Richard Sherman says stop “nitpicking” Jimmy Garoppolo. “The goal posts keep moving with him.”

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman speaks at a news conference after an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Richard Sherman passionately endorsed Jimmy Garoppolo as the 49ers’ unquestioned franchise quarterback after Sunday’s blowout win over the Green Bay Packers. Check out these amazing quotes from Sherman.

SHERMAN: “He is the leader of the team. The quarterback is the leader of this team. Jimmy Garoppolo is our leader and we will follow him into the darkest of the dark. We would follow him into a dark alley, and I guarantee you won’t touch him, because he goes to battle and fights for us every day, so we have an obligation to go to battle and fight for him.

“You hear the some of the noise, some of the things said about him, and it’s frustrating because we see him every day. We see what kind of work ethic he puts in, the hours he puts in, the first one in, the last one out. The guy looks for no credit. All he does is encourage his teammates and put more work in.

“And then you have people nitpicking. Nitpicking. We run for 300 yards. You’re like, ‘He didn’t throw a lot.’ We ran for 300 yards! And then he throws for 400, and they’re like, ‘Well, I think he got outplayed by Kyler Murray,’ and Kyler Murray barely had 100 yards passing. And you start to laugh at these things.

“The goalposts keep moving with him. And then one thing you can appreciate — and I’ve said this before — you can appreciate being good enough that people have to make excuses for why you’re good. He’s a good enough quarterback that people have to make excuses, they have to move the bar.

“Now, his passer rating is 145 on prime time against one of the best teams in football, and I’m sure they’ll move the goalposts again. Then they’ll say, ‘Well, we didn’t run it good enough. He’s not a scrambler, so his yards-per-run, he needs to pick that up. He took a couple sacks.’ What else can this guy do? He’s helping this team win football games, and he deserves a ton of more credit for that.”

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    1. Mr Hammer you are correct. Sherm hit the nail on the head, no matter what Jimmy G does there will always be Grant.

  1. Appears Grant didn’t ask about Good Jimmy/Bad Jimmy….? I must have missed it. My bad.

  2. I always enjoy hearing from Sherm. He is so bright and articulate. No one is more quotable. Drop-dead good looking also :)

  3. I don’t mind taking what they don’t want to give us. Just bring me back that 6th Lombardi.

  4. “And then you have people nitpicking. Nitpicking. We run for 300 yards. You’re like, ‘He didn’t throw a lot.’ We ran for 300 yards! And then he throws for 400, and they’re like, ‘Well, I think he got outplayed by Kyler Murray,’ and Kyler Murray barely had 100 yards passing. And you start to laugh at these things. ”

    I wonder who Sherman is referring to ?

  5. Nothing new here. Sherman hit it right on the nose. The Jimmy G naysayers are the same ill informed hacks, led by Coach/GM GC himself, king of the hacks, that push the “Mullen’s” (3-5 lifetime) narrative, The “good Jimmy, bad Jimmy” idiocy, the whole “game manager” dumb drum, that somehow makes its way into public discussion, printed even by the POS rag known as the PD. What a joke. The guy can’t do anything wrong without these morons jumping on the GC hackatrain. Sad. You have one of the best QB’s in the league. He’s started well less than two seasons of games. He’s what? 19-3? News flash to the football uneducated. QB’s throw interceptions. They fumble. Get over it. They’re 10-1! To all you Jimmy haters. WTF do you want? Please!

    Your right Allie! He’s damn good looking and really smart and articulate to boot! Love the guy!

    1. Steve Young’s first two years (Tampa Bay) — 19 games…

      501 attempts, 267 completions, 53.3% comp, 3,217 yards, 11 TDs, 21 Ints.

      1. Brett Favre’s first three years in GB (’92-’94) + two games in ’91. 70 TD’s, 53 INT’s. 82 QR. They’re probably glad they didn’t drop him for the backup QB.

  6. Shout out to Joe Woods , I know this pass rush makes there jobs easier , but these guys are putting the clamps on ,putting up unreal pass defense numbers in a passing league

  7. This is why Sherman is so important to the team. Not so much as a player on the field but as a force in the locker room.

  8. JG himself will say that he needs to cut down on the interceptions.
    Yes, he is the leader,but he is no God. He is human, warts and all .(Not that I am saying he has warts).He has imperfections.
    Yes, he is a leader, who expects downgrading comments, but he is impervious, and insoucient, for all to see.
    Yes, I am extremely happy that he is the 49er franchise QB. He is the reason why I do not advocate for Kaep coming back, so that is saying a lot. All I want, is a QB that can lead the Niners to victories. JG has the accuracy, and leadership to accomplish that goal. Last game, was all good Jimmy. Hopefully, he can sustain his ball security. Then, one major flaw will be corrected. JG will readily admit he needs to improve on his ball security, which include picks.
    One myth that got blown up last game, and that was the screed that he could not throw the long ball. Kittle caught a beautifully accurate ball way down field, and Kittle unhitched his trailer and did the rest. I hope to see more of those.
    Yes, there will be nit pickers, but until JG wins a ring, he will always be questioned. As a leader, he knows the drill. He knows he has accomplished nothing, until he reaches the peak.
    Yes, that is putting a lot of stress on JG. However, as a leader, he should welcome doubters, to give him inspiration to prove them wrong.
    Richard Sherman is kvetching, saying that any negative thoughts are unwarranted. Sure, they are 10-1 instead of 2-9, but I remember not too long ago, he welcomed criticism, so they do not become complacent. If they become complacent, the other team may punch them in the mouth.
    Yes, it is noble of Sherman to defend and praise his QB. I just hope it does not make him complacent. Then, JG might throw the ball like the defender was the intended receiver.
    I do like JG and like his leadership, but I also want him to have consistent ball security.

    1. You sound like Grant 2.0. You write the nice and then cut with a knife with the bad. Are you sure that you aren’t Grant under another one of his phony names?

      1. I am unique. My catfish may try to sound like me, but I am original, and verbose.
        Grant has his own unique style, backed up with his football expertise and insider knowledge covering the team.
        Looking at that last post, I started out by saying JG needs to improve. Sure, I did say some nice things, but I also gave some constructive criticisms. I say those things so JG can learn from his mistakes, and not repeat them.
        Dang, I thought Sherman welcomed criticisms. Guess I was wrong. Maybe he does not like the screeds.

  9. Let them keep saying we suck or we just haven’t played a good team. Keeps the chip on our shoulders and keeps making room for teams to under estimate us.
    You all rock and I am so grateful for all the hard work you have done. As a newer fan to football, only since 1998 I am grateful for the fun we are all having because of you all.

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