Richard Sherman said sports is a racial equalizer; Steph Curry might not agree

FILE - In this Nov. 10, 2013, file photo, Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry, right, and his wife Ayesha Curry watch as the San Francisco 49ers play the Carolina Panthers during the third quarter of an NFL football game in San Francisco. Ayesha Curry told People magazine in an interview published online on July 6, 2016, that she regrets calling the NBA rigged in a tweet posted after the Warriors lost to the Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA finals, (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

Steph and Alysha Curry have each encountered racial pushback — but not from whom you would expect. (AP photo — Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Recently 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman talked about sports how, in these troubled times of racial unrest, they can be an example for the rest of the country. That the locker room is a place where racial divisions are, at the very least, much less prominent.

“You kind of get lulled into the belief that everyone has torn down those stereotypes and those walls,” Sherman said. “And everyone is treating each other equally.”

But it is pretty clear that athletes are experiencing the same kinds of questions and problems with racial identity. In this week’s Press Democrat column we discuss the curious case of a talk show panelist, Rob Parker, who calls out Steph Curry for being a “Harlem Globetrotter,” not an NBA star.

Surely no modern NBA player would want to be tagged as a Harlem Globetrotter. That’s the old racial model for black players, happily touring the country, clowning around, and putting on a show.

The shaky part of this is that Parker has a history of this kind of thing.

Back in 2012, he took on then-Washington quarterback and NFL-player-of-the-moment, Robert Griffin III, asking if he was “a brother or a cornhole brother. Because, Parker said, “He’s not one of us. He’s black, but not really.”

Parker’s reasoning? Griffin was dating a white woman and there were rumors he was a Republican.

It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see that Parker was saying, Griffin wasn’t authentic enough to pass the racial purity test.

Parker lost his job on ESPN for the Griffin flap, but now he’s back with this out-of-nowhere attack on Curry.

And it once again raises the question, mentioned by both Draymond Green and Matt Barnes, of what Curry has to do to prove his authenticity. Because, as Barnes has said, Curry has “the light skin thing. People have problems with that.

It’s something Curry has dealt with since he came into the league. As Green said, “Steph is light-skinned, so people want to make him out to be soft.”

And it goes further. Curry’s wife, Alysha, said in an interview with Working Moms Magazine that she feels caught between groups.

“I feel like I’m too black for the white community,” she said, “but I’m not black enough for my own community. That’s a hard thing to carry.”

Of course, this is nothing we are going to settle here, or anytime soon. But it does make an important point.

We all have work to do on this issue.

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  1. When I was in the Marine Corps there was no racial problems whatsoever, and I imagine an NFL locker room and team is very similar.

    1. Have to say that my experience in the Army was the same. The only difference between Marines and us is we are much better looking.

      1. You guys got all your uni’s and boots paid for whereas ours came out of our paycheck, plus you got to keep your hair a little longer.?

          1. I apologize for this Catfish. I would never claim military service. For those who know me, I did not take a college deferment, and submitted my name to the draft lottery. My number was over 200, and they generally took only the top 100.

              1. The Merchant Marines have been engaged in war since the Revolutionary War. They are an offshoot of the US Navy.
                In WW2, 2825 merchant ships were sunk by U-Boats. I would say that would constitute military action.

              2. Seb, being sunk by a submarine does not make your actions military, it indicates you are the victim of military action.
                Big difference!

              3. That is like saying that medics, because they do not carry guns and fight, cannot be casualties of war, and are not part of the war effort.
                The whole premise is obtuse, since I was never in the Merchant Marines, but I still honor their service and bravery. To call them not part of the military is besmirching their service, as a vital offshoot of the US Navy.
                It takes a very brave man to sail on a ship, unarmed, with torpedoes aimed at him.

              4. Oh boy, Sebbie.

                That is like saying that medics, because they do not carry guns and fight, cannot be casualties of war

                No that is not what I was saying, and I hope this dumb analogy is from your Unseb

              5. Yeah he’s been busy googling anything he can find to disprove the fact that he’s a total moron.

              6. LMAO! I was saved by a heart surgeon once. I consider myself a heart surgeon now. ?‍⚕️

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    2. When we were in Nam we would send them it out first, make them walk up front to find out where the enemy was hiding. All blacks were equal to me.

      1. When I was in the Marine Corps there was no racial problems whatsoever, and I imagine an NFL locker room and team is very similar.

        Razordoll, why are you so desperately trying to prove that you are a racist?
        The issue is that outside those bubbles racism is the norm and OK as your posting proves…

    1. You guys had better food, and you could get seconds. Wouldn’t let you get seconds in the Marines. You had to be buddies with one of the cooks to eat well. Having a buddy in supply was another good idea….

      1. In the merchant marine there were so few of us on a very large container ship so we tended to act like homos. ;p

      2. Better food? They say the Army has the best food in the world….until the cooks get hold of it!

  2. My father, commissioned officer in the USAF, sat on numerous court martial panels. Invariably these charges were brought against black airmen. And invariably he could see through the racist trumped up nature of the charges and most always voted to acquit. Of course this was in pre-civil rights era when most of the country was in the grip of Jim Crow.

    Also of course, the American justice system has made great strides in its treatment of blacks since then. /sarcasm

      1. I know some basic internet concepts escape a lot of people, but this is the paragraph I was alluding to sarcastically.

        Also of course, the American justice system has made great strides in its treatment of blacks since then.

        (anyway, why am I even responding to a miserable troll – some @sshole who hides behind a throwaway screen name?)

        1. You really need to work on your self-esteem.

          Your father is not a racist and you are not an internet troll with a throwaway screen name.

          Your real name is in fact Ribico. I’d be proud of a dad who named me “Ribico”…. why be ashamed of it?

          1. Quit playing stupid pre-adolescent games. If you have anything to say, post it under the screen name you regularly use here. And that goes for the jag-off(s) posting crap under Sebs, Razors and other regulars names here. If there’s anything that’s contributing to the demise of this site, it’s that and not political digressions.

            1. Ribico c’mon bud let’s kiss and make up sweetheart. I know you like special hugs. ?

  3. It is interesting to note that the Texas college football team has 13 players with Covid 19, and they have quarantined 10 others for close contact. That is problematic, and it will be very hard for them to field a team at this rate.
    The NFL is not thinking this through. Teams flying on jets will be great incubators for the disease. Maybe they need to concentrate the league into 4 regions of 8 teams each, and have the teams isolate and self quarantine. They could play in a round robin styled format, and have the winners move on to another safe, isolated location.
    The players will need to be tested daily, and the elder coaches may have to take a step back. HCs like Pete Carroll and Andy Reid may forced to sit in an upstairs booth, and relay coaching instructions to younger coaches on the side lines.
    Of course, with the alarming rise of Covid 19 cases, this may all be moot, and the season may be shut down. Already, even with the team facilities locked down, players are getting Covid 19.

    1. John Harbaugh is on record stating it’s impossible for a team to operate under the COVID-19 guidelines the NFL has handed out. The leagues (and not only the NFL) are determined to pound this square peg into a round hole. Isolate players for the duration of the “season”? They are never going to agree to that in a million years.

        1. PT, you’re an attorney, right? There’s legal remedies for every situation ;) NBA and MLB are still drawing paychecks.

          1. True but with football what about the incentive bonus pay structures for players?
            For some guys that’s over millions of dollars for attendance and workout attendance.

        1. And you know a thing or two about “war” due largely in part to your illustrious service to the country.

          I salute you, Seb!

    1. Are broken bones contagious too? First Deebo, now James.
      This crowded WR Corps is thinning out, and players like Chris Thompson, Jauan Jennings, Shawn Poindexter and Chris Finke may be getting more snaps. That should help with the assessment process.

  4. This is real and also surreal.

    Trumpy Twitter: Tony Fauci has nothing to do with NFL Football. They are planning a very safe and controlled opening. However, if they don’t stand for our National Anthem and our Great American Flag, I won’t be watching!!!

  5. Looks like the Covid 19 pandemic has struck the Phillies. 5 players and 3 staff have ben afflicted.
    I wonder how this will affect the MLB season.

    1. Dang, now it looks like the Covid 19 pandemic has struck the Niners. A player in Tennessee tested positive.

        1. I wish to disabuse you of the notion that some other posters have multiple burner accounts, but seeing you so unhinged, I will let you dig your hole deeper.
          If you cannot tell the difference between Dee and me, I pity you.
          I almost have been thinking that you may be the culprit for making all these catfish burner accounts,but do not think you are smart enough to do that. The catfish, while annoying, tries to be clever, but gives him(her)self away every time.

  6. I thought that maybe, just maybe our about 5 year injury jinx might end this year. Well guess again Deebo broken bone in his foot (and we all know how quickly they heal Crabtree/Taylor) now James with a broken wrist, Without a doubt the 9ers have been the unluckiest injury prone team in pro sports.

    1. If I had to choose between having guys injured during the off season or during the season, I am taking off season every time. Neither of these injuries are long term. And both are broken bones which aren’t likely to impede their athleticism long term once healed.

  7. With one 49ers player from the Tennessee workout group testing positive for COVID seems likely most of the guys working out there will get it/ have it. It was only a matter of time before 49ers players got it, but still a concern. Hopefully they all recover fine.

    1. I saw some speculation where the guy might be Deebo as he would have to undergo COVID-19 testing prior to surgery. This is speculation as the 49ers are not allowed to release the player’s name.

      1. My guess is Kittle. He followed the guidelines of Trump, and probably refused to wear a mask, and did not consider Covid 19 as a serious threat.

        1. Show some tolerance! Not all of us have had proper “military” training in the Merchant Marines! Were you stationed out of Davis, Seb? Which ship?

    2. Below is a list of the 49ers players who participated in the throwing sessions in the Nashville area.

      QB C.J. Beathard
      QB Jimmy Garoppolo
      QB Nick Mullens
      QB Broc Rutter
      WR Brandon Aiyuk
      WR Kendrick Bourne
      WR Chris Finke
      WR Jalen Hurd
      WR Jauan Jennings
      WR Dante Pettis
      WR Shawn Poindexter
      WR Deebo Samuel
      WR Trent Taylor
      TE George Kittle
      TE Charlie Woerner
      FB Kyle Juszczyk

      Great. Just about every member of the team’s skill positions potentially exposed. I imagine they were in TN due to that states premature easing of the lockdown, allowing such congregation. After all, the reporting on Covid is just politically motivated sensationalism. Earth to Niners: understand the risks now?

  8. 23 Clemson football players and 5 others have tested positive for Covid 19.
    This does not look good, and may throw a wrench in the restart.
    I hope the Niner players can find a safer place to practice.
    I wonder which Niner has contracted Covid 19.

  9. Rob Manfred “Not confident about 2020 MLB season “. I agree with Rib above about TN being a curious place to practice. I think their only connection is rookie Jennings. Yet another Saturday night massacre for the most corrupt and lawless president.

    1. BTW, I have figured out the “catfish” problem as it pertains to this website. Anyone can post under another username using the same logo. In other words , there is not a requirement for unique usernames . What I have not figured out is the mental pathology which drives an adult , most likely male, to do such a thing. Then again I also have not figured out what motivates the support in some quarters for the current WhiteHouse occupant. Sad.

      1. These catfishes are a case study in trollism.
        Unfortunately for them, they let me live in their head, as if I am directing their thoughts.
        Fortunately, I have posted so much, posters know me very well, and can spot the catfish right away.
        Too bad, in their zeal to tear me and Razor down, they are only building us up.
        It is interesting to see some one obsessing about me, but am glad they are wasting their time.
        Yes, it is amazing to see people sucked into a cult mentality, over this con man. People are so gullible, they will vote against their own self interests, only to be stabbed in the back. I see many are happily drinking the Koolaide, and are poster childs for the saying- Ignorance is Bliss.

            1. Naw, I could tell he had a burner catfish account on him right away.
              Razor has been here longer than me, so he is very familiar.

        1. Maybe take a hint and realize that people are mocking you.
          You look at it as flattering but the stupid moron that you are didn’t realize the bird is telling you to F off!

          The funny thing is you double profile as well don’t you Niner Poe and now Dee Pee?
          Irony at its finest!

              1. If you can’t even admit the most obvious thing that you and Ragdoll are one, then I’m gonna deny that I post as Seb as well!
                You can’t prove it anyways, Seb is way too clever for that!

              2. “ You can’t prove it anyways”

                Really? Talk to Facebook & Sonoma magazine pal.

                Amazing what the internet can reveal.

              3. Although Prime and I are both Italian, we’re not one and the same or even related.

              4. OK, what do you want me to say to Facebook?
                -Tell them to stop supporting The Lying Loser in the WH
                -Or should I just report you as a stalker?

              5. Thanks for the heads up!
                It looks like I have a copy cat in the UK!
                Finally, you really cornered me now TP!!!
                Amazing evidence!

          1. Mocking me? They try SO HARD, but fail miserably.
            Meanwhile I am consuming their thoughts, making them waste their time.
            I am perfectly comfortable posting here, and gain great satisfaction advocating things, and seeing them come to fruition.
            My last mock had Kinlaw. In previous posts, I had advocated for them to trade back to get another pick, and still get the player they targeted. KS even bundled picks to move up to get the player they coveted. They managed to trade away both Goodwin and Breida, something I advocated for many times in my mocks.
            You, on the other hand, wanted to bet money that the Niners would draft CJ Henderson. You also bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft True-Busty, then welched on the bet.
            You think you are so smart, declaring you would not mind if the Niners had to play twice in the Clink. You really should not want to make it twice as hard to win. The irony is delicious, to see you call me a moron, when everyone sees you as the true dim bulb.
            I have been proven right in my stance on Kaep, and he will play again, despite your hate. That really must burn you up.
            So go ahead, be an immature potty mouth. Knock yourself out. Your bloviating and the other trolls snark cannot hurt me, because I do not let it. I will continue to post about a team I love, but am concerned if they will even manage to have a season. This pandemic has changed everything.

              1. Easy there Prime. You’re taking to an esteemed “former military” merchant marine.

              2. He’s not American

                That’s rich coming from a Canadian dropout who thinks the Tulsa Tramp is chosen by God!

              3. Not even American!

                Seb/Niner Poe/Dee Pee the biggest fraudster next to Sleepy Joe!

              4. The “ I know you are what am I routine” Really? What are you 5 years old?

                That’s not something a patriotic American would say.

              5. The 5 year old is the potty mouth Canuck who is not even an American, with his delusional grasp on reality.
                He thinks he can spew expletives to sound smart, but it does the exact opposite.
                Typical bully. He thinks he can prey on the weak, but he would pee in his pants when confronted. All bullies are cowards at heart, and his welching on bets is just another character flaw.

              6. “ Typical bully. He thinks he can prey on the weak, but he would pee in his pants when confronted”

                Says the guy who would not meet me at Union Square 2 years ago.

              7. Nice deflection coward! Did you or did you not turn down the opportunity to “confront me”?

                12 eggs over easy Seb/Niner Poe/Dee Pee!

              8. ‘Opportunity to “confront me”. ‘
                You threaten violence, and seem to be a stalker.
                You must think I am as stupid as you are to put myself in danger. There are too many wackos in this world, you included.
                Bully’s talk smack, but end up whimpering.

              9. Just remind me what was it you wanted to meet me for?
                Were we just going to toss a ball and write some poetry?

              10. Cry, cry, cry but you talk so tough after the fact.

                Next it will ne na, na, poo, poo!

              11. These dumb asses cry about racism and then keep voting for the party of the kkk.

                Trump will win this election by an electoral landslide. What then, a war?

  10. As long as the Yorks own the team, it’s never going to happen again for
    the 49ers. They will continue to fall short. 1 year it’s Deebo, James, the
    coronavirus. Another, someone or something else. They truly are cursed,
    just as is their contract extended & choke artist coach.

  11. I’ve been thinking about the idea that players with COVID-19 shouldn’t be named. My first reaction was, they shouldn’t. But, doesn’t the NFL publish injury reports several times a week during the season? I know I’ve heard about players having the flu or being sick after eating contaminated food. Couldn’t it easily be argued that these “injury” reports violate HIPPA? Is there a stigma attached to having COVID-19 that prevents it from being reported? I’m not saying I know the answer just wondering about precedent regarding reporting injuries (including sickness) and if that shouldn’t apply to COVID-19; or is all of this reporting a violation of HIPPA.

    1. Ah, the Non-football injury and illness lists. That’s a good question, about how they square with HIPPA confidentiality. So many things we never had to think of before.

      1. Seek and the internet will provide.

        The information in the weekly report is released by the teams not the doctors. The teams have HIPAA exemption clauses in the player contracts that allow them to obtain and release player health information.

        There are a few narrow cases where information can be released under HIPAA but those deal with law enforcement, public health and national security. The specific patient information can only be released by the care provider to the public with a patient consent in almost all cases’t-the-NFL-weekly-injury-report-violate-HIPAA-laws

        It’ll only be a matter of time until we learn of the infected Niner player(s), whether leaked or revealed through normal channels.

        1. So it sounds like the “team” could release the name of the 49er who is infected. The “weekly report” is provided during the season and this is the offseason, so maybe that’s an issue as well.

    2. I’ve always wondered how in the actual hell publishing injury reports is not a HIPAA violation.

  12. This lack of transparency is counter productive. Hiding the name will not allow people who have been in contact with the infected person to be tested. Tracking is so important in fighting this pandemic.
    The alarming rise in Covid cases may delay all sports, especially in Texas and Florida.

    1. A key problem you guys have is that the US never really suppressed transmission effectively. Flattened the curve, yes, but that was pretty much all. So once things reopen you still had effectively the same number of people being infected on a daily basis as when heavy restrictions came in place. Unsurprisingly the number of cases you are seeing on a daily basis are now surging again.

      I have some serious concerns about what is going to happen in the US. It’s likely going to be a case of shutting things down again or trying to ride out a large wave of cases which will seriously strain your health system. And that’s without even considering the potential longer term impacts on people’s health and how that will impact your economy.

      As for sports, it is possible they can have a season go ahead but will mean teams need to basically be in bubbles and testing constantly. Chances are that even then a number of teams will have break outs and that will significantly impact on how the season plays out.

      1. I am concerned about the coaching. The players are generally in tip top shape and are young and strong. The coaches tend to be older and are not in the best of shape. If one passes away from Covid 19, will that put a damper on the season?
        Thankfully, this curve was flattened, but the new spike may be problematic.
        Well, at least we are not Brasil……

          1. Are you dissing the Merchant Marines?
            Convoy PQ 17 had only 11 ships out of a convoy of 35 ships, make it safely across the Atlantic.
            Their contributions to the war was invaluable, and a big reason for the Germans to divert resources and manpower to try to disrupt. D Day never would have happened without all of the men,weapons, ammunition and supplies delivered by the Merchant Marines.

            1. LMAO I see you’re busy googling up as much as you can, loser. Doesn’t change the fact that you made a ridiculously stupid blunder and have zero knowledge about what you’re talking about. Nice trying to sound like you’re some military expert though.

              1. What blunder? The Merchant Marines are an offshoot of the US Navy.
                You are one of the trolls who accused me of being in the MM, then think that the MM is not associated with the military.
                Keep trying.

            2. My Dad tried to join the Navy at 16 but was told he would need to have parents permission. My Grandfather said talk to your Mother. She told my Dad that they already had 3 of her sons and they weren’t going to get her baby boy. My Dad turned around and joined the Merchant Marines. He still needed parents permission but he convinced my Grand Mother that he would work up and down the coast only, from Alaska to South America. 2 months later he was at Iwo his ship took fire multiple time and almost sank on its way back to Hawaii. Truman signed an executive order saying that any MM who served in a war zone was to be considered a veteran of a foreign war and be eligible for all vets benefits. So if you served in the MM during war time in a war zone you are a vet. Later Eisenhower reversed that order and then in one of his only positive accomplishments Pres. Carter reversed Eisenhower’s order. So lets all stop deriding some great patriots who served in the Merchant Marines.

              1. My dad joined the Marines at 16, plus he had flat feet. He was the communication dude that had to carry the radio.

  13. The more we see the spread among athletes the more I doubt we will be seeing any team sports until we get an effective vaccine. (especially football) I hope I am wrong but as time goes by i see it becoming a reality.

    1. I think that (cancelled season) would be good for the 9ers because they’re kind of mid-build right now. Must suck to be a team in major transition like Tampa though.

    2. Plan on it OldCoach.

      Kansas State opened their “voluntary” practice with zero positive tests among 90 players. A smaller group of late comers were a little late, also went to some parties, and one week after spring practice started, it had to be shut down again.

  14. So let’s say we somehow get through preseason and the actual season starts. What happens if a team has a Covid outbreak and it loses a dozen players? Obviously they sit out for 2 weeks. It is hard to field a team with twelve players out. What a team loses their entire O-line? Chances that teams most recent opponent will also have an outbreak on their O- line.

    Trumpy confesses at his miniature rally last night that he asked officials “to slow down Covid testing”. This is why our country is in deep doo-doo. This why we have a quarter of the worlds cases and deaths.

    1. Some think that once they get Covid 19, they become immune. Too bad that they are just spreading the disease, and the fact that 23 and 30 players and staff on 2 teams have Covid 19, means that the spreading of the disease in getting out of control, and maybe will force another lockdown.
      Slow down testing? That is insane. That will just help spread the disease. The best way to fight this disease is to test vigorously and constantly, before entire teams are infected. Assiduously tracking down every contact and isolating cases will take time, but this may not go away until there is a vaccine.
      I loved that rally. It shows he is crumbling, and may not make it to November.

      1. Exactly. Position groups workout , eat and attend meetings together. If one member contracts Covid it is likely everyone will. Best case scenario is that they self quarantine for several days in hopes that they dont develop symptoms. Worst case is an outbreak on the team. What if this happens during the regular season ? What if a team can’t safely field enough players. Will they forfeit ?

  15. Had a great time in Tulsa yesterday.
    Nobody was wearing a mask, that proves that it is all a hoax!
    Wonder why none of my black buddies showed up, I even paid for their tickets!

    1. HFD.
      One son gave me a cheesy card, hoping to some day be as punny as I am.
      I told him he was a Gouda son. ;p

  16. Chicago 3 year old black boy killed and not a peep from BLM, Al Sharpton, Dee Dee, Onewhiner or Kaeputnick and his kneeler’s club. This $hit has been going on for decades and whose ran that city and state all that time? You got it, these democrats that live on hypocrisy!

    1. Biden’s marauders are too busy burning, looting, and raising the carbon imprint to concern themselves with the murder of a 3 year old child.

      1. Fascism- Fascism is a form of government that is a type of one-party dictatorship. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. This aim is to prepare the nation for armed conflict, and to respond to economic difficulties. Fascism puts nation and often race above the individual.

    2. Any child exposed to twitler’s rethoric is an at risk child and potential terrorist.
      Why don’t you google Tylee Ryan, 17, and her brother, Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7 to see what WHITE CHRISTIANS do to their children!

  17. These 2 candidates have become irrelevant. You have two competing ideologies that have taken over the narrative. On one side you have the democratic party that portrays America as this racist hellhole. White people were born guilty and must apologize for their transgressions. It’s a path backwards. On the other side you have the republican party standing for law and order and how America is a great country. This sets up an electoral landslide victory for Trump….

    1. No. Dems think America is already great, and does not need to become great again.
      Racist hellhole? It all starts at the top.
      Apologize for transgressions? Racist whites and rogue cops need to. Thankfully the Bill of Rights provides an avenue to petition for redress.
      Law and order? By an impeached President who begged China to help him win? It is proven that he solicited help from Putin to win in 2016, so his election was illegitimate. He claimed the election was rigged in 2016, but it was him rigging the election. He now claims the mail in ballots will rig the election, but will lose because he will not be able to suppress the vote. He wants to rig the election again, and has started projecting, accusing the Dems of doing exactly what he is trying to do.
      Watching him walking down a walkway, drinking a cup of water, and seeing walk from his helicopter to the WH after his rally fiasco, just convinces me that he is crumbling, and will not make it to November.
      Back to football, KS was scheduled to go on ESPN. I wonder if he disclosed which Niner has Covid 19.

    2. This sets up an electoral landslide victory for Frump

      Thanks for admitting that he will NEVER win the popular vote!!!

        1. TP, it is time that you get banned again and see you grovel and asking Grant or CWN if they please will take you back and that you promise that you will be a good boy for one day.
          As an incipient, boorish Canadian you have become insipient!

          1. What are you babbling about again? I hear a whipper snipper call your name!
            Go trim some edges big mouth!

    3. This sets up an electoral landslide victory for Trump…

      Bold prediction for a guy dropping support by the day in swing state after swing state. Trump only up by one measly point in red red red TX and GA. It’s looking like an electoral landslide alright.

      Oh, and those betting sites you said had Trump winning?

      Over recent weeks, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has overtaken Trump in both the polls and on the odds boards. Sportsbooks also suggest that the chances of the Democratic party taking control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate have moved to -120, making it the most likely result as well.

      You, under, md and the rest of the cult are really going to lose your $hit. You guys are starting to sound unhinged and Trump is still president. And you thought we were snowflakes. Lololol. All I can say is chill bros the next 4-8 years.

      1. I’ve never lost my $hit over an election you presumptuous twit, but you lost your mind over the last one. Gonna start a war after you lose again? Gonna whine and cry about the popular vote?

  18. Ignorance is no excuse. The popular vote is not what determines victory. Play by the rules, change the rules or quit using it as a crutch for your inadequacies….

    1. The popular vote is not what determines victory.

      Yeah, that’s why we’re not a democracy….

      1. “ Yeah, that’s why we’re not a democracy….

        Yeah cause you are a lazy immigrant looking for a handout all the time!
        Get off your arse, work and control your own financial destiny moron!

          1. It’s clear you don’t like Trump because that means you have to work and pay taxes.
            Instead you want to ride your lawn mower, smoke dope and live off the government subsidies.

  19. We are a republic you ass-hat. Let me educate you; I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all….

    1. Like I said Razordoll, that’s why we are not a democracy….
      Having problems with your reading comprehension after your Tulsa Hangover?

  20. No longer reading Grant Cohn, but happened on his article on my all 49ers news app.
    Looks like our old friend is laying it all on the table with his recent piece.
    Nice read.

    1. You reap what you sow.
      Grant was always the iconoclast, shooting from the hip, letting the chips fall where they may.
      Glad he has taken my advice, and put up an SI background. Maybe he should also have a poster of the Niners, since he is an All49ers kinda guy.
      He may have burned his bridges, but it is kinda sad to see him become a toady, like the rest of them.

      1. If Grants a toady, that makes you the chief superintendent of custodial engineering up his arse!

        1. No, I am criticizing him, not praising him.
          You really need to brush up on your reading comprehension.

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