Rookie 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster hopes to be back on field Sunday


SANTA CLARA — For 49ers rookie linebacker Reuben Foster, the question seems to be how much he’ll play, not if he’ll play this Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

“I’m sure he’s ready to go,” defensive tackle DeForest Buckner told The Press Democrat Thursday in the locker room. “He’s looking pretty good. I know he’s dying to get out there. He’ll definitely be a key piece coming back. He’s a playmaker.”

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  1. Grant, can you ask your Physician friend to make another long distance , remote diagnosis on Foster?

  2. I like his enthusiasm, but hope the Niners are cautious, and bring him back slowly so he does not have a relapse.

  3. Now we just gotta get Kaep bk on the field, and let the playoff run commence. Just look across the bay to see how much of a difference a playmaker at Qb makes. Hoyer reached his ceiling years ago, what’s Kaeps in this scheme?? Just having a run game again will open up running lanes for #7. Hoyer won’t survive to the bye with this oline and his reluctance to discharge the pigskin, anyhow.
    Can’t believe some of you have the stones to bring up Walsh in the same breathe as lil Shanny, that’s like comparing young cohn to ratto….get real, ur disgracing the best coach of all time.

    1. Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. Kaep’s ceiling in a standard pocket-passing offense is in the 70s. Or as his former (49ers) QB coach said:

      “It has everything to do with his ability to play in the pocket,” Logan told 99.9 FM The Fan about Kaepernick’s lack of a job, according to Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt. “Wherever he goes there will have to be a massive re-design of the entire offense to suit his skill-set, which is unique.

      “But I’m just telling you why he’s not on a roster. It has everything to do with his ability to play in the pocket. And be really good in the pocket. Because the game has taken away his calling card, which is the zone-read. Defensive coordinators in the NFL will not let you beat them with that football play. You can irritate them with that football play but you cannot beat them with that football play anymore.”

      Logan didn’t give Kaepernick much credit, comparing his descent from Super Bowl starter to unwanted free agent to Blake Bortles becoming a borderline starter after his 35-touchdown season in 2015.

      It’s not like, btw, the vast majority of us haven’t seen this. It’s not like people in the press have’n’t been pointing this out for YEARS. THe bottom-line is RGIII and Kaepernick are both unemployed, one-trick ponies who can’t do it in the NFL now that their junk offense can’t carry them.

      Regardless of how many times you pretend otherwise.

      1. Agree on most of your above other than the Zone Read seems to work very well when used sparingly. Teams across the NFL are using it on occasion with a high degree of success. Defenses seem to forget how to defend it when they don’t see it over and over again..

      2. I respectfully disagree AGAIN. During JH’s tenure, they tried their hardest to keep Kaep healthy by keeping him in the pocket to deliver the ball. Then, during the playoffs, they turned him loose and Kaep set a playoff record rushing. During the SB, they fell way behind, then turned Kaep loose again, so he stormed back to get 5 yards from winning it.
        The next season, they were `12-4, so Kaep was efficient, not caring about passing stats because he let Frank Gore tote the rock. Then he came within one pass from returning to the SB.
        The season in 2015, Kaep was blown up along the side line in the first game. He jumped up and ran back to the huddle with his head down, trying to project that it was nothing, but he should have stayed on the ground after that massive hit which injured his shoulder.From that moment on, his play was affected. Injuring his thumb on his throwing hand did not help, and eventually, he needed 3 surgeries to fix everything.
        Tomsula did not have a clue how to utilize Kaep properly, and they still lost with Gabbert.
        Chip was handed a poor hand, with Baalke dismantling a SB team, then sitting on 45 mil, being content to lose. The defense was atrocious and set records in futility, although many posters were deriding Kaep for not being able to stop the third string RBs from galloping for 200 yards. Chip rolled out Kaep maybe 3 times, but Kaep still helped the team become 4th in rushing, their only good stat on the team.
        Now, we have KS blithely stating he needs no OC, and unceremoniously anointing Hoyer the starter from the first OTA. Hoyer got all the first string snaps, and is now 0-5.
        Kaep does not have a job because he is being blackballed. The Twitler called him an SOB and wants to keep him fired. Ignoring that reality and pontificating that it is only because Kaep is not better than Hoyer or Bortles, or many other QBs, does not pass the laugh test.
        Kaep is not a one trick pony. Hoyer is the immobile one trick pony. Kaep is a dual threat, and can beat a team with his arm or his legs. His skillsets stress a defense so much, they have to assign a spy for him. Too bad the Niner coaches did not take advantage of the defense playing with one less defender not covering any others on the offense.
        Pontificating that the Read Option is dead, just defies reality. Seattle still utilizes it judiciously, I saw Cam run it last night. Aaron Rodgers ran it. So has Watson, Mariota, Winston, Taylor and Luck, when he was healthy. I even saw Alex running the pistol, so the false assertion that the Read Option is figured out and dead is specious. It is just another weapon in the arsenal, and when done right, can be devastatingly effective.
        They said the exact same thing about the WCO. ‘Now that they figured it out, the WCO is dead.’ Wrong. The WCO has evolved, just like the Pistol and Read Option has morphed into the Zone Read. Defenses will counter what the offense is doing, and offenses will tweak the system to come up with new wrinkles to counter the counters. It is never ending, and the era of immobile QBs is being replaced by mobile QBs.
        ‘Massive re-design of the entire offense to suit his skill set, which is unique.’ He makes it sound like a QB has never gone down due to injury, or a QB is 0-5 and was ever benched, so a different QB with different skillset has to now start. New starters with different skillsets happen ALL THE TIME. Look at Watson replacing Savage. Look at Brissett. Bortles is riding on his defense’s coat tails, and could be replaced soon. Many Jaguar players want Kaep, but Coughlin is old school, and is part of the Blackballing. Yes his skillsets are unique, but he also has stormed into the SB and set records with those skillsets.
        Same old screeds. RGIII is not playing because he will try to play on one leg. Kaep is fully healthy and is in the prime of his life. Like Grant and Garcia said, Kaep is better than half the existing starters right now. Of course, they were talking about Cousins, but Kaep is similar.
        Kaep’s haters are a bunch of cowards because they are terrified that he may go to a team, and take the league by storm, again. It would totally destroy all their screeds, and make the NFL look bad for persecuting an individual who has noble intentions. Kaep is a leader, and now the NFL has elevated Kaep to a Martyr status. Detractors should be crying for a team to let him play, and hope that he will fall on his face. Kaep is playing it smart. He has kept a low profile, and is being patient. Some team, due to attrition or poor QB play, will be desperate enough to sign Kaep, especially if it means getting into the playoffs.
        Of course, there are teams like the Niners, who would rather lose than sign Kaep. Lynch stated that he would be always trying to improve the QB situation, and that he saw competition as a given, but I guess he is breaking his word, probably because Jed told him to. Jed needs to grow up, because I am sick of all the damn losing. I want the Niners to win a damn game.

        1. I just want to apologize to the blog for my long winded diatribes. The smoke fires up here are making me dizzy. If the Niners just sign Kap all would be well and solve all my problems.

          Go Niners…..

            1. I will not joke about these fires. They are tragic, and people are hurting. This catfish sounds like Cassie.

      3. Steve Logan? That DJ does not have a clue. He swore that the quick out would always be open and coached the QBs to throw at 85%, not 100% force.

  4. We could only wish ,that when he comes back , it is with a wrath of vengeance . (Foster)

    Looked at them first 11 plays in the beginning of the year .
    Noticably more in tune with each other .(bow/ Foster)
    The secondary with tartt has played well , safety wise .
    Will they improve with the return of both starters .
    Communication should be better ,now let’s hope they can get through a couple of games with no injuries , than we should see major improvements.
    Adding them 2 players back at defense should show dividends immediately .

    And agree they should let Thomas find a spot and get used to it . Tweener or not . He has to develop pass rush with the other guys . Bouncing him around makes no sense at all .

    Being able to score on Washington is my concern , if and can we .

    I think if all goes right ,and some how it plays to our advantage , the football God’s (turnovers),the referees stay neutral and call a fair game ,( since every game has at least one call that cost us points .)
    And defense finds away to keep Kirk from tearing into our weak cornerbacks , it will be a close game , but I really don’t see us winning it , on the road , Snyder’s drama , the youth we have , them knowing KS offense from Atlanta, the defense should throw a wrench in it , but still thinking we come up short . Again !!!!
    I want to say us by 3 ,but ? That’s my heart speaking ,

    Thinking we take a butt wuppen in this game , for the first time all year . (Physically )Turnovers are the winners of this game .
    Washington by 7 .
    Love my 49ers , hope I’m wrong . Really hope I’m wrong . Would rather be wrong . And win .

  5. 49er since 78

    Good post…honest and homeresque all in one. I’m still wondering when we’re going to see DeAndre Smelter at WR ? He’s big, fast and tuff. I hope that we’ll begin to see some of these guys on the PS activated and played. Is Garnett working out in-house to earn that big signing bonus…or is he just loading up on Prime Rib ? How about a look at the WR we have from Eastern Washington…His counterpart Kupp is starting for the Rams……and you wonder why the blog is so negative….

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