Rookie Nick Bosa joins list of 49ers’ injured

San Francisco 49ers rookie Nick Bosa warms up during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers might be cursed. Here is their list of injured players for Tuesday’s Organized Team Activity (OTA). It’s a long list.

It starts with rookie defensive end Nick Bosa, the second pick in April’s draft. He is a newcomer to the injured list. He pulled his right hamstring right out of the gate Tuesday and sat out the rest of practice. “I wasn’t over there, so I’m not sure of the severity,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said after practice.

Bosa pulled his hamstring during one-on-one pass rush drills. He immediately walked to a trainer, who massaged Bosa’s hamstring for a minute and held him out of practice the rest of the afternoon.

Like the 49ers, who had 41 players on the injured reserve list the past two seasons, Bosa has had bad luck with his health.

Last season, he missed 11 games at Ohio State with a core muscle injury which required surgery. Tuesday’s OTA was just the fifth time he has practiced since the surgery.

Bosa wasn’t the only 49er dealing with injuries.

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  1. Quick! Let’s blame the new conditioning and health staff. Since their formation in February of this year, they’ve done nothing but allow injuries, and not heal anyone!

    Pitchforks and torches are available at your local home improvement center.

    Kitty litter for those predisposed to marking their territory can be found at big box pet supply stores.

  2. A bit off topic, but something Grant (I’m sure…) is very interested in–blog liability… (check the extensive table of contents)

    More google searches on the blog liability matter turn up material that indicates those who comment on blogs have some liability too.

    Grant… Does your blog need a disclaimer?

  3. The only thing I have to say about Nick Bosa’s hamstring injury is: Wow, this is a rough start for Ben Peterson.

  4. Are we the NFL version of the walking dead? The new conditioning and training staff have to pull off some miracles here.

    1. Football is a grief stricken business, and attrition is to be expected.
      Thankfully, the NFL is finally taking injuries seriously, and is trying to make the sport safer.
      Yes, every team will be dealing with injuries, but how they respond to injuries is a matter of resiliency, and good planning.
      The Niners should start to stategize to obtain fully healthy players. Why borrow trouble?

      1. Let’s just stick flags on them and call it a day. Whata ya say Seb?

        The nfl could give two *hits about their health. It’s a money machine.
        And here’s a thought. If the NFL did care about their health why don’t they really test them for PED’s?
        The injuries are more severe and more often without contact because they aren’t football players anymore. they are juiced up athletes who run through walls.
        Way faster and stronger than the old days.

          1. To be honest, while I don’t see the benefit of running it at this level(no practical application), I don’t understand the reason for banning it.

            If the NFL thinks this it is innately dangerous to athletes, they need to eliminate the offensive and defensive lines or at the very least power runs, as it essentially mimics this.

            One must note that, statistically (source PFO) from 2007 to 2015 there has been a rise in head injuries. So the question is, are all of these safety measures making the game more dangerous? Interestingly, rugby, another collision sport which features tackling but hasn’t added all the other safety measures, has both a lower injury rate and fewer head injuries. Coincidence?

            1. Football is a brutal sport. The end result of not allowing players to practice with full contact, will be sloppy tackling in the early games of the season.
              Actually, the rise in head injuries was a result in them finally recognizing that a player did have a concussion. Before, they would pop a ammonia packet under his nose, and tell him to snap out of it.
              The lowering of incidences of concussions these last few years is a direct result of the league mandating rule changes that make the game safer.
              I hope they study and experiment how to make a safer helmet.

              1. Incorrect. The statistics were since they began monitoring concussions not ignoring them… and the numbers were increasing. The last year needs to be checked to see if it’s aberration or the start of a new trend.

  5. Reminder that there was a lot of anxiety regarding Sherman’s health/achilles last spring. It was a near obsession here at press democrat along with the exact weight of some players. Then in a presason practice session Goodwin blew by Sherman and caught a 40 yard TD. OMG. Holy Crap. Everyone panic. Yet, everything turned out to be fine.

    BTW, in the press conference Sherman was asked about the incident and he said something like – “in practice you try out new coverage techniques to see what works. Nothing to worry about ”

    BTW 2 , in Grant’s periscope he mentioned Sherman in the negatives because he allowed a catch over the middle.

    The Immortal Allen Iverson : “we talking about practice. Not a game. Not, not … Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game, but we’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that? … And we talking about practice. “

    1. Sherman explained that Jimmy delivered a dime on that throw, so the negative spin of Cohn was once again recycled.

  6. Wounded but not defeated. Little Jackie, we do not need your bubble wrap or duct tape as long as we have the 7 C’s of resiliency. Competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control!

      1. Hurt?😂😂😂Poor Little Jackie’s shoulder is sore from patting himself too much again. Maybe between periscopes Grant can apply some more icy hot for you!LMAO!

      2. Jack Hammer

        At least maybe we’re spared the end of the “Bosa Constrictor” nonsense…and we all knew it was coming…

  7. Is the Hamstring a serious issue, will Bosa be ready for the next round of OTA’s?

    In the picture it shows that Bosa has his name on tape on his helmet, does this mean he is trade bait?

    1. Is the hamstring a serious issue, will Bosa be ready for the next round of OTA’s? Unlike many on the blog, I’m no expert. I’d guess the 9ers will be rather conservative with Bosa’s participation through the next OTA period.

      In the picture it shows that Bosa has his name on tape on his helmet, does this mean he is trade bait? I don’t think so. I believe all rookies/first year players have tape on the helmets. In the Army’s airborne school, trainees have numbers on tape on their helmets. Would be cool to trade a couple of E4 airborne trainees for a ranger qualified E5.

  8. A note on fandom.

    In the wake of the Bosa hammy tweak yesterday some, including myself chuckled. We weren’t chuckling that the player was hurt, nobody wants that. The chuckling was at those who have drooled over this guy for the better part of the last year and the incessant comments about him.

    According to some of you, this makes you not a fan, or “fan”.

    That you speak in less than flattering terms about a player or coach on your team, or don’t think someone is up to the task doesn’t mean that you aren’t still a fan of the team or want them to succeed.

    For example, there are a number on here and in our country who think the Head Coach of our country is not up to the task to put it nicely. Does that mean you don’t want to see the country find success and overcome his perceived weaknesses? Of course not.

    Being a fan doesn’t require wearing rose colored glasses and saying that everything is great when for the better part of 20 years it’s been anything but.

    1. Being a fan shouldn’t require anti depressants either, but you’re a special case. Don’t fret too much, Little Jackie. Little Donny is doing just fine despite President Obama’s weak attempt at a coup d’etat….

          1. actually Razor you the are the special case……just love how stupid you look now….

            Jack is right – we are laughing at you Razor – we know Bosa will be healthy to play – but you will remain the blog clown….

            1. Like I told Little Jackie, misery loves company and it’s the company you keep that you’re known by! LMAO! Oneliar, monty, dee phiant, etc.

              1. well at least we all have jobs and don’t depend on government assistance $$ to buy 49ers products….

              2. onecrier, how is it in Negativeville? I heard the weather there is pretty droll, much like your comments here in fact. You could probably do with those anti-depressants, help turn that frown upside down and all…

              3. Well, Rasorbeater is on this site 20 hrs a day so he’s an old fart or probably on govt. assistance. He gets flustered when he gets picked on, very obvious.

              4. The old fart who doesn’t have a life but here, collecting gov’t checks is butthurt again and again.

            2. Lol it’s bad when onelame is trying to get your back.
              And it’s funny he talks about welfare and calls other insensitive,
              When making fun of people who might be in tough times comes out of his hole.
              Jack….. this is the help you need?

              1. nevermind seems like a needy one and looks for a hand out. Funny how needs to defend razorlips since he’s an old fart that’s sensitive.

    2. Cmon Jeff. You’re reveling in the thought that somehow an injury to a key player in the 49er’s effort to rebuild the defense makes other posters who like the player look bad. You really come from a demented place. At least spend your time doing something useful. Maybe you can start whittling a new baton.

    3. Hear, hear Jack. Take the words right out of my mouth!
      I don’t want the niners to be a losing team, I want them to compete to win.
      Taking players who are injured and haven’t played a full season is OK when it’s a late round draft but NOT when it’s a #2 pick. I hope Bosa is successful, but to ignore his history is insanity when you’re trying to improve a team.
      They drafted a ‘wishful thinking’ not even a promise.
      Maybe they have too many millions to blow…..

      1. Correct. Two of their top 3 draft picks are coming off injuries. One hurts himself on the second day of team activities and the other won’t touch the field until training camp. That coming after adding a LB and CB in FA who are already hurt.

        Is it any wonder why they deal with so many injuries?

        1. I’m concerned that Garropolo will injure himself again and that Mullens will finish the season.
          How many standup guys do we have left?
          Even an aging Staley left the season injured…

        2. I see Paraag’s grubby little fingerprints and analytics all over this.
          The sooner they confine him to the finances, the sooner they will start winning.

          1. I love how you give Lynch and Shanny a pass and blame everything on a guy who’s behind the scenes. Because Lynch and Shanny didn’t have anything to do with choosing these guys right?

            1. The onus is on Shanny Inc. to put up or shut up this year. The offense has the Firepower, the defensive front has been fortified, and the special teams have been weaponized. Let’s come out All Guns Blazing against Tampa!

              1. Jack Bill left a VP/GM role in 2000, he was a consultant for a couple of years after that with no power. 18 years ago would put Paraag there in 2001. Like Seb fails to acknowledge the York’s are common denominators .

            2. I loved how they joked about running back so they could wrest the phone away from Paraag. No wonder there was a leak about friction just after they said that.
              Analytics used numbers to convince them to select injured and red flagged players because they were such ‘Good value’.
              One needs to factor in the risks, along with the rewards.
              Who is the the one constant from Eddie losing the team to today? Paraag. Who caused Bill Walsh to quit? Paraag. Who was caught leaking? Paraag. Who did Jed take back after he swore to fire whoever he found out to be leaking? Paraag. Who accompanied Jed on his humiliation tour? Paraag.

              1. Oh, and I believe KS had the final call on most of the draft picks. JL may have wanted Q Williams, but he acquiesced to KS to keep everyone on the same page.

              2. Well then Sebbie…write a stern ‘open letter’ to the Yorks concerning Paraag.

                Thinking about it, why don’t you buy some of Paraag’s time? Have him apply some analytics to your business… Maybe he could show you how to take in 500% more annually than you are now, while you do even less. More time playing on Grant’s blog while making way more $$.

              3. Cassie, suits are a dime a dozen.
                JH was the one who made the Niners relevant again, and skyrocketed the value of the organization. There was no way in hell that the Niners could have built Levis without JH coaching in 3 straight NFCC Games.
                Paraag wrote all those team friendly contracts, and that resulted in FAs avoiding the Niners like the plague. Thankfully JL has actually spent the salary cap to improve the team. Now they need to extend Buckner.
                I firmly believe Joan in accounting could do just as good a job as Paraag, and maybe even better, since every player seems to like her.

              4. Seb your anecdotes prove nothing. Its fantasy and circular logic at its best. I know you can’t hear anything else but the voices in your head right now but you need to stop with everything bad is Paraag’s fault. The common denominator in the 49ers failure has a different name, Jed. It’s similar to why the Redskins stink as well as the Jets. This is the team Lynch and Shanny built with some leftovers from Baalke.

                Do a little math please. Paraag has been with the 49ers for 18 years. Bill Walsh left in 1988. He was in the office until 2004 after he left once to coach Stanford. Paraag came in 2005.

              5. I beg to differ. Dr York took over the team, and ran it for years. He was the one who took Paraag’s ANALytics over Bill Walsh and John McVay. Bill Walsh’s gut instincts built a dynasty, and Dr York took a pencil pusher over one of the greatest HC and GM of the league. Once the team was run into the ground, Jed took over.
                Revisionist history on your part, but Paraag drove Bill Walsh away when DOCTOR YORK, not Jed, took Paraag’s opinion over a HOFer.

              6. 73.

                Your dates are off. Marathe has been with the organization since the York family took over.

                I would be interested to hear from Grant’s father on why Walsh left since I’m sure he was pretty close to the situation.

                My recollection is that Walsh lost a power struggle with Donahue.

              7. Seb’s right about this. The cancer named Paraag was brought on for more input and responsibility by Terry Donahue (who now has cancer) to streamline things using data. Donahue was a lazy bastard and the magic Indian’s system could save money and time.

                Paraag was also responsible for Mike Nolan. Apparently Dr. Pee was going to hire Jim Schwartz (couldn’t have been worse than Nolan) and Paraag’s model made Nolan the perfect choice. He took a lot of credit for it at the time.

                The hiring of Nolan led to the drafting of Alex Smith in lieu of Aaron Rodgers. Yes, there’s no telling if this would be the same Aaron Rodgers, but I think he would have been close, because he was pretty darned good QB in college.

                Paraag is trouble. He’s been a constant since Mooch was fired and with the exception of those fleeting Harbaugh years, the team has been a disaster.

                Erickson? Nolan? Singletary? Tomsula? Kelly? Jury is out on Kyle, but if they don’t finish 9-6 or above, it’ll start to get hotter than the home sidelines at Levis.

              8. I would invite a post from Lowell. He lived through those times with a bird’s eye view of the situation.
                I relied on my recollection of an article written by the Bay Area Sports Guy, about 5(?) years ago.
                Just Google Bay Area Sports Guy Paraag, and see what pops up.
                ‘Marathe and his computer shot down Walsh’s and McVay’s trade proposals during the 2003 draft. This did not sit well with either man, who had built the Niners’ success partly on their impulses.’ -BASG.

              9. So, who has been a constant for the last 18 years? Paraag. Name another person. Jed was handed the reins since Singletary.

              10. Captain you say Paraag was responsible for Alex Smith. It’s been widely reported that Aaron Rodgers held a grudge against McCarthy for not selecting him.

                Don’t you think someone who left the organization would have been naming Paraag as the problem with the carousel of people we have had through here? He could be awful but we don’t have any proof. Just speculation.

              11. “Jack the 49ers website said Paraag has been with the team 18 years.”

                Correct. And the York family has been in charge for 18 years.

              12. Was Paraag also responsible for getting Harbaugh and the players on that team???
                Or is that somebody else’s fault…….

              13. It’s silly to blame current roster injuries on Paraag. Paraag is part of the problem not the problem. It’s impossible to prove.

                How do you not credit him with building Harbaugh’s team then if he’s in total control? Gore, Davis, A Davis, Staley, Willis, Bowman, J Smith, Whitner, A Smith, etc. You can’t just put all the negativity on him and say he’s in full control and give credit to other people for the successes.

              14. Wilson, people’s perspectives can all be different, like Rashomon.
                IICRC, AS was Nolan’s call because AR would not do something silly for him, and AS was one half inch taller.

              15. wait…what? How did Paraag drive Walsh away?

                When Paraag was initially hired he used Walsh’s data and input in his first player and coaching evaluation models and/or ended up proving with his models things Walsh had been doing for years (like trading down in the draft). It’s in the book “The House Advantage” by Jeffery Ma.

              16. Maybe Grant or Lowell could call up John McVay, and get the story from the horse’s mouth.

              17. Jack Bill left a VP/GM role in 2000, he was a consultant for a couple of years after that with no power. 18 years ago would put Paraag there in 2001. Like Seb fails to acknowledge the York’s are common denominators

              18. Baalke just loved those ACL players. However, since he is gone, and they drafted Street, Paraag and his analytics probably said he was just too good of a value to pass up.

              19. Seb if Paraag has complete controt how does Nolan get to make the call on Alex Smith?

              20. If memory serves me, wasn’t Terry Donahue basically hand picked by Walsh to be the team’s next GM in 2001? And if memory serves me Paraag was initially Donahue’s pet intern.

              21. “18 years ago would put Paraag there in 2001.”

                Right. He started there in 2001 or 2002. Walsh left the organization in 2004.

                I’m not agreeing with the Seb. Just clarifying the time frames in which they overlapped which you initially missed on when you said Marathe came in 2005.

              22. Wilson, I did not say Paraag had complete control. I just said he was a constant throughout the York ownership.
                Nolan came in with his charts and graphs and assumed complete control. Too bad he was also an empty suit.
                Paraag was the computer guy behind the scenes, wielding influence, but not totally in control.

              23. Okay….so…much of Paraag’s early days are all mixed together with the struggles among the various personalities in charge at the time in the 2001-2005 times.

                First things first. Paraag was initially an intern in 2001 and built up a statistical model to help then new GM Terry Donahue with player selection. Paraag went back to grad school and then was hired by the 49ers full time a couple years later.

                So the idea that Paraag is behind the discourse that drove out Walsh appears to be only have a tiny grain of truth to it. Ultimately it was Donahue that made the decisions and drove out Walsh. The only story about this we have is that Donahue who relied on Paraag’s models shot down a trade that Walsh and Bill McPherson highly recommended in 2003…and it irritated Walsh and McPherson. Many of the then scouts felt that Donahue’s reliance on statistical analysis and his (and Paraag’s) new way of recording categorizing scouting data disregarded the years of experience the scouts brought to player assessment. However Paraag has said: “Nothing that was developed cannibalized our scouting or personnel,” Marathe said. “If it did cannibalize that part of it, I wouldn’t want to be involved in it anymore. Scouting is the lifeblood of the (evaluation process) and it always will be.” Which pretty much says…”hey, I just built the tool….it’s Donahue that chooses how to use it”.

                As for the Nolan hire. Paraag’s data for the most part simply said that he recommended that they hire a coach that had worked under another winning coach/organization….not exactly ground breaking. Of the coaching candidates that were interviewed and talked with Paraag…Nolan and Schwartz….it was Swhartz that had shown the greatest interest in Paraag’s data tools and Nolan that had shown the least amount of interest.

              24. Jack, I realized in your first post I copied the wrong dates over from my google search. I did not communicate clearly there. My point was that Walsh was a consultant by the time Paraag showed up, not in any sort of GM or VP role. He basically had already left the organization except where they wanted him involved. Thanks for the clarification.

              25. 1. Seb, you can’t have it both ways where he’s forcing injured players on the team and letting the coaches and GM chose their own players.
                2. You still haven’t answered how the 49ers were successful during the Harbaugh era?
                3. If what you say is true, why isn’t the Paraag Marathe conspiracy the highlight of every Bay area journalist?
                4. Why haven’t all the coaches and GM’s who have left named Paraag as the cancer? People talk

              26. Sounds like Paraag is the ‘Littlefinger’ of the 9ers org. Littlefinger of Game of Thrones fame.

                “…the only person Littlefinger serves is Littlefinger.’ His methods are totally unscrupulous, including the use of lies, treachery, and murder to achieve his goals.”

                Wait….that could apply to Sebbie as well.

              27. Wow..talking about Paraag’s early days brought up Terry Donahue… it was announced that Donahue was diagnosed with cancer. I mean how many times does Terry Donahue come up in conversation these days? weird coincidence.

              28. Let’s not forget that Sebbie used to trim the bush for Jed’s secretary!
                He does have the inside scoop…..
                But he can’t explain what Paraag did when Harbaugh was here, or during the drafts that set up Harbaugh’s first year.

              29. Power is all relative. Being best buds with Jed sure does not hurt. Going on Jed’s humiliation tour, hat in hand, only to get doors slammed in their faces, showed how much power he has, with Jed, and the league.
                Yes, people talk. JL and KS joked they needed to run back so they could get back before Paraag traded away all the players, and soon after, there is a leak about friction between JL and KS.
                In the 2003 draft, Bill Walsh and John McVay were not happy that Paraag’s computer analysis was vetoing their gut instincts player preferences. It is all archived, how Dr York took Paraag’s figures, and ignored the advice of a HOFer.
                I am not saying Paraag is making the calls, but he is supplying the data upon which a choice will be made. I want the Niners to avoid red flagged players and ACL picks. The Niners see such ‘Good Value ‘ in them, they are willing to take a risk. Too bad those risks blow up in their face like Foster and Joe Williams.
                Littlefinger got his just desserts, just like Rasputin. And Baalke. The power behind the throne can become tenuous, with clarity.

              30. Wasn’t it old man York who pushed Walsh out? Thought he knew more about the game……….?

              31. Seb,

                You can’t blame Paraag because the person making the decisions (Donahue) decides to use his data. As he said, his data analysis is just a tool not a substitution for scouting….or any other personnel decisions.

              32. Yeah, Donahue did the deed, but Paraag supplied the weapon. Without that data, he would have made a different choice.

              33. To use your analogy, Paraag made a screwdriver (a tool that everyone uses today in the NFL). And Donahue stabbed Walsh in the back with it. So you blame the guy that made the screwdriver?

              34. If one can keep a weapon out of the hands of an assailant, no crime would be committed.
                Extending your logic, you say guns do not kill people, people kill people.
                It makes it easier to kill people, when armed with a gun.
                I also say, I abhor violence, and want people to live peacefully, without violence. In no way am I advocating violence, and am just using metaphors.

              35. you really missed the metaphor on that one. I said “tool” not “weapon”. So you can leave the gun metaphors alone.

                You’re blaming Paraag for inventing something that every other NFL team uses (or some similar analytical data) these days. As Paragg said, it a tool….not meant to replace human observation or decision making . Donahue was the one that pushed out Walsh and made a mess of the Niners back in 2001-2004.

              36. AAFP, I apologize. Should not have used that example, it just brings out the worst in people.
                That said, I still do not buy the idea that Donahue pushed out BW. Waksh was the one to recommend Donahue.
                More likely, it was Dr York, who thought he knew more about the game than a HOFer. However, he used analytics to dismiss BW, and Paraag was the one generating that data.

    4. Well Jack…
      Nothing wrong with being critical..
      But you go overboard…
      You knock Shanahan every chance you get…
      You just plain constantly knock the team..
      All you see is negativity..

      So if everything is bad with this team..and you don’t like how they are being coached and ran…
      What do you get out of being a 49ers fan on May 22nd 2019????

      1. The team has won 10 games under Shanahan. He’s posted 3 winning seasons in 11 years. The 49ers organization has posted a winning record 5 times in the last 18 years and run the only 2 coaches that have had success during that time out of town, but yes, I’m nothing but negative.

        What do I get out of being a 49ers fan right now? Exactly the same as what I give them financially, nothing.

        Hit me up in September though. If they’re winning games the tune will change.

        1. What do I get out of being a 49ers fan right now?

          Way to miss the point of being a fan entirely, Jackie. It’s not about what you “get out of it”, but about what the team represents to you. Sure, we all like winning, and we’re frustrated when they’re bad, as they have been for years now, but you still get something out of it. It makes the wins feel sweeter, even when they’re infrequent, and when they return to the promised land it will feel earned and special.

          Looks to me like you’re only here when the weather is nice, and aren’t interested in the suffering that is inherent with any fandom. Pretty weak.

          1. “It’s not about what you “get out of it”

            No kidding. That was an answer to a question.

            “Looks to me like you’re only here when the weather is nice”

            LOL. Clueless.

        2. Jack Hammer exactly…precision with words on this one…….as long as this regime makes boneheaded moves I will continue my onslaught .. funny thing is its reality

        3. Well Jack…
          As far as winning seasons go…
          I dont count him being a OC as part of his head coaching record…Because y’know he wasnt the “Head coach”
          So I don’t see why you would hold that against him..

          His offense/play designs/ schemes work….
          We lost some pretty close games in his two years here…very competitive with a lack of talent…so just imagine when we get some more talent in…

          That gives me hope and encouragement….and optimism

          Why does that discourage you?

          Harbaugh and Mooch wasnt winning no championship…
          so still pining for them is crazy..

          Harbaugh is smoke and mirrors..

          We got a good coach..
          He’s just getting started..
          It’s a marathon..not a sprint..

          He’s building the team.not inherited like Mooch and Harbaugh

      2. I don’t know why some are getting hurt over Jacks takes.
        What he says is true. They haven’t won squat.
        Yes injuries play a part, but if you watch led this team the last two seasons, they have no structure, identity or discipline.

        The penalties And missed assignments speak volumes.

        I am willing to give him this season to shape it up with a healthy roster.

        But again Jack isn’t saying anything that isn’t true.

        1. They haven’t won squat eh?
          We’re you expecting a championship in year one? Or Last year when Jimmy went down?

    5. That is fair Jack. However, I will also say this, as quite a few people have blown this injury way out of proportion.

      A note on realists.

      Using a hamstring strain in May as a sign to why the 49ers were wrong to choose Bosa or that it is now confirmed he is injury prone and will hardly ever be healthy for the 49ers is not actually being a realist.

      1. Scooter:

        If you ever decide to start your own blog dedicated to football, let me know. I can throw some funding your way if you need it.

        1. That’s very kind cubus, but don’t hold your breathe!

          I might be in the minority but I actually like reading Grant’s takes. They are usually different to mine and yes, they can be a little overtly negative, but they make me think about the 49ers in a more critical light.

          1. I wasn’t thinking about Grant as I don’t mind Grant’s takes either and, in fact, I think he is improving. The postings lately have been over the top. The idea that some posters would celebrate an injury to a player on our beloved team just so they can be seen as correct in their evaluation of that player is beyond petty.

              1. That would be you, Jack. Upon posting of Bosa’s hamstring issue, you respond with:

                Jack Hammer says:
                May 21, 2019 at 1:09 pm
                Haha!! Too much construction from those bosa’s.

                The above is only one of many comments on this subject, the majority of which are LOL only or include LOL.

              2. Sure, Jack. Those posts plus your need to post the epic ‘A note on fandom’ says it all.

            1. Yes, I agree with that. It does appear some people are more concerned with having their opinion supported than seeing the team do well.

              1. +4949 scooter

                They’ve already determined the team is a fail, and patting themselves on their backs over it.

              2. Pretty sure that no one will be upset if the team is winning games

                Hammer you’ve been around here long enough to know there will be some that trash the team for “how” they are winning. red zone fail = too many field goals… lucky breaks that won’t break that way again… the level of competition (that one is a specialty of yours)… you name it, we’ll hear it.

              3. Keeping a critical eye on the team is different than being “more concerned with having their opinion supported than seeing the team do well” or “determined the team is a fail, and patting themselves on their backs over it.”

              4. Jack, just to be clear, I didn’t mean that as a crack at you. There are some posters on here that it is obvious just want Bosa to fail so their pre-draft opinion is validated.

                Some of your comments in recent weeks have been intentionally sniping at those that praise the 49ers come what may, but I do realise you aren’t cheering for the 49ers to fail.

            2. Cubus

              So with all of this baiting back and forth, will someone (anyone ) at least honor Grants choice of Josh Allen over Nick Bosa for the fact that we needed a edge rusher, and with the second choice , and Allen was the best ‘sackmaster’ on the board…He played every game for 4 years, without losing any out to injury, NOT so with Bosa….Allen captured 17 sacks in his senior season, while Bosa had 17 and a half in his THREE seasons…now I’ll ‘fess up that math wasn’t my best subject, but GEEZ guys…that’s not a question mark even for me….

              Yeah, I believe that both of those players will become stars for their teams, but tell me, WHAT WAS THE LOGIC ? …other than once again, we screwed up our earliest draft choice. Quite honestly, our drafts aren’t as successesful as our UFA choices…

              1. Josh Allen, Josh Allen, wtf is up with this infatuation with this guy? He was never even in the conversation, and the Raiders revealed why:

                In his latest mailbag for The Athletic, Raiders insider Vic Tafur sheds some light on the team’s thought process in going with Ferrell over Allen.

                “I heard that the Raiders weren’t that impressed. I reported pretty early on he wasn’t in play for them at No. 4. I would never question a player’s toughness, but there were concerns that he got pushed around a little on some plays at Kentucky and he may not have had enough dog in him for [Jon] Gruden and [defensive coordinator Paul] Guenther’s liking,” wrote Tafur.

      2. He has a injury history. His family has an injury history. Could it be a precursor for things to come? Sure.

        Little Nicky should have plenty of time between now and camp to get healthy. We’ll see what happens.

        1. Not suggesting it couldn’t be a sign of things to come. But hey, we already had those signs. Just passing comment that using this as “proof” or in any definitive way is a major reach. Some people have gone there. Its ridiculous. And it is mostly just to push an agenda.

          1. True. It’s just funny to see it pop up in his 2nd practice with the team, not counting rookie camp.

              1. Little Jackie, your narrative is no longer stale or spoiled, it’s moldy. Now respond with one of your trademark LOL’s symbolizing your emotional incontinence….

  9. Will the 49ers take Grant Cohn’s expert advise by caging The Bosa Constrictor until training camp? Nah, as long as it’s minor you want to build up that hammy callus until it’s football hard!

  10. Sure am glad that TC does not start for months. Several Niners are progressing nicely through their rehab protocols.
    Right now, it is just a tempest in a tea pot.
    However, the Niners should think hard about obtaining fully healthy players, since the best ability is availability.
    They should also try and avoid the red flagged players. I thought they learned their lesson with Foster and Joe Williams. Sure hope Hurd works out, but they should just work him out as a WR.
    My biggest injury concern is about Raheem Mostert. Complications are complicated.
    I am very happy to hear Grant talk about Jordan Mathews. I like those tall grizzled veteran WRs, who can high point the ball.

  11. No worries. The new set of injuries do not appear to be season-ending, and the other players were recovering from the injuries they suffered well before the OTAs. The injuries will only be a concern if they extend into the season.

  12. Appears to be minor injuries at this point in time. The players previously injured are healing so with over 90 days before the season starts my view is reflected in that great Americans prospect: What me Worry?
    Not yet any way
    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and remember our Veterans and the sacrifices they have made for us.

    1. Words of wisdom, Happy Memorial Day to you as well! The Bosa Constrictor is technically sound, and in that respect he won’t be playing catch up like most rookies would….

    2. 49er42,
      Thank you sir.
      I send my deepest appreciation and thoughts for those who have given their highest sacrifice for our country and freedom.
      And to my family here on the PD who have served and may be serving, I honor you.

    3. I wish to honor my wife’s grandfather who was in one of the first units to halt a German tank charge by US infantry, at El Guettar, in Africa.
      He was a typical American from that era, enduring severe hardships, stoically, without a complaint.
      Once he wrote, apologizing for not writing sooner, because he was under constant bombardment, and was a little too busy to write.

        1. My wife’s other grandfather, was quite a character, but unfortunately passed away before I could meet him. He flew a spotter plane, and was shot down 3 times. Spotter planes were vital to aid the troops on the ground, so the German Luftwaffe specifically targeted them.
          One time, he fired his .45 at a Messerschmitt, which was like shooting a peashooter at a lion, but he was determined to go down fighting. He got the last laugh, however. He lured the Messerschmitt down to the ground troops, who shot it down. My father in law said they gave him credit for a kill.

          1. while I do not want or favor war as it’s a horrible thing. I have to admit that it molded and strengthened this country to have so many strong war veterans after WWII which helped build this country into a world power (it also helped that there was not much manufacturing left in most of Europe and much of Asia).

            1. Before the war, he worked for Roebling Company, and talked about helping supply the wires for the cables that built the Golden Gate Bridge. He was proud of that. He never talked about the war, and I did not know him well enough to get him to talk about those times. After the war, he went back to Roebling, and helped build more of America.

    1. Has Deebo Samuel signed a contract with the 49ers yet? No. Players represented by CAA typically wait until the last minute to sign, it seems to me….

      1. Pettis held out until the eve of TC, although he did participate in the OTAs and Mini camp. Sure hope Paraag can write up a fair contract for both sides, and get it done soon, so they can concentrate on football.

      2. yes but Joey Bosa has a history of holding out. At this point is Nick not signing a big deal? No. But it’s worth keeping an eye on.

        1. I guess if there’s no pretty girls around, but Joey’s situation was part poor agent initially, who was subsequently fired and San Diego’s dysfunction….

    1. Just study the Bill Walsh 1986 draft. That is where the legend of ‘Trader Bill’ was started, and led them to consecutive SB victories.

      1. Sebs–that ’86 draft…you have to be at the top of the game, as Walsh was, to pull that off.

        I swear, your enough to make me get off my lazy arse and talk about the legion of teams who tried that over the decades and failed-miserably. Just trading back, in and of itself, does not assure you of more productive players.

        Your friend Baalke traded back often…………… closed., Sebs.

        1. Saw, I will give 3 examples of recent teams that traded back and did well. Seattle had their defense fall apart, and needed a total rebuild. They missed the playoffs the year before.
          Seattle responded by trading back in the draft. They traded back multiple times, and bundled picks and players. They obtained Sheldon Richards son, Duane Brown and Matt Tobin. They traded up to get the players they coveted.
          The Seahawks were supposed to be rebuilding, but made it to the playoffs in 2018. All those trade deals helped shape their team, and they were one of the best running teams in the league.
          Second case in point. The Colts had a miserable season in 2017, and ended up 4-12. They traded back with the Jets to obtain multiple second round picks (Something I have been advocating), and even a 2019 second round pick. Well, they went from 4-12, to being in the playoffs. Maybe if the Niners had leveraged that precious second round pick into multiple second round picks, they could have been poised to also make it to the Playoffs. So far, Vegas is calling for the Niners to win 7.5 games.
          Third, New England traded back multiple times. They even traded back to get a 2019 second round pick. They traded away a third round pick to obtain Trent Brown, who helped them win a Super Bowl. I would say their trade back policy is a winning strategy.
          Sure, you can cite many teams that traded back and did not win the SB, but only one out of 32 teams will win the SB. I can cite many teams that traded up and did not win a SB. I can also cite many teams that stood pat and did not trade, who did not win the SB.
          However, I cited 3 teams that did trade back, and they all made it to the playoffs. One of them won the SB.

        2. Big deal. Baalke may have accumulated picks, but he did nothing with his picks. He whiffed on an entire draft class.
          Baalke selected AJ Jenkins, when 15 picks later, Alshon Jeffries was chosen. If he had done that, the Niners may have won a SB.
          He loved ACL players who did nothing.
          Use Baalke as an example? Maybe an example how NOT to draft. Poor drafts and dismantling a SB team, with the players showing no loyalty, because Baalke was a cretin who liked to backstab players, try harder.

  13. Seb
    You appear fixated on the 86 draft. You do realize the core of the team was acquired before that year including trading up to get Rice and standing pat to draft Lott.
    86 was unusual for the 49ers and in fact for most teams. It was not a pattern Walsh used every year. His draft strategy was based on the quality of the draft and the needs of the team. He traded up to get Rice; the GOAT, because he saw this was the best move for the team. He preferred Jerry Rice as one great player over drafting a number of potential good players.

    1. 42, if you study the moves Bill Walsh made, Mayock copied them. Trader Bill wheeled and dealed and selected 8 SB starters.
      I agree that BW conjured his first team from drek, the leftovers from Joe Thomas. I will totally concede that he produced a miracle, drafting a defensive backfield. He also worked very hard, with 200 player tryouts between games. Imagine having Kenny Easley instead of Ronnie Lott. It sure helped getting Eric Wright and Carlton Williamson, but they also drafted John Harty and Pete Kugler.
      I agree, it does not always work. Yes, BW was so successful, for years afterwards, other teams refused to deal with him, because they were afraid to look like a fool; being taken advantage of. Belichick should also get the same treatment, because teams should not lift a finger to help him win another SB. I was mad when KS traded Trent Brown to the Pats, because Trent Brown did his job, and protected Brady’s blind side, and helped them win a SB. Belichick knew Brown would leave, but he is gaming the system, because he will get a compensatory pick. The way I see it, the Pats mainly obtain players they need through trades, then let them walk for the FA compensatory picks.
      I totally concede that the Rice Draft would be totally different from a trade back strategy. However, in my 10 point plan, I said the Niners should bundle picks to trade up and get the player they covet, if it will help them make the playoffs. In the case of Walsh, he was shrewd and insightful, and chose the GOAT, who helped win 3 SBs. In the case of KS, he moved up to get Foster, CJB, and Joe Williams. 2 of those players disappeared like a puff of Haze, and the other has a 1-9 win loss record.
      I am glad that other teams are doing trades. Some past drafts, they did few trades and teams generally picked at their assigned spots. This year, the Seahawks, Patriots, Colts, Vikings Philly and the Raiders were especially active. Looking at the trades, there were 132 involving picks and players.

      1. Cassie, you like to diss Bill Walsh, and predict the Niners will go winless. You are a fake fan, and cannot stand the Niners since Baalke was fired.

        1. Sebbie…

          I don’t have a need to gush about Bill W’s contributions. The record stands for itself. You cherry-pick Bill’s body of work–impressive, yes, but not without a few ‘dohs!’

          Does your binky have an image of Bill on it? Have a Bill security blanket that you drag along with you through the day.?

          Still driving that ’87 Putnam Buick (of Burlingame)? You know, the dealership he did promos for?

          1. Bill Walsh is an icon. You really must hate the Niners so much, you will diss even him.
            You should hate more on Baalke, he deserves it.

  14. Aside from these injuries the 49ers appear healthy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Scrolling down the list I knew it couldn’t be complete without Malcolm Smith.
    And BOOOM there he is.
    My only hope is this is the final stretch of injuries this team suffers for the rest of the year.
    I mean how much worse can it get?
    I stress off practices more than a game now.
    Crossing fingers before reading 49er news.
    It’s like waking up and hoping Aldon Smith didn’t get drunk again and Foster didn’t hangout with his girlfriend again.
    I can’t take the stress anymore. 😛

  15. Might be cursed?…..Um Grant there’s not one doubt in my mind this team and it’s stadium are cursed..Just like the Seahawks are literally the luckiest football team I’ve ever seen in 38 years on this planet.Any fumble bounces right to them,every call always goes there way..If anything is and can go wrong it will happen to the 49ers.

  16. Interesting site with metrics regarding injuries. It puts perspective on all those who state that we are the most injured teams.

    It seems we are middle of the pack. It may be that the injuries suffered are weathered better by other organizations (Patriots, Eagles), because we were and are paper thin, but that is a management issue as much as anything.

    Last year and this year, the team has gone after players who will have specific roles, and not gone after quality depth. This is a mistake, in my view, because it means that injuries will impact the team in a more negative way with players playing specific roles and not being as interchangeable. It also goes contrary to some of the things stated by Shanahan himself when he first got on board and was selecting players or cutting them.

    1. Sour Yeast
      There was a time I would of agreed with you and maybe I still do. As we all know the game of football is changing/evolving, it is becoming common place to have specific role players for specific types of offenses. The draft is an indicator of this, look at the RB position, at one time a coveted position and in todays draft one wonders if one goes in round 1. My roots are smash mouth knock the hell out of your opponent. If you are not bleeding you are not playing hard enough. When someone got hurt get them off the field immediately, how dare a injured player hold up the game. So the game certainly has changed and along with it all the intricacies that go along with it. I think what we are seeing is just more evolution of the game and Shanny and a few others are in the forefront of it. We shall see in the up and coming season. Remember last year means didley squat to the expectations of this year. Smash mouth football was one way to play the game and you draft accordingly, delicate football (todays game) is another way to play the game and you draft accordingly.

      1. I would simply ask, why NE, which had a lot of hurt players last year prospered, while other teams (ours specifically) sank?

        Yes, they had a HOF QB, but even when he has gone down, the team prospers. Gronkowski has also been elemental to their success and yet he is often injured, as is Edelman. What allows them to have this institutional flexibility?

        Everyone keeps writing off the Seahawks and yet, they have been there year-after-year. Why?

        Both these teams have older coaches who in many ways are throw backs. What makes them successful?

        Our team, for all its innovative schemes and fantastic numbers can’t seem to get the more important aspects of the game to come to fruition. Why?

        Reminds me of discussions I’ve had with my brother about Brazil’s national team. They have talent that would make other nations drool with envy and yet don’t win nearly as much as they should. There are reasons for that which deal with coaching and team play cohesion.

        I don’t think I’m out of line in seeing parallels with Shanahan. Excellent design of plays that are complex and wow, but somehow continually fall short. Everyone expects a breakthrough at some point, but what if it never materializes?

        1. The answer to your question is they have a HoF QB, and a great defensive head coach.

          Because of Brady they can bring guys in on the offensive side and they produce right away.

          Because of Belichick they can bring in new guys on defense and plug them right in.

          It’s kind of the same thing in Philly. In their case they had 2 good QB’s on offense and a lot of depth on defense. That depth is something I brought up last season when the injuries kept being brought up.

          1. Yup. The Patriots plan ahead of time, for every contingency, including injuries.
            The Coaching is adaptable, and the team is resilient.
            They stress versatility, so they move players around. That way, if a player goes down due to injury, a replacement player can be seamlessly installed.

            1. I think you miss Jack’s point. The reason the Patriots are able to plan ahead for every contingency and why the coaching is so adaptable is because they have a player like Brady who can make up for a lot of other player’s deficiencies. As well as Belichick and his flexible defensive system of just plugging guys in to whatever scheme that works…..there aren’t a lot of (if any) defensive coordinators that can do that. Most have a primary scheme that they work with. Just like most teams do not have a QB that is so good that they can adapt various offensive schemes around. Most QBs (even good ones) usually work with in a schematic structure.

              To compare the Niner’s situation to the how the Patriots adapt to theirs isn’t necessarily a good comparison because of the personnel and coaching differences.

              1. AFFP,

                To Sour’s question, we do see Seattle overcome injuries too. In what was to be a rebuilding year they made the playoffs.

                They did it by pounding the ball on O and playing good defense. A recipe very similar to what we saw here from 2011-2013.

                That’s the difference Pete Carroll makes.

              2. Carroll talks about “the circle of toughness.” It includes playing good defense, playing good special teams and running the ball with physicality on offense.

              3. Jack,

                My comment was about adaptability and less so on coaching. The Patriots ability to adapt is much a function of Brady and Belichick so comparisons to NE aren’t really good ones IMO.

                Carroll has his schemes and his philosophies and sticks to them for the most part as most coaches do. He’s a good coach that can coach his players so that they know their roles and their back ups to be ready. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Carroll and his staff do a better job of plugging in back ups who appear ready and know their defensive responsibilities. Where as the Niners starters much less their back ups still appear to be trying to figure out and understand their responsibilities and roles on the field.

                Offensively, the Seahawks have managed to cobble together an offense that works for them. Philosophically, they’ve embraced running the ball. While during the Marshawn years they were physical the run game wasn’t used to the degree it was last year. We can talk about physicality….and it’s there…much like the Niners had in the Harbaugh days….but more than that is the ability to execute offensive assignments….physicality is necessary in all football offenses….even Walsh and Shanahan’s….but as a focal point (like Harbaugh and Carroll)…that’s philosophy…..again what ultimately matters is execution of assignments. Which at least defensively, the Seahawks are far superior at teaching their defensive players compared to the Niners

              4. I used them as a contrast.
                Concerning the Seahawks, their Achilles heel had been the O line. Looks like they have fixed it, because they ran roughshod over their opponents.
                They also picked up WR talent, selecting DK Metcalf and Gary Jennings, so I expect them to be more balanced this upcoming season.

              5. “what ultimately matters is execution of assignments. Which at least defensively, the Seahawks are far superior at teaching their defensive players compared to the Niners”

                Yep, but it’s not just defensively.

              6. See, I brought up different systems because I know that BB and Brady have a huge impact in NE. That is only part of the answer though.

                A case in point is Messi who is fantastic at club level and has been very humdrum in international play. I think Argentina, which is not short on talent, just like Brazil, squanders opportunities. This happens to bad teams especially (look at the pre-Harbaugh Niners). Many frown on Harbaugh’s success and point to a “ready made team” that was poorly coached. That is true, but systems and teaching and prep matter as affp pointed out.

                My point is that many expect things to work out, but just because KS has excellent schemes does not mean he can be the HC. He may not be ready or have it in him.

                The Patriots and great teams prepare for the difficulties. Bad teams prepare for success and wonder what went wrong when things do go wrong. Injuries are part of that and some of us pointed it out last year (even in pre-season). This team does not prepare well for injuries or that type of set back and it shows.

              7. Jack,

                I’ve observed complete lapses in judgement/understanding of responsibility by defensive players both starters and back ups.

                What have you observed to lead you believe that there is a deficiency in coaching on the offensive side of the ball?

              8. Seb,

                The Seahawk’s offensive line weakness was primarily pass protecting. They worked around it by running the ball and having a mobile QB….so their offense works. But it didn’t really fix the pass protection issues as Russell is still one of the more sacked and hit QB’s in the league. d

                I’m not sold on D.K. but even then, I don’t believe there will be a radical shift in offensive philosophy. They’re still going to ground and pound the rock. You’ll just see Metcalf grinding those yards after the catching slants, screens and the occasional fade.

              9. No matter what, with 11 draft picks, the Seahawks got better.
                They drafted 6 defenders, and 3 out of 5 offensive players were WRs.

              10. AFFP,

                “I’ve observed complete lapses in judgement/understanding of responsibility by defensive players both starters and back ups.”

                One example of lapse in understanding of responsibility from the offense.

                Week 1. Bourne runs the wrong route. Result. Pick 6.

                This one was glaring. There are far more that were less visible.

              11. It’s on both.

                It’s the coaches job to make sure that the players they are putting on the field know their responsibilities inside out.

                It’s the players job to go out and perform his responsibilities.

                If these don’t happen enough times someone gets fired.

              12. Hammer:

                I posted some video reviews of Jimmy G’s first two games last season. The reviews were by Jonathan Delmark. Have you had a chance to look at those? On some plays, he goes into excruciating detail on what the offense and defense were doing. I personally never did think that Jimmy G played badly and was in fact improving every game. Sure, there were some bad plays, but overall, he pretty much had command of the offense and for the most part diagnosed the defense correctly. Of course, he could improve; after all, he’s got the least starting experience of any NFL starter (except Murray). If you haven’t seen them, they might be worth a look.

              13. Cubis,

                I do believe that Grant pointed out some of these lapses in 2017. And if sticking with Beathard as long as he did wasn’t a lapse, don’t know what is?

                Seb, thanks for the kind words. I love this team, but it is frustrating to see some of what goes on.

              14. Cubus,

                My opinion of Saleh is that he’s a smart guy. He knows his X’s and O’s within his scheme. But he’s INEXPERIENCED. That inexperience is in both deep knowledge of other defensive schemes, the ability to quickly adapt his defensive scheme and his working relationships with defensive position coaches.

                It’s my opinion that a good coach has been exposed to various football schemes and philosophies as they adopt their own. Even if they find a scheme they primarily want to adopt and implement, they should bring their own varied experiences to the scheme. Those varied experiences will hopefully allow the coach to adapt the scheme when necessary to the players and/or opponent/personnel that coach has to work with. Pete Carroll is a great coach. Saleh was a defensive quality coach for the Seahawks….so he was few rungs down the ladder in learning under Carroll. Later he worked as a linebackers coach under Gus Bradley…….a Carroll disciple. And…..that’s it. From there he was the 49er’s Defensive Coordinator.

                Saleh has shown an almost dogmatic approach to his scheme. Playing Cover 3 to the degree he wants to requires a good Free Safety. I guess he had high hopes for Adrian Colbert. But last year Colbert struggled and then was injured, they plugged in Ward and other Safeties at both positions. It quickly became clear to me that maybe they shouldn’t play a scheme that was so heavily dependent on a position where they don’t have a player that is effective. They should have been playing more 2 deep safety coverages and more man coverage. And to Saleh’s credit, the 49ers eventually did start playing more varied 2 deep coverages….but it was many weeks later than many fans thought he should have made the adjustment. On the other hand the lack of pass rush really isn’t his fault….that’s a personnel issue. But then maybe the Niners should have played a safer coverage that reflected the lack of pass rush (sooner).

                Saleh’s assembly of assistant coaches wasn’t/isn’t that inspiring. I understand that he was not in the greatest position to get coaches when he was hired relatively later in the off season. But guys like Jeff Zgonina were assistant D-line coaches. Jeff Hafley actually had a decent resume but…well the secondary obviously didn’t play well. They’ve tried bring in other guys like Chris Kiffin and now Kris Kourcerick and Joe Woods to add different dimensions to the defense. But until proven otherwise, it seems like the defensive staff has been cobbled together. We need to see if Saleh can put his stamp on this defense, the staff and the defensive scheme…..but at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it.

              15. Jack,

                Were the problems you observed on offense chronic?

                The ones I saw on defense were. DB’s consistently taking the wrong assignment. Linebackers being fooled by motion, split flow or something and being late to react and getting blocked out of their gap or losing containment. To the credit of the linebackers, they got better later in the year. But the DBs were just a mostly a mess (other than Sherman).

                It’s my opinion that in football mistakes happen…..when they happen sometimes here and there, that’s on the players. When mistakes are a chronic problem, that’s on the coaches because the coaches should: 1. find a new way to effectively teach the player their role to execute. 2. change that player’s role/adapt the scheme. 3. replace the player.

              16. Cubus,

                I watched the games. Don’t need to hear what someone else who has no more experience than me to form an opinion of what I saw.

        2. “Everyone expects a breakthrough at some point, but what if it never materializes?”

          Like in every other instance when failure occurs, its time to move on.

        3. Brazil does have very talented players, but it just goes to show how important coaching is for success.

      2. Under
        To your point, the Dubs are a very different team than those Championship Pistons teams, and Walsh-Montana era Niners were different than the Lombardi era Packers.
        On a separate note, Josh Allen is held out of practice, so I suppose that he’s a bust like Bosa. smh

    2. Sour,
      I’m sorry but not all injuries are the same. Losing a starting qb when you have a below average roster early in the season is a recipe for disaster. Talent wise, this was a lower bottom 10 team with Jimmy.

      I’m not giving the coaches a pass here because they chose the ingredients… but roster wise their strengths were at every position that doesn’t matter save left tackle. Secondary- worst in the nfl, edge rushers – you had to be pretty good to beat out Marsh… or have a pulse. Qb- yeah, you know the deal. Wr- we had some guys that might be a solid wr 3 on some teams ( when healthy).
      The pats meanwhile, have the goat at HC and QB. They had good corners, and one of the more coveted free agent edge rushers in the league. If they lost a TE they had a fair amount of strength elsewhere.
      Additionally, they had 2 games against the Jets, Bills, and Miami dolphins all of which were crap teams.
      Their situation was slightly different. Think more along the lines of Cincinnati losing similar players along their roster for a closer correlation.

    1. The difference between those two and Bosa is that neither has a history of injury or is coming off a season ending one. Not sure why that’s so difficult to understand.

        1. How did I overreact Cubus?

          I chuckled about it and also said that Little Nicky should have more than enough time to be 100% for training camp.

          When you draft a player at #2 who is coming off missing almost an entire year due to injury and has a family history of missing games due to injuries you should expect more attention to be paid to it.

              1. I have to pick up and bag your 💩 or I’ll get fined. Did you need a longer leash, ‘cuz it seems like this one is choking you! LOL!

              2. I regularly tell my seven-year old cousin…..If you’re the only one laughing, it wasn’t funny.

                Compulsive LOLers are there to reduce all teachable moments to the level of a fart joke so they can walk away unenlightened. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

          1. The point is, Jack, that these types of soft tissue injuries are quite frequent in OTAs. Although I don’t have data at hand, it’s probably not surprising that these injuries happen more to wide-eyed, overly enthusiastic, inexperienced rookies than to grizzled vets, who know what to expect and how to pace themselves. It’s not a reason to jump all over Bosa at this time. Who knows what the future will bring? You may get your chance yet.

            1. “The point is, that these types of soft tissue injuries are quite frequent in OTAs”

              Yeah I got your point.

              And mine was that the spotlight on Bosa’s compared to the others shouldn’t be a surprise given the injury histories of those 3 guys.

              “You may get your chance yet.”

              Get my chance to what? If he plays good I’ll say he did. If he plays poorly I’ll say he did.

            2. When you draft a player at #2 who is coming off missing almost an entire year due to injury and has a family history of missing games due to injuries you should expect more attention to be paid to it.

              How is this an overreaction?

              It’s freaking common sense…….nobody is happy he is hurt, but to deny the attention the story will attract is just plain dumb….

              To those that are quick to react to any criticism of our beloved draft pick (who by the way does not give a F about you) please get a job….

          2. Don’t worry there will be plenty of time for over reaction by some here when Deebo makes a fantastic pre season catch or JG does something well in TC. It’s inevitable.

      1. Oh, we understand it alright, but we don’t hit it incessantly like a Hammer on a nail to build a case for why they should have drafted Little Quinnen or Little Joshie. You’re the classic example of what happens when you jump the shark, and it comes back to bite you in the buttocks….

      2. Not sure why you take a certain amount of pleasure pointing this out Jack?

        Your “Note to fandom” when hearing of Bosa’ hamstring injury showed you true colors.
        You rather be proven right that Bosa is an injury waiting to happen then waiting for him to play in a regular season game.
        Fair weather fans are found on every sports blogs.
        There’s nothing new here.

        1. “You rather be proven right that Bosa is an injury waiting to happen then waiting for him to play in a regular season game.”

          You clearly missed the point and if you think I want to be proven right instead of having the guy kill it you’re clueless.

          1. Little Jackie, 75% of the regular posters on here must be clueless, and your groupies of oneliar, monty, and the pseudo trolls are the know it alls? You’re a funny guy….

            1. A funny guy that pays your bills…..please go get a job and stop being a bum……you need to stop relying on our tax money…..

              say I am wrong….i dare you….

              1. lol…bingo… are a bum…..I just love the fact you can be honest about it……at least you follow in your hero (trump) footsteps……

                but seriously….you should be ashamed you are using government assistance money from us to build a room full of 49er stuff….

    1. Just look at my last mock draft. In the first 2 rounds, I had the Niners selecting –
      Clelin Ferrell
      AJ Brown
      Chris Lindstrom
      Erik McCoy
      Juanhunglo Thornhill.

      1. Hmmm, I remember you predicted that Connor Williams was going to be the first player taken in the 2018 draft, early in the season.
        These predictions are way too early.
        I mean, he might become………injured. ;p

        1. Sebbers, what we want from Delpit to do this year is of course emerge from the season healthy, but to also not have a great year. Right now he’s teetering on that top 10-15 area, but he has an outstanding year, and assuming we are drafting in the 20’s, we’ll have no shot at him. If he has a ho-hum season, he’d be in our range to trade up for him. I think he’d be a perfect fit at FS for us….

  17. Yes, the Patriots did have injuries, but won the SB.
    How did the Niners react to injuries? KS and Benton installed players on the O line, and refused to put Garnett in his natural position. When Person went down, they moved McGlinchey to RG, a position he had never played before.
    IMHO, they should have moved Tomlinson to RG, a position he played in college, and put Garnett in at LG.
    I sure hope they rotate the O line around. They were graded out poorly anyways, so why not juggle the lineup to find the best fit?

    1. that sounds like more of an indictment of Garnett than anything else. It will be interesting to see if/when Garnett goes to another team, how well he performs.

    2. “When Person went down, they moved McGlinchey to RG, a position he had never played before.”

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. When Person went down against Minnesota he was replaced by Garnett. McGlinchey didn’t move to RG until Garnett was also injured.

        1. Seb
          * “If I am wrong, I am sorry. I did not realize that Garnett was also injured.”
          * If I am wrong…..Nothing new, you usually are!
          * I am sorry….. Yes you are, as usual! Good to hear you admit it.
          * I did not realize that Garnett was also injured. Old adage: Better to be thought a fool, than
          open your mouth and prove it.
          * The $64 dollar question: Which childish, 5th grade response will the genius respond with?

          1. Wow, so desperate. You really need to get a life.
            Still, I will question a coach moving a player to a position that he had never played before, and expect him not to struggle.

  18. Fun stuff to read…….(not from Grant)

    — Team culture has been a significant driving factor behind the roster construction under head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch. The interaction at the end of the video between Kittle and veteran cornerback Richard Sherman is a fun example of how a strong culture can shine through in practice. Kittle runs past Sherman on his way to the end zone, then pretends to ask Sherman for an autograph before saying “I love you. Leave me alone” as he runs away. It’s a minor interaction, but fun to see players of vastly different seniority, on different sides of the ball having fun with each other at practice.

  19. nice read …..(not from Grant)

    One of the reasons I believe in Kshan….

    “He is zigging while everyone else zags, a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

    Shanahan is building a run-first offense based on the outside zone run and play-action passes. He can force defenses into their base package, which they’re stupid to build up because everyone else is going the other direction. And division rival Arizona is precisely one of the teams not equipped to handle a strong run game.

    The Niners now have three outstanding backs (Tevin Coleman, Jalen Hurd, and Jerick McKinnon) who can run or receive on any given play. If any of them lines up with FB Kyle Juszczyk in the backfield, how can a team move out of its base defense? But if they stay in their neglected base, Juice can fall back into pass protection, and the team can run four verts on play-action if they want to.

    If a team plays nickel defense anyway, the Niners will be able to punish them with an explosive running game behind the strong blocking of Juszczyk and TE George Kittle — or flatten the quicker, smaller, lighter linebackers and defensive backs with Deebo Samuel slants, Kittle catch-and-runs, and Jalen Hurd just all over the place.”

      1. You mean Mark Saltveit?

        “Sportwriter. Editor of Author of “The Tao of Chip Kelly” and “Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly’s Football Revolution.” Standup comedian. World palindrome champion. Skimboarder. Dad.”

      2. cmon Grant – he made some really good points……

        I can’t recall last time you wrote something positive about Kshan…….

        If Kshan gets fired today – he would be hire tomorrow …….

      3. Dang Grant…a little catty are we?

        I dragged Saltveid across the internet coals for his idiotic “elegant tank” idea last year. So I’m by far not his biggest fan.

        But he’s not stupid…he knows what worked and what didn’t work for Kelly in the NFL. In fact he knows it better than anyone. He also knows that many of the sport science stuff that Kelly worked on and experimented with were looked at and adopted to various degrees by other NFL coaches (including Belichick). Chip Kelly was an innovator 8 or so years ago. As with most innovators 90% of their experiments do not pan out. Some of the zone read stuff he championed is still used to a significant degree in the NFL as are RPO/Package plays. It’s just that like the Run and Shoot (who’s concepts are still used in many NFL offenses) the NFL figured out you can run them as a stand alone offensive system. They’re just another tool to be used like play action, draw plays, the shotgun formation, option routes…etc….

        As for what Saltveit wrote in his last NN article? It’s not like it’s a groundbreaking idea. I’m not sure why your comment implies belittlement of the subject. I don’t think it’s any secret that ideally Shanahan wants to run a run based offense using the outside zone run play as his bread and butter (much like Daddy Mike Shanahan did).

    1. Nothing that Mr Tao wrote is fresh. It’s basically fanboy dreaming like we read from any random commenter on here, myself included. It’s well know what Shanahan does. His offenses move the ball great between the 20’s.

      Can they score touchdowns instead of FG’s and can they not turn the ball over? Those are really the only 2 questions, and if the answers are yes the team will win.

      1. 2 more questions for this offense that need answers are-
        Can the O line provide adequate pass protection?
        Will the O line open holes for the running game?

        1. The OL will be improved on continuity and familiarity alone. If Richburg truly is healthy, his redemption could be nigh. Add to that the additional Firepower, and the quick release and processing of Jimmy G, and I think its a safe assumption that they will play better. Remember, Seb the defense will no longer get to shrink the field due to the lack of respect for Mullens’ arm. There will be more room to operate with Garoppolo Undercenter….

            1. That’s ok. It’ll give valuable reps to an opportunist to back him up, plus Richburg knows the offense.

              1. Oregoniner, we need Richburg to be a beast and I hope his surgery will allow him to be.

        1. Now you are reaching……Who executes a 4 mins offense to close out a win?

          When has that ever been done?….How is that possible?

          1. Here’s what Bill Walsh wrote on the subject:

            Four minute offense does not mean you are trying to score. In the two minute offense you want to score points. Four minute offense, you want to use the clock and control the ball. This was brought home in 1972 when I was with the Cincinnati Bengals. With four minutes left in the game, we had an 11 point lead and had the ball. We lost the game. We know this, we can use 35 seconds on the clock by simply not going out of bounds, not throwing an incompletion and not being penalized. But 35 seconds is 4 forward passes that your opponent can get if you don’t use it up. In a four minute offense, every play can use 35 seconds. All we really have to do is make a first down and we are going to win that thing. You must practice the four minute offense. It has to be live, you don’t tackle people necessarily because you can blow the whistle when you think the man would have been stopped. You have to talk to your team about it. You are going to win the game and here is how you are going to do it. You are going to have the lead with four minutes to go and you are going to have a first down. You will win if you can maintain control. You know you have 35 seconds if you don’t go out of bounds. You know the clock will stop on a penalty. You know that a fumble is disastrous, that if you can just squeak out a first down by good play calling and aggressive blocking, you will win.

            Always feel that when you go into a game, the other team has a one point edge on you. As a coach even if they have a 40 point edge on you, don’t think about that. You figure every time you play, you are a one point underdog. They are one point better than you are. You will be a little more alert about it. If you think the opponent is one point better, you have to control the ball. We have plays that we are going to run. We are looking at the clock and unfortunately, we may have to throw a pass to get that first down, which we have had to do and have been successful. But we have practiced it and our quarterback knows the fears he can have with a mistake. Your four minute offense can win you the game. If you will talk about it, you will be surprised. If you practice it each week, four of five plays. You can say, here we are, on our 30 yard line, four minutes to go, let’s see what we can do. Let’s see if we can get a first down and how we will use the clock. Throughout much of this situational football, there is pressure on the offense.


            1. you’re still hung up on Super Bowl 51? I could be wrong….but has Kyle poorly implemented a 4 minute offense since then? (to my knowledge….no….but then the 49ers really haven’t been ahead that many times in the 4th quarter either).

              1. I still don’t understand why KS gets the lion’s share of the blame for that SB loss. Quinn was the DC for Carroll in Seattle and was hired by Atlanta because of the job he did there (although one has to wonder if Quinn really wasn’t just a figurehead esp. since his Atlanta defenses haven’t been special). The Atlanta D fell apart in the 2nd half and that’s on Quinn not Shanahan. Yet, it seems that Quinn gets little blame for that loss.

              2. Shanahan gets most of the blame because stopping Brady’s offense is considered hard.

                Grinding out the clock and calling more run plays is something even the average football fan knows is probably the right thing to do.

                The reality isn’t that simple. There’s some truth to both sentiments. But it’s not that simple.

              3. I’d need to go back and watch that SB game again, but IIRC correctly, didn’t Matt Ryan take some sacks at really critical moments in that game.

                I like to think KS learned from the mistakes he made in that game and he did make mistakes.

              4. “I still don’t understand why KS gets the lion’s share of the blame for that SB loss.”

                2nd down in FG range with one of the best kickers in the league. You run the ball. Kick the FG. Go up 11. Ballgame. What did he call instead?

                There’s the answer.

            2. Ok – have to give 1/2 point for quoting our Great Bill Walsh….

              … it’s easy to talk about it……..but in reality is it possible?

              How many times do you see players run out of bounds in those similar situations……even the most disciplined team NE patriots can’t do this in real life…..

              You can practice all you want but its just not possible in real life….

              I can see it happening in Madden but in real life – I just don’t see it

      2. Shanahan’s offenses can score just fine with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, Taylor Gabriel, Tevin Coleman and Devontae Freeman. In fact they were #1 in points in 2016.

  20. 49ers will likely carry 6 receivers

    Dante Pettis
    Deebo Samuel
    Jalen Hurd

    Richie James


    I will be very disappointed if they let go Richie James or Taylor.

  21. onewanker is off his meds again!😂😂😂Can someone else give him some attention please? I’ve got to go mow the front lawn….

    1. I regularly tell my seven-year old cousin…..If you’re the only one laughing, it wasn’t funny.

      Compulsive LOLers are there to reduce all teachable moments to the level of a fart joke so they can walk away unenlightened. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

      see….go cut your grass…..I knew the bum had no job…..

          1. Ok, I’m back. Did the babysitter say when she’s supposed to be back cuz I gotta run to the store pretty soon….

    1. Yep. And yet some 49er fans want to freak out that Bosa has a hamstring strain in May. Nevermind that the two main players those people wanted instead of Bosa are also missing time right now with injuries.

  22. Thoughts and prayers going out to Donahue and his family.
    Hope he kicks cancers a**!
    Was never fan of the job he did, but he’s still an ex Niner employee.
    Hoping for a quick and full recovery.

  23. Bosa’s hamstring strain is a grade 1 strain. That’s what some people are losing their minds over in May. Crazy.

    1. Rob Lowder is reporting they might keep him out until training camp. My take is similar to yours. However, I do have one concern. I am concerned that once he gets to TC he might push too hard and then reinjure the hamstring or injure something else. To be clear, this is not a Nick Bosa only issue, but would be an issue for any rookie who wants to prove himself (that includes Josh Allen and Williams). But since Nick was out most of 2018 and hasn’t really played in quite some time, it concerns me more for him. Justified concern?

      1. You’ve just gotta trust that he learned his lesson, and he’ll keep his relentless nature subdued until the calluses are established….

    2. Glad to hear it! Figured that’s all it was, because there were no reports of medical staff rushing out to attend to him.

  24. Grade 1? Hmmm. I would hope the 49ers are above lying to fans, because the next
    door neighbor–a grade 2 pull– is actually a mild tear…If this is the case, good by training camp!

    1. Timeframes for rehabilitation and return to sport vary depending on the nature and severity of the strain. As a general rule, Grade 1 hamstring strains should be rested from sporting activity for about three weeks and Grade 2 injuries for a minimum of four to eight weeks.…28.0..0.141.3871.8j28……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i71j0i67j0i131j0i10.Z22bVhEvyDc

  25. sebnynah says:
    May 21, 2019 at 11:31 am
    The Sebastopol police department and I are not on friendly terms. They once tried to give me a ticket for not signaling a lane change, when I was almost the only car on the road. When I accused them of quotas and revenue enhancement, they backed off.

    Reply: What did the police thing about you being slugged in the face at that keg party when the guy tried to steal your beer stein or your teaching young students to light white phosphorus at the local junior high?

    Seb and the art of teaching:

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