Scott Tolzien on opportunities and maximizing each day

SANTA CLARA – Backup quarterback Scott Tolzien has one of the widest perspectives of any player on the 49ers. He’s terrific at putting things in perspective for you and me. This afternoon he broke down the collective mindset of the team and his individual mindset as an aspiring quarterback heading into training camp. Here’s a transcript.

Q: How does your second training camp feel different than your first?

TOLZIEN: Last year was a lockout year, and for all of us rookies last year was scramble mode, trying to piece the whole thing together at the last minute. This year having a summer full of OTAs, you get into a comfort zone with your teammates, the coaches and the playbook

Q: Will that be a significant thing for this team, to have the full calendar year to work?

TOLZIEN: Absolutely, but at the same time the 31 other teams are thinking the same thing. It’s added time, but I think it’s all comparative: How are you working compared to other teams in the league? They have the same opportunity as us and it’s more about who’s going to maximize each day.

Q: What are you hearing about your opportunity?

TOLZIEN: I think for me, nothing changes. You’re always competing against yourself to get better every day, otherwise you’re cheating yourself and you’re cheating your team.

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