Roman says he’s used Vernon Davis as a “flat-out decoy” at times

SANTA CLARA — Greg Roman spoke at the media tent Thursday afternoon. This is what he said about Vernon Davis.

Q: You went to Vernon Davis quite a bit more last week than you had in a while. How much of that was the game plan, and how much of that was reacting to what the Falcons were doing?

ROMAN: Everything we do in the passing game is reacting. Knock on wood, we haven’t thrown a lot of interceptions here in the past couple of years. Hopefully that has something to do with the fact that we’re going to try to throw the ball to the open guy. Vernon was open, just by the way things played out.

Vernon has been such a valuable member of this team the time we’ve been here, not just catching passes but blocking, helping get our running game going and pass protection as well. And sometimes just flat-out being a decoy to draw coverage away from somebody else. He’s done it with a big smile on his face, and a need and a want to win.

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