S.F. Police: “Mr. Kaepernick has embarrassed himself, the 49er organization and the NFL.”

Check out the letter the President of the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association sent to the 49ers and the NFL Monday:

“Dear Mr. York and Mr. Goodell:

“It is with great disappointment to us, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, that we are compelled to communicate with you regarding the recent ill-advised statements made by your employee, Colin Kaepernick.

“While we certainly acknowledge Mr. Kaepernick’s first amendment right to remain seated during the National Anthem, as inappropriate as that may be, we will not stand by while he attacks police officers in this country with statements such as, “People are on paid leave while people of color are killed.”

“Not only does he show an incredible lack of knowledge regarding our profession and “officer involved” shootings, but also shows a naivety and total lack of sensitivity towards police officers. Ironically it is those officers who on numerous occasions have protected Mr. Kaepernick and have ensured that the venues where the NFL holds its events are fully protected.

“I only wish Mr. Kaepernick could see the emotional and psychological challenges that our officers face following a fatal encounter. Some are so affected they never return to the streets. In short, Mr. Kaepernick has embarrassed himself, the 49er organization and the NFL based on a false narrative and misinformation that lacks any factual basis.

“Perhaps Mr. Kaepernick could comment on the murder of 40 police officers in the United States in the past few months, or the assaults perpetrated on over 100,000 law enforcement officers in the past year. Perhaps he could lend his commentary to the over 8,000 murders that African Americans inflicted on one another in 2015. The law enforcement community cannot be continuously blamed for all of society’s problems, including racial divide, in our country. It isn’t fair and it isn’t true.

“While the SFPOA acknowledges Mr. Kaepernick’s right to speak his point of view and we stand by that right, we also recognize your organization’s ability to denounce his foolish statements and separate yourself from his actions.

“As a gesture to build communication and understanding about the law enforcement’s profession, the SFPOA extends an open invitation to Mr. Kaepernick and to any player or employee from the National Football League to visit the SFPD Academy and partake in any of the simulations that recruits participate in during their training. This will hopefully expose them to a very small fraction of what officers experience daily on the streets of our city.

“Until then we hope your organizations choose to do the right thing and at least apologize to the many police officers Mr. Kaepernick has disrespected for no apparent reason.


“Martin Halloran

“SFPOA President

“cc: Colin Kaepernick”

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  1. Martin Halloran you can take your letter and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. What f’n business is it of yours to worry about what NFL players are doing on the field? Just worry about doing your own job. I sure hope you didn’t write this letter while on the clock? You owe taxpayers a refund for taking the time to express what are nothing more then personal feelings and opinions on a subject that you have no business being involved in.

    Go F yourself.

    Love the 49ers.

    1. You ignorant POS, unreal how you are so blind.
      Oh wait, press DEMOCRAT, I get it now.
      Go off yourself, the world is better without people like you.

    2. Well, on the opposite side of the coin what f’n business is it of Kaepernick’s to worry about what is going on with police officers off the field? On game day, when the only focus should be football! If this person has no business being involved in the matter that Kap does not either. I’m not taking sides, just pointing out the double standard here.

      Personally, as a Half-Black man, I do not agree with what Kap did. Not because I don’t believe in the message he is trying to get across, but because I have so very few venues to turn to for escape. Mainly football, and video games. I do not want my sports to become a platform for politics, I tune in to football to escape that s”t. He is a famous person who could has a million different ways to get his message out afforded to him, unlike the rest of us and yet this is what he does. It is upsetting. Please, keep politics out of football and let it be about competition and entertainment so I could escape and fine moments of relief and joy when I need it. If I wanted to be reminded of the state of things, all I need to do is change it to any other channel.

      1. I have seen these issues of CK’s on the news every 2-3 weeks for years now. To his point, they aren’t changing fast enough, but CK isn’t bringing me to this issue, I was already there.
        I’m retired, but when I worked there were all sorts of things more important in the big picture of life than freight logistics, but we were there for freight logistics. We talked anything in the lunch room or the parking lot, but we worked at work.
        Colin’s goals and outrage are understandable, but wtf do they have to do with the 49ers? Why is Joe Staley talking about it? Did you hear or read Bowman?

      2. Oh the same police department that the police chief resigned because of all the shootings and police brutality? The same that has been known to be discriminating? Where officers sent eachother racist and sexist emails? That SFPD? Haha the irony.

      3. You are payed millions and millions of dollars for what?? TO PLAY FOOTBALL! The political aspects of today’s world are of no concern to an NFL player (not involved in the matter), once they are in the stadium. Their only focus should be on the game at hand. The one where “US FANS” pay and endorse. KAP has every right to sit. But remember where you are. “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!!! SHOW SOME GOSH DAMN RESPECT!!!! Your here to play a game. You want to protest something that isn’t the issue at hand. Why don’t you protest police brutality. And to all you officers I have respect for you and your profession. But to denied the truth is just a lie to yourself. You hold and opposition and authority and push it to a breaking point. Black, white, brown, yellow, red, blue, green, purple, the issue isn’t color. It’s an act that is being caught on tape and because of their position they are held at a lessor standing in the punishment of the law. Remember one thing. As a citizen you are punished by the fullest extent of the judicial system. Commit a crime do the time. But as that citizen… you did not swear an oath to protect and serve a community. So if so shouldnt your punishment be more and not less. Think about that. There is a bigger issue. So back to KAP. Quit turning this into a racial matter. Jus like the treyvon Martin case. You see black celebrity figure protesting racial police brutality. But where where you when all those whites, Hispanics or Asians were being assaulted and killed. Why is it that you only make it matter when it’s a colored attack. All these black celebrities taking a stand for all the black victims instead of “ALL THE VICTIMS” Treat the matter like a church. Stand for the whole and not the pieces. I am a niner fan to and through. And my blood runs forever faithful but in today’s world where it seems darker than ever. Political and outside news don’t belong on the field. People leave their war torn poverty stricken countries to come here. For freedom. For rights. And yet the first thing they want from us is to change our way. To accommodate them and their way of life. Their beliefs and faiths. So this week. Against San Diego. Show up. Stand up. And if you still want to protest… SHUT UP! But pay respect where it’s given. Because in other worlds. This sport we all love and endure year after year. Especially after your shi**y performances. Don’t you think you’ve sat enough

        1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste:
          The Star-Spangled Banner was originally written as a poem, didn’t become our national anthem until 1931, 117 years after Key wrote it. Most have no true idea what is in it! But as it turns out, Key’s full poem actually has a third stanza which few have ever heard. In it, he openly celebrates the murder of slaves.
          It goes like this:
          “No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
          And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

          While it has always been known that the song was written during American slavery and that when those words about this nation being the “land of the free” didn’t apply to the millions who had been held in bondage, few of us had any idea that the song itself was rooted in the celebration of slavery and the murder of Africans in America, who were being hired by the British military to give them strength not only in the War of 1812, but in the Battle of Fort McHenry of 1814. These black men were called the Corps of Colonial Marines and they served valiantly for the British military. Key despised them. He was glad to see them experience terror and death in war — to the point that he wrote a poem about it.

          Francis Scott Key left absolutely no doubt that he was a stone cold bigot. He came from generations of plantation owners that got wealthy off of it. Key, as District Attorney of Washington D.C., fought for slavery and against abolitionists every chance he got. Even when Africans in D.C. were injured or murdered, he stood strong against justice for them. He openly spoke racist words against Africans in America. Key said that they were “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.”

          1. It’s pretty widely accepted that the slavery being mentioned has nothing at all to do with the slaves owned by those living in America or elsewhere. What he was talking about was the British capturing Americans and making THEM slaves rowing the boats etc.

    3. Your, sir, mam, are as ignorant as stupid human beings can be. I am ashamed to say your comments are from the human race. Your are totally ignorant and stupid beyond words. Holy

    4. Krap was on the clock when he planted his worthless ass on the bench.. he needs to do his job and play football, not pout in front of thousands of people.

    5. You post then disappear. Come on man, bring the heat then leave? Coward, coward, coward. Your don’t represent any part of decency. Slime ball

    6. Next time you’re in trouble don’t call 911. Call that suck ass QB Kap. Maybe he can throw a football at the assailant and knock him out… Oh wait nevermind he’ll miss because he sucks.

    7. As a native San Franciscan, if this was truly written by a 49er and not some bozoo pretending to be a member of the team, you have lost my respect and admiration. Your reply is childish, unprofessional, and is an embarrassment to everyone in SF.

      Grow up, and learn to write an effective letter that changes peoples thinking!

      A former fan…

    8. Love ya Coffee, but since Kaep called out police, this is a subject that Halloran can comment on. My brother-in-law is police (New Mexico), my best friend too, (Southern Ca) … salt of the Earth, both of them.

      Incidentally, Kaep’s assertion that cops have six months of training proves how little he knows about the criminal justice system. To get into quality police departments, a college degree and or a certificate (two year program) in criminal justice is required.

      Kaep, go spend your free time in the tenderloin to make a difference.

    9. CFC,

      I agree. This is another example of somebody not listening to what the point is and using the opportunity to go off on a tangent about things not even mentioned or implied.

      Kap was actually right in his point about the training to become a Police Officer and how that is a problem. I notice the writer did not comment on that.

    10. So Kaepernick can express himself and call police officers murderers but it’s none of Hallorans business? Wow! You are brilliant.

    11. Really???

      I thought it was a great letter! Spelled it out very well, but I guess comprehension and empathy is an issue…

      CK can speak his mind and broadly attack & discr do all police, but they should not respond…and you make assumption this was done on taxpayer dime?

      Certainly don’t apply that line of thinking to our politicians…it will drive you to a straight jacket!

    1. Because they are the first ones to stop your hemorrhagic bleeding after you’ve been assaulted on the street or hold your head in place after you’ve flipped your car on the highway…the one who saves your backside or a loved ones from a drunken driver or home intruder won’t care what you wrote…

    1. Trade him. It’s a toxic situation and considering all the distractions the past couple years, this was unnecessary.
      It’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to be in SF. Maybe a new start in a new city will help him grow.
      It’s time to move on for both parties.

      1. I WAS a big fan of Kaeps skill set. Thought he would be a perfect match with Chip if his head was right. It’s become very obvious that he has lost passion for the game and defentley lost his confidence. This is a clear message that he wants out of SF and still expects to get paid. There is no excuse for the way he handled this situation. His time has run out!!! What a waste of talent!

      2. If CK gets an owie his new team could be on the hook for his entire 2017 salary.

        – What team would want CK?
        – Would CK be welcome in Dallas?
        – What round of pick do you think the 49ers would get CK?
        – Do you think any team would sign him under his existing contract?

      3. They can’t trade him.
        No one is willing to take on his contract… the issue with trading him was never about Baalke not being able to get a deal done, it was that the 49ers would have had to pick up the majority of the contract. This would make no sense as they could just cut him after one year and not worry about having to pay a portion of his contract for years to come.

        1. Your information is incorrect. The 49ers are on the hook for this year only. Any trade that involved Colin’s contract would be the other teams full responsibility after this year.

          1. htwaits that’s not what my argument was.
            My argument was the contract was preventing any trade from being made.

            The 49ers are on the hook for his contract this year unless a trade is made.
            The problem was due to the size of his contract there was no interest save Denver, who was willing to do so IF the 49ers were willing to pick up a portion of his contract (or if Kaep would have agreed to lower his contract).

            The problem with doing this was if he remained on Denver’s roster for the remainder of his contract, the Niners could essentially be responsible for 5 million per year for the next 4 or 5 years (I forget the contract length) which would exceed 20 million. Because of the risk/reward involved on this it made more sense for the Niners to hold him for one year… let him get healthy and then either keep him if he returned to form or cut him if he doesn’t with the loss of this years salary but with no future impact beyond this season.

            It’s a long way of saying we are stuck with him unless some team is willing to take on his contract.

            1. *note* My understanding was that Denver was willing to take him on at 7 mil per year and rejected the idea of paying him 12 per year… my assumption was that they were asking the Niners to pick up the difference should he remain signed by them. Is this the part you are saying is incorrect? Were they only asking the Niners to pick up the difference for 1 year?

              1. Yes it’s one year only.

                That’s how the contracts work if the player agrees to that condition. There are some players who can be fully paid by the trading team and by the receiving team. Colin’s contract allows the 49ers to subtract what ever the new team is paying him for the guaranteed portion of his contract. Colin is guarantied $11.9M this year.

              2. Denver also wanted Colin to sign a new contract at a lower base pay, but agree to keep all the other conditions in place. Colin refused to do that.

            2. “The problem with doing this was if he remained on Denver’s roster for the remainder of his contract, the Niners could essentially be responsible for 5 million per year for the next 4 or 5 years (I forget the contract length) which would exceed 20 million.”

              This is not correct. Denver wanted the same terms at a lower price. They could have offered a new contract with different terms. The 49ers have no contractual responsibility once Colin is traded or cut beyond the current year. Currently that’s the 2016 season.

              If Colin should have a career ending injury this season, then he collects an amount equal to his base pay over the remainder of his contract. But the 49ers don’t pay him that amount. His contract with the 49ers includes Colin paying for insurance to protect the 49ers from the cost of a career ending injury.

              1. Ok thanks, my understanding was that Denver wanted either Kaep to renegotiate a lower contract or the niners to pick up 5 million.

                However, I still believe his contract makes him untradeable at this time. Unless someone is willing to pick him up for one year as a stop gap, but I don’t see that happening based upon the way the preseason has gone.

              2. I don’t expect him to be traded either but any thing is possible. If traded or cut, he still has to return anything he earns from an NFL team in the 2016 season. He certainly can sign any contract he wants but I doubt that he would want to sign a multi year contract at this time. He might like to take a very low contract for 2016 and hope that he gets better offers in 2017.

                That’s what Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets did this year.

              3. HTwaits,
                I could see Kaep willing to take a 1 year lowball offer. I think the big problem was Denver wanted to lock him up with the same contract for far less money.

              4. What money is Colin putting towards the neighborhoods that need jobs and education that have the worse problems? Has he invested in any community? Helped anyone?

        2. Kap will eventually fall into the Tim Tebow category – too controversial and a distraction. This was basically how the Broncos let Tebow go. They knew that Tebow simply did not have the tools to be an NFL player, but they used a little diplomacy by letting him go in using the “too controversial” card.

          We all know that CK is no longer the player he was of a few years ago. And that the Org would like to see him resurrect his career, but if the team let’s him go it will eventually be because of the controversy and distraction he has wrought upon the team.

          Now, as I’ve said, I agree with Kap using his freedom of speech to further expose an social issue. But he has now brought an entire organization in the mix whether he admits it or not.

          Years from now when this topic fade away, CK will say that his stance was justified, but he will also likely admit that the undue attention it brought to the Org and his teammates was not what he wanted – and because of this he will say he could have used another method of protest that could have insulated his teammates from such distraction.

      1. A year of distractions for a young team is asking for trouble. If he doesn’t win the job why continue the charade of paying your back up $11 million?

      2. What if he gets hurt, or has offseason surgery a few months before 2017 from a non-team Dr again? That’s another $12m down the drain.

      3. I’d be tempted to offer a renegotiated contract similar to what Elway offered. If he refused, release him (or trade him if possible).

    2. Do nothing let his skill set speak for itself. His ‘right’ by far supersedes any dissatisfaction with his disrespectfulness. My right to think he is a jerk and it has nothing to do with his cause. And 49reasons do you need an interpretation?

      1. “My right to think he is a jerk and it has nothing to do with his cause.” – UC – That one sentence says it all. Any talk beyond that has no place on this board. Personally I’m more offended by CFC who actually disrespected a whole group of very decent and dedicated law enforcement people just because of some bad apples. But it’s just another day on this board. Throw stink bombs at each other and predict the future instead of just letting things play out. On this board there are those who ‘know” and those who are too dumb to keep quiet. Sure it makes sense to make an mean-spirited attack on the men in blue on behalf of the men who are black. It’s OK to stereotype as long as you do it to “unprotected” group. Let’s divide up into sides and fight this out. Us against them. But that’s what we do on this board. Like I said, let’s see how this plays out.

    3. Hate to say this but SF, Sea, & LA may be the only places in America where CK will be tolerated. From Occupy to BLM the left coast accepts these things much more readily than other places. CK will be vilified in just about every other market making it hard for any other team to sign him. It’s either weather the storm or cut him.

      1. Houston, I don’t think even any of those places. This is a SF based fan board, and the sentiment is overwhelmingly against Kaep’s actions. I think is he done playing football in the USA.

  2. Any cop that covers for a bad cop is a disgrace to the country, the constitution, the flag and the national anthem. Anyone who pretends that it is just business as usual should apologize.

  3. More POWER TO YOU!!! RIGHT ON with this letter. KAP is just another ignorant fool who doesn’t know the truth. Get the facts straight people blacks are killing blacks and they are also killing cops. What part of the HANDS UP DON’T SHOUT lie don’t you understand. Michael Brown was a thug who got the slug!!

  4. I agree with Mr. Halloran. Kaepernick’s statements are ignorant. However, these incidents will continue to happen and protests will continue until all parties involved admit to wrong doing.

    Police put their lives on the line and are not compensated well enough for that personal risk. They also need mandatory non-lethal hand-to-hand combat/submission training. A well trained professional is one who can make good decisions under great stress.

    ALL citizens of this country, black, white, rich, poor…. need to RESPECT the law. Calmly answering questions and cooperating with police is not a sign of weakness. Recognize that police officers are imperfect individuals trying to do their job. Know your rights and cooperate.

    Kaepernick has made a big fuss and COULD have helped the situation and raised awareness and understanding of the real issues. Instead, his one sided comments come across as just a hit piece on law enforcement and America.

  5. What a disgusting letter! This piece of crap tried to change the issue without acknowledging the problem. This is the reason that minorities fear the police. They stick together no matter what. Even when people are dying. This letter is gasoline.

              1. The job of the police officer is to protect himself and those in harm’s way (that would be you in this case). He does not have the right to kill anyone but if deadly force is required to save your life will than that’s what he will do.
                I’d suggest that you look in to becoming and officer yourself.

        1. Of course not. There are obviously bad cops out there that make bad decisions that on rare occasion have led innocent people being killed. But the majority of cops do their jobs well and deserve our respect.

          Cops are victims of discrimination just as minorities are victims of discrimination. It’s ironic really.

            1. Yeah I agree. It’s a one-sided letter. Just as Kaepernicks comments were one-sided.

              So all this publicity and attention…. and no positive message.

          1. Joe, Why don’t they admit that their is a problem? This letter is inflammatory. We can never heal until bad police are held accountable instead of being supported by their superior officers.

            1. All I can say is you go risk your life every day, have a bad guy point a gun at you a few times. Do that and your view will change

  6. The only awareness Krap has raised is his own ignorance and the hypocrisy of the nfl regarding the Cowboys not being able to display Dallas PD on their helmets

    1. The nice thing about this situation is ..
      the fact that … it will eventually blow over …

      You see …

      The American public suffers from the dreaded
      SASS …
      (Short Attention Span Syndrome) ..

      Of course .. some of the regular posters, here,
      notwithstanding …

      One more preseason game .. then ..
      the regular season starts … and
      everything will be hunky-dory again !

      (and if you believe that ..
      I have the Carquinez Bridge to sell ya)

        1. Its not about them as a person . Thats where the confusion come in. Sounds like a used car salesman. Its about a race being targeted and gunned down. I stand with him. Until people like you see the truth. You see it just dont want it yo be your people. Seriously a few bad cops. Technology just spread it. The government been hiding this behavior. Social media and camera phones exposed them and there comfort zone is shaken. As well as alot of blacks awakening. Im not against all cops. But all cops that wont turn on there brohers when they break the laws they are paid to uphold.

  7. Halloran should be quiet, and not be so belligerent.

    IIRC, the police had a couple shootings of unarmed blacks, one of which led to the resignation of the police chief. If they want reform, maybe they should start in San Francisco.

  8. If he did this one time to attract attention to the issue, one could understand and possibly condone it. But he says he plans to continue till things change. When is that? Weeks? months? Years?

    1. Kaep has effected change right now. Right now, we have a raging debate, and both sides are airing their sides.

      Kaep should declare victory, and move on. He should stop being a distraction and play football.

      1. And you should declare insanity. Insanity for thinking a running QB would be successful in today’s NFL. Stuck in the 70’s, your generic thinking is obtuse!
        Storm is coming Seb!

        1. Yup, Chip, with no matter who the QB will be, is going to utilize a mobile QB. One that can threaten to run so he stresses the defense.

          Thought I would point that out to you, since you seem incapable of figuring that out.

      2. Like I said before, The only awareness Krap has raised is his own ignorance and the hypocrisy of the nfl regarding the Cowboys not being able to display Dallas PD on their helmets

  9. I sincerely hope the reports on Kaepernick possibly being released come to fruition soon. This team does not need any more unnecessary distractions.

    1. I think Krap planned this from the beginning. He knew his dismal career is coming to an end so he pulled this stunt knowing he would put the niners in a difficult position.

      1. I agree Joe. This was all orchestrated to get away from the Niners. Force their hand into a trade or flat out release.

      2. That’s what Lowell Cohn’s article essentially states.
        It reminds me of an MMA fighter who is to tired to fight but rather than give up they roll over and give up their back, knowing they will get choked out.
        No one calls them out on it but they found a way out without saying “I give”.

        1. If you look at the timing of Colin’s surgeries and now this protest, a very reasonable case can be made that Colin’s agents have orchestrated all of it. The timing of the surgeries prevented the 49ers from cutting CK so they are on the hook for guaranteed money. The huge distraction created by this protest may force the 49ers hands in trading or releasing CK and still be on the hook for guaranteed money. Any way you slice it, everything with CK seems carefully choreographed.

          1. Maybe, but I don’t think it would be a good idea considering he could easily lose out to Blaine Gabbert. And if that happens I expect his value will drop even lower.
            Monetarily, his best option was to perform well on bad team and hope for a trade in an upcoming year… so I don’t think his agents would want any part of this.

        1. I wouldn’t compare the two at all.
          Obama is in a position of power and whether conservatives want to recognize it or not is fairly highly respected throughout the country (and looks better every day as more info comes out about our current options).
          Kaep however is on shakey ground and it could be said is looking for a way out.

          I don’t know this to be true but from an outsiders perspective its an easy connection to make.

  10. Look.. Whether I agree or disagree with Kaepernick, he’s within his rights and he’s telling the truth as he sees it.

    But, Really?! If something as small as a backup quarterback remaining seated for several minutes before a preseason football game can send us over the edge, we have short memories:

    “…The late Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most beloved American athlete of all time, Ali did much more to anger the American public than refuse to stand for the Star Spangled Banner during an exhibition game. Ali is revered as one of the greatest social activists inside the world of sports and out, but he was also a man that called white people “devils” and fought for a black separatist movement.

    Bill Russell, now one of the NBA’s most recognizable and widely-respected Hall of Famers, once called Boston “a flea market for racism,” stated that he played for the Celtics, not Boston, and once said he “disliked most white people.” Of course, he was also the victim of numerous racist attacks (including a home invasion where vandals defecated in his beds), and was even referred to as “an arrogant Negro” by the FBI…””

    Source:MAURICE PEEBLES, Deputy Editor Complex Sports.

      1. Funny how King, who was considered a rebel rouser prior to Malcolm X, suddenly became the example protester after Malcolm X.

        1. King’s civil rights mentor was Gandhi. Racists and the Chamber of Commerce probably thought they were both rebel rousers.

    1. Cherry-picking wrongs from half a century ago to make a point for today’s news really isn’t fair, or valid.
      You have to be raised to think like a racist-or be among them all the time. Not withstanding the fact that door swings both ways,—–this used to be a sports blog-not a forum for political invective.

  11. lol the SFPD should maybe pay more attention to the outrageous scandals inside their own office before taking a holier than thou attitude with anyone.

      1. Yes, it’s the Police Union – they are notoriously thin skinned. NYC’s Police Benevolent Association got it’s nose out of joint at Mayor DeBlasio merely because DeBlasio had the gall to have that discussion with his son that every parent of a child of color must have – be VERY careful in your actions around the police.

      1. When I was growing up the SFPD was pure Irish, and no one got away with criticizing them. The demographic change was forced on them and it’s far from complete.

        1. It is a tremendous article. A number of good ones have come out the past few days. Very informative and thought provoking.

    1. The thing is Kap didn’t call out a specific Police branch. He mentioned the incidents that have happened and the lack of training needed, but didn’t call out the SFPD. Must be feeling a little paranoid.

  12. Worst of all Kaep has digressed as a QB to the point 5th rounder Jeff Driskel looks fundamentally more sound on the field. Cut his ass off the club if you cannot get a 2019 7th rounder from the Cowboys for him..

  13. Kaepernick didn’t mind calling the police on his old teammate, Aldon Smith, when he was confronted for going behind his back and dating his ex-girlfriend. This police contact ultimately led to the arrest of Smith and his release from the 49ers.

    Was Colin worried about Smiths well being then? Was he worried whether or not Aldon was to be treated fairly by the police?

    Where were Kaepernicks morals when he began dating a girl that some would consider off limits?

    This guy can’t have his cake and eat it too.

    1. It was his EX gf. Kaep should have talked with Aldon before dating her, but Delilah is the root cause of all his troubles.

        1. Perhaps his relationship is more important than football. Love can be troublesome, but it’s also rewarding to those that are lucky enough to find it….

          1. Sure Razor, that’s correct. A lifetime marriage is more important than a job. As some here have been trying to say, appropriate policing is more important than football in our country. True.
            But if your wife were a physician, you two would adjust your lifestyles to accomodate the long hours, right? If you were a 12-15 hour a day football coach, she’d do the same.
            Pro football is not something that can be done without intense personal commitment. That’s why the veteran players and coaches all talk about eliminating distractions.
            This thread is dancing around a nebulous idea based on circumstantial clues in terms of CK’s gf. We all should be careful about our speculations because we don’t know Diddley. The timing that Grant eluded to does make it hard to completely discount the idea though.
            Can you imagine how insufferable Seb will be if one of his whacky conspiracy theories plays out. ; >)

            1. Considering that Aldon lost 100 million dollars over this woman, it is not unreasonable to assume Kaep is destroying his career over her.

              1. Seb, you have the darnedest view of relationships. What? Are Kaep and Aldon little children in your book? Or grown adult men who need to take responsibility for their own actions? The “they were talked into it” is insulting to all parties connected.

              2. Rib, I do think that their maturity level is kinda low. Just my opinion.

                The constant is this Delilah, and she seems to provoke them into self immolation.

              3. I agree with Ribco on this…
                Whether or not she is a Delilah or not they are ultimately responsible for their own actions and should take the credit/blame however it turns out. As ultimately for us all its the man in the mirror that is responsible for all our actions.

              4. This is a blog site, and many diverse viewpoints are being expressed.Mine is just idle speculation, and may not seem relevant, but it seems to fit, and history repeats itself.

                If some one could come up with a logical explanation, I am all ears.

              5. Shoup, I find it hard to believe that Kaep switched from having biblical verses tattooed on his body, to wearing a Fidel Castro T shirt while speaking, without some kind of outside influence.

                Like I said, Kaep is getting bad advice.

              1. Seb–

                You realize much more talk about Delilah and your going to be accused of hating woman, trampling on their rights, etc…

                You want a storm? Its coming, soon enough………….

          2. Razor, I think Delilah has hypnotized him. Kaep went from having bible verses tattooed on his body to converting to Islam.

            1. Seb,
              Are you sure he has converted? I have yet to read a reputable source that has reported that. It has been reported in a number of alt right blogs.

              1. Coach, I do not know for sure. I am just relying on what is reported on the blogs, so I may be wrong.

              1. Soon he can become a social activist full time. The problem is, once out of football, no one will be listening to him.

    2. Bling Bling,

      What does any of that have to do with what Kap is protesting? All I’m reading on this board are attempts to deflect away from the real story. I think many of you need to read the transcript of Kap’s PC again.

      1. Without comprehension, reading is pointless. Unfortunately, it’s rare for those without comprehension to acquire it. Just look at our erudite friend Seb. Lots of words, almost no comprehension.

    3. Bingo!! Kaepernick is full of crap and a complete hypocrite. This is all about his ego and persecution complex. He probably thinks he’s Jesus resurrected.

  14. I’m old enough to remember back when Marlon Brando won an Oscar back in the late 60’s that he had women who was Native American walk up to the stage to receive his award and also shed light on the plight of the Native American’s treatment by the government.
    even as a young men at the time, I came away thinking that if Marlon Brando was so passionate about the issue – how much of his personal time and financial resources was he putting into it.

    I respect Kap for making a statement that he seems to be passionately concerned about. But my respect for him would exponentially if he could use his celebrity and financial resources to help bring about the change he is desiring. A good place to start would be to help police training in areas that are the lighting rod in nation like Chicago and Missouri.

    Time for Kap to money where his mouth is.

    1. AES, he already is. If Kaep wasn’t already a rich celebrity athlete do you think this discussion would be happening?

      1. Rib,
        I haven’t heard any reports that Kap has made a monetary investment in assisting the police dept. for more comprehensive training – which seems to be at the forefront of his protest.

        I believe that if he can help in a financial manner that it would better serve him as well as the social issue at hand. Kap has generated some positive as well as much negative conversation with his actions. Now, he can bring about much more positive by actually investing in something that he is not only passionate about, but also in position to help.

        1. Policing by donation? I think what Colin has done will help policing, but the police are an extension of local and state government and we all contribute to them through our taxes.

          Colin is in a better position to help the communities where policing is a problem. Of course, given the number of communities where his help is needed, his little fortune wouldn’t go far, would it?

    2. AES,

      Why would he donate money to the PD? It’s government funded and that isn’t the issue anyway. It’s the system of training he’s talking about. Why would he donate money so they can keep training under a flawed system?

      We also don’t know what Kap has or hasn’t donated to, so why are we coming up with hypothetical sidelines to the story?

        1. ht,

          That seems to be what many are doing and it’s really a sad indictment on where we are as a society. Why can’t we stay on point and try to figure it out? I don’t think it’s that hard is it?

          1. Good posts ht and rocket. Sure Kap is an ego maniac and probably has an ulterior motive and not all cops are bad. But there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

      1. rocket/ht
        I believe that Kap’ heart is in the right place on this issue. And he has been very articulate in voicing his concerns. But if he can put some monetary input behind his words it would gain the type of momentum that can get teammates and other sports athletes involved.

        If he can’t invest in PD training (because of government limits), he could donate to other venues that support his deep concerns. Just saying, that the old adage, “put your money where your mouth is” still carries weight with a lot of people.

  15. #AllLivesMatter. Regardless, time to cut this distraction now…. He’s no better than Driskel at this point in his career. He’s done.

    1. White lives matter / all lives matter is like saying ‘The sky is blue’ or ‘The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.’

      In other words, it is not only obvious and goes without saying that all lives matter, we also know how much white lives matter–particularly when you are not white. White lives are the standards to which people of color are held accountable, and those to which people of color are taught to strive to obtain. And what’s so fascinating about ‘all lives matter’ or ‘white lives matter’ as a response to black people demanding our humanity be respected and our dignity be restored, is that it makes it that much more obvious that white supremacy permeates nearly every aspect of our social, economic and political conditions.

      In essence, most of the backlash to #BlackLivesMatter is in fact backlash in response to the fear of a black planet or at least, an increasingly multiracial one where white people will no longer be the majority. Hence, the non-movement to re-establish once again that white lives matter and the hasty substitution of all lives matter for people who really want to say white lives matter

      It is true that all lives matter, but it is equally true that not all lives are understood to matter which is precisely why it is most important to name the lives that have not mattered, and are struggling to matter in the way they deserve.

      I mean only to say that we cannot have a race-blind approach to the questions: which lives matter? Or, which lives are worth valuing? If we jump too quickly to the universal formulation, ‘all lives matter,’ then we miss the fact that black people have not yet been included in the idea of ‘all lives.’

      That said, it is true that all lives matter (we can then debate about when life begins or ends). But to make that universal formulation concrete, to make that into a living formulation, one that truly extends to all people, we have to foreground those lives that are not mattering now, to mark that exclusion, and militate against it.

      Achieving that universal, ‘all lives matter,’ is a struggle, and that is part of what we are seeing on the streets. For on the streets we see a complex set of solidarities across color lines that seek to show what a concrete and living sense of bodies that matter can be.

    2. Imagine that you’re sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don’t get any. So you say “I should get my fair share.” And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, “everyone should get their fair share.”

      Now, that’s a wonderful sentiment indeed, everyone should, and that was kinda your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad’s smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn’t solve the problem that you still haven’t gotten any!

      The problem is that the statement “I should get my fair share” had an implicit “too” at the end: “I should get my fair share, too, just like everyone else.” But your dad’s response treated your statement as though you meant “only I should get my fair share”, which clearly was not your intention. As a result, his statement that “everyone should get their fair share,” while true, only served to ignore the problem you were trying to point out.

      That’s the situation of the “black lives matter” movement. Culture, laws, the arts, religion, and everyone else repeatedly suggest that all lives should matter. Clearly, that message already abounds in our society.

      The problem is that, in practice, the world doesn’t work that way. You see the film Nightcrawler? You know the part where Renee Russo tells Jake Gyllenhal that she doesn’t want footage of a black or latino person dying, she wants news stories about affluent white people being killed? That’s not made up out of whole cloth there is a news bias toward stories that the majority of the audience (who are white) can identify with. So when a young black man gets killed (prior to the recent police shootings), it’s generally not considered “news”, while a middle-aged white woman being killed is treated as news.

      And to a large degree, that is accurate young black men are killed in significantly disproportionate numbers, which is why we don’t treat it as anything new. But the result is that, societally, we don’t pay as much attention to certain people’s deaths as we do to others. So, currently, we don’t treat all lives as though they matter equally.

      Just like asking dad for your fair share, the phrase “black lives matter” also has an implicit “too” at the end: it’s saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying “all lives matter” is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It’s a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means “only black lives matter,” when that is obviously not the case.

      And so saying “all lives matter” as a direct response to “black lives matter” is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.

  16. What I love about football is that it is an escape. An escape from the realities of life at times. That said, anyone that doesn’t think there is a problem anywhere in law enforcement is living in ignorance. The majority of police officers are good. I repeat the majority are good. But we have to acknowledge that there are some really bad ones out there. And that goes for all occupations. I know great doctors and I know really crappy ones. What we have in place is the ability to sue those doctors, or get their medical license suspended or revoked, or in some cases they get sent to jail for assault or battery for the damage they do to patients in the name of medicine. Good doctors go to court and testify against bad doctors. I would not do that. It is not standard care or standard process.
    The problem is we put the bad police on the same pedestal as the good ones and the worst sin is the “code of silence”. God knows I appreciate that I can call 911 and have a police officer come help me. But that doesn’t mean anyone should ignore that there are bad police. And that the bad ones are not getting fired or going to jail. They are getting paid leave “vacation”.
    Look up these 2 cases: Walter Scott and Anthony Hill

    Scott – Patrolman opened fire on father-of-four Walter Scott, 50, in South Carolina over a broken tail light. Incendiary video show Scott, a coast guard veteran, falling face-down on ground after eight shots were fired at his back. In police report he ‘feared for his life’ after Scott wrestled Taser from him – but the video shows Slager ‘picking up Taser and placing it next to Scott’s body after the shooting’.

    Hill – Naked man shot to death by cop. He was acting deranged.

  17. So now all the faux nationalists come forward with claims of “respect” and “honor” and “pride”, none of which is being issued from a truly American perspective. The only one who has properly addressed Kaepernick’s protest (a right guaranteed by our Constitution) is Jim Wright (http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/08/29/veterans-post-defending-colin-kaepernick-going-viral/). Those protesting Kaepernick’s right to protest are ignorantly and arrogantly un-American in their position. As are those who think we must force children to say the PoA every morning in classrooms across the nation. Neither of these activities, standing for the anthem or pledging an oath to a flag are required or necessary for this country to be the beacon of freedom and tolerance that is should be (and is quickly becoming something less, much less). To all those coaches, verterans, fans, etc out there who have condemned Kaepernick’s right to protest…..go live in Russia.

    1. Another liberal hypocrite. Its ok for Krap to have his freedom of speech but it’s not ok for others to have their freedom of speech.

    2. Thanks for that. Back in 1945 and 1946 (7th and 8th grade) if we were late to class and missed the pledge, we had to say it my ourselves before we could join the class. I have no editorial comment on that policy other than that’s the way it was shortly after WWII.

        1. You know, I don’t remember, but I was sure embarrassed because living in Sunnyvale I had to walk miles through five feet of snow and was constantly standing in front of the class, red faced saying the pledge.

  18. Malcolm –it’s my right to object to Kaeps objection per the constitution too. Also ignorance is the last thing we should be talking about when the comments Kaep used to back his stats were factually incorrect. Further his unprofessional stance put himself above the team. Now people are stating if he gets cut its because of his stance. In my opinion his stance is calculated to cover the real reason he will be cut. However, it’s blown up bigger than he expected.

    1. Thanks BB. This is a great example of someone actually doing something. Sitting only works now if it is a part of your job.

  19. Jed York may actually want to keep Kaepernick for financial reasons, here’s why, as I understand it (feel free to add/edit my rough understanding).

    If he were to play in the preseason or regular season and sustain an injury that lasts into next year, they have an insurance policy that will pay his salary. In effect, it lowers the 49ers salary cap number by the amount of his salary, an amount they don’t have to pay.

    If they keep him, this is Jed York being CHEAP!

    1. “However, it’s clear he doesn’t stand behind Kaep on the issue.”

      That’s the author’s conclusion, but Rice does stand behind Colin on the issue, but not the platform he’s using.

  20. After getting outraged over the disrespect Kaep has shown the flag, I think John Harbaugh said it best when he quoted Voltaire- ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend it until death your right to say it.’. Kaep is exercising his right to protest, no matter how misguided his methods are. He is not burning the flag, and has stated that he wants to help veterans, especially the ones who have served, and are the victims of police brutality.

    Kaep should just realize that he will do more good, and not borrow trouble upon himself if he directs his protest into a more respectful way.

    He has made his point, and has effected change, so he should just declare victory, and move on. He has created a firestorm of controversy, but it will not bring back a single life, yet he may have inspired people to confront the elephant in the corner.

    Police do unjustly kill innocent unarmed civilians, black, brown and white. However, it has become the wild west, and I do not doubt for a second that police fear for their lives every day, and have itchy trigger fingers as a result.

    Better training and protocols should be implemented so we can stop the tragedies. Common folk should have common sense. If confronted with a law enforcement official, they should comply with their demands, not reach inside their jacket or make any sudden moves. It is a form of suicide by cop to be belligerent and unreasonable. Cops should be trained to be more restrained. Do not walk right up to a suspect alone and get into a confrontation. Back off and wait for back up. They should have more conflict resolution training and non lethal methods to deal with upset and emotional suspects, many whom are out of control or intoxicated. Fleeing suspects are not fair game.

    Police should have a one shot protocol, and if able, do not shoot to kill if the suspect does not have a weapon. If the suspect has a gun, all bets are off, but many times, which causes the controversy, they are shooting some one in the back.The police should be trained to shoot once, then assess the situation. They should not be allowed to empty their guns at someone who is not firing back.

    Police should be required to have body cameras, and not be allowed to turn them off. If they turn them off, it should be grounds for dismissal.

    Police should also stop a possible rogue cops by having a one fatality limit. Any cop accused of foul play should never be allowed to carry a weapon again. There many other ways that a cop can serve without carrying a gun.

    Kaep should realize that he is attacking a symptom, not the cause of the problem. He should work to create a Well Regulated Second Amendment by advocating for sane gun regulations. The main reason the cops consider it a war zone is because they feel out gunned, with military lethality that make their service revolvers look like pop guns against machine guns. He should work to re enact the assault weapons ban, because then there will be less incidents like Dallas.

    Kaep should work to end poverty,and he has the means to do it. He should help create jobs and establish businesses. That will reduce poverty and crime which is the genesis of the problem.

    Kaep may be leading the charge to stop police misconduct, but he is not leading his team. He should be a team leader, not a social activist. He has effected change, so he should declare victory, and focus back on football. Being a distraction is not helping the Niners win, and he is wasting their time that should be used to help prepare to compete. I hope he drops his Delilah, and gets better advice. With a GF like her, who needs enemies?

    1. Good post, Seb. Police need to be allowed to unholster a weapon that only stuns. I don’t know if the stun gun currently in place can be aimed accurately or has much range. Perhaps someone here knows. As far as those police who pull over minorities and women just to show authority (and worse), the answer is probably better recruitment screening, although that’s easier said than done.

      1. TY George. I also think the police need new tools to help them. Maybe a net that will wrap up and envelope a suspect so he cannot flee, and is immobilized without deadly force.

  21. People in these communities need to be trained better -not the police. It’s a poverty & family issue that will continue to get worse if not honestly addressed.

    Police training & diversity has increased and been addressed and will continue to evolve and strive to get better. However if law & enforcement are encouraged to be targeted & attacked and not obeyed and followed things will get worse.

    This will result in less patrol and fewer good people that want to be cops.

  22. I will refrain from comment on this political/social issue, not because I don’t have strong views. I do. I refrain because, in my opinion, this is not the correct forum for these debates.

    After watching the NFL closely for many years I am reminded that coaches and players have to fight against many obstacles in becoming a winning team. One of the main points you hear coaches repeating over and over again is the good teams must overcome “distractions”. Whatever your view is of Kapernick’s actions it is abundantly clear that Kapernick has become a huge distraction to this team. Added to that is the fact that, while fighting to be a starter, he has not been playing particularly well.

    IMHO,As a fan of the 49ers they need to cut Kapernick now.

  23. I think Kap needs to remember the reason why he is able to have freedom of speech. He disrespected every veteran for this country and our current military of all nationalities. Those brave people that have nothing to do with the immature “blame game” politics that are going on. He is able to live the American dream because those people fought for his freedom. That is who he shamed. That is the bottom line we tend to overlook. He can have his opinions without disrespecting those that died for his freedom.

    1. Michelle sez :

      “…He disrespected every veteran for this country ..”

      Food for thought :

      I’m a vet .. and he hasn’t disrespected me

    2. >>He disrespected every veteran for this country and our current military of all nationalities.

      Consider this. He gave them the ultimate respect. What have they fought for, if not the right for their fellow citizens to live in a free country where what he did is allowed? They didn’t fight for fellow citizens to be compelled to honor a totem symbol. That’s what soldiers in totalitarian countries do.

      1. We cannot say that “every veteran soldier” feels either way. Some take great exception to what Kaepernick has done while some are fine with it.

    3. I don’t see how everybody presumes that an action that disrespects the government (I think that’s CKs target) is a slam on the military. That’s the narrative. The guys in the military don’t have a trademark on patriotism. I’m a vet and I think that’s a narrow point of view.
      I thought CK disrespected Americans with his gesture. Yeah the armed services, but volunteer firefighters, people working in soup kitchens and non-profit social service organizations, the little old ladies in The League of Women Voters, folks who show up for Jury Duty, people engaged in their communities.
      We’ve done plenty of bad crap,in our brief turbulent history; genocide against the indigenous people, slavery, Jim Crow era lynchings, deliberate denial of equal access and equal protection, holding the line as long as possible against emancipation of women voters. But we’re trying to get better; well, most of us.
      – CK has called attention to the issue, but his anti-America stance reinforces the false stereotypes that BLM critics have been attributing to them.
      – “…continuing to sit until the situation improves” just reminds me of a kid holding his breath until he gets his way.
      Boldin is an example of a guy who puts his actions behind his sense of right and wrong.

      1. I’d like to take this chance to remind everybody that Kap has been extremely charitable throughout his career, more specifically his work with sick children. He is not someone who says stuff but doesn’t do stuff.

        1. I believe he’s sincerely motivated, Grimey. I stated before that I take his “something in the works” comment to mean he’s working with his financial advisers to see what he can do. To walk the walk. Not in the least surprised he’s already active..many agents recommend it.
          The guy can’t “solve” this stuff personally,we all know. I recall a suggestion
          to “Think globally, act locally.”

        2. Grimey,

          No, no, why should we do that? Let’s just make assumptions that fit a certain narrative and go with that. It’s so much easier. No critical thinking required.

  24. Hey Leo Nomelini

    I’ve also been more or less dodging the present blog….What ever needs to be said, I believe has been said….let’s get on with the business at hand and just cut him for being a lousy QB and let the political BS occupy the 6th page– below the fold. no more needless attention to someone who won’t be playing for our 49ers any more….

  25. LN, +1. If I might add something to this. When Aldon Smith committed the last infraction that led to his release from the Niners, you might recall there was “talk” that he had been upset that his girlfriend had recently left him for Kaepernick. This is the woman who is currently Kaepernick’s girlfriend and now lives out East, I believe. I thought at the time that, if this story were true, that Kaepernick had played a role in our losing our best pass rusher. Now I would not be surprised if this had been the case.

  26. How many concussions had Colin Kaepernick suffered from paying football? His inability to apply logic is a symptom of TBI. Instead of hating what he did, maybe he deserves some compassion for his mental disability.

    1. If he was being honest, he would say that his Muslim religion is incompatible with the ideals of freedom espoused by this country. Therefore, a true Muslim cannot honor our flag.

  27. Harrison: “I’m not saying he has to be black, but I’m saying, his heart is in the right place, but even with what he’s doing, he still doesn’t understand the injustices as a black man, or people of color, that’s what I’m saying,” Harrison said.

    I’m not getting his point. Harrison is saying Kaep has white (or 1/2 white) privilege and full blacks have it much worse? Not that I don’t doubt that, but wouldn’t it even add more to the point Kaep is making?

  28. I respect all of your opinions on this blog, but there is one thing, being a police officer, that I will never agree with. People telling police how to do their job better without spending a single say lugging around 30 pounds of gear, getting assaulted, being challenged to fight, chasing armed savages or being put in a position to have to take another mans life.

    I have experienced all those things and I do it with honor. People rarely say thank you. Even your bosses are constantly MMQB your decisions on how you handle any type of situation, whether it be a simple use of force or how you handled a missing teenager.

    We do this job expecting it and we do it with pride. You rarely see cops stand up against the media or the public because while it bothers us, we are above it. WE know in our hearts that we are doing/did the right thing even if in 20/20 hindsight we could have done it better.

    Police officers are kings of multi tasking, making spilt decisions and acting the way we know how to and are trained to. I liken the job of a police officer to that of a QB. Young QB’s throw interceptions, can’t read defenses, don’t get the team lined up on time but the more experience they get, the better they get becoming field generals. The only cure for inexperience is experience.

    It’s frustrating to see people MMQB the police, but that goes with life because we MMQB athletes, politicians and even family.

    Cops are not perfect. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters just like you guys. Just because I can walk a mile on the beach doesn’t make me an expert in navigation.

    Be safe out there.

    1. If you are on the beach, sounds like you are ship wrecked, so you need to brush up on your navigation skills.

      Telling me I have no right to propose solutions sounds like you want the right to unload your weapon into the back of an unarmed civilian, and forget about second guessing.

      I guess you think that it is OK to turn off body cameras because you do not want what you do to be recorded.

      I guess you like the fact that you will be armed with a .45 against a whacko with an assault weapon.

      That thin blue line does not make you judge, jury and executioner. I propose reforms to help both the police and civilians survive.

      I agree, cops are not perfect, but if you cannot accept new ideas, maybe you are part of the problem.

      Remember, no justice, no peace.

      1. I said I respect your opinions, Seb. You just have no clue what you are talking about and that’s ok. Your opinions on police procedure and policy will never work because you live in a world where you think people actually listen to the police.

        There are flaws in the system all the way up through the courts. But the courts say what is acceptable for a police officer and crook to do and we have to live with it. You want to start in the middle with the police instead of starting at the bottom where most of the problems lie and we have to deal with.

      2. “Telling me I have no right to propose solutions sounds like you want the right to unload your weapon into the back of an unarmed civilian, and forget about second guessing.”

        What the Holy Hell? That is absolutely unhinged lunacy. The dude was only saying to try walking a mile in his shoes before acting like you know all the answers. You take it from him pointing out the fact that people are ignorant of what an officer deals with all the way up to you saying he wants to unload his weapon in someones back. That is outright crazy. Damn, this topic brings out the lunatics.

      3. You have as much right to make suggestions to a police officer as you do a brain surgeon… just don’t be surprised when they ignore it.

        Bling Bling makes a great point about experience as well. I was never a police officer but some training only experience can provide. No amount of pysch training or airsoft can replicate what real life brings. Calming the adrenaline rush to make rational, quick decisions isn’t exactly something ingrained in us. Survival is, and I could see how these two things would often be at odds.

    2. Bling
      I’ve enjoyed your posts just to broaden the perspective. We’ll need to understand these problems from more than one angle to have any chance of solving them.
      If there’s a bit more listening on all sides our chances for success improve.
      You may disregard Seb’s rude disrespectful assassination of your character (“unload your weapon into the back..”) as typical of his hyperbole on this blog about most matters. Your beach metaphor whizzed over his head without comprehension as he doesn’t listen or read, only waits to post more unsubstantiated opinions.
      There’s a big problem, much work to be done, I welcome professionals who are ready to engage. Racism won’t be solved by the police. Then too, fatal shootings of unarmed people are difficult to justify and erode trust in the community. You sound like a guy I could work with.

      1. BT, I knew exactly what he said about navigation. Just trying to be funny, but I guess that went right over your head.

        I did not say he was GOING to do that, but that he thought he had the RIGHT to do that.

        1. I served 4 years in the US Coast Guard. I was a rescue swimmer so I had people doing the navigation for me, so I should brush up on my nav skills.

    3. Bling, you say you are a cop, so tell me this.
      Have you ever seen a cop do something that was illegal or off the books and you looked the other way? Or maybe you have done something that was illegal or off the books and had your friends look the other way?

      If you were honest and said yes, then you are a disgrace to your community, your family and the office of Law Enforcement !

        1. Ex,

          It seems clear by the way that comment was put together that no matter what the answer is Dee is of the belief that all officers are a disgrace.

    1. Still the guy needs the PT…. this “competition” is just hindering Blaine’s development and chemistry in this offense. Unless Chip truly believes Kap is his guy.

      There’s still a chance for Grant and my prediction

          1. That would speak volumes about how bad Kelly’s decision making is if he decides to start Kaepernick after he has gone up against bubble players.

              1. Sure. It’s more common sense, but if you’d like to keep playing dumb that’s you’re choice.

              2. “In Kelly’s three seasons with Eagles, his starting QB never played in exhibition finale. Gabbert won’t play Thurs.”

                Matt Maiocco Twitter

              3. >>So you know how Kelly thinks? That’s remarkable.

                Yeah, why not. We have a whole board, even the parent of our blog host, claiming to know what Kaepernick is thinking.

              4. 100% Jack. Gabbert not playing Thursday is the clearest sign yet he is the starter. Regardless of what he says about the competition still being in place.

              5. “It’s cute how Chip Kelly is dragging out how “decision” on a starter and all… but it was and always been Blaine Gabbert, as reported”

                Jason LaCanfora Twitter

              1. I never said the other option was better. However, Gabbert was able to move the offense while Kaepernick made many fans ready to move on from him.

              2. The running game moved the offense. Gabbert completed two passes for 14 yards against the Packers’ starting defense.

              3. Grant that’s all Kelly will ask of Gabbert. Dink and dunk, run the ball and play good defense. That’s what you do in a rebuild.

              4. Gabbert is a prototypical NFL in size. He has good arm strength and great athleticism. He’s everything you want in an NFL QB except 2 pesky little problems. His accuracy is poor for an NFL QB and he struggles reading defenses. Other than that, he’s amazing.

              5. I’m not arguing that point as I indicated that last week, but the offense did move down the field when Gabbert was behind center.

              6. The funny thing is on Kaep’s best throw in the last game, Kelly commented that he made the wrong read. If Kelly believes in his system the way you think he does wouldn’t you think he would prefer the qb who makes the correct reads? Especially when both of them have proven to be inaccurate?

  29. I want to bring up something else, that may or may not have been brought up earlier on this blog:

    How do you think Kaepernick sitting on the bench in this weekend in San Diego is going to go over? Will he sit on the bench.

    Remember, San Diego is a huge military town and I expect Kaepernick to get booed every time he takes a snap.

    1. >>San Diego is a huge military town and I expect Kaepernick to get booed every time he takes a snap.

      I’m sure that’s what Kaep expects too. I’m also sure winning a popularity contest is not his intent.

      1. I’m sure CK is expecting to get booed but I think that’s one of those things you can’t really prepare for if it’s intense and prolonged. NFLers are used to getting booed but this could get really ugly. The only way this episode could unite the team is if his teammates more or less protect him with close physical proximity to him and visible support while on the sidelines if the booing is over the top.

        1. If the booing obviously effects his play in an adverse way, it’ll make the team’s decision whether to keep or cut/trade that much easier.

    1. Look at the Fidel Castro shirt Kaepernick wore along with the Malcolm X hat. Those two are good role models for sure.

      Racism exists, it’s all around. You don’t have to be white and have an opinion to be a racist Grimey.

        1. It was weirdly ironic to see CK wearing a t shirt with likeness of Fidel Castro, one of the most oppressive dictators in the history of the world. I have a hard time figuring out what motivated to wear that t shirt.

          1. I have intelligent friends who revere Fidel. I do not. He has been Machiavellian at the least, maybe Stalin-esque.

    2. Grimey – I’m Italian and in Italy (by and large) we’re all the same color. And Italy, just like everywhere has all of the problems that we have in the US including bad cops. The difference is that when someone does something bad in Italy, the focus is on the crime and not anyone’s color. The sad fact, like it or not, is that in the US too often when a problem involves interrelations with people of different color, the discussion immediately turns to racism. No disrespect to you my friend but I think you might be overstating the number of people you label as racist on this board. Is it possible that they just disagree with you? Cornel West said it best for me when I heard him say: “Black people are just like white people; some good, some bad; some smart and some not.” Grimey, I can see that this is a subject that is important to you and I get that. But did you read the statistics that MosesZD posted on bad cops killing people. He cited a black professor from Harvard who did not find institutionalized racism as an underlying factor. Is he a racist? Also, the post stated that a large number of other Americans of other colors were killed by bad cops. Is Kaep a racist for not sitting on behalf of all people instead of just blacks? I don’t know about you, but pretty much everyone I know head the story about the boy who cried wolf. Is it possible that playing the race card when not truly warranted can lead to the same bad outcome as the fable? I sure hope you don’t think I’m a racist for just raising these questions. I think that Kaep is misguided and naive. I also think that he just ruined his own career all by himself and no good will come of this for anyone of any color. I think sadness should be the proper emotion, not anger and hatred.

        1. Just one Grimey. Sorry you couldn’t take the time to answer my questions in a thoughtful way. Solving these problems are about putting people together to find solutions. This board is a cross section of America. Now you know why the solution is so elusive.

          1. If you want solutions then discuss the issue

            Look at the guy that died on Glee, cory dies, and we’re having specials on heroin, how it’s resurged, how our children are being victimized… look at this beautiful boy who has succumbed to this unfortunate addiction, they’re saying. It’s a brain problem, the experts on TV say. But when Whitney died, when black people die, man, they’re messed up and horrible. They brought it on themselves. The prism through which we view the racial landscape reflects a different light.

            1. If you want solutions then discuss the issue

              The problem with that is many on both sides want to only discuss one side of the issue and not both sides without bickering. It is a shame that they cannot follow the example that happened recently in Wichita, KS.

      1. The problem is that most policeman are not even charged (let alone convicted) when they kill an unarmed civilian (of whatever color). They are always given paid leave, and then after six months to a year has passed, a secret Grande Jury decides that no charges are to be filed. And, because the Grand Jury system is shrouded in secrecy, the public has no way of knowing what their decision was based on, or if the prosecuting attorney made a good faith effort to convince the Grand Jury that charges are mandated.

        Something is rotten in Denmark. If we get rid of the secret grand jury system when it comes to police killings of civilians, at least 50% of the anger of the public will be mitigated.

  30. Kaepernick is an embarrassment because he has the intellectual capacity of a turtle ant. He’s spouting off talking points and propaganda he undoubtedly picked up on the internet. I’d have at least an iota of respect for him if I thought he was actually educated on the issues. I don’t blame the PD for coming down on him. He spewed a lot of ignorance on Sunday.

    1. “In 1989, when a federal law prohibiting flag desecration went into effect, Vietnam Veterans burned the American flag as a protest to a law curbing the First Amendment. Their argument was that they fought for the freedoms in the Constitution, not a piece of cloth, and to curtail those freedoms was an insult to their sacrifice.”

      1. Didn’t burn s*#^%, but I drove a bug SD to DC to toss my medals on the steps of Congress and then drive back. I missd two days of work (no call, no show) and my boss asked me why before he fired me and gave me $100 out of his pocket, in ’72, when that helped.

  31. Great letter Mr Halloran. 49er organization and NFL should denounce Kaepernick’s actions in the strongest terms possible.

    1. I see it the same from Arizona. Kaep put a finger in the eye of every cop in the nation and they’re supposed to say: “Hey we’ll jump right on this”. Talk about throwing gas on a fire. Unfortunately for the 49er organization, the elevator to the executive suite doesn’t go up to the top floor. Jed is the brightest bulb in the knife drawer but… their official reaction is going to be worth paying for.

    1. A great quote by King though I fear we keep talking past people and not engaging them. This problem will not go away until there is a conversion of hearts. A sensitivity to the others plight.

      I hear you Grimey, I too am distraught and frustrated. The situation for our fellow brothers and sisters is not good and the code sometimes protects those who need to be off the force at best. The correctional system also needs an overhaul as the corruption and systematic abuse undermines our system of justice.

      I am also sensitive to Blings issue and would just caution that when dealing with the public and the police have to do it under sometimes the worst of circumstances that they do so with respect and moderation. Referring to another human being whom you protect and serve as a savage is not in anyone’s best interest. I’m sure that is frustration at the lack of cooperation and hostility that you may receive. Doctors, EMTs and other medical personnel sometimes have to deal with similar situations and do not succumb to the corrosive mentality.

      I think there is a better way. We owe it to one another to seek it out. Let’s be respectful and practice a bit of decorum here with one another.

      And let there be football!

      1. Savage…maybe a million antonyms could be used, but I chose that one. It’s fitting for some.

        I don’t protect savages, I protect people who can’t protect themselves against savages.

        1. But you would agree that the determination of culpability isn’t your role, protect and serve, correct?

          We are all human beings. Some of us may need to be jailed and possibly placed in prison, but dignity is something every human being is entitled to, don’t you agree?

    1. I’m all for Tarrt developing lateral movement (joking)

      I had high hopes for Tartt. Big, good closing range. But with so little playing time he;s hard to evaluate. Grant’s down on Tartt. Perhaps for good reason.

      I’ll hold out hope for Tartt until I get a chance to see otherwise.

      I’m still a big fan of Tartt clone LJ McCray. He’s a ST stud. I’d like to see him get lost of Safety snaps Thursday.

  32. Bridgewater down with a knee injury at Vikings practice.

    This is why Kelly hasn’t named a starter and Gabbert won’t play Thursday.

    1. “This is why Kelly hasn’t named a starter and Gabbert won’t play Thursday.”

      Cause the starter usually plays in the 4th game? Cause most coaches don’t name a starter until the 4th preseason game is over just in case one QB goes down with an injury?

          1. I’m realizing now that I simply took what you said the wrong way. Sounded like a suggestion that Kaepernick was still in the hunt when I first read it.

  33. The checkered history of our “national anthem” and it’s author (I think JPN was alluding to this in an earlier posting):

    “Almost no one seems to be aware that even if the U.S. were a perfect country today, it would be bizarre to expect African-American players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Why? Because it literally celebrates the murder of African-Americans.

    Few people know this because we only ever sing the first verse. But read the end of the third verse and you’ll see why “The Star-Spangled Banner” is not just a musical atrocity, it’s an intellectual and moral one, too:

    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    So when Key penned “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” he was taking great satisfaction in the death of slaves who’d freed themselves. His perspective may have been affected by the fact he owned several slaves himself.

    With that in mind, think again about the next two lines: “And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

    The reality is that there were human beings fighting for freedom with incredible bravery during the War of 1812. However, “The Star-Spangled Banner” glorifies America’s “triumph” over them — and then turns that reality completely upside down, transforming their killers into the courageous freedom fighters.”


    1. ribico – I like the 5th verse, published and distributed at the start of the civil war

      When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile,
      If a foe from within strikes a blow at her glory,
      Down, down with the traitor that tries to defile
      The flag of the stars, and the page of her story!

      By the millions unchained,
      Who their birthright have gained
      We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained;

      And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,
      While the land of the free is the home of the brave.

      Oliver Wendell Holmes

    1. Do the salaries work? The Vikings are only about $5-6 million under the cap, so to take on Kaepernick Patterson would have to be about $6 million against the cap (unless Kap were to take a reduction; good luck with that). I would say Boone would be less than happy to see Kap again on his team.

      Having to take a player back from the Vikings for salary cap reasons also means we’ll probably not get a draft pick for Kaepernick.

      1. Thanks for checking on how far the Vikings are under the cap. There would have to be a renegotiation of Kap’s contract, similar to what could have happened with Denver, but this time the 9ers will have to make up the difference. You might be right about Boone; I’d forgotten. He may be telling them not to get Kap.

      1. Its about the best the 49ers should hope for from a Kaep trade atm. And Patterson at worst provides the team a decent KR to replace Ellington (with Kerley handling PR).

  34. Have you noticed that practically every questionable police shooting regardless of race is perpetrated by a male police officer?

  35. Ribico– which anthem do you want to stand for? This is the version of the national anthem Now! Do you know the history of the continent of Africa and the slaves that were shipped here from there by there own people? Your ancestors hands are not clean either. And don’t talk down to people about race on a constant basis when the African-American community creates Acts of racism against people that are not their color like happened to the Asian doctor this morning or The two nuns that were slaughtered by a black man yesterday! I’m sure your buddy Colin will not have a link about that anytime soon!

    1. Bandit,

      >>which anthem do you want to stand for? This is the version of the national anthem Now!

      The anthem is a reflection of the original sin that has stained our country since it’s founding. While I stand, there will be greater reflection on it’s words on my part. And not necessarily a more charitable one.

      >>Do you know the history of the continent of Africa and the slaves that were shipped here from there by there own people?

      Sure, there are quislings in every era – those who would betray their own for thirty or fewer pieces of silver due to an elevated sense of self-worth over their brothers. Ben Carson and Clearance Thomas come to mind in this era.

      >>our ancestors hands are not clean either.

      I doubt that they are. My grandmother was a horrible bigot. May she never rest in any peace whatsoever.

      >> And don’t talk down to people about race on a constant basis when the African-American community creates Acts of racism against people.

      Are we seeing African-American police officers committing these crimes against other races? Aided and abetted by majority African American police departments? Many of them getting off scot-free by an African American led justice system? See the difference in what Kaep is talking about here?

    1. man I had high hope for him this season. I feel bad for the guy. Kerley trade looks even better now. I anticipate White getting the start over Kerley until he can learn the playbook and get some chemistry going with whoever’s QB.

      Man we need some talent at WR desperately. Anyone see any other trades down the pipe?

        1. My advanced mathematics tells me there’s only one roster move remaining to get down to 75. Any takers on who it is?

          (PS. I posted 5th verse of the anthem above)

            1. Leo, Rib – Thanks. I didn’t know about Fanaika.

              I’ll cancel the elaborate roster-cut party I planned for this afternoon. (buffet, open bar, burlesque dancers…)

              1. BrothaTuna, don’t know if Mary’s delivers out here. I miss DeVine pizza. Was my Niner game central for years.

                Been an exciting summer in Mill Creek environs. A fire a few weeks ago. And a truck accidentally dump several potted mature pot plants in the road. Driver had no idea, as he just drove off. Stuck motorist flung them to the side to clear the traffic jam. They were gone by nightfall from the side of the road.

                Too bad I’m a tea toaddler w 36 years sober. I would have scooped them up in 1979.

              2. Yeah, the southern boundary of the emerald triangle has slipped all the way down to lower reach of the Russian. I’ve read y’all have camper/growers out there. Someone needs to start a Chuchibarra rumor.

      1. Several tweets from the usual suspects Maiocco, Barrows, Biderman, Branch, Inman.

        Season ending IR. “Season Ending” is automatic when the IR’s before the 53 cut down deadline.

    2. Also I never got why they gave Bruce kick/Punt return duties during preseason. If you really believe you have something special with him at the slot why risk it???

        1. I intentionally said WR. The RBs were always going to be a big part of the passing offense. And yes, this just increased their importance too.

    3. Disappointed that we lost Ellington for the season yet thrilled that we have a football topic finally.

      1. Yet despite what would appear fairly significant 49ers news given he was being touted as a breakout player this season, Grant has not provided a post about it…

  36. John Sullivan just got released. He’s had some back issues, but if healthy he was one of the better Centers in the game. A lot of veterans getting early releases.

    1. It is interesting how many injuries he has sustained considering that one of Ellington’s positives coming out of college was that he was so durable.

  37. Dylan Thompson cut by the Rams. Headed to Dallas or Minnie? Or how about back here for that “all-important” opponent insider info?

  38. Ellington reminds me of the Christmas Story prize. At first, excitement at the idea of winning an imported Italian F-R-A-G-I-L-E.

    Later disappointment when you realize its just a “fragile” lamp.

    I like Ellington’s skills. I hope he fully recovers and kiss butt in 2017.

  39. The Broncos cut WR Devier Posey. At Ohio State, he was great. Anyone have any opinions about him? Broncos are deep at receiver, so he might be worth a shot.

  40. The problem with this debate, people are either/or; one camp, or the other.

    A) this is not helpful, B) totally misses the mark.

    All sides are to blame for the current racial situation facing this country. From Donald Trump, to black on black crime, to corrupt racist cops, to educated and uneducated white people telling themselves racism doesn’t exist anymore, to “Black Lives Matter” never figuring out that if you call yourselves “Black Lives Also Matter”, you fix the perception problem yesterday.

    Yet, because ignorant pricks continue to fan the flames, offer no real solutions, simplify the complex into soundbites, and present a us vs them reality, we grow further from a solution. Everyone has a hand in this, everyone needs to stop pointing at the other guy.

    As far as the anthem and flag. Dude doesn’t want to stand, his decision, his life. He doesn’t owe you, he doesn’t owe me. This whole nationalistic scene that’s being driven by the right and Fox News is far more dangerous. That flag doesn’t represent just the military, it represents everyone; dead, alive, brave, weak, productive, destitute, happy here, not happy here, everyone. You don’t own it; you don’t even get to define it. It is already defined by one term and one word: Freedom. We should be far more afraid of Nationalism, than protest. Nationalism gave rise of Hitler, Mussolini and countless other dictators (The Donald?). History is our best teacher; we ignore it at our own peril.

    1. Rational. But Colin is pointing out the ongoing elements of the problem that lead to the likes of The Donald.

      Indirectly he’s also pointing out the years of scorched earth strategy the Republican party has used that has converted the foundation of Democracy (compromise) into a traitorous act.

      He is also blaming the Democrats for not doing a better job. I would like to discuss that idea with him, because there isn’t another realistic game in town.

      1. Hogtie both ‘candidates’ on and transport them to an uninhabited island for the next 4-8 years?

        1. Democracy = Compromise
          Democracy = Loyal Opposition
          Democracy = More than greed and self interest. (I added that. ;-})

          You know the rest.

            1. Does even attempt? Consider: Justice Nominee Merrick Garland

              “Merrick B. Garland is highly qualified” – Sen. Orrin Hatch

              “I believe Mr. Garland is well qualified for the court of appeals. He earned degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School and clerked for Judge Friendly on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and for Justice Brennan on the Supreme Court and, since 1993, he has worked for the Department of Justice. So there is no question, he is qualified to serve on the court” – Sen. Jon Kyl

              “I have no reservations about Mr. Garland’s qualifications or character to serve in this capacity. He had an excellent academic record at both Harvard College and Harvard Law School before serving as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court” – Then Sen. Strom Thurmond

              “The nominee has the character and is highly qualified for the position.” – Then Sen. Sen. Conrad Burns

              Obama nominates a judge that had earned high praise from Republicans. I’d say that was compromise there. And how did those same Republicans reward that act of compromise?

              1. Consider: Obamacare passed without support of one party and was not completely read by those who passed it.
                Stupidity works both ways.

            2. >>Obamacare passed without support of one party

              That says much more about the party who opposed it.

              >>was not completely read by those who passed it.

              SOP for Congress.

              1. That says much more about the party who opposed it.

                No, it says that both refused to compromise. Saying it said more about one party is simply having a biased view based on political party.

              2. >>No, it says that both refused to compromise.

                The compromise would have been kill the bill to placate crazy conspiracy monger’s charges of death panels, illegal Immigrants getting Obamacare, small businesses going under due to Obamacare, you’d be imprisoned if you didn’t sign up for Obamacare….etc. etc. etc.

                Some compromise. And you wonder why a bias exists for/against one party over the other?

              3. That is my point Rib. Neither wanted to work with the other to form a solid plan. The result of that failure is a plan with rates that keep going up, insurers dropping their program in order to keep from suffering mounting losses, and demands for a single payer system. Claiming anything else is simply denying what has and is transpiring.

            3. Now you’re just reacting not thinking. There have been proposals made for compromise that were exact replicas of Republican proposals during the past eight years that were rejected out of hand my the Tea Party faction.

              How do you work out a compromise when only on faction comes to the table?

              1. How do you work out a compromise when one side did not even completely read the piece of legislation they brought to the table?
                Both sides have acted worse than my niece around nap time.

              2. This is why I utterly despise discussing politics. The blog is supposed to one to discuss our team and other football related news; in other words, it should be an escape for all of us. But now politics have interjected, which has shifted the focus away the escape and devolved the blog into the political back-and-forth seen on the websites for CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, and all of the other political blowhard sites.

  41. Teddy Bridgewater with a dislocated knee. He had to be sedated it was so bad. My heart goes out to him. He was poised to take a big step this year and now his career may be over. Very, very sad.

    1. I was going to report the same thing after reading about it. Sounds really bad and apparently a number of players had to look away due to the gruesome nature of the injury. Non contact yet severe. I hope he’s able to come back.

      1. According to Howard Eskin of Fox 29 Philly, an eye witness said Bridgwater’s “leg snapped and his knee was flailing around.”

        The look on your face as you just read that says it all….

          1. Did they let Colin practice today? Will they let him practice again?

            Sure they will because his contract included him paying for insurance that will cover a career ending injury. Play ball!

            1. I could have made it clearer. I was adding to your post because of it’s topic. There are many hear that Colin has been cheating the 49ers and that believe he shouldn’t play because something like Bridgwater’s injury could happen. They think that the 49ers would then have to pay out his full contract.

              I was just using your post to answer the concern of others on Colin’s contract.

              1. I see what you are saying now. For the record, I am not one of those people. While I question the motive behind Kaepernick’s latest headline grabber, I don’t believe he would cheat the team. I hope that I am right about the latter and wrong about the former.

              2. Right. You know too much about the team and the football world to make that kind of uneducated post. But, they are out there in the “Evil Colin” conspiracy world where he is dumb as a stump one minute, and a master criminal the next.

                I would put you in the “he can’t see the field” fast enough analysis group. I’m in that group some of the time too.

              3. “I hope that I am right about the latter and wrong about the former.”You are wrong about the former. :-}

                Maybe your anger is filtering what you think Colin is saying about his action. There is a lot of that going on.

        1. Man, that sounds awful. Poor guy. I really hope he is able to come back from it, because he was turning into a heck of a QB.

              1. This may sound crass, but it’s mostly because I’m uninformed. How does such a gruesome injury occur when there wasn’t any contact, especially to an athlete? I could see an occasional injury occurring but serious non-contact injuries seem to be fairly prevalent among NFL players. Would it be something like his foot got caught in the turf when he was trying to zig or zag. Don’t know if their practice field has artificial turf or not.

              2. In Walsh’s last Superbowl a defensive lineman for Cincinnati wound up with a dislocated knee caused entirely by the force generated by changing directions. In slow motion his leg looked like it was flopping around in the wind.

                I dislocated an ankle during a layup because a team mate nudged me slightly. No nerve damage either.

                With enough force, applied in the wrong direction, joints just come apart.

  42. This blog has turned into an episode of Ricki Lake. A bunch of old hens clucking about things that do not pertain to football. Take it and Grant and start your own gossip column. I read this blog for football news, I honestly could care less what anyone’s political stance is or social ideology is. I don’t share mine, I don’t want to read yours. Back to football.

    1. QB – who starts, who doesn’t, who gets cut – has been the biggest off and pre-season story for this team. Kaepernick’s newfound social activism plays a direct role in how that plays out IMO.

      1. The fact that he has regressed as a QB over the last three years and they’re paying him $12+ million are more likely the key factors in any decision. Denver didn’t want to pay him his salary. If he was a good QB he wouldn’t be in a competition with Gabbert. He’s only competing with Gabbert because they couldn’t cut him due to injury. He just doesn’t look like a good QB and he seems to have lost some of the athletic ability that made him a dual threat. I hope he gets it back at some point, but the league had already caught up to that aspect of his game. The Cardinals game last year showed that the league had caught up to the other aspects of his game as well.

          1. The fact that they were willing to trade him months before his newfound social activism could also be construed as a subtle hint that they may not want him as their starting QB. The structure of his contract could have been construed as the team not having faith in him as a QB when he signed it three years ago. Common sense needs to win the day every so often.

    1. I would say that Colin is protesting bad policing and uneven justice in the courts.

      I would also say that Colin is very angry with the very top level of 49er management.

  43. The fact that he will either sit or stand in 2 days means that he has calculated this act to be played out on the big stage. It was planned to give the maximum impact, the most publicity.

    If Kaep wants to become one of the greatest, he should listen to the advice the GOAT gives. Jerry said that it is perceived as disrespectful, and everyone should try to get along.

    Kaep should channel his energies into more positive pursuits.

  44. I hope Baalke can pull off a trade like Ponder for a conditional third. If the Vikings make it to the playoffs, it becomes a first, and if they make it to the Championship game, it becomes a first and second.

  45. I ripped on Kaep as a QB, but I stand by him as a Man. He’s always been a quiet player. He was silently protesting, expressing his outrage to what he believes is injustice to a lot of African Americans. It was the media that turned it into a circus. There are more good cops then bad cops, but all it takes is a few bad ones to really ruin it.
    What I really want to see next is players stand up to the injustice to women. How in God’s name does that dumb ass Stanford only do three months jail town for 3 felony charges of rape? Let’s see how many players sit in protest for that during Breast Cancer awareness month in October.

  46. he’s no Montana or Young… but he has the right to speak his mind … unless you don’t want Americans to have free speech… can’t have it both ways.

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