Russell Wilson: “My height does not define my skill set.”

SANTA CLARA – Seahawks’ rookie quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to Bay Area reporters on a conference call Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: You’re playing the 49ers on a very short week. What are you trying to focus in on?

WILSON: I watch the players and see who’ve moving around well. More than anything I watch their coverages, watch their pressures and just try to get an idea of what they’re doing on defense.

Q: And who is moving around well for them?

WILSON: Pretty much everybody, I would say. They have a great, great front-seven, they have really, really good DBs making plays on the backside, too. It’s definitely going to be a challenge.

Q: Have the defensive game plans against you been to stop Marshawn Lynch and challenge you to beat teams?

WILSON: A little bit. It depends on the situation, obviously. We have one of the best running backs in the NFL. He has the ability to make people miss, extend runs and get in the end zone.

Q: Based on your film study of your previous opponents, did they tend to blitz you more because you’re a rookie quarterback?

WILSON: I’m not sure of the exact numbers. I think it’s 50/50 sometimes. I think the main thing is getting rid of the ball quickly, because once they do bring pressure there’s a lot of green grass behind it, too. If you can capitalize on those blitzes, it gives you opportunities to make big plays down the field.

Q: How many times have you heard or read that you have the “it” factor?

WILSON: I don’t know. I don’t necessarily read that kind of stuff. I’ve studied a lot of great quarterbacks over the years. I’m just trying to figure out how to be great. I definitely believe that God’s given me a gift to lead people. Looking at great quarterbacks in the NFL, they have tremendous leadership, they have unbelievable attention to detail and their competitive nature is relentless. That’s what I try to bring out onto the field on Sundays and every day in practice.

Q: So much was made about your height coming out of the draft. Has that been an issue at all? Has your mobility allowed you to compensate for any lack of height?

WILSON: My height’s not a factor at all. My height does not define my skill set. I try to have a high, quick release, throw the ball on time. Sometimes I may have to find a lane just like any quarterback who might be 6-2. Some of these guys are 6-7 on the other side of the ball, so sometimes you’ve just got to make a play and find ways to be on time with the football. You know where your guys are and where they’re going – you just have to deliver the ball accurately and on time.

Q: You have a lot of different wide receiver options. How do you keep everybody happy?

WILSON: Everybody is working together to win. We’re all part of a team. I think the main thing is just trusting my reads and hitting the right guy at the right time. That’s all we care about.

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