Robert Saleh says the 49ers defense has become “a lot more creative on third down.”

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, July 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Robert Saleh’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


How much of what we saw in the preseason is what you guys are going to be carrying into the regular season?

“For us, our third down stuff is where it gets a little bit more exotic for us. Even from a year ago, we get a lot more creative on third down. First and second down there are still going to be some nuances and all that stuff that teams haven’t seen, but I’d like to think third down we’re a little bit more exotic than what normal teams who run our system are.”

Is it a matter of just kind of tightening things up and just making sure everybody’s playing faster?

“Everything for us is about detail in your assignment and execution. Repetition, it takes 10,000 reps to be great at something so just doing it over and over and over again. With regards to that, just making sure that we’re aligned properly in regards to disguise, making sure things don’t look the same and being able to execute to the best of our ability.”

What led to the decision to have DB Jimmie Ward play two positions despite just participating in a few practices?

“So, Jimmie, I’ll always talk about getting our best 11 on the football field and Jimmie is probably one of our best cover guys just in general. He’s a really good asset. If he can stay healthy, people will see how special he is as a football player. But again, it was one of those things where [CB] K’Waun Williams is still up in the air for Week 1 and [CB] [Emmanuel] Moseley’s been doing a good job and we just want to make sure we have options for Week 1. It doesn’t say anything for Week 1, but for us it creates opportunity for other guys to step in at that position.”

You mentioned Moseley doing a good job. How has he developed since he’s been here?

“You know, he’s undrafted, he’s got a chip on his shoulder. He plays hard, he plays physical. He’s good in coverage, he’s very smart, does things exactly the way you want it done. So, real happy with the way he’s been progressing. He still has a big week ahead of him, but other than that he’s been doing well.”

What were you guys able to get from DL Dee Ford today?

“I’ve got to go back and look at it. We were mostly individual so from my understanding he was full-go in individual so I’ll see how he looked on tape.”

How has he been in general, his mood, given that he hasn’t really been able to practice or play?

“He’s been good. He’s rehabbed. He’s very confident. He’s excited to get back with the guys so he’s been a very positive figure in the building. He hasn’t had any setbacks so he’s just been progressing and he’s excited to get out there.”

He seems like a very charismatic, amusing guy. How would you describe Dee’s personality?

“Same, yeah he is, he’s a new father. It’s amazing for some of these guys when they become dads, I didn’t know him beforehand, but they have a different why in their lives so they just see things differently. But, he’s a very positive, energetic, I don’t want to say happy-go-lucky, but he’s great to have.”

What’d you see from LB Kwon Alexander in comparing him to what he looked like before his injury?

“Kwon, from the first day of training camp until now, he is really coming along. His legs are getting underneath him. I love his style of football. He understands how to play football and how to get off blocks, how to play within space, his energy that he brings. He has, like I said, tremendous football IQ. I’m excited about the direction he’s going in and he looks like he’s going to be ready to roll in terms of top-level performance by the time Week 1 rolls around.”

Does his mobility and instinct look the same as it did from film before his injury?

“If it’s different, I can’t tell. He made a couple of, he put a couple of O-Linemen on skates, one on a screen, one on the reverse early in the game and he just looked like he had good range, good tracking. He didn’t get tested too much vertically, but out on practice during training camp he has and he hasn’t shown any limitations.”

What was the breakdown on the long touchdown in the first quarter where DL Solomon Thomas was in coverage? Was he expecting more help aside from the safety over the top or was it just as simple as a missed tackle?

“You guys don’t like Solomon on a running back? (laughing) No, it’s preseason, we’re trying some stuff out. That could happen. With our system, when you’re trying to bring five, when you’re trying to bring six, when you’re trying to bring overloads, somebody has to account for the back and usually it’s going to be a defensive end. Otherwise you’re just rushing four all the time or it’s just a simple five-man pressure that’s not very hard for offenses to pick up. So, you’ve got to be able to get creative and the more creative you get the more you expose your linemen to coverage. On that particular play, that is not what we want. I’m glad it happened because it created a secondary check that we can get to and all that stuff. But it happened, I’m glad it happened. I’m not glad it happened, but you’d still like for us to get it down and get to the next play but it was a great learning experience for everybody.”

Is that where Dee Ford usually would be in that scenario?


How is he in coverage? How has he been in coverage over the years?

“He’s been really good in coverage. I think he had over 1,000 snaps at Kansas City and he’s not rushing the passer every time. There’s about 600 times where he’s dropping back in coverage. So, he’s got great range, he’s got great speed. He’s got great awareness of what he’s being asked to do. Not that we’re going to make a living out of dropping him. He is going to be one of our best pass rushers, but like I said, if you’re trying to get creative and to create free runners and blitzes, you are not going to be able to do it just by rushing one extra guy. You are going to have to create overloads, you have to bring more than they can block and when you do that you expose your ends to coverage.”

Just to clarify, Solomon should not have been covering that guy, there should have been an adjustment made?

“No, that’s his peel. He’s, we call him a peel rusher, so that is his coverage. The overall design of the play, not what we want which is what I was referring to with Solomon being, basically him peeling with the quarterback being able to step into his throw is not something we want. So, no, we don’t want that happening.”

I understand you don’t want that, but how do you the next time that call happens on that play, what should it be?

“I don’t want to get into the scheme part of it. That particular play concept we’ve gotten a lot of mileage on over the past two years. We’re number two in the NFL in short yardage, and that call is the lead call for us. But, that one stretched out to third-and-three, which is a completely different game when you’re talking about football. So, I’m not going to talk about the check and the stuff that we can get through, but it brought great awareness to everybody.”

Are you guys pleasantly surprised by DL Damontre Moore this training camp?

“He’s been playing his butt off. Like I said, he’s a new dad, so it’s amazing how the mind triggers when you’ve got a new why in life. It’s the ultimate goal for every human, I think, is to always know what your why is and why you’re doing things. He’s relentless, he’s been practicing with a relentless nature and I’m excited for him getting this second shot at the NFL. He’s making the most of it and he’s got another big week ahead of him.”

You guys released him early in the offseason and then brought him back. What was going on in that interim?

“So, he was released because of the amount of injuries, as you guys know, from OTAs, so we had to steal from somebody, which ended up being the defensive line. In the process of him getting cut, and he had a baby, I’m sure he was still staying in shape and we brought him back. Since he’s come back, he has not wasted this opportunity. He’s been going for it and you love to see it out of a guy, too.”

How would you classify the summer for DB Adrian Colbert?

“So, Adrian, he wasn’t fully back in OTAs with regard to his injury. He had a really good 40 days off where he was able to rehab it more and get back. I know we haven’t had a lot of opportunity to see him. Shoot, we got, what, two snaps of him on defense during game action against Dallas, but he was starting to show up in terms of what he put back on tape and all that stuff as a rookie. Would love to see him get out there here in this fourth preseason game to show people how far he’s come, but again, it’s just him getting healthy, being healthy enough to be able to take that next step.”

Is there any way to kind of quantify the talent that you see on this roster right now where it looks like there’s an opportunity or a chance that you guys will be having to make tough decisions at every level of the defense on guys who could end up in the league elsewhere?

“[Head coach] Kyle [Shanahan], [general manager] John [Lynch] [vice president of player personnel] Adam Peters, [vice president of player personnel] Martin Mayhew and that staff, they’ve done a great job building the depth of the roster. There are going to be tough decisions, not just on defense, but offense, too, and that’s a testament to the work that coaches and scouts do together, having a great understanding of what schemes we’re running, so that way we can pinpoint exactly what we need, both offensively, defensively and special teams. I think what you see results-wise is we’ve got a lot of guys that fit what we do and we do feel good about our depth. Tough decisions are going to have to be made.”

A week or two ago, you said you weren’t quite ready to say anything about LB Azeez Al-Shaair, being a rookie and all that stuff. Can you comment on him now?

“I still feel the same. He’s undrafted, he didn’t get OTAs, so he’s still behind mentally in terms of playbook stuff. I shouldn’t say behind, he’s still playing catch-up. There’s still subtle nuances and details that come into that MIKE linebacker spot. I have a process that players should go through, you get your call, you get your alignment, you get your key, which is you place your eyes where they need to be and you execute the defense. He’s still catching up to the alignment part, and if you’re still trying to play catch-up to alignment, you’re going to be playing catch-up with your keys, which leads you to play catch-up with your execution. When he’s aligned, his eyes are right and all that stuff, he looks pretty good, but there’s still a lot of things with regards to the many different looks, plays, formations that offenses can give him with regards to all the different defenses we run where he needs to get on it from a precision standpoint to be able to take his game to another level.”

Right now, heading into this least preseason game, how clear or muddy is the picture for you just in terms of the guys you are going to have to cut?

“Is murky a word? Like, kind of clear but murky? It’s exciting, because the D-Line, linebacker room and DB room are all fighting in a good way. It’s a great debate going on, because it’s a good problem, but a problem. Guys on this roster are really going for it and they’re playing their butts off and they’re doing everything they can to earn a spot on the roster. So, that’s all you can ask for. Again, I go back to Kyle, John and his staff and what they’ve been able to do over these last three years in bringing in the right men, the right people and the right fits so that way we can have these discussions.”

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    1. Some big moves coming. M. Smith gets traded as a salary dump. He has never repeated his one good year in the league and was overpaid. We have better options now. Pettis may be gone if we get a good offer. We shall see. I still like Garnett and hope he can be a solid backup or even starter. His injuries have been bizarre.

      1. update: Malcolm Smith is released as they received no offers for him. We way overpaid for him 2 years ago. Lesson: younger, cheaper players are often the far better bargain.

        1. Allie, he was brought in as a vet who knew the defense, and could help instill the culture they wanted during the initial phases of a total and complete rebuild. It’s too bad he didn’t get to play much….

    2. Hey Razor, I know we’ve still got a week, but any idea of whether or not someone starts up the Yahoo Pick ‘Em League again this year? I keep checking the comments hoping to see something, but nothing yet. Your post prompted me to ask about it. Afraid that I’ll like it too much, so I don’t play fantasy football, but I have really enjoyed the last 4 or 5 years of the pick ’em league.

  2. Sounds like Al-Shaair needs to show Saleh he’s mastered the defense. I still don’t think he’ll clear waivers. He wasn’t drafted because teams questioned his injuries. He’s answered those questions.

    10,000 reps to master a position. Does anyone know the time required for that many reps?

    I’m surprised to learn KC dropped Ford into coverage on over 50% of his snaps. That just seems on its face to be indicative of an irresponsible DC. Maybe that’s why he got sacked….

    1. Assuming the mind is in gear…. Ten thousand reps, at 6 seconds per executed rep, plus 20 seconds for the rep play call and taking position, then another 15 seconds or so to reform after each play…that’s 41 seconds per rep cycle. Perhaps 114 hrs of work? Maybe 1 hr of practice is devoted to actual reps (not including stretching, individual drills, horsing around, applying eye black…etc.). And, if someone gets 20 reps per preseason game…

      Oh the math. Don’t have my calculator open. Been a long day. Bottom line, it takes a while.

  3. Al-Shaiir goes to PS is he is not grabbed by some other team. I hope we keep him. Pettis should be traded. He lacks the passion to play. Grant is right about that. We have some very hard decisions to be made late next week. A lot of guys playing for jobs Thursday. I wish them all well.

    1. Alshahir is better than both Malcom smith and Elijah lee … if I can see they from my couch , Saleh , KS and co can certainly see that . Right ?

    2. Al Shaiir is a green rookie, and would not start on many teams. He does have skills, but he is inexperienced.
      He would do best if they stash him on the PS so he can learn the playbook better.
      I remember Lee doing well last season, but Smith may be the odd man out.
      Yes, these cuts will be painful, bit the Niners must resign themselves to see some cut players going to other teams.

      1. Al-Shaair is as green as Warner was when he started, and I expect Greenlaw will be writing tickets as the starting Sam. Al-Shaair was a day 3 draft pick before his injuries, and he’s proven to be just as fast. I’d be very surprised if he were to clear the waiver wire….

        1. On the 49er depth chart, Al-Shaiir is behind Mayo. Maybe Al-Shaiir has out competed Mayo for the backup MIKE position.
          Smith and Lee are listed as the SAM LBs, so I could see Mark Nzeocha out competing one of those for a spot.
          I wonder if the Niners have already decided who will make the 53, or if they will use their last game to decide. It will be interesting to see who plays how much this next game.

          1. Seb,
            I believe that the last preseason game is about competing for practice squad spots. Maybe the last 3 or 4 spots on the 53 man roster.

              1. Please delete this catfish.
                I respect Old Coach’s football acumen. I wonder if he would have them going younger, or sticking with the veterans.

            1. That sounds about right Coach, I thing there are only a handful of roster spots up for grabs at this point, most of which are likely pegged to the practice squad. However, I do expect the FO to go out and fill a couple roster spots by acquiring a couple players via the trade market, and perhaps even the waiver wire.

              With that in mind, here are a few things I can see the 49ers addressing before the start of what looks to be a very promising season:

              ~ Acquiring another OT – Losing Shon Coleman was a bigger blow than I think people realize, as he was, by far, the teams best Swing Tackle option. The team went out and signed veteran OT Sam Young, following the Coleman injury, but I highly doubt that’s where it ends, when it comes to replacing big Shon. First of all, I am not impressed with Young. Sure, he’s a journeyman OT with 10 years worth of NFL experience, but it seems pretty obvious as to why he was still available that late in free agency. The Niners drafted Justin Skule with the 183rd pick of the 2019 draft, and while I think he has potential to develop into a solid Swing Tackle, he only played RT in college, so his lack of experience isn’t limited to simply being a rookie. He hasn’t played LT much at all, and that’s a big-ask from a rookie 6th round pick. I don’t feel comfortable heading into the season with him as the primary Swing Tackle option. I suspect the Niners FO is turning over every possible stone looking for a viable backup OT, even if it’s a guy who has limited experience on the right side of the line. Look for the Niners to pull the trigger on a trade in order to upgrade the backup OT position. It’s also worth noting that the team is in a good position in terms of waiver claims (2nd in line). There will be some quality young, inexperienced OT’s whom teams will try to stash on their practice squads, so if the Niners need to go that route, they are in a good position to claim an OT, and begin the season with Sam Young as the primary backup, while keeping an inactive OT, whom they have acquired through waivers, and hope to develop him quickly, while getting him acclimated with the offense during the early portion of the season. I would think they can feel pretty good about their chances of having Skule clear waivers, and getting him onto the practice squad while he continues to develop.

              ~ Trading CJ Beathard to a QB needy team– I am not buying what Kyle is trying to sell, not even for a moment, when he claims that the Niners would rather carry 3 “NFL caliber” QB’s, than give one away without getting anything in return. I think Beathard gets cut before Lynch and company cut another talented player at a position of greater need, but I do think they feel like there is a market for CJB, even if they don’t get a whole lot for him in return. They may very well be right about that, especially if the package another player along with him, and I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

              ~ Adding Cornerback depth – I felt some trepidation with the Safety position(s) heading into training camp, but that was before it was clear that moving Tarvarius Moore back to his natural position at Safety, was going to be permanent. Well, I don’t think anyone is looking back now, because the uber-athletic T. Moore looks like he’s back where he belongs, playing his “natural” position while roaming the backend of Saleh’s defense. This kid is legit! He’s fast, he’s instinctive, and he’s a playmaker at the Free safety position (yes, I realize that the 2 Safeties are more interchangeable now, with the tweaks Saleh has made to the defense), which was my biggest concern coming away from the draft. I feel very good with him, alongside J. Tartt, and M. Harris, and with the versatility that Jimmie Ward brings to the defensive backfield (provided he can stay relatively healthy) I think the FO can be creative adding some cornerback help if they feel the need to do so. Right now I have Uncle Sherman, Reese Witherspoon – er’ Ahkello Witherspoon, J. Verrett, and one of the biggest surprises of training camp/preseason – Emmanuel Moseley, penciled in at CB. Additionally, I have K’Wuan Williams and DJ Reed rounding out the roster, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Verrett starts the season on IR (designated to return) so I could potentially see the Niners making a move to add a little more depth at the CB position.

              1. They are keeping 3 qbs because the oline cant pass protect well enough. All 3 will be necessary by 16th week of this season.

              2. Well, that didn’t take long for the Niners to add a little clarity to the final roster. Disappointing free agent acquisition – ILB Malcolm Smith (former XLVIII Super Bowl MVP) has been released, per NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

                No big surprise for me as I had Smith missing the cut. While the Niners quickly signed WR Nick Williams, who played for Kyle Shanahan for two seasons (2015-16) in Atlanta, this bolsters ILB Azeez Al-Shaair’s chances of making the 53, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he makes the team.

      2. No way Alshahir doesn’t get claimed if he’s cut . Lee hasn’t shown much special trainer at best Alshahir can do that , the guys just always around the ball

  4. Very worried about the center position. Rich was average at best last year and missed the entire OTA’s and camp. Garner is weak. Do we need a trade? I think some moves need to be made…even some unpopular ones before the season starts.

        1. I’d venture a guess that most wouldn’t be on the field with his injury, and so that grade is contextually inaccurate.

      1. There is no doubt Richburg is made of gunpowder & lead but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good center. 2019 will be Richburg’s 6th year in the league and he’s been better than average in 1 of those years. I hope he regains All Pro form but the odds don’t favor that result this year. Coming off what sounds like a pretty serious injury and entirely missing OTA’s and most of training camp doesn’t exactly set Richburg up for a successful year. IMO there are 2 significant weaknesses on the 49ers rosters. The secondary and the interior o-line could be huge issues. 49ers defense could potentially lead the league in Sacks and TD passes given up over 40 yards. 49ers offense could lead the league in Sacks given up and yards per rush. I really have no idea how this is going to go. Can a fan be optimistic and pessimistic at the same time? Our glass if half full – emptyish.

    1. Allie

      If I read correctly, Ben Garland, Weston Richberg, and Wesley, Johnston, are just about 3 clones…6 years in the league, all about 6’4″, 305 lbs, and all play IOLine (C/G)…They can all play…so why are you worried about the Center position ? IMO, none of them stands out over the other two, so I would count them as a wealth of richesPerhaps you have too many concerns…such as Pettis, who will be our #! WR in a year or two…book it….

  5. One thing’s certain… Grant’s been a very busy guy today on twitter. Poll, after poll, after poll… Anyone from our group participating in them?

  6. I like Garnett as a person. First-rate and highly educated. Trouble is, he seems a first round bust. But perhaps this is, finally, his year. Our OL desperately needs depth.

  7. From a female perspective, Grant is cute. We feel protective of him and appreciate his intelligence and sense of self-deprecatory irony. He is also insightful and self-aware. Those are appealing traits indeed.

            1. Thanks, Seb. I did grow up on Pacific Heights and went to University High School. Yes, I am a student in the Classics at Bryn Mawr.

          1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

            This persons continued reference to their pacific heights upbringing and coed attendance at bryn mayr ( inter-mural football no less) sounds a little too on the nose to my ears.

            1. * Bryn Mawr Intra-mural.
              She must be smart to get into such a prestigious college.
              She also sounds like a die hard faithful 49er fan. I like those.

              1. GEEPers, tell me your alma mater.
                BTW, that means the college you matriculated at.
                The school you enrolled at.

    1. If he’s relegated to a “filler” type role, all season. By that I mean, filling in for Williams at NC, filling in at cb if there’s an injury, filling in at safety if the need arises. His body and style of play is just not conducive to a full 16 game season….

  8. This is why I had 24 on offense, and 26 on defense, on my 53. Defense is the strength of the team, and they will want to keep an additional D lineman, or DB, if they can manage to trade away a D lineman.
    I think Saleh is benefiting from Kocurek and Woods.

    1. PE…he will be down a while…he will have shortness of breath till they fully dissolve..blood thinners for life ..but he could be back next year no problemo

    1. In KNBR they interviewed an MD that stated week 3 more likely given the nature of the injury… they might want to add an additional 2 weeks given the nature of the name;)

      1. Do we really need Bosa against Tampa and Cincinnati? I don’t think so. Having him lathered up for the Steelers would be ideal!

        1. Coulda woulda shoulda drafted JAllen…guy is balling while Bosa is injured yet again… we will see Bosa week 5….sheeeeeesh…

        2. Yes. Tampa will be a hard contest to win. Bengals, not so much.
          However, it might be best to protect their investment, and not try to bring him back too soon.

          1. Did you see Tampa’s offensive line, Seb? It’s trash. Ford/Buckner/Thomas/Armstead and friends will pound Winston if he tries to do anything but check the ball down. I think Shanny is going to run all over their defense as well….

            1. That Tampa defense is not trash. The Niners are on the road with an early start on the East coast.
              This first game will be a stern test for the Niners.

              1. That was last season. IICRC, TB stomped the Niners in their previous matchup.
                I watched some of the TB-Browns preseason game. They really shut down Baker Mayfield.
                I guess I am also factoring in Bruce Arians. He has been a thorn in the Niners side for years.
                I sure hope you are right, but it will not be a cake walk.

              2. Seb….. vanilla plays aren’t that hard to figure out.
                Again… it’s preseason.
                Who have they added to help that garbage point giving defense?

              3. Arians does not have the offensive line to throw deep like he wants. We will run the ball down their throats, and then play action off that to their demise….

              4. I just watched the preseason game, and based my opinion off what I saw. Baker Mayfield sure looked frustrated.
                Sorry, I do not follow TB very much, but think they made a huge upgrade with Arians, and they drafted well.
                I stand corrected. Just thought Grant mentioned the early starts.

              5. Yep. In my W/L prediction I wrote that the 4:25 start time will help trick them into thinking they’re playing closer to home.

      2. Is it the doctor that actually looked or worked on it?
        If not he’s basically looking at a paper we all could look at and make a conclusion with.
        I’ll take the acting Doctors word for it.

        Monty…. sigh

        1. Not the acting md. of course he wouldn’t be allowed to speak in regards to it. However, they indicated it was a high ankle sprain… and the MD interviewed did clarify his best guess… but he said the timeline given for that injury type was on extremely short and normally another 2 weeks would be needed.

  9. I like Saleh, the dog gone thing about it is I don’t know why. Like Razor I liked the fact that Lynch, Shanny, and Saleh are all first time at doing their current job, and growing with each other but that doesn’t explain why I like Saleh. Saleh doesn’t come with the best of the best credentials, the best thing about Saleh, is he is/was a novice at his job. Has no experience, some will say that’s his downfall. I say its his best asset, he doesn’t come with pre conceived ideas on how to do something. I don’t want to hand Saleh any excuses because I respect this guy a lot, all I will say is in this day and age you are not going to win the Indy 500 with a street/stock engine. You have to have really good parts in order to compete.

    1. I like Saleh. He is light years better than the Brownies.
      Mangenius and O’Neil were drek.
      I did not like the fact that he was learning on the job, but he was also hampered by Hafley and Zgonina.

  10. Love this… Context was Troy Aikman’s disgust with Doug Gottlieb’s take on Andrew luck’s retirement decision.

    Bo Jackson

    More Bo Jackson Retweeted Troy Aikman

    I stand behind @TroyAikman and every word he said. Don’t criticize a man until you’ve worn his cleats. If you’ve never strapped on the pads you have no business commenting on something you know nothing about.

  11. Tight end
    In (3): George Kittle, Kaden Smith, Levine Toilolo
    Out: Garrett Celek (PUP), Ross Dwelley, Daniel Helm, Tyree Mayfield

    Since the opening of training camp, it looked as if Dwelley were the second-best tight end on the team behind Kittle. But Dwelley has fallen back a bit, while Smith has gotten better and better. Toilolo is a big-bodied tight end who gives the 49ers some options to go heavy in short-yardage situations. Again, this is a tough call. Smith, a sixth-round draft pick, gets the benefit of the doubt. Dwelley (or Smith) could be back on the practice squad. Celek will be eligible for a midseason return if/when he fully recovers from back surgery.

    REPLY: Geez, Seb, Matt Maiocco agrees with TomD on Kaden Smith making the 53…..Too Slow, Seb?

    Time to break out your stopwatch and do some house cleaning on the rest of the Niner roster, since that’s only a ‘tool for a fool.”…..Bill Walsh, quality sports writers and myself judge speed by what we see on the field……For example, how about this Jeff Wilson TD (whom a poster on this site labeled too slow)
    out running this DB (Wison is another player I picked to make the 53)

    1. Dang, I thought you were going to ignore me.
      I like the NN take on the receivers. They will keep 7, and keep only 2 TEs, Kittle and Dwelley.
      If you saw my 53, I had them keeping Wilson, because they need a big back to make those inside runs.
      I have not seen your 53, so I am glad you agree with my assessment.
      Post your 53 list, I could use a laugh.

      1. Does Dwelley deserve to make the team? Given his (imo) poor performance last preseason game I don’t know. Good camp but Week 3 was a bad time to start dropping passes. If he makes the roster, he’s ranked somewhere between 50-53 I think.

        1. I replayed that first drop, and JG did not throw an easily catchable ball.
          I think Dwelley deserves to be on the 53, He runs good routes, and Grant mentioned he has a knack to get open.
          I also think his blocking skills are good.

          1. I’m of the opinion that if it hits your hands you catch it. Now I accept that it was a poor pass, but if Dwelley had caught that they would have gained yards, and likely close to a first down. It was a terrible throw from Jimmy, bad enough to take points away from his overall performance even, but I like to see receivers catch those anyway. A receiver that can’t make difficult catches isn’t very useful.

            The second one was almost 100% Dwelley imo. Not the best read maybe from Jimmy but in the redzone you aren’t going to get the ball nice and soft into your chest. You need to stretch, lunge and hold on to the ball after hits. Dwelley flopped and I think he was mostly responsible for that drive ending in a field goal.

            Now I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to make the roster. But his blocking ability didn’t stand out to me, and hasn’t from what I’ve read and see outside of the game. It’s fine if he’s mostly a receiving TE, but then he needs to impress with his catching ability, and he hasn’t done that for me. I can’t say any other TE that he’s in competition with (i.e everyone but Kittle) is better, but purely on his own merits I don’t see why Grant, and a few others, like this guy so much. He doesn’t look like an upgrade over Celek to me. I think he probably makes the roster, but I think that’s in part due to the weaknesses of the other TE’s he’s competing for a roster spot with, rather than his own abilities earning him a spot in the 53. Dwelley has a lot to prove, I believe.

  12. I’ve been posting about Jeff Wison since your stop watch called him too slow…..You have a short memory when it comes to that mistake, but don’t mind hitching your wagon to my hard work on evals….(true sign of a narcisst—let others do the work while you take credit)

    FYI, Taken in context, I was referring to your insulting posts, not your eval posts…..(However, I still retain the right to back hand you if you start going off the rails again)

    But, But, Seb, You said Jarryd Hayne was a Pro Bowler, haven’t had much faith in your RB evals since.

    1. TrollD, I rooted for Hayne, but never touted him as a pro bowler. Too bad Baalke cut him on the team bus. Too bad his ST coach never coached him to not try to catch a bad punt.

    2. It was a numbers game for Wilson, and at that time, Jerrick McKinnon was expected to play. With his swollen knee, JM needs more rehab, giving Wilson an opportunity. He took advantage of his chance to play, and he might have played himself onto the team.

  13. Prediction:

    RB Jeff Wilson smells the goal line and will have a big game vs. the Chargers—over 100 yds—making it impossible for Shanny Lynch to cut him.

  14. LMAO FYI, Taken in context, I was referring to your insulting posts, not your eval posts…..(However, I still retain the right to back hand you if you start going off the rails again)

    Get em homie…LOL…..aahhahahahaha

      1. GEEPers, parroting infers a lack of originality.
        I write that one line and the entire song goes thru his head. Just watch, he will deny it. Its Pavlovian.

  15. Grant said Josh Allen was a better player than the ‘oft injured’ Bosa.

    So Far, Grant is correct—-Allen’s highlights vs. Bosa’s 0 Highlights below:


    1. Tom you are right…..I said he was better as well 17 sacks in his last year and can drop back into coverage a better player period…….Bosa was a “YORK the DORK” pick….meddled his way into the war room and wanted Bosa to put fans in the seats….dumb er another dumb move

      1. Monty,

        If you don’t trust your coaching, you don’t take the best player–Allen– (who might need a little NFL coaching). You end up taking the one who was said to be NFL ready (Bosa)….Sends a bad message to your staff

        1. Absolutely Tom….Just keep Jed away from anything related to the actual game of football…..especially the War Room and or Roster…..

    2. Yep people who don’t have a clue think Allen is better than Bosa. Bosa is a much better player than Allen who is athletic but needs a lot of work in his pass rush and who hadn’t done much of anything the first two weeks of preseason games. He had some impressive TFL – no sacks in any of the 3 games – in a nationally televised game and the fan boys come out in full force. Hard to tell how good Allen will be because he only became a top prospect after a big Sr. year at Kentucky, but he isn’t as good as Bosa.

    1. SY me thinks there are a few..what about Moore or Wilson? Moore showed a lot of grit with that cast on his hand er arm….

    1. TOM

      I thought about this…I actually think the team should trade Mullens to a decent team so he can actually play…he will waste his talent on this team sitting behind the 100Million dollar pornstar man LOL…I think Mullens can win games if not here somewhere else= Elway sees this

      1. Yeah Monty,

        With this team swinging and missing on Allen, Thomas, etc, etc, I leave you with this:

        Grant Cohn

        Follow Follow @grantcohn

        Players the 49ers have traded up to draft since 2013:
        Dante Pettis
        Reuben Foster
        C.J. Beathard
        Joe Williams
        Joshua Garnett
        Carlos Hyde
        Eric Reid
        Vance McDonald
        Corey Lemonier

        7:52 PM – 26 Aug 2019

        1. FoK….is it any wonder why long term fans like me show disgust?//I had friends that had long term season tickets that got screwed when Jed moved the team…How stupid is that????

          Well I could have made and many of us better draft picks than this crap….crazy….Keep Jed away from all things related to football period.

    1. Thanks Tom…

      Hey this is what makes me sick about the York regime….year after year they waste the best draft picks they have….JAllen was taken what 7th? they could have traded back and still got this animal….This guy is special and the team actually needed an OLB>..sickening

      1. Welcome, Monty:

        On a positive note, I made a player eval on a UFA from Penn State, DT, Kevin Givens.

        Although undrafted, he is the only Niner D-Lineman to come close to Josh Allen and looks more like Bama’s Quinnen Williams,so far in pre season……

        The 49ers have a BIG chance to right the wrongs of past drafts with this guy NOW

        49ers would be fools to cut him to the practice squad with Dallas calling teams for D-Linemen.

        NFL.Com’s, EX-NFL G/C Brian Baldinger analyzes Kevin Givens:

  16. Keyshawn Johnson on espn says he’s ‘tired of the AB helmet drama.’ LOL, that’s rich coming from a notorious diva WR in his playing days! Not that I disagree……

  17. Yeah I saw this Tom…..the guy Givens penetrates….disruptive, mean and aggressive..part ways with Thomas keep Givens and Moore….somebody needs to keep track of who plays well and who doesn’t when finishing out the roster…and not give preference to draft spots …. who cares where you were drafted= if you play azz your gone…plus the money can be spent elsewhere….

    I like the idea of starting Mullens and with the money saved next year get stud Olineman and a #1 WR…..I know the team won’t get this right they never do…

      1. Give every fan (one per household) who signs up for 10 years of the NFL’s next generation premium streaming service–phone, TV, tablet, desktop, etc–a $500 technology voucher, and a set of signed trading cards for all 32 1st round picks in 2024. Ten years service, voucher, and cards–all for $1000.

      2. Hilarious Razor

        “Here’s a novel idea, how about investing in your offensive line to protect your investment under center?”

        Isn’t that an issue here as well? We spent a ton on a QB, RB’s and DL, but have a bargain-basement OL?

        1. The Colts ignored their offensive line Luck’s entire career. They let him get pounded for years before they finally figured it out, and by then it was too little, too late. Our offensive line has two 1st round picks on each flank, and a high priced F/A at the pivot. Our guards are bargain basement, because Shanny does not put a premium on that position….

  18. Grant expanding the reach of his product… Another gig, more exposure, more $$, more flak…

    Grant Cohn

    Welcome to The Cohn Zohn ⁦@957thegame⁩. I’ll be in studio every Wednesday from 8-10 pm with ⁦@ButcherBoy415⁩ and ⁦@RyanCovay⁩. So excited to start. First show is tomorrow. Tune in.


      1. The nice part about 95.7 is they aren’t affiliated with the organization so they aren’t the 49ers mouthpiece like 680 has become.

    1. Yeah MSmith socked but wtf? sign NicK Williams?? maybe Bourne and Matthews are gone??? the signing of Williams makes no sense unless he has ties to Shan…..

      1. Williams serves one purpose and one purpose only – a body at WR they can put on the field in the last preseason game without risking the guys they intend to keep on the 53.

      1. I’m thinking a stop gap solution. He’ll likely be gone when cutting to 53, unless 2-3 current receivers go down on Thursday.

        Cool thing is this isn’t over….yet. Roster is likely to remain turbulent into the second week of the season.

    2. Sebbie… Your roster prediction Sam – M Smith, Elijah Lee_ just took a hit. My condolences.

      Before you rip me, I don’t do roster predictions. Never have. Rather pointless. Good luck on the remaining 52–you should get at least 47-48 of them correct.

      1. LMAO Sebbie… Your roster prediction Sam – M Smith, Elijah Lee_ just took a hit. My condolences.


        1. I just went off their depth chart. He was slated as a starter. He was a SB player, but injuries have made him expendable.
          Such desperation. Crowing because a player gets cut. Schadenfreude at its finest.
          Typical troll tactic. Rip another’s list but afraid of putting one out, herself.

    3. Raz,
      I have a somewhat poor vision, but I saw the M. Smith cut coming from far away. Believe most 49ers fans saw it coming as well.
      This bodes well for the young guns (LB’s) vying for roster spots.

      I’m a little surprised with the WR signing. I agree with Scooter that Williams is a one (preseason) game rental.

  19. Does anyone know if csn Bay area still covers the 49ers?I was searching to find shows like 49er central and 49ers postgame live so I can record them after the games but nothing coming up..Anyone know what’s up with that?

  20. Yea, these modern day gladiators of the NFL chose the life they lead, and know perfectly well the dangers of a Profession Of Violence. That’s why they are paid the way they are….

  21. The 49ers have released Malcom Smith. This is good news for the team. They must be impressed with the emergence of Dre Greenlaw and Azeez Al-Shaair.

    1. Just shoring up positions they are short at for the final preseason game. All these guys will get a chance to make a few bucks for preserving the health of the guys who will actually make the final roster.

  22. Not Good…

    “Kentavius, he’s battled through his knee all year,” Shanahan said. “He’s had some knee tendinitis throughout camp and stuff. A little similar to Dee Ford but he’s been trying to battle through it and get a spot here.

    “We decided yesterday that he can’t do it anymore. We’re going to get his knee scoped here on Friday, so we’ll decide what to do after that. But he’s going to have to get his knee scoped here Friday, which will be a setback for him, but it does not mean that he’s still not going to be a part of us.”

    It sounds like the surgery will end yet another season for Street. Shanahan was asked if season-ending injured reserve is an option.

    “It is the most likely,” he responded. “Haven’t decided that for sure but it’s definitely the most

    1. It’s unfortunate but doesn’t sound all that serious to the point he’d have to miss the season. If they put him on IR it’ll likely be because they have too many DL they want to keep and this is a way to keep somebody they otherwise would have to cut like DeMontre Moore for an example.

      1. Thanks for the memories, Trent.

        However, one man’s loss is another one’s gain…Welcome Aboard the 53, Kevin Givens!!!***

  23. The Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park figures to be the crown jewel of the NFL when it opens in 2020.

    Most remarkable of all, it’s being privately funded. Contrast that to what’s happening right now at the site of last year’s Super Bowl: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. After hitting taxpayers with a $500 million tab to build a new home for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, public officials are now shelling out another $3 million to pay for upgrades to a stadium that’s only two years old.

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