Rookie 49ers QB CJ Beathard not bothered by trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

SANTA CLARA — For two weeks, rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard was the future of the franchise. Then, the 49ers traded for Jimmy Garoppolo. And now Garoppolo is the future, and Beathard is back to being just a rookie. He seems to be handling the comedown well.

During his weekly press conference in the 49ers locker room on Wednesday, Beathard was relaxed, talkative and upbeat. He was in a good mood.

The two weeks before the trade, he seemed tense and overwhelmed during his interactions with the media, as if he knew he wasn’t ready to be the starting quarterback. As if the pressure of being a starter was a burden. As if he was afraid to embarrass himself. He said very little and spoke in generalities.

Now, he seems relieved.

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  1. Sucks but I’m rooting for CJ ..Sometimes competition brings people’s play to a whole new level..I find it tough to evaluate any QB behind this line

  2. Beathard’s attitude should be every opportunity he gets to play, is an opportunity to get better. That’s what it seems to be, and that’s what that person who asked that question fails to realize. Live snaps are a precious commodity in the NFL….

  3. Sounds like the Bayarea media is planting seeds of dissension for CJB.

    Hopefully he understands that this is all a learning experience. Maybe now he can play loose and let it rip.

  4. No matter if its a promotion, demotion, win, loss, success or failure… the response is to keep improving. Keep working hard. Build those skills.

    I like Beathard.

  5. A couple of weeks ago the night before the Dallas game KS gave a little pep talk to his team about the similarities between what he and Lynch are doing now, and the ’79 to ’81 Niners under Walsh. It was intended to motivate the team, but suspect it did the opposite.

    I commented at the time that his speech may have done more harm than good. He was essentially telling his players that he expected very few, if any of them to be part of the long term future of the team. To me, that would be a demoralising thing to hear – so early in the season, and for many players who are only rookies and would be hoping to have a prosperous career ahead of them.

    Even as a rookie, you’re not guaranteed to be playing on the team in a couple of years time. And its an 0-8 team. What does that say about your contribution if you cant even secure a roster spot on the worst team in the NFL?

    And then 2 weeks later CJ Beathard, one of the better rookies (someone who had replaced an NFL vet already) learns that KS was indeed not joking. He has essentially been replaced by “the future”.

    I’m not saying I dont like the trade, I really do. But KS needs to think really hard about he handles his team going forward. I think his speech before the Dallas game was a rookie mistake. And now he’s backing up his words with actions. He needs to have a well-thought plan in place in terms of how to deal with the other players for the remainder of the season.

    1. Brit. Would you rather he BS the players? He told them straight up the situation. This sounds just like a military training talk to get recruits to recognize that they were going to have to apply themselves or the wouldn’t survive..

      I disagree with your take. They need to realize that unless they give it their all they have no chance to survive. To often once players make the roster complacency sets in. That is why the 2014 team went 8-8. The vets were made aware that Harbaugh was gone and felt no need to even try. It’s not the NotForLong league for no reason. They are not building for this seasons results but for the future. This entire season is akin to training camp. If you are not totally needed (Staley- no other T available) ( Hyde -RB’s depleted ) or in the teams future plans, you will be gone. This is a business and avoiding hurt feelings isn’t a priority. They were told they are not fighting to win but to keep their jobs. For those that survive the wins will come in the future.

      Sure if you are on a 0-8 team and you are told most of you will not be here it doesn’t sound good in respect for the players careers. But it is a reality that sooner or later those players will come to grips with. He was treating them like men and laying it out for them. Telling them the truth is a sign of respect. The are being auditioned and given a chance to show what they can do. That is more than a lot of players get.

      Shanahan and Lynch have been very forthright in defining their objective and have layed out their plans for rebuilding right from the start. Every player knows where they stand. That is something that will reap rewards in the future. I think most players respect that and this will reap rewards in the future.

      1. I dont disagree Will, but my point isn’t about hurting feelings, or treating people like men and not boys.

        Its about whether KS is going to be able to objectively and productively assess a team over the next 8 games if they are not playing as a team because some players are demoralised.

        So this season is now about evaluation, I understand that. But how do you evaluate players on a team that no longer has any motivation because their coach has told them that they all basically suck and are just there to make up the numbers?

        And even those players with a bit of enthusiasm still. Garoppola, for example… many here discussing having to play him at some point this season. How do you evaluate his play behind an O-line that has given up? Who does he throw to? Receivers that are just mailing it in? How is anyone going to be able to objectively assess JG’s play on this team at the moment?

        Everyone knew it was rebuild from the start of the season, yet the team played their hearts out first 6 games. Then KS gave his speech, and it all fell apart. He told them to their faces they were no good. Its not about lying, he just simply didn’t need to say those things, he could’ve kept that to himself.

        1. Brit, the Niners already told the players they are expendable when they cut so many veterans on the team.
          They put an exclamation mark on their sentiments by their handling of the Bowman situation.
          However, I will agree with you about KS talking to the team like they were pieces of meat. Very unprofessional, and counter productive if they wanted to motivate the players.
          I totally agree it was a rookie HC mistake. Players will respond better with a pat on the back, not a stab.

      2. in addition to the ideas that KS’ speech b4 the DAL game was a rook mistake, or leveling with the team, treating them openly, etc., etc.,– how about the timing of this talk just b4 the next 2 games where KS’ staff felt the team was likely to get plastered….whereas the prev. 5 games they’d been up against lesser teams, so Coach staff assumes DAL & PHI games will be ugly, so the nature of the “pep” talk was “brutally honest”?

    2. Alphas respond to conflict and competition. If you’ve made it to the pros, you’re an alpha. Bill Walsh was consistently resented by his players. BB is the same.

      1. The nfl is littered with players going through the motions each week… got their big payday, worried about injuries, weight problems, drug/alcohol problems, off-field priorities, just plain lazy, etc etc

    3. British Niner,

      This whole negative angle on that speech is a Grant Cohn creation. None of us, including Grant, have any idea of what was said in that speech and how it was tied to this year’s team. I can pretty much guarantee that the purpose of it was to let the players know that while things are tough now they can and will get better. He was giving evidence of how the process can work with an example from a time earlier in this franchises history.

      1. In the example given the process worked because the entire team was replaced. How is that an example that inspires motivation for the existing players?

        1. He wouldn’t have focused on the players that did or didn’t make it through to 81. The correlation would have been that the team in 79 struggled but eventually became a champion. Again, the negative spin on this is a complete fabrication from Grant Cohn. He made the entire thing up based on what he imagined the speech to entail. The speech was meant to inspire but of course Grant made up his own story so he could crap all over it. It’s the kind of low level journalism he spews out to elicit responses.

  6. Glad to hear Beathard isn’t bothered by the trade for Garoppolo. What should (and likely does) bother him much more is the essential nonexistence of the 49ers’ OL.

  7. Is that Rich Scangarello in the background of that picture? He looks like he might be an enforcer in the cosa nostra. I can see him walking into the O-line meeting room on film days and asking them to do their job and provide protection for his QBs. As he departs — “this is a nice little room you guys have here. Would be a shame if something happened to it.”

    1. Grats to Houston. They made my day by their dumping of the arrogant Smog Doggies.
      Hope it has given a region that was devestated, some joy.

      1. Thanks. I’m a Giants fan at heart but the Astros are my 2nd favorite team. This Astros team is easy to root for. They have a bunch of really good guys.

    2. Houston,

      Niner fan since ’84 and older than that…
      Since this is my first ever post, I just wanted to thank you for making me spit out my drink pretty much all over my keyboard, desk, and everything I’m wearing.

      Oh and congratulations on the Series…

        1. Ha!
          Neither informed nor arrogant enough to argue with you, but I’d happily clang a beer and toast to improvement for the rest of this year and a few more thereafter. It’s been a rough ride.

  8. Here is what should happen come next year. The 49ers and jimmy will not come to a contract extension because his agent knows he can get the franchise tag and any contract will be around that number. The 49ers would be dumb to pay that unless they have lots of contract loop holes attached. So the 49ers wait to the last day to franchise tag Jimmy and see what the redskins do with Cousins. if they let him go then sign him and tag jimmy then trade him to the browns for 2 second picks or even better a first round pick. Now next year their is suppose to be good free agent QBS next year like Drew and others unless the 49ers don’t like any of them. I also don’t know if when you tag somebody that it has to be 2 first round draft picks that have to be traded, it should be whatever the team wants in return, but if its 2 first rounders I really doubt browns give that up but if they did that would be an even better deal for the 49ers.

    So either sign Cousins, trade jimmy for first or 2 second rounders or trade Jimmy for 2 first rounders from the Browns if it has to be 2 first picks for a tag player. Lets say its 2 first rounders from this year then the 49ers will have 3 first rounders to upgrade their team and still signed Cousins. Even if it wasn’t him I would take Drew for a few years over any QB that we have right now. That will set the 49ers to be a playoff team next year. With 3 first picks and say if it was browns first pick which would be the number 1 overall, you could even get more picks and trade down. then you can get top RB, cause Hyde will be gone, get top WR if their is one, top edge rusher and or top CB. They can address the O-line in free agency or which ever positions they don’t address then just use the draft.

    this is a business to win. their can’t be no hard feelings and I’m sure all Niner fans would love any one of those scenarios. yes i know that it probably won’t happen but i don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t happen

    Grant you should bring this up because i don’t think anybody has mention this.

    1. No. JG will not want to go to the Browns. He may not want to stay with the Niners if they are in rebuilding mode.
      The best thing the Niners should do is play JG and help him lead the Niners to victory. I would just assume JG gets the franchise tag so he should assume the Niners want him, since he is young and can play for years.
      No way in hell does Breeze want to end his career on a losing team. He will choose a good team that only lacks a QB, like Denver or Jax.
      The most wild scenario may be for the Niners and Washington to franchise JG and Cousins, and swap them.

        1. I think they were talking about Cousins being franchise tagged, and wanting a king’s ransom of 2 first round picks for the Niners to trade for him.

        2. More scurrilous nonsense. That would drive up the cost to both teams. A tagged player can’t be moved until he signs the tag, at which point his tagged salary becomes guaranteed , and he’s a free agent the following year. Hardly a way to lock up the QB of the future. Another Bozo idea from a predictable source.

          1. I called it a wild scenario. I am just speculating, and hope JG plays this year, and plays so well the Niners lock him up with a long term contract.

          2. JG would sign the franchise tag in a heat beat to get that guarantee big pay day, just like Cousins has. Once he got tagged he signed it right away. it would also depend on what kind of tag they place on JG, most likely Exclusive but could use the Non-exclusive but that’s where I don’t know if it has to be 2 first round picks for a trade to work if he signs with another team. if he just signs the franchise tag then he can get traded. only bonus money would count against the cap, so trading a franchise player would not affect the salary cap for the 49ers. Lot would need to happen but I would take the browns high draft picks any day as long as we have a good QB on our team already

  9. Who is the true winner in this trade? That is easy its…….B. Hoyer. He goes from the worst team in football to a possible Superbowl winner where he is one sack from being the starter. If he does get a chance to play I bet he shines behind the Pat O line in the Pat’s system.

    1. Both Hoyer and Garoppolo are winners. Hoyer, for the reasons you stated and JG for the fact that he is in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating with the 49ers. If he doesn’t like the contract he can either be franchised, whereupon he gets a big payday and maybe the opportunity to test the FA market later or sign a better contract with the 49ers.

      Also, the NE Patriots are winners. They get something very valuable for an asset they were likely to lose.

      The 49ers are apparent winners but could lose out. That remains to be seen. The 49ers are winners if JG works out and the team responds favorably and can get him to a reasonable contract. A lot of ifs.

    2. Hoyer to NE was integral part of the JG deal with BB, KS would lobby for this, I’d think…
      –JG avoids the Browns
      –BB gets an experienced short term insurance policy for this season, in case the experimental life extension and HGH drugs Brady takes fizzle out b4 playoffs, or if he’s flattened, of course,
      — BB gets to show the finger again to the Browns (I’d think he’d prefer stiffing the Ravens)
      — Hoyer gets kudos for his buy-in with KS this year by getting on board a SB bus…as you stated OC…

      1. he’s on the bus…not driving it….assuming TB holds up…
        pretty decent payback for a potential ring and game $$
        and parlaying that into another back up job for GB, ATL, etc., next year????

  10. JG would not have a say in where he gets traded to and plus Browns could pay him millions of dollars and he could be their answer and make them good. if he didn’t take a contract ext with the Pats, then Im sure he is looking for lots of money.

    Drew is getting old and would probably take most money out their. if could make any bad team better including the 49ers if they make other moves on the team and not just waste the 100 million cap space. Denver wouldn’t be able to afford him but jax would be a nice fit.

    1. JG already turned down a deal to go to the Browns, so they know he does not want to play for them. JG could just sit at home and refuse to play, so the Browns will have wasted draft picks for a recalcitrant player.
      Browns are not that stupid….. Oh wait, maybe they are……

        1. Poaching players from others teams PS is fair game but it’s also looked as, as dirty pool. Kind of a dyck move.
          No wonder a guy like you suggested it!

          1. For any team that is 0-8, it is not dirty pool, it is logical and just a business move.
            Too bad you were not smart enough to think of that.

              1. It’s a flexibility thing. You have to keep him on your 53-man roster all year or waive him. You can’t put him on your practice squad, should you need to demote him to elevate someone else for injury or other purposes like so many teams do.

      1. Harris shows our bar is set extreeeeeemly low for OL help currently….
        and his OZ/IZ scheme familiarity from stints at ATL & NO..

  11. That’s what has me worried about these teams leadership. Why would you sign Bryce Harris when yes you could get a player from another teams PS, who would be alot better, younger and cheaper. I’m sure their is some good OL on another teams PS.

    Also go back to the draft they should of kept trading down and selected that CB from Ohio state or the best pick to draft Watson, you don’t go to 2 straight champ games win 1 and also a Heisman trophy while also having good stats and be considered a bust. he is not a matt leinart or ken dorsey. instead they draft thomas and look at him injured and can’t really play.

    1. They did get a DB from Ohio St. They just signed Tyvis Powell, who used to play for the Seahawks. He kind of bounced around, so I do not know how much intel they will get from him.

        1. I am happy they traded back, got additional draft picks, and still got the player they coveted.
          I am just glad they traded away RR.

  12. They need to improve the o-line to keep both quarterbacks alive. They need to draft a big-time wide receiver to give either QB a weapon. Last year, they started on defense in the draft. This year, they need to draft for offense. They need a tall, big time wideout. They are not Trent Baalke. If they go that route, they won’t be scared to get that wideout early. AJ Jenkins scared Buumke into not drafting wideouts early.

    1. I think the 49ers will have at least 7 starters next year that are not on the roster this year. Not sure if that’s a record but it definitely isn’t good.

      O-line – Draft an OG, Pick up a Center and another OG in FA
      WR – Draft a WR
      QB – Draft a QB. If JG leaves then also sign a FA QB
      RB – Resign Hyde. If not then draft another RB and sign a FA RB.

      CB – Draft a CB. Sign a CB as a FA
      Safety – Draft a Safety. Eric Reid will be gone and Ward cant stay healthy.
      LB – Draft a LB. Sign a LB FA
      Edge – Draft an edge rusher

      1. Thats like what I said before about the management on this team. CB they could of drafted this year with more extra picks if they traded down more, QB they could of drafted this year. O-line they could of signed free agents, because theirs no way they thought the group they had was going to be any good. If they would of spent money this year they could be 5-3 right now and that’s with Watson or Hoyer as the QB

        So yes next year they will need all those positions without getting any draft picks back for trading away Lynch, Hyde and Reid. Granted of course they do get back Smith, Garnett and Joe. But

        1. We did draft a CB. We knew going in that Witherspoon wasn’t physical and that he was raw due to only playing since his senior year in HS. He’s improved his tackling. I don’t expect him to make the same mistake as his did when he gave up the TD last week because he’s a film junkie and is said to be very coachable.

          The other thing we knew pre-draft was his best trait, tight coverage. He can run step for step with anyone. And if he does get beat, he has great recovery speed. When he becomes more polished, he will be able to bait QBs into throwing his way, only to turn and high point the ball for the pick, ala Richard Sherman. I think by this time next year, Witherspoon will be a true shutdown CB.

          1. I wish I shared your optimism on Witherspoon. After watching his college tape where he was literally running away from tackles I basically wrote him off. The kid definitely has talent but it’s hard for me to get past it when a guy shows he has no heart for football. It’s a man’s game and if you don’t have the right mentality you just won’t ever be a player.

            1. “The kid definitely has talent but it’s hard for me to get past it when a guy shows he has no heart for football.”

              That was my concern too, especially after Hyde ran over him in camp. But while he was inactive to start the season, he kept working to get better. He watched a ton of film. He learned how to tackie properly. I think his heart is starting to match his raw talent.


              “He also focused on tackling, which was the knock on him before the draft coming out of Colorado. Witherspoon was considered an excellent athlete with good feet for his 6-foot-3-inch frame. But there were questions about his physicality which 49ers general manager John Lynch discussed with him when he was drafted.”

              “Witherspoon has improved on that aspect enough to get into the lineup and play opposite Dontae Johnson now that Robinson is in New York.”

  13. Courtland Sutton is the true X receiver in this draft, but you’re probably gonna have to take him in the top 15. I’d love to get him, but I want Nelson first. He’s the closest thing to Iupati I’ve seen, and made Josh Adams who he is today as a running back. You have to take him with your first pick. Nobody in F/A will be available that compares to him….

    1. Razor: * No argument, Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson is likely the best O-lineman in the draft BUT one OG, no matter how good he is, will not turn the franchise around. Is it not better to trade down for more draft picks?
      * Billy Price, Ohio St. can play both OC & OG and if not for Nelson, would likely be the top O-lineman in the 2018 draft. Trading down with a team in need of a QB (NY Jets, Ariz. Cardinals or Den. Bronco’s, or others), The 9ers could still fill a top position of need, (like WR Courtland Sutton SMU, or
      OLB Arden Key, LSU).

      1. I don’t know that Price is in the same class as Nelson. To me, Nelson is a cornerstone piece to begin building that offensive line from the inside out. In a perfect draft storm, trade down with the Jets(#6?) for their 2nd, and gamble Nelson will still be on the board….

        1. I agree with the trade down… But at 6 I would get our edge rusher there are 3 good ones in this draft and they will be gone quick.
          2nd pick ol
          3rd db or ol again.

    2. I think we’ll trade down to somewhere between #3 and #9. Then trade up to get a late first round pick. Just like last year. and we’ll have extra picks in 2019, possibly an extra first.

      Adress the OL.


      I read in a mock that McGlinchey could be moved to guard if need be. I know his best position is LT. But do you think he could play G?

      I ask because it would help our interior OL and he could be moved to LT when Staley retires.

      1. I like McGlinchey, but he’s a step slow. I’m not sold on him being a LT at the next level. RT for sure. Guard? He’s a pretty tall dude. I’m not gonna say he couldn’t do it, but don’t really think it would be prudent….

          1. What do you think about OldCoach/Undercenter’s idea of trying out Garnett at Center? They could have Magnuson/Garnett/Tomlinson battle it out for Center, runner up goes to RG. Williams Jr. has been developing on the practice squad, but if you wanna move up like last year…the dude I watched play last night, Chukwuma Okorafor, LT, Western Michigan is a beast. 6’6″ 330lb senior. Happens to have gone to the same school as Joe Staley, if I’m not mistaken….

              1. He’s got some game, but he’s lighter than I prefer at the position. Not sure I’d think about him before the 3rd. Similar to Isaiah Wynn. If I were making a decision between those two, I’d take Wynn. Your thoughts?

            1. I agree with Scooter. Get a guy who has been center before.
              Heck, why not Beadles? He did a good job at center when Kilgore went down due injury.

    3. Due to the spread offenses guards seem to of become a premium. From my understanding there is only two NFL ready guards and Nelson is one of them. Its all going to hinge on what they do with their first pick.

      1. Strange thing is he hurt it in non contact drills.

        I get the RGIII comparison, but Watson has shown real pocket ability this year. I think he will be fine so long as he doesn’t keep getting injured.

        1. “Strange thing is he hurt it in non contact drills.”

          Thanks for the clarification. Maybe he’s Derrick Rose 2.0. Rose like Watson was a freak athlete that tore up his knee without contact. Both of them may be too athletic for their ligaments.

        2. He’s runs more, and has mileage on those ligaments. I think it’s fair to equate that with a bigger propensity for injury, irregardless of whether it’s in a non contact practice or in a real game setting….

          1. Yup, I just read that he got hurt on a read option play. He probably tried to do one of his freakish cuts like he’s done for years.

        3. Didn’t Bridgewater hurt his knee in a non-contact situation? And futher, wasn’t he actually on the sideline when it happened, or am I remembering incorrectly.

      2. That’s really too bad about Watson. He was playing great. I wonder if it’s the same one he tore in College? I feel really bad for the kid.

        1. Sigh, I am resigned to having the Texans preferring to lose without Kaep than win with him.
          McNair was the owner who called his players felons. His Freudian Slip told what he really thought.
          Kaep has his standards. He would not sell his soul to play for an owner like McNair.

  14. Razor: My concern with Nelson is: #1) He has good, not great lateral quickness! #2) He fits a power running blocking scheme better than a ZBS scheme. It doesn’t mean he won’t be an all pro, it’s just a concern. #3) The 9ers have too many holes to fill. I like trading down for Price (an all American Guard and top Center, who “plays with elite quickness and moves laterally well” (per draft scout) **And additional 2nd & 3rd Rd draft picks! One OG, even an all pro, is not going to turn the 9ers around. The NFL Combine should provide more information, to compare both.

    1. He’s looked like a balletic grizzly bear, with a bizarre blend of grace and power to me.

      I’d add that he’s tough as rawhide, with a mean streak too.

      Just as an ancillary, he benched 26 repetitions of 225 pounds … in high school. Clowney, the first pick in the NFL draft that year only managed 21 repetitions….

    1. #80: I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but finally SOMETHING OTHER THAN BAD NEWS!
      **Robert Saleh: Ronald Blair is on track to play this weekend. Second year lineman Ronald Blair has been on injured reserve since the start of the season, but the team is looking to bring him back. Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said on Thursday that Blair is expected back, and appears to remain on track to be back this weekend.

      1. Texans trainer is aware he needs one eye on his patient and one on Kaps concussive missile throws. They have a habit of reaching the trainer’s table


    ” When he was on the show team, implementing all the techniques that we teach, and then when it was his turn with our defense he took every single rep like it was a championship rep. You could see that and his evolution mentally as well as physically. He hasn’t even scratched the surface either. I really think he’s got a great amount of potential. It’s just a matter of whether or not he keeps that same mindset of growth. When you’ve got someone who’s internally driven like that you just admire and watch.”

    1. The best ability is availability! Him and Ward could be great players but they are not cause they can’t stay healthy.
      It’s the worst thing to be injury prone when you are a pro athlete!

  16. It appears the 49ers are trading down again in ’18.

    All season long, Shanahan has been questioned about the CJB pick–that it was to high, or he made a mistake to think CJ’s a starter.

    Well, it appears everyone holding those thoughts made the mistake after Shanahan broadsided everyone with his blockbuster, including the NFL Network .

    Now Shanny can go after an impact player if he wants. Other than LSU’s, Arden Key, here’s another DE the Niners are linked to:

    2. san-francisco-49ers-logo San Francisco 49ers: Bradley Chubb DE North Carolina State

    “Now that the 49ers have their quarterback of the future they can look to use their first round pick on adding an instant impact player. Drafting another defensive lineman is out there, but Chubb’s athletic ability off the edge gives the 49ers something they currently lack with more power based interior pass rushers.”

  17. Another expert has us drafting safety:

    S Derwin James, Florida State
    After trading for QB Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers may be able to grab the best non-quarterback at the top of the draft, and from a pure value standpoint, James is the guy. His versatility is tailor-made for the NFL, as he can make an impact at all levels of the defense, from deep safety to playing at the line of scrimmage, and he gives the 49ers a playmaker in the secondary after leading the nation with a 91.2 grade as a true freshman in 2015 and currently ranking sixth at 87.4 overall.

      1. Prime,

        Barkely, Garoppolo….Who Blocks ? Walsh drafted All Pro,Jesse Sapolu in the 12 th rd., but is Shannahan in that league yet….You have to admit, getting our franchise QB took the NFL by surprise—it was on all the talk shows with positive reviews !

        Maybe a generational talent is the way to go in Barkley and spend the FA cash on linemen….Guards usually are found in the 3rd round by talented front offices.

        1. I know we need oline before anything else, but I think Barks is a special player.
          I’m not keen on taking a RB that early in the draft and there are way more pressing needs, but this kid is gonna be great.

          1. You were right about Garoppolo since last season, Prime, so I trust your judgement. Fans haven’t had a great offensive talent since JR so it would be nice to see some downfield acrobatics again.

            So lets pair Garoppolo with Barkley, pick up FA O-Linemen,Then what ?

            If we go your and my route, I say we address the Leo in free agency also and draft a WR and call it an offseason !

  18. 17 for ’17: College football’s most freakish athletes
    Derwin James: Scouts see future NFL star in freakish FSU safety

    Described as a “freak of nature” by FSU DB Nate Andrews, James brings a tremendous combination of strength, agility and speed to the FSU secondary.

    James is a chiseled 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, with strength and explosiveness that set him apart even in one of the most talented locker rooms in the country. He can bench press 450 pounds, and he’s approached 600 on the squat rack. He’s broad jumped 11 feet, 3 inches, which would have ranked him in the top five among more than 300 players at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine. You want speed? He was clocked at 4.49 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the Nike Opening coming out of high school. analyst Daniel Jeremiah says he has the potential to develop into a faster, more athletic version of Seahawks star Kam Chancellor.

      1. Yeah, Prime,

        Minkah’s moving up the ladder. But with Lynch there it’s a natural positional draft for him so I’m not worried.

        Where I spend my 2nd Halloween cringing is watching the Niners pass rush.

        I honestly believe the acquisition of Garoppolo signals trade-down, Prime.

        One of those QB’s is just ‘Too’ tempting for the top 10 NFL teams.
        Someone will bite, the 49ers will trade down a spot or 2 and acquire extra picks for the franchise QB, draft their Leo–Arden Key and a top CB.

          1. Arden is the fastest draw in the west–incredibly fast.

            My criticism of him is he looks like an NBA hybrid–small forward/2 guard.

            Skinny, not much muscle so my 1st thought was injury.

            Then, about a month I read he had a shoulder injury so was on the bench.

            I’m hesitant to draft someone that high playing the D-Line who is looks light as a feather……(However, when you watch him in pads, it’s like he goes from Clark Kent to Superman).

  19. Just a month ago we were talking about Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield , Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson as franchise QB’s.

    If their ever was a defining moment or actual definition of that phrase, it’s where the 49ers are positioned in the 2018 NFL Draft….One of the Top 10 teams or even a top 15 team will offer them a kings ransom because the franchise QB’s are not at a premium.

    The 49ers will pounce.

    1. People are not giving this Garoppolo trade proper scrutiny.

      That trade alone spoke volumes about Shanahan’s ‘football, front office’ acumen.

      It has set the 49ers up for a monster 2018 NFL draft and set the franchise ahead years if the cards fall like they should.

  20. Regardless, going after upgrades along the O-line is as smart a move the Niners could make this April. Just ask former 49ers and Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan (h/t Fourth & Nine’s Dylan DeSimone):

    Scott, How would you use that likely top 5 pick in 2018 ?

    Scott Mcclouhan

    “Any position on the O-Line.”

    Walter Football’s Joshua Garnett Profile:

    This was the biggest surprise pick of the first round and probably the biggest reach on Thursday night of the 2016 NFL Draft.
    Across the league, a number of teams told me they had him rated as the top guard in the draft as a late-second, early third-round pick. Garnett wasn’t an appropriate value in the first round, but he looks like a safe pick to develop into a starting guard for San Francisco.

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