Robert Saleh: ‘One drive just p***ed it all away. Excuse my language.’



This is the transcript of Robert Saleh’s Week 5 Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


We talked about the sacks last week, they came. We also talked about DL Solomon Thomas last week and I felt that was kind of his breakout performance. Do you feel that really helped his confidence, doing it in the game?

“For Solomon especially. [DL DeForest Buckner] DeFo has been consistent. He’s got to find consistency. I’d love to say that was the trigger point. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to have struggles, but like I said last week I’ll never waiver off of this, if he works the way he does, that consistency will come.”


Do you think he benefits from playing more now that, not something that you guys want, but with DL Tank Carradine on IR it’s kind of force-feeding Solomon a little bit more?

“I’ll be honest, I haven’t checked the snap count. I don’t think it was any different.”


He played 69, the same as DeForest.

“Did he have 69? We’ve got to get off the field. Obviously, always reps, that was his fourth game as a rookie, so the more reps he gets, that’s natural progression. Especially for somebody who works hard. There’s some people who can get a lot of reps who will never get better because they don’t put in the work. He puts in the work. He puts in the effort. He puts in the film study so he will naturally get better. I’m excited to see what his ceiling is.”


What was the thought process of playing him mostly at LEO and DL Arik Armstead at Big End?

“It’s like we talked about last week, trying to get our players in the best position to be successful. Trying to put our four best out there. The whole LEO, Big End, that whole thing to me, especially on base downs, is not the case right now. It’s trying to get our best four on the football field so we can be a functional defense against the run. That’s our standard. We’re going to stop the run first before anything. For you guys, moving forward, the whole LEO, Big End thing, it’s not a name right now. It’s about putting our best people on the field so we can be successful.”


To go along that same line, are you still looking at players and where they fit?

“Always. Every week we’re trying to evaluate to make sure of the best combination. To be honest with you, if you look at the first three weeks of the year, you’d see in base defense Arik Armstead playing a six-technique. You’ll see Solomon playing a six-technique. You’ll see them both to the open side. If you look at last week, it’s the same thing. We were playing a little bit different of a front against Arizona compared to what we did over the first couple of weeks. So, they’re still performing the same techniques which is why for first and second down it’s not even me thinking positions. It’s not even in my head. It’s more trying to get our guys out there so we can operate.”


At one point will you think of positions or are you still feeling out these guys and figuring out–?

“For sure. Because there are going to be guys who are very unique to a certain skill set. Again, it’s always our job to make sure that they’re maximizing that skill set. So yeah, in time, for sure.”


Is Indianapolis Colts QB Jacoby Brissett much more of a mobile challenge than Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer for you guys this week?

“I guess so. Carson doesn’t move much. He is. He’s not as much of a run threat as [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson], or [Carolina Panthers QB] Cam [Newton]. But, I think Brissett is a really underrated quarterback. The guy can make every throw. He sits back there. He sits back there tall, strong. He does have good patience. And, he can throw everything. Against Seattle, he made a couple of throws that were pretty impressive. He’s a pretty good quarterback back there. He’s only been there what, about a month now? Since they traded for him. About a month and a half. Like everyone else, as he gets comfortable he’s only going to get better.”


Has S Jaquiski Tartt played well enough that, I know S Eric Reid hasn’t come back yet, but when Reid is healthy are you going to have to figure out ways to get Jaquiski back on the field, just by way of how well he’s played?

“No question. It always goes back to our whole philosophy of getting our best 11 on the football field. At all cost. Finding a way to put people in position. It’s a great problem, one we’ll cross when we get there for sure.”


How do you evaluate Jaquiski these last couple of weeks?

“He’s pretty good. He does everything you want. Physical. Plays fast. Plays smart. Obviously, he’ll even tell you he’s got to clean some stuff up in his game. He’s getting even better at communicating and talking with the underneath defenders. His communication with [DB] Jimmie [Ward] is really good. His communication with the corners is really good. I’ve been impressed with all those safeties to be honest with you.”


ME: You mentioned the Colts game against the Seahawks from Sunday night. You and the Seahawks run similar defensive schemes. Obviously the players are different, but how does that particular game help you game plan for this upcoming game against the Colts?

“It always helps, to look from a familiarity standpoint. We’ve played those guys twice a year for the last four years, too. So, familiar with the opponent. Familiar with what they do. I think the coordinator’s fantastic, really strains our coverage. So, there is familiarity. It’s always good to see what they do versus like opponents. It does help.”


With Buckner playing the way he is, are you seeing more double teams that he’s facing? If you’re not, do you anticipate seeing more?

“I’d anticipate seeing more. We noticed it a little bit towards the end of the game. Especially in that two-minute drive where the line slide just went to Buck. They were just sending three over there. He’s starting to get attention and the attention’s only going to get greater. Which is why it’s so important for the other three to find their niche and come along and catch up. So, that way they can’t just focus on him. And if they do, someone’s got to make them pay. He’s playing at a level that offenses won’t be able to ignore him any longer.”


You said you’ve obviously faced the Colts two times a year when you were with the Jags. How have they used Indianapolis Colts RB Frank Gore over the years and how are they using him this year?

“I’ll piggyback on what [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] said. I do think he’s one of the more underrated backs of our generation. He doesn’t get enough credit for the things he’s been able to accomplish. He’s still a tough S.O.B. He’ll still run downhill. He’ll still put his face right on you. He’s still pretty good out of the backfield. He’s still a dynamic running back and he’s still able to create when there’s nothing there. From a scheme standpoint, I’ve always felt, I don’t want to say they’re the same, but they do utilize him in a way to maximize his strength for sure. He’s downhill.”


More of a situational guy now though where he’s only playing a couple of downs rather than all three?

“I don’t know if I’d say that. They’ve got a good rotation going. They’ve got some guys. I still think he’s capable of doing everything they need him to do.”


Is he the best pass blocking running back that maybe you’ve prepared against? And, is that something that alters the way a defensive coordinator enters a game?

“He is an unbelievable pass blocker. That’s without question. That’s even in the past always preparing for him. It doesn’t really change. We’ll still take our linebackers over him.”


What’s the plan with CB Ahkello Witherspoon? How is he doing right now? Was the plan always that he was going to be a little bit of a late bloomer just because he didn’t have a lot of football in his background?

“The plan for Ahkello is, he’s been working his tail off. His technique has been improving every single week. The way he’s been operating and the way he’s been going since OTAs really progressing, there’s no doubt he’s going to end up on the field sooner than later. There’s no doubt.”


When you talk about Solomon and the way he works, he just has to be successful. I assume everyone works fairly hard, what distinguishes him, what makes him special in that category?

“To me, he doesn’t have an ego in terms of it doesn’t matter the situation. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing, if he’s looking at a card, it doesn’t matter if he’s running scout team O-Line, he’s going 100 miles per hour. He’s got a mindset of, the biggest example would be if he’s the six-technique for the show team, he’s going to play six-technique like he does for us. And when you have a guy who takes reps and steals reps, I call them free reps, you have a free rep on a six-technique, you take advantage of it and you work your technique and you operate in that regard the entire time, which is something Ahkello is also doing over there on the scout team where he is just working his read technique and his corner and press technique. They haven’t been wasting. It’s not a jack around period. And when you have a player with that mindset who’s going to take advantage of every time he’s on the football field, he’s going to execute the technique that you’re asking him to execute to the best of his ability. That’s why they get better, for sure. And of course, to piggyback it or to add to it, [defensive backs coach Jeff] Hafley and [defensive line coach Jeff] Zgonina do a great job pulling those reps out to make sure that they all do see them. So, they are constantly being coached and they know they are being coached, and because of it they take ownership.”


ME: You’re new to calling plays. I thought you called a great game against Arizona. On that final drive, you didn’t bring pressure until they were in field goal range already. If you could do it again, would you be more aggressive earlier in that drive?

“That’s a fair question. Early in the drive, just mindset-wise, in my mind, a check down is a five-yard gain. That’s why I call it the kill zone. We should be foaming at the mouth when that ball comes down there. And we had our opportunities. You don’t anticipate two check downs getting a combined 20-yards. That’s bad ball, very bad ball to be honest with you. And we recognize that part. Would I do it over again? I don’t know. Every situation is different. I do feel like those guys played their tails off for four quarters. Really, really, controlled the tempo of the game and really dictated the game and had a chance to blow that thing out of the water again. One drive, one drive just pissed it all away. Excuse my language. Every situation is different. Every situation is different. The last drive not withstanding for sure.”


Is that where you see the 69 snaps come into play?

“Yeah. Even less. I mean, we were good on third down, good in the red zone, good all the way across the board, great against the run. At that point Carson, after four quarters, I think he had a 70 quarterback rating, 250 yards and no touchdowns. So, we felt like we played a dominant football game. Just that last drive, I’m evaluating that still and trying to process it through my mind.”


What were your thoughts about Indianapolis Colts S Malik Hooker before the draft?

“Ball hawk. Rangy, good speed. I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing over there. I heard he has a couple of picks.”



“Three? Does he? Shoot.”

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  1. He’s right…and I love the brutal honesty..Then again if Hoyer just throws the damn ball to Taylor or Garcon who were both open…Game Over

  2. This cover 3 scheme is a joke without super speedy LB’s who can break and cut out of their stance in an instant. Hopefully Foster’s ankle will allow him to do this sooner than later.

    Last time we beat the Seahawks in Seattle was with check down passes from Alex Smith to Frank Gore. We capitalized on what they gave us and now teams can take that all day from us. It’s baffling why anyone runs or throws deep on us.

  3. BB ,,, agree , should of keeped the pressure on . Don’t let him sit back there and see zone . Even CP at his age can still throw .

  4. “One drive, one drive just pissed it all away. Excuse my language. Every situation is different. Every situation is different. The last drive not withstanding for sure.”

    If you’re playing good defense for the course of the game you shouldn’t be in a position to let one drive lose the game. He should just come out and say, “when the offense sucks balls, even holding them to 18 points isn’t enough.”

      1. Bling, I proposed many mocks. So many, others were begging me to stop.
        Just scroll to the archives and look at the posts on the day before the draft.
        I did get another thing right. I advocated for them to trade back, get as many second and third round picks as possible, and still get the player they coveted.
        My last mock was more modest than my 2016 last mock. In that one, I had Buckner, Garnett and Fahn Cooper. In my 2017 last mock, I only had DJ Jones.

      2. LOL. He had so many scatter-shot, scatter-brained mocks that he mentioned every draft eligible player at least once and now claims he called it. We all predicted back in March he’d do that.

          1. You know Seb if you weren’t such a self congratulatory narcissistic self promotor you might actually garner some praise from time to time, but you pilfer whatever good will is out there with your sophomoric attitude. Seriously, chill out!

            I know what your mocks had but I’m not about to come to your aid because you are less than honest in your arguments and you are a shameless self promoter to the point of gross mischaracterization! Learn civility and you may be treated with civility.

            1. This.

              My mock was trade-down Trubisky, JJ Watt and then I forget… Watt is doing great, Trubisky gets his first start. They’ll succeed or not. But unlike the back-patters I well recognize that it’s far more random than they think.

              I’ve seen a lot of arrogant pronouncements come to nothing over the years. And yet these people, instead of being humble about drafts because of their routine failures, come right-back the next year like thei **** doesn’t stink.

              I mean, seriously, the best drafters in the NFL routinely fail at the draft. It’s more about who fails the least and who gets the luckiest in find mid/low round guys that managed to beat the odds and excel.

              And it be helpful if the ‘I wanted so-and-so’ crowd would realize that. That their ‘expert picks’ are even more random/flawed than the pros they criticize.

              1. Arrogant pronouncements? Look in a mirror.
                ‘So called experts’? You just defined yourself.

            2. Glad you admit that my last mock did have Hooker, but you are so adamantly opposed to me, you cannot bring yourself to verify that fact.
              You want civilty? Then stop attacking me. Notice that now Prime and Cassie are gone, we have seen a lot less friction on this site?
              Now, you seem to be my new assigned gadfly, but frankly, I do not care, because you truly are a lightweight. Talk about gross mischaracterizations, I am just giving my opinions, but you seem to not be able to handle that. Personally, I see my Democratic platform and proposals for gun control setting off the lunatic fringe, so they oppose me in everything, even when I speak truthfully.
              I will invite you again to ignore my posts. Posters like Scooter and I have an understanding. I do not haunt his posts, and he does not attack me. He and others are free to post whatever they want, and I am free to do the same. It is only posters like you who think they are superior to me and talk down, insult, then whine and cry when I respond, that need to show more civility.
              I have mentioned I had Malik Hooker in my last maock a few times, but I do not shamelessly promote that fact ad nauseum. I just mention that when his name comes up, or they were talking about who they would have chosen instead of Thomas.
              Get over yourself. You are not an authority or smart enough to be considered a monitor or maven of this site. You want to deride and attack me? Go ahead. Just remember, I do not suffer fools gladly.

              1. Oh I’m still here Seb just haven’t bothered.
                You are still an idiot and a little weasel for the record.
                As soon as Grant figures out you and your horse crap are killing his blog, then maybe the true posters will return.
                Until then, keep being a moron and wishing Kap returns! FI!

              2. Prime, I thought you were keeping your word. I distinctly remember you swearing that you were leaving this site and were never coming back.
                What happened? Get lonely?

              3. You bet your sorry arse here we go again.
                I will ride you till your insides turn.
                I love weasels like you.

                I’ll be back Seb so don’t you worry you little d bag!

            3. EastCoast9er

              How very well said….I have attempted several times to convey the same message, but you hit it right on the screws….Seb could add so much to the dialogue if he wasn’t so busy picking arguments….

              1. Unfortunately he proves me right every post he puts up. Hope that Cassie is well. Always entertaining!

  5. One other factor on those soft coverages, was the fact that Bowman was seen stumbling while running to the ball. Maybe they should have inserted some fresh legs, and given Bowman a rest. It might have resulted in tighter coverage and quicker tackling.

  6. Grant, I liked how you set him up with praise, then zinged him with a second guessing question.
    Saleh handled it like a pro.

    1. Totally disagree with this post. Hoyer has missed much much easier game winning throws. That’s what bad QBs do – miss wide open receivers.

    1. Same with Shanahan. I really appreciate that instead of the BS/evasive garbage we’ve gotten out of our recent coaches.

  7. Going with that soft zone the last series was just one of at least a dozen instances where the 49ers urinated the game away.. Pick your drop/penalty/bad call/bad throw. There is such a void of confidence from the top on down. No confidence? You constantly make loser decisions.. The players pick up on it and play loser football..

    1. Our two starting corners are, respectively, giving up a 106 and a 112 QB rating. In light of the fact we’ve all seen they can’t cover one-on-one, I think this kind of criticism is fairly pointless.

  8. You know for all his inexperience Salah has done a yeoman’s job with the defense so far this year. They have vastly improved over last year’s unit with little changes in talent level.

    1. I agree. And if we had a couple of good cover corners, Foster back and a few upgrades with the some of the more marginal Front 7 players, it’d be great.

    2. Absolutely. Saleh has done a good job with players that probably wouldn’t be starting on almost any other NFL roster. The CB’s are not good. He’s had a revolving door at Safety. I think Tartt is serviceable in a pinch but gets himself out of position way too often. Rayray Armstrong is a back up at best and Bowman is a shell of his former self. Given all that I think Saleh has done an outstanding job for his first time as a coordinator. The defensive scheme is solid and he’s calling good games. I tend to agree with his assessment on the OT defense. You certainly don’t expect check downs to pick up 40 yards. That’s a failing on a defense to rally to the ball. Of course the players we are expecting to rally to the ball are the same ones who would not be starting on most other NFL teams.

  9. I must admit I really enjoy RS’s interviews.
    He is smart, but more importantly has the art of explaining things simply. He isn’t indoctrinated in any style and has the flexibility to admit mistakes and change tactics accordingly.
    This is his first stint as DC but so far he has done an admirable job. His future apears bright, and I hope it is for both his and niner fan’s sake.

  10. Solomon has a kind personality that is great. however… game day he needs to turn that into Justin Smith, Von Miller, Charles Haley’s Personality, IMO

  11. When building the roster, Who are the players the 49ers expected to start on defense that are out or have missed significant time.

    Tramaine Brock
    Malcolm Smith
    Reuben Foster
    Jimmie Ward
    Eric Reid

    2/3s of your LB crew and 3/4 of your secondary are gone. That’s hard to overcome. I guess you could say Brock happened early enough for the 49ers to recover but they certainly expected him to start on defense for them up until April. Id say Saleh has done a good job up to this point. When they continue the roster overhaul I think he will prove to be a really good coach that runs a top notch NFL defense.

    1. Sure am glad Smith got a wad of cash. He’s contributed a great amount to the team so far from the IR bench! I know it’s not his fault but it wasn’t like he had a stellar track record to begin with. Wonder if that could have gone for say, another player, maybe a disgruntled Jet or someone who could get after the QB?

  12. Saleh will have his hands full dealing with the Colts. Some say the Niners should win this game, but this will be a dogfight.
    Jacoby Brissett has steadily improved, and they have Frank Gore, a player who I think the Niners should have traded for. It was interesting. Frank Gore was being interviewed, but he turned the tables on the media, and started asking questions about the Niners.
    Frank Gore bleeds red and gold, and is still invested in this team. I will never forgive Baalke for throwing Frank Gore away like he was a piece of trash. He did not even offer him a contract.
    Frank Gore was the heart and soul of the team, and successful teams retain their veteran leadership. I hope after this game, the Niners could still trade for Frank Gore. He and Hyde would make a strong tandem. I want him for his blocking ability, too.
    I am glad that Saleh is flexible and is not forcing players to play out of position. Switching Armstead and Thomas seems to be a smart move. Hope each of them get a sack.

    1. Correction, they did offer a deal, but it was for only one year, which was totally inadequate, especially after seeing his subsequent production.

      1. You should be an archeologist, you’re constantly living in the past-
        Gore, Baalke, Chip, Harbaugh, Kap, Tomsula….
        Bring back Druckenmiller! Bring back Dennis Erickson! Bring back Donahue!
        Bring back the Edsel and the Studebaker!

  13. I hear what people are saying regarding Saleh and the secondary. But to me the whole secondary scheme seems to be soft (not just that last drive although it was the softest). This defense is supposed to be modeled after the Seattle defense. They don’t play this soft at all.

    So my question is: Is Saleh playing a soft secondary defense because he has below average players in the secondary (especially at CB) or does the secondary look poor because they are giving up a lot of underneath stuff due to the soft defense. IIRC, there were a number of times in that game where the CBs were standing beyond the first down line before the ball was snapped.

    1. A little of both. They are giving up the underneath stuff but they aren’t attacking adequately either because they are soft. The corners are giving QBs 100 rating when they are throwing. Expect other coordinators to notice and take advantage.

    2. Seattle has Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas in the secondary. A DC can be alot more aggressive when he has that level of talent to work with every game. Comparing those guys to Rashard Robinson, Jaquiski Tartt, and Jimmie Ward is a little off-base. Saleh has done a good job with the tools he has to work with.

  14. Yes IMO he has done a good job ( RS). Needs one of them corners to find a groove and let him work , getting Foster back , and that, I’m going to run through you tackling machine . Relieving Bowman just a bit will help. Good points defensive line showed up against the cards . The defensive line looks like it’s jelling , BB looks great .

  15. Ok, we are a quarter into the season. Going forward, what does the team need to do to improve? What realistic steps can they take to help themselves? Obviously, they cannot get rid of players and pick up new players. Or very unlikely. But what concrete steps can the team make to help themselves going forward?

  16. Ec9er

    Working the corners , someone has to teach them how to jump a route , that’s one I’ve noticed ,and all I played was mlb . But none of them have tried to postion themselves up to jumping a route ,not enough studies .
    However it’s the secondary that in the hole . In costly penalties, and big plays , rest of the defense looks like it’s improving ,and at a good pace . Need to try our rookie out and see what we got there .(CB)

    Your thoughts?

    1. I think they don’t have the athleticism to do what you are proposing so they are giving them less to do. Jumping routes takes a bit of discipline and if they don’t do it right it can be disastrous. They are hedging their bets with the results we see on the field. Saleh said that Witherspoon is coming along but I think that is coach speak. I think the CBs are just too mediocre to do much more. If we had a better pass rush they might do a bit better but we aren’t getting to the QB fast enough. Arizona is an outlier. Would be nice if we could get them to do that. If Foster could get on the field though…

  17. Rams are 3-1. Guess what was their record last season at this time? I believe it was also 3-1. They won one more game the whole season. Mainstream football media is acting as if they have had already won the division and the Chiefs have won the Lomabardi. I will stick with my 6=10 prediction for the Niners.

  18. Maybe the Colts hire Kap as a mentor and he could throw a game turning interception for the 49ers 1st win…De’ja’ vu all over again.

  19. Ec9er
    Think they need more film time . Study your opponent , tendency’s,watch his breaks , and someone teach them a ball count / when to get your head around ,look for the ball . I’m sure this will help, when Foster return’s . There will be less to cover up .

    Foster coming back helps all levels of the defense .

    1. Film time helps but there is no covering sheer athletic gaps. Those are challenges that these corners have and will continue to have. Not just a question of technique or experience. But rather athletic ability. Under those circumstances they will overcommit. When the get beat, and they will, the safeties have to cover. If they can’t that’s a TD.

  20. We aren’t seeing him til Washington game . Lol

    Shanny really wants that one . Just to be mean , and he knows that defensive .

    What game or games do you think we will win ?

  21. In the defense, the weak link seems to be Rashard Robinson.
    Maybe they should move Ward back to CB, and have Dontae Johnson play safety. Rashard Robinson could be assigned to the number 2 receiver, instead of the number one WR. Kawann Williams could still handle the slot receiver.
    Dontae Johnson has 4.45 speed, which is close to Earl Thomas at 4.43 forty speed.
    This would be a stopgap measure, until Eric Reid gets back.

    1. Ward didn’t exactly shine as a corner last year. He did well as a nickle-back. But stepping up to full CB didn’t really work out. So he’s back to where he belongs.

      1. They recognized that they were playing players out of position, so they switched Armstead and Thomas.
        Rashard Robinson is not doing well, so they need to make an adjustment. He might do better, going against the number 2 receiver, instead of getting torched lining up against their number one receiver.
        I like Lorenzo Jerome, but he may not be fast enough to cover the whole field as the single high safety.
        When Ward was out with his hamstring, the DBs seemed to play well, so he could be in his strongest position as CB. Ward is considered to be versatile, and could be used in many ways. Maybe Ward could be the nickle back and let KW play corner.
        Mike Mayock called Dontae Johnson a true free safety, and Charles Davis thinks he is a better safety than CB. Grant even mentioned his safety possibilities.

    1. The importance of having a strong team around a young QB… It just shows you how a good O Line can make a good QB look better then what he actually is… Good for him.

  22. If the 49ers truly want a pass rusher, there’s an elite one available—a can’t miss prospect:

    1. By Walter Football

    Arden Key, 6-5/255
    Defensive End
    2017 Preview
    By Charlie Campbell

    Career Recap: If the Heisman Trophy was genuinely awarded to the best player in college football, Alabama’s Jonathan Allen would have won the award in 2016. But of course, defensive players are all but ignored for the sham that is the Heisman Trophy. If the award was focused on the best players in the nation, LSU defensive end Key would have have been a finalist last season as he was of the best players in college football. In fact, Key played better, had a bigger presence, and impacted the game. more than Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett, who went No. 1 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. Key recorded 56 tackles with 14.5 for a loss, 12 sacks, three forced fumbles and three passes broken up on the year. It wasn’t even the first good season from Key as he flashed a ton of potential as a freshman for LSU, totaling 41 tackles with 6.5 for a loss, five sacks and one pass broken up.

    As a prospect, Key has the potential to end up grading out like other highly esteemed edge defenders who ended up being selected No. 1 overall in Jadeveon Clowney and Myles Garrett. Sources who have done advance work on the 2018 NFL Draft have Key as one of the top prospects for the draft class regardless of position, and think he is a better player or prospect than any of the highly hyped quarterbacks.

    Read more:

    2. By SB Nation

    Top 5 Edge Prospects Featured
    *Arden Key – Edge – LSU at No. 21 Florida | 3:30 p.m. | CBS

    Arden Key is a dynamic playmaker bringing a perfect blend of size, length, fluidity, speed, agility, and athleticism. He is explosive with a terrific first-step flying off the edge with excellent flexibility, elite quickness,

    One area of concern with Key is he left the LSU football program for roughly four months taking a leave of absence for “personal reasons”. Along with shoulder surgery in the offseason and bulking up to become more powerful in taking on front-side blocks, Key has been hampered this season trying to get back into game shape after missing eight months of football activity.

  23. 49ers vs. Colts: Full Week 5 preview for San Francisco
    by Logan Stanley7 hours

    The 49ers are building for the future. The good news is all the young pass-rushers San Francisco has drafted appear to be paying off. The Niners are pressuring quarterbacks at the sixth-highest rate through four weeks.

    From USA Today:

    Should they be ranked ahead of teams who have wins? We say yes given Niners have lost last three by combined eight points against quality foes.

  24. The Giants have been linked to (2) players: I say they should draft college baseball’s best power hitter who reminds me of a combo between Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire with his swing….Any harm in a young player emulating his heroes ?

    1. Brady Singer, LHP, FLA
    2. Ethan Hawkins RHP, GA

    2018 MLB Draft Watch List
    July 13, 2017 By BA Staff


    Rk. Name Pos. School Ht. Wt. Scouting Report

    1Brady SingerRHPFlorida

    2Nick MadrigalSS/2BOregon State

    3Shane McClanahanLHPSouth Florida

    4Travis SwaggertyOFSouth Alabama

    5Jeremy EiermanSS/3BMissouri State

    6 Tristan Pompey OF Kentucky

    7 Casey Mize RHP Auburn

    8 Joey Bart C Georgia Tech

    9 Seth Beer OF/DH Clemson

    10 Konnor Pilkington LHP Mississippi State


    Rk. Name Pos. School Ht. Wt. Scouting Report

    1 Brice Turang SS Santiago HS, Corona, Calif.

    2 Ethan Hankins RHP Forsyth Central HS, Cumming, Ga.

    3 Kumar Rocker RHP North Oconee HS, Bogart, Ga.

    4 Will Banfield C Brookwood HS, Snellville, Ga.

    5 Nander De Sedas SS Montverde (Fla.) Academy

    6 Luke Bartnicki LHP Walton HS, Marietta, Ga.

    7 Jarred Kelenic OF Waukesha (Wis.)West HS

    8 Slade Cecconi RHP Trinity Prep HS, Winter Park, Fla.

    9 Mason Denaburg RHP/C Merritt Island (Fla.) HS

    10 Carter Stewart RHP Eau Gallie HS, Melbourne, Fla.

  25. LSU DE Arden Key appeared in 11 games for the Tigers last season and recorded 11 sacks.

    Key has caught the eye of former Tennessee DE Chuck Smith, who says the Tiger star is one of the best pass rushers he’s ever seen come through the SEC.

    Smith, who recorded 56.5 sacks in nine professional seasons, told Gridiron Now that even former Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett, who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, isn’t as talented as Key:

    “Myles Garrett is not on this guy’s level when it comes to pass rush,” Smith said. “This guy is the best pass rusher in the SEC over the last 15 years. No one is even close.

    “If he’s not the No. 1 pick next year? Teams are going to miss out.”

  26. Keep up the good work kid. This all stinks worse than the niners, but you are making money hyping this trash.

  27. I have no problem feeling good about this team. As long as they entertaining me each and every week right now, I’ll take 12 more close games, and hopefully the #1 draft pick.

    This team needs a QB as desperately as ever, and I want all my options open this coming offseason! Can they lure Kirk Cousins, Jimmy G, or do they draft a QB,that is the question from now until April 27th!

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