Roman on Crabtree’s 60-yard catch: “Really saw something that alluded to that being a good play.”

SANTA CLARA – At his Thursday press conference, Greg Roman answered a question about Michael Crabtree. Here is a transcript.

Q: On Crabtree’s long play, did you put that in especially for him coming back? Was that installed last week just for that?

ROMAN: “A little bit. Yeah, we felt really good about him doing it. For sure. Really saw something that alluded to that being a good play. And it was really good by Colin and Crab having that Jedi thing going on that play. That was something that they talked about in the meeting, they got a feel for it and it happened on the field. That was really good to see.”

Here’s what Roman saw “that alluded to that being a good play.”

Trumaine Johnson was playing off Crabtree and had stepped inside to attempt to jump the slant route. This was bad positioning by Johnson. It left him vulnerable to the double move. A cornerback always should put himself in a position where the receiver has to go through him to finish the route. But Johnson stepped inside and lost vision of Crabtree while Johnson was eye-balling Kaepernick.

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