof all 9ers read this blog–Sebbie’s thinking in particular.

    1. Cassie, it doesn’t stop there! Seattle also reads Sebbie’s posts of wisdom! That’s why for years now Seattle has been getting intel on us by plucking players! They also roll Wilson out a bunch, so that’s proof right there!

      1. Yup. Actions speak louder than words. Seahawks traded back multiple times, and locked up 12 players under rookie contracts.
        Just like I advocated. You may call it an amazing coincidence, but Pete Carroll and I think alike.
        Michael Robinson, Ricardo Lockette, Will Tukuafu, Mike Davis, Michael Wilhoite and Dontae Johnson. They have provided intel so the Seahawks have not lost to the Niners since 2011.

        1. Always slipping on that banana peel. The last time the Niners won was December 8, 2013. The score was 19-17. Still not good, but you’re always stumbling over your own self to make an inane point.

          1. Sorry, I just relied on Larry Kreuger. I thought he said that the Niners had not beaten the Seahawks since that time.
            He said that Kaep was 0-4 against the Seahawks, but was wrong.
            I would have never passed up a chance to tout Kaep and his achievements, so you should rip Larry Kreuger, for being so wrong. Maybe I should not listen to LK, but he sounded so sure of his facts.
            So, yes, Kaep was the last Niner QB to beat the Seahawks. They should sign Kaep, so they would have a better chance to win against them. Thanks again for allowing me to mention Kaep, and his accomplishments.

            1. “I would have never passed up a chance to tout Kaep and his achievements, so you should rip Larry Kreuger, for being so wrong. Maybe I should not listen to LK, but he sounded so sure of his facts.”

              Lol! You sound so sure of your facts too Seb! That’s the point! Perhaps LK was wrong or perhaps your comprehension is lacking as we haven’t beat Seattle at home since that time.

              But, as always, you have excuses and you try to redirect the focus.

              You need another Sabatical Sebbie! Perhaps a longer walk about might do you some good! Watch those banana peels though!

              1. Other than you are consistently and brazenly wrong in your sweeping assertions?

                Where you the slowest member of your class or did people just not spend enough quality time with you?

              2. No, East, I am so right, others are now on the trade back strategy. Before, that was scoffed at, by you, included.
                In fact, Seattle followed that strategy and used the draft pick the Niners gave them for Foster, to draft Tedric Thompson, who will be starting against the Niners on Sunday.
                Niners did not follow my advice to avoid the red flagged players, and both Foster and Joe Williams have disappeared like a puff of smoke. Looks like I was right about that.
                I do admit I am wrong, at times. I am wrong to think you could stop haunting my posts in a feeble attempt to throw slime at me. I now know you lack the character and class to avoid being snarky and vindictive.
                Keep trying.

  5. Screw Wilson and screw praising Seattle. They are the scum of the division. Everything Shanahan and Sherman said is right on. No that Sherman isnt overrated. He is. But so is Wilson.

  6. HA! I guess Sherman and Shanahan should follow your lead on saying nice things about others like you do, right Grant? My my…. Getting back to topics that actually matter, lets hope Shanahan can pry away Richard this off-season to replace the clueless Saleh… There’s a reason I’ve been advocating him and last night simply reinforces why.

  7. I’m considering opening a GoFundMe page to help offset the brutal assault Shanahan and Sherman have unleashed upon the Seahawks. The damages are incalculable. Every possible cent will go to Seahawks ownership to use as they see fit, including the retention of top-drawer therapy services for anyone in the Seahawks organization needing support. Seahawks are people too!

    Jed should immediately garnish Shanahan’s wages and send those funds to Seattle as well–probably can’t touch Sherman’s salary.

    Where’s a Kleenex when you need one. Sniff…

  8. In other news, we have the Pac12 Championship Game tonight. Should be entertaining. Could be some mid-round and UDFA talent on display.

  9. now its Sherman.Is there any 49er you don’t have a beef with?You and your buddy Jack use every excuse to write something negative. It gets predictable and boring.Try some journalism next time

  10. There are interesting storylines for this weekend’s game. Seattle with its powerful rush against a very good rushing defense.

    My guess is the 49ers will seek to make Seattle pass and play against their strength. It will be a good test of this young defense.

    Seattle also protects the ball and well, our team has a hard time taking it away. TO ay be the key difference in this game’s resolution.

    Will RW test Sherman or just isolate AW? My hunch is that he will pick at the edges with Sherman while concentrating on AWs coverage and the LBs.

    Offensively, I think we will run more heavily than usual in an effort to protect the ball, control the clock and keep the game out of RWs hands. I don’t think it will work in the end and Seattle will dominate.

    1. Play action passes. Saleh’s scheme, such as it is, is to sell out to the run. Any team that runs against them is absolutely not taking what the defense is giving them (still a viable concept in the NFL). Pass, pass, pass until the 49ers stop them. After a two TD lead, run out the clock. The 49ers would need 5 field goals to beat them.

  11. This is how Sherman has been his entire career. He speaks his mind – remember his criticisms of Harbaugh back in the day? He is a straight shooter and I like that a lot better than the boring love fest that happens only because of Coaches being paranoid about giving a team material to use against them. A number of defensive players were rumored to be tired of Wilson, not just Sherman, and it was not only because of his play, but because of his protected status with the Coaches and personality.

    Obviously a lot of anger still exists due to the way things ended for Sherm in Seattle, but there were things he didn’t like while he was there and he’s not going to BS about it now that he’s a 49er. My guess is a lot of other players will be more forthright about these issues as they leave Seattle as well. Earl Thomas has already told everybody what he thinks of the team and he’s not officially out the door yet.

    1. Wilson got paid. The defensive guys didn’t. Thus the protected stuff.

      The Seahawks this year are very reminiscent of the 2011-2013 49ers in that for the most part their games are tight.

      1. I think it’s more than just what Wilson got paid. A lot of the reports from that time seemed to be as much about how players felt about him personally as it was his contract or play on the field.

        They are similar to those Niner teams I agree, especially the reliance on the running game.

  12. Jees, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! R U kidding me? How much did that ring set you back Coach/GM, cause you are one disgruntled, sour fella! I’d say the line on Sherm dancing with a Seattle Cheerleader is 5-2. Then again, have you seen the Seattle cheerleaders? Earthy! ;-)

    1. Ha! Right into our trap. The reason we have no pass rush is all of our guys are mudders (like some racehorses). They’ve never had a chance to show their stuff in rain yet. Just wait and see – 12 sacks and 12 hurries. You know- I think I forgot to take my meds this morning. Never mind.

  13. Not sure anyone caught KC’ Kareem Hunt video today. It’s tough to watch, and quite incriminating.
    Not as bad as the Ray Rice elevator incident, but not good either.
    This will not bode well for Hunt and KC.
    The NFL now has two DV’ staring them in the face.

    1. The NFL and KC knew about this when it happened back in April and did nothing. To go back now would only be due to public pressure.

    2. It is a bad look for the Chiefs and Hunt, but one could argue that it is a worse look for the NFL because it continues to showcase the message that talent trumps reprehensible behavior.

      1. Mid,
        Very good call.
        The NFL and CBA need to seriously find a solution to this issue.
        I get a sense the some players don’t fear and take the NFL’ private inside investigators actions that serious.

        Goodell is caught in the crosshairs on this one for sitting on this until a video came forward.
        The ugly greedy underbelly of the sport is rearing itself on this one.
        Time for him and some owners to face the music.

      2. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised. Talent has always surpassed reprehensible behavior (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski are the first two names that come to mind who were there before the recent stuff). There are many other that a blind eye was turned until the public said enough is enough. This is true in politics (Kennedy’s, Clinton and Trump) and in other facets of life.

        The NFL is just a small part of that.

        1. EC9,
          I agree that the issue of DV crosses all professions.
          But the victim(s) who have been ignored in many of these cases need to be heard.

          When were the Chiefs and Goodell going to come forth with this story?
          And if they knew of this video dating back to April why was Hunt allowed to play?

          Someone once said that if you want to know the truth, just follow the money.

          1. AES,

            The issues surrounding DV are far more complex than are sometimes painted in the media. Not to say it doesn’t go on, because I know it does and needs to be addressed, but everyone wants to believe the best of people that they affiliate with and will often align with them regarding facets of their behavior that might be called into question. Think of doctors and lawyers with ethics boards as an example.

            I think this goes on with ballplayers too. And it goes beyond DV to other self destructive behavior as well.

            Tapes make it hard to ignore (and to be fair, I haven’t watched it, nor do I wish to watch it). For the public it will usually raise the ire and consciousness (a picture is worth a thousand words). That is why the shooting in LV seems to resonate with people far more than some of the stories that come out of Sudan, or other hot spots in the world. If we saw the pictures though….

            I remember one of the first big campaigns to end hunger occurred after the Bengladeshi videos were shown to the world. And I remember being incredulous as to how people had not imagined how horrible the situation was prior to the video tape.

            Ultimately, you are right. For people to allow this kind of behavior there has to be a financial gain. These players sell tickets and get people to watch (hence all the personal stories we see on players), and many are very young and come from challenged backgrounds and do not have the means (socially, intellectually, psychologically and most important of those who offer support networks) to adequately address the fame and fortune thrown their way as well as the trials that go with it. The coaches and staff have seen people turn their lives around and also understand those traps. We do not. So we can’t really appreciate them. I can tell you if I had that kind of scrutiny in my early 20s…yikes I might be in orange right now – and I suspect I would be joined by many of my fellow bloggers.

            We can all be disgusted about the behavior and the teams that do this but how many of us decide that’s it. Won’t watch anymore. I don’t. I still watch Polanski movies and feel guilty now and again about it. I don’t think I’m unusual here, though.

            1. Abstainance…

              the only SURE way to assure pure thoughts and minds….get restraining orders against the entire team’s female companionship (Wives, girlfriends, miscellaneous hookers, Etc…) ‘can’t come within 100 feet of the players…all season long….That ought to fix everything

        2. I am not really surprised East, and I do think you hit the nail perfectly on the head with your examples of talent, status, and other ways that are utilized to excuse reprehensible behavior.

          1. You are correct of course, but this does raise another interesting question. Are these athletes model citizens right up the the point they sign an NFL contract? Or, are they part of a (free) farm system where this is allowed but kept quiet? Shanahan has suggested at times that the NCAA farm system is not preparing it’s young players up to NFL standards. Spread offenses and not enough snaps from center as well as fundamentals such as blocking and tackling. Is this just another example? It’s very hard for me to believe that the players who run afoul of the standards of the NFL have not engaged in similar behavior in the past and it has been hushed up in order to maintain the illusion that the players are model citizens. A person who worked for me for many years used to joke that he had a son who went to Penn State and one who went to the State Pen. Only thing is, it was not a joke – it was true. That Aaron Hernandez ended up where he did was a shock to everyone except those who knew him.

      3. I’m actually surprised he was cut.
        This was a case that was very different than Ray Rice. He never actually struck her with any intent to do physical harm, think nba shoving match. He pushed a guy that slammed into her, then basically pushed her over with his foot… more of a bully move of humiliation than one meant for hurt.
        This one of the few cases where the NFL could suspend the player and heavily fine them and put them in counseling…. unless he had prior cases. I’m guessing these cases will be brought up in the next CBA for contract language etc. IE they could institute much larger fines and suspensions in these cases.

  14. Funnily the narrative when Sherman first arrived was that he was way too sentimental about Seahawks. I guess those days are gone. Yeah, Lynch needs to go, but what about Field Marshall Jed ? This clown has no idea what he is doing. Fish rots from the head down.

  15. Looking at some film breakdown of some of the draft eligible WRs this morning, and have to say, the guy so far that I think looks a really impressive prospect is Andy Isabella. At his size he’s pretty much going to be limited to playing the slot, but even so he has advanced route running skills and is both quick and fast to be a threat at every level of the field. He won’t be the first WR off the board by any stretch of the imagination, but he is going to be very good I believe.

    In terms of the super-sized WRs, Metcalf and Harmon look like good prospects to me. Which isn’t exactly news – pretty sure they are the consensus top two big boy WRs. Riley Ridley looks like he has some talent too, but not in the same size bracket and that offense makes it hard to really get a good feel for how good the WRs are. Haven’t looked in depth at any of the other big WRs yet other than Butler, and wasn’t that impressed with him tbh.

    Hollywood Brown also looks good for any team looking for a Tyreek Hill type player.

  16. Elder Cohn tweet: “One more Richard Sherman note. 49ers fans who supported him badmouthing the Seahawks — he’s a straight shooter, etc. — would have been outraged if Russell Wilson said similar stuff about the 49ers.”

    I think it would be far more outrageous if a former player said something. Plus, when our local writer points something out about the team, he’s called a hater and a hack.

    Like it or not, we love the ones who validate what we want to believe about ourselves and those we follow.

    Should any other poster with a martyr complex who had a tendency toward tedious, long winded, and repetitive posts with obvious observations think this applies to them, it doesn’t. This individual is ridiculed for his excess and propensity for slipping on his own intellectual banana peel.

  17. Sorry, but a true professional does not elevate himself in stature by ripping an opponent, especially a player who has been successful and contributed to a SB victory. Just makes Sherman seem small and obviously bitter about his departure from Seattle. He needs to remember that it was a business decision.

    I also remember a Packer playoff game when Favre threw 5 picks.

    Sherman looked like a total stiff and has been last Sunday when Mike Evans of the Bucs ran by him like Sherman was wearing combat boots and running in sand, but no Seahawk player, including Wilson, took a shot at him for looking like an old man.

    I’m sure current and former Saint players are not speaking ill of the performance by Brees last night vs. the Cowboys.

    1. “Sherman looked like a total stiff and has been last Sunday”

      Targeted 5 times, and the result: 5 catches for 113 yards.

      1. I think that Sherman has been living off his reputation and the fact that Witherspoon makes such an easy target. I bet RW tests him some, but more to get under his skin than anything else.

  18. Garnett is out again with the broken thumb. It seems like in the recent past you would see offensive lineman play with a cast on their arm, but I can’t say I’ve seen that recently. I know it’s easy for me to say that maybe he should play, but maybe he doesn’t want to because he’s likely gone after this season, or maybe he doesn’t like to wear a cast or maybe wearing a cast isn’t an alternative. Don’t know.

  19. Word is that the 49ers will likely try to keep Jimmie Ward for 2019 on a one year prove it type deal, and that the 49ers coaches are high on him. Apparently he’s graded out the best in the secondary over the past few weeks.

    1. Ward has not lived up to his 8.5 mil salary, so the Niners should move on from another Baalke bust.
      The Niners should find a younger, more durable player, in the draft.
      If they re-sign anyone, they should re-sign Eric Reid.

    1. Now, how long till he is picked up by someone?

      Juan, you are our resident oddsmaker, what do you think?

      I think that people will wait to see the level of outrage, if any, and then sign him.

    2. He lied about the incident to the chiefs I can see why they would cut him for that.

      To me the video shows him pushing over someone who started a fight with him not aggressively kicking someone with intent to harm while they squatting on the ground. He pushed her over or tapped her with his foot. It’s not sick like Ray Rice beating up his wife. I personally wouldn’t see it as any kind of outrage if another team picked him up.

        1. No. Football players are known for being so strong, their arms and legs should be considered lethal weapons, as in martial arts. They are also trained to accept massive blows. That woman did not look like she was trained in martial arts.
          Men hitting women is not equal at all. Football players less so. Kicking can deliver even bigger blows.
          Bad optics, even without hospitalization.

    1. Andrew,
      Not sure if there is any video, but that’s a good question.
      Tampa police (if there is no video) will likely treat this case the way Santa Clara PD did, and that is go off the victims 911 call and any bodily marks that may bare suspicious physical contact.
      Foster’ second NFL interruption may be small in comparison to what the Tampa DA’ office may proceed with given Foster’ earlier travails.
      This is a sad situation on many levels.

      1. You just think if it was in a nice hotel, in a common area even a hallway there is a camera that got something.
        Unless it was in a room not on one of the 49ers floors.
        TMZ will prob get it first

  20. News flash. President Herbert Walker Bush has joined Barbara in heaven.
    He was a remarkable man, so accomplished and beloved. The way how he greeted Clinton with such warmth, grace, class and dignity, into the White House, made me proud to be an American.
    May he RIP.

    1. Remember the days of Willie Horton, how could the GHWB campaign go with such racism ? How politics could not get any worse? Lee Atwater recanted on his deathbed, did GHWB?

      1. Rib, I guess I am comparing him to the present one………
        I wonder if they will ask Obama to give a eulogy. That would be classy, just like Dub and Barak did for McCain.

          1. I think HW Bush has such a reverence for the office of the Presidency, he will allow the present POTUS to attend. 45 will then have to sit while Dub and Obama tell the world of all the best traits of HWB, and decry their absence in the present Presidency. Maybe they can explain that ‘thousand points of light’ comment.
            Maybe Clinton can say a few words. Then 3 out of the next 4 presidents will get to eulogize HW Bush.

  21. This upcoming Seahawk game will be a daunting challenge. I do not know if Mullens will be up to the task, considering the thunderous crowd noise that makes communicating hard to do.
    I just wonder if CJB may be the more experienced leader. I am not overly impressed with CJB’s skillsets, but he is mobile and has a stronger arm.
    Maybe KS should make it competitive, since they are playing for their jobs. Flip a coin. Either Mullens or CJB starts, and he gets to keep starting, until the Niners fail to score. Then the other QB gets to play until he also fails to score. It would reward success. Mullens could watch CJB and learn from his mistakes. CJB could stretch the field with some long bombs.
    Of course, KS may think it is ridiculous, because it may make it harder to win, but I thought that designating Mullens as the starter was an admission that they want to tank.
    Bet CJB would jump at the chance to play.

  22. OMG the chiefs front office should be fired!! How could they not know hunt hit a woman? What an outrage.. they should know thier players better than that. Why would they even let him suit up without evidence he was telling the truth. OMG.. Fire them all now. Anyhow after this grant like rant, I’ll just say, he did it, lied about it, got caught, got fired, now let’s move on.

    1. Hmmm, do you advocate the same thing for JL, because he did not know Foster got back together with his GF, then smuggled her into the team hotel? JL should have known better.

      1. And this Isint sarcasm, Mahomes was the best pick in the entire draft in my opinion. But the rest of those picks arent doing any better than the guys we drafted. But when the best pick in the draft is your QB, you are way ahead of the curve

  23. Seb… You entirely missed the sarcasm. It’s what guys were saying on here when Foster did what he did. Hint, the words grantlike rant. Was just wondering if the same rants were going to go towards the chiefs front office.

    1. I got the sarcasm. You wanted to rip Grant and others that aren’t happy with Lynch. But people shouldn’t be happy with Lynch.

      You can’t equate what their front office has done to ours. First, they’re a playoff team, we’re not. Second their GM was hired in July of 2017, so he didn’t pick Hunt. Third, Brett Veach had experience in evaluating talent, Lynch didn’t. Fourth, as much as I like KS, he hasn’t proven himself to be a successful HC like Andy Reid has.

      More on Veach, he’s credited for Desean Jackson. And he pounded the table for Mahomes.

      “the trade of Smith cleared the way for the Patrick Mahomes era to begin in earnest. It also brought in cornerback Kendall Fuller and a draft pick and freed up some funds for an offseason that featured the signings of receiver Sammy Watkins, linebacker Anthony Hitchens and defensive tackle Xavier Williams.”

      There’s plenty of legit ways to trash Grant. don’t stoop to posting crap.

      1. Gtfoh.. mahomes was his masterpiece. Great. But I don’t care what kind of experience he had, his draft was no better than Lynch outside of mahomes. Even though that is a plus 100. Experience means he should have hit 4 of 6. Not 1 of 6 like Lynch did with kittle. I’ll rip grant all i want. He comes on here and rips everyone in San Francisco. But he’s quiet when another organization has the same problem in their building. Just like you. “Don’t rip grant”. Lol. So how can I trash him without posting? Put a picture of him on my wall and throw apples? Let me know.

        1. And the sarcasm had nothing to do with being happy with Lynch, it’s the dang double standard. Lynh can screw up a draft and draft Foster,he sucks because he has no experience. But the other guy has experience and allowed hunt to play on his word, without fact checking. But nobody is calling for his job. Sarcasm/double standard. It’s not about Lynch

          1. Yes, I agree. They, too were either incompetent, or complicit…….
            Glad they acted swiftly, too.
            BTW, I may rip JL, but I just want him to give an interview with Grant, so he could do his mea culpas. I still am not calling for JL to be fired, and do not expect him to be. Just by stopping the leaks, he has turned the organization around. He is light years better than Baalke.

            1. sebnynah says:
              November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
              Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              Gonna work on your status today?

              1. Prime, quit obsessing about my status. I do not need to mention that, because legends are humble folk.

              2. Official rankings as of Dec.1st
                4.Midwest Dynasty
                9.Cassie Baalke
                10.Old Coach

                Not ranked: sebnynah

              3. Prime, I think I deserve the rank of……..Kaeptain. ;p
                I also see you left off Jack Hammer and Grant.

              4. Psst, Prime, you are not on the list, either, so maybe you should quit while behind.
                I do not need to diss you, you do it to yourself.

              5. You can’t get ranked with comments like that. You need to up your game amateur.

                Status is everything!

              6. Prime, you obviously do not have status, or class.
                You should stop admitting you are a nothing.
                This is too easy.

              7. sta·tus
                1.the relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something.

                You dont have a status currently. Maybe if you work harder you’ll crack the lineup.However,I doubt it.

            2. Seb. I understand that. But that sarcasm post was literally nothing to do with anyone liking John Lynch. When you’re the gm of a team you’re going to get criticism, right or wrong. But the post was to say, everyone screws up a draft, not because of inexperience, it’s because it’s a crapshoot. The end of the post said exactly what happened, now it’s time to move on.

              1. Steele, it is problematic when JL states- ‘DV is abhorrent, and will not be tolerated now, or ever.’
                It was tolerated earlier this year, because the Niners gave him a second chance.
                It is even more problematic when Maiocco stated that he knew about the October police report, but he did not think it was important enough to inform JL. That sounds like willful ignorance.
                The Niners blew it. They knew Foster was undisciplined, and made poor decisions, both on and off the field.
                The Niners should have inactivated him, and traded Foster away before the trade deadline. Then, they would have gotten something for him, rather than cutting him, and getting nothing. Foster could have generated a third or 4th round pick, because of his talent. They would not have gotten a first or second round pick for him, with all his red flags.
                Yes, the Chief FO should also be getting criticism. It sure sounds like they they were clueless, or another example of willful ignorance.
                Yes, the Niners need to move on. However, if they do not learn from their mistakes, they will keep making the same mistakes. JL mentioned he needs to learn from his mistakes, so he should not have given Foster a second chance.
                Hopefully, they will take my advice, and avoid the red flagged players. KS, too.

              2. “Hopefully, they will take my advice, and avoid the red flagged players. KS, too“

                I’m sure a good word from the 49ers organization will help your status!

                sebnynah says:
                November 28, 2018 at 7:43 pm
                Grant, by calling me a legend, elevates my status,

              3. Prime, you really are obsessed about status. You keep bringing it up.
                Hmmm, maybe you feel impotent and insignificant, because your name is not ranked.
                You really need to try harder.

        2. “Don’t rip grant”. Lol. So how can I trash him without posting?”

          I’ll speak slowly since your reading comprehension is lacking. I said don’t post crap, not don’t post at all. I can’t speak for Grant, but I doubt he would be calling for anyone’s job in KC.

          Again, the situations in KC and SF are different. Not only did Foster have a red flag after the Combine incident, but his shoulder was a red flag too. And again, the GM that drafted Hunt isn’t even there anymore.

          “But the post was to say, everyone screws up a draft, not because of inexperience, it’s because it’s a crapshoot.”

          No sh** Sherlock. But you are more likely to screw up a draft when you draft people with medical/character red flags (Foster had both). Or when you spend the third pick on a tweener, hoping that he’ll be one of the few exceptions to have success at that size. Or when you draft a guy that had literally left his college team.

  24. Hey… For those of us in the greater SF Bay Area–and those who choose to travel there–we should get together over brunch some weekend. Soon. Would be a blast to meet and test our temperament and ability to communicate. Select a public location so there’d be an abundance of witnesses. A location within 5 minutes of paramedic services and easy access to law enforcement would be ideal.

      1. Great idea … Cassie …!!

        How ’bout we all meet …
        at YOUR house .. ?

        (What are the chances we can get Grant to show up
        as well … too ?)

        1. MWN,

          Not that it affects me much, given that I live in another time zone, but you should know that Cassie lives in the ocean, in a cave. And while those of us with gills or great fortitude…(paging the troll who lives under a bridge, but thinks he’s king of the hill) might have a good time with Cassie and Sponge Bob, the rest of us would merely get soaked.

          1. Well, my place IS just around the reef from Bikini Bottom. Once you get past all the sea cucumbers and squat shrimp, things are rockin’.

            I was thinking of coming ashore for some plutonium anyway, so a side trip to meet everyone would be great. Among other things we could play darts and have a round of piñata bashing.

  25. I’m in! How about Seb’s shed? I’m dying to see if it resembles “Woody’s” famous shed in the outskirts of St. Louis, where the Giants would hang during road trips. Or, does it more likely resemble my middle school buddies fort in his backyard where we would hang and smoke cigarettes? I picture Seb’s shed being 10×15, an old plaid couch with a driftwood coffee table. On the center of the table would a bong, the latest edition of High Times. The end table has a lava lamp. On the walls would be pictures of all the adventures and hero’s. Straight across from the couch of course is the new addition. The Nike picture of Kaepernick, taking up a third of the wall. Various pictures of oil rigs, Vietnam protests and a map of Berkeley’s “people’s park”. An old weathered photo of George McGovern. Many other relics to observe. There is a small fridge with beer so that’s a plus. I think we’d have a blast, plus he’s only a few miles from me so the trip would be short! Let’s plan on it! :)

    1. Juan, maybe you should offer your place. Bet you are proud of your Niner man cave.
      I do not want the stench of Baalke anywhere near my place.

      1. oh! … C’mon Sebster …

        The holiday season is upon us … so-o-o … where’s your holiday spirit ?

        You might need to visit your local Wally World ..and buy yourself
        a sense of humor !

        Remember … Cassie isn’t laughing at you …
        she’s laughing ..with you

      2. Easy Sebbie, just sit upwind.

        I’d expect to see a simple shrine to Sun Tzu. Grant’s mugshot (printed screen-grab) would be taped to the fridge door.

        People’s Park….now that takes me back. Watched the National Guard with their M1s w/bayonets taking up the perimeter, Alameda County Sheriff’s Department on patrol–ground and air. Bullhorns everywhere. Just a hint of tear gas.

  26. sebnynah says:
    November 29, 2018 at 1:17 pm
    Prime, legends never die.

    Prime Time says:
    November 29, 2018 at 1:20 pm
    You think you have a status on here? Like we are being ranked?

    You are the biggest fool!

    Grow up and get a life. Legend? Status? Insecure much?

    This song about Seb backs up your funny observation, Prime>>HaHaHa, LoL !
    He’s such an egocrat, he thinks he “can solve all the world’s problems s/o even trying.”
    Too Much Time on My Hands:

    1. TrollD, first you fantasize about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares, then you try to diss me by joking about fighting fires.
      Maybe you should take your own advice and grow up and get a life.

  27. Your right Seb! I am, as I’m sure you’re proud of yours! Unfortunately, I haven’t added an addition to the memorabilia for quite some time. You’d be proud though! I do have a photo of Kaepernick from behind running for that long touchdown against GB in the playoff game. That was before the league figured him out and snuffed him out like an old cigarette butt. The NFL has a funny way of doing that. He’s not the only one to be a flash in the pan player. The annals of the league are riddled with Kaepernicks.
    I don’t think this weekend, or the rest of the year are going to produce anything worth hanging on the wall. It’s gonna be ugly in Seattle this weekend. Have a backup plan for the day. Looks like golf is out.
    Maybe a trip to the shed and then a hike somewhere. Armstrong Woods? The beach?
    I see a score in the area of SEA 27 SF 6
    Take Seattle and the under.

    1. Hope springs eternal.
      Niners, 24-23.
      Quit being so defeatist. True, die hard faithful Niner fans are bold, and hope the Niners do everything in their power to win. Oh, wait, they did not sign the last 49er QB that defeated the Seahawks. Hmmm, maybe they ARE intentionally tanking. Guess Jed is giddy with delight.

      1. 9ers 24-23…….again. Not to mention pining once more for Kaep [insert link to Shane video clip here].

        Be bold. 9ers 24, Seattle 15.

        1. Cassie, he brought up Kaep, so I feel perfectly fine responding. I did not name him, but the inference was clear.
          Since you mentioned Kaep, did you know that I can say that Kaep is a SB QB, who has set playoff records rushing, and even equaled Joe by throwing for over 300 yards and rushing for over 50 yards in a SB? Kaep has an impressive 4-2 road playoff record, and even with numerous drops, had a 90.7 QBR with a 16-4 TD to pick ratio. Even with a 2-14 record due to the incompetence of the defense, Kaep helped lead the Niners to a 6th ranked rushing stat.
          It is unfortunate that Kaep, by silently, non violently and respectfully exercising his First Amendment rights, is being illegally colluded against and he has been blackballed these past 2 years. Kaep should win his lawsuit, because there is a paper trail, and protesting for justice is only restricted in dictatorial regimes.
          Thanks again for bringing up Kaep’s name Cassie. I have usually refrained from bringing Kaep up, because most posters are sick of him, but you seem to like to troll about Kaep. Like a moth to a flame.
          Did you know that some teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep? Soon attrition may force another team to sign Kaep, because the Butt Fumbler is on a team. Barkley proved that a QB can come off the street and win a game, so Kaep can do the same. Luckily, Kaep is in the prime of his life, so he should be able to play for the next 5 years.
          Thanks again for being bold, and bringing up Kaep’s name. Did you know, I could talk about Kaep all day?

          1. “I got you to walk with me
            I got you to talk with me
            I got you to kiss goodnight
            I got you to hold me tight
            I got you, I won’t let go
            I got you to love me so!”

            “Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.”
            ~Elbert Hubbard

            Some people live 24 hours a day exceeding limits!

    1. So, if you’ve bothered to watch the Helena Cinto videos, Seb, I take any weapons grade artillery very serious, and by the way, so should you…You can do better than this dissolutenesss. Helena would not be proud of you overuse of weaponry posts every chance you get…Grow up, and by the way, we haven’t forgotten your white phosphorus incident where you taught grade schoold students to light them off on the 4th of July.
      Kind of degrades America’s stance on freedom, but then, your life lessons are degrations from what I’ve observed from your posts

      1. TrollD, I fully acknowledged that it may not have been a phosphoros grenade because it did not explode. Then I learned it more probably was a Magnesium Flare, because I described its effects. A bright pulsating light.
        Since you have been accusing me of something serious like bombing and arson, including students, I wish to factually correct your incorrect fantasies. I fully admit I incorrectly labeled something in my memory over 50 years ago. I have not been trained militarily, so I have once called a magazine a clip because that is how it is referred to in the movies.
        You are one sick puppy. Please get help, and I hope the PD carefully monitors your ravings. You are a threat to civil discourse, and you cannot even spell.

  28. I’m a realist and a gambler Seb. Do I hope they’ll win? Of course. I bleed Scarlet and Gold. But you hope with your heart, and bet with your brain. This game is a no brainer. Seattle will cover the 10 and I can’t see the game going over 45.5. 30 to 40 point game at best. I apologize though! I didn’t give you my heart score, only my brain.

    Juan’s heart: SF 15 (five field goals) SEA 13
    Juan’s brain: SEA 27 SF 6 (two field goals)

      1. And your intelligence is poured out your backside as all your postings are with regularity. Perhaps more fiber in your diet might be appropriate.


    “So apparently John Lynch likes #13 on Utah, the announcer said of his pregame conversation with the #49ers GM. That’s Sr. safety Marquise Blair.”

    PROS: Has excellent length for the position; offers a physical profile that projects well to playing against NFL tight ends, especially with added weight. Can offer hard-hitting reps across the middle of the field or when filling down against the run — has been ejected from multiple games for targeting, given tendency to look for the big hit. Length can assist him as a tackler: increases tackle radius in space.
    CONS: Is generally a very poor tackler. Dives for ankles at every opportunity. Will either come in too contact far too hot and be easily eluded or sit on his heels and let contact come to him. A grab-and-drag tackler in space.

  30. 4 ways the Niners can beat the Seahawks
    First, utilize Breida like the Panthers used McCaffrey against the Seahawks.
    Second, study the play calling Sean McVay and the Rams did against the Seahawks, and emulate their scheme.
    Third, do not sheathe any of their weapons. Let CJB play so he can throw some long bombs. Do it on third downs.
    Fourth, change things up. Put Sherman in at FS. Put Tarvarius Moore and K’waun Williams in at CB. Sit AW.

    1. The only .. u-hhh … real .. way for the Niners to win … is …
      to score more points….


      ( Sense of humor … ? )

    2. Fifth, be sure not to lose as this can have a detrimental effect post season plans. But if you do lose, be sure to do it elegantly!

      Sixth, go bold! For goodness sake don’t do the same thing every other team does. Fake a punt on 1st down! Do a reverse sweep on defense! Have Sherman take a kick! Let him drive it into the hearts of the opposition. And remember the flea-flicker! And fumbleruski!

      Seventh, do not settle for field goals! Why sheathe your weapons when there is still an opportunity for the end zone!

      Eighth, put your best player in, even when he hasn’t played in years and had a similar dismal record! He can plant his feet on the half yard line and not see a player waving to him!

      Ninth, bring Tomsula, Haynes, Gore and Chip Kelly back for this one game. That will shake things up!

      Tenth, put on your Bill Walsh cap and enjoy the show! Should be a doozy!

      1. 11th — Look one way and throw the other.

        12th –Flick your wrist.

        13th — Defensive backs must pick up Seattle receivers in mid-air and carry them out of bounds….no matter how far that might be.

        14th — Foot shooting is to be avoided.

        15th — Spread ’em wide and gash them up the middle.

        16th — 9er ball carriers and receivers must fall down before getting hit.

    3. Wow…

      Do not sheath. That’s original Sebbie. No tanks in a pit either, right?

      Oh, oh!! And shape your foe!

        1. By way of KC and the Sunshine Band….

          Shape shape shape, shape shape shape
          Shape your foe-oh, shape your foe-oh…

        2. Please regurgitate the entirety of IF, then follow with your unabridged 10 point plan. More impact that way.


          1. Naw. one can google IF, if they want edification.
            Since you seem to know my 10 point plan by heart and can regurgitate it, I really do not need to post it, but since you asked so nicely, here it is. This is from Dec 31, 2013, and was intended for JH.
            10 ways JH (Tomsula, Chip, KS) can improve.
            1. Read IF, by Rudyard Kipling. Channel Bill Walsh. Study the game winning drive before ‘The Catch’.
            2. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for (legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes (of each Half. Do not use time outs so they help the opposition.).
            3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep (the QB) he can get at least 2 more sets of downs (2 more opportunities to score) if he stops wasting time.
            4. Run the no huddle with quick (and varied) snaps. This will eliminate delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting. (It can also negate the crowd noise).
            5. Expressly forbid Kaep ( the QB) to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock. ( Have better clock management, game management, and make timely adjustments).
            6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. Stop Kaep ( the QB ) to be only a pocket passer. Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense. (Roll away from their best pass rusher. Use naked bootlegs with misdirections).
            7. Establish the running game then use play action for long strikes down field.
            8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
            9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels. (script 20 plays. Have a designated play for certain downs and distances. Have a play designed to get 1 yard, 2 yards or 3 yards. Have a 4th down play. Be bold).
            10. Niners will win if Kaep (the QB) gets the ball into Frank Gore’s (the playmaker’s) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes, ( Fly sweeps, bubble screens, reverses, flea flickers,) and even the Statue of Liberty.

  31. Ok, clearly I was wrong about CJB starting the game, but does it seem likely that Mullens completes the game tomorrow?

    I would be interested in hearing from the regulars regarding this as I could see a scenario where Mullens goes out and CJB goes in (3 ints- for example).

    I’m dying to talk about actual football…(something we haven’t seen from our team in a number of games).

    1. If Mullens has a horrible showing early on–and it persists, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Beathard come in for the balance of the game.

      1. Oh… no….. Cassie !

        Doom n Gloom… the sky is falling …. and all that… but ..
        the worst part.. is the fact that a certain immature 12 year old
        will most likely snatch his Moms laptop … ( again ) ..and….
        grace us with his annoying blather …

        What are the odds …?

        1. Odds? Astonishingly high I’m afraid.

          Rest easy. In just a matter of weeks we’ll be on to the Combine and the lashing out will be off-the-charts.

    2. Cheap shots could take him out. Could be a rough day for our running game. We need to get Kittle and Pettis in space (short and intermediate) and let them make plays.

      My prediction: Sherman gets a pick.
      Sea 20 – SF 16

      1. You are right about Getting Kittle involved. I fear they will tee up on Pettis. I suspect that our inability to make plays will continue and Seattle will use this as their coming out party to the rest of the league. Two picks for them.

        Score 37 to 17 with Seattle looking good and the 49ers, well…

    1. Yeah…. A great performance gets lost when most everything else goes poorly. Would be cool if Grant spent a few moments spotlighting his accomplishments. Perhaps after Seattle.

        1. “The struggles for the 49ers on offense and defense are not play calling, but a lack of talent executing the scheme. For each play above, I have plenty of notes and diagrams showing players out of position, missing blocks or drawing a flag for a penalty. A lack of physical execution and mental discipline is not on a coach.”

          “A two-win team is hard to defend, but there is more to the 49ers than the score on the board. It’s hard to believe some professional writers and football experts are happy feeding readers bombastic statements about Shanahan but refuse to crunch the tape and offer proof for their opinion.”


          1. No, with better coaching, the player will be in position, the players will know their blocking assignments, the players will avoid flags by playing in control and disciplined, will be able to execute plays successfully, and have proper mental discipline so they avoid the unforced errors.
            Usually, a more talented team will will beat a less talented team, but superior coaching will allow an inferior team beat a more talented team. Even without JG, the Niners could have won 4 more games, if only they knew how to finish games.
            A less talented team with inferior coaching ends up 2-9. Coaching is very important. Game management is the reason why the Niners lost so many games. Players are not in control of the game management, KS is.

            1. When KS or Saleh call a play and the WR runs the wrong route, an O-lineman blocks the wrong guy, or the S doesn’t play his assignment, that’s on those particular players or whoever relayed those plays/assignments (QB, C, MIKE).

              If the team is out of control and doling out late hits and cheap shots in general, that’s on the coaches as well as the players that commit the fouls. So the players can avoid bush league type flags with good coaching. False starts, offsides, etc, are on the players.

              1. Coaches should tell the defenders to watch for the snap of the ball. Defensive players jump offside because the coaches let them.
                The Niners should run the no huddle with quick snaps so the offense does not have to remain motionless for so long, and make a false start. If the ball is hiked, there cannot be a false start after it is hiked.
                Thankfully, the players have reduced the egregious personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. That may be the result of better coaching, better preparations.
                Yes, it is the players executing the plays, but coaching is an integral part, too.

              2. “Coaches should tell the defenders to watch for the snap of the ball.”

                Don’t they already watch and see if their matchup moves to avoid biting on a hard count? In that case, if the d-lineman jumps, the offense would get flagged for a false start.

                “Defensive players jump offside because the coaches let them.”

                Every team gets called for offsides, it’s not that simple.

                A false start is a communication issue or a mental error, the coaches play has already been called at that point.

        1. Yeah I do. I had been researching Zach Allen during the past week, so the autocorrect on my phone switched Josh to Zach.

    1. That would be an unfortunate situation for the 49ers to be in as I don’t think the next edge guys are quite worth taking that high. I’d still be tempted to go with one of Allen, Ferrell or Polite though. But I would probably go with Deionte Thompson, assuming they don’t get a good FS in FA, in a nearly split decision over Baker.

      As much as I think Q Williams is going to be an excellent player, I can’t justify taking another DT. Jonah Williams could be in play but I think Staley will be fine for another year. And none of the WRs should go that high.

      Realistically though, you would probably be able to find a trade partner, even if its not a great looking trade.

      1. If Boss is not in play, and there are no trade partners, I have to think Ferrell is the next logical choice, though I could envision scenarios with Allen or Polite. Metcalf might be tempting, as well as Greedy, but I think that rush has to be highest priority. Plus, so many round 1 receivers flame out. I bet things weekend’s game underscores that the need for a pass rusher is paramount, and it has to be a good one and not a tweener!

        I think the order ought to be DE, CB and WR. I understand WR depth is pretty good in this draft so perhaps if a decent CB is available then you pick them up prior to the X WR.

        Ideally you bring veteran leadership in all those positions and draft for them too getting the guy with the best play onto the field.

        Also, if the team can trade back and secure some of the better talent pass rushing, then they might be able to address all three positions early on.

        1. It’s Greedy for me all day. Especially if this class is as pass rush heavy as people think. Shutdown corner has been lacking for years, hell, since prime time. Coincidentally, it’s also our last Super bowl.

      2. Thompson would be a great pick. In a no Bosa world, it would be Thompson or Ferrell for me. Depends on what we do in free agency, but I”m leaning towards Ferrell.

    2. I would go with Ferrell in that scenario.
      He would affect all areas of the field and help all the corners if he generates the needed pass rush. Additionally, Williams has not been as impressive this year while Ferrell has once again proven to be a force on Clemson`s D, and he continues to come through in big games and big situations.
      However, it is between those two at that point.

  32. Razor,
    A Kittle, Breida and Waddle could make for potent offense.
    I haven’t checked if Waddle is available for the draft this year.
    But I agree that he seems to be explosive.

  33. Niners have a top 5 draft position almost guaranteed.
    Giants, Jets, Skins, Jags, Dolphins, Lions and Bengals may all need QBs. Cards, Bills and Broncos may want to upgrade their QBs. Half of them could move up with the Niners to grab one of the few decent QBs.
    Niners should aim to trade back twice, to get as many additional draft picks in the second , third and fourth rounds. Seahawks determined last season that there was talent even in the 5th round, last draft. The Niners could trade back 4 or 5 spots twice, and still be in the middle of the first round, while obtaining 3 to 5 additional picks. They could then have 8 to 10 draft picks.
    Finding a willing trade partner may take detailed planning. Moving back for a QB hungry team is easy and may bring the most picks, but letting another team leapfrog ahead of another team to snag a player they covet means the Niners need to do their homework.
    The Niners may even trade back from their second round position, if it means an additional third round pick.

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