San Francisco defeats Dallas in thriller. 5 Burning questions answered

It may not have been pretty, but the San Francisco 49ers are moving on in the NFC playoffs after defeating Dallas 23-17 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

San Francisco dominated the first three quarters of the game, leading 23-7 at the start of the final period.

A fake punt by Dallas and a Jimmy Garoppolo interception allowed the Cowboys to close to within six.

Playing without Nick Bosa who suffered a concussion in the second quarter and Fred Warner who went down with an ankle injury, San Francisco was able to come up with two big defensive stops to secure the win.

San Francisco will travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers next week.

Here are the answers to the five questions we asked on Saturday:

  1. Can the 49ers hold on to the football? No

Facing a Cowboys team that had forced the most turnovers in the NFL this season, San Francisco wasn’t able to play a clean game offensively. The 49ers lone turnover came when Jimmy Garoppolo was intercepted by Anthony Brown with just under 10 minutes left to play in the fourth quarter.

Fortunately for the 49ers, Dak Prescott was in a giving mood as well.

Late in the third quarter, K’Waun Williams picked off a Prescott pass intended for Cedric Wilson.

The interceptions by Garoppolo and Prescott would lead to touchdowns and offset each other.

  1. Will Jimmy Garoppolo step up in his second trip to the playoffs? Yes and No

It was a tale of two halves for Jimmy Garoppolo who finished the game 16-of-25 for 172 yards and one interception.

Garoppolo was on the money throughout much of the first half, hitting several key throws to move the sticks, leading the San Francisco offense to scores on the first four possessions of the game to build a 16-7 first half lead.

The second half was a different story as Garoppolo made several mistakes that nearly cost San Francisco the game.

The first mistake from Garoppolo came with under two minutes remaining in the third quarter and San Francisco facing third and 10. Garoppolo had Brandon Aiyuk open on a deep post corner route for a big gain, but his throw would sail incomplete over Aiyuk’s head. Dallas would get a field goal to pull within 13 on the ensuing drive.

Garoppolo’s second mistake would come on the next possession. With the ball out to the 44 yard line, Garoppolo would roll to his right and have Trent Sherfield open. The ball would sail high, and Cowboys defensive back Anthony Brown would come up with the interception to set Dallas up deep in San Francisco territory. The ensuing drive would end with the Cowboys getting into the endzone to pull to within six.

Facing fourth and inches with only 40 seconds left to play, Garoppolo hit the late game trifecta by rushing the snap and not allowing Trent Williams to get set after motioning from left to right on a quarterback sneak. Instead of wrapping the game up, San Francisco would be forced to give the ball back to Dallas one last time.

This last mistake never should have occurred. With the game in the balance, Kyle Shanahan was a little too cute by calling for Williams to motion. San Francisco has been very good at running quarterback sneaks all season, there was no need for that given the situation and it almost cost them.

  1. Can San Francisco take advantage of the Cowboys run defense? Yes

As has been the case throughout the second half of the season, San Francisco was able to find success with its running game.

Led by Elijah Mitchell and Deebo Samuel, the 49ers offense ran the ball for 169 yards on 38 attempts against Dallas.

Mitchell has been a workhorse for San Francisco throughout his rookie season. Against Dallas, Mitchell would carry the ball 27 times for 96 yards and the first touchdown of the game. This marked the sixth straight game with 21 or more carries for Mitchell.

Deebo Samuel wasn’t about to let the rookie show him up. Earlier this week Samuel called himself a “wide-back”, a wide receiver who plays running back. Against Dallas the 49ers wide-back carried the ball 10 times for 72 yards, including a 26-yard burst to put the 49ers ahead 23-7 in the third quarter.

San Francisco is now 7-0 when Samuel gets at least six carries in a game.

  1. Will San Francisco be able to contain the Cowboys passing game? Yes

The 49ers pass defense has been extremely good over the course of the second half of the season. They held the Los Angeles Rams under 300 yards in both meetings, it took overtime for Cincinnati to eclipse that mark, and on Sunday they held Dak Prescott and the top scoring offense in the league to only 230 yards passing.

It starts up front for San Francisco. The 49ers pass rush, led by Arik Armstead and Charles Omenihu was able to hit Prescott 14 times and sack the Cowboys quarterback five times.

With Nick Bosa out due to a concussion, Omenihu, acquired in a trade with the Houston Texans before the trade deadline, stepped in to record 1.5 sack and three hits of Prescott. No matter what happens the rest of the playoffs, Omenihu’s performance today made that trade worth it.

While the pass rush was busy getting after Prescott, K’Waun Williams made what looked like a game deciding play when he intercepted a Prescott pass at the Cowboys 26 yard line.

49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans deserves some recognition here as well.

Playing without Nick Bosa and Fred Warner, Ryans called for an all-out blitz late in the fourth quarter with Dallas facing fourth and 11. Although the pressure didn’t get to Prescott, it did force him to just throw up a prayer that would fall incomplete and for the time being look like it would seal the game for San Francisco.

Ryans showed terrific awareness in the waning moments of the game. Recognizing the only way Dallas could stop the clock was by throwing passes towards the sideline, Ryans instructed his linebackers and secondary to line up along the boundary, leaving the center of the field wide open.

Prescott would take advantage of this alignment to sprint down the middle of the field for a gain of 17 yards. With the clock running, the Cowboys were unable to get the ball spiked in time to stop the clock for one last play into the endzone.

  1. Can the 49ers defense control the line of scrimmage? Yes

San Francisco came into the game having held opposing offenses under 100 yards rushing in nine consecutive games. Against Dallas the 49ers extended that streak to 10, holding the Cowboys to only 77 yards on 21 carries.

Dre Greenlaw set the tone on the second play of the game, dropping Ezekiel Elliott for a loss of three. The linebacker group for San Francisco had a terrific game as Greenlaw, Azeez Al-Shaair and Fred Warner would each record five tackles.


49ers 27 Cowboys 24

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  1. Aiyuk outplayed Lamb this game. Interesting to see how their careers pan out and I imagine there will another playoff matchup next year.

  2. What a roller coaster ending.
    Never seen so many unused rule-violations being called correctly.
    I was surprised that they overruled Deebo’s catch though, it looked indefinitive and I thought it had to be clear in order to be overruled.

  3. Kyle Shanahan was a little too cute by calling for Williams to motion.

    What made you think it was a designed move, Jack?

    1. Dee, you think Williams motioned to the right side from his normal LT spot on his own???

      Unlike Jack, I don’t have a problem with the call.

      Everyone executed it well but Jimmy. Your qb is the one person you should expect to know the rules and this came after a time out. That was huge mental error on his part.

      1. Shoup:

        I agree with your assessment. After the game, KS said that Jimmy got a little too excited about the “look” the defense gave him (i.e. knowing he could get the yard if the ball was snapped). But yeah, Jimmy should have waited an extra second. At the same time, I’m not sure I have ever seen a LT move clear across to the other side of the line presnap. Since Jimmy’s QB sneaks are always run towards the gap on either side of the center, what was the purpose in moving Trent?

        1. It’s a nice wrinkle. When it’s a potentially game winning play in “a game of inches” anything you can do to get a player an inch out of position matters.

      2. As I wrote, it was a mistake on Garoppolo’s part. There was no need for a shift like that on a QB sneak in that situation, creates unnecessary risk and it cost them.

        1. There was purpose behind it though. Just before the snap the entire D-line shifted towards their left towards Williams (new) side. JG saw this and drove to his left into the gap created. It was a good play call save for JG’s jumping the gun.

  4. Micah Parsons most definitely had a concussion but he was allowed to return to the game. The NFL is a joke as it relates to player safety.

    1. They have for a lot to reduce and take action on concussions. Parsons just may not have been showing symptoms at that point?

      1. Parsons had a pretty hard helmet to helmet collision with his teammate. Then he was super wobbly and needed assistance to get to the tent on the sideline. Absolutely no doubt he had a concussion but was allowed back in the game. Reminds me of the time Davante Adams was knocked out cold on the field and came back in the game to beat the 49ers. Same thing happened with Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs last year. Knocked out cold, came back in the game. NFL concussion protocol is a joke. All for show to help with the CTE lawsuits.

    1. I don’t know if giving up a “haul” for Jimmy makes you a smart GM🤔. But if Lynch gets a haul for him, that makes this year worth every heart attack I’ve had watching these games…

    2. I thought it was a pretty realistic assessment of Jimmy. He looks great at times and then manages to make a horrible throw. Obviously you can win with Jimmy because they have and at a pretty high rate. He is a better than average starting quarterback for sure so there will definitely be interested teams. I think the Niners would have been willing to stick with him if not for the injuries. They paid a very high price for Lance so I sure hope he works out but he’ll have his growing pains and I wonder who on this blog will start criticizing him next year.

  5. BA is better than Lamb in my opinion, as a football player. His blocking definitely stands out to me as a reason why. Lambs numbers look better because he’s in a wide open offense. I believe If these guys switched teams, BA would have similar numbers to Lamb but Lamb would be in the doghouse for not being a physical blocker.

    1. That’s why they didn’t take Lamb all together. I believe Aiyuk is going to have a long and successful career in this league. Seems like a guy that could play for 12+ years.

    2. That is a pretty hot take.
      Lamb has about 500 more yards and 35 more receptions… not to mention more rushing yards and yac.
      And blocking alone makes him better?

      1. Lamb had two drops I think as well. Aiyuk played better this game. Lamb really faded as the season ended.

  6. We came close to having a stress free game.

    1. Jimmy both giveth and taketh away. He can definitely fit the ball into tight windows but can also sail a pass completely over the barn/Aiyuks head. We got both today.
    2. I dont like that Shanahan uses Deebo on 3rd and short. That should be Jeff Wilson jr’s assignment. Deebo should only rush on 1st / 2nd and used as a WR on 3rd. We dont want to get our MVP killed.
    3. Our secondary coverage was great. K’Wuan let Amari slip by him but made up for it with a pick. Ward should have also had a pick. The fact that CeeDee and Amari combined for less than 100 yards amazing.
    3. Early indications are Warner and Bosa will be ready for GB. Warner was prepared to return on the final drive and Jennifer Lee Chan reports that Bosa was feeling fine. Of course we need a Neurologist to sign off on that.
    4. Special teams – grrrr. It was obvious that Dallas knew they wanted to pick on Norman on the fake punt. They did not hesitate throwing his way the minute the ball was snapped. Wishnowsky is adequate at best – nothing special. He does not deserve an extension and drafting him in the 4th continues to boggle the mind.
    5. GB game is Sat at 5:30. Great. We were Warner’s fingertips away from winning that game. Our offense is different and so is our D. Our secondary is much improved and Mitchell missed the first meeting. We are built for cold weather and it is going to be freezing.

    Go Niners.

    1. I like the second part of number 2. The lack of use for Jeff Wilson since Mitchell’s return is puzzling? Interesting to see Shanahan give Mitchell a full work load since his return. I wonder if they are just riding the fresh legs of Mitchell and/or Wilson has something going on with that knee?

      1. You may recall Jeff Wilson was our short yardage /smash mouth back in 2019. In 2020, he led the team in rushing. JW Jr should play a larger role in our offense.

        1. Ya I don’t get it, like you said he led our team in rushing in 2019 and has had 2-3 good games this year.

          Could be something similar to the two QB system. Maybe he trusts Mitchell’s vision and ability to find holes VS Wilson who is one cut and get down hill. So Shanahan doesn’t feel like he has to be such a perfect play caller.

  7. Jack,
    Did you notice that 2 seconds were added to the clock after Williams penalty on the QB sneak? The 1st play was 4th and 1 with 38 seconds left. After the penalty it was 4th and 6 with 40 seconds to go. If Dak had gotten the ball spiked with one or two seconds left and then scored on the next play it would have been a bigger mistake then the Raiders phantom whistle.

    1. Dude, I noticed this too but didn’t even say anything when I was watching it. I was like wait a minute that doesn’t look right. But nothing is going right those last few minutes.

    2. I went back and rewatched this sequence after I read your post. As much as I like to bag on Refs, the clock was handled correctly in that situation. The clock was stopped at 40 seconds and was not started until the ball snapped. Ball was snapped and 2 seconds ran off. The penalty on Trent Williams for not being set before the snap was called so that QB sneak technically never happened. The clock went back to 40 seconds appropriately since the play never happened.

      The Ref decision to move the ball back on Deebo’s run was a more egregious error in my opinion. In my opinion there was not enough video evidence to change the spot. I thought that was total BS.

      1. The timeout between 3rd and 4th down by Shanahan was called at :40. The clock can’t run on a pre-snap penalty.

    3. The one that really confused me was right after Deebo’s run that appeared to gain the first down but was moved back and was an inch short. If you look at the clock when they whistled the play dead it was at about 1:04 with 35 seconds on the play clock. When they finished looking at the replay and moved the ball back they set the clock at 1:04 but the play clock was set to 25 seconds. That’s 10 extra seconds the Cowboys appeared to get that they shouldn’t have.

    1. He is who he is, he’s gonna look great 80% of the time and make 1 or 2 (4 in this game) horrible mistakes. If he’s throwing for 300 and 3 TDs those mistakes don’t look as bad, instead we get the yardage on the ground.

    2. A lot of everyone is pissed at Jimmy no matter what.

      Face it, at this point every team the Niners play is going to have a “better” QB. So far, 2 down 3 to go (I’m including last week as a playoff game).

      1. It is extremely rare for a QB to play a perfect absolutely error-free game. At this point any mistake that Jimmy G. makes is cause to throw him to the curb. Nevermind that Dak threw an interception or Stafford threw two last week or even Mahomes threw one last night. Now Jimmy is no Mahomes, but it is unreasonable to expect a 100% error-free game from men who play the most difficult position in all of sports.

        1. 100% agree. I know we all want perfection but it’s impossible and there is only one Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers. One blogger went insane and said he’d fire the special teams coach after the Cowboys threw on the punt yet the mistake was made by a player. That player has made a lot of mistakes this year and I hope they are done letting be on the field.

          1. @Felix: Disagree with your assessment of the special teams coach. Hightower needs to be shown the door after this season. I don’t have the stats, but the Niners have to have one of the worst special teams units in the NFL. It happens game after game after game. We fans are left holding our breath every time special teams is on the field.

        2. Interceptions, fumbles and turn overs happens all the time, and no sane person should expect a perfect game from anyone even if it’s Rogers or Brady. But you should have certain expectation for a veteran QB when the game is on the line. The thing that drive me crazy about JG sometimes is how and when the interceptions happens especially the last 2 games. Last game, it is inexcusable to throw to a triple coverage in the red zone in the middle of the 4th quarter with a chance to go up the 1st time in a game and possibly seal the game. Yesterday, up 13 pts and the way our defense is playing, the only way Dallas can come back quickly is a turn over. And then he did his patented high inaccurate throw. A lot of people had issues with Alex with his dink and dunk games here, but one thing he does to a perfection is managing the game and not put the team in a bad situation. This is the part of JG’s game that I’m not sure at this stage of his career will get consistent results. Imagine what goes to KS’s head when a situation arises where he has to put the ball on JG’s hand and the same time try to “manage” him to limit the chances of a turn over. KS is great at designing plays but he could only do so much and have to trust the player executing it. Tough spot for any coach.

          1. But you should have certain expectation for a veteran QB when the game is on the line.

            Just look as far back as the previous week.

            1. I disagree that JG is a better QB than Alex. Alex can make any throws that JG can make and more mobile. A lot of people remember Alex when he was surrounded by a bad team. Look at his production when JH arrives and when he played in KS. Alex took this team to the NFCCG with arguably one of the worst wide receiving corp. He went toe to toe with Drew and that high powered NO offense and gave us the 1st playoff win in a long time. With the game on the line, in the biggest game of his life, that less-risk taker Alex threw a perfect pass in the end zone to Davis (The Catch 2) to seal the game where a field goal could tie the game. Alex is much better than JG when it comes to “managing” the game, that is not even debatable. Managing the game is a HUGE part of being a good QB in this league. Ask any head coach and they will say the same thing. Managing the game is an underrated part of the game because it doesn’t show in the stat. Aaron and Brady hardly takes any risk and make bad decision especially in a situation where it is not warranted. That separate them from the rest besides that great physical abilities to put the ball where it should be.

              1. The Chiefs had horrible WR’s but they had a top 2 RB in Jamal Charles. Their defense was vicious with peak Justin Houston and Tamba Ali on other side and Eric Berry at S.

                When in SF Smith played with an elite offensive line and playmakers. The 49ers offensive line with Jimmy has been above average at best.

              2. Alex Smith > Jimmy Garoppolo

                Alex was more dependable in every aspect, at this stage of their careers. I think Jimmy is better in terms of arm talent (quick release especially), but Alex was more mobile, and Alex was MUCH smarter when it comes to the basics, and the nuances of playing QB (like, you know – actually waiting for his offensive lineman to get set before asking for the snap), and I think Alex was also a bit better at getting through his progressions as well.

    3. I was definitely mad at Jimmy for that pick and the miss on the throw to Aiyuk, but he now has gotten a national reputation for bad Jimmy plays and that’s really not fair. He’s playing with a thumb injury that appears to mess with his grip at times and we see some throws that just get away from him. He has thrown picks in the past but the number he’s throwing now have a lot to do with the injury imo. Whatever the case as long as they keep winning I don’t care what it looks like.

  8. Niners take care of the Green Bay Plague Rats, Rams win tonight and somehow next week (that’s why they traded big bucks for the “franchise”, right?), that sets up a Niners home field advantage for the NFCCG :)

  9. On the top of DeMeco Ryan’s play call sheet he has what appears to be an acronym printed at the top. It says:


    I imagine the overall meaning is for the defense to swarm to the ball. Any idea about the words that make up the acronym?

    1. I believe it’s Stay Well Away from Raheem Mostert.

      Apparently he was the source of the team’s mini Covid outbreak a little over a week ago. 😉

  10. I noticed on the Cowboys last drive Tony Romo blasted the 49er defensive coaches for their strategy. He said something like “this is being poorly handled by the 49ers.” He was talking about the 49ers allowing the Cowboys to get to the sidelines to stop the clock. Right after he said it he then commented about how the 49ers were finally putting a CB along the sideline but they didn’t make that adjustment until after the Cowboys already crossed mid field. I thought that was very astute commentary by Romo. 49ers have a very good defense but their end game tactics have cost several games this year going back to the Green Bay game.

    1. I agree with Romo. The other thing he said on the Aiyuk overthrow is that Jimmy was expecting B.A. to continue downfield after he juked the defender. Instead, B.A. went flat towards the sideline. I’m not sure, but my guess is that the ball was already in the air or Jimmy was at least in his throwing motion when B.A. made his move towards the sideline. Hence, the overthrow. However, Jimmy blew it when he snapped the ball too early and didn’t let TW get set; he’s experienced enough that it shouldn’t have happened and the game would have been over at that point.

      1. Romo is probably right but the other evidence on the BA throw is that Jimmy has a habit of overthrowing receivers. Impossible to tell if it was just a bad throw or a miscommunication. On snapping the ball too early, that penalty is definitely on Jimmy but I don’t like the play design. On a QB sneak you want a quick snap so why in the world are you putting Trent in motion to change the strong side? Everyone in America knew it was a QB sneak. Changing the strong side does NOTHING to change the defensive alignment at the point of attack. Maybe the goal was to induce an offsides when Trent went in motion but your just as likely to get a false start if the defender makes contact. Of course players must execute but I really hated that play design.

        1. Jimmy and Aiyuk haven’t played together long enough to really know tendencies. They had a 50/50 chance to get it right but didn’t. As for the sneak, moving Trent just added a little confusion to the defense so I have no problem with the play but Jimmy needed to execute it.

    2. Romo is always astute at picking up things like that and he was right on the defense. That is exactly how the Niners lost to GB with 38 seconds on the clock. You can’t give up 20 yard passes that also wind up getting out of bounds to stop the clock. Ryans finally put them in a protect the sideline defense but by then the Cowboys had already moved it to the 40. The miss to Aiyuk I put totally on Jimmy. He has all the time and space in the world to drop that pass in there no excuse to miss it and the funny thing is that he completed the exact same pass to Aiyuk against the Rams a week earlier.

  11. Jack, I’m going to channel my inner Tracy Wolfson and ask “Will Joey Bosa be back next week against Green Bay?”

  12. “Facing fourth and inches with only 40 seconds left to play, Garoppolo hit the late game trifecta by rushing the snap and not allowing Trent Williams to get set after motioning from left to right on a quarterback sneak. Instead of wrapping the game up, San Francisco would be forced to give the ball back to Dallas one last time.”

    This was one of the most remedial mistakes by an NFL QB that I have ever seen! Every quarterback learns very early in their development, that they have to make sure everyone is set before calling for the snap! Sometimes it’s difficult for a QB, because he might be rushing the snap to beat the play clock, or it might be a player who is outside of his immediate peripheral vision (RB, WR). But none of these things were the case for Garoppolo on Sunday. OT Trent Williams, who weighs 320 LBS and was in Jimmy’s DIRECT LINE OF SIGHT, wasn’t yet set after going in motion, and yet Jimmy calls for the snap with 11 seconds left on the play clock, without even bothering to notice whether his OL’s were set? That is simply not good enough!

    I understand he’s playing with a bad thumb, but his play yesterday is unfortunately consistent with who Jimmy has been in the postseason since joining the 49ers, which is why the 49ers already ultimately came up short in 2019, and likely will again unless Jimmy somehow turns into a different quarterback VS the Packers!

    JIMMY GAROPPOLO’S postseason stats in his four starts: 63.9% completion percentage, 2 TD’s, 4 INT’s, 119.8 YPG, and a 73.3 Passer Rating!

    That’s simply not good enough, and if Jimmy doesn’t step up his play against the Packers on Saturday, it will be his last game as a 49ER!

    And BTW Jack Hammer, what did I tell you about ARIK ARMSTEAD? Remember when Kyle and Robert thought it was a good idea to have Arik lose weight (to get down to around 275 LBS) in order to play Defensive End? Like I said, the 49ers never asked Buckner to play out of position, did they? Armstead’s versatility is definitely added value, but he’s a natural DT, and now that he’s mostly playing on the interior, he’s playing every bit as well as Buckner, and in fact he’s actually been considerably BETTER than Buckner according to the analytics!


    1. And BTW, if there is anyone left on planet earth who thinks Jimmy is unfairly criticized for being injury prone, Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters via a conference call on Monday, one day after the team’s 23-17 playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys, and he provided several injury updates.

      Among them: QB Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a shoulder sprain, but “should” be able to practice this week. The injury was to his right (throwing) shoulder.

      According to Kyle: “He did it in the second quarter. He had to play through ‘some pain and stuff’ (insert eyeroll here), but he ended up checking out alright. Just a slight shoulder sprain, and he should be good for [Tuesday’s] practice.”

      I’ll give Jimmy credit for being tough in terms of doing his best to play through injuries. In fact, it’s this, and his ability to stand strong in the pocket under pressure, that I admire most about him as a quarterback.

      But my gosh, how are the 49ers expecting to get much for Jimmy in terms of trade value, when he is as injury prone as this?

      BTW, this isn’t a rhetorical point, it’s an actual question. What is Jimmy’s trade value, if the 49ers don’t win the Super Bowl? I say the 49ers will be lucky to get a conditional 3rd round pick for him at the most. Anyone else care to guesstimate?

        1. Is there anything I wrote that was off the mark, Felix?

          Do you somehow disagree with his postseason numbers, Felix, because those numbers are atrocious!

          “Franchise QB’s”, which is what Jimmy is getting paid to be, don’t shrink in the playoffs. The good ones, actually ELEVATE their play in the postseason.

          The fact of the matter is that Jimmy is grossly overpaid, and if the 49ers are going to win a Super Bowl this year, they will likely need to do it despite Jimmy, because he plays his worst football when the games matter the most.

          Maybe you are OK with a QB who shrinks when the lights are brightest, despite being one of the highest paid players in the league, but I’m not, and any 49ers fans who want to win more Super Bowls, ought to feel the same way I do, IMO!

          Accepting this kind of quarterback play from a guy who was signed to a $137,500,000 contract, is the way losers think, IMO.

          Jimmy seems like a nice guy, and he certainly acts like a grown up, but it takes more than that to win Super Bowls, and that should be the goal, don’t you think?

          1. Shrinks when lights are brightest? Did you watch him take the team down for the tying TD in a minute last week against the Rams? He makes head scratching throws sometimes but he has stepped up when it mattered most many times which is why they win so many games with him and not many without.

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